Controlled Again

I wanted to serve very much, but nobody wanted me. My last Owner and I were talking. I still did not know him. I supposed that he did not want a slave; it did not count what he said.

There was nothing to do just visiting auction places. I arrived at Atlantis first. I just looked around when one of my former Owners IMed me. Well, he was very bad Master. I left him after a day, but we stayed in connection. Soon, he asked me about his chances. I hesitated, but I wanted to be owned so much that I agreed. He asked me to send a teleport. I did not want to meet him in an auction place. I wanted to talk with him somewhere else. I usually like to meet in a park first. Now, my outfit was very sexy. It consists of some leather straps. Yes, I was almost naked. Quickly, I searched for a BDSM related place and teleported there. It was crowded there. I walked through people to a small quiet place and called for my future Owner.

While I was waiting for him, I received IMs from two people. One of them wanted only my RL photos. Of course, he did not say it at once. We were talking for about five minutes until I could say that I would not send anything from my RL. It was a bit funny, because I had an RL photo in my profile.

The other person was interesting and kind. We agreed that he would be my next Owner.

My future Owner was unable to come to me. I was in an adult places. It is funny. In adult places, I met some people, who surely were not adult. It is easy to find young sex hunters, who have access to adult places. I usually run away from him. I sometimes think that they may be agents of LL. So, congratulation for the excellent child protection system, again. I wish Linden guys to work on the teleport system at least so much as they worked with age verification. Recently, successful teleport is as rare as owners wanting me.

We continued fighting with the age verification. Finally, I remembered that something must have been changed in the settings of viewer. It helped, but we did not go any adult place, as we remained no time.

So, we were talking with my Owner. It was nice to see that he was interesting in my needs and limits. He was very good. I indeed felt he was superior me.

I learned that I had to address him Lord. But, I can use this word only once in one message. He did not want me to disturb him in the future. Instead, I would have to wait for his call.

I am waiting for our next meeting very much.


Minute Of Servitude

My Owner was online. I greeted him with hope. The answer was cold. He said he did not have time. I was walking alone this day.


I woke up in a park and I realized that my Owner was online. I greeted him and according to his wish, I sent him teleport. He arrived and I almost collapsed. He was very ugly. He talked about the sex again, but, fortunately, he did not take my body. I never think that appearance can count. Of course, I would have sex with him if he had wanted it. However, I was not very eager, now.

I suggested him to go and find nice shape and skin. But, he had to leave. When he left, I asked free skins and shapes from my friends for him.



I greeted my Owner. He did not call me. I supposed that I could explore SL.

I did not want to go to parks wearing silks, barefooted. Visiting BDSM related places in silks is not unusual. I had been in Dictatorship some months ago. It was nice opportunity to visit this store. Of course, the dictatorship had been changed. After a small mall, I found a high building, about which the search engine said that there was something common with dictatorship. The shop was rather average. I wanted to go to neutral places, so I asked permission wearing causal clothes until my Owner would not call me.

He did not give permission, instead he ordered me to send tp. I obeyed and some minutes later, my Owner arrived. I remembered that he had wanted me to stay on all fours. So, I was waiting for him in such position.

He asked me where we had been in the morning. I told him that we were in Analog Dog. He did not accept my answer. I had no idea what he wanted to hear. I tried to understand his half sentences; but it was bib challenge for me.

He took some steps; I was crawling. Then he ordered me to stand and strokes my body “giving my big ass a little squeeze”. I stood quietly.

My Owner looked at his watch and he told me that he had to go. He also said that wanted work on me, but he did not have time now. He said two lovely sentences, which almost made me cry: “you're too obedient, theres not much of a difference between you and a doll” and “obdience is fine, but a slave needs a personality”.

Yes, I am obedient. I admit it. It is my personality to submit and obey. I served with other slaves and I remembered that there was a rebel girl, too. So, obedient slaves do not have personality? Do you agree? I remember when I was asked to extend my serving period, because of my obedience. I remember a Mistress who wanted me to be more obedient. I admit that there is very difficult to be good Dominant. They must be creative and strict and caring and so on.
I remembered my Owner that he could send me away any time. I also offered my help to find better slave. He refused my offer and went away. Oh, he also mentioned not to change my outfit to causal.

It was fun, but I was indeed bad slave. My Owner ordered me to say in third person and refer myself as “Your bitch”. I forgot it and I was talking in first person. My Owner did not realize it, neither.

In The Hair Shop

My Owner wanted me to wear wavy hair. Well, wavy hair is not my favorite and I do not have nice one in my inventory. My Owner was not online, so I went to Analog Dog.

I found some pretty hairs, when my Owner logged in. He ordered me to send teleport. He arrived and ordered me to change my outfit. I like causal outfit; it seemed my Owner does not. I put on some silks and stood on all fours as I was told to do. According to his order, I started to lick his foot. I was doing it gracefully, but my butt was waving as I moved my head running my tongue on his feet. My Owner usually uses slang, which is too difficult for me. It is way it took long why I understood that he did not want my ass to wave.

He wanted me to make bun as my falling hair disturbed my Owner. Then he leaded me around in the shop. I was crawling after him as fast as I could among the buyers and visitors trying hairstyles.

We were talking of my butt and my wet pussy some words, and then my Owner disappeared. I was waiting for him about 20 minutes, and then I was talking to Nero. I am happy to have such friends like he is.


Big Wall

I was alone. I realized that one of the search engines had changed. It became almost useable.
I was browsing among interesting places of SL when I found Big Chinese Wall. I went there immediately.

Wow! This place is fantastic. The builders of the wall worked very well. I suggest you to travel to the Big Wall.


Short Encounter

My Owner wanted to meet me. I agreed. He wanted me to lick his feet. I obeyed and I was licking his feet long and subtly. He mentioned that I would satisfy him with my mouth, but then he did not want it.

It was really a short servitude. We knew that we would next meet on Friday or on Saturday.