Oversupply Of Slaves

I went to Heaven & Hell to find an Owner. Are you familiar with this place? They have seven different dungeons. I suppose everybody can find the right one. I visited all dungeons. Most of them were empty.

Earlier, I got xcite nipple clamps. I received an xcite starter kit from Sir Sleight. I wanted to install the clamps to my nipples. It is a half-automatic process. The package of the nipple clamps contains a description and two installation objects. These objects must be put near the nipples on after another and the menu must be appeared. I supposed it was an easy process. I was wrong. The installation guide said that after putting the first object a menu must be shown. I did not receive the menu. I read the manual carefully. It said that in case of absence of the menu I must check permissions and lag. I had all possible permissions. I went to another place. I could not see the menu. I went to xcite shop. There was a special room for updates. I placed nipples and the clamps and ... nothing happened.

I wanted to find somebody who could help me. I did not find sales persons. I walked to women's room and I decided to buy standalone nipples on my last money. I received the new nipples and I was eager to try the installation process. It worked; the menu appeared and everything went all right. The only difference was that the xcite Female Starter Kit contained separate nipples form my each breasts, while the nipples I bought were not separated. So, be careful buying xcite Female Starter Kit.

I received an invitation to Sarena's and Sir Sleight's wedding. It will be on second of February, at 6:00 PM SLT. In my local time, it is 3:00AM. I try to go, as I am very happy that they found each other and I respect them. However, I have no idea how I can handle not sleeping all night.

I searched slave auctions via search engine and I realized that there would be one in about ten minutes. I went there. I was late for about 20 minutes. When I arrived, the auction was in progress. There were three slave for sale. One of them was very beautiful and she described her feeling passionately. She offered six hours of slavery. She was sold for 300 L. The next girl looked nice, but she stood silently. Somebody bought her for 600 L for 10 hours. The last slave was bald girl who stood without a word in front of the crowd. I left the auction house before she was sold.

Only about ten bidders participated on the auction and only three of them placed bids. Two of them decided to buy a girl when they got to know that they can order girls to dance for money in a club. Nice...

I was hesitating. I wanted to be sold, but the fear, the memory of unsuccessful auction lived deep in me. I am still hesitating. I realized that there are different period changing one after another. Sometimes, there are many slaves and only few Owners, and then everybody looks for a slave. There are too many slaves in SL, now. Maybe I have to wait only.

I think of continuing my Black Hole Journey. I was wrong when I had broken off it. Nobody wanted Gen to be a permanent slave. However, she would have liked it...


Free Shopping

I woke up and realized a message waiting for me. Message contains a landmark of a free shop.
I am in SL to serve, but I could not resist such offer. I like shopping and I like to wear nice outfits. I cannot explain the reason. Women understand me; men probably will never understand the propensity of women to shopping.

The shop was large. I mean the territory of the shop was not big, but it was full of products. I know that many of so-called free shops offers products for a price. I hate it. I suppose that the shop owner wants to steel the careless customers' money. I found non-free items here too. However, all such items were placed in the highest rows.

I bought, or it is better to say, took many dresses. I chose only outfits that looked beautiful on the vendor box. I met a man who was looking for a free gun. I tried to help him and we became friends. Later, he invited me to have fun together.

So, when I finished shopping, I went to a quiet place and I was trying on the clothes. I could keep only a pair of shoes and bikinis. Other clothes looked on me strange. Now, I have a big collection of bikinis, if somebody wants to take me to a beach...


Walking In Public

I was searching for public BDSM places. There are many. However, most of them are a part of a club. Such torture chambers are usually empty. The club makes the traffic. Therefore, it is not easy to find a good place to meet an Owner.

At the end, I looked through the places I visited earlier. Do you remember where I was given to horses? I returned there. I had time to look around. Every room has a special theme, there. It was an exciting place.

A soldier stepped to me and we started to talk. He obviously wanted me. We were talking for some minutes. He wanted only a challenge not a slave. So, he parted company with me.

Later, a man wearing jeans came to me. We started to walk. Soon, I realized that he want to have a sex with me, nothing more. I asked if he read my profile. He said he read it a bit. He called me a slut. I never used this word in my profile. I believe that there is a difference between a slave and a slut.

It was my second and the last attempt to find an Owner there. Perhaps, I will be lucky tomorrow.


Kneeling Host

Sir Bela offered a modeling job again. Do you remember I mentioned I became a virtual host? I did not have a photo about the virtual host Nia. I can show it now.

My virtual self is a salesgirl, as you can see. But, Bela wanted me to kneel down and he took a series of shoots of me. He wanted my virtual self to a slave salegirl in his mall at the Bondage Playground. So, I kneel now there.

I still hesitated to go to the auction or not. At the end, I decided to try public dungeons. I always can go to the auction later. I chose very sexy outfit to find an Owner. Do you like it?



I was not owned. I did not know what to do. I knew there would be auctions tomorrow. But, I hesitated. MSA auctions start at 3PM, in Saturdays. It is late to start serving for me. I had checked the list of slaves and every slave lived in SL according to US time zones. I had three Owners from the USA. Two of them had special status so; they could use me when I was usually online. The third former US Owner was very kind, but we could meet only on weekends. I admit that I enjoyed serving them.

I was thinking of going to public BDSM place and waiting for the offer. This is a bit risky. Many people in public places search for only a sex adventure. I was thrown away after a day or two on most of the cases.

Do you know how I feel when I am owned but not used? It is exciting first. To be ready and wait for the Owner's call is makes me excited on the first day. On the second day, I feel desperate. What happened? Did I do something wrong?

SL citizens explore wonderful places of SL and they can meet friends. I do not do anything special when I am owned. I could not go to the BDSM related class, because I knew I had to break it when my Owner became online.

In BDSM relationship, the Dominant want the submissive to feel uncomfortable. There are many devices, which help Dominant. For example the cage. But, there is no need to use any device. Walking up and down in a stairs for an hour does the same. I like them I like to feel uncomfortable. But only then, if I know that it makes my Owner excited, if I can please the Dominant. If I am alone then I do not enjoy it.

It is similar in rl. If I hurt myself accidentally then I do not enjoy it. But the situation is another if my partner cases pain to me.

Am I a bit confusing? Sorry, for that. I feel confused today.


Kajira Training

Sleight Sleight told me the sim managed by him is ready. He also sent me a well structured note card with offers for renting a land and landmarks. I went to this sim and looked around. It looks very nice. Small flows of the ocean separated rentable lands. If you rent a land there, you indeed can feel privacy, only if you want it, of course. Nice looking bridges connected some of these separated mini-islands.

The rest of my time, I was searching for a kajira class or kajira training center or something similar. It was not easy to find such places, so I would continue my search. There are kajira trainings in many Gorean sims, but I have to check them if the outlanders can participate in these classes, too. I will inform you about the search result.



This day started very good for me. Do you remember my free woman clothes? I liked the veil very much and I wanted to have a silk with veil so much. Today, I received a gift from Sir Bela. I opened the box and there were wonderful silks in it.

The silks contained a veil, too. I look beautiful, do not I? Thank you very much!

This is the last day of my servitude. I knew that my Owner had a permanent slave and I supposed she was more valuable for him. I was excited as I hoped that we would serve together. But, none of them was online.

I decided to find a harem, which matches my new silks. I found only few places and most of them were only shops. Actually, I found only one place. I decided not to go there now. I must have been ready if my Owner would become online.

At the end, I met my Owner. He was searching for BDSM furniture. I followed him. He ordered me to lie on the table and then to go in a cage. He wanted to know how these devices worked. We spent about half an hour together, when my Owner set me free.

Now, I am free, again. My life cycle starts again.


Russian Slave

I received a group message from the O BDSM School. I wrote about this school earlier, it was the place, where I participated in a pony competition, after a class. The message said that there were classes again in the school. I went there and browsed their advertisement board. I could saw only past classes. I wanted to ask for help when I realized a big box with a label which said that the school moved to the other location.

I went there to see how the school looked like. They built the same school it seemed nothing changed. I like this school, as they have interesting classes. I was reading their plan for the future when my Owner became online.

I sent him a greeting message. He answered that he would be busy and he would call for me later. I did not know what to do. I was still his slave and he could call me any time. I usually choose some activities, which can be broken in case of Owner's call.

I went to House of Nishi to check the date and time of the next auction. The next auction would be organized at 4:00PM. It seemed recently they organized auctions too late for me. Maybe, it was the time to find other auction house. I had time while I was waiting for my Owner's call, so I started to visit places which description contained the phrase 'slave auction'. There were many. Most of them did not have anything common with slave auctions. Advertisements drive the word?

Once, a man started to talk to me. He was the manager of a auction house. He showed me the place where auctions are held and we agreed to meet soon. He seemed to be a real businessman.

Later, my Owner called for me. I arrived to his place and I saw a girl in front of him. Her name was Medea and she was the slave about who my Owner had talked. I admit that I was wrong yesterday, when I wrote about the slaves running away from their Masters without a word.

Medea is a lovely short hair girl. My Owner ordered me to teach her how to be a good slave. I told her all what I knew about our Owner. During my speech, she asked if I speak Russian. I do, but I had never spoken in Russian in SL. She was from Russia and we continued our conversation in Russian. I thought that our Owner left us alone. But he was listening to us from behind my back.

I had to translate our conversation. It was not easy, because I did not have Russian keyboard. I did not have practice in writing in Russian with Latin letters.

She was very lovely. I enjoyed talking with her. She had a problem. Our Owner gave her a collar, but she wanted another one, the indeed expensive one. She was ready to buy it and then to give it to our Owner in order to collar her with it according to collaring ceremony. She was very shy to tell it to him. Our Owner is a good Master. I was sure he would fulfill her request. He did.

You know my servitude will end tomorrow. At this moment, I do not have a sub girlfriend. I have not met Rhonda online for a while. Gen is forbidden to speak with me. I was happy when Medea offered her friendship.


Horses And Group

I greeted my Owner when he became online. He asked me if I could help him to train a slave. I am not a Domina, but, of course, I agreed. He said he found a girl who would try to serve him. He informed me that she would be in SL in about an hour.

We went to a familiar for me place. It is a huge dungeon organized around the long narrow corridor. There are specialized torture chambers behind each door of the corridor. We entered a room. Two horses and a dog stood there. A slave kisses the penis of the horse in front of us. My Owner ordered me to undress, and then I had to go to the other horse and offer my pussy for it. My Owner enjoyed my suffering when the huge penis of the horse stretched my tight pussy.

About ten minutes later, we went out the corridor and my Owner left me alone there. I was standing naked and of course, I got offers from men. I asked my owner if I could answer. He told me to copy our conversation. He examined it and refused me to talk anybody. I do not know how much time I was standing there, but I was happy when my Owner called for me.

A moment later, I found myself in a very busy sex room. He bound me in the middle of the room and he ordered me to ask everybody to come and fuck me. I did it. I had not time to finish my announcement, when a man inserted his phallus into my body. My Owner went to have dinner and left me, there, bound. Men was enjoyed my body, one after another. I had to remote and men liked it, so I got many offers. A girl sent me an IM and asked if she could be a slave. I offered her to wait for my Owner's return. She agreed. I did not like such situations. Most of men hanging out in such places want only pure sex. I do not search for sexual adventures, but slavery. I hate to refuse. Of course, every man wanting my body describes himself as a great Master to reach his aim.

My Owner returned. I wanted to mention him about the slave girl. But, before I did it, I IMed her. No answer. I asked if she still wanted to be a slave. The answer was “na”.

We went back to the dungeon with horses. I had to give a horse oral pleasure. Can you imagine as the huge, disgusting penis of the horse slid in my mouth?

My Owner ordered me to put on latex suite and dismissed me. He was disappointed, as his new slave did not appear. I heard stories about slaves who had demanded full and strict control and when they had received it then they had run away. Some of them hunted for money. Some of them, maybe, got frightened. Anyway, Master – slave relationship is real relationship. If somebody of the couple did not want to continue, then he or she must inform the other, at least. Am I right?



A day before yesterday, my Owner asked if I have a vibrator. He was not online, so I decided to buy a vibrator. Thanks to modeling, I have some amount of money. I went to Xcite shop and looked around. There were two types of vibrators there. One of them was with remote control. Is there anybody who knows what it means? Vibrators with remote control cost 500 L. In addition, I would have to buy the remote control device for 200 L. It is too much for me. The other type of vibrators was without remote control. Their price is 150 L. I took a deep breath and I bought it.

Wow! Xcite did an excellent work. It worked very well, similar to the real ones. There is a possibility to change the color and texture. It is true that I did not check these features.

Later, my Owner became online. I was waiting for his call. When he IMed me, he was angry. He cried with me asking why I had not greeted him. I was confused, but I begged for mercy like an obedient slave.

I had to change my clothes. My Owner wanted me to wear clothes expressing my slave status. I went through my inventory quickly and I suggested wearing latex. He liked the idea and he called me.

My Owner was in the House of V. There was crowd there. I could move with difficulties. I was ordered to kneel before a slave pole, in a corner of the club. As I mentioned, many people were in the club. My Owner ordered me to greet the Mistress I had met in his favorite place yesterday.

He uses me as an object. He did not want to get to know my mind and me. It is exciting. I really enjoy it. However, I feel that we will never be friends. It does not mean that he is bad Master. He is very good Master. He cares of me, for example, he sends me to the bed if our time is elapsed.

So, I was kneeling in the corner silently for almost half an hour. I know that my Owner is proud of me and he wanted to show me everybody. Then I got permission to go to bed.


Waiting For Servitude

My Owner became online and I greeted him according to his order. He took me to his favorite place. There were others, Mistresses and slaves. I could not see other man, there. He put me in a device and tortured me with metal dildos, which went deep into my body.

Then he leaded me naked to the upper floor. It was very laggy, there and when I found the way going up, he already sat there with a Mistress. I hesitated. He forbade me to talk to other Dom. Is a Mistress Dom or not? I greeted him and then I greeted the Mistress, too. I was listening to his reaction, but his behavior did not reflect anything.

As I was ordered, I sat down in front of him on the rug and listen to them. They were talking about me. They discussed how obedient I was. I was glad to hear that my Owner was satisfied with me. They mentioned how difficult to get a good slave. I asked for permission to talk and I told them that there would be a slave auction today. They were very excited when I gave them a landmark.

My Owner wanted to show me to the Mistress. I had to stand up and turn around naked. He likes to examine such way. So, I was turning and turning slowly. Mistress asked questions and I answered not breaking off turning. It is not easy, but I could practice it.

My Owner made my crawl and I had to stand on all four between him and the Mistress. Probably, they were talking in IM, because they did not pronounce a single word. I was standing on all four silently for about fifteen minutes, when my Owner allowed me to go.

Later, I was alone, still naked and crawling. My Owner told me that he would call me if he would use me. I can imagine it is exciting to know that a slave always listen to his Owner and she great him as he become online. However, the Owner my not want to use the slave. It is exciting to greet a Master yet I feel a bit uncomfortable. I am only a slave in SL, I do not have any other aims in SL. My Owners has aims, job, friends. When I greet my Owner or former Owner then I always have a feeling that I disturb him. Sometimes, I would like to talk to him, but, I am afraid of disturbing.

Do not be sorry about me. That way I chose in SL. I whisper you a secret, the hardest part of the servitude is its end, the faiwell. I am not talking about the Owners who disappeared after a day or two, but the others who used me and cared of me.

Virtual Host

Sir Bela asked for my help. You probably remember I worked as a model for you. Now, he wanted me to be a model again. But, that time, the work differed from an usual model job. He wanted a virtual host for his shop. So, he took full figured photos of me. Virtual host? I did not understand exactly his plan. I look forward to see how my virtual copy will work.


Free Time

I did not meet my Owner today, so I have free time.

My collar worked properly and I realized that I was crawling. I did not know how it happened. Crawling almost naked is very humiliating. I was almost naked as my Owner wanted me to wear a sexy clothes and he chose a clothes with a bra just covering my nipples.

I visited some interesting places waiting for my Owner and then I went to sleep.


Collar Out Of Order

I met Sir Sleight's bride. I mean we did not meet but we talked via IM. She is very lovely girl. I understand why Sir Sleight loves her.

We were talking when my Owner became online. I had to finish the conversation and greet my Owner. He marveled how fast I was. He sent me an IM and we met in a huge building built for watersport lovers. He closed me in a special cage when a pipe was inserted in my bottom and I had to keep the other pipe in my mouth. He stood in front of me then he peed in the pipe and he enjoyed as I drank his warm pee.

