Owned Again

I went to the Bondage Ranch. Maybe I mentioned this place earlier. It is very unusual place for the first sight. Visitor can see people standing mostly silently. I decided to stand among the others and wait. I did not have to wait much I got an IM.

The person, who sent me IM seemed to be familiar with me. After his first words, I remembered, we had met in a pony stable. We had talked some minutes while I was waiting for my Owner. Now, we met again. SL is so huge and there are so many people that the chance of such encounter is very low.

We were talking and I felt that he wanted me. He was timid a bit. I thought that as he did not have experience with slaves, he would treat me specially. I agreed to be his slave. At the end of our conversation, before going to a more peaceful place, I received an IM from another person. But, I was owned by that time.

We met in a park. We did not do much at this time. I set on my visibility on the map for him and I added him to my collar as a primary owner, then he had to leave. Before leaving, he said that he would call me and I was not allowed to brother.


Tower of Golden

I was searching for places related to submission. I found only a few places. The first on my list was Tower of Golden shower. I am not a golden shower fun, but, I decided to go. I was still interesting how I can handle orders given by a golden shower lover.

The Tower is huge and I arrived to the beginning of the stair. I was standing and looking around when I received an IM from a man. We talked a bit and I told about my limited period of slavery. It helped to finish our conversation.

As we finished talking, I received other IM, almost immediately. We were talking about BDSM and different needs. It was very exciting conversation. We were talking until his girlfriend arrived.

I was preparing to go to discover this place when the first guy returned. He seemed to be ready to take me. He ordered me to go up to the second floor. He told me to undress in IM standing in a corner and hiding from the eyes of others.

I received the next command through IM. I had to ask others to use me as a human toilet. I looked around and looked at the people in the room. Everybody wore some kind of clothes, at least a latex suit and everybody was busy. Some of them were playing and others was looking at the devices and tried to get to know how they worked. I felt very humiliated. I cannot describe how much. I like humiliation, but at that moment, I was afraid.

I took a deep breath and told what I was told to. My new Owner sent me an IM. I had to repeat my “offer” frequently and shouting. I did and I felt as my face became red. I felt very uncomfortable. I did not know why, but I understand it now. I liked to make public announcement. Sir Nabru had ordered me to do so. I had enjoyed it. It was because I knew that he would come to me or I knew that he was present. But now, my Owner was hiding in the corner and I looked like a pervert sex manic. I felt that my Owner would not come out of the corner and would not help me if it would be needed.

I repeated more than ten times that I would have liked to be used as a toilet. At the end, one girl stepped to me and offered her help. She communicated with me using IM messages, too. I was not only a slave, but I was some kind of post(wo)man who transferred messages between my Owner and my new partner.

She pissed on my face and then she left. She wanted me to help only, she felt compassion and it was the reason why he helped me. When she left, my Owner ordered me to offer myself again and again. I obeyed until everybody left the room and we stayed alone with my Owner.

Then he said that he would not use me for a week, as he did not have enough time to do that. So, we waved farewell.


Gorean Cities

I decided to visit some Gorean cities. I knew there were beautiful cities in SL, but, at this time, I wanted to find a city of European Gorean warriors. I found only one; its name is City Of Vectis.

I went to the city and I started to read the city rules first. While I was reading, a man wearing clothes of warriors came to me. He leaded a girl by her leash. He asked the usual questions “A weekly slave?”, “Why a week?”. My stomach is always jerking. I answered him coldly. At the end of our conversation, when he left me there, I know that I met a right person, who indeed was interested in me. I felt bad not only because of letting my possible Gorean Master to go. But, because I was impolite to a man, who did not deserve it.

I visited three more cities. First of them is Oasis of Nine Wells. This city has Gorean school for its citizens. I was reading about this school and I loved it more and more. The teachers give homework for slaves and after graduating, the slave – student receives a diploma.

The second city on my tour was called Tampico. Tampico was a very huge city; visitors must walk through a wood, among huge trees. I passed a small village and I arrived to the very beautiful city center. I saw the same picture, what I had seen in my fantasy reading the first book of Gor.

The last city, I visited today, was Daphnis. I did not walk in the city, as I did not find an observer tag. I would have wanted to go in, but I had done my mistake for today and I decided not to do the second one.

While I was walking in Gorean cities, I was looking at the people talking, walking and being happy. I felt alone. I felt cold in my mind.

