Silent Auction – The End

I was in a hurry to reach the end of the auction. I arrived to SAG and ran to my cross trying not to hit people standing around the arrival point. I quickly bound myself up. People were walking around me. I greeted everybody; nobody paid attention to me. The auction came to the end.

I looked around for my new Owner. He was not there. I sent him IM notifying about the result of the auction. He was offline. I asked him to call me if he would use me.

I went shopping. I found some new nice shops offering the style I like. However, I did not enjoy shopping. I was eager to serve my new Owner. I returned to SAG. I wanted to check if I was allowed to go away. I did not find any rule telling that I had to wait for my Owner at the cross.

I continued shopping. In a pretty shop, I check my Owner status and I realized that he was online. I greeted him again and I informed him about his new property again.

He answered something, which was really hard to understand. He said he was a “distant” Owner. As I understood, he bought me without any reason. At the end, he sent me tp and I could arrive to his hidden island. He left SL very soon.

I started to discover the islands. There were three castles and a nice building. Everything was so beautiful that I knew I was not able to build such beauties. Some doors were locked, but I could visit most of the rooms of the castles.

A small building stood in my path. I walked in and I realized that it was a trap. The door was closed by shining beams. I examined the house. I did not find any timer. I was locked forever. I touched the beams. Electric current ran through my body. I fell on the floor. I was unable to move. I felt only tiredness, until I fell asleep.


Silent Auction

I attached myself to the cross, which lifted my body and parted my legs. My first visitor was Nero. He was playing with me for a while and then left.

Ariel was still absent. She was still ahead of by 1000 lindens. Well, I did not care about the money. However, in this case, the amount of bids showed the interest of the buyer. I felt that Ariel was better me. Yes, I knew she would serve for two weeks, not only one.

The live auction started and I remained alone completely. I could not here anything. Through the cages, I saw the crowd staring at the naked girls bound to a cross on the stage. It was bad to hang on the chains. Now, I felt how deep they cut in my body.

The crowd started to dissolve. I did not know if the auction was successful. Somebody was approaching to me from my back. According to his appearance and clothes, he was a Japanese guy. I greeted him and asked if he bought somebody on the auction. We were talking. I found him very interesting. He did not place any bid on me, as he did not like the offered service time. He wanted at least two weeks.

While we were talking, somebody paid in my action box. My price was 5200 L. I thanked the bid and looked around searching for the bidder. He was faster; he sent me IM. He asked if I was able to build. We were talking in IMs. I learned that he was from France. He had slaves, who usually built houses. He owned two sims; but he did not like to build at all. He told he wanted his slaves to work.

It was very difficult to talk with him as he did not used grammar at all. He told just words, one after another. The spelling was also awful. It was a real challenge to talk with him. I had to admit that I liked it.

While we were talking, he raised my price to 6000 L. I did not know the reason. He did not tell it and I was afraid to ask. Before he left, he placed a new bid, 7250 L. Wow, he really wanted me. I was very proud and excited.

He left and I lowered my body from the cross and I went to bed.


Registered In An Auction

I decided to give up finding BDSM rp area. I remembered the auctions. I had bad experience to be auctioned, but I had nothing to lose. I heard much of Bonanza auctions. There was many people around the arrival point. Unfortunately, I did not find any information related to the auction.

I went to SAG. Yes, I did it. I filled in the form and dropped into the special box. I wanted to participate on the silent auctions. There are two types of auctions at SAG. First type is the ordinary auction. They help auctions in very uncomfortable for me time. The silent auction takes for some days and people can take their bids every time during my auction. Of course, I will spend my online time bound at SAG, so everybody can take a look at me.

I do not know what to do. I will wait for the contact from SAG.