After it, he made me kneel in a rug and I received an enema. I had never received it before. It was interesting but a bit strange.

He decided to sell me as an escort. You know how I hate it, but there was nothing to do. He took me to Amsterdam and go to have dinner. I could not find a client.

He leashed me everywhere, even during our teleport traveling. It sometimes disturbed me, as I could see the leash going through doors and wall, when I was in a cage. He treats me as a real slave. I never know what we will do in the next moment. He talks to me OOC similar way. It is exciting, but there is no such relationship between us as it was with other Owners. I do not judge him. Of course, he can do what he wishes as a Master. It is only my feeling.

I love to be leaded by my leash. Sir Bela liked it, too. However, before teleporting, and when I was in a cage, he always unleashed me. I did not understand why he unleashed me before tp. Today, I realized the reason. As I said, my Owner treated me like subject and when he sent me a tp, he never waited for me in a place. He started to move and I searched for him. After a tp, I did not see myself; I could see only the floor. I was unable to move. I did not understand what happened. Later, I realized that my leash lifted me in air as my Owner was on the floor above me. He could not see me and I could not see him. Besides the leash, he forced me to kneel with help of the collar. I suppose I was kneeling right under the ceiling.

He went to the other location and I followed him with teleport. I could see only the floor again. I told him about my theory. Some seconds later, he sent me a tp again and I found myself in a Japanese torture chamber. It was interesting and frightening at the same time. There were very strange torture devices around me. I was unleashed and I can stand instead of kneeling.

He bound me to a device and tortured my nipples very hard. I was crying in pain, but he left me there for a while.

When he returned, he released me. I took a deep breath, but then he leaded me to other device and bind me in a very comfortable position. It was very tough, worse that the usual torture devices.

Before he let me go, he ordered me to kneel. But, I could not do it. The collar did not work. Punctually, it worked except the animations. I wanted to reset the collar but he did not allow doing it. So, be careful with leash during teleporting, it can make you or your sub's collar surprise.


Cleaning The Floor

Once, I found a human dart table in a shop. I was alone and I could not try it then. I had an idea to find this shop again. Of course, I did not have a landmark. I remembered only that it was in a cage related shop. I was traveling from a shop to a shop.

My Owner became online and I greeted him immediately. I did it right as he measured the time elapsed between his logging in and my greeting. He asked me where I was. I answered and I told that he could check my position on the map. I always make myself visible on the map for my Owner.

Suddenly, I realized that my Owner stood near me. I forgot it at all. If I am visible on the map, then there is a possibility to tp to me. He asked me what bondage items I have. I mentioned a pony gear among the other stuffs.

My Owner disappeared and called me to the other place. A moment later, I found myself in the Heaven & Hell. He bound me to a device. My body was stretched and he connected wires to my pussy. Suddenly, I felt pain in my pussy and even in my stomach as the electricity ran through my body. I screamed loudly.

My Owner enjoyed my suffering for some minutes then he lead me to the tube. There was a chair in the middle of the tube. I was ordered to bind myself to this chair. When I was ready, a glass wall lifted and closed me inside the tub. I heard hissing sound and the water started to flow in the tub. It was very cold. It burned my soft skin. The level of water lifted, it reached my hot pussy and I started to move on the chair wide. Then the cold water covered my sensitive nipples, then my chin. I was very cold. My body shook when I took deep breath. I was frightened and prepared myself to be covered with water, but the level started to decrease. My Owner decided that I suffered enough. He pushed the button to open the cage, but it required time to the glass to descend. He left me while I was in the tube.

He told that he wanted to expose me in a certain place. This place was a bondage farm. He went to have dinner and I was standing there wearing only a leather harness. The dinner lasted about for half an hour. When my Owner returned, his first question was if somebody tried to contact to me. I thought he was disappointed when he got to know that nobody wanted me there.

We went to a pony place. I did not know this place. It was poorly equipped. I had to put on the pony gear and my Owner attached me to a pony walk pole. He seemed not to enjoy it, so he untied me soon.

My Owner disappeared without a word and called me. I arrived to a familiar house. It was a favorite place of one of my former Owners. He closed me to a cell in the basement of the house and peed on my face. I had to swallow the warm and bitter liquor.

My next task was cleaning the floor with a toothbrush. I was cleaning it for some minutes. He left me and when he returned, he released me to sleep.

All this happened to me during about two hours.

An Escort Girl?

Yesterday, I received an IM from a person, whose profile says that he was a Gorean Master. I had an Owner so there was nothing to do. However, I promised him that I would IM him when I would be free.

I was happy, because Sir Sleight wanted me to go to a Gorean city with him as his kajira. I have been studying Gorean rules. I have many notecards describing Gorean life and rules. Unfortunately, they contain conflicts. I thought that serving a Gorean Master would be very useful.

This person IMed me today, too. I explained that I was not allowed to talk with other Masters and I would search for him in a week.

He answered at once. He called me an escort girl. Everybody who reads this blog knows that I would not like to be an escort. Escort works for money. I never asked for money. Yes, I admit that I received it. I admit that I was happy, because I, like every woman, love shopping. I also try to give back something for money. I bought different presents or gifts for my friends. They know that most part of the money I gave back in form of present.

My last gift was a bow. It was a non-transferable weapon. I spent more than two hours waiting for the shop owner and talking with her about the transfer of the bow. What do you think which escort would do similar?

I offer a week of servitude, not an hour of it, as escorts do. In fact, I do not want to serve short time.

Then he called me a liar. I never lied and I never will lie.

My Owner became online. I promised that I would search for him when I would be free. At this moment, I addressed him “Sir”. His answer was “and a true slave knows gor and it's Master not Sir”. I never said that I was a kajira. I am learning, now, but I am far from it. However, I read in of of the notes that the Gorean Master knows her slave's mind and body. Is not it mean that a person who calls himself a Gorean Master reads at least my profile?

I also read that a kajira must obey her Master with the highest priority and others respect it. Does not it mean that the real Gorean Master accepts if the kajira does not speak with him if her Master ordered it? These were written in Gorean notes yet I do not question if this person is a Gorean Master.

He continued hurting me “so your just a sub playing housemate”. I do not know why he did it. What was his aim? Just to humiliate me in OOC? I removed him from my friend list. He answered immediately “damn the cunt beat me to delete her ass”. These are the words of a real Gorean warrior.

Why do I share it with you? I indeed do not know why he acted such way. Was it my fault? What did I do wrong? What did he want to gain? Please, help me!


Bimbo Pig

I am ashamed. I was very silly; I could not notify the name of my Owner. It made me trouble, because the Owner whom I had offered my servitude IMed me. About ten minutes ago, I sent an IM to a person about who I thought that he would be my Owner. I felt very bad. I should not make such huge mistake again.

My Owner wanted me to find a good BDSM place. I was still frozen because of my mistake. I recommended Heaven and Hell, first. You can find what you search for there as they have different dungeons for different taste. He did not like it. The next place I remembered was Mystical Bondage. I had liked that place until I met two bitches there. But, my Owner liked the idea to go there. I was afraid to meet two hateful girls during my servitude. Fortunately, I forget about them later.

First, I would like to tell the rules I have to keep.

  • I cannot speak to others when he is online without his permission.
  • I am not allowed to speak other Masters at all.
  • My Owner gave me permission to talk to my friends if he offline.
  • I can do whatever I want when he is offline.
  • I am not allowed to have sex with others at all.

These are the rules. As you can see, I have speech restriction. So, please, do not be angry with me if I do not answer to you during this week. In fact, my servitude lasts for nine days, as I offered two extra days because of mixing names.

Now, let us return to my servitude. We met in Mysterious Bondage. He ordered me to undress. I cannot keep even my shoes. My owner forced me to crawl to the bondage bed. There was nobody around, so, it was not difficult to crawl naked.

I had to lie on this bed and give him oral pleasure. I did not know if he enjoyed it. I did my best. Then he ordered me to stand up and he asked me questions. The goal of this question was to show me my place. First of all, I had to repeat the next sentence: “I am a good for nothing bimbo pig”. I had to express that aim of my existence is to serve him and to be used by him. Questions were not easy to answer.

Then he attached the leash to my collar and leaded me to a cage. He closed me and left me there during his dinner. It took thirty minutes. My Owner did not warn me that I had to be in mouselook in the cage. I realized that the cage inform everybody about my cheating. Of course, when I realized I switched mouselook on immediately.

Next device we tried was a waterwheel. I always liked the waterwheel. I felt the cold water on my hot body as the wheel was turning slowly.

My Owner untied me and I stood naked before him. He did not informe me about his rules, till now. But, a man stood near us and talked to my Owner. He sent me an IM immediately. He forbade me to answer. After this happened, I asked about his rules.

He leaded me to a very strange looking device and he bound me to the cross, placed in the middle of this device. Then he using the buttons of this device rules metal rods deep into my pussy and tight bottom. I screamed and he loved it.

My Owner ordered me to wear lather harness and transparent clothes on them. It took some time until I found. He ordered me to wear this outfit until our next meeting. Of course, I had to be barefoot. It sounds exciting, does not it?


Escape From The Space Station

I was hiding behind the box. I was waiting there until the corridor became empty, then I left for the higher level. I wanted to find a medical scanner where the doctor inserted into my body the slave chip. I did not know how much time I had. Maybe the Doctor was notified about my attempt to escape.

I had to move quickly and carefully. I examined all corridors and all rooms in front of me. I was afraid that the Doctor would catch me. I was sure that she would kill me at once. When I met people, I walked quietly but my eyes were listening to every motion.

I reached the scanner. Fortunately, there was nobody there. I started to examine its control panel. It took time to understand working principles and set up operations. I hoped that I did everything correctly and the scanner device would remove the chip from my body automatically. There was nothing to do just step in the scanner. The doors closed behind me and metal arms put me in the necessary position.

The device informed that I would be in stasis for about two minutes. I was frightened. During the stasis, I would be unable to move, I would not even know if somebody would come to me. There was no way to return the scanner executed the program.

I lost senses and when I awoke, the doors were still closed. I did not know what happened. Maybe somebody realized my attempt. My heart was beating in my throat. Then the doors opened without any sign.

I stepped out from the scanner. I was in fear as I turned to the console to check what happened. Warm green letters said that my slave chip was removed successfully. I put on my clothes and thought of the next step.

The Doctor leaded me to the Bridge when she took me to the doomed ship. I hoped that I could sneak in the board of a ship. But, the Bridge located on the other end of the station. It took about ten minutes to go to the Bridge. I tried to be quiet while I was walking towards the target. I went slowly and avoided the crowds.

I was almost there when I heard the Doctor's voice. She stood with three persons almost in the center of the Bridge. I did not know what to do. Freedom was so close to me. Freedom or death...

I calmed down and planned my movement. I realized a stair, which leaded to the teleport consoles. The stair bent, so I had chance to sneak unnoticed. I took deep breath and made a move. I moved very slowly keeping as low as I could.

I did it. I squatted in front of the console and I found the right teleport target. It was a ship transporting workers from different planets. Nobody would notice me, because they did not know each other well.

I was sitting in front of a large window and I blamed the stars in the deep space. Soon, I heard that the engines started to work. A moment later, the space station disappeared and my mind smiled.


Escape From The Cell

I awoke in the isolation cell. The force field was switch on, so I could not move out. I decided to wait for the Doctor, here, closed in the cell. My decision was based on the Doctor's appeal to the stranger. Do you remember she asked him to close me in this cell? She did not order me to wait here, however I thought she would enjoy to have me closed. I always make visible my position on my map for the Owner during my servitude. She could easily check where I was.

I heard the Doctor voice. She was sometimes far from me then she came close. In fact I could not see her I just could hear her voice. She was talking about her new shield. She said it was the latest model.

A heavy armored man asked me why I was in the cell. I explained that I was a slave and I was ordered to wait there. He hated slavery and offered to help me. I refused his offer. I did not want to make him trouble.

I spent almost two hours in the cage. During waiting, I heard that the Doctor was busy with other victim. She enslaved the same way as she had enslaved me. When she placed the slave chip and let the girl come out of the scanner, she ordered people to leave that level.

The sent away people came to the isolation level and grouped in front of my cell. They did not like the Doctor at this moment. When I told them that the Doctor closed me and she ordered me to wait here then one of them switched off the energy field. I went out smiling, close to the door. Then I started to run. They chased me, but I was skillful. I hid in one of the dark corridor behind the huge box.



The Doctor was online, so I went to the space station. While I was waiting, I was walking and I tried to memorize the corridors and rooms there. When I am there, then I always switch on my slave tag. There was a small crowd in the reactor. There are indeed many people in this space station. I do not have experience with this kind of role-play and I am not familiar with other such places. I have seen so many people in one place only in some of Gorean villages.

I received an IM from a person standing there. He noticed my tag and wanted to have me. You know that I am not a slut or an escort. I believe that BDSM is more than just a sex. The Doctor did not tell me how to behave when she would not with me. Once, she mentioned that I became a property of the station. She did not explain what it meant. I supposed she would have liked to give me strangers.

I informed this man about my status in the station. I suggested him to contact with the Doctor. In some minutes, the Doctor ordered me to send a tp for her. They had a very interesting and exciting conversation. The Doctor offered her food, fuel and place for relax. She offered any other possibilities needed to spend time well. The stranger asked various supplies. The doctor seemed to be careworn sometimes. When she understood that the stranger wanted me. She gave me to him easier. I meant nothing for her, just like a slave. She only asked him to close me in a cell on the isolation level after he finished.

He leaded me to the end of a dark corridor, where he ordered me to undress. Then he made me in different ways.

Of course, I was asking him for help. I almost persuaded him. I made him believe how I love him. It was not very difficult as the stranger was very cute and kind.

There are two cells on the isolation level and one of them was engaged. I was closed in the second one. I was waiting there for about twenty minutes before I fell asleep.

MSA Auction

I was learning about Gorean lifestyle. I read only first book and I have no idea how much time would be required to read all Gor books. Fortunately, I found nice notes with the most important information. One of the notes describes how to serve. It is important to understand that kajira is not a slave and the BDSM servitude differs from Gorean servitude. In Gor, the torture is not a need; the process of submission and the servitude are accentuated.

I have a note consisting of three pages, which describe the process of serving a drink to the Master. Kajira shows her motion in a very detailed way. The notes also give examples. I admit all notes are written and edited very well. I like to read them, however they give so much information that can make a headache for a future kajira easily.

So, I read examples of servitude a drink. It was interesting, but... I usually emote with only once sentence or two small sentences. In this example one motion described with dozen of sentences. I know that some people like to emote using long sentences at once. I met such people today, later, too. I do not want to judge and I do not want to say what kind of emote is right. I suppose there is no good and bad emote.

However, it demands much time to read long emotes. Maybe it is because my mother language is not English. I like the real interaction in role-playing. If reading and answering takes for about two minutes then I start to listen to sentences not to my role. Of course, it is only my opinion.

When the Doctor became online, I went to the space station immediately. She did not call me, so I was roaming and I tried to get to know the rooms and corridors of the station. My title said “Space Freight” which informed everybody about my status. I met a girl; at least I thought she was a woman. She said that her ship had just docked. She wanted me, as she thought I was a slut. I informed her that I was an object in the Doctor's experiments.

She promised to take me away from the station if I give you sexual pleasure. I agreed. I got to know only after it, that she is an alien, too, with a huge metal like phallus. I fell into a swoon after making love. While I was senseless, the alien went away. There was no escape for me.

Later, I went to the auction at MSA. When they organized the first auction in the year, the region was full and I was unable to go there. So, I arrived about thirty minutes earlier. But, many people thought similar; I found there nice crowd. I searched for Sir Sleight knowing that he searches slaves. He was offline.

According to MSA group notes there should have been five slaves there. Only two of them arrived. I mentioned that slaves must have paid deposit. It seemed one hundred lindens are not much for some slaves.

I got some offers in IM to be a slave. You know that I am a slave in a space station, now. After escaping from the station, an Owner waits for me. Then, I will spend a week in a Gorean city. I know it is not easy to send an IM. I am thankful everybody who did it. It is one of the reason why I hate to refuse. I decided to change my profile and add a sentence that I was busy. I did so, but it did not prevent receiving IM offers. What else can I do? In the other hand, I do not want to cover that I am a bit afraid. Owners, who wait for my servitude, usually forget me. I hope it will happen differently in this case.

The starting bid was fifty lindens. The first girl was sold for 2000 lindens. The second one was very beautiful. Somebody bought for 7000 lindens after a hard fight. It was strange that the girls did not emote at all during the auction. Maybe they were well-known girls who participated many times in MSA auctions and the bidders knew them.


Personal Guinea Pig

The Doctor leaded me to the Bridge, because she wanted to take me to the ship that had just docked. We went through the airlock to the ship. It was completely empty. I did not know what we searched for, but the Doctor was going carefully which made me nervous. Where was the crew of this ship? There should be at least two persons in a ship having such sizes all the time. I could not see anybody yet I heard some strange sound from the far corner of the ship.

The Doctor went straight towards the source of the sound. I had to follow her. At the end, she stopped in front of a cupboard. She ordered me to undress everything but shoes. I obeyed as slowly as I could. Then, she said me to lay down so she could insert drones into me. I trembled. I did not know what the drone was; I just understood that something disgusting thing would go into me. My heart beat in my throat. The Doctor explained me that the drone was a scanner in form of a small metal spider. She would put one into my pussy and the other one into my bottom. They would transmit what would happen inside me. I protested and suddenly, the darkness covered me...

When came to my senses, I realized that I was lying on the cold floor. My pussy and bottom burnt; I knew that drones were inside me. I abominated having these artificial devices in my body so much that I forgot to ask their purpose.

The Doctor was fully aware of my status and she used it. She ordered me to touch the door of the cupboard loudly. I obeyed without knowing what I did. In the next moment, arms of the monster grabbed me and held tight. Arms circled my fragile body making to breath hard. A glutinous feeler touched the sensitive skin of my inner thighs. It grew and moved toward my tight pussy stretching me hard. I screamed loudly. It was the only thing what I could do. My body shook in the captivity of the strong arms.

I do not remember how much time I spent as a lover of the brutal alien. I just remember that I fell on the floor and I saw the Doctor holding an injection when I looked up at her. My breath was short and my stomach waves.

The Doctor leaded me to the strange scanner. She explained that I had to go in the scanner because she wanted to collect semen of the beast from my body. I had no force to protest. I had to lift my hands inside the scanner. As I obeyed, I suddenly felt that metal cuffs grabbed my hands and started to move my body up and down. The Doctor presses a button and a liquid flowed in the scanner. She warned me not to drink the liquid.

When the scanner was full of liquid a metal rode went in my pussy. It went so deep that I almost cried out. I remembered not to drink liquid so I bit my lips hard. I suffered very much as the hard metal reached my womb. The Doctor said that it was over and pressed a button and ... nothing happened. She was working to make the liquid flowing out of the scanner. I blew out all air from my lungs when I realized that the level of the liquid decreasing slowly. I was coughing and the Doctor allowed me to sit down and relax before taking drones out of me.

Then we returned to the space station where the Doctor gave me an injection to prevent my pregnancy. I almost calmed down when she said that one of the drones injured and part of its leg was still inside my body. It was very painful when she removed it from my pussy.


Return To The Space Station

Gen IMed me. It seemed that her Mistress increased her restriction. She could send me IMs earlier. Now, I got a message informing me about her attempt to communicate. Of course, she could not read my message. We sent each other note cards. Fortunately, this way of communication worked well.

I found a nice hairstyle and I could not rule myself. I felt I had to buy it. What is your opinion?

The doctor from the space station IMed me. I was excited. She said that she was busy answering her friends. I was waiting for her call patiently. I decided to go to look pictures in shops while I was waiting. I must admit that I was very bad girl. I went to the other shop and bought one more hair. I spent almost all of my money. I am ashamed!

The Doctor did not call me and I was worried. She did not tell me how to behave. I was not sure what to do. Then I remembered her words “You are a slave of the station”. Hmm. I thought that If I was a slave of the station then I must have gone there. I left for the space station immediately.

She was there and she asked me where I was as she was waiting for me. Next time, I will go to the station and I will wait there.

You could read my first adventure in the future. I wrote related posts in an unusual style. I do not know if anybody liked it. Now, I am hesitating. Maybe the story was long and boring. It is why I tell my new adventure on the space station in my usual style.

The Doctor was talking with somebody about me. I could not see this person as he stood behind me. I would have wanted to turn my head and look at this person, but I was afraid of punishment. The Doctor offered this person to use my body for sexual purpose. It seemed that this person was waiting for me or maybe for other victim.

Suddenly, he walked out behind my back and I could see him. I was freezing for a second. This person was not a human. He looked like a devil with his red skin and horns. He was almost twice taller me.

I begged to the Doctor for mercy. I was sure that he would kill me with his huge phallus. The Doctor did not to hear my begging. She ordered me to put on cuffs on my wrists and ankles. I obeyed but I was begging all the time.

When I was ready and felt squeeze of the cuffs on my body, I looked at her with fear in my eyes. She told me to go to the huge metal cross standing in the corner of the room. I hesitated. The Doctor took out the remote control device. She did not push the button because the red devil took me and carried to the cross. They fixed me to it and I was unable to move. The chains held me tight.

Then the huge alien tore all my clothes and fondled my breasts with her massive arms. I felt as his sharp claws ran over my sensitive skin. He used both my tight holes for about twenty minutes. He was as brutal so the Doctor asked him not to kill me. When he finished, his cum covered my naked body and blood flowed from my suffered pussy.

The Doctor placed me to the medical scanner and checked my injuries. After checking, she washed out cum of the devil from my body. I felt a bit better, but I still had pain even in my stomach. She placed me to a tube and she filled it with a special liquid. I was frightened when the liquid cover my head and I had no way to escape. She signs me to breathe as this special liquid allowed it. It was so hard to obey. I knew that she wanted to cure me, but to start to breathe liquid instead of air is not easy.

Pain decreased in my body soon. I felt better when the Doctor opened the door of the tube. A scientist was blaming at me while I was in the tube. He asked what happened to me and he marveled that the devil hurt me. He was sure that this race spurted out some liquid into my pussy during making love. This liquid affected on my pussy and enlarged it. I did not feel it; I felt only pain.

The Doctor went away and left me alone with the scientist, who showed me the station. He was very kind and he did not want to hurt me at all. It was the first time I had seen the entire station.


Meeting Gen's Mistress

Before telling what happened to me today, I would like to show you some pictures related to my adventures in space. During the scene, I usually do not take photos because I am not sure if I may show my Owners in public. I went back to the space station and took photos.

Do you remember breeder? Here it is. Is not it disgusting?

The Doctor closed me in the cell at the end of the scene. As you can see this cell indeed reflects the building style of the future.

I wrote very much about my adventures in the future. I enjoyed it, that's true. However, I enjoyed all my servitudes. Please, do not think that it was my favorite. I liked to serve all my Owners and I am thankful them because of the possibilities.

I was thinking to write about my fantasies and about my favorite actions during servitudes. I decided not to do that. I do not want to affect on my future Owner. Nevertheless, I can tell you that I enjoyed everything what my Owner want me to do or Owner does with me. I admit that if the Owner's idea is unique then I enjoy more. ;)

So, what happened to me today?

Gen IMed me. She was still under restriction. She could send me IMs, but she was unable to read my answer. Her RR tool sends notification about my IMs, bit it does not show it for her. She asked me to send tp and we met such way. I could see the earplugs in her ears. I removed it and we started the conversation. She is still happy with her Mistress. She lives according to very strict rules. She cannot communicate people but her Mistress. She cannot accept tp. She is not allowed to go shopping. These rules are valid even if her Mistress is offline. She knows...

Once, a woman appeared near to me. She wore latex suit like Gen. The only difference was in colors and Gen's suit was cut at her nipples and pussy. I wondered who she was when Gen introduced her to me as her Mistress. Gen's Mistress upbraided her because of some collar scripts. I did not understand well. Gen asked for permission to stay with me if her Mistress would go offline. It seemed that she did not want to give this permission.

I had to leave them as I had a scheduled class about Gorean lifestyle. The class was interesting. We were discussed Gorean books. Some part of the class was fuzzy for me, as I did not read all Gorean books. I read only the first one. However, in summary, I enjoyed it. I suggest you to participate in this class if you are interested in Gor and if you have free time.