I have been very sensitive recently. I think it is the time to make a short break.


Saying Goodbye

I met my Owner and discussed my slavery. We agreed not to continue, as our needs were very different.


Sex Doll Again

My Owner was online, when I arrived. He suddenly appeared behind me. He was so quick, I could not see all object, yet. That time, I did not know that it was the most exciting moment this day.

He wanted me to dress like a slut, but he refused most of such clothes of mine. I admit, I do not have many slutty clothes.

Then he took me to a public dungeon and fucked my breasts. We were talking in IM. Of course, nobody was interested in us. It was a reason why he took me to the other place. He said he wanted somebody to realize us, so, I suggested to talk in public. He asked me to suck him. I did. A guy was looking for us. He gave me to this guy. This guy bound me to a cross very carefully and fingered me. Some minutes later, my Owner fucked me on the cross.

Then he went away and called me to the place we meet first time. Then he bound himself and I had to ride on him (sorry, fuck him). I was unable to handle it, the slave was riding on her bound master. I told him, that I could not handle it. He said he had something to do and went away.

Do you like this post? Is not it boring? It is not boring than this day was boring for me.

I do something wrong. But, I have no idea what I do wrong. I mentioned two or three places in my profile that I was not a sex doll or an escort-not-asking-money. Submissives and slaves are not free whores. Is it so difficult to understand? Or some people just want free sex at the expense of cheating?

Maybe I must go to a Gorean village or a jail. I do not know.



I did not mention that I found the loveliest hair in SL. I love it. What do you think it is beautiful?

My Owner was not online when I woke up, but, he left a message for me. He informed me that he would use me soon. I changed my makeup to simpler as my new Owner like average outfit. I changed my clothes and I put on red jeans and white blouse. I had shown this outfit for you in this blog.

My Owner still was out of SL, so, I was walking on different BDSM related places. I found a jail, which had affected on me some weeks ago. I liked this jail. Every prisoner must use RR viewer and they could be tortured all the time. It sounds very exciting. But, there is only one problem. Jailers decide the length of imprisonment, which may take up to forty days.

I also found a group for European slaves and submissives. The founder of this group offers free Gorean training. When I would be free, I go to learn to her. Yes, Gor has been exciting my fantasy.

My Owner became online. My breath fastened. I remained silent according to his order. I was waiting for his call. He did not call me. I forced myself to continue visiting BDSM related places. Minutes passed and I became desperate. I was still waiting for his call.

At the end, he called me and I arrived an unknown place. I was in a large room furnished in elegant style. I greeted my Owner and he started to roar. He demanded to change my hairstyle, my lovely hairstyle. I stood frozen and he continued. He called my outfit slutty and ordered me to change it immediately. I was confused. My embarrassment turned into anger. I obeyed; I started to change my clothes and I lifted my hair.

But, I allowed my face to show my emotions. My Owner recognized it according to my will. He leaded me upstairs and bound to a cross. He played with my sensitive pussy and I started to moan in pleasure soon, but, I kept my anger on my face.

My Owner unbound me and sat down a throne. I was told to kneel in front of him. I did not know what happened to me. My face still reflected anger. He asked me if I had had sex with anybody, because I wore slutty clothes. I could not answer in surprise. He grabbed me on his lap and spanked me hard. My body was waving under his strikes. I heard his voice. He continued asking me about my sexual adventures.

Then he realized that I was not that kind of girl. He finished spanking and told me to kneel down. Tears flew on my suffered face. He said that he trusted in me, but my clothes made him angry. I took deep breath to calm down.

He ordered me to beg for his phallus. I obeyed and I received it; I made him feeling good with my mouth.


Auction at CARP

I went back to the shop to try demos, in the morning. I enjoyed spending time there, as my Owner was not online. When I left the shop, I received an IM from a girl. She wanted to be a slave for me and she felt sometimes doubt like me. We were talking and I enjoyed it, too. She was cute and I told her to contact my former Mistress. I thought they both would enjoy if they meet. It was bad decision. I IMed to my former Mistress and I informed her about this girl. Her answer was very realistic and kind at the same time. But, I felt like a pimp. Why did I do silly things so often?

I searched for my favorite cosmetics in SL. I found only Vichy. Vichy built an interesting island. I was walking there and I examined everything. Unfortunately, only some labels and notes on the island were translated to English. Oh, I was alone there with a very handsome barman.

In the evening, the auction was announced at CARP. I had never been in a CARP auction. My Owner was still offline, so I decided to go and watch how CARP members organize auction.

It was indeed unique auction. First, it was full with emotes. I admit, I learnt very much there. It was the first auction, where I saw furies. The last mouse-girl was sold for an unbelievable high price. The auction went very quick. Slaves were sold in two or three minutes. At the end, of the auction, the host asked if there was anybody who wanted to sell herself or himself. It seemed to be good idea. Two extra slaves went to the stage for his call.

I enjoyed this day. I would have enjoyed it better serving my Owner. I hope we will meet tomorrow.


Short Holiday

I was free. I went to a shop to relax. I like to walk in shop and if there are demos of goods then I can spend some hours trying them. So, I was looking at the advertisement boards, when I received an IM from a man. After a minute of talking, he invited me to his house to continue talking.

We arrived in a huge house. He started to talk about my breasts. I felt it a bit curious. At the end, he said that he would me to be his slave for a week. Wow! I was tired and disappointed after the last slavery. From the other hand, I became excited. I gave myself to him for a week.

He did not have many rules. He wanted me to wear traditional clothes; I mean what we wear in RL. I asked if I would have greeted him, if he would become online. He did not want it; he said he would call me.

He ordered me to take off my pants, but leave my top on, and then he bound me to a cross. My body was stretched while he was exciting me. He took me on the edge of orgasm and he enjoyed it very much. When he was satisfied with my moans, he told me to give him oral pleasure. I obeyed and started to kiss his penis with my lips and tongue.

He allowed me to do it for a minute or so, and then he took me to the bed. I had to continue to play with his growing erection. At the end, he used me to satisfy his sexual needs. He did not allow me to cum. It seems it is my faith.

When he told me to go to bed, he mentioned that next time I would feel real pain. Hmm, I am looking forward to it.

Last Day of Servitude

My Master had asked me to come in SL earlier. I logged in third times this day. His house was empty and he was away from SL.

I knelt down and I started to wait for his arrival. I received an IM from Rhonda. Do you remember her? She is a slave of a Mistress, I had served for a day. We did not meet with Rhonda for some months. I was very happy to talk with her. We wanted to meet. It was difficult as I was not allowed to leave my Master's house and I could not invite Rhonda as she was not on the access list of the parcel. I remembered the island and I suggested meeting there. Rhonda arrived and crashed. I remained alone again.

I went back to the bedroom and knelt down. I was waiting for my Master for more than four hours. He had told me that he wanted to spend much time on our last day. I did not know why he did not arrive. He had asked me to come earlier and I was alone, now.

Av honest Master did not behave the same way. I knew I had given myself him. He had the right to do with me whatever he wanted. So, I was kneeling alone, again. I would have enjoyed it, if I had known that he enjoyed my suffering. However, I was sure that he forgot me.

I was kneeling for about four hours to the end of my servitude, and then I stood up and went away. I wanted to meet people.


I returned to SL. My Master was not online. I was kneeling in his bedroom. I was waiting for him.

Then I was walking in his house. I looked around, as I would leave this house today.

There was a little pier in front of his house. I went out there and sat down on the pier. I was looking the water and small islands not far from the pier. I decided to swim to the island. I enjoyed it very much and I took some photos. If you are interested in these photos then you can find it among my photos.

After swimming, I was waiting on my kneel, in his bedroom for about one and a half hour. Then I felt asleep.


My Master wanted to buy a castle, so, we were walking shop by shop. I showed him my favorite house. It was not a castle just a house, but, it required low quantity of prims and looked nice.

Most of castles are designed for above 2048 sqm. It was a challenge to find a proper one. Sir Bela had a pretty, little castle built in Arabian style. But, I did not have an LM and he was not online.

At the end, we did not find a castle. My Master took me home and we had a nice conversation. He left me, soon. Before leaving, I asked if I had to stay in the castle or if I was allowed to walk in SL.

I asked this question many times. He always ignored me. I knew that I was his property and I had to stay at his home and wait for him alone. However, I did not understand why he ignored my question. If he had allowed leaving his house, I would have searched for a castle for him.

I was kneeling in his bedroom for about an hour alone.



My Master wake up earlier then I did. I knelt down quickly and I wanted to IM him, but he walked in from the balcony. He ordered me to wait for his call. I was kneeling in the empty room and I wondered where he would take me.

My Master called me to the stable. I wondered if I would be a pony girl. He leaded me towards to horses instead of the racecourse. He asked if I liked horses. I answered yes, thinking that we would ride on horses.

I was wrong. We stopped at a huge stallion. He gave me to the stallion. I was stroking it, licking and sucking the horse. When the penis of the stallion was harder than ever, I had to bend over and accept the huge penis into my fragile body.

After the stallion had me, my Master went away. I asked for permission to go to the Gorean clothes making class. The class was announced, but nobody was at the school. Fortunately, I received an invitation to another Gorean class about the slave's behavior in Gor.

The girl who organized the class, suggested me to wear gown as I was not a slave from her city and the class was kept in a lifestyle sim. I decided to wear one of my free woman clothes. I love this outfit. It is beautiful, is not it?


Master's Friend

My Master told me that he had an appointment and he had to go. I asked what I had to do during waiting. He did not answer; he just went away. I had asked the same question yesterday, the answer was the same, he had not told anything. What answer did I wait for? Did I want to hear that I had to kneel and wait without moving? No, I would have heard that I was allowed to walk in SL. I felt myself like a housewife or a hidden girlfriend in his house. It was the reason why I would have liked to receiver the answer allowing me to walk in SL.

He disappeared and I remained without the answer. I knelt down in front of the house and waited. Suddenly, my Master's friend came in the house. We talked and I offered myself to him as it had been ordered yesterday. He fucked me the same manner as my Master usually did. At the end, we were laying together naked like a love couple.

Then he went away and a moment later, my Master came home. I told him what had happened according to his rules. He did not seem to be very curious. He just asked if I offered friendship for his friend. I do not dare to offer friendship for any Owner. Slave girls never take the lead. He was not satisfied. I did not understand the reason.

He ordered me to bend over and he spanked me. It was obviously a punishment. He was beating me quickly. He did not enjoy my pain. He did not explain why I was spanked, if it was a punishment. Sometimes, I had a feeling that he is bored with my spanking.

Then, he ordered me to undress. He wanted me to insert a butt plug. I did not have any. We went to buy one. The SL did not want me to buy a butt plug. When I paid, my account was decreased, but, I did not receive the butt plug. (Interesting OOC information, LL does not help me, as I am not a premium member. LL does not even read my bug report, which may affect on other avatars. In fact, I am planning to be a paid member, LL deserves it for providing SL.)

We returned to my Master's home. He played with me, I mean, with my collar. He forced me to different positions. He went through the features of my collar. When, I was forced to masturbate, he told what a pity that I did not have a dildo. I have a vibrator and I asked for permission to use it. My Master stood above me and looked at me. He prohibited me to reach the orgasm, as I did not have a butt plug. A bit later, he continued to try the possibilities of my collar. Then, he said goodbye and went away.

I had a butt plug, now. I am happy that I have friends supporting me. Thank you for the butt plug, Sir Bela!

Two days remain to serve as a love slave, and then I will be free.


Escort Girl

My Master was online when I arrived. I did not see him. I was hesitating. His rules did not describe what to do. I decided to IM him and he appeared in front of me immediately.

My Master ordered me to go to the third floor, to the bedroom. I was wearing my purple dress without thong. He asked me what I thought what would happen. I remembered one of his last words he had said yesterday. I answered that I would be used as a human toilet. He seemed to be confused and I knew that I was mistaken. Of course, he wanted to have sex.

He told me to bend over and pull up my skirt. He started to fuck me from behind. He suddenly stopped and teleported away. A moment later, he called for me and I joined him at Heaven & Hell. Do you know they have a special room for lovers of golden shower? We were in this room. I had not used any devices here before. We tried three devices. Yes, we tried, because he pissed me and then we went to the other device. I just figured out how the device worked and we went away. He looked to be bored.

I said that he could fuck me if he wanted; I would obey and did what he liked. So, we returned to his bedroom. I had to undress and he fucked me. He was fucking me for about half an hour. Then he suddenly said that it was all for today and he went away. He went away so quickly that I had no chance to ask a question.

I was standing naked and I was confused. I realized that he did not treat me like a slave for four days of owning me. We made love and made love and made love. He did not punish me. He did not humiliate me. He did not even bind me. Not counting those ten minutes, what we spent in Heaven & Hell.

He called me babe, many times. I was not his slave. I rather was an escort girl hired for a week. I had to speak in third person like Gorean slaves, but that was all. I was an escort girl, not a slave. I bet any escort girl will do the same. The only one difference is that escorts are paid. You can say that a good slave can handle such Owner, too. I do not say that I am a good slave, but I will handle it, too. The problem is that he does not behave like a Master and I am not able to feel like his slave must feel. I do not feel that he owns me. Of course, I show respect and I obey. I am sure many girls would be glad to have such Master, but, I am not one of them.

I received a photo from Sir Bela. He said it was one of his favorite shoots. I like it, too.


Trying Devices

I woke up in my Master's house and I was alone. I received an IM from a man who said that my Master would be here soon. I was thankful for this information and I became excited. My Master's friend sent me a teleport. I was hesitating. I felt alone; it is true. But, my Master ordered me to wait in his house. I knew I had to obey, so I did not go to his friend.

I was waiting a bit when my Master arrived. We went to the second floor where I had to lay down on my back and lift my hips high. My Master was playing with my pussy. He stroked me and when I became really excited he asked me if I could pee. I was frozen. Did he ask me to pee on his hand? I was frightened I was not sure I was able to do it. He told me to put clothes on and disappeared.

He called me from the distance and a moment later, I found myself in a shop. There were paintings on the floor. I had no idea what we would do here. An advertisement board hanged on the wall behind me. It offered a pussy with pee extension. My Master bought it for me and we went back to his house, to the bedroom. He wanted to see how I could pee, so I peed on the rug. It was very uncomfortable for me.

Then he took me and we made love. He wanted me to rule our lovemaking. It was new for me. I usually had been used. I obeyed. I was not sure how good I was, but my Master seemed to be pleasant with me.

After having sex, we went to dance. It was so peaceful to dance with my Master. I wore a skirt, but without a thong or a pants. I felt naked during the dance.

My Master decided that it was time to play with me a bit brutally and he took me to Heaven & Hell. I looked around and I knew that we were in the Bondage Dungeon. He bound me to different devices. He rather wanted to try devices than to torture me. The last device was my choice. I chose a spinning wheel. It turns my screen and me too. After some seconds, I was dizzy. Then he took out his phallus and peed on my naked, spinning body. The bitter liquid flew on my body and on my face. Some drops reached my mouth. My Master enjoyed it very much and he decided to use me as a human toilet next time.

Before allowing me to go to bed, ma Master ordered me to offer myself for his friend. He ordered me to check if his friend would be online. I felt humiliated not because of giving me to his friend, but because he ordered me to offer myself. I knew it would not be easy for me. However, I knew I would do it.


Waiting Alone

I wake up in my Master's room. I was alone. I decided to look around, as I would spend this week here, in this house. I went out the balcony. I could see nobody. I went back to the house and teleported down, to the second floor and then to the first floor. There were small rooms on each floor. I opened the door on the first floor and I went out of the house. The house was built on a small island, in the middle of the small lake.

I was fairly excited as my Master could come any time. I went back into the house and teleported to the third floor, to the bedroom. I was waiting. I decided to kneel down. I felt I had to kneel. I was waiting.

My Master did not come. I changed my makeup and I combed out my hair. I went to the window and looked through it. Nobody moves around the house. I went to the center of the room and knelt down facing to the teleport buttons.

I was kneeling. I could not talk to anybody. I could not see anybody. I was completely alone. Minutes passed; dozens of minutes. My Master did not come. My Master had ordered me to stay and wait for him here. I did not go away and I continued kneeling.

I remembered my restrained week. Was it the same? No, it was different at all. I was able to hear others and I was able to speak to others. But, there was nobody to speak to and there was nobody to hear. I was able to move, also. There were no cuffs on my body. There was no chain, which held me.

I did not leave the room. I was ordered to stay here and I obeyed.

It was very difficult. I felt alone, I felt desperate. I felt lonely in a silent place, waiting for my Master. My Master did not come. I was kneeling there for almost for hours with my lonely feelings.

Minutes passed and hope of serving went away. I did not move. I was just kneeling and looking at the space in front of the teleport button. I was waiting for my Master who was away.

I felt asleep waiting for my Master on the floor near his bed.


Master From Mexico

Last week, I visited Mexico City and I got an offer to be a slave. According to our agreement, when I became free, I IMed to my possible Owner.

