Happy New Year

The end of the year and the beginning of the new year is approaching. I spent almost three wonderful months in SL. I had wonderful days and sorrowful ones. However, everything was very interesting and exciting. The decision to connect to a SL community was good. I am glad having such good friends in SL. Thank you for your friendship. I am thankful everybody who owned me and wasted time to train me. I hope everybody enjoy my servitude as I enjoyed to serve.

I hope we will meet soon.

I wish you all Happy New Year!



Sir Bela gave me a ring to test. This ring tracks the slave's movement and report to the Owner. He does not allow running scripts in his shop. I had to find a place for the test. This ring shouted when I reseted or took it off. It is a bit annoying when you test it.

Somebody shouted back remarks. I checked his profile, but it was empty. I was searching for this man and I felt angry. When I found him, I told him my opinion. He did not know why I was so angry. Now, it is not clear for me, too. Now, I am ashamed. He just wanted to joke and I behave badly. Perhaps, I have not forgotten the two bitches, yet. Anyway, I had to control my negative feelings better.

Gen became online and we started to talk. She did not meet her new Mistress and felt despaired. I suggested her to go to a pony place and play there. She was interested in pony play; however, she did not play a pony before.

I pulled a cart with Gen to show her how to do.

Then we changed places. First she was uncertain, but later she did it better. We made a competition and as you can see, we were both in trouble sometimes.

She offered me to be her Mistress again. I was sad to hear it. I explained her that I was a submissive and I did not enjoy to be a Mistress. I decided to help her seriously. Her profile contains only Spanish text; I added a small advertisement in English.

We went to the Bondage Playground. Gen sat in a pose ball and she was waiting for her future Mistress. But, this Mistress did not come at this time.


Collar Model

Gen's Mistress IMed me and called to visit her. She was in the Heaven & Hell Club, where she worked as a dancer. I am not a party girl. But, I found it interesting how a club hired a two days old dancer. It is mystery.

She said that she did not meet Gen any more. She said it was because of the connection problem, not because she did not want to meet her. Poor Gen...

Sir Bela created a collar and wanted me to be a model again. We were working on the beach and then we continued in Bela's sky box. He was taking photos of me for more than two hours. Sir Bela said that almost everybody would know me in SL. It sounds good; however i would like to be a slave rather than a famous model.


Gen's Mistress

It was silent on the roads of SL. I was free again, without an Owner. I decided to roam in shops and gather Christmas gifts if there is any. I found nice shoes, clothes and hairs. It was a nice tour.

Once, I got an IM. It was very strange; somebody wanted me to join. Two girls stood at the corner of the shop. One of them called me. We started to talk. The woman wanted me to be her slave. I would have agreed but she wanted me to be a permanent slave. I was in a Spanish shop and the girl talked with an accent. I asked her if she spoke Spain. She answered something in foreign language. I offered my servitude for three days and it seemed that she accepted it.

She took me to dance. When we started to dance then she suddenly disappeared.

Later, I met Gen and I told her about this woman. She became excited. I introduce them each other and then left. I hope my girlfriend finally found what she was looking for.


Christmas Gifts

It is a tradition to give gift to persons we like. According to this tradition, I gave gifts to those I like. Of course, I got many presents. Let me show you them in my blog. I would like to show my thankfulness such way.

It is so touching that my friends knew my style and knew what I liked. I am very happy not because of presents but because of my friends who like me not just my servitude. Thank you, my friends!


Tired Pony

Sir Bela ordered to dress harness. I had a red leather outfit and I searched for red shoes quickly. Sir Bela sent me a tp and a moment later, I found myself in a pony farm. If I had known, I would have worn a pony uniform. I got it once and I had never tried it. However, my Owner was pleased with my leather dress.

He leaded me to a coach. It was a huge one standing in a parking place. I was almost naked and I was a bit cold as the snow chilled around us. I started to pull the coach. It was difficult to keep it on the narrow road. Sir Bela guided me with words. It seemed that he enjoyed it while I was trying to go straight. We took three rounds when I had to take the coach back to its place.

I followed my owner to a strange device. My Owner bound to arm of this device. Then the arm started to move around its center and suddenly stopped. I guessed out what to do. I had to walk. I was walking round around the device. After some minutes, I had strange feelings in my had. Yes, walking round affected on me. I became tired when I was allowed to stand up.

Sir Bela gave me a break and he was looking at me while I was drinking water.

We went further and I soon could see a turf. We spent it about ten minutes. Bela enjoyed very much as I tried to walk on the bending racecourse. I was concentrating and I could pull the cart fairly good.

The next challenge was to pull the cart in mouselook. I did it earlier. Do you remember the pony class at the O BDSM School? But, this turf was harder. I made many errors when I decided to continue more carefully. I was getting tired.

Sir Bela took me to the slalom course. I ran among the poles. I did not like it until he ordered me to do it in mouselook. It is easier to do in mouselook. I thought that I ran good time. However, in comparison with other ponies, my time was bad.

My next challenge was the show jump course. I did it. The course was very difficult. It was built for professional ponies. I was unable to execute it in mouselook. Sir Bela was so good and did not force me more here. At this time, I felt very tired.

I executed my last task on the strange field. Lines were drawn on the filed. I saw two straight lines and three circles. I had to walk along the lines. Probably, it would have been easy to walk, but, at this time, I was very tired.

Sir Bela realized my state. He took me to his dungeon and I could serve him orally. I was very tired but I loved this day very much.


Servitude In Public

I saw Sir Bela online and I sent greeting message accordance with his rules. He said that he was busy. He sent an LM and ordered me to go to this place and find a cage with a dog there. I had to go in a cage and crawl in it during waiting. There were many people walking around the cage. Most of them were busy with slaves, but some of them looked at me with interest. It was so exciting, they blamed at me as you did in the zoo.

I was waiting in a cage for about ten minutes. He called me to his dungeon. Before arriving, I had to undress completely in the cage. I was not allowed to wear even shoes. While I was crawling dressed, many people looked at me but nobody talked to me. The situation changed when I become naked. One man showed his interest immediately. I asked for permission to talk to him and after I gave it, I explained that I was serving and I had to go.

Sir Bela wanted to whip me for his enjoyment. He did not bind me. I had to spin slowly in front of him and count his strikes. It was not easy especially when he beat me twice without a break. I realized how excited he was looking at my fight with speaking and spinning at the same time. My excitement grows together with his.

Then I had to show my formal clothes for him. He was sitting on his throne while I was changing my clothes in front of him. I loved this. However, in most of cases, such private modeling is not easy. I never know if my clothes are rezzed completely. I worked with Bela earlier as a model and he guided me almost the same way. At the end, he chose a clothes for me.

I thought that we would go to dance. It was a surprise when he ordered me to go to the cross and he bound me on it. Sir Bela left me. I was wondering what would happen.

Sir Bela took me to dance to a wonderful place. But before we started to dance we sat to talk. I mean Sir Bela sat down and I had to kneel at his feet. We were in a public place where people met to have romance. It was so humiliating. Nobody sat at that table but the couples went to the ballroom beside us. I was ordered to shout that I was a slave and I came here to please my Master.

Immediately after my shout, we went to dance. I felt that everybody looked at me. I like to dance and in this moment, I was so excited. I heard my heartbeat. Like everybody, we talked in IM. But, I had to say some sentences in public. I blushed and my face was burning in embarrassment.

When we finished dancing, we visited a wonderful park. It was snowy there. I was cold in my thin clothes. I thought we would walk here, but I was mistaken.

Sir Bela ordered me to walk and left me alone.

I was walking when I received the first order. I had to take off shirtwaist. I continued walking half naked.

Then Sir Bela ordered me to take off my skirt. I wore only a thong in the snowy park. I had an idea to hide in bushes as I did not want to meet anybody. But my order was to walk and I obeyed. I did not know what people though of me. I was walking straight; I did not turn my head at all.

According to the last order, I had to take off my thong, too. Now, I was really naked not counting my shoes.

Sir Bela ordered me to sit down on the bench. I was sitting with the kissing face. I could not turn my head. Now, I saw the couples walking on the path near my bench. They blamed at me silently.

I was sitting in the cold park for about five minutes then I was allowed to stand up and take off my shoes. I wore only collar and cuffs nothing more.

I continued walking when I realized that Sir Bela approached. He gave full marks me on my behavior. He forced me to kneel in front of her on the snow and say thanks for his time. Then he kissed me and allowed to dress before living. Oh, it was very exciting day!


Serving In A Chamber

My former Owner, Sir Bela, asked me to serve him, again. I usually do not repeat my servitude, but I agreed. He is one of the three former Owners, who I admire.

I got very clear orders. I must be naked. I must salute Sir Bela kneeling with bowed head saying “Greetings Sir. How may I serve you Sir?”. I must IM him when I become online and offer my servitude. I am not allowed to talk or IM with others during my servitude.

I was kneeling in front of him naked while he was telling the rules. I was familiar with some of them, but he had new thought, also. I became very excited feeling his control.

Sir Bela was sitting in his throne and asking questions while I had to turn round and round slowly. He asked me easy questions, but I had to answer and turn at the same time. If I was not fast enough or stopped, he shouted at me. I had to count my mistakes. I was tired when we finished and I gathered fourteen mistakes.

As a punishment, I received fourteen strikes with Sir Bela's flogger. I counted each strokes and said thank you for it. After the whipping, I felt on my knees, said my mistake, and begged for mercy. It was one of the rules. But, my punishment did not end.

Sir Bela closed me in the Quiz cage. He locked the door for twenty eight minutes, two minutes for a mistake. I do not like Quiz cage. It asks question and I have to answer it. Wrong answer increases my punishment time. At this time, I had to repeat sentences given by the cages. I was mistaken dozen times. I spent almost an hour in a cage.

I IMed Sir Bela after the door of cage opened. He did not answer me. I was confused. I did not know if I should have sent an IM, again. I was kneeling in a cage and waiting for him. I could only hope that he was busy. I checked his status and saw that he was still online. I decided to wait. After about five minutes, Sir Bela arrived.

He explained that I would be whipped, but at this time, it would not be a punishment. I would be tortured for his pleasure. He said that I would receive ten strikes. He bound me to the cross facing the wall. He hit me hard and I had to count as I did during the punishment. Sir Bela not only beat me but he played with me. He pushed the handle of the flogger into my tight butt. When I was screaming in pain, he rubbed my pussy until I calmed down.

After suffering, Sir Bela allowed me to serve him with my mouth. I crawled to his throne from the cross and started to pamper him with my lips. I was working on him for about half an hour. I felt happy realizing that he liked it very much.

Then Sir Bela had to leave. Before he left, he closed me to a concrete cell. He set the timer for twenty minutes and left me alone. I was in the dark, in forced mouselook. I had to move in every twenty seconds. I was so excited, closed in the dark. He controlled me even he was not online.


Meeting Gen

It was time to find an auction hall. Nishi House offered auction at 4 PM, obviously, not for the European people. Many people describe their club as an auction place. Maybe, they keep auctions; however, I did not find related information, in most of such places.

At the end, I found an interesting place design for auctioning. They will open in 30th of December. It was a small place and I liked it. I am sure I will return later, of course if it would work.

I started to talk with Gen with help of IM messages first, and then we decided to meet. I remembered the wonderful beach and I felt that I had to show it Gen, too. She did not have bikini, so, I gave her, as it was a PG place. She arrived wearing bikini and heavy metal cuffs. We tried the slide ways. She liked it like me. Yes, it is fun. Try it once.

Gen was still on her Black Hole Journey. I did not understand her every sentences well. I suppose that she must find other slaves reached the eighth level. Then slaves have to punish each other. She did not give me the list of the punishment as it was generated by the ring.

Hmm, an unknown list of punishment. I would like it! In fact, I like the Black Hole Journey like punishments. They affect on my RL a bit. Some of Owners wanted me to touch myself in RL, but it is not the same. Journey punishment punishes Nia. Nia is in the cage. Nia runs in the Maze. Waiting in the cage or trying to escape have affect on RL. It is so difficult to explain.

Let me return to Gen's journey. She had a problem to find other slaves and the ring did not work if you are not on the level eight. We tried it.

She also mentioned that she had felt lonely while I was serving. She did not have a Mistress. Do you know a Mistress who speaks Spanish? Gen would be happy!

She offered me to be her Mistress. But, I am a sub and I do not enjoy to dominate others. From the other hand, I am straight. I accept a Mistress, of course, however I prefer men. I explained it to her. It was so strange; I felt guilty. It is bad to roam alone and feel lonely. I offered her to go to the auction together and to be sold as a slave pair. I did not think that she liked the idea. I really do not know how I can help her.


On The Beach

I put a poll on my blog. I know that it asked a silly question. I would have liked to know if somebody read my blog. I have feedback from three people. That is wonderful! I like to write this blog and knowing that somebody read it makes me happy.

During my last servitude, I got three offers to be a slave. I had to refuse them. I hate to do it. I fully appreciate the fact that rejected persons may not want to me again. It is why I offer myself at once telling the date of the servitude. I thought that it worked. Everybody agreed. However, I never saw them again.

Today, I was waiting for an Owner who agreed to use me this week. I did not meet him. I know that he may be busy and I will wait tomorrow, too. Then, if I will be unowned, I will go to the auction. To participate in a slave auction is exciting. Waiting my turn is fantastic. However, I am a bit afraid of auction. I am not interested in money, but growing bids gives a pleasant feeling. I have been on two auctions. Nobody bought me on the first and my price was very low on the second. I know it is my fault. I have no idea what I do wrong.

It was my second free day. I did not meet Gen. She searched for me while I was serving. It would be good to meet her and have fun together. Rhonda was online and we talked a bit. I like both girls as friends.

I remembered that I had been with Rhonda on the beach. I decided to search for a nice beach and have fun there. I found one, maybe the best in SL. It is not just a beach but also an entire amusing park. There is nice beach with deck-chairs. You can find several pools if you do not like the sea. It was almost empty. I met only two guys who called me somewhere. I did not go with them, as they did not tell me what they plan to do.

Most interesting on this beach were slide-ways. They are huge and fun. You must try them.


Free Day

I was not owned. I felt a bit empty.

Sir Bela made his new collection. He asked me to be his model as usually. He had earrings and belly jewels. Belly jewels do not fit to my style, but the earrings were wonderful.

I bought present for some of my former Owner, but I still did not have anything for my slave friends. It was the time to continue shopping. I did not understand why it was important to sell non-transferable clothes. Shop owners usually do not mention on their advertisement board if the clothes is non-transferable. If they sell using “pay” instead of “buy” then I have no choice to decide if I can give their clothes as a present. I missed some nice dress not having this information. At the end, I bought present for all my friends.

During the shopping Sir Sleight IMed me and we had a nice conversation about our plans to the future. We did not meet, as he was busy with furnishing his new home.

During our conversation, I got an offer to be a slave for a week. I hesitated. I knew that Sir Nabru used to be online this time. I would have liked to reserve myself for him. I said that I would be free from Monday. Perhaps, I will be a slave from Monday. I was looking forward to it.


End Of The Servitude

My owner was not online. I decided to do some shopping. Christmas approaches and I want to give presents to my friends. I did not have much money and it is not easy to find a proper presents with limited financial possibilities. I know shops, as I liked to walk in them and look at the product pictures. I am familiar with shops for men, too as a good slave must help his Owner to find a proper clothes. There more shops for women than for men. I do not know why. If I were a creator, I would open a men fashion store. Many items are not transferable and only a few shop owners sign it on their boards. Buying present is risky. I did not understand why it is good to sell non-transferable items. Can anybody explain it to me?

The Christmas present must be a surprise. I do not tell what present I bought. I even do not share what shops I visited. In fact, I knew what I would like to buy as I was searching for presents almost for a month.

My Owner was not online and it was my last day of my servitude. Before going to sleep, I revoked the right of checking my position on the map from my Owner. I mean from my former Owner. I reseted my collar. Therefore, I am ready to continue my journey.


Pain Or Pleasure

Yesterday, my Owner told that next time he would torture and humiliate me. I was waiting for him and when became online, I greeted him. He answered me in about 10 minutes. While I was waiting, Gen IMed me. We had not talked for a while and I had to break our conversation this time, too as my Owner sent me a tp.

A moment later, I found myself in an interesting room alone with my Owner. I had to undress and go to the bed. We made love with my Owner for about two hours. He said that I was so pretty that he chose sex instead of torture.


Servitude continues

While I was waiting for my Owner, Sir Sleight called me. He showed me his new house. Yes, it is a house, not a castle. I liked it. The house is built on a wonderful beach and it looks like an average beach house. Sir Sleight wore jeans and shirt. I had never seen him wearing such clothes. It would be interesting to meet that woman who is able to change his appearance. Sir Sleight said me some words about his plan for the future. He still wanted to build a castle where people would meet and enjoy each other's company.

During our conversation, my Owner became online. He gave me a wonderful gown. He called me after some minutes. We were dancing, first. He pulled down my thong while we were dancing. Then I had to lie on the bench. He bound me to the bench and licked to orgasm. We had made love on the bench before we returned to dance.

We had an interesting conversation about slaves, slavery in SL and RL. I will tell my thought born during this conversation later. You will like it!


To Serve Or Not To Serve

My servitude is finished. My former Owner was not online. I remove him from my collar. I decided to give a free day for myself. Christmas is approaching and I have not bought any present to my friends, yet. I planned to go shopping.

At that time, Rhonda IMed me, then, a bit later, Gen sent an IM, too. We started to talk and then my former Owner became online. He IMed me, too. I said him goodbye, but he told that I did not finish my servitude.

Yes, I know that I served only two and a half day and I offered a week of servitude. But what can I do if I am not used? I felt very bad. He said that I was not online and it was why he did not use me. It was true that I missed Friday.But what about the other days?

I hate confrontations. I agreed to serve four more days. However, I knew that I would not enjoy these four days.

My Owner took me to his home and said that he had an errand and he would leave me alone there for an hour. I was allowed to walk in his house while waiting. I liked his house.

I send an IM to Rhonda and we started to talk again. We had a nice conversation when my Owner arrived. He ordered us to kneel and then I had to kiss Rhonda's nipple. I am straight, but I enjoyed it. Some minutes later, Rhonda went away.

SL forced us to leave the region where his house was built. We went shopping. I love shopping, it is so exciting. I enjoy it very much. I usually do not have money. But money is not required if you want to have fun. Looking at the photos of beautiful clothes is also enjoyable for me.

After shopping, we returned to his home and we kissed and caressed each other. I am not sure if I mentioned that we lived in very different time zone. It was very late for me and I asked him to allow me to leave. I was asking for permission for about 50 minutes. I felt that my Owner was angry when he gave me the permission.



SL gives me holiday for us. I have been an SL slave for more than 2 months. I gathered some experience. I would have spent more time as a slave; I would have served more Master. I made friends. Some of my friends are Masters others are slaves. Have I explored my submissive mind? I think I have not. Maybe I took some steps, but the bigger part of the road is ahead of me.

I wanted to exclude my RL at all. I am not sure if it is possible. When I heard first that SL slavery goes behind the SL world and reaches RL, I got frightened. That time, I did not know, I did not realize that I was an RL slave, too, during my servitude. When I am caged and I had to repeat sentences or I had to math exercises, I do it in RL. Yes, my Owner forces not only SL Nia but RL Nia, too. Waking up in SL and knowing that I am going to do what my Owner order affects on RL, too. I never forget the stairway exercise. I had to walk up and down, nothing else just walk. Was it boring? No, it was exciting!

I am walking dangerous path when I am talking about RL. It does not mean that I run to buy a webcam and broadcast myself naked for everybody. For example, once, I was ordered to shave my pussy bare. I refused to do it. To be bare outside the SL is not what I want. RL plays part in Nia's life only when Nia exists. Do you understand me?

Many people searched for only sex. I agreed first and I humored them. But Master – slave relationship is not only about sex. It is about the control, about domination. Of course, such relationship contains sex, too. But it is not the emphatic part. However, sex is enjoyable, too. It depends on the Master and the scene made by the Master. If my Owner treats me like a slave and makes love with me then it is wonderful.

I like rules. Rules mean control and support for a slave. I wanted to be a good slave and I would have liked my Owner to be satisfied. Knowing Owner's rule helps me to be better slave and gives more pleasure to my Owner. It is my opinion only, perhaps you do not agree.

I met many people who found interesting to have a slave. Interesting, but not exciting. I suppose they are who used me once and then forgot me. I did not like it. I did not like to wait desperate and not to serve. It is a mystery why they did it.

Respect is very important in M/s relationship. Slave respects Master and Master also respects slave in a certain way. Throwing away is not the right way expressing respect. Am I right?

I met other slaves. Rhonda differs from me. She is a sex slave and she likes it. My former Sister plays a slave who must be broken. My former Older Sister was a naughty slave. Therefore, slaves are different. I can talk about only my feelings. Nobody can be sure how to treat a slave. Being a Master or a Mistress is not easy. It is more difficult than being a slave.

I am going to continue my journey in the wonderful word of SL. I hope that I will serve and I hope I will be better slave.


My Girlfriends

This was the last day of my servitude. I was not available one day; I decided to extend my slavery with one day. My Owner was online, but he did not call me to serve.

I talked with Rhonda. She finished serving Sir Sleight. She was a bit disappointed, as Sir Sleight did not have resort to her sexual services. But, in summary, she liked it. We were talking only about 30 minutes, as she had to leave.

While we were talking Gen became online, too. She continued her journey. She found the ring and passed to the next level. I did not understand what her next quest was. However, I am patient; I would get to know it, soon.

I met her and we tried to talk with Babbler. Unfortunately, Babbler did not translate everything. It often said Spanish words. I admit we could talk easier with this translator. Gen wore new cuffs on her winkles, ankles and thighs. She wore a collar and the metal belt, too. It was a cuff set. She offered me to play this set. I liked it. She suddenly disappeared. I had no idea where she went.

Gen sent me a tp and I found myself in front of a small shop. She gave me 1000 L to buy this collection of cuffs. I gave it back immediately. 1000 L is too much for me! But she insisted and I bought these cuffs. I do not want to lie; I wanted this set very much. However, I do not know how I can thank it.

How do I look wearing my new cuffs?



This day, I was working my Owner. However, I could see only the Older Sister and she did not call me.

I had conversation with Sir Sleight who would move his castle to a more beautiful place. I was talking with Bela, too. I mentioned about Gen, who had difficulties with expressing herself. My former Owner gave me an interesting tool. It is called Babbler. Babbler is a network translator. It is not easy to set and and I do not know if it translates well.

When Gen became online I IMed her and gave the Babbler. It worked good. We could communicate easier. I cannot describe with words how I enjoyed it. Gen was in trouble again. The Black Hole Journey object was failed again. Poor girl! I signed her punishment and then I left her to continue her journey.

Christmas approaches and I decided to go shopping. I do not have much money but I wanted to buy a presents to some of my former Owners. I was roaming among shops and I found an interesting place. It was a small room with two cages. When I went to one of them, the door of the cage was closed. The cage said that I had to wait for somebody who would go to the other cage. I IMed Gen. She was sweet and came. She went in the cage and the competition began. We played in puzzle. I finished it first and the door of my cage spread. Gen got 15 minutes punishment. I set free my girlfriend sending her a tp. She apologized and went back to continue the journey.

I also continued my tour among shops. There were interesting classes about submission, but I was afraid to participate. I was still waiting for my Owner.

I prepared to go to bed when Gen IMed me. She completed the seventh level of the journey. Now, she had to find other slaves to go to search for a special ring together. I was happy for her.


Modeling again

Bela searched for me and asked me to be a model. He had some new bracelets and cuffs. I enjoyed working with him. I did not have much to do. I was standing in various poses and waiting for his orders. He said that my face would not be visible. He wanted to show my hands only. What a pity!

My Owner was offline. I visited the place he used to torture me. Here are some shoots. There is one picture of the torture hall with devices. Morever, the other one... Do you remember the chair in which I was excited to orgasm?

I met Gen. She was desperate. She almost finished the seventh level of The Black Hole journey when something happened and she had to start again all from the begging. I do not know what the problem was. She said that the object did not answer.

One of the punishments requires three orgasms in a public BDSM place. She had to buy xcite or sensation clit to do it. We went to the xcite shop, where she reached her first orgasm. After it, we went to Bela's home. It is an quiet an low lag sim. There, I explained her how to use xcite body parts and xcite HUD. She enjoyed it. I signed her punishment, namely I confirmed the accomplishment of the punishment.


Quiet Servitude

I was waiting for my Owner's call when Rhoda sent me an IM. We had a nice conversation. It was very nice to talk with her again. I would have wanted to meet her, but I did not visit her. I did not know when my Owner would call for me.

I did not have to wait a lot. He called for me and when I arrived, I saw my Owner, Older Sister and an unknown naked girl around me. Yesterday, he had ordered me to wear silks, so I was in silks. I had to remove my nipple cover. He sent the unknown girl to lick and suck my nipples until they became hard. He did not have much time and he gave me to Older Sister. First he made me kneel. He ordered me it through my collar then he went away. I was unable to stand up; my collar took all control from me.

Older Sister said me to undress and sit on the special chair. It had a hole under my bottom. Then the other girl was told to lay under me. She was exciting me from my bottom side while Older Sister was playing with my breasts and belly. They were playing until I reached orgasm.

Older Sister allowed us to leave, but at then my Sister appeared. It was her last day of servitude. The unknown girl went away and we started a nice conversation. We were talking about the desires of different Master. You can imagine how I enjoyed this conversation.


Late Night Servitude

I was awake and realized that my Owner was online. I was confused. He did not tell me any rules, yet. I did not know what to do. I was waiting for some minutes and then I IMed him. It was a short message, just a greeting. I did not receive any feedback. He must have been busy. It is interesting how my experience affects on me. A month ago, I was exciting while I was waiting for my Owner's call. Now, I was afraid of not serving. I felt more disappointed than excited.

I was roaming among places in SL without any aim. Some minutes later, browsing events, I found Striptease dancer class. I can dance, but I am not a professional, as I do not have experience. Sir Nabru likes if I dance for him. It is worth learning to dance. I decided to go and I felt better.

Sir Sleight IMed me. We talked a lot. It was so wonderful. I am happy that he found me.

I was preparing to go bed when my Owner called me. It was too late, but I decided to stay as an obedient slave.

I arrived to Older Sister's club. My Sister was on all fours in front of Owner. I said hello them and I was standing nervously. I did not know what to do. Did I have to kneel? Was I allowed to speak?

I add My Owner to my collar as primary owner. He probed it. I liked as he played with me and controlled me with my collar. Older Sister still was building her club; I sometimes could see her around us.

My Owner made Sister stand in front of me and ordered me to lick her nipples hard. It was too later for me and I asked for permission to go to bed. He ordered me to wait ten minutes. I was sucking Sister's nipples for about twenty minutes. We were almost alone as Owner and Older Sister was speaking in the other corner of the building.

My Owner returned and bound Sister to the table. I had to put on my strap-on. I had never used it before. In fact, I had no idea how it looked like. I had to fuck my Sister with this dildo while Owner was playing with her breasts.

I fucked her until it became late night for me and I asked for permission to sleep again. At this time, my Owner was kind and allowed me to go to sleep.

I did not participate on the class, but I enjoyed this slave day (or night).


Serving With Sisters

My owner already had a slave girl. When I stepped off from the stage in the auction hall, I felt nervous, as I did not know what to do. My Owner helped me via IM. I had to kneel near his slave. It was difficult job on the laggy place.

Her slave looked pretty. I tried to calm down but I could not imagine my future with other slave. When I realized that he supposed to buy more slaves, I became more nervous. During a journey of slavery, I was the only slave until now. I was in the middle of my Owner's attention. Now, I would be one of the slaves. It seemed exciting and tremendously.

My slave sister's behavior surprised me. She was naughty in her thought and speech. I liked it for the first time. But while we were waiting I realized that I could not be naughty. It was not my style. I would be obedient and respectful even if I would fail.

My Owner bought one more girls. She has a small, fragile body with reddish hair and green eyes. She was quiet first. However, her last question in the auction hall was strange. She was asking about the financial status of our new Owner. Maybe I am an old style slave, but it is not the slave's job to guess about Owner's wealth.

My new Owner had some job to do and he left us alone. Before leaving, he told that his old slave, our Old Sister was his right hand and we would be punished if she suggested it.

Old Sister took us to their location. She told that she was building a BDSM style club and the club building is not ready. We were in the second floor among empty but nice textured walls. There was a rug in one of the corners, in front of the open fireplace. She allowed us to have a walk. I realized the metal construction in the middle of the room. This construction can hold three or maybe four bound and hanged slaves.

Older Sister placed a nice decorated cross in the room and my Sister tries it at once. She has the third style. She was a lovely, but somewhat silly slaves. She was very good! I was happy to serve with her; I was sure I could learn much looking at her.

When our Owner approached, the Older Sister ordered us to tie ourselves to the metal construction. We did it. This construction is built of triangles and looks like frame of a pyramid. If a slave is bound to one of the triangles, then her body falls towards the center of the construction and her weight divides among her wrist and ankle cuffs.

We were hanging when Owner arrived. He played his attention to my Sister who became tired very soon and she asked for letting her down. Then Owner came to me and asked about my every day's habits. I answered but he was still busy with my Sister's groans and he could not hear it. He started to beat me with a wooden paddle. I got many strikes.

I felt as my cuffs cut my body. My Sister started to demand to be free. Owner became angry and bound her to the rotating wheel. Then he came to back to me and continued beating me. I remained respectful and suffered silently. He liked it and chose me for this night. I supposed he wanted to choose my Sister first but he did not like her behavior. Please, do not think that my Sister is bed. She is very good and I learnt much looking at her.

My Owner ordered me to go to the bench and allowed me to give him oral pleasure. Meanwhile Old Sister escaped my Sister with Owner's permission. They had to go freely. We had sex with my Owner. I was bound all the time, but he allowed me to cum and treated me like a jewel.

Slave Auction

I arrived to the auction earlier. I had a feeling that I had to change my hairstyle. I did it before I sat down on the cushion. Many people arrived and took a seat in front of us in the armchairs. Some of them asked questions via IM. I read the auction book prepared for today. I was the only slave who offered a week of servitude and I was the first who would be auctioned.

I became very exciting during waiting. When I heard my name, I went to the stage with trembling legs. I looked down at the crowd blaming at me. I wore only my red leather harness.

The auction started and nobody took bids. I was afraid that nobody would buy me. I was very nervous hearing as the auctioneer encouraged the crowd to bid. She started to play with her corp, striking and caressing me in turn. She ordered me to undress and I was sitting wearing only cuffs and collar soon. I changed my position on the stage to show my body to the crowd. At the end somebody placed a bid. He offered 200L. Then the other bid came with 210L almost at once. I got the third bid in a minute. Somebody offered for me 250L. A German Mistress told something in German. I did not know what. Perhaps it was interesting because she start her speech with leading dots. It remains secret forever.

Nobody offered more for me. I was happy and disappointed, nervous and calm as I approached to my Owner. There was a slave kneeling at his feet. The hairstyle of this slave was the same I had changed before the auction.

I had to kneel near her and wait. My new Owner wanted to buy more slaves today. I was sitting quiet until the end of the auction.

I did not take any snapshot of the auction. Instead, let me show you a photo of a girl who looks like me.


Preparing To Be Sold

I visited Nishi House and checked if there would be an auction tomorrow. I got the note card containing information about it. First task I had to do was writing a note about me. I sent this note card and also I paid 100L deposit. This amount of money will be returned to me after the auction.

After I sent the note got an IM from a person who wanted to be my Owner for a week. He seemed to be kind, but I applied for the auction. We agreed to meet in a week. I always feel uncomfortable to refuse people and many of them would not want me as a slave in the future. Maybe this will be an exception.

I was choosing my clothes for the auction and at the end I decided to wear straps. I hoped it would be a proper outfit for a slave. Please, come to the auction and buy me. I will be your obedient slave for a whole week.


Submissive Heart

Gen was still on her journey. She had to start the seventh level again. Her journey object stopped communicating. Nobody knew the reason of this strange behavior. She wanted me to be first who punished her. She liked to start the level in Bondage Playground. The task was easy. I had to lead her to the cage and ordered her to go in naked. The door of the cage must have stayed open. She had to spend an hour in the cage. Of course, anybody could close the cage. I had some RL job to do, so I left her alone. When I returned she IMed me for help. I knew that her time approached to the end and went quickly to the cage. She was locked. As I mentioned anybody could close her and she had to accept it. There was information of her remaining time above the cage, but not this time. She was closed with a rarely used option. The door could be opened only by Bondage Playground Owners.

I asked her what happened. She talked with one guy about The Black Hole Journey. This guy closed her and then disappeared. She asked for help but she remained without answer. There are some ways to escape from the cage. However, I was not sure how her journey object would react. Checking the door-guy profile I got to know that he is submissive. I asked him to come and open the door. He did not answer. Gen is not the patientest girl; she escaped without any help. Fortunately, her journey object did not recognize it. Later the door guy contacted me. He did not say anything just sent a tp. But we did not need his help. He helped enough.

I was happy today. Sir Nabru called me to serve. I was so exciting. When I received his IM, I changed my clothes without delay. I wanted to change my hairstyle as he liked short hair. In everyday life, I never wear short hair. I hold it in my inventory only for him. But, I was too slow. He sent me a tp and went to him with long hair.

He did not like it. Fortunately, he allowed me to change hairstyle. It was not easy to find in my inventory, but I was in luck. He is a great Master. I forget to change my label above my head to his group label, but he did not get me on for it. I fell shame; I knew that I would have be better next time.

We were talking about the life in SL word, about my blog. My heart was lighting up hearing that he read my blog. He is really a carrying Master. You know such Master who you can meet even in RL without fear.

I was dancing for him. I knew that I was not the best at that time. I was too excited.

Then he took me to dance. It was so wonderful to be in his arms! I was sad when he said me that he must have gone. He gave me a task, too. I would find BDSM place for him. He said that I had to know his style. I would try it; however I was a bit nervous. I would not want to be mistaken.

In the evening, Gen called me again. She continued her journey. She was in Sarah's Ponyplay Isle, this time.

She was locked in a cage again. Now, I could see the remaining time. It showed 1354 minutes. Somebody closed her for 24 hours. She was desperate. A Mistress IMed her and said that she wanted to punish her according to her journey. The punishment notes prescribed only lock her in a cell in the jail. It did not require to be caged for so long. Of course, this Mistress had right to close her for a day. To lock somebody for 24 hours sounds exciting. Such as to be locked for for a day. But, the Mistress would forget about her locked slave, soon, and the slave would feel lonely after some hours. Is it worth doing it?


Pair of Bitches

SL is a great place. It gives us freedom to express ourselves and possibilities to do what we do not want to or could not do in RL. Many people run own business, others work as a model or a designer. Some of us try to explore our mind. You can reach your aims easier here as everybody is kind and helpful is SL. I met bed person only once. Do you remember he was who wanted to have sex all the time? However, he was harmless.

Being a slave or a submissive in SL is based on will of the slave or the sub and Dominants always care of their victims. I received many time explanation IMs from my actual Owner. For example, go to CARP. You will be treated carefully even if you are a prey. Nobody wants to hurt others.

Yes, SL is role playing but it always has some expansion to the RL. If you are caged, then you are usually checked if you are not away. You must count strikes of the whip. You must obey to your Master or Mistress. All these have affects on RL as it is you who waits in the cage or it is you who counts strikes in letters. It is true that you do not feel the bits of whips in your body. But you feel it in your mind, do not you? If something wrong happens you will feel pain in your soul instead of in your body. People know it and it is why everybody cares of everybody. It gives some kind of protection to all and it makes SL easier and happier than RL is.

Of course, there are griefers. But, they are not so dangerous, as they brother you for some minutes and then they go further leaving you alone. There are good classes in SL how to handle griefers.

If somebody is not successful even in SL, then he or she will leave it. But if somebody is not successful in RL and cannot reach her aims neither in SL and if she decides not to leave our second word then she can cause problems. I have not met such persons till today. I am two persons having female avatars. They were weak alone but they had feeling of force when they were in drove. Probably, you are familiar with this type. Who hides behind the shoulders of a strong person and who bits when she does not lick strong person's feet.

After our argument I said that I would mention them in my blog. Of course, they protested. They were craven persons to undertake their actions. I usually do not write avatar's name in my blog without permission. However, I do an exception in this case. I have to do this, because they are very dangerous for SL committee and I would like to warn everybody to avoid them.

So, this is the story.

I was in Mystical Slave Auction with Gen. She had troubles with her journey and I wanted to help her. As I had thought she did not understand the quest. She felt desperate as her journey object did not answer at all. She had to stay here and wear a gag according to the quest. She had to crawl all the time. But her collar did not work properly. I checked my collar, of course the same type. It worked well. She wore gag ball. The collar command can be said in open channel. Many use this option. Gen tried to command collar in open channel, too. The gag answered on all her collar command saying that Gen was cheating. There was a crowd not far from us. I heard remarks from the crowd and I wanted to go away from them. Gen did not understand me. I took her away with help of the collar, but she returned immediately after I set her free. There was not to do, I tried to help there.

