Reminiscence – Former Owner II

After spending some weeks alone, I met one of my friends, a former Owner, who also returned to SL after a long break. I become his slave. He tried to be with me, but his RL was very busy and we could not be together in SL.

I remained alone again.

Reminiscence – Former Owner

Many of my former Owners wanted me to stay their slave when my servitude ended. I never agreed. I have one long-term relationship. I liked it, but it really hurt when we broke up. I found some true friends after the servitude and I did enjoy serving most of my former Owners.

I realized that it was not easy to find a new Owner and I wanted something more stable, more comfortable, maybe. I did not want to be tortured on a BDSM device for hours. I wanted to be humiliated and I wanted my next Owners to use my mind, not only my avatars body.

So, I returned to one of my former Owners. We spend much time together and he was very good. However, I was not online every day and he had other responsibilities, so this relationship ended.

Reminiscence – BDSM Places

I remembered of many places where slaves had been welcomed. I wanted to find such place, but I could not find any. I did not know what happened. They had gone.

If you want to find a Master or a slave, then Bondage Ranch is for you. I visited BR hoping to meet people, who would want me. Do you want a slave? Then go there. You will find them I am sure. There were dozens of slave girls standing or kneeling, but regardless of their pose they were waiting to be owned. I could see Mistresses, but to find a Master was not easy. I decided to check slave's profile. I thought that I could find a group where a BDSM community searched for slaves. I did not find any. But, their profiles were very interesting. Many slaves do not like dominants having title 'Master'. I do not know why it is a problem. I never read that dominant people does not want a slave just because the slave is a member of a group which offers title 'slave'.

There were many slave princesses, too. You can read in their profile that submission is a gift and it must be earned. I do not understand how. Maybe with love?

The most interesting was that profiles of slaves seemed to be experienced said that they did not want 'slave collectors'. I did not understand it at that time. Yes, having more than one slave is very difficult. Good Owner deals with them at the same time and not placing slaves in a line and pick up one to play with her for some minutes and then place her back in the line. I met a few Owner who were able to handle more than one slave at the same time. My experience showed that Owners usually wanted one slave and not a harem. I must admit that I enjoyed having sisters around. Of course, being the only slave was interesting, too.

Most of slaves proudly advertised that they are RLV enabled girls. You know my point of the RLV. I like it until it is unreal. Forcing to poses is strange for me. I like to obey. I love to obey. But being forced to kneel and crawl is useless. I can leave my avatar and watch TV while the RLV lover owners play with my avatar via RLV. Of course, if you are handcuffed then it is OK that I cannot take it away. RLV is also interesting, if it prevent me to open a locked cage door. Blocking IMs may be useful, too. I hated to explain that I could not talk because I am with my Owner. Because, if I am with my Owner, then I listen only to him regardless the RLV prevents me to IM or not. But, many RLV lover owners checked if my RLV is switched on. They did not ask, they checked it in IM with some kind of strange command starting with @. I am very happy that they did not want me. Some of them just checked the status of my RLV and did not say anything. Others were indignant at my switch off RLV. They dressed me down. Of course, I can switch on my RLV if my Owner wants it, but why should I do so while I am alone? Clever RLV lovers never thought about it.

Some people like to be abused and they keep their RLV in active state. But, I am not that kind of slave.

Reminiscence – After The Silent Auction

Let me tell what happened to me in my Owner's island. Well, not too much. I never met my Owner.

I woke up in the castle and I was walking across the island. I sometimes saw that my Owner was online but he ignored me completely. On the third day, I knew every pieces of the Island.

It was so boring. But, I survived thanks to my friends, who were talking with me via IMs. Some of them wanted to come to me. I refused them, as I did not know if my Owner allowed it. Neither wanted I teleport to them. My Owner ordered me to come to the island and I had to suppose that he wanted me to keep there. I thought that these were my most boring days in SL. At that time, I did not know that more boring days could come.

The servitude ended. I returned to SAG immediately. Quickly, I filled in a new form and sent to the SAG personal. I got the answer in some minutes. I was not allowed to participate in the auction. They had new owners of the sim and new rules, according to which I had to go to learn about the slavery. I felt this rule very strange. Yes, I heard that some slaves wanted only money. I did not want to go to a SAG class of slavery. Not because, I thought I had enough practice, maybe more that my future teacher had. It was always interesting to me to learn other slaves' experience. Not because I did not like to learn. I did enjoy SL classes especially if they were BDSM related ones. But, the class schedule was extremely bad for me. I had chosen silent auction because SAG schedule had not fit with mine. So, I had to leave SAG, like I had had to leave many times in the past. I returned after some months hoping that this rule had been changed. It had been changed. Later, they add a phrase 'no exception' to this rule. My friends who were regular visitors of auctions said that the quantity of slaves was reduced; but their price was increased a lot. Maybe SAG reached its goal and only the best slaves remained there.