He answered and sent a teleport. He called me to his house. He invited me to his bed and we started to get to know each other. I am always excited when I start a new slavery. I want to know everything about my new Owner. I want to know what waits for me. It is so hard to control myself and answer the questions and not to ask. I will know everything and I am the slave. My future Owner has right to get to know me. I should not ask question I just must accept what will happen and I just must obey.

My Owner wanted me to kiss him when we meet and when we go to sleep. I am allowed to talk to others, but I must tell him everything in detail later. So, do not tell me any secret for a week. I must wear sexy clothes, maybe lingerie this week. But, it is the best if I am naked at all. Wearing thong is forbidden.

My Owner likes humiliation and I will be humiliated this week. He will give me a whole list of humiliating actions.

After discussion, we had sex. He used me all possible ways. None of my entrance remained untouched. We made love for almost an hour and he seemed to be very pleasant with me.

Before he allowed me to go to bed, he gave me a note card with rules. It contained almost three pages. I started to read them. They were Gorean rules.

He said that I had to stay in his house and wait for him, tomorrow. I am very excited what will happen. However, first, I must learn his rules.



I met my Mistress afternoon. It was our last encounter. I was really sorry as I was enjoying serving her.

She IMed me, when I was in a BDSM shop. She asked me to send a teleport and she appeared near me in some seconds after sending tp. Fortunately, I had enough time to shave my head. It was the only thing what I disliked. I hated to be bald.

My Mistress was walking in the shop and we talked about the different devices and the ropes, which did not seem to be realistic. She bound me to a dartboard and spun me. It was quite interesting feeling. I would have enjoyed being a target. I supposed she would have enjoyed it as well.

We discussed about cages. She did not like cages. Her point of view was that slave must have obeyed without any helping devices. I agreed. You know my opinion is very similar. However, after spending a week with RR viewer, my opinion changed a bit.

She noticed that I liked cages and ordered me to go a place with cages. Was not she great Mistress? She was very strict during my slavery, but she was always carrying. Her slave will be happy with her!

I took her to Deitide BDSM. There are many cages there and you can find different types. She closed me in different cages and examined the possibilities of the cage. My Mistress liked most the cage, which filled the space around my body with latex. She was playing with my uncovered nipples and pussy while I was in captivity of latex.

Then it was the time of farewell. She took me to the beach where I had become her slave for a week. She ordered me to kneel and we were talking a bit. After the conversation, she told me to stand up as a free person.

I enjoyed serving her and she was great and carrying. Thank you for all, Mistress!


I woke up and I realized that my Mistress was online. She asked me what I wore. I wore my lovely red outfit, a light blouse and a short skirt. She said she would send me teleport. I quickly removed my hair. I felt naked and ugly without my hair.

I received the teleport and I immediately traveled to my Mistress. I arrived and looked around. I had no idea where I could be. My Mistress did not let me waste the time with looking around. She ordered me to follow her and she went away quickly. I followed her almost running. Some moments later, I could see a campfire. People were sitting around the campfire.

My Mistress sat down and told me to lie down and place my head on her lap. I obeyed and listened silently while my Mistress stroked my bald head. I saw two other girls and a couple kissing long. The girls were talking about the hairstyles and hair colors. I felt very strange shaved among them. They were talking about hair and they were changing their hairstyles. They were so busy that they did not realize when the lovers went away.

Once, my Mistress ordered me to kneel down in front of her girlfriend and I had to take off my blouse. They were very happy to see me kneeling half naked in front of them, back to the campfire.
A man appeared and the girls paid their attention to them. Soon, I had to stand and went to kneel in front of this man. I moved slowly and my Mistress was not satisfied with me. She ordered me to beg the man's pardon. He was not in DS very much or he maybe was shy. He answered not exactly so, my Mistress told me what I could offer to show I was true sorry. I offered to dance.

Of course, I had to take off all my clothes before dancing. I started to dance. I decided to make my audience horny and I started to stroke myself. My Mistress shouted at me after I touched the skin on my belly. She did not want me to play with myself. Instead, she ordered me to move around the campfire to show my performance everybody.

I finished dancing. While I was taking deep breath to relax, my Mistress told me to go to a girl and lay naked on her lap. The girl seemed to be excited. She stroked my body and played with my hard nipples enjoying moans escaping from my lips. My Mistress asked her to pinch my nipples. She pinched me; I cried out in pain. I was afraid of making mistake but my Mistress told me that pinching was not a punishment; it was just a game for her enjoyment.

