Just a Toy

I woke up and I felt unbelievable pain in my shoulders. I tried to move my hands, but they did not obey me. The cuffs were too tight and the chains had been keeping my body in a very uncomfortable position. I wanted to stand up and I felt back. I heard the voice of approaching steps. My Mistress came to me. I struggled myself on my knees and I kissed her legs. I thought of the old kisses, when my lips had touched Arta's legs with all love of my heart. Now, I greeted her as an obedient and humble slave. I missed the old kisses.

She untied my handcuffs from the ankle cuffs and I could hold my body straight. She leaded me to the stocks. I had to place my head between the wooden locks. I closed my eyes, as I thought that my punishment would continue. She did not say anything. I obeyed. I was standing there, my neck closed to the stocks. My shoulders burning. Suddenly, Arta opened the lock of the stock. She explained that she had to do some settings on the stocks.

Then she leaded me to the living room, to her favorite chair. She ordered me to massage her foot. I leaned; my hands were cuffed behind my back. I could use only my lips. I pressed her foot with my lips very obediently. I had desire to touch her with my tongue. I wanted it so much. But, I did not do. I did not receive the order. My Mistress looked at me and I heard the command. I was ordered to lick her sole. I obeyed and licked her sole as graceful as I was able to do.

My Mistress stood up and she loosened my handcuffs. I bit my lips in pain, when she touched my tortured arms. I felt better, however, I still felt pain in my shoulders.

We went to a shop offering silks. Arta unleashed me and ordered me to follow her. She walked fast. I tried to follow her. It was very difficult, as my legs were still locked together with a short chain. I walked as fast as I did not care of the pain caused by my cold metal cuffs. Soon, I felt my ankles burning as the solid metal hurt my sensitive skin. Something warm flew on my feet. I did not look at my legs, but I knew my blood was flowing.

I caught up Arta at a hairdresser section. She was standing and looking at the hairstyles. They all looked awful. I turned away my head. I wondered how I could stop her. I wondered how I could prevent her from buying one of these hairstyles. I felt despaired. I knew I could not stop her. I was only a slave. I was only a walking object not having right to give her advices.

She asked my opinion. I did not know what to say. She was my Mistress and I was only a slave. The old Nia could stop her, but I could not. I was thinking hard. Then I told her that she was beautiful even wearing this hairstyle. She understood. She was so clever, so, lovely. I was fighting with my tears. I wished I had talked to her as I had been allowed to talk earlier. I knew it was impossible, as I was just a slave.

She wanted to buy this hair for me. I felt better knowing that she would not disfigure herself with such hair. At the same time, I was frightened. I hated this hair. She realized my shivering body and decided not to buy me this hair. It looks awful, does not it?

Arta realized that I had changed. She asked if I felt blue. I shook my head. My mood did not exist. Slaves do not have mood.

My Mistress said she had blue. I felt my heart breaking into parts. I wanted her to feel better. I wanted to chat with her to make her smile. I felt so despaired. It was awful to see her sad. I wished if I could have helped her. But, I was just a slave and she did not order me to do so. It was so bad to look at this lovely and cheerful girl to be sad. It was worse than thousands of punishments. I did not know what to do.

Arta took me home and allowed me to relax. She locked my ankle cuff to the bed and went away. I was crying alone until I dropped off to sleep. I felt pity for her and I was angry with me, because I could not help.


Broken Slave

I woke up and I could hear noises around me. I opened my eyes and I realized a man standing in front of me. It was one of my Mistress' friends. Arta was not at home.

We were talking about my chains when Arta arrived home. She wanted me to dance for them. I smiled, as I was sure they would enjoy my dance.

I danced for them gently. My dance was sexy. My body waves in front of their face. I felt as the music moved my body gracefully.

I was dancing for them for about twenty minutes, when Arta offered him to play chess. I shivered. I had bad feeling. They sat at the chess table and started to play. Arta IMed me and told me to help her.

I decided not to tell how to move chess-pieces. I thought that she wanted to enjoy the game. If I would play instead of her then she would not enjoy the game. I supposed that she would be happy if she would win without my direct help. So, I decided to tell only hints for her.

In the middle of the game, she called the match exciting. I felt happy. I knew that I pleased her. Before starting the game, she offered a prize for his friend if he would win. She did not tell anything about this prize. She only mentioned that I would give the prize him.

After an hour playtime, my Mistress won. I was happy. I asked her about the prize, when her guest went away. She started to shout at me immediately, when we remained alone. She said that I disobeyed again not telling how to move chess-pieces. I wanted to explain my motives, but she did not let me say them.

She said that I had to obey. My opinion did not count. I listen to her frozen. Yes, she was right. I failed again. I had probably misunderstood her words about the clever slave. I had lived in a fair tale and it was the time to wake up. How could I believe that I was clever? The fair tale disappeared and only a slave remained in its place. A slave, who failed again. A slave, who had failed many times. A slave, who was unable to learn.

Yes, I was her slave not more. I was like a pet, like a dog. My only job was to obey. I valued myself too high. I was not her companion, her friend, just a slave. A piece of furniture, a book, or some other subject. I felt that our relationship had changed definitive.

I knew that I would not be able to think any more. It was like chess. It was enough to hear this word and the terror chilled my mind. I was afraid of looking at the chess table. Chess meant punishment in my mind.

I knew I would obey. I would execute every command of my Mistress. I knew that I would not do anything without the order of my Mistress. Maybe I would not be a clever slave, but I would always away.

Such thoughts flew through my mind, while my Mistress locked my handcuffs to ankle cuffs tight and when she locked my cuffs to the bed. I was very sad and I felt alone this night.


In the Shop

My Mistress sent me teleport and I found myself in a furniture shop. She was not alone. A handsome man sat near her in the sofa. I greeted her with kisses on her feet then I knelt down before her. She allowed me to stand up. While I was standing up, they went away. I followed her almost running. They tried various sofas and beds caressing each other. They really tried all beds in this shop. Yes, it was a shop full of different beds.

The man did not want to let my Mistress go. It seemed that he wanted to hold Arta in his arms forever. Arta asked him to allow me to go to the bed. He allowed me to go to Arta, but, I realized that he preferred to stay with her.

We caressed each other with Arta. I liked this way of shopping. The stranger left us alone soon. I bet he was not delighted with my presence.

We talked about our relationship, when we remained alone. Arta said that she, unlike many dominants, did not want to change my personality. I remembered her words. She had always said that I had been clever and skillful slave. I felt so good at that moment. Yes, she always was interested in my opinion. Of course, I had had to agree with her if we had been in a company. But, when we had been alone, I had been allowed to tell my opinion her. She was unique Mistress. She gave me some freedom and I, in change, tried to find out her thought, and I tried to behave so that she felt better. I never was courtly, but I always showed obedience and respect her.

I loved her very much at the end of this evening.

Dancing Lessons

My Mistress showed me her new car, a sport car. It looked nice, but I felt the wildness radiating from the smooth metal of the car. Arta got in the car and invited me to join. I fastened the seat belt and in the next moment, the engine of the car howled. The acceleration pressed me into the seat. Arta drove fast, but she handled the car fairly well. However, I closed my eyes in fear some times.

Then Arta took me to learn dancing. We arrived to an interesting place. People danced around us. They did it gently without any effort almost waving in the air. My Mistress selected three dances and she started to teach me how to dance. She taught me very well. Soon, I was able to copy her graceful movements. Now, I can dance for her pleasure and it makes me feel good.


Arta's Friends

Arta wanted to look at clothes I won. She did not like the everyday clothes. I nodded sadly and took them away. We aligned the silks to my body. It was not easy tasks, but my Mistress helped me.

I have difficulties because of my rich hair. Arta was angry; she ordered me to change my hairstyle. I obeyed, but I loved this hair very much.

Mistress went out from the house. I followed her. She did not talk anything to me. She was standing in the middle of the garden and then she returned to the entrance of her house. I followed her. She sat in her red car and I was told to join her. She was driving around her house. She drove fast, so, it seemed to be dangerous. However, she was very skillful.

A man approached to Arta's house. Arta stopped the car near him. We got off the car. He hugged Arta. My Mistress introduced me him and she showed how obedient I was. The stranger wanted to hug me, too. Arta protested. She seemed to be jealous. I was not sure if she must have known that I was hers and only hers. I blushed hearing as he paid attention to me. Arta ordered me to go home, soon. I obeyed. I thought what the subject of their conversation could be. I knew it was not my job. I was sure Arta would tell me if she would count it necessary.

