Bondage Playground

My Master was offline. He had sent me a message and told me to go to the Bondage Playground to play.

I used to visit Bondage Playground. It was very exciting and well organized place some years ago. I remember they had heaven level in a skybox and underground level with a cave like dungeon. On the ground level, an excellent BDSM mall stood. They had cool devices like spinning cage on the yard, in front of the mall.

One of my former Owners was a Bondage Playground fan. I served him some days. I did not like to serve him as we did not do anything but sat near the BP campfire and talked. At that time, the crowd had gone. Only two or three people sat at the campfire having conversation. It was more like a simple chat room without the essence of SL.

Now, Bondage Playground became very small. There are no dungeons, no cages, just the campfire.

I was walking around recalling the old times, when crowd had played and it had been difficult to find any free device.

Fortunately, other interesting places have been born and growing. SL changes hour by hour.



I received a gift from my Master via a seller. The gift was a nice dress. Master Sleight was away, so I put it on quickly. Do I look nice?

I was looking at the dress, when my Master sent me a tp. I accepted it, and a minute later I found myself in a cave like tunnel. Master Sleight ordered me to find the way out. I thought it would be easy, but soon I realized that we were in a labyrinth. Seeking the way out, we found many cool rooms. In the end, my Master decided to stay in a colorful room. We had a conversation, while he was keeping me tight in his arms.




I was alone. I was just exploring. I discovered an awesome shop, named Amacci. It is worth visiting. I am sure you will find something nice there.


Former Owner

I was alone. So, I could adjust more silks.

I had been talking with my former Owner, Rambo since I had returned. He is a great Master, one of the best Owners I have ever met. He invited me and I agreed to go to his place.

There, we had nice conversation. I met his wonderful slave, Diana.

Then I returned to the silks. It is the last of my adjusting works.



My Master was online. I greeted him and I was walking across the parcel in order to find him. I found him behind the house, near a large picture.

I had mentioned that my Master is a musician. This large picture was the advertisement of his incoming show.

My Master took me to the place called Little Mary's , Krum Texas. My Master and his partner will play here on Monday, 7PM. Please, go and enjoy his music.

Today, the famous Savannah Coronet made the show. We were dancing here.


A Lady

I woke up and looked around. My Master was online. I looked around, but I saw him nowhere. He must have been busy, as he did not answer to my greeting message. Then suddenly, I was alone.

I did not want to adjust silks, now. I was thinking of what to do, when a woman came to me and told that my Master was busy and he had gone to sleep.

I was confused. I did not know who this woman was. She behaved as she would have been the Lady of Master Sleight's house. I did not know why my Master had gone without a word. Maybe he was angry with me?

Then I realized that I was not his girlfriend. I was just his slave. Therefore, I did not have right to ask such question. My Master will tell me what he intend to tell me. I felt strange. But, in the end, it is the slave's fate.



My Master was away. So, I was adjusting silks.



I was adjusting silks when my Master arrived. I put away the pose stand and harried to the hall.

Master Sleight invited me to go shopping. He wanted to buy cages. According to his order I went to Chorazin Creations shop and sent him tp.

Hi liked the shop and we spent a lot of time here examining the different cages. It was great that almost every cage can be tried. My Master liked a cage with bars. According to his opinion, the cage must display the slave, who is inside. In addition, this cage was easy to use because of the simple menu system.

We saw strange cages there, too. For example, the cage for multiple slaves and with the barbed wire around looked very tough.

Master Sleight asked about my favorite cage. I showed him a sphere form cage with golden bars. Of course, I had to try this cage. *smiles
I think my Master liked the view. In the end, he bought this cage and the easy to use cage, too.

At home, Master Sleight replaces old cage to the sphere form one.

I finished this day in my Master's arm, in our bed.



When I wake up, I was walking around in the house. I realized that Master Sleight started to furnish his home. In front of the loft window, I found a new cage. The cage was familiar to me. It was very popular in SL, a cage from Chorazin Creations. I knew that its transparent walls could be changed easily, so that the slave inside could not see the surrounding world. I was happy because I felt my Master's care.

While Master Sleight was away, I decided to explore SL. This time, I did not want to go any BDSM related place. I was searching for interesting places. I missed the old search functionality a lot. I still do not like the usage of the new SL client. In the end, I found Machu Picchu. Wow! My old favorite place! I went there and I learned that it was not the place I had imagined. But, Machi Picchu looked interesting and nice to explore.

My Master became online and I returned home at once. I took off my clothes as quick as I was able to. I did not want to make my Master upset.

We tried some new furniture and bondage sticks. Then My Master ordered me to put on silks. It was very difficult. My old silks did not fit on me. Tomorrow, I will have to adjust all of my silks.



I like cages. While my Master was away, I decided to explore how cages had been changed. It was not easy to find cage makers' shop. Mostly, I found BDSM related places with cages.
In the end, I found a cool shop. There, I liked an interesting cage. This cage was built under the ground level. Wow! I like to be caged when other people around me. Left alone in dark a cage is not so exciting. However, this is an excellent cage for punishing a slave.

My Master sent me IM. He ordered me to find an estate near the Blake Sea. He mentioned the Sailors Cove, as a possible proper place. I went there to look around. Soon, I found their office building. There were three free islands to rent on the vendor. I visited all of them and I realized that the most beautiful island had already sold. I prepared notecard with all available information for my Master. The island looked wonderful, but their price reached the sky.