The girl really enjoyed my cries. She stroked me and pinched me. She pinched my hard nipples and my sensitive pussy causing more and more pain. I felt how excited she became hearing my moans and looking at my trembling body.

At the end, my Mistress took me away from the campfire and she allowed me to go away.

My Mistress is one of the best. She does not repeat the same activities with me. She really cares of me and of my needs. I feel safety serving her. I know the girl who will be her permanent slave will be very happy.



My Mistress was not online today. I would serve so much.

I was just roaming in SL. I visited old places and tried to find new ones.



My Mistress was not online today. I went to the Bondage Playground as this was the day of the class. I was late. It was a good start of the day, is not it.

I decided to take a worldwide tour. First, I went to Moscow, to the Red Square. The Red Square was nice it was so real. I was walking across the square. It was huge. Unfortunately, the inner space of the building was not ready yet, except one building. If you go there, you can meet Mr. Lenin. So, be ware.

My next stop was in Mexico City. I arrived and started to walk toward a wonderful park, when a man stopped me. He asked me to be his slave for a week. Hmm... It sounded nice. We agreed that we would seek each other.

Then I would have gone to New York. I did not know how but I found a femdom island in the search list. Nice. I went there. I arrived and I saw men kneeling naked. It was not my style and I went further to the Central Park. I have never been to New York and this famous park was new to me.

I was walking between trees when I got an IM from a woman. I was looking around and I could not see anybody. Probably, she met me in the femdom island. Her second question was “Why a week, why not two weeks or three years?”

I knew what would happen and I was not wrong. I had met people asking similar questions. I always try to be polite in such situations. But, it is not easy. I did not want to be a permanent slave, at least at this time. However, if I wanted to be a permanent slave, I would want an Owner who I like and I admire. I would want an Owner in who I trust. I would not want an Owner arguing with me that I am wrong not to be a permanent slave.

Long term slave is like love. You must feel it and you should not calculate it. Am I right? I met and served Owners whose slave I could be for long time. I am very thankful them to give me pleasure to know them. Nobody of them argued with me to be a permanent slave. Nobody of them persuaded me that my need was false and what I searched for did not exist.

I am not that kind of girl who tells a lie and promise be a permanent slave and escapes after a week or two. Because, I heard about such slaves.

I believe that everybody will find for what he or she searches. It is not easy, but it worth fighting for it.


Happy Talking

My Mistress was not online today. I was just walking.

I was at O BDSM School to get to know when they will start classes again, when I received an IM from a man. We started to talk about my blog first. (I am always happy if I receive any feedback of this blog.) He offered me to be his slave if I will be free. He had a plan how to use me but he did not tell me about it. He was very tricky. First, he asked if I wanted to know about his plan on me. I was hesitating. I was curious. From the other, hand I like surprises. At the end, I answered yes to his question. He did not bespeak it. He said I would see and I would be taken to the next level of submission. I am looking forward to it.

I did not serve today but I went to bed with happy mind.


Burning Pussy

The Mistress who used me yesterday IMed me now. She asked me if I was free. We met soon in Heaven & Hell as she wanted me to show her an exciting place. I still wore my new latex suit and I was bald as she ordered me yesterday.

She bound me to a bondage device while she was looking around. Then I had to take off my pants and lay on the table half naked. She turned the special device on and I felt strokes on my naked butt. I was crying in pain when she leaded me to the other device and bound me there. Now, my pussy was targeted. Soon, I felt as my pussy burnt under the hard strokes. I started to beg her for release.

She kept me there for a while then she offered me to choose another device if I wanted to get up.

I chose the waterwheel as I did not want to receive more strokes. She enjoyed keeping me bound under the cold water. She liked to hear my word when I tried to form word with my shivering lips. She ordered me to close my eyes. She did not want me to know when my head would lower under the water. I grasped for air all the time.

She ordered me to insert my pussy a huge metal pole and she placed wires on my hard nipples while I was lying on a table. She secured me on my hands and legs. She started to torture me with electricity. I was crying and jumping on the table. She came to me and fondled me when she let me relax between the electrical signals torturing my naked body. I looked up at her. She was beautiful with her long silky hair. I was bald and I still hated my boldness. I felt that I was really her property, the bald slave girl.

She was fondling. She was playing with my pussy. She continued touching my sensitive parts until my orgasm.

Before going to sleep, she agreed to take me for a week as her slave. Maybe everything will be all right with me.


