Happy New Year

I would like to express my thanks to you for reading my blog and staying with me. I know I sometimes do not have the proper point of view. So, I especially am thankful for not leaving me.

I wish you Happy New Year! I wish very good and obedient slaves to Dominants and I wish understanding Dominants to submissives and slaves. Finally yet importantly, I wish you nice time in the next year in the wonderful world of Second Life.

Happy New Year!



My Owner was not online. I wanted to roam among shops to hunt for Christmas gifts. I found few of them. Most of the gifts were offered to group members of the shop. Some gifts were offered for money. Gift for money... It sounds bizarre.



We were talking with my Owner in the village. We went to Arta, my former Mistress to continue conversation. When we arrived, Arta was busy her slave. She was nice, but she was dressed strange for my taste.

My Owner did not have much time to play with me. He decided to lend me to Arta. Arta liked the idea and I had to lick her feet immediately, like in old times. Arta cuffed my hands behind my back. Do you remember foot kiss and wrists cuffs were her favorite?

Then Arta showed me the cell under her room. When I had served her, the cellar was small with one cage. Now, I could see seven or eight small cells and a cage. Of course, I was ordered to go in one of the cells. *smiles

Two interesting things happened to me today. I received the repaired Tokon HUD. I was sure it could be used together with RR tools well.

Sir Bela established his Photographer Studio and he invited me to be one of his models. He also gave me a picture taken of me and post worked. Does not it look nice?

Naked Walking

When I woke up, my Owner was not there. He must have gone away, while I was sleeping. I was walking naked in the village. I was afraid of getting dressed.



I mentioned Smallville to my Owner, who became interested in and we went to this village. We were talking among the houses until my Owner chose one of them.

My Owner told me about the plans for today inside the house. He wanted to eat something before going o bad. But before eating, he wanted to take a bath.

I undressed and I started to take off the clothes of my Owner. We sat in the bath and I washed my Owner's back. I realized his enjoyment and my hands discovered other part of his body. Soon, he started to wash my body, too. We missed the dinner this evening.

After the bath, we ran naked to the other house, where we went to the bed.


I woke up alone, so I decided to discover this place. Did I mention that it was called Scenic Box?

Scenic Box was indeed interesting. I visited the jail, the old castle, where ghosts flew and many interesting rooms. The best was a small village built in middle-aged style and called Smallville.

I received a very useful ring from Sir Bela. The name of this ring was The Ring of Slavery and it contained animations. Thank you, Sir Bela.


In the Wood

My Owner discovered a new BDSM place, which offered many smaller places satisfying different desires. It was similar to Heaven & Hell, but it offered more variety.

When I arrived, my Owner was talking with two beautiful girls, who seemed to be owners of this location. The girls were dancing. They were moving their body in the same way. So, their dance was nice but a bit bizarre.

My Owner took me to a camp in the middle of a forest. There, he ordered me to take off RR cuffs and put on my favorite collar. I put on the amethyst collar, which had become my fellow during my journey on the path of slavery. I added him to the collar as an Owner. It was strange to move without the heavy cuffs. I felt my arms and legs light.

Suddenly, I was unable to move at all. Yes, this collar also contained some feature I did not like. My Owner resolved the lock and ordered me to go in a cage standing close to the campfire. The cage was fairly big, so I could kneel comfortable in it. I was waiting hearing that my Owner was reