I was sleeping uneasily. In my dream, I saw a light descending on my body. Then, there were dark emptiness around me.

When I woke up and looked at the sky, I knew that I returned to Earth. I was not sure, but I felt that Priest Kings would not return me to Gor in the near future. At this time, I did not know that while I was sleeping, three months elapsed.


My Mistress leaded me into a medical room. There were many unknown for me bottles of salve and liquid in the selves. My Mistress started to work with these medicines and she sometimes threw away a cloth. I was kneeling in front of a table. I hesitated. I wanted to go to pick them up, but I was afraid to move without her order.

She felt my hesitation and ordered me to pick the clothes up and put them on the self. I obeyed.

Later, we went to the tavern of the city. I was very excited, as I knew that I would meet other citizens. I knew much of Gor, but I had forgotten much since I had lived among Tuchuks. We entered the tavern. It was a large room divided into some parts. I saw small tables, nicely created chairs and pillows next to each chair.

At the entrance, we met a woman dressed in a beautiful free woman clothes. She did not wear a veil similar to my Mistress. She and my Mistress started a conversation. They did not listen to me at all. They talked, as I would have been a subject like a table. I heard their conversation, but I did not understand much, as they talked about the everyday life of the city and I was still new here and I was not familiar with the places, the events and the people they mentioned.

A lovely slave girl joined us. She was my Mistress' Free Companion's slave. She knew the tavern well; it was clear for me, as I observed her behavior.

The ladies went to the table at the end of the tavern. I supposed this far place was reserved for free woman. My Mistress told my slave sister to serve something to drink. I was listening to her every motion. The girl was very good at serving and I wanted to learn.

When my sister served the paga, my Mistress leaned and whispers a question into my ears. She asked if I could try to serve a drink for them. I was very afraid, but I told 'Yes, Mistress' with bowed head. I knew that my Mistress did not want to hurt me; she wanted me to learn and the quickest way of learning is practice.

She smiled and ordered me to bring a paga for the other free woman. I moved toward the part of the tavern, where glasses and drinks were held. I was trying to move very lovely without any disturbing noise. I held the paga high above my head. My eyes were looking at the floor; I was very afraid to look at my Mistress. I felt that my sister was better me and I knew that I had to learn much. But, I did it. I served a paga without any mistakes. I was proud.

Soon, my Mistress told me to go to sleep.



I woke up in a room. I lifted my head languidly. The room was clean, red curtains hang from the ceiling. Suddenly, a woman smiled at me. According to her outfit, she was a Free Woman. She wore something like a bikini in Earth. I knew that none of the slaves were allowed to have such clothes. I wanted to jump off the bad seeking the way to escape. She pulled me back softly telling some balmy words.

She healed my tortured body and soon I felt better. I learned that she belonged to the cast of Phisicans and lived with a scriber as his Free Companion. We were talking for a while and when she got to know that I was not owned, she offered to be her personal slave. She was very kind and I felt deep in my mind that she must have been a good person. I was sure she would have protected me in this cruel world. However, I was not a skilled slave. I had worked in a Tuchuck's camp. I knew how to bake bread and how to cut logs. I was even able to sew. But, I did not know how to serve such noble woman and how to dance for her enjoyment.

She accepted me such and I decided that I would learn quickly. She told that they had a kajira, who was well skilled and who would help me. It calmed me down and I accepted to be her slave. She told me that we were in the estate, which is close to the city called Piedmont. She also told me her name, Akasha.

She showed me round in the estate. It was wonderful. She was very open to me and she showed me the best places. I bet many of them are ones of the nicest places of SL.

I met my Master. He was tall, strong man wearing leather outfit with scribes and swords. It seemed that his life was full of danger besides the science. He accepted me as a family slave and he offered his protection. I was very glad to find such people.

My Mistress told me that I would receive his collar in a small ceremony. They planned to make my collaring ceremony in the city. I was excited, but I was afraid as I knew that I would dance before citizens. I hoped that my sister would help and teach me of the Gorean dance.

Oh, I almost forget. There were no cages and chains in the island. My Owners did not want to force collar me; they need love from my heart not only a piece of meat. I have to learn quickly to deserve their kindness.


Return to Gor

I arrived home in sunny afternoon. I opened the door and entered. Cold air caressed my body; the sharp light blinded my eyes.

The next moment I remembered was that I was lying in the field. I felt tired. Something stroked my skin. I did not know what it was as my eyes were closed. I wanted to open it, but I felt so tired. Warm wind ran through my body and stroke happened again to my entire body. I felt it even on my pussy, as I was naked. I jerked and forced myself to open my eyes.

I did it and breath became frozen in my body. I realized that I was lying in the grass. The grass stroked me under control of soft blowing wind. However, it was not important. What make me frightened was the sun. It was bigger and more reddish than it looked liked on Earth. I learned that it was not Earth. It was the other planet, from which I escaped. I was on Gor again.

I stood up quickly and looked around. Then I crouched again. I crouched not because I was almost naked, wearing only some pieces of silks. I crouched because I did not want anybody to behold me.

I was afraid to meet wagon people. Maybe they had hunting for me. In their eyes, I was only a slave, a useless slave, who escaped and therefore must have been punished.

I did not know what to do. I was hiding among the trees in the wilderness. I slept only few times and my dream was not quiet. I was afraid of meeting larns or other predators. Finally, I reached a road. It was wide, so I knew that it leaded to a city. I hesitated. I had to eat something; I knew.

I left for the city beside the stoned road, in the scrub. It was difficult to go on feet; I mostly crawled under stinger bushes. Suddenly, sunshine lit my body. I lifted my head and realized that I left the scrub and reached a lake. I was very thirsty and I crawled toward the lake gathering my all remained force. I saw an island in the middle of the lake and I went off in a swoon.


Return of the Kajira

I received an offer to be a kajira. I was unsure, but I felt growing excitement. I was thinking for about half minute and deep in my mind, I knew that I would agree.

I learned that a pair living in Free Companionship searched for a second slave. The man is a scribe; the free woman is a physician. The woman offered me a tour in the city. Yes, it is a city, not a camp.

The woman showed me around in the city. The city was fairly big and had all necessary building in it.

It was so unusual, so strange to be among Goreans again. I agreed to be a kajira for two weeks. Then we will see, what the future brings.



Do you remember Cruel Friend? I met him today and we were talking until we went to sleep.


Clothing Fair II

I spent this evening with Arta, who was trying clothes got on the Clothing Fair.

Some outfits looked nice and others looked awful. I also had dozen outfits; but, I did not want to look at them at this moment. Maybe later.


Clothing Fair I

A group message notified my about the fashion related event called Clothing Fair 2009. It said that the event would finish soon. I had some hours to go there and look around.

Of course, I went there, without delay. I arrived and a messages waited for me informing that the region would be restarted in a minute. I had a dozen LMs to the Clothing Fair. I went further. I got the same message in the new sim, too.

I was afraid that It was too late to visit the exhibition. But the third sim, where I arrived seemed to be quiet. I sent IMs to my friends informing them about the great possibility of finding some very cool clothes.

I was walking among the shops and soon I realized that the main theme was piracy. Gifts were offered in treasure-boxes. Generally, I could not see anything special. But, hunting for gifts always make me excited. I gathered many gifts. It was fun, not counting some shop owners, who wanted to make some money in a very special and far not honest way.

I got free a gift for 40 L. But the king of delusion is the Owner of the shop called SNOC. They offered free gift for 100 L. Of course, he or she hid it among the real free items.

The exhibition was good; unfortunately, I had only very limited time to look around.



Arta, Nero and I were talking about age checking. They told me that Linden was working on the new age verification system.

Personally, I think it is a bit funny and people, who are against the legal sexual activity, are very prude. Of course, I hate every form of child pornography. However, it is not the best way to find with it.

OK, I can send the copy of my passport or driving license. But, some children can steal and copy mother's passport, cannot they? So, Linden fights windmills. Better solution would be to prevent making child avatarts.

I do not know how it will work. Probably, Linden will figure it out well.


Hungarian Guy

I was alone and I did not know what to do. I was not sure if I wanted to find an Owner. I still wanted to try the banishment project. I was afraid of going there. I did not know why I just had some strange feelings. From the other hand, I did not want to seek Owners until I did not participate in the banishment project. I made a very lazy decision. I decided to go shopping and think of the choices later. I remembered that Analog Dog had shown some pretty hairstyles on Hair Fair 2008 some months ago. It was the time to go there and look around.

When I arrived to Analog Dog, I beheld a wonderful demo hairstyle on a girl. It was love for the first sight. Soon, I had two new hairstyles. Do you like them?

While I was searching for the proper vendors, I received an IM from a guy. He had found me earlier and had offered to be his slave. I had been owned that time, so we had agreed that I notified him when I was free. I had been IMed him later, but he had refused me saying that we had had different imaginations about BDSM. So, he IMed me. He wanted to talk with me not via IM but face to face.

We met and talked. I had to admit that we saw the world from different points of view. He was a nice guy. I wish him to find the proper slave.


BDSM places

My Owner was not online. I decided to go to discover BDSM places.

First, I used the new search engine and soon, I found the place called BDSM Hotel Extreme. It sounded interesting, did not it. I cannot tell you anything about this hotel, as when I wanted to retrieve the landmark, SL sent me a very strange message: “We're sorry: This item's privacy settings prevent us from showing you any further details about it.”.

Can you explain me, why somebody put his location into the search engine and limit the information about it at the same time? I have no idea.