Reminiscence – I am here again

I did not continue writing my blog. RL limited my spare time. Therefore, I was not online as much as I had been, and when I have a break, I wanted to enjoy my SL instead of writing my blog. I know I must be ashamed.

Now, I am owned and not for a week. I am in a long-term relationship, now. My new Owner wants me to continue the blog and I feel the same deep in my heart. My dear readers, please, forgive me for the long break. If you could, then please join me, again.

In my next articles, I will summarize what happened to me and how I became owned. Then, I will try to write regularly, as I did at the beginnings.


Silent Auction – The End

I was in a hurry to reach the end of the auction. I arrived to SAG and ran to my cross trying not to hit people standing around the arrival point. I quickly bound myself up. People were walking around me. I greeted everybody; nobody paid attention to me. The auction came to the end.

I looked around for my new Owner. He was not there. I sent him IM notifying about the result of the auction. He was offline. I asked him to call me if he would use me.

I went shopping. I found some new nice shops offering the style I like. However, I did not enjoy shopping. I was eager to serve my new Owner. I returned to SAG. I wanted to check if I was allowed to go away. I did not find any rule telling that I had to wait for my Owner at the cross.

I continued shopping. In a pretty shop, I check my Owner status and I realized that he was online. I greeted him again and I informed him about his new property again.

He answered something, which was really hard to understand. He said he was a “distant” Owner. As I understood, he bought me without any reason. At the end, he sent me tp and I could arrive to his hidden island. He left SL very soon.

I started to discover the islands. There were three castles and a nice building. Everything was so beautiful that I knew I was not able to build such beauties. Some doors were locked, but I could visit most of the rooms of the castles.

A small building stood in my path. I walked in and I realized that it was a trap. The door was closed by shining beams. I examined the house. I did not find any timer. I was locked forever. I touched the beams. Electric current ran through my body. I fell on the floor. I was unable to move. I felt only tiredness, until I fell asleep.


Silent Auction

I attached myself to the cross, which lifted my body and parted my legs. My first visitor was Nero. He was playing with me for a while and then left.

Ariel was still absent. She was still ahead of by 1000 lindens. Well, I did not care about the money. However, in this case, the amount of bids showed the interest of the buyer. I felt that Ariel was better me. Yes, I knew she would serve for two weeks, not only one.

The live auction started and I remained alone completely. I could not here anything. Through the cages, I saw the crowd staring at the naked girls bound to a cross on the stage. It was bad to hang on the chains. Now, I felt how deep they cut in my body.

The crowd started to dissolve. I did not know if the auction was successful. Somebody was approaching to me from my back. According to his appearance and clothes, he was a Japanese guy. I greeted him and asked if he bought somebody on the auction. We were talking. I found him very interesting. He did not place any bid on me, as he did not like the offered service time. He wanted at least two weeks.

While we were talking, somebody paid in my action box. My price was 5200 L. I thanked the bid and looked around searching for the bidder. He was faster; he sent me IM. He asked if I was able to build. We were talking in IMs. I learned that he was from France. He had slaves, who usually built houses. He owned two sims; but he did not like to build at all. He told he wanted his slaves to work.

It was very difficult to talk with him as he did not used grammar at all. He told just words, one after another. The spelling was also awful. It was a real challenge to talk with him. I had to admit that I liked it.

While we were talking, he raised my price to 6000 L. I did not know the reason. He did not tell it and I was afraid to ask. Before he left, he placed a new bid, 7250 L. Wow, he really wanted me. I was very proud and excited.

He left and I lowered my body from the cross and I went to bed.


Registered In An Auction

I decided to give up finding BDSM rp area. I remembered the auctions. I had bad experience to be auctioned, but I had nothing to lose. I heard much of Bonanza auctions. There was many people around the arrival point. Unfortunately, I did not find any information related to the auction.

I went to SAG. Yes, I did it. I filled in the form and dropped into the special box. I wanted to participate on the silent auctions. There are two types of auctions at SAG. First type is the ordinary auction. They help auctions in very uncomfortable for me time. The silent auction takes for some days and people can take their bids every time during my auction. Of course, I will spend my online time bound at SAG, so everybody can take a look at me.

I do not know what to do. I will wait for the contact from SAG.


Controlled Again

I wanted to serve very much, but nobody wanted me. My last Owner and I were talking. I still did not know him. I supposed that he did not want a slave; it did not count what he said.

There was nothing to do just visiting auction places. I arrived at Atlantis first. I just looked around when one of my former Owners IMed me. Well, he was very bad Master. I left him after a day, but we stayed in connection. Soon, he asked me about his chances. I hesitated, but I wanted to be owned so much that I agreed. He asked me to send a teleport. I did not want to meet him in an auction place. I wanted to talk with him somewhere else. I usually like to meet in a park first. Now, my outfit was very sexy. It consists of some leather straps. Yes, I was almost naked. Quickly, I searched for a BDSM related place and teleported there. It was crowded there. I walked through people to a small quiet place and called for my future Owner.

While I was waiting for him, I received IMs from two people. One of them wanted only my RL photos. Of course, he did not say it at once. We were talking for about five minutes until I could say that I would not send anything from my RL. It was a bit funny, because I had an RL photo in my profile.

The other person was interesting and kind. We agreed that he would be my next Owner.

My future Owner was unable to come to me. I was in an adult places. It is funny. In adult places, I met some people, who surely were not adult. It is easy to find young sex hunters, who have access to adult places. I usually run away from him. I sometimes think that they may be agents of LL. So, congratulation for the excellent child protection system, again. I wish Linden guys to work on the teleport system at least so much as they worked with age verification. Recently, successful teleport is as rare as owners wanting me.

We continued fighting with the age verification. Finally, I remembered that something must have been changed in the settings of viewer. It helped, but we did not go any adult place, as we remained no time.

So, we were talking with my Owner. It was nice to see that he was interesting in my needs and limits. He was very good. I indeed felt he was superior me.

I learned that I had to address him Lord. But, I can use this word only once in one message. He did not want me to disturb him in the future. Instead, I would have to wait for his call.

I am waiting for our next meeting very much.


Minute Of Servitude

My Owner was online. I greeted him with hope. The answer was cold. He said he did not have time. I was walking alone this day.


I woke up in a park and I realized that my Owner was online. I greeted him and according to his wish, I sent him teleport. He arrived and I almost collapsed. He was very ugly. He talked about the sex again, but, fortunately, he did not take my body. I never think that appearance can count. Of course, I would have sex with him if he had wanted it. However, I was not very eager, now.

I suggested him to go and find nice shape and skin. But, he had to leave. When he left, I asked free skins and shapes from my friends for him.



I greeted my Owner. He did not call me. I supposed that I could explore SL.

I did not want to go to parks wearing silks, barefooted. Visiting BDSM related places in silks is not unusual. I had been in Dictatorship some months ago. It was nice opportunity to visit this store. Of course, the dictatorship had been changed. After a small mall, I found a high building, about which the search engine said that there was something common with dictatorship. The shop was rather average. I wanted to go to neutral places, so I asked permission wearing causal clothes until my Owner would not call me.

He did not give permission, instead he ordered me to send tp. I obeyed and some minutes later, my Owner arrived. I remembered that he had wanted me to stay on all fours. So, I was waiting for him in such position.

He asked me where we had been in the morning. I told him that we were in Analog Dog. He did not accept my answer. I had no idea what he wanted to hear. I tried to understand his half sentences; but it was bib challenge for me.

He took some steps; I was crawling. Then he ordered me to stand and strokes my body “giving my big ass a little squeeze”. I stood quietly.

My Owner looked at his watch and he told me that he had to go. He also said that wanted work on me, but he did not have time now. He said two lovely sentences, which almost made me cry: “you're too obedient, theres not much of a difference between you and a doll” and “obdience is fine, but a slave needs a personality”.

Yes, I am obedient. I admit it. It is my personality to submit and obey. I served with other slaves and I remembered that there was a rebel girl, too. So, obedient slaves do not have personality? Do you agree? I remember when I was asked to extend my serving period, because of my obedience. I remember a Mistress who wanted me to be more obedient. I admit that there is very difficult to be good Dominant. They must be creative and strict and caring and so on.
I remembered my Owner that he could send me away any time. I also offered my help to find better slave. He refused my offer and went away. Oh, he also mentioned not to change my outfit to causal.

It was fun, but I was indeed bad slave. My Owner ordered me to say in third person and refer myself as “Your bitch”. I forgot it and I was talking in first person. My Owner did not realize it, neither.

In The Hair Shop

My Owner wanted me to wear wavy hair. Well, wavy hair is not my favorite and I do not have nice one in my inventory. My Owner was not online, so I went to Analog Dog.

I found some pretty hairs, when my Owner logged in. He ordered me to send teleport. He arrived and ordered me to change my outfit. I like causal outfit; it seemed my Owner does not. I put on some silks and stood on all fours as I was told to do. According to his order, I started to lick his foot. I was doing it gracefully, but my butt was waving as I moved my head running my tongue on his feet. My Owner usually uses slang, which is too difficult for me. It is way it took long why I understood that he did not want my ass to wave.

He wanted me to make bun as my falling hair disturbed my Owner. Then he leaded me around in the shop. I was crawling after him as fast as I could among the buyers and visitors trying hairstyles.

We were talking of my butt and my wet pussy some words, and then my Owner disappeared. I was waiting for him about 20 minutes, and then I was talking to Nero. I am happy to have such friends like he is.


Big Wall

I was alone. I realized that one of the search engines had changed. It became almost useable.
I was browsing among interesting places of SL when I found Big Chinese Wall. I went there immediately.

Wow! This place is fantastic. The builders of the wall worked very well. I suggest you to travel to the Big Wall.


Short Encounter

My Owner wanted to meet me. I agreed. He wanted me to lick his feet. I obeyed and I was licking his feet long and subtly. He mentioned that I would satisfy him with my mouth, but then he did not want it.

It was really a short servitude. We knew that we would next meet on Friday or on Saturday.


Reserved in Advance

In a BDSM related shop a man IMed me. We were talking for a while. He said he was new in SL and he wanted me to be his slave. He was ready to wait for me. I was happy; however I knew that he may have changed his mind. You know hope dies last.


As my slave (second) life looks like a horror film, I went to a zombie themed place. I do not remember its name. I remember only that I arrived to a house. I walked out of it and I could try free guns got in the house in the special garden around the house. You can leave the garden walking through two fences.

I was walking among the ruins and when I thought that every zombie was on holiday, suddenly a group of zombies attacked me. They moved slowly, but they were very strong and they could stand five or seven shoots.

Fortunately, I was able to teleport away. In summary, it was fun and the place is planned and built very well. If you like horror, then probably you must try zombie hunting.


Unable To Forgive

In December, I was used by my friend. Used not like a slave, but used such way as you never treat your friend. The person, who did it to me, had hurt me at least two times.

Today, she sent me IM and tried to explain what she did. She did not ask me to forgive; she explained how she acted. I was unable to believe her. I was unable to forgive her. I am not angry. I just do not need such friends.

You probably know about my strange affinity to Japanese Doms. This time, I was not searching for Japanese places. I just found one among SL offers. It was not a BDSM place, but I decided to go there. The place named Hosoi Mura - Edo Period Japanese Village, Okiya and RPG sim located on four sims. It is wonderful. You must not miss it.



My Owner IMed me. He told that he would not be on this week. Unfortunately, I will be away on next week, so we will meet in next month only.


Owned Again

I was exploring BDSM related places, and I found a place named Free BDSM Playground. It looked very interesting, a bit similar to H&H. Its main room contained a semicircular advertisement board filled with teleport tables. Each teleport table leaded a themed room. I was watching the tables when I got IM from a man. He said that he read my profile and he would have wanted me to be his slave. I agreed.

He immediately ordered me to beg for kissing his feet. I was begging until he gave me permission. Then I was kissing her feet and shoes. He liked that I spoke Russian. He told me that I had addressed him Master in Russian. I was also ordered to bark before and after every sentence, I would say.

While I was kissing his feet naked, a woman arrived. I had to go to her and beg to kiss her feet. It was not easy to bark and talk to her, especially that I was naked. My Owner was listening to our conversation with the woman and he, in IM, allowed me not to bark.

The woman allowed me to kiss her feet. Then my Owner stepped to us and asked a woman if she had other plans with me. She had not and she left.

My Owner wanted me to speak in third person and address myself as “Your bitch”. It was real challenge for me. I had never had to speak in third person. I heard that some Gorean style masters liked it, but I had never done it.

Our last activity of this day way a pony girl game. I was pulling my Owner's cart.


Unreal Dominant

I greeted my Owner in IM. He did not call me. I knew that he was not interested in me much, because he usually had wanted to spend only little time with me. He asked where I was. I told him that I was in a shop. He liked this answer; he told me to continue shopping. I was disappointed, of course. I was eager to be used as a slave.

Some minutes later, my Owner asked again about my location. My answer was the same. He ordered me to go a quiet corner of the shop to masturbate. I was ordered to do it until I reached orgasm. He was not interested if I was a PG place. Fortunately, I was not. Are you familiar with the shop named Analog Dog? The shop is placed on water with small hills in the corners. I hid behind a hill and started to masturbate. I was doing it for about half hour informing my Owner how I felt and what I was doing with myself. When I finished, my Owner told me that he would fuck me tomorrow as a punishment.

I asked what I did wrong. He told me that he was a teacher and he had to show me the proper behavior of girls. I was confused. He was my Owner, was not he. I am a slave, not a student. He told me he would fuck me tomorrow. He made accent on tomorrow making clear for me that he did not want to use me.

I was so disappointed. I thought he was the third man, who wanted a girlfriend instead of the slave. I admit that a slave can be a very comfortable girlfriend. But, what kind of vanilla persons wants such girlfriend? If you need a girlfriend, you probably want an independent one. Am I right?

Dominants want slaves, at least I count so. I was sure that my Owner was not a real Dom. I started missing adding the word “Sir” to my sentences. There was no reaction from his side.
I told him very politely about my needs and limits mentioning that he probably wanted a girlfriend. He told me that he had girlfriend and she was with him at this moment.

Please, understand me. I can accept if I am in an inventory. I can accept if my Owner has more important things than I am. I just do not want to be a free escort. I still believe that Master – slave relationship is more than having sex.

He told me that he knew my limits and he paid my attention that he did not break my limits. I begged him to release me. I was begging. He refused me.

I remembered my Owners, who had been real Doms, real Masters. If you read my blog you must know them.

It is very difficult to be Dominant. Doms must be creative and they must have something special property. This property makes me feel that they are superior. It is not enough to call yourself Dominant or Master.

I suppose that other slaves have the same experience. Many slaves’ profile says that the slave refused to serve persons calling themselves Master.

So, tomorrow, I will continue to serve a man, who is not a Dom. I know that my servitude will not be exciting. I will survive. There are five days to serve. Do you understand the reason why I prefer a week of servitude? I do not know how I could handle such false owner for a month or more.


The Club

I greeted my Owner, who told me to wait for his call. He said he had something to do in a sandbox. So, he did not want to use me. It was bad to hear it. From the other hand, I had time to find a place for us.

The old parks I liked disappeared. I tried to find new ones. However, it was not easy. I still hate the search engines of SL. It is difficult to find what you search for. Thanks to God, there is a three level safety filter, the most important for lazy parents, the great protector of free morals. It is the only really well working thing in SL.

I visited some parks; I liked none of them. Then I remembered the place named Collar Me Sexy. I checked it and I got it. This place is still alive! I was content with myself.

My Owner still did not call for me, so I continued searching for parks. The next park was full of strange cages. I just looked around, when I received my Owner’s call. He ordered me to send tp. I did, but he could not arrive. We supposed it was because of the not finished yet age verification. I am very happy for these very useful functions.

There was nothing to do; I returned to the beautiful hills of Collar Me Sexy. I sent tp, again. At this time, my Owner was able to come.

We had an interesting conversation. My Owner told that he had a girlfriend, a newbie girl. I bet he wanted to know if I was jealous. He also said that he had a vampire girlfriend and he wanted me to sit at his face during their conversation.

Then we took a tour around the hills. Our tour ended at the first peak, when my Owner grabbed me and kissed long. After the kiss, he decided me to take his place. I was exciting, as I had not seen his house, yet.

He sent me teleport and I arrived to a club. According to his orders, I went to him and sat at his feet. The club was full, but nobody paid attention to us. Then my Owner wanted to dance with me. We were dancing until going to sleep.


In The Shop

My new Owner IMed me. He wanted to know where I was. I was in a freebie shop. *winks

He ordered me to send tp and he arrived soon. A bit later, he gave up fighting with lags and we went to a new place. We were sitting and talking for at least half hour.

He told me that he was a newbie and he would ask many technical questions. I felt happy to help.
I learned his rules. I must address him Sir. I must greet him in IM when I log in. He did not specify how to greet him when we met. He said he would tell me all the time.

He did not allow me to explore freely when he would be online, I would do tasks instead. It sounded very exciting. Do you agree?

He took me to a shop for gardeners. Here, you can buy trees, buildings for the gardens, beds, almost everything. We went to the top of a building. There, my Owner ordered me to undress. I obeyed and I informed him that we were in the shop. He did not listen to my warning. He preferred examine my body. He was content with me, which made me very happy.

Then we were searching for the proper cock for him. It demanded much time, mostly because of the technical questions. I was allowed to put on some clothes. When we had met he had wanted me to wear short red dress with red stockings. I had such clothes. It was nice to see his eyes running over me.

Before going to the sleep, he wanted to have me. He leaded me to the bed in the shop and did me there. I hate to have sex in a public shop. I count it very irreverent. Of course, I obeyed and opened my legs wide. However, I could imagine better beginning of our relationship.

My next task is to find a place, where we can spend some time alone.


Saying Goodbye

I was walking alone. It was the last day of the servitude for my Mistress. She did not come.
Before going to sleep, I asked my new Owner if he really wanted me to serve. He confirmed me. He did not call me. I knew that my service did not start, yet. But, deep in my mind, I hoped he wanted to look at me today, too.


New Auction Hall

I received a note from the person called NH Allen. I remembered him. He had been an Owner of two sims, which had been my favorites. He also had run slave auctions. The rules for slave of this action had been well thought and very exciting for me. I had not been on the auction there, because they had held auction in US friendly time forgetting of European people, who usually had slept at the opening of the auctions.

So, the note said that there was a new slave auction place. I went there to look around. I hoped that his auctions would be exciting and I also hoped that they would keep auctions in Nia friendly time, too. *smiles widely

I arrived and I was not disappointed. They also sought slaves for the auction house. The note for the house slave said that they would be sold in the auctions, too, but, when they would not have Owners, then they would work for the auction hall. It sounds interesting. I am thinking of it. Everything depends on the time of the auctions.

I recommend you to visit the Atlantis Slave Trading. I am sure that it will be one of the best auction halls.


Open Collar Tools

I was alone again.

I received an advertisement of Open Collar, which informed me that they have a new collar. I went to the Open Collar base place. I thought that I could get this new collar quickly as I had not met many people there. At this time, I met many people there; crowd waited for me. It was difficult to move.

First, I thought that they wanted to get the new collar. Then I realized that most of the people were standing. It was very similar to Bondage Ranch. Maybe is it worth visiting this place, when I search for an Owner?

I did not found new collar but I found interesting tools, a chastity belt and a clips for my tongue. The box of chastity belt contained an interesting collar, too. I could not try it, because I did not want to take off my collar. The chastity belt looked nice on my. I did not have to change its size. I liked the clips, too. I was eager to try it with my Owner. But I was alone.



I did not meet my Mistress, today. I checked the LMs stored in my inventory. I can say you that SL changed a lot. *smiles


I did not meet my Mistress today. I was searching for black stockings as my Mistress had ordered.

She had given me a landmark of a freebie place. I went there, but unfortunately, I did not find stockings.

It was good idea to search for stockings in freebie places. Therefore, I continued visiting free shops. I had never thought that I was so difficult to find stockings.

In a place, I behaved like a newbie. I searched for freebie places using search engine with the word “freebie”. Such way, I found in the result list a shop called FM Freebie Market -Freebies & more : Clothes Money Skin Shape. I saw living models standing in the corners showing nice dresses. On the floor, I found a label saying that these items were free. I made two or three steps and I beheld nice lingerie. I immediately bought it not realizing that free means 10 lindens. You know that I am not interested in money. I use lindens only to be more desired slave. Maybe 10 lindens are not too much. Maybe. But, it is a robbery, is not it. I hate such people. I am sure that the lingerie I bought is a freebie. Thieves like the owner of this shop do not make own product. They prefer to steal it. I checked for the owner’s name: Levin Sands. I hope Levin Sands will be content with my 10 lindens.

It is interesting how many girl hunters are in the freebie places. I received dozens of IMs. Many people asked about my RL. I am a little slave in the world of second life. How does a little slave know what the RL is? The second in the top ten requests was sex. It seemed hunters did not read profiles. *laughs

I answered all IMs. I did it well, because my next Owner found me. He seemed to be nice person, who was interested in me; at least he read my profile. *smiles



My Mistress and I visited the auction hall, where we had met. At my last visit, the auction hall had been empty, now, people walking around the main square. My first thought was that an auction was in progress. I did not have time to look around as my Mistress held my leash and she grabbed me very hard if I lagged behind.

She stopped at a pole giving me some seconds to look around. Now, I realized that there was no auction; it was only the presentation of slaves waiting for the auction. I never saw similar and I like the idea very much. Slaves were chained to poles, near which their photo was shown.

Everybody could go to the salves to examine them and there was possible to talk with slaves. My Mistress was standing at a blond slave girl silently. I was looking around. There were three girls and one man offered for the next auction. I felt bit envy. It must have been exciting to wait chained to a pole and to feel eyes of possible buyers on the slave’s naked body. Fortunately, my Mistress ordered me to kneel all the time. Her order made me fell better.

Suddenly, my Mistress went away and stopped at the male slave. He greeted my Mistress very humble. My Mistress told him some words, but in whole, she behaved as if he was a subject no more. We were talking of him like people usually talked about the dresses and shoes.

I prefer male Dom, but I remembered that my Mistress wanted male slave to use me. I liked that idea. *winks

Suddenly, my Mistress disappeared. She never talked of her plans; she just did what she wished and sent for me. Such treatment often makes me horny. So, she disappeared and sent me a teleport.

Our next stop was H&H. My Mistress likes stockings, so I wore them. I do not have much stockings and tights, as I love be served naked. The golden tights I wore were awesome and not too sexy. My Mistress was not happy with it; she ordered me to find black ones for the next time. My Mistress had to go; she left for me for some minutes.

I have two nice pair from Inimitably Design, but they do not contain socks. As I had some free time, I decided to go to buy stockings. Search engine did not help me a lot. The new search system is awful. I do not know how it rates the places. The order of the result is a secret for me. Does anybody know how it works?

I went to DeeTalez. There, I could not find sexy stockings. Next stop was BabyDoll. Here, I found better stockings, but they were far from the indeed good ones. While I was searching for stockings, my Mistress returned.

She immediately called me to a strange room in an unknown place. Cells and wooden doors bordered the room. I beheld strange devices in the middle of the room. I had to sit on the first device, which keep my legs spread. My Mistress touched my legs. She told me to undress stroking my tights. I obeyed. It was cold in the dark room. Her warm fingers ran over my cold skin. She looked through my naked body and ordered me to the other device. There she bound me to it and I received and enema. It was painful, very painful. I felt sharp pressure in my body. My Mistress was stroking my nipples, my pussy and me. I was sure she liked my suffering face. The water stopped and she did not allow me to pee. I had to hold it. Oh, I cannot describe how painful it was. My Mistress was playing my bound body until she had to go. Only then she allowed me to pee.



My Owner was not online. I was just walking in SL. Nothing interesting happened to me.

Therefore, I have an opportunity to stop a gap and say some words about my story with the Japanese guy. Yes, I forgot to write a post about this adventure. Our meeting was interesting, so, I do not want to miss it.

I like Japanese culture. I like the beauty of buildings, gardens and kimonos. I also like their nice hairstyles, geishas and samurais. I also like the different between the western and eastern style behavior. Of course, I like Japanese bondage, too.

I decided to look around in Japanese BDSM related places. I did not found many such places. The search engine showed me only two places.

The first place is the home of an interesting role player society. I love its base story: Rich men build society on an island, where woman can play submissive roles. Most of the slaves are not volunteers; they were kidnapped from the different places of the world. They have no chance to escape, as the island is isolated well. I would be a slave on this island happily. The only problem is that every time I visited this island I could not see anybody. There were only empty buildings around.

The second place was an average BDSM place built and organized in Japanese style. I walked around and tried the different devices offering mostly to be bound in Japanese style. I finished and I prepared to leave, when a man appeared in front of me. We started a conversation and soon I became her slave for a day.

Yes, you are right it is not my style. But, the atmosphere of the last visited places affected on me much. From the other hand, I knew that he could not be my Owner for a week because of the very different time zones we lived in.

He took me to a new place. When I arrived, I looked around searching for other people. The big fountain covered the view. I could realize people far away from us, behind the fountain. My Owner’s first command was to pee in the fountain. Wow! It was interesting. It is not very humiliating, is not it? However, I felt humiliated. I knew that peeing in the public, especially in the fountain is not seemly. I had only one thought in my head, I did not want anybody to see me.

Then we went in the building, which stood in front of the fountain. After some steps I took inside the building, I thought that it was a public toilet. My Owner gave me a toilet pump. I had to place it on the wall and then I bent over. I had to walk to the pump holding my skirt. I felt as the wooden haft touched my pussy; that gave me a jump. I looked at my Owner and reading his will from his eyes, I knew that I had to accept the pump deep into my body. It was not painful; however, I was not very wet. Rather it was humiliating also. I stood kowtowed in public toilet masturbating with plumber’s friend.