Thank you for all who supported me. Thank you for your comment. Thank you for e-mails and thank you for IMs. I returned to my second life. I was suffering inword and I was suffering not to come here.

I woke up at Waterworks. I had very long conversation with one of my friends and at the end I felt better. I also received a wonderful gown. It is very beautiful, is not it?

I met at Waterworks a girl and we started to talk. She was interesting person and Mistress; however, she did not want my servitude. According to her profile, she did not need one more slave as she has a big family of slaves.

We went shopping and we visited various shops. She has unique style and she looked really nice. She said that she work as a model for a latex shop. We decided to go there. Then everything happened very fast. Many girls were standing in front of the shop. They were working. They greeted my new friend. I was jealous. Everybody liked her. One of them talked to us. My friend asked if I wanted to be a model. I was hesitating. It sounded good. But, I was a slave and I wanted to be a slave.

A moment later, I was reading rules and I filled in an application form. I had worked as a personal model; I wanted to believe that I could be a slave and a model at the same time.
I found a free latex suit in the shop. I liked it. Why I was not here before?



I knew I had only some minutes yet I went online as my Mistress affected on me so much. My Owner was online and I greeted him as he expected. I also told that I had only two minutes. He wanted to look at me but he did not send tp. He pressurized me he pressurized my mind.

I agreed to go to him; however, I had rl errands. He did not send me tp, I had to find him on the map and go there. I obeyed. He ordered me to bend over and started to fuck me. I moaned like a good slave and I warned him OOC that I really had to go. He ignored me. He ignored my OOC warning. I had RL problem. I told him again OOC that I had to go. He laughed at me. I logged out.

So, I escaped. I feel terrible. Everybody says that RL comes first. It is an unbreakable low. He tried to break it and I escaped. Now, I feel terrible.

I do not know how to continue. Shall I go back to SL? How shall I behave? Shall I continue to serve him? I did not trust in him. Am I a bad useless housewife indeed? Is slavery not for me? Shall I make a break before returning to SL? Shall I give up and never return to SL? Maybe Nia will never be five months old?

Bald slave

My Owner was online and I greeted him as he had ordered me. He was with his girlfriend. I read messages I received. While I was reading, he appeared in front of me. A moment later, a girl also appeared near me.

My Owner told me that he would go and he gave me to this girl. He ordered me to obey and to do everything what the girls would tell me. She was beautiful but she had a newbie hair. I offered her to show shops where she could get free hair. My Owner ordered me to wear my sexy purple outfit. He liked it yesterday, too. I changed my clothes. He told me to kneel down before he would go away. I obeyed. We had a strange conversation, as he talked to me with IMs and the woman was standing and she did not understood what was happening. She expressed it in public chat. I was afraid to answer her, as I knew nothing about their relationship.

When my Owner went away, she told me to go to the hair shop. I asked her if I could change my clothes. This dress did not cover half of my nipples and I did not want to go shopping so. She did not allow me to change clothes. She told me such way that I felt I am her slave. It was very exciting.

Her hair was red and she wanted the same color but long straight hair. We found the proper hair soon. I helped her to wear the new hair. Then she asked me about my needs. She ordered me to take her to a quiet but nice place.

I took her to Waterworks. This is one of my favorite places. She arrived and lied down on the deckchair. I went to her and knelt down. She shouted at me as she did not allowed me to kneel. I was ashamed. Yes, she did not do it. I was failed, obviously. I thought that kneeling in front of the Owner is humiliating and I supposed that Owners liked it. This event made me think. I thought that I was experienced slave. I did not. A good slave would not have knelt down. A good slave knows that her Owner orders and her job is to obey, not more.

We were talking. My Mistress continued asking me. She wanted to know everything about me. She asked me like a queen and I felt like a slave. I was very excited during the conversation. At the end, she ordered me to take off my hair. She wanted me to be bald. I hate to be bald. I love my hair. I love to be beautiful. How a bald girl can be beautiful. I listed as a limit not changing my appearance except hairstyle. So, to be bald was not my limit. I had to obey.

My Mistress allowed me to kneel when I became bald. She asked me if I would cut off my hair in RL, if my Owner ordered so. I imagined and I became very excited. She explained that my baldness expressed my submission to her. She behaved like a queen. She was very good Mistress.

She allowed me to go and she told that I would have to be bald when we would meet.

I discovered a peace of my submissive mind under her control and I enjoyed it very much. I am still under the affect of her dominance.