In a few minutes, she returned home. She did not say anything about their conversation. Instead, she said that we would go to visit the Hungarian community.

Arta repeated the rules I would have to follow. At this time, she allowed me to talk in a more causal way. However, I had to behave not forgetting that I was a slave and they are free. We spent nice time there. I still was afraid of them, but, presence of Arta helped me. I think they accepted me as a slave.

I really enjoyed this day and I was very thankful to my Mistress. Arta did not lock me to the bed this night. I went to my pillow without cuffed hand. I was thankful to my Mistress.


My Mistress was working when I awoke. She allowed me to go to lucky chairs to win silks. I spent there almost three hours and won an everyday clothes and silks. The clothes looked nice. I liked it. Silks were not designed carefully. I changed it to align to my body with help of Arta for almost half an hour, later.

Sir Bela became online. I can disclose now that we were searching for a birthday present for him. My Mistress was sleeping and I hesitated. She allowed me to be in this shop and she ordered me to go home, when I finished. On the other hand, she had ordered me to give the birthday present to Sir Bela personally. Sir Bela was rarely online, recently, so, I decided to meet him.

He was in his land. I gave him the training shoes. He seemed to be happy. We were talking in his garden. Then I went home to wait for my Mistress.


Saucy Baggage

Arta was tired, today. I gave her a feet massage, then she ordered me to massage her shoulders and back. I usually massages her back in her bed. It is the only case that I am allowed to go to her bed.

She laid down and I sat on her butt holding the weight of my body with my tights.

I was massaging her carefully. Touching her silky skin made me excited. But, I was allowed to massage her and not more. We had nice conversation about the questions of life, especially in BDSM relationship. She is dominant and I am a sub, but this is the only difference between us. We think very similar. It is very good, is not it?

Once, somebody switched the bed. We started to change our positions quickly, one after another. My Mistress warned me first and then she shouted at me. She thought that I switched the bed. I said that it was not me and she believed it. I was so glad, she believed me! I was sure that some lonely person played with us. It was very nice game; he broke our very interesting conversation. Why does somebody enjoy hurting others? I do not understand them. If they have serious social problem, then it can be cured other way. I am sure that many people are ready to help griefers. They are sick people and they really need help.

Suddenly, my Mistress disappeared and I had no idea where she went. When she returned, she explained that she met our guy having social problem. I got an IM from him; he wanted Arta or me. Hmm... It is funny, is not it. I think disturbing is not the best way of making friends or lovers.

We both knew that the evening ended. My Mistress locked me to the bed and went to sleep. I tried to fell asleep, too. My eyes were almost closed, when the griefer IMed me. He said that I had to have sex with him according to Arta's order. It was not a nice try. It was piteous.


Birth Day Present

I asked a favor from my Mistress. I wanted to buy some gift for one of my former Owners, as he would be one year old in two days. Arta was very kind and allowed me to go. However, I begged her to join me. She knew very good shops and I wanted her to help me. I was familiar with some shops offering products for men. It is interesting that most of shops offer products for women. Creators and shop owners forgot of men. I think it is a mistake, because men like wear quality clothes, too. Last, but not least, women like to buy gift for men.

The second problem is transferability. Almost everybody offers non-transferable goods. I was thinking of the reason. Yes, the buyer usually can buy a product as a gift. But, it is not easy. I remember the last gift I bought. I found the proper gift and then I was waiting for a shop assistant for almost three hours.

So, I had no idea why the transfer was forbidden until I read the information card of a shop. Non-transfer product cannot be returned. It is so easy. You buy something and you do not have possibility to return the product if you do not like it. In other words, you cannot receive back your money even if the bought product completely unusable for you. Of course, some shop owners explain this way of commerce with other fuzzy problem. For example, nobody is able to steal the design. Hmm... I am not a designer and I never stole anything. However, I suppose that non-transferable product also can be examined carefully and its design can be copied. Transferability does not play any role in this case. Before designer will kill me, I declare that I hate any kind of stealing.

So, the challenge was to find a transferable product for men. My idea was to buy some kind of clothes. We were searching for such clothes. Later, after many unsuccessful attempts, I remembered that my former Owner had mentioned of training shoes. Arta knew the best shop offering training shoes. She showed me a sample. I liked it very much. She allowed me to wear this pair of shoes. It was very kind from her, because she wanted me to be barefoot all the time. I would say she is my best friend. But, saying it will be not respectful and she is more that a friend, she is my loving Mistress.

At the end, I could buy nice training shoes. I hope, my former Owner will like it.



I was sleeping and my Mistress allowed me to sleep. I woke up and I heard her approaching steps. I jumped up from my pillow. I was very happy to see her. I kissed her with feet kiss.

Arta disappeared and sent me a teleport. I arrived to a room with stone walls. There were pillows in front of me. I was afraid of looking around, so, I waited for Arta's order. She explained me where we were. It was a shop offering quality silks. Some lucky chairs were placed in the shop. Arta ordered me to visit this shop and check lucky chairs in order to receive free silks. She showed me pictures of silks she had won here. They were beautiful.

I supposed that my Mistress would leave me here. I was wrong she decided to wait here with me. We were talking of the Gorean world. I told her everything I knew. She was interested in the political and the social structure of Gor. Suddenly, Arta stood up and ran away. I did not know what happened till she sent teleport for me. One of the lucky chairs indicated my name. I sat down and received wonderful black silks. What do you think if I look pretty?

We continued talking of Gor late night. Then my Mistress took me home and I felt asleep wearing my new silks.

My Friends

Recently, I could not be with my friends and I could not treat them as a friend needed to be treated. I had guilty conscience because of it. I was almost every time with my Mistress. Once, she had allowed me to visit my friends, but I had been very unlucky; SL had taken half of my time. It was the second time that I could walk freely.

I visited Sir Sleight's new shop. It was almost ready. It looked nice. I was sure it would be worth visiting his shop, soon. Unfortunately, he was offline.

Sir Bela also made some changes. He extended his main shop. He had a small shopping center now. He was also offline.

Sir Nabru had not searched for my company. I decided to say hello him. He was busy and later, when we would talk, the SL was cruel again.


I heard steps in the distances. I wanted to lift my head. I felt it heavy. I opened eyes with huge effort and I could see high heels and legs. I recognized them. My Mistress stood in front of me. She set me free and I followed her. She sat in her favorite chair and I knelt before her. I leaned and kissed her feet. I almost cried out in pain when I moved my head as my neck was still stiff.

My Mistress asked questions and I answered not lifting my head. My fear prevented me from looking up at her. She wanted to know why I had played strange. She calmed down when she realized that I had wanted her to feel good. She said that she had been cruel with me and she said that she would not lock me in the stocks today. She also said that she did not angry with me. Of course, I had been mistaken, but I had spent a night bound in the stocks and I had paid for my mistake.

I felt happy she was not angry with me anymore. I was ready to spend more time in the stocks, if it would have pleased her. She forgave me. Her voice was like music for me.

I was glad, because I could serve such a Mistress. Only few of Dominants would have told such words. The Owner is always right, I admit. Most of Owners did not think of the punishment of their slaves. They usually punish and that is all. If the punishment is too cruel or not fair... who cares of it? Arta dominated me with her wonderful personality. I wanted to serve her. I wanted to obey her. I wanted to do everything she asked. I wanted not because of the fear of punishment. I wanted to be a good slave, because I wanted to deserve her kindness. I wanted to deserve the trust she gave me. I knew that only few slaves were so lucky to have such a good Mistress.

She sent me to sleep and I was thankful after such a cruel night. She also allowed me to walk in SL, while she would be away. I was very thankful for her.



My Mistress came to me to her bedroom and I greeted her with a kiss on her feet as usually. She asked me if I wanted to kiss her body higher than her foot. I became excited and nodded eagerly.

She smiled at me and gave permission. My lips touched her silky of her legs. I moved my head upward slowly rubbing her slim legs with my hot lips. I felt as her skin became warmer and I drew out my tongue and strokes her leg with one long, gently motion. My tongue reflected my excitement to Arta, as it slides on her fragile body. I lavished her knees and pressed her smooth skin with my soft lips on her tights. Her sweet aroma floated around my face. I bite her smoothen feeling the torrid air radiating from her pussy. I was all in a flutter when my lips approached her pussy.