Lost In Space III

A very strange and frightening device stood in the middle of the small room. There were metal fixing belt above a shiny metal cone. Above this basement, I could see a huge device with enormous arms. The Doctor pulled me to the device and put my body on it. The device detected my body and the belt closed my body suddenly. The device opened my legs wide. I cried out in pain.

The Doctor examined me and I saw her pale face when she whispered “Oh, Damn”. She talked to one of the visitors who stayed with us. She said that maybe the breeder put something inside of me.

I was very frightened. I hated that disgusting creature that almost cut my pussy. I did not want to image such beast inside of my body. I was desperate.

The Doctor approached with the huge hypo. I started to jump on the cone trying to escape. She was talking to me as she wanted me to calm down. She promised that after the injection I would feel better. She shot it in my vagina and I felt better immediately.

When the pain went away, I was afraid of my pregnancy. I could not describe how I felt. I shook on the cone. The last visitor fondled my pussy gently according to the Doctor's request. I calmed down a bit but I was asking for a pregnancy check.

The Doctor opened my cuffs and took me to the medical scanner. I feared so much that I did not remember the way there. I hurried as my suffered body allowed it. Fortunately, the scanner showed that the breeder did not put anything into me.

The Doctor let me out of the scanner and put me some clothes. I dressed silently. The visitor wanted to make love with me. The Doctor was so kind that she did not allow it. She knew how tired I was.

She leaded me to the lift and we went up (or down?) some levels. Then she pushed me into a cell and closed the laser door. I was very tired and fell asleep immediately.

Lost In Space II

When I came to my senses, I was very cold. I stood up once more again. I looked at the Doctor with my tearful eyes. I did not want to feel the pain again. My legs trembled and they hardly hold my suffered body.

As my last attempt, I started to approach the soldier carefully, moving slowly. He recognized my hidden aim and pushed me back brutally. I smiled at her and asked if he was afraid of a weak and naked girl. I dropped my sexiest gaze at him every time when I had an opportunity. I ignored the doctor. It was risky; I did not predict the Doctor's reaction. She was silent. After about twenty minute, the soldier believed that I indeed liked him.

That time Doctor decided to punish me because of my behavior. She said that I was a liar and I still wanted to escape. She almost pushed the button, when the soldier checked me with a hand scanner and proved that I did not lie. At this moment, I did not think of escape. I just wanted to avoid additional punishments. Doctor nodded and gave me some clothes.

I did not mention about the android. A sexy girl was standing at the Doctor's side. She was lovely not counting the strange device which covered her eyes. Doctor and the soldier were talking about two slaves all the time. I knew that I was one of them and I decided that this girl was the other slave. I was not wrong.

Once, this girl fell on the floor. I thought that the Doctor punishes her, too. Doctor leaned her and opened her neck. First, I did not know what was happening. I had never met an android before. Doctor changed something and the android stood up.

The Doctor gave my remote control device to the soldier. After some seconds, I heard distress signal and the soldier had to run away. I had new opportunity to escape. I was hesitating. Then the “lovely” android moved to the Doctor and gave her a new remote control. I would have killer her!

We were waiting for the soldier's return. He arrived and the Doctor ordered me to follow her and she asked others to follow, too. She was talking some kind of experiment or so. I did not understand well and I decided that she wanted to show me around in the space station.

She was in hurry and I had to run if I did not want to miss the way. We were going in the corridors made of some kind of dark green metal. There were no windows; only pale lights fought against the cold darkness.

We arrived to the huge room. Its floor was deep under our feet. I supposed, as I could not see the floor because the room was full of strange plants and climbers. I asked the Doctor about these strange creatures. She answered smiling at me. They were called breeders. The special thing about them was that they could reproduce with any other creature. The Doctor studied the breeders, recently.

She asked me to undress. It was warm in the room however, I was afraid. I did not know what would happen to me. The Doctor promised me not to hurt me. I undressed and felt uncomfortable as the crowd around blamed at me directly.

I could keep my shoes. I was thankful for this because we descended and we walked on the slippery floor among the disgusting breeders. I was naked and I moved very carefully. I did not want to touch these creatures. I thought that they are plants. I was unsure now looking at them from close distant. They looked liked plants but they moved there branches or arms. I was frightened so much that I forgot to ask it. I knew that I did not want to touch them.

The Doctor ordered me to lean. I did it and looked this creature close. It moved like an animal. As I went closer, a new arm appeared. Its color was as the color of fresh meat.

Somebody pushed me and I would have fallen but the breeder caught me. It stretched my body and spread my legs. I was shocked. I felt that somebody went in my pussy. It hurt so much. I started begging. The Doctor did not listen to me. She explained about some kind of “direct fertilization” for the crowd.

I was screaming, I was crying in pain. I felt as the blood flowed on my thighs. The Doctor was afraid of hurting the breeder with my shoes. She was afraid of this beast not me!

She realized that there was a problem with the behavior of the breeder. She commanded to soldier to escape me. I did not remember how long it lasted. When I got out from the arms of the breeder, the Doctor shouted us to leave as quickly as we could. We were running on corridors and climbing on ladders. I had no force and I felt much pain in my lower body. But, I was running fast; I was very frightened. The soldier showed me the way and took care of me during our escape.

We reached a small room where I felt safety. I was very tired and fell on the floor.

Lost In Space I

I wanted to travel to my fiancé, Stek Spad. He works on Sirius 3 and we planned to marry there and then live on this space station. I remember our space ship. It was so huge covered by glittering metal. My heart started to beat quicker when the lift moves up to the living part of the ship. It was the first time I had traveled to the other solar system and the enormous space ship filled my mind with fear.

Door of the lifts opened and I went in the hibernating room. The attendants leaded me to my capsule and asked me to undress. I had shy nature so I was hesitating. The other travelers took of their clothes bored. I never undressed in public before. I thought how I loved Stek and maybe he did not deserve me as I was good. Then I undressed quickly. I covered my pussy and breasts with my hand as I lied down in the capsule. The nice and warm plastic cover inside fondles my skin pleasantly. I heard hiss and my body became heavy. I closed my eyes...

Sharp light bothered my eyes. I was cold. I had no idea where I was. As I opened my eyes, I remembered the space ship and my fiancé. I blinked in order to accustom my eyes to the hard light. Soon, I could see and I was confused. My capsule stood in a dark room before the lamp. This room did not resemble me the blazing hibernating room.

Two persons stood in front of me. One of them was a pretty and nice dressed woman. The other guy wore heavy armor and dangerous looking gun. He was aiming at me. I came out of the capsule and my barefoot legs touched the cold metal floor.

The woman ordered me to follow her without greeting. Of course, I did not follow her. I asked questions instead. I wanted to know where I was, where my fiancé was and why this military looking guy was aiming at me with his gun.

I got answers. I was on Sirius 3. Stek was waiting for me in the station. In addition, the gun needed because of security. She was so strange. I did not believe her but I had nothing to do but follow her.

We went along a dark metal corridor and we arrived a room, which seemed to be some kind of ganglion. There was a metal-glass capsule at the corner. I am not a doctor yet I knew that it was a special medical scanner. She leaded me to the scanner and ordered me to get in. I refused. I wanted clear answers. When I started to demand my clothes, she tried to calm me down. I shook standing naked in a cold room. The darkness increased the feeling cold. I hated the crowed gathered around me. I wanted to run away but suddenly strong arms pushed me from behind toward the scanner. I hit my head on the blunt wall of the scanner. I shouted and turned around to see this unkind person. At this moment, the doors of the scanner closed and the green blaze lighted my naked body. I was unable to move. I moan silently when I felt the cold metal touches my thighs and moved toward my pussy. I gathered all my force and tried to move. I wanted avoid the lifting metal rod. I was unable to move and the cold rod went deep inside me stretching my pussy painfully.

Sharp pain runs through my body from my head. Warm blood flowed on my neck. I shouted again. I knew they were putting something into my head. I could not hear my own voice. I was unable to move. I could not even close my eyes so I saw the crowed blaming at me and discussing something.

I do not remember how much time I was in the scanner. When the door opened, I fell on the floor. I stood up as quick as I could and wanted to run away. I could not make a step. The nice looking girl stood in front of me.

