Bald slave

My Owner was online and I greeted him as he had ordered me. He was with his girlfriend. I read messages I received. While I was reading, he appeared in front of me. A moment later, a girl also appeared near me.

My Owner told me that he would go and he gave me to this girl. He ordered me to obey and to do everything what the girls would tell me. She was beautiful but she had a newbie hair. I offered her to show shops where she could get free hair. My Owner ordered me to wear my sexy purple outfit. He liked it yesterday, too. I changed my clothes. He told me to kneel down before he would go away. I obeyed. We had a strange conversation, as he talked to me with IMs and the woman was standing and she did not understood what was happening. She expressed it in public chat. I was afraid to answer her, as I knew nothing about their relationship.

When my Owner went away, she told me to go to the hair shop. I asked her if I could change my clothes. This dress did not cover half of my nipples and I did not want to go shopping so. She did not allow me to change clothes. She told me such way that I felt I am her slave. It was very exciting.

Her hair was red and she wanted the same color but long straight hair. We found the proper hair soon. I helped her to wear the new hair. Then she asked me about my needs. She ordered me to take her to a quiet but nice place.

I took her to Waterworks. This is one of my favorite places. She arrived and lied down on the deckchair. I went to her and knelt down. She shouted at me as she did not allowed me to kneel. I was ashamed. Yes, she did not do it. I was failed, obviously. I thought that kneeling in front of the Owner is humiliating and I supposed that Owners liked it. This event made me think. I thought that I was experienced slave. I did not. A good slave would not have knelt down. A good slave knows that her Owner orders and her job is to obey, not more.

We were talking. My Mistress continued asking me. She wanted to know everything about me. She asked me like a queen and I felt like a slave. I was very excited during the conversation. At the end, she ordered me to take off my hair. She wanted me to be bald. I hate to be bald. I love my hair. I love to be beautiful. How a bald girl can be beautiful. I listed as a limit not changing my appearance except hairstyle. So, to be bald was not my limit. I had to obey.

My Mistress allowed me to kneel when I became bald. She asked me if I would cut off my hair in RL, if my Owner ordered so. I imagined and I became very excited. She explained that my baldness expressed my submission to her. She behaved like a queen. She was very good Mistress.

She allowed me to go and she told that I would have to be bald when we would meet.

I discovered a peace of my submissive mind under her control and I enjoyed it very much. I am still under the affect of her dominance.

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