Then my Mistress stopped me. She ordered me to smell only. I took deep breath again and again. I wanted to touch her; my tongue wanted to run out my mouth to stroke her lips. But, I was ordered to stop. I sat down on my feet and I tried to calm down staring at her beautiful legs. I heard Arta's voice promising me to kiss her pussy. Once..., if I would deserve it. I swallowed and waited for other order from my Mistress.

She hesitated. She wanted to go to dance with me, but she knew that I could not hear music in SL. At the end, she decided to play chess with me. I had remembered how I had been failed. I knew my duty. She must enjoy the game; she must win. However, she had new rules. According the first rule, she had a right to order me to ignore my last step and do a new one. She also wanted to check all my movement on the chess board. Before making a step, I had to show what chess-piece would be involved. I was allowed to make a step only after her permission. She also mentioned that I would have to suggest the best step to her.

I used to play chess when I was a little girl. I had liked it until I had learnt that all steps of different opening had been memorized by the players. I usually play check with emotion like a child. I do not know much about the science of the chess.

I knew that my Mistress would win. I obeyed her rules and she soon copped all my chess-pieces. She beat my bishop and queen. I did not want to give her such advantage I just did not realize the danger. Once, I lifted up my pawn and made a move. I forgot to wait for her permission. She became angry, very angry. I felt the anger in her words when she asked what I did. Her anger covered me. I started to shiver and I tried to take back my pawn, but it was impossible.

Arta jumped and ran to her chair silently. I followed her with burning face. I failed again. I was begging for her pardon, but she was unappeased. She shouted at me and ordered me to list all my mistakes I had done during the game. I mentioned everything I could guess. She wanted to hear more. She arrogated to hear more. I told her every mistake came to my mind. She treated me to punish three times harder if I would not tell what she wanted to hear. I was crying I felt despaired. I knew I had mistaken, but I did not know what she wanted to hear. I begged to help me. She refused and called me a liar. I cried even more. I never lied her. She was my Mistress.

She locked a chain on my cuffs and leaded me to stocks. I never saw it before. I had to insert my head between the wooden locks and she closed me. I stood there leaning with bound hands behind my back. She set the timer and I knew that I would spent at least a day here.

She shouted at me angrily. I did not answer. I never lied her. She slapped in my face. I hissed. I saw through tears as she lifted her hand again. Smack was painful. I lifted my face and held for her. I wanted her to smack my face. I never lied her.

She left and I left alone with my tears and sorrowful thoughts in the dark of the night. Soon, I felt pain in my middle and in my neck. I got tired very quickly. My eyes closed; I fought to keep them open. This night was a nightmare for me. I knew I deserved it. I failed again. But, I never lied her.


Going Out

Do you remember that I was unable to crawl on the branch while wearing cuff two days ago? My Mistress decided to teach me how to move in heavy bondage. She explained me the basic movement and then she allowed me to try it. I moved slowly and my knees hurt much, but I crawled. I was able to move according to Arta's command. I was proud and I was thankful for my Mistress.

A guest arrived. He was Arta's Hungarian friend. We had met earlier. He was kind person. He did not come in the house, so, my Mistress sent me to call him in. My Mistress talked with him. I listened to their conversation kneeling before my Mistress. A bit later, my Mistress decided to demonstrate how I could clean the floor. While I was working, they were talking about fashion.

Arta showed some free clothes. I gazed her clothes over my shoulder. She asked if I liked her clothes. I nodded. She smiled and we went shopping.

We were in one of the best shops in SL and Arta allowed me to take free clothes. Then we went to a Hungarian club. I danced alone, and then I danced with Arta's friend. I was rather tired when we arrived home.


To Punish or not to Punish

I have never thought about the punishment. I admit that I was rarely punished. I have always tried to be an obedient slave. I felt sometimes that some of my Owners did not want to punish me. I had a strange feeling that punishing me was uncomfortable for them. Maybe I am wrong, as it is just my anticipation.

I was sometimes punished. That is right. I was caged; I was whipped; I had to write about my mistake. I am sure that after the punishment, I became better slave. But what made me better slave? The pain? The discomfort? Maybe. However, I think that after the punishment I learnt something new of my Owner, of his or her need. I eagerly wanted to use the new knowledge. I always wanted to please my Owner better.

I must also remember that many of Owners enjoyed my punishment or imposition. For example, I was closed in a cage as a punishment and I was caged just for my Owners pleasure. I always knew when I was punished and when my discomfort was used to give pleasure to my Owner. This feedback is very important for me. I know my Owner can use me whatever he or she likes. I accept it and I like it. It is why I am a slave. *smiles

Knowing that I am under punishment and knowing the reason made me better slave, who can satisfy the Owner's need better.

Arta has another approach. She is proud of me as a slave who does not need punishment. I felt how she was content when she told it to her friends. I was very proud hearing it. I cannot describe my feelings. I was content with myself and I was excited. I felt so not because of pride. I felt so because, I know that she was pleased with me. Hearing her words, I always decided to act very carefully, to listen to every word of her order and to listen to her emotions.

When she called me disobedient slave, I felt something was broken inside me. I knew I did something wrong, something unforgettable. I was afraid of loosing her trust. I was afraid of making her discomfort.

I would have wished to hear her voice telling me that I was not disobedient, just foolish and bumpkin. She did not tell these words to me. Instead, she ordered me out of her bedroom and she bound me in the living room. I was despaired.

The next day, she forgave me. She allowed visiting my friend as she had promised a day ago. I felt that I did not deserve her kindness. When I returned home, she showed me her trust in me. She did not tie me to the bed and she allowed me to walk freely in her house and in the garden.

I spent last night in cuffs holding my body in uncomfortable position. I knew that she was disappointed in me. She punished me such way. After the punishment, I decided to be better slave and to listen to her needs better with all my attention. So, the punishment was useful.

But, the next day, she gave me her trust. She did not punish me, but she gave me some reward. I know I do not want to loose her trust. I know that I must deserve the confidence. I know that I cannot make any mistake. I must do my best and even more. I was not punished. However, my will to please her became harder.

It is not my job to decide if a slave must be punished or not. I do not want to judge anybody. I just wanted to share my feelings with you.

Free Hour

I was kneeling while I was waiting for my Mistress. Chains held me tight, it was impossible to stand up. The hard metal cut deep into my body. I knew that I did not deserve to stay in Arta's bedroom. Shame burnt and tears chilled my face.

My Mistress arrived home and I dropped myself to her feet begging for mercy. Arta was very kind and forgave me. She even decided not to punish me; she was so content that I admitted my failure. Many Owners would have punished me. According to the common opinion, the slave must be punished for every mistake. But, she knew me better. She knew that I repented my guilt and I would never do the same mistake again. She felt that I punished myself harder than anybody could do.

She strokes my hair and she said that I could go and meet my friend. I hesitated. I wanted to go, but from other hand, I wanted to stay with her to please her. She chose clothes for me. I wore the new long jeans with a nice white blouse.

Sir Sleight showed me his new shop, which was under construction. Then we went to his home. I had been there some days ago, but it was changed very much. Sir Sleight planted trees and flowers on the beach. Glistening stream flowed between the houses toward the sea. The entrance of the main house was decorated with pink roses. He built a dream home here.

He started to show me his house, but, the SL was cruel and we could not finish the tour. Arta gave me a free hour, so I had to return home.

I just arrived when my ankle cuffs sent me the first warning. The warning said that in fifteen minutes my cuffs would be locked. I started to prepare to sleep in the living room. I asked permission to go to bed. My Mistress allowed me to sleep. But, before going to bed (or rug), I had to lock my wrists cuffs behind my back. It was difficult for me to find the right button in menu of the cuffs among the offered functionalities.

Fortunately, my Mistress came home and helped me. She allowed sleeping in her bedroom. I was very happy. She said she was not angry with me. She did not even tie me to the bed. She allowed me to walk in the house and around it, not leaving her parcel.

She acted such way instead of the punishment. She trusted in me. She trusted in my obedience. I know that I had to be very obedient. I knew that I would be very obedient and I would not fail again. I kissed her legs with all love of my heart before going to sleep.


Bad Slave

My Mistress was away from home. After about two minutes I greeted her, she sent me a teleport. She was in a shop. Arta ordered me to dance in order to check the possibilities of a dance chair.

She allowed me to ask questions, but I had to follow her all the time. She seemed to enjoy seeing me running and typing at the same time.

Then we tried a pose ball for couples. Arta sat on my face. She was sitting there while we examined the pose ball. After it my Mistress leaded me home. At home, Arta said that she bought something for us. I became excited; I thought she had bought a pose ball. I was mistaken. She walked to the bathroom, where I saw a bucket and a brush. I had to clean the floor. She was standing at me and looked my motion.

I asked permission for talking with Sir Sleight, tomorrow. My Mistress was so kind and allowed me it. I also received new clothes collection from Sir Bela. Mistress allowed me to accept it. She then allowed me to change my outfit, as Sir Bela asked me to take photos. He was interested in to know how these clothes looked on a woman. My Mistress allowed me to do it and she even helped me to find the problem with clothes.

After taking photos, she allowed me to wear the new red clothes she had bought for me. I looked very sexy and I felt happy. She took me to the place where we had played chess in one of our first encounters.

We played chess. I played better and she promised me to be punished in case of winning the game. I explained it that I was not afraid of being punished as she was a fair Mistress. We were playing. During the play, she mentioned that she wanted to win the game. She did not win. We were still playing and she was in a bad situation when she closed my cuffs forcing me to kneel. We did not finish the third game, when she stood up and told me that it was enough for today. She went home and I was crawling after her kneeling in the clench of the metal cuffs.

She went in the house. I tried to follow, but the level of the bench was too high for me. It seemed to be impossible to climb on it bound. She did not return to help me. She was just shouting impatiently. I dropped myself forward and landed hard on the concrete floor of the bench. I felt heavy pain in my legs as I crawled through the door.

My Mistress argued with me. She called me lazy and disobedient slave. I was crying. She was disappointed in me. It hurt very much. I was begging her not to call me disobedient, but she did not change her opinion. She promised me to be punished. I knew that I deserved the punishment. I did not obey her command at once. I had to jump earlier. But, I never wanted to ignore her command. She was cruel and chained me to the column in the living room. I did not deserve to sleep in her bedroom, I knew.

I felt very bad. I did not want my Mistress to think of me like a disobedient slave. I did not want to be disobedient. I always struggled to be a good slave. Crying shook my body on the rug. I could not felt asleep. Why did my Mistress think that I was a bad slave?

Suddenly, I understood. At least, I hoped that I understood. She had said that she had wanted to win and I had not allowed it. Why did I think that we were playing? I do not have right to play. I have right to please my Mistress. I have to please my Mistress. I cried out loudly. Yes, I am a bad slave.



I woke up and greeted my Mistress in IM. She did not answer. I heard noises from behind me. When I turned around, I could see my Mistress sleeping in her bed. I became frozen, as I did not want to awake my Mistress. A moment later, Arta opened her eyes and said hello.

She was almost naked. She wore only a red thong and some jewels around her tights. She had beautiful slender body. She called me to the bed. My heart beat in my heart, when I heard her tinkling voice. She just wanted a massage. I sat on her hips and massaged her shoulders and back.

I talked to Arta and she answered, but I felt that there was something wrong with her. She suddenly moaned loudly. I stopped and I asked what happened. I was still tied to her bed and that cold chain reached her hot body. I spread my legs wider.

She ordered me to massage her bottom. I became very excited when I touched her round buttock. I held back my breath and forced myself to calm down. She recognized my excitement and ordered me to kiss her bottom. I closed my eyes when my lips reached her silky skin. I hold my lips on her bottom more than a kiss required it. So, she ordered me to massage her tight and feet.

I almost finished massaging of her feet, when she lifted her foot and presses it against my mouth. I parted my lips and kissed her foot. Arta pushes her foot further until her toes filled my mouth. Then she ordered me to suck them. I sucked them moving my head slowly. My tongue swirled around her tiny toes.

Suddenly, my Mistress pushed me away and told me to kneel before the bed. I obeyed. Suddenly, I could not see anything just a black window in front of my eyes. Arta closed the forced mouselook. She teleported me to a place. I did not know where we arrived. I heard chat behind me.

I met Arta's Cruel Friend again. Do you remember him? At this time, he was working with different avatars on an RR tool. I got to know that he was a scripter. Arta ordered me to help him to learn RR viewer. I helped as I could, however, I did not have much experience. My Mistress answered quicker than I did.

I was still in forced mouselook. It was quite a challenge. I was ordered to turn to the person who talked to me. Turning and listening to a speech and answering at the same time was not easy in mouselook.

My Mistress gave me a picture and I could not take a look at it, as it was impossible in mouselook. Fortunately, Arta switched off the mouselook. It was she and I in the picture. She took a very nice picture of us.

When we returned home, I was very tired. My body cried for relax. I could not go to bed. A friend of Arta came in and my Mistress demonstrated how obedient I was. I felt tired, but I enjoyed the demonstration seeing that my Mistress was content with me.

Arta offered me to this stranger. He refused the offer. He was the second man who refused to use me. However, when Arta described how I had given her a massage, the stranger changed his mind. We went to the bedroom and I massaged his wide shoulders. My fingers waves around his muscles. The massage lasted for about ten minutes.

After the massage, my Mistress and this man walked out to the balcony. I was very tired at this time and Arta realized it. I had to serve a drink to this man and then my Mistress allowed me to sleep. She came with me and bound my cuffs to the bed. I closed my eyes and heard far voices of my Mistress and this man, and then I felt asleep.



I woke up in Arta's bedroom chained to her bed. I turned around to find her, but she was not at home, she was not even in SL.

I was waiting for her. I looked around in the bedroom. It was the first time I had time to look around there. My Mistress was not online, so I pay my attention to her furniture and paintings.

After about an hour, I started to be worry. I did not know where she was. Of course, I was not angry. I was her slave and I could spend some time alone in her bedroom. Arta spent very much time with me. I mean I love to be with her, but I knew that she had a job, an important job. She also had a plan, about what I did not know much, but I supposed that this plan was very important for her.

I had been waiting for her earlier, it is true not so much time, but she was always offline. I hoped that everything was all right with her.

I waited for almost two hours and it was the time to go to bed. Before sleeping, I sent a message to Arta. I sent the message and she became online at the same time. I greeted her in IM and we talked a bit. This conversation calmed me down and I went to the bed knowing that it was everything OK with my Mistress.



I woke up and looked around in my Mistress' bedroom. She was not at home, so, I sent her a greeting message and I sat down on the rug. Arta said hello smiling. She did not tell more.

I was waiting and I kept my eyes on the stairway where my Mistress would come to the bedroom. I was not tied this time, but I decided to sit on the rug. I liked my new place, it were more comfortable and more confident than my old place in the living room.

I was waiting for about twenty minutes, when my Mistress IMed me again. We talked some words and then she sent me a teleport. A moment later, I arrived to a place where I had never been before. My Mistress had a conversation with a man whom I had met in her home earlier.

I knelt in front of Arta and greeted her with a kiss to her foot. Only after it, I looked around. Titles on the wall looked familiar. My stomach lifted and descended in fear. We were in an Hungarian place.

I like my fellow citizens. But, I feel strange to be a slave among them. I have a feeling that they do not tolerate such relationships. You probably remember my last visit and the discussion with my Mistress after it. Now, I decided to keep her rules completely. I decided to behave like a slave and not to listen to the people around.

Arta leaded me to the center of a big square where a woman and a man were talking. I greeted them as a slave. The man did not pay attention to me, but the woman showed interest. She started joking on me. I smiled at her and did not show any other emotions. She talked with my Mistress. The subject of the conversation was money and how to get it. She said “What is the benefit of freedom if you are lacked of food and money.” My Mistress nodded and asked me to tell my opinion. I told the truth that I did not agree. Arta became angry. She ignored me and she refused me when I asked for a permission to ask. I was kneeling silently.

When we arrive home, my Mistress wanted to punish me. She was a fair Mistress and she asked why I had contradicted. I explain my point. The possibility of being her slave meant more than any amount of money for me. She smiled and she did not punish me.

She sat in the throne and I knelt in front of her. I asked for help what I should do in such case next time. She did not answer, just smiled.

Then she left me alone for a while. I had time to think of this situation. What should I do next time? I tried various scenarios, but I liked none of them.