She explained me what happened. I was listening to her frozen, but at this time, I was frozen not because of the cold floor. She introduced herself as a doctor of this space station who had some experimental project. I became a slave, the property of this space station. She would use me as a subject of her experiments. She told that there was an implant in my head and she could stop my body function except breathing or she could cause me pain if my attitude would have been bad.

I decided that she was mad. How did I become a slave? I was free. I wanted to run away. I almost passed her when darkness covered me. The next moment I remembered was that I was lying on the floor at the Doctor's feet. She hold a remote control device and smiled at me. I understood that she used my brain implant. I was ordered to stand up. I felt tired and moved slowly. Suddenly, I heard my voice. An awful scream left my mouth and felt the burning pain in my whole body. I felt back to my knees. The doctor sent me pain via my implant.

When I was able to stand up, I attacked her without delay. I could not reach her; I fell on the floor senselessly. I woke up feeling the same awful pain. I could not see anything as my eyes were filled with tears. Soon, the pain left my body. I felt empty and tired. I knew I had only one chance to attack the security guy, grab a gun from him and shoot the Doctor as quick as I could.

I jumped but I had no chance against the trained soldier. He caught me and pushed towards cruelly. Doctor smiled and pushed the button on the remote device. I felt the pain and cried. My body twitched. I could not hear anything but my scream.

Then the pain left my body again. One man from the crowd decided to protect me. I begged him for help when the darkness covered me again. I shook while I stood up. I looked around hopefully but I saw my protector's dead body on the floor. I knew I was lost.


When I woke up a message waited for me from one of my former Mistress. She was the one who took me after the unsuccessful auction. She asked me to contact her.

Sir Sleight also greeted me. He offered me to work for him as a manager. I was happy knowing that he trusted in me. However, my kinky mind does not allow me to be a good manager. I know how important his plans are for him. I did not want to be a girl who broke his plans. I like him more. From the other hand, I am eager for being a slave. You know I hate to refuse. He knows me, too. I am sure he knows about the fight in my mind and he accepted that I could not help him. Sir Sleigh, I wish your plans to be successful!

After this discussion, I IMed my former Mistress. She asked me if I was free. She sent me tp, as she got my answer. We had very interesting time together. I am going to write about that in my next blog report, as this adventure was very unusual.

I got an offer from a man who searched for a slave. He asked me about my price. He wanted me to serve him when he got to know that my services were free. However, I was with my Mistress at this time. It is why we decided to contact each other in a week. I am a bit afraid. My experience shows that if we delay the servitude then we will never meet.

When I started to play BDSM, I knew only about the traditional Master – slave (or Dominant – submissive) relationship. I had little information about Gorean role-play; however, it did not dominate in my mind. Recently, I was reading about Gor and I had to admit that it was interesting. May opinion is that humiliation is the most real in SL. I do not feel pain, however if I am excited I almost do it. When I am humiliated in SL then I feel same in RL, too. Is it complicated? Yes, it is. I do not know the reason why I feel so.

Today, I met new form of BDSM role-play. I had heard about so called mad scientist and I never knew what it meant. I never had fantasies about slavery in the future. If you can participate in BDSM relationship in other planet like Gor or if you can be a slave in our recent life then there is no reason why you can be a slave in the future. Am I right?

My former Mistress offered me to participate in a role-play happening in the future in one of the space stations. I realized it when I arrived and looked around. I saw modern furniture and people having futuristic outfit with strange devices. She was busy with one girl. I was waiting for about ten minutes. While I was waiting, I was thinking of if I really wanted it. Of course, I stayed and I enjoyed it very much. If you are interested in what happened to me then, please, read the next article.



I do not have an Owner, now. I have been busy with Gorean lifestyle, recently.

There were several slave auctions in this year. Sir Sleight participated in one of them. He said that the prices of slaves reached the sky. A permanent slave was sold for more than twenty thousand lindens. Other slave offering a week of servitude was sold for more then ten thousand lindens. Wow!

I wanted to go to the auction of MSA as a visitor. I could not go as the region was full. I tried to go there some times but the result was the same. I got to know later that only four slaves participated instead of eight girls. It is why MSA created a new rule for slave. All slaves must pay one hundred lindens deposit. It seems everybody wants a slave, now.

I got offers in IMs to be a slave. However, I could not accept them. Everybody looked for a permanent slave. A clever Mistress recommended to be her slave for a week and then for a new week, updating my slave status in every weeks. Is not it clever?

I do not have much experiment to be a slave. I know what I like and what I dislike. No, “dislike” is not the proper word. I know what turns me on less. It would be good to have more experiment. I hope a new Owner will find me before going in the Gorean city.

One of my former Owners said that I was not a true slave because I choose my Owner. It is true from a certain point of view. I am not a true slave; I would like to know how deep I could go in the cave of slavery. However, I refused only once. If you read my blog then you know how this happened. This person wanted only a sex doll, not a slave. It happened only once I have never refused other people.

It is true that after a week, I do not stay. Such limited servitude is not acceptable for many people. I understand their point.

So, I was alone and I found a builder class. I did not build anything. I had placed furnitures and moved them to the right place. I created walls, but that was all. Oh, I have almost forgotten. I participated in a jewel making classes one or two times. Sir Bela asked me to do so. I did what they said and created notes for Bela. I decided to go there and to learn. I thought such skill would be useful later.

We were building a house, a real one. I can say that it is very different from furnishing and creating walls. Our teacher was excellent. He gave advices and helped in case of necessity. I had no time to relax. I got IMs and I did not answer. Please, forgive me. I wanted to answer, but I crashed and lost all IMs. I crashed during the class and I did not realize it at once. Once more, I am sorry to all to whom I did not answer.

At the end of the class, I had a house. It is a bit ugly but I created it. I enjoyed this class very much.


Visiting Gorean Cities II

I visited House laomai. This is a Gorean city, too. This city was built to popularize Gorean lifestyle. There is no force collaring there. I do not know exactly what force collaring means. I suppose that it is if a girl is forced to be a slave. More important is that there are Gorean classes here. It sounds interesting, does not it?

The visitor tag is called “guest of House Laomai” here. I put this tag on and started my tour. They have wonderful market there. I found there very beautiful silks, however their price is also beautiful.

I look at nice buildings and walk in some of them. The warning message said not to brother residents and not to go in the private houses. Before going in a building, I always read tables with the name of this building.

The city is not located on an island. I got lost going to the other sim. I recommend you to check your position on the map carefully. I found the school, but, unfortunately, there were not any information tables.

While I was walking in the city, I realized that Gen was online. I IMed her and received an answer from her RR viewer. Gen is a clever girl. She sent me a notecard and explained that she was not allowed to talk. She promised to ask her Mistress to allow her to talk with me. It seems this is the weak point of the RR viewer. It can prohibit talking and listening to others but the locked slave is able to send and received objects.

I bought a very nice slave silk. I have some silks, but this is very nice and it lays on me nice. I think it is my favorite.

Visiting Gorean Cities I

Sir Sleight sent me an LM of his favorite Gorean city, which name is City of Rovere. I went there to look around. Sir Sleight still was there. He met me and showed the way to the entrance of the city. The rules of this city were similar to the rules of Midgaard. Sir Sleight was brave; he went in the city as a Gorean warrior. I wore an observer tag.

We went in the inn standing almost at the entrance. It was full of Gorean citizens. A beautiful slave offered her services to Sir Sleight. He ordered a tour. I supposed that she wanted something other fun, but she was very helpful. We walked around the entire city. She explained everything and answered all questions.

Once, I told something in public and the kajira warned me in IM. She did everything gracefully. She answered the questions of Sir Sleight in public and answered me in IMs. I knew that I would learn much to be as good as she was. At the end of the tour, she guided us back to the inn.

We were talking with Sir Sleight. He mentioned that he had a girlfriend, a wonderful woman. Sir Sleight said that he was very happy to meet this woman. He also said that he loved her. I was glad. Sir Sleight is a wonderful person and he is my friend. It is so good to know that he is happy. I bet this woman is the best in SL.


Gorean City

I was continued searching slave silks. I went a shop offering Gorean weapons. In fact, I wanted to find silk there, not a weapon. All weapons was created as a jewel. They looked very nice. However, I was sure that they are mortal thanks to the built-in script.

The shop was unique. I could not see the real weapons instead of the usual product boards. Guards stood at the entrance. For the first sight, they seemed to be avatars, but, as I went closer to them I realized that they are sculptures only.