I finished the notecard, when Master Sleight became online. I returned home.
My Master told me that I had chosen awesome dress. Then he told me that I would receive punishment because I had to wear only bikini at home.
I had to undress and go to the loft window. My only problem was that I did not know what loft window meant. I supposed that he mistyped the word left. So, I went to the left window. My Master was very patient and explained the meaning of loft window. I had to stay in the open window naked. My fragile body was revealed for everybody.

Then my Master allowed me to join him in the bed. We had nice conversation with him. I tried to assure him not to rent an island for a horrible price. I hope I succeeded.




Master Sleight told me that I would be punished because of the not updated profile. I knew that I had done a mistake and I was ready for any punishment.
My Mater sat on a new chair, the spanking chair and called me. I had to lie on her thighs and he started to spank my botty. After some strikes, he ordered me to take off my panties. I obeyed as quickly as I could. He continued my punishment striking my butt. It hurt; however, I knew I had deserved it.

When my Master finished the punishment, he allowed me to sit down between his legs and put my head on his thigh. He told me that I had to take off everything and be naked for two days, as the part of my punishment.

Soon, I could breathe as usual. Then he ordered me to take a shower. I found it and I realized that this was more sex machine than a regular shower. *smiles
After the shower, my Master changed his mind and allowed me to put on my bikinis. We were talking about the beauty of SL, about friends and interesting places.
My Master is a fairly good musician. Once I had listened to his music and I had enjoyed it a lot. He told me that soon his music would be put on an SL stream. It is fantastic, is not it?
Master Sleight had to go RL and I remained alone. I had time to practice on my collar. It was very useful as I had forgotten a lot.



When I logged in, I received an IM from my Master. He ordered me to show his ownership over me on my profile. I had done it yesterday. Quickly, I checked my profile and I started trembling. I did not see the change. I was sure I had changed my profile. Obviously, it was my mistake as I still cannot handle the standard SL viewer well.
I changed my profile and I checked the change twice.
I was alone. I decided to go shopping. I had not had any mesh item. Everybody talks about mesh. I had to try it.
Well, I did not find any mesh item, which could be resized. Unfortunately, I did not find proper size for me. Maybe, my boobs are too big? *smiles
In the end, I bought mesh hair. What do you think?


New Slave

I met Sir Sleight in his house. I was proud because I felt that he liked my new bikini.
He asked me to go with him shopping. He said he wanted some new tools. Of course, we went to a BDSM shop. Sir Sleight wanted me to go wearing only bikini. So, I felt naked. Nobody else was in the shop.
We tried some tools. There were some medical BDSM devices in the shop. I had to try one of them. It was horrible. I just hate medical BDSM.
Then we returned home, where Sir Slight ordered me to find his sex bed. While I was searching for it, he asked if I wanted to be a slave again. He also asked if I serve only one week.
I become excited. He offered to be his slave and he promised to sell me if I would want to go. I agreed trembling in excitement.
We tried the bed making love many different ways.

Then we went to Laqroki, because Sir Sleight did not love my skin. Now, I have new skin and new eyes. Let me introduce the new Nia. *smiles

Sir Sleight told me to change my profile in order to tell others that I was his slave. I obeyed; but, I was still struggling with SL client.
Our next stop was at Open Collar Temple. Here Sir Sleight chose the collar for me. After putting on the collar, I had to address him Master.
I was so excited when I pronounced this word first time.


Enjoying the Sunshine

I was alone with my new bikini in Sir Sleight's house. I remembered one of my favorite place called Siggy Waterworks.
I want there I wanted to enjoy the beach and slide in their huge slides. Gyuszi joined me.
We liked the beach and each other's company.


Tiki House

I logged in and immediately, I received an IM from Sir Sleight. He invited me to his place. When I arrived, I realized that I was not in castle, but in a Tiki House. The Tiki House was not fully furnished. The whole package looked nice.
Sir Sleight stood in front of me. We had a nice conversation. He mentioned that he had been away from SL for a while and he only recently returned. Like me. *smiles
I learned that he did not have slave and he had been missing my company. So had been me. He was still that interesting man I had met some years ago. He hinted at being his slave. I bethought of it. I became excited and nervous at the same time. I was not able to answer.
He had to go to RL. Before leaving, he ordered me to go to FABOO to find nice bikinis.
I went there and bought three different bikinis, at least I hoped so. Some minutes later, when I unwrapped the shopping boxes, I realized that I had bought some strange scripts and only one bikini. So, if you go to FABOO, be careful during shopping.
Otherwise, the bikini looks lovely on me. Do you like it?

I also had nice conversation with Nero. Fortunately, he was good. But he had even less time to spend on his hobby in SL. He works very much and I hope that his business will go nicely.


I am here, again

I returned, after a year. I had missed the wonders of the virtual world. However, what I had missed the best was my friends' awesome company. Why had I left SL second time? There are many reasons. But, I do not reveal these reasons. Maybe, once I will.
When I returned I started to use the traditional SL client. This client has been strange for me. I need time to live together with it.
I did not want to disturb anybody while I was struggling with the client. So, I decided to look around in order to find out what places had been changed.
I found my favorite old places like Paris 1900, Bondage Playground, SAG, favorite shops and so on. Only some of the newer places had survived.
I met Gyuszi in his pub. We were talking about the old time spent together and about our common friends. He kept managing the pub and building SL tools.

I also met one of my favorite former Owners, Rambo. He invited me in his place, where I could admire his huge castle and the bondage field in front of the caste. He had slaves now. I was happy to hear it.
I had a conversation with my former Mistress, Arta. She spends only a few time in SL. I enjoyed talking with her.