BDSM Hotel... It sounded good. Fortunately, I found another BDSM Hotel called BDSM Hotel California. It looked nice with many devices. So, it is worth visiting.


Swamp Hotel

My Owner was not online. I decided to go to discover new places.

I found a very interesting place; it was some king of role playing location. I went to discover it. I descended in a whole stepping in a spiral staircase. Probably I mad a wrong step and I soon fell in a trap. I stood up and realized a green fog before me. A zombie walked out from the fog. Two other zombies followed his fellow. I tried to run away, but I did not know how to escape from the trap. The zombies approached. Finally, I won. I am sorry I do not describe how I overcame them. I let you enjoy searching the solution. It is very easy. After the battle, I found the way out. It was also interesting.

Then I walked around this place. Oh, It was very interesting. I promised to return here when I would have enough time. I suggest you to visit this place, again.



My Owner was waiting for me, when I logged in. I greeted her and waited for her action.

After about five minutes of waiting, she leaded me in a house. She told me that this house belonged to her friends. The house was a bit empty. Only some furniture stood in the large room. My Owner went to the sofa and sat down. I followed her and stopped before her. She looked at me. I smiled at her silently. She offered me to sit down. I accepted her offer and I sat down. I had a strange feeling; I would have prefer to kneel.

She did not tell me anything. We were sitting there silently for about twenty minutes. Then she told me that I would learn patience today. I accepted it.

We spent this day silently.


New Owner

I met one of my previous Owners, the one who had sent me away. We had talked since he had dismissed me. We had talked about my bad behavior only a bit and we had tried to remain friends.

This time, he invited me to meet at the beach, where I had started to serve him. Our conversation went slowly.

Suddenly, I received an IM. A woman asked me to be her slave. Her style of speech was unusual. This unique style lifted my level of excitement. I remembered when a Japanese guy had wanted me to be his slave. He had not spoken English, which had frightened me until one of my friends had shown that language barrier could be interesting from point of view of the slave.

This woman spoke English well; however she talked about herself in third person, like some Gorean slaves. The difference in her speech was that she addressed herself as 'Miss'.

We decided to meet and I had to leave my former Owner alone on the beach. He was very liberal and allowed me to go.

Miss was a petite girl, who stood in strange position. Reading her profile, I learned that I had to address her Miss. I asked about further the rules. I got to know that I had to greet her when I realized that she was online. She did not tell me how to behave in her absence, as she obeyed to be online when I would be here.

She told me to wear an XCite collar. We had a small conversation and we went to sleep.



I went to discover BDSM places. In fact, I would have liked to know how BDSM places had been changed. I was browsing among BDSM locations and I found a new one. I did not remember its name. :(

This place covered two sims. The first one did not impact me much for the first sight. A bit later, I beheld its unique maze. Imagine a labyrinth with glass walls. It was a challenge to go through it.

The other sim looked mysteriously. Wizards lived there. Wizards, who liked BDSM...

I entered the sim and I received a warning message about the hidden traps. I took a small tour and I can confirm the truth about the traps.



Today, I went to a slave auction. No, I did not put myself for sale. I was just curious about the auctions. Two of my friends joined me; they had never been on such auctions.

Two girls were on the stage in front of the crowed. The girls were pretty; however one of them remained silent. The auctioneer was one of the worst I had ever seen. We did not enjoy this auction.


I missed SL for a while and it was pretty surprise for me to receive IM from Nero. We met and talked about the changes.



We met with Nero to celebrate. We had nice evening together.



I was preparing to participate in the banishment project. The banishment project is based on the novel Eudeamon by Evil Dolly. This is a special jail, where victims or prisoners are closed into a special suit instead of cells. The suit controls their all actions and punishes them in case of necessity. This is the project I wanted to participate. However joining the project is not so easy. The captive has to read the novel. This prerequisite is check before you get your isolation suit. I do not want to qualify the book. Get it and read it, if you are interested. All in all, I still had some pages to read.

Nero called me to join at his home. I had a landmark and I supposed that this LM would bring me near his home. I knew that he had changed the location of his house a bit. So, I arrived and I returned home almost in the same time. I did not understand what happened. I tried it again. At this time, I got a message from a security orb. It gave me 10 seconds to leave. I hate it. But, there was nothing to do; I tried to leave the territory. But, where to go? Where is the border of the forbidden parcel? Such unsocial idiots should have placed signs around his land labeled for example the next way “I hate people. Do not come to me. I love myself and I am alone”. Seeing such signs I would have been able to leave the parcel. But, there were no signs. So, I chose a direction and tried to escape.

Suddenly, red lines stopped me. It seemed his neighbor hated visitors, too. The security orb sent me home again.

It was the time to ask a teleport from Nero. He was with Arta and they listened to my newest adventure. Then, we guessed why people protected so hard in a free world like SL. We did not know the answer. Maybe, somebody knows the dark secret. If you know, please, disclose it with us.