Medical Scene

I woke up in the kennel. I greeted my Owner and I was waiting for him patiently.

When he arrived and ordered me to crawl out of the cage, I dropped on my knees and caressed him. I observed that he prefer to be caressed to foot kiss. I looked at his face hidden and I knew that I was right when I realized his smiling.

He ordered me to stand up. I still wore the pajamas. He asked me how I had slept and then he told me that I was smelly and messy. I was ashamed.

He took me to an ugly building and leaded me not allowing looking around. I realized where I was only inside the building. It was a special hospital to examine and torture woman. I do not remember what happened exactly. I had to take shower; then we went into other room. There, I went off in a swoon from the panic.

When I opened my eyes, we were at home. My Owner kept my head and allowed me to sleep outside of the kennel.


Off line

I know that my blog is in ruins, now. When I returned, I got notification in both of my galleries. Flickr had made my account restricted and Google deleted many of my pictures. The reason was the same: adult pictures.

I do not want to fight and I also do not want to ask interesting question. You know my opinion and I do not want to argue with people, who count war less dangerous than uncovered, drawn female breasts.

Now, on Flickr, you can see only pictures, in which I am dressed from my everyday life. To see other of my photos, you have to log in and set the proper search filters. In fact, I reached the 200 pictures limit on this site, so there were no you capture on it.

The other gallery remained untouched, after deleting many of my pictures. I am searching for a web site, where I can upload captures of my submissive life.

I am not sure, if we like the galleries. If so, then please, be patient until I find the proper website.