I found an interesting and frightening sculpture there. Look at this sculpture.

It is the wildness of Gor what I am afraid. If you look at it carefully then you can realize that the dead body had belonged to a woman.

I decided that it was time to go to a Gorean city. I knew one city, The City of Midgaard. Do you remember my Black Hole Journey? I went to this city without delay.

When I arrived, I got a menu and I asked for the city rules. The citizens can be divided into three categories: warriors, free women and slaves. Warrior can be only men. Free women are next in the hierarchy. Slaves are mostly women but there can be a male slave, too. I heard of panthers, but, I did not know who they were.

If you go to the Gorean city you must wear a special attachment, which shows how much damage you got. This attachment shows if you die. You can go to the city wearing observer tag. It shows that you are not a citizen of any Gor city. If you wear this tag then you cannot participate in the life of the city. You can talk only through IMs.

I selected the observer tag and went to the gate of the city. Yes, it is easy to write. But, I felt very nervous. I did not know what waits for me behind the city walls. At the end, I did the last step and I found myself in the city.

It was unusual after dungeons and shopping centers. I could see nice houses and tidy streets... and crowed. It was very strange. The main square was full of citizens. I could not see an empty street. People walked everywhere.

I had imagined that slaves would sit in a place not moving. In fact, slaves knelt, talked and moved. Wow! Maybe the Gor is not as much as I imagined. I was walking high, on the city walls and I like what I saw. I will like Gorean life, at least I will like for a week.

Kajira Or Slave

I was alone and I decided to look through my silks. I have many silks, but I used them only twice. I gathered some of them on freebie places. I won some of them on lucky chairs. I got two as a gift in a shop and I received one as a gift from Sir Nabru. In fact, I did not wear most of them. It was the time to choose nice silks and sign them.

Sir Sleight IMed me. He was talking about Gor and gorean lifestyle. He seemed indeed interested in Gor. Do not you think it is interesting? I was looking through my slave silks and in the next moment, I was talking about Gor. The same happened some days ago with RR tools. Maybe, I have to buy a lottery.

Let me return to Sir Sleight and Gor. He told me that he had spent some days in Gorean sims and he liked it very much. Mysterious world of Gor touches people's heart. I found it interesting, too. I read the first book of Gor series. Before reading the book, I knew about the Gorean world something. I read some related websites on Internet and IRC. I built some society based on this information in my mind. I imagined slave girls who have only one aim. This aim is to serve, nothing more.

During reading and after finishing the book, this world in my fantasy changed. I admit I really enjoyed the book. It is really great. There are fights, wars, death and love in the planet of Gor. These were absent from my fantasy.

Sir Sleight offered me to be his slave in a Gorean sim for a week. I hesitated. I was a slave of Sir Sleight and I enjoyed it. I was afraid of the Gor.

I heard of Gorean sims. I heard of force collaring. I was afraid of being collared with force. Once, I go through the border of a Gorean city, I had to live according to rules of the city. Anybody can take me and I have no idea how to behave in such situation.

I told about my doubt to Sir Sleight. He seemed to be sure of himself. He said he was learning to fight with sword. Yes, I could try it.

I was going from one shop to other and I gathered all free silk. I found two dresses for Gorean Free Women. I liked them very much. They are designed better than many formal clothes. What do you think?

I liked the veil very much. I wanted to find a slave silk with veil, but I did not found. I hoped I would find a beautiful one.


Gen's Restraint

I was searching for an auction hall. First, I checked Nishi House. They will keep an auction soon. But, the auction will start at 4PM. It is too late for me. I found two more auction houses. One of them sells only slaves who belong to the auction house. The other auction house will start to operate on twelfth of January. I will go there to sell myself.

I was checking BDSM places in SL. I found a large BDSM chamber similar to Heaven & Hell. I was walking on its corridor and looking at the rooms when I realized that Gen is online. I IMed her. I had itching ears. I wanted to know how she had met her Mistress. Gen was with her friends, so I continued my tour on BDSM places.

Some minutes later, Gen asked me to send tp. We met and started the conversation with Babbler.

Do you remember that I changed Gen's profile? It helped her to find a Mistress. She wanted to continue her Black Hole Journey when she received an offer to be a slave.

She serves with other girl together . She is not allowed to talk or IM. She is not allowed to leave her Mistress' house. She had worn metal cuff set all the time. Now, she had a new set of cuffs. It was a gift from her Mistress. It was good to hear how glad she was.

I wrote about Real Restraint in my previous post. I did not know that Gen is applied with these tools. She had to install special SL viewer, a certain RR viewer. Besides that, she gave scripts for her cuffs. Her Mistress is able to control her full behavior. She showed me how it worked. She put earplugs in her ears. I could see these plugs. Once she put them on, she could not hear anybody. I sent her an IM and I got an answer from her RR viewer that she was not allowed to receive IMs. She tried to remove her plugs, but the RR system did not allowed to do it. It is a bit strange that I could remove her earplugs.

She said that she liked it very much. I believe it. However, my opinion about RR tools has not changed.


Restraint Or Obedience

Gen bought me a set of cuffs, which is able to control me in SL, some weeks ago. It works similar to collars. You can set an Owner and the Owner has right to control your action. The Owner can force you to sit, to knell or even to crawl. But, this set works in RL time. If the cuffs are locked for five hours then you will be locked for five hours in RL. It means that you can log off, but then timer stops and will continues to work again if you logged back. In summary, you will spend five hours in cuffs.

Last year, I heard of some Real Restraint tools, which limits the wearer's activities. These tools are able to lock slaves' communications with the others. Slave cannot speak and she can express her feeling only with short emotes. Long emotes are cut by the restraint tool.

I was so excited and I started to gather information about them. Yes, this is the feeling of the real slavery. But, is it true? I am unable to talk. It is OK. But, good slave will not talk if it is ordered. Am I right? Is not it better to obey and not to speak, if it was ordered? Is not the Owner of the slave happier, if the slave follows orders?

These are difficult questions. I sometimes enjoyed being controlled with the collar. I want to stand up and I was not able to. However, is it realistic? I always knelt if it was said to me. Moreover, I was happy to do it. I had to listen to me and follow the rules. It put more weight on my shoulders. But, following rules is the task of the slaves. I sometimes forgot the rules and I got my punishment. If some tools will guide me then I do not have to learn my Owner's rule. It is not necessary, as the tool helps me. The good slave knows her Owner's rules; she even knows Owner's desire.

Gen's New Mistress

I returned to my everyday SL life. I got an IM from an unknown girl. She was a new slave of Sir Sleight. He already sent me two girls. Both would have liked to be his slaves. Girls usually asked me to teach her how to be a good slave. I have been always frightened to hear it. I know that there are better slaves then me in SL. The problem usually is that these girls live in very different time zones and we can meet rarely.

The girl looked for me today was not a common slave type. She was in trouble with the names of her owner. I started to talk to her about my experience, but she was not interested in at all. She told that she would open a bikini shop. She wanted to get to know more about SL business. In fact, she wanted not slavery but money. I hate similar situations. She opened her mind for me. But, she was sent by Sir Sleight who was my former Owner and friend. Probably, he would want to know about it. I helped the girl as much as I could. I know good freebie places, which are full with quality goods. I also have a voucher for newbies using what newbies can get hair free. She wanted only items that are paid. It is strange, is not it?

Bit later, Sir Sleight IMed me. We had nice conversation about his plans and the questions of life. He asked me to inform him about my next auctions. He would want to buy me as he needed help to realize his plans. I would help him as a friend, but he wants to buy me.

It is very nice feeling when somebody wants you. However, I know that I am not so good. One of my former Owners directly said that I was bad slave, as I did not want to be a permanent one. He said that I would not be a good slave until I had a possibility of choice. I refused only one person who wanted to use me as a sex doll only. Do you remember? I mentioned him in this blog. In all other cases, I did not refuse anybody. It is true that after a week, I would like to find other Owner.

Gen became online and she was so excited. She has a Mistress, a new Mistress. She was collared on First of January. Good start of the year... Gen said that they mostly spoke with Babbler. I was very happy to hear it. Poor girl wanted a Mistress so much. From the other side, I was a bit unhappy. I knew that we would meet rarely. Maybe, we will forget each other after some months. Who knows?