My Mistress returned and she told me how proud she was having such slave like me. She added that I would be perfect slave after learning good manners. I asked her to help me and to explain the right behavior in this case. She smiled at me and explained what I had had to do. I brushed listening to her words. It was so simple, so serried. I was a slave and slaves had nothing. Slaves did not have any opinion. I understood that next time, I would agree with her in all possible questions.

She allowed me to tell my opinion when we would be alone. When there is nobody around, I am allowed to whisper my opinion into her ears. Is not she a wonderful Mistress?


We went shopping with my Mistress early morning. She had planned to go shopping with me and it seemed that this moment came. I was exciting. I admit that I admired Arta's beautiful clothes. But, I wanted to be pretty as her slave. I wanted others to envy her. Sometimes, I felt that she did not like my clothes. So, I was happy to have something she indeed liked.

The shop we went, sold wonderful clothes. I liked them all. I was excited and I tried to find out what kind clothes my Mistress would choose for me.

I was blaming at the nice clothes, as I still liked to go to the shops. My Mistress seemed to be familiar with the offered clothes. She spent only a few moments inf front of a wall, however the wall was covered by pictures of pretty clothes. I wanted to look at all clothes, but Arta did not want to me to gaze at these pictures. She went away and jerked me by my collar.

She chose a nice red dress for me, which covered only few part of my body. I was very sexy, was not I? Mistress allowed me to stay in the new clothes. I turned around and showed her my new outfit smiling.

Then Arta leaded me to the upper floor. There, she bought some pair of jeans for me. I was so lucky.


Cruel Friend

My Mistress went away and sent me a teleport. I did not have any idea where she called me. When I arrived and looked around, I realized a man standing near my Mistress. She introduced us each other. I greeted this man an informal way usual in SL among citizens with Hungarian root. Arta smiled and talked to this man saying that I still had to learn, because I thought that her friends were mine, too.

I understood that she wished to address her friend in a formal way. It is difficult to explain, as Hungarian and English grammar differs from this point of you. In short, she wanted me to address her friend as Mr, Mrs r Miss. She did not mention it before and I understood that she created a new rule for me. I asked this man forgiveness and greeted him in a formal way.

My Mistress gave full marks for me on my common behavior. I was glad hearing her words. She was proud of me. She ordered me to show how I usually greeted her. I kissed her feet and I felt how content she was.

This man offered some kind of restrain device which showed where I look to. I did not know why he offered such device. At the beginning of my servitude, I offered Arta to use RR viewer. She had refused my offer; she had said that she had trusted me. I had been thankful for it.

I did not mention that my Mistress had modified my collar putting a new kneel animation in it. When I was kneeling, she was able to check movement of my head. She had explained it to me and I had not felt as lack of trust from her side. But, now, the offer of this man sounded cruel. My Mistress demonstrated the forced mouselook of my cuffs. The experience was interesting. I had never tried it before.

What followed was a nightmare for me. My Mistress offered this man me. I was frightened. My face reflected my emotions. The cruel man refused me, but noticed that I wanted to influence my Mistress. I was desperate. Arta never ordered me to hide my emotes. I fought with cry.

Fortunately, Arta decided to go home, soon. When we were alone, we discussed what had happened. This man was a very good friend of my Mistress. She said he was a good man, but I remembered only his cruelty. I promised my Mistress that I would serve this man very obediently if she would give me to him.

My Mistress caressed me before going to bed and I felt better.

Mistress Working

I woke up late afternoon and I heard voice of a man. He asked if I was with Arta. He talked not to me but to my Mistress. My Mistress worked again and I woke up in the worst moment.

Her client wanted me to join them. Arta explained that I was not an escort. I loved her. She always protected me. But this man was interested in our relationship, so he demanded Arta to demonstrate how I served her.

Arta ordered me to give feet massage. I tried to be very obedient and exciting as my fondles and massages her beautiful feet. Then I lifted her foot and my tongue ran over her sole again and again. I felt that her client looked at me and I wanted to be exciting. I wanted my Mistress to be proud of me. During the massage, I took off my blouse and pants. It was so wonderful to kneel in front of my Mistress and play with her feet.

Arta stood up and walked toward the rug. I followed her on my knees. Then we lied down and held each other in our arms. I was naked. The heat coming from Arta's body makes me horny. My Mistress opened her top and her rich breasts jumped up enjoying the sudden freedom. I held my breath gazing Arta's uncovered breasts, her hard nipples. I parted my lips and waited for her command. Words left Arta's lips and I heard that the command “kiss my nipple”. I leaned and obeyed gladly. I kissed her nipples, her breasts and I forgot of the surrounding world.

The sudden words cut my emotions. My Mistress ordered me to stop. I lifted my head and I could not see her client. He left. I was still excited and I took deep breath to calm down. I smiled at my Mistress to cover the trembling of my body.

Arta was angry. She did not was angry with me. It was because of the situation with her client. I felt guilty however; I knew that she did not stare at me. I offered to move my place out of the house to the garden. She disagreed. I begged her. She disagreed and she showed my new place in her bedroom. I would sleep in Arta's bedroom. She placed a rug in front of her bed. She was wonderful Mistress. I love her.


I woke up and I stretched myself. I was not alone. I heard voice of love from my Mistress' bedroom. She was working. I greeted Arta and tiptoed out of the house to the garden. I enjoyed the waves coming from the sea and the mixed colors of flowers in the garden. The door was opened and my Mistress came out. I greeted her with the kiss to her feet and smiled up at her. She invited me to the house. She asked me why I had gone out to the garden. I explained the reason that I did not want to make her client to feel uncomfortable. She strokes my head.

I knelt in front of her and stared at her slender body sitting in the throne. There was no doubt she was a real queen.

We started a discussion about our feelings and our relationship. I felt happy during this conversation. We started to get to know each other better.


Relaxing with Mistress

Arta decided to go to have fun together. I was happy, I was sure we would spend wonderful time together. She wanted me to choose the place where to go. I mentioned that I like skydiving and my Mistress showed an interest, too.

First, we went to the old Paris and we jumped from the top of the Eiffel Tower. Arta went first and I followed her immediately. We were falling together and we were flying around each other. She was very skillful.

We were talking about different types of parachutes and she wanted to see my sport parachute. But, there were earthquake in Paris and we had to go to Abbot.

My Mistress bought a sport parachute, too and we went to jump. It was my best skydiving. Just look at the picture how good I landed.

I enjoyed having fun with my Mistress. I went to bed tired and very happy.

Arta's Friends

My Mistress ordered my to show some skirts I had. She chose one of them carefully. I did not know why she was picking my clothes. I thought she decided that it was the time to change my clothes.

But, suddenly she disappeared and a moment later, I received a teleport from her. I traveled to her without delay. I arrived to a place where we had met first. Four persons were sitting there. I felt confused. I did not know what to do. Some days age, I had been here as a free person. I knew almost everybody sitting here.

I hesitated. My Mistress sat down and ordered me to knell at her feet. I blew the air out. So, I must have behaved like a slave. I knelt down and greeted everybody. Others looked at us with interest. I felt their eyes on my body. I felt a bit uncomfortable. I tried to guess their reactions. I did not have to fear. They accepted Arta as my Mistress and me as a slave.

Soon, they started to talk about the business in SL. I knew that my Mistress worked an escort and I knew that she wanted to start her own business. I supposed that she was a successful escort, but I did not know much of her business thing.

Now, I realized that she must have been fairly successful. Many of people here were envy her. I smiled with bowed head and I was very proud of my Mistress. I was listening to the talk. A bit later, I joined their conversation.

I was happy when my Mistress decided to go home. I did not feel comfortable there.

At home, my Mistress told her opinion about my behavior. She was satisfied in common, but she had some remarks. She said I would have to answer to all question, but I would ask permission for asking a question. I nodded and memorized her rule.

I was happy because she decided to show me to her friends. On the other hand, I did not feel good among them. It was not a BDSM community at all and I was afraid of her reactions. I knew I was silly. I had to trust my Mistress, she is a caring Owner and she would not hurt me until I am bad.

My Mistress allowed me to relax; she knew that I got tired.


Swimming in the Ocean

My Mistress called for me. I ran to her at once. She stood in a wonderful island, close to the ocean. We were waiting for somebody, who did not arrive. I was kneeling at Arta's feet, silently.