Suddenly, I realized that a tall woman approached to us. She was unbelievable tall and offered her help. Oh, her name was Butterfly30 Cao. First name is full of fantasy, is not it? I explained our problem. She said it is because of the gag. Gen tried to crawl without a gag unsuccessfully. I asked if she knew this type of collar. She did not answered instead of it she called her friend, Elisa Kumaki. She was dressed without style, pink on purple. I heard that there were crossdressers in SL and though this male-Elisa could help. I even thought that she was a scripter. After a minute of conversation it became clear that none of them has enough knowledge to solve this problem. They at the end admitted that they did not know this collar. They did not even hear about it. The taller girl decided to kill Gen's gag. It is not difficult to deal with a girl who cannot express herself in English, is not it? I checked their profile, they spoke only in English. Of course, if anybody speak only one language it is easy to judge foreigners. I would have liked to finish our conversation about gag and I said 'OMG! Gag is not involved'. I was attacked without delay. The pink-purple girl, Elisa told that I am shouting on them. It was not right of course, I did not use 'Shout' button. And OMG is an abbreviation. Like IM. Yes, I wrote it with capitals. But who did not start the word God with capital letters?

At this point, It became clear that they did not intend to help. I did not want to fight with them and said 'Sorry, Elisa. I was unpolite'. I did not want to continue this conversation as they did not know much. Butterfly30 did not know even her own collar; she said it. Elisa was familiar only with a freebie collar Sora.

I do not want to write how it happened completely. But, their tactics of griefing my be interesting. One of them walked away why the others attacked, then they changed rolls. I said many times 'sorry', as I would have liked to finish this stupid conversation. But I got answers like 'well nia until you say "butterfly, im sorry for being rude" i dont accept it'. (I saved all conversation.)

I walked away many times but they followed me. I could not leave the sim as according to journey Gen had to stay here. I did not want to leave her alone with these ill persons.

At the end, when we almost went off the map, Butterfly30 threatened me to be banned. She said that she is the land owner. I checked the land group owned, but Butterfly30 was only a simple group member. She would have like to be an owner. She was the one who failed even in SL. Probably, she knew the land owner. But that was all.
Why did I write this post? I have been wondering what the difference between the Dominant person and the sadist is. I think Dominants and Masters enjoy other's suffering, like sadist. However for Dominants, it is important that their victims must enjoy it, too. The real sadists, the serial killers do not care of their victims need. They, the sadists, can accept only own enjoyment. The sadist, who realizes their dreams, is called serial killer. These girls enjoyed brothering me very much and they wanted me not to enjoy it. Of course, they did not hurt my body just my mind.

So, remember these names: Butterfly30 Cao and Elisa Kumaki. Do not talk her and do not offer her help. They do not know more than you did on your second day. They are dangerous! Save yourself!

Gen's Journey Continues

Sir Sleight asked me to help texturing new part of his castle. I had just read his message, Gen asked me for help. She wanted me to punish her. First, I did not know what she wanted. It became clear after she gave me a note card. She was still on The Black Hole Journey. The quest of the seventh level required punishment. She must find twenty persons who will punish her. The note card she gave me contained the list of possible punishments. Few of punishments last an hour, but one of them demands two days.

I agreed to help her. I told it to her and at this moment I got an IM from Sir Nabru, he wanted to meet. I did not know what to do. I promised to help Gen, but from the other hand it would have been so good to meet Sir Nabru. I had to help Gen, as she did not speak English and maybe others would not be patient to find out what she asked.

I decided to close her to a prison in Sarah's Ponyplay Isle. It was more difficult than I thought first. Where is the prison in this island? I found the jail, but it did not contained cages as it was written in the note. It was easier to spank her or whip her. I had no time as Sir Nabru waited for me and I wanted to leave theses easy tasks later. I supposed she could find other persons easier if the task was not difficult.

I chose humiliation punishment for the list. She must be naked and gagged. I had to lead her to a SIM chosen by me and she had to remain there today. Oh, and she was not allowed to walk, but crawl. I selected Mystical Slave Auctions. It is BDSM place and I did not see more than ten people there. It seemed quiet.
I left her alone according to the notes and IMed Sir Nabru. He was busy. I felt bad. It would be nice to meet him.

I went to Sir Sleight's castle and made some repairing work there. After which I wanted to check my poor girlfriend, Gen. Then something happened to me. It was so strange, so dangerous that I had to share it with all in a separate post.


Meeting Friends

When I woke up the message was waiting for me from Sir Sleight. He asked me to contact him. I did but he was away from SL. I went to the castle and I saw that during my absence from his land, he rebuild his castle. It was half ready and barrier of the expansion of his castle was my little castle. I immediately understood what he wanted. He would like me to remove my items from the little castle. I prepared to do it, when Rhonda sent me a message. She was online after a long break. I wanted to tell her so much. We had just started our conversation when Sir Sleight became online.

Sir Sleight asked me to help in building of his castle. The first thing he asked is to build a cage. I am not a great builder; I just had visited some classes in SL. I built a cage but it was not the nicest one in SL. I asked Rhonda for visiting and help. It was not so easy, as Sir Sleight's land had protected access. Sir Sleight created a group for his friends and slaves and he set access on this group. When Rhonda arrived Sir Sleight left us alone.

I showed Rhonda my castle. I wanted to do it before it would be deleted. Then we were talking of the happening of the last week. I enjoyed it very much. While we were talking Gen also became online. I would have wanted to call her to join us, but I could not change the allow list of Sir Sleight's land.

In some minutes before Rhonda went to sleep, Sir Sleight came back to us. After she left us alone we had a romantic conversation with Sir Sleight. You know, I do not want romance in SL, but I liked it. I gathered my objects in the little castle and I gave all transferable ones to Sir Sleight. Most of them were bought using his money and what can I do with furniture without having a land? So, we said goodbye each other. It was so strange. He had not been my Master for a while, but I felt that a part of my life finished.

I was searching for slave auction in the rest of my time, today. Auction Hall Valhalla seemed to be a good place. But, they never inform slaves and Owners about the date of the auctions earlier. Recently, there were auctions for US citizens only as auctions were organized in the middle of European night. Mystical Slave Auctions is the other possible place. I met a man there and I got to know that the auctioneer had RL problems, so it was not known where they would organize the next auction. The third auction place was nice. I do not remember its name. I was there once as a visitor and I liked what I saw. The last possible auction house is Sarah's Ponyplay Isle. The announcement said that there would be auction on Sundays, all day. I had no idea how it worked, I decided to visit it this Sunday.

I met a man who wanted me for a week as a slave. He has problem with SL access so we decided to start my servitude a week later. He has a wife in SL; I will serve a couple. He wanted to try me. It is interesting. I was beaten and then fucked. It was so late when we finished so I went to bed.


Need a Sex Toy?

I was walking in Blaze as a free woman or a slave waiting for her new Owner. Gen asked me to tp to me. We had a conversation about The Black Hole Journey. I told her my fear that I did not want to be a slave forever and it was the reason why I did not continue the journey. Her opinion was that it was just a game and it was not serious. The Queen was only a virtual Mistress.

She told me what she had to do to complete the fifth level. It seemed very simple. She was closed in a cage for thirty minutes. She had to answer to question. Wrong answer increased the time in cage by five minutes. According to her opinion the questions were not difficult; they were only to check if she was online during her time in the cage. She wanted me to continue the journey. I am still not sure if I will continue it.

I had an offer from a person to be his/her slave. Offer came via IM and the person's profile did not reflect the person's sex. I wanted to be sure if this person really wanted a slave, so I asked if this person want me as a slave. The answer was strange 'Why not?'.

After some minutes I got a tp from this person. I went there. He, because this person was he, was in a place built in ancient Egypt style. He did not say me hello instead he ordered me to lick his shoes. I was licking for about five minutes. Then he started me to use sexually. In French, he was fucking me for an hour without a word except 'come', 'use the ball', 'hhhhhmmmm'.

He was not interested in my emote. He changed pose balls one after another not even going to the balls. I usually had to search for him in the room. Sometimes, he forgot me on the pose ball.

I was in a class at O BDSM School yesterday. The Head Mistress and the teacher, Miss Ivana Pawlowski, told some interesting thought of BDSM relationship. Let me quote her words: 'It's not just sex, in fact in a M/s relationship sex is a small part of it. Well, like any relationship really :)'. She is right, is not she?

Everybody can read in my profile that I am not seeking only sex. I mention it as my limit. So, after an hour I had a suspicion that my new Owner wanted to have just a free sex. When he wanted to tp me to an other location to continue making love I told him about this limit of mine. Then he wanted me to tell him how to behave as a Master. Wow! If I would know it! All my SL life is about finding the Masters' behavior and my reactions. We said goodbye to each other.

I continue roaming and suddenly, I got a group IM on Slave Auction channel. My wanna-be-owner asked how the slave auction worked. Wow! So, he still wanted to have a sex toy.


The End Of My Journey

I returned to The Black Hole Journey. I had about one and a half hour before starting the class in the O BDSM School. So, I had no time to waste. I was alone this time. It meant that I would fall only if I did not know the correct answer. I have to admit that I fell some times. I could see the nice walls in the lower room.

I met Gen. She reached the sixth level. She was again me with 2 entire levels. I asked her about the emmas granny, but she did not know the answer. It would be interesting to know how she went through this level. She is a clever girl.

I met one of my friends and he whispers the answer of the foolish emmas granny question. I broke my journey and went to the O BDSM School. I had a nice class as usually.

After the school I could go immediately to the last bondage object of the fourth level of the journey. As I knew the answer it was not difficult to answer to the last question.

I got the next journey object touching the white board in the corridor. I wore it quickly. And what a surprise! I got a note card. It said that if I would follow the journey then I had to submit myself to the Queen, the Slut Pen. I was thinking if it was a joke. Then I decided not to continue the journey. I did not want to serve only one person, especially a woman. I am still straight. I was wondering if Gen had understood the note card.

It was time to find an auction in the near future. I visited the renewed Valhalla Auction Hall. I liked it. It became larger and nicer.

I hope somebody will buy me there soon.


Journey with Gen

I went to the CARP as soon as I woke up. After checking the maze, I decided to try to complete the quest as only 25 people were there. There very many predators, but i thought it was the right occasion. I went to the cage in the lobby to retrieve modified tag and mouselook forcer. I ran to the maze. I had to find the bondage post in the middle of the maze. I did not meet any predators, so it was easy. The next command was to find the cage in the maze and go in. Fortunately, Gen had shown me this cage and I found it quickly. In the cage I was ordered to go up to the lobby. I did it!!

When I calmed down I read my history again. I realized how silly I had been. I executed the quest with easy-to-catch option; however I had the possibility to choose difficulty-to-catch option, too. So, i suggest you reading what the journey object says.

I IMed Gen and we met in the Sarah's PonyPlay Isle. I had to touch the white board at the end of the corridor and I received the fourth journey object, the belt. First task was the find the yellow door on the corridor. It is easy, is not it? Well, the door answered me that the door was closed. Gen was inside and she told me that the color of the door is red. Yes, the color of the door was red from inside, but it was yellow if you stood in the corridor. So, if you want to get it touch the door patiently, and you will get the teleport ball.

Entering the room I found myself in a room separated by grids. The far part of the room built from narrow metal girders. There is hall under the room. The hall is empty and contains only two teleport balls.

This quest is simple you have to walk forward and when the belt changes its color to read you must touch it. After it you will get a question with possible answers. If you answer well then the grid will be lifted and you can walk further. In case of wrong answer you will fall to the hall and you must start the quest from the beginning. Questions are mostly related to American knowledge. It was a bit difficult for me, because I was not familiar with American and English poets. I still do not know who “Doctor Who” is. I am ashamed because I do not now Canadian provinces. I did not give up and in time I answered the questions. Be careful, the girders are narrow and you can fall if you step wrong. There was crowd sometimes. It was funny, because if one of us failed then everybody fell down who stood in the same part of the room.

Leaving the room the quest would not be completed. Instead, you will enter the huge hall divided into parts by glass walls. In every glass cell you must answer the question retrieved by touching your belt. If you answer then one of the glass walls will disappear and you can go to then next cell. Almost all cells contain a bondage device. When your belt changes color to red, then you must bind yourself to the device. I did not know it, so I made some unnecessary round. I realized that it was not necessary to answer the question well. The point was to answer only.

I bound myself to a bondage device and the device descended in the public place of the island. I spent here some time bound to the device. Then I got a journey message that it was not the right device. I could go back to the yellow door and start it again. I tried all bondage devices except one. In fact, I had no access to this device until I tried all the others.

There is a semi transparent cage ball on the huge hall. This cage took me to an interesting place. Look at this picture.

I reached the last cell, the last bondage device. As I bound myself it took me in the sky high above the island. I got the last question... and I failed. I had no idea who was emmas granny and where she was born in England. Do you have any idea? I can start it again. This quest really makes the submissive patient.

While I was on the journey I got group messages from the Slave Auction Groups. There was an auction. I could not go as I was owned by my Mistress today. After the unsuccessful quest I went and visited the new auction hall. I liked it. I will post some pictures later. I had no time to take pictures this time as Sir Sleight asked me for watching his castle while he was away. I went to his castle and walked in it checking it before going to bed.