When my Owner was satisfied, he ordered me to go deeper in the building. I only then realized that it was not a public toilet but a torture chamber. I could see different torture devices around. Most of them had some common with golden shower. I was ordered to sit on a chair and pee. I did not dare to look at my Owner. I lowered my head and heard as my pee tinkled on the floor.

I was sitting quietly and hoping that my Owner would pee on me. But he did not. It was enough for him for today. He sent me away not even saying goodbye.

This was very unique experience for me and I liked this adventure in the face of its freak.



I went to Bondage Ranch. I was standing in the crowd waiting for IMs. I did not have to wait much. I received two IMs from two people. One of them was an auctioneer. She told me about the auction they held and offered an information package. The other person asked questions of me. The last question was about the reason of my limited in time servitude. I answered and he became silent. I try to be very polite when I answer such questions.

I was waiting for others to IM me and I was thinking of going to the auction. I had bad experience on auctions, but, in the end, I decided to try it, again. According to notes in the information package, the auctions are organized at 4 PM, which is too late for me. I decided to look around and find the proper auction hall.

I arrived at Consortium’s slave Auction, Black Diamond Strip Club. At the entrance, a male slave was talking with a girl. The slave greeted me. Probably, he was a greeting slave. I got notes about the auctions. After reading them, I walked around in the auction hall.

While I was walking, I received an IM from a girl, who stood at the entrance. She was searching for slaves and she found my profile interesting. After talking a minute or so, she asked me to be her slave for a week. I agreed, of course.

I set her as an Owner of my collar and the tokon HUD. I also changed settings, so she could check my position on the map. She told me that I had to greet her when I log in. She told me that she would give me to men, too. I was happy to hear it. She was new in SL, so she asked me to show good places. I took her to my favorite place, to H&H. There we tried a device and then she allowed me to go.

It seemed that I found a good Owner, in the end. *smiles


Big Sale

I was free again. I found an advertisement of closing Inimitably Design. I mentioned in one of the previous posts that I liked DeeTalez shop. Inimitably Design offers the same style. I knew that I had to go and looked around. I hoped I could find good clothes for low prices.

I spent all my money. I recommend you going there and looking around.


Loving Owner II

I woke up and I could not open my eyes when I received an IM from my Owner. I was happy; I thought he really wanted me use me.

He called me home. We met before his house, in the garden. According the rules set up by him, I knelt down and greeted him gladly. He looked at me and asked me to stand up. I rose and stared at his eyes smiling.

He ordered me to please him. I was in trouble. I did not know anything about his desires and dreams. There was nothing to do. I asked him what he preferred. He said that he was shy.
I started to dance for him. I had danced quite well and I hoped I did not forget too much. He looked at me silently. His face did not reflect satisfaction. I stopped dancing and asked if he wanted to go to interesting place. He nodded.

I was happy as the first step was taken; at least I knew that he want to explore SL. However, I did not know which places he liked. I asked politely he answered nothing. Then he told me that he wished to go to my favorite place.

I leaded him there, to my favorite place, which is not a BDSM related location just a beautiful and quiet place. He did not like it. I was really in trouble. He did not want me to feel bad and he tried to solace me as he realized my despair. He talked to me but he did not tell me what he really wanted. After some minutes, I supposed he wanted my body. When I asked if I was true, then he releases me saying he wanted a girlfriend instead a slave. I went away.

Next time, I saw him at the Bondage Ranch. He was talking to a pretty girl wearing silks. Well, BR is not the best slave to find girlfriend to go out. He did not realize me, and I did not want to disturb him.


Loving Owner

I was at the Bondage Ranch, when I received an IM from a handsome man. He was a newbie and he wanted to be a Dom. I felt the excitement again. I do not know what happened to me; why inexperienced Owners make me horny.

He took me his home. He has nice house; I liked it. There I helped him to determinate my rules. He wanted me to kneel down and greet him such way. It is so exciting, is not it?

Then he started to play with my collar. If you read this blog, then you know how I do not like to be forced into different poses through the collar. I love to obey. It is so exciting to execute orders given by my Owner. I suppose Owners can feel their power over their slave if she obeys. To control an avatar with collars does not require a person behind the avatar. If I do not have to obey, then I can go to make coffee during my servitude. There is no need to be there, there is no need to give my soul my submission.

I mentioned it very politely; at least I tried to be very polite. He agreed with me. He wanted me to show him interesting place. I went to Heaven & Hell and sent him teleport. (Yes, H&H is open again!)

I showed my Owner one of the rooms, where my Owner selected a device and asked me to try it. I bound myself to the device and waited. My Owner touches my and fondled my body for a minute. Then he released me for today and went away.