Arta's voice broke the silence. She decided not to wait any longer and we went to the ocean. My face and breasts still were covered by sperm of strangers. My hair was dirty, like my mind. I still felt penises in my mouth. My Mistress ordered me to go to the water and wash off the dirt from my body.

I ran to the ocean. The warm waves stroked my body. I washed my body and my hair very carefully. My body became clean and I felt better. I was sitting in water and stared at Arta who stood on the beach and my mind calmed down slowly. Arta called me. I sat down before her and she washed my hair. Her wonderful fingers ran over my head and tickled my hair pleasantly.

Then my Mistress leaded me in an escort club. My heart beat in my throat. She examined me and leaded me out of the club. I felt that she was disappointed. I wished I would had been able to explain why I did not want to work as an escort. I was not sure if I could, so I remained silent.

My Mistress was wonderful and she allowed me to go to bed. She felt that I did not want to be an escort. Maybe she asked me about it, once. Then, maybe I would be able to explain the reasons her.


Return to the Prison

My Mistress did not want to be with me. She took me to the prison, where I had sucked people requiring it. I hated to be there, I hated most of persons I could meet there. I admit I had met some interesting persons there, but most of men who had used me, I had not found nice.

Arta realized my shaking body and she asked if I did not want to go there. She used word “work” instead of “go”. The question was “Do not want to work there?”. I did not want to, but, I did not want to tell it to my Mistress. She was my Mistress what I liked or disliked did not count.

So, Arta closed me in a cell. The crowed gathered in front of my cell soon. I had to start to work. A man came after another. They used my mouth. They did not want to talk to me; they did not talk to me. They just used me as I could use a vibrator. Some of them went away, while I held their phallus in my mouth. These men did not tell me to release their penis from my mouth.

I felt very dirty and I became very tired. I did not have a minute break between men. My Mistress did not go away. She was standing in front of my cell and she talked to the men who were waiting for my service. Why did not she use me? Maybe she did not like me. Maybe I did something wrong. Such emotions swirled in my mind. But, I did not have to to think of it much, as my mouth was filled with the penis of different men. One after another... My mouth walked phallus by phallus.

I felt the disgusting taste of mixed semen in my mouth. I felt as their semen flew on my face and dropped on my clothes. I felt so dirty. I wished if I would have finished it.

Some of the men were especially irritating. I sucked them all, but the irritating ones did not receive erotic welcome. I knew I was bad. I hated myself for that, too.

Some people felt pity for me. A girl asked Arta why I was caged. She offered her help to escape me in secret. My only wish was to leave this hatred prison, but I could not go without Arta's permission. I did not want to escape from her. I only hoped that she enjoyed my humiliation.

At the end, my Mistress took me home. When we arrived, she left me kneeling cuffed and she sat down in her throne. I was waiting for her call, but she did not order me anything. I was sure that she was angry with me. She did not like me, I supposed. She did not want to use me. She gave me foreigners. She must have realized that it hated it. It must have been a punishment. My eyes were filled with tears as I crawled to her feet.

She did not talk to me. She looked at my shaking in cry body and then she turned her head away. I was crying. I could not see anything through tears flowing down on my face.

She ordered me to go to bed without having the bath. I felt dirty, but I was desperate not because of my dirty body but her dislike to me. I went off to sleep weeping.


Freedom II

My Mistress did not want to use me and she was so kind that she allowed me to walk freely in SL. She gave me two hours of spare time.

I went to Sarah's Ponyplay Island and tried all carts I found there. I was alone on the entire racecourse.

When I returned home, my Mistress was not there. Instead her, I found a man in her house. We started to talk and soon I realized that the guest is from Hungary, too. He knew about me. My Mistress told him that she had a slave and it was not difficult for him to guess that I was that slave. It was surprise for me that Arta mentioned of me anybody.

My Mistress arrived soon and I had to give her a feet massage as usually. Then, she ordered me to go to bed. Her guest was with us during the massage. He was silent; I suppose he liked what he saw.



I woke up in my Mistress' house. I was alone; I could not see my Mistress anywhere.

I decided to sleep a bit more, when suddenly I heard familiar voices; Arta stepped toward me. I got up quickly and greeted her. Then, I lowered to my knees and kissed her legs gently. She seemed to be satisfied by such greetings.

My Mistress sat down in her favorite chair and she ordered me to massage her legs. I moved closer and knelt down at her feet. I lifted her legs slowly and placed them on my tights. Then I started to massage them carefully. She said that she is busy, but her order was to continue the massage.

She was sitting silently. I supposed she has a conversation with others via IM. When I slowed down, Arta pressed me forward. My hands became tired and I decided to change the way of the massage. I leaned, placed her hands on my head and moved them carefully. I wanted my hair to tickle her feet. My Mistress did not like it and she ordered me to continue massage with my hands.

I obeyed. I was massaging her for about half an hour when Arta started to talk with me. She told that she would be busy this week and she would not have time to train me. She offered me to choose what I would do while she would be busy.

I told that she would tie me to the column and use when she would have time. Or, she would allow me to walk in SL and I obeyed that I would come if she would call me without delay. She was thinking. She went to a rug for relax and called me. She kept me in her arms and she said that she was satisfied with my slavery. At the end, she decided that I could walk in SL while she was busy. However, I would have to come if she would call me. She also ordered me to sleep at home. Of course, I cannot take off my cuffs.

I felt happy and sad at the same time. I was happy because she trusted in me and allowed me to walk. I was sad because I would spend only limited time in servitude of my Mistress.

Whore in Use

I woke up in my cell and I heard voices around. I lifted my head slowly. I felt sleepy. I looked around and I realized that nice crowed gathered in the room in front of my cell. I did what my Mistress ordered me to do; I knelt in the corner, after switching on the tip jar.

A man came to me and I had to suck him. He finished soon. I took a deep breath and the shadow covered me. I looked up and the next man stood above me requiring my mouth. I gave him what he wanted.

I felt dirty, semen flew on my face. I bit my lips to stop my tears. The third man arrived and demanded me. He wanted me to undress. I refused as my Mistress told me to stay dressed. He became angry and left me.

But, the next came. He was talking to me. I calmed down slowly. Then he paid 100L into my tip jar. I received only 60L. How cheap whore is I. But, he was kind and we talked. I slowly forget my dirtiness, my humiliation. But, he left me here soon.

Other man came into my cell and lay down. He did not talk much. He just said “I am waiting”. I began to cry, as I knelt between his legs with opened mouth.

The next man wanted me, too. But, he was not cruel at all. We talked and after I calmed down, he pulled my head on her hips. I did my best. I felt bad and I found myself disgusting. But, I decided to give very good service for this kind man, who treated me like a woman.

I was busy to give him pleasure, when my Mistress arrived. She commented my actions, which made my work more difficult. My partner exploded in my mouth and waited for me to clean him completely.

I looked up and I realized the crowed blaming at me. I blushed and bowed my head. I was afraid of looking at these people. Arta started to organize my work. First, she asked the last man to play me tips if he was satisfied. He gave me no money, but an amethyst collar. My eyes opened wide. It must have cost at least 500L.

The next man was a farmer. He came naked with wide hat on his head. He did not talk to me, only to my Mistress in IM. I just started to suck him, when he stood up. I looked around confused. My Mistress ordered me to come out of my cell. I felt better. I wanted to go away from this prison so much. “Go with him”, I heard Arta's voice. My knees started to tremble. Fortunately, he wanted me to undress and my Mistress ordered me to return to my cell.

Next man came and I obeyed with closed eyes. I did not want to see anything. I did not want to feel anything. I moved like a robot.

Then Arta took me home. She did not allow having a bath. I was so tired. I fell asleep with shaking stomach, bound to the column.


Useless whore

Later, I was still in my cell. I felt pain in my knees, as the floor of the cell was hard and cold. I could see people moving in the room and having sex there in front of the others.

My Mistress asked me in IM if I earned any money. I told her that I had earned nothing yet.

About twenty, long minutes later, my Mistress arrived. She attached the leash to my collar and leaded me around in the room. She offered many people my services, but nobody was interested in me. At the end she closed me back to my cell and then she left. Before she left, she ordered me to kneel in the corner.

I received an IM from a very kind and interesting person. We had very nice conversation and we agreed to meet if my Mistress would release me. But, he had to leave and I remained alone in the cell useless.

My Job

I woke up and looked around trying to open my eyes. I could not hear voice in the house. My Mistress was sleeping yet. I returned to my rug and continued sleeping.

I woke up again. I stood up and massaged my body. I still felt the hardness of the floor. My Mistress was still sleeping. I walked around her house. She kept me in a long leash, so I could walk without difficulties not counting the hard still cuffs squeezing my ankles. The house was silent. I did not want to awake my Mistress, so, I decided to sleep further.

I woke up again. I could not hear voice and I could not here any noise. My Mistress was not at home. I greeted her in IM.

She came for me, soon. Arta attached a leash to my collar and leaded me away. We arrived to the place where we had been earlier. Then, we had gone there through the cave filled with webs. Now, we avoided that cave.

I looked around and I could see cells around the walls. My Mistress leaded me to one of them and ordered me to go in. I obeyed. Arta connected my cuffs together in my ankles and wrists. I was forced to kneel.

My Mistress closed the door of my cell. I looked at her through the grid of my cell. She explained that I had to earn money. I would have to give oral pleasure to anybody who asked. I was not allowed to undress and make love.

I looked at as my Mistress disappeared. The room was almost empty in front of my cell. I was kneeling there looking out of my cell for long time, but nobody was interested in me.


A Friend of Mistress

When I woke up, I heard voices of conversation. My Mistress was not alone. I was confused. I did not know if I may have disturbed my Mistress. But, her order was clear, I must have greeted her. So, I greeted her. She said me to wait. I obeyed. I silently examined her partner from the covering of the column I was bound to. This was a man. He stood back to me. They were talking of business.

Suddenly, my Mistress came to me and said hello. I did not know how to behave. She had not shown me to her friends. But, I was her slave and I had to behave like a slave. So, I greeted her in public and I tried not to gaze at this man. She seemed to be pleased. I had to greet the stranger and then she talked about me to him, as I was just an object, an object with a great value.

He started a discussion of me. I did not understand his every word. For example, he mentioned some kind of RL many times. I was kneeling and I bowed my head. I hope they did not notice my face, which reflected embarrassment.

My Mistress sat down in her favorite and she ordered me to give her a feet massage. She liked when I cared of her feet. I crawled closer to her on my knees and I took her legs gently and placed them to my tights. I fondled them lightly circling over her silky skin carefully. They asked question and I tried to answer. The men remarked that I liked to be punished. My Mistress looked at me wondering and asked me if it was true. I was so amused that I stopped to massage her.

Of course, I do not want to be punished. Who likes to be punished? Punishment means that I failed, that I did something wrong, that I acted against my Mistress' will. I know that the punishment is necessary sometimes, but, I always try to be an obedient slave. I know many of slaves behave bad in order to receive punishment, but I am not that kind of girl.

My Mistress can beat me, she can torture me and I suffer gladly for her enjoyment. But, it is not a punishment. It is just a special use of a slave girl for her Owner's pleasure. My Mistress never punished me and she was proud because of that. She is a good Mistress and I want to serve her well.

My Mistress understood me and I noticed that she protected me against the strange questions of this man. However, when I stopped to massage her feet she ordered me to continue. I knew that I must have massaged her and answered to the questions. It was so good to hold her feet; I felt safety.

Fortunately, this man left us soon. We were talking about friends of my Mistress. She wanted to introduce me to them as her slave, but a minute later, she changed her mind. We went to shopping instead. She led me by my leash. I try to start conversation and I asked questions. She sometimes answered, sometimes not. She let me know such way that I was nothing just a slave. I suppose she liked my questions and she was pleased when she decided what question was answered and what not.

After the shopping, we returned home. She bound me to another column, but she did not explain the reason. Then we went to sleep.



When I woke up, I started to seek my Mistress. She was not in the house, so, I sent her an IM. At this time, she really was busy. I was ordered to wait here.

When she arrived, she hogtied me and stepped away from my naked body. I was told to greet her in a proper way. I struggled my tight bound body closer and closer to her. She was waiting patiently. My head reached her legs. I crawled even closer lifting my head over her legs. Then I kissed her legs long holding my lips on her instep.

My Mistress said that we would go out of the house. I became very excited and nodded happily. I wanted to know our destination. She explained that it was not my job. I would get to know where she wanted to go with me, when it would be necessary. She untied me from the column and I rubbed my legs under the heavy cuffs. My Mistress attached a leash to my collar and we went out of the house.

Shortly, we arrived to a dark cave. A huge web almost closed the entrance of the cave. I shivered. I do not like spiders, even small ones. I was frightened, as I thought that my Mistress would give me to the spider. She realized my fear and calmed me down. We went through the cave; my naked legs stepped on the cold stones in the darkness. I placed my legs carefully, slowly. I did not want to step on a small spider. My Mistress seemed to enjoy my fear and started to walk faster grabbing me by my leash.

Soon, we reached the exit from the cage and I found myself in a strange dungeon. I had to kneel down and follow my Mistress crawling. We walked to the ground floor. Some girls stood there, they very obviously escorts of free girls. We were waiting for something for some minutes, and then my Mistress leaded me into a cage and closed me. I was kneeling at the grid facing out of the cage.

In a minute, a man stood in front of me on the other side of the grid. He examined my body and my Mistress offered him to use my mouth. I pushed my face against the cold metal and obeyed. I kissed his phallus gently, when he teleported from me. My Mistress asked if I received anything from this man. She was not disappointed when I answered.

I did not have to wait much for the other man. He was enjoying my mouth for about five minutes and then he wanted to make love with me. My Mistress refused and he decided to leave us.

We have visited the other place, but we did not spend much time there. I begged my Mistress to allow me to go to the bed and she agreed. We returned home and I waited for my Mistress to lock my cuffs to the column. She leaded me to the upper floor where I had never been before. We entered a nice bathroom. My Mistress allowed me to take a bath. Is not she a caring Mistress?

After having a bath, she locked my cuffs to the column on the ground floor and I felt asleep.


My Mistress' Leg

I woke up in my Mistress' house. I looked around and I realized that I was alone. My Mistress was somewhere in the SL. I hesitated. I did not know if I must have sent an IM her. She is very busy and I did not want to disturb. So, I did not greet her, instead I Examined the room, which will be my home for this week. I liked her house. She has very good taste; the evidence was around me. She furnished her home very well.

Once, my Mistress came out from my back. She asked immediately why I had not greeted her. I explained my reasons. In answer, she ordered me to greet her next time. She did not seem to be angry, so, I felt a bit better. She sat down in her chair and ordered me to kneel at her feet.

I just knelt down on the hard wooden pool when she told me that she wanted to show me to her friends. I became exciting, as I wanted to go out from the walls of her house, but, from the other hand, I wanted to serve only her and I wanted to pay my attention only to her. Of course, I did not mention anything about my feelings. I was her slave and I wanted to do everything she ordered me.

She ordered me to align cuffs on my ankles. I was not allowed to stand up. I had to align them kneeling with bound behind my back hands.

I looked up at her. She was beautiful. I told it to her. She ordered me to adulate. I gave full mark of her silky hair and her full breasts. She smiled and asked me to kiss her legs. I moved closer on my knees then I leaned and I kissed her legs gently. My soft lips just touched her beautiful legs. She enjoyed my kisses and she allowed me to kiss her legs any time when I would wish. I smiled at her in thanks and I started to kiss her legs. My warm lips walked slowly on her silky skin upward. She stopped me. She did not want me to kiss her shank. My permission to kiss her legs any time is valid only for instep and lower.

I moved back my head without delay. Then I parted my lips and my tongue reaches her leg. She was very pleasant. I had to lick her skin between her toes. I licked her toes as obediently as I could. My reward was a permission to lick her sole. Her sole were a bit dirty as she had walked barefoot. I cleaned them with long shafts of my tongue very carefully. I felt her smiling eyes on my naked body.

After cleaning her legs, she told me that we would go shopping. But, as I did not have money, I had to earn it first. I held back my breath. I was afraid of having to works as an escort girl. I was silent and I decided that I would go everything she wanted.

She was pleased with my service and she rewarded me. My reward was a rug, which she placed near the column I was bound to. I could sleep in rug not on the cold floor.


My Mistress

Arta IMed me. I told her that the island did not allow me to leave. She sent me a tp and finally, I could leave. Arta built a small garden house. I hesitated. I did not want to disturb her. I talked to her slowly. I told about my Owner who did not come. I had a feeling that I frightened men. She was smiling, giving me police cuffs and asked me to put them on.

When I put them on, Arta told me that I did not looked frightening at all. We were not in her house I had seen before. It was another home of hers, the Caribian style houses on the beach. She leaded me to a hammock. We laid on it. She opened my cuffs and allowed me to give her a massage. While I was massaging her back, fondling her silky skin, she asked questions related to my BDSM needs.

Some minutes later, she ordered me to finish and she said that she wanted to take me to her house. We arrived and I stood in front of her. She asked me to put on my ankle cuffs. I obeyed. Then she showed me a ring built in the column of her house and she explained that it would be my place if I would serve her. I did not know how she meant it, because she locked my cuffs. My hands were bound behind my back and I saw as she attached a chain to my cuffs. She attached the other end of the chain to the ring.

I was told to take off my shoes. She said that shoes would not be necessary for me. It took time while I was able to take them off having cuffs on my wrists and ankles.

Then she sat down in a large chair and ordered me to kneel down in front of her. I looked up at her kneeling and I took small breaths as I became excited. She blessed my hair but she wanted me to have another hairstyle, which allowed her better access to my collar. I showed her all my hairstyles and she chose one of them. Now, I wore two small buns on my head. She was not in hurry. She patiently looked at my all hairstyle. I remembered the case when I had had to change my hairstyle. Then my Owner had told me that I had looked like a bitch and he had ordered me to change my hair. He had not chosen it. Now, I felt the difference. I felt that Arta indeed treated me like a valuable slave.

I was ready to serve, but we both had to go to sleep. We did not do anything special. She did not whip me. She did not order me to have sex with her. Yes, these things did not happen yet I was excited. I felt her ownership over me. I knew that I had to obey. I knew that I would obey.

However, I was not sure if she accepted my servitude. We had had a conversation about the length of offered by me slavery. She had not liked it. She had preferred permanent slaves. I hoped that she would not untie me and we would continue it.

So, we were preparing to go to bed. She left me bound. I asked if I would have to stay here next time. She asked back if I would be able to leave. My heart started to beat loudly. I was still not sure if she accepted me. But, I wanted to continue and I was happy that we would meet next time. I felt happy knowing that I would wait for her here, bound to the column, tomorrow.

Skydiving Again

I received the parachute from my old girlfriend who had left SL. Thank you very much. There is hidden hope deep inside my heart that you will return sometime.

I woke up at Sir Bela's home and I realized that he had built a skydiving are on the roof of his house. He had placed a teleport, which could take me in the sky. I put on the parachute and used the teleport. I found myself on some kind of concrete block. I walked to the end of the concrete block and jumped down. I was falling. The trees and the houses became larger. I almost forgot that I had to open this parachute unlike the free one. I opened it in the last moment and managed myself on the roof. Wow! It was wonderful.

I jumped again and again. It was easier that at the skydiving place in which I was yesterday. I tried the skyboard and I flew out of the region. Next time, I reached success. Oh, it was so exciting. I recommend you to try it.

Do you remember that this day would have been the first day of my slavery? My Owner still was not online. I hoped that he would be a bit later. But, I was too excited to continue skydiving.

Sir Sleight IMed me. He was building a shop. He and Sarena decided to open various shops in SL. He invited me to look around in a half ready shop. This shop was on the nice island, on the beach of the ocean. The shop was not ready yet I knew that it would be nice shop browsing the clothes they offered. I will inform you about the location of their shop if it will be ready.

Sir Sleight had to go and I prepared to leave the island. I was unable to. The teleport system of SL did not work. Lindens did not give any information in their blog except that the grid was closed. I was a captive of this island thanks to Linden guys. I walked around and I was afraid that my future Owner could not login.



I was thinking of my servitude, which will start tomorrow. I did not want to go to any BDSM related places. I had realized that if I had had a planned servitude, then I always had met a person who had wanted me to be his slave. So, I decided to avoid such situation. However, I was afraid of being forgotten by my future Owner. I hoped he would contact me tomorrow.

Sir Bela had showed me one of his favorite places and I thought that it was the time to go there. It was one of the largest skydiving areas in SL. I went there and looked at the map at the entrance. Soon, I guessed where to go. I had a parachute and I put it on before sitting in the ejection seat. The ejection seat shot me into the sky, over the clouds. Then I started to fall. I liked this feeling. I did some jumps, one after another. I felt like a trained parachutist.

There is a shop behind the ejection area. I decided to go there and look around. I still like shopping. Do you remember? *smiles

I found some free items there, the target to the ground and the parachute giver. I took them and sent them to Sir Bela. I recommended him to build a small skydiving are on the roof of his house. He was offline at this time, but, I hoped he would like the idea.

While I was writing the message, a stranger came to me. He wore a skydiver uniform and held a special board. As I got to know later it was a skyboard. We were talking. He told me about the skyboard and he have me money to buy it. I was surprised. We did not know each other and he gave me 250L. I bought the skyboard. I mean I paid for it, but I did not receive. You know, SL very often makes jokes recently. I wrote an IM to the creator. It is better way than waiting for help of Linden. While I was waiting, this kind man left me. As soon as he left, I received the skyboard. Thank you, kind stranger!

I could not try the skyboard as it worked only with some kind of sport parachute, the price of which was unreachable for me.

Then I was walking around this region and enjoyed the well design structure of the skydivers' paradise.


Gorean Hills

The man I had met yesterday called me to his place. It was some kind of Gorean place, however, I did not recognize the elements of Gorean style, as we met on one of the highest peek of a mountain. We were talking and then he had to leave suddenly.

Do you remember that I filled a slave note of one of the auction halls? Next day, a girl IMed me and asked if I wanted to be auctioned. She also offered me to join a group of the Auction House. I joined and I answered her with a bit delay. She had no reactions on my answer. I am a patient girl, so I decided to wait.

Now, somebody asked about the auctions in the group channel of this Auction House. One of the owners answered and recommended to participate in MSA auction. Hmm..., it is rather strange, is not it? A bit later, this owner of the Auction House informed us that there would be an auction this day. The time of the auction was US friendly. I asked about the auctions organized for the people living in EU time zones. She answered that nobody had wanted to be sold in EU friendly time.

Before filling in the slave card, I was searching for the evidences on organizing auctions in EU friendly time. The sample slave card contains on line time of the sample save girl. It showed EU time and the sample time zone also was GMT. It was why I had decided to fill in the slave card of this Auction House. However, maybe that I am the only girl in this Auction House who lives in EU time zones?


New Hope

I received an IM from a man. He was interested in me, but, he did not have time. He offered to own me from Monday. I was very happy.

Sir Bela called me and shows his barn, which was furnished like a slave's room. It contained three rugs for slave. He said me that I can always come here if I need some privacy. I am thankful for him.


Auction Club

I went to Heaven & Hell. I did not want to do anything special, as I still did not want to play. I had difficulties to go to the dungeons, as the old teleport table standing at the entrance of the region did not work.

I met there a man, who accosted me. We had a pleasant conversation there. He was interested in me services, but he was not ready to have a slave yet. We agreed to meet when he would be ready. It had such offers, but in most of cases, my future Owner forgot of me.

I continued to discover new auction halls. I found one among the paid advertisement. It was a beautiful place. I started to read about their rules and I became uncertain. They want to sell only well qualified slaves and they offer free courses to their slaves. It sounds good, does not it. However, they accept only forty percents of applicants. Hmm, if it is true, then why the free training is necessary? They offer a money back guarantee to buyers. I like this idea. I did not find anything about the auction time yet I decided to send my application. But, I read further and I got to know that slaves had to spent half of their time in this Auction House. I did not understand it. How could a slave tell her owner that it is time to go to the auction hall and spend the next hour there? Maybe it is a good Auction House, but it is not good for me. It resembles me clubs, where dancers and escort must work there according to their schedule. It is OK, but then slaves here are escort working for a weeks or months instead of working some hours. The environment of this Auction Hall was beautiful. It is worth going there if you want a quality escort girl, who plays the role of the slave for you.

I decided to go to a beach. My favorite place is Waterworks Island. I put on my favorite bikini and enjoyed the sunshine and the great view. Some minutes later, Arta joined me and I learnt much of her profession, of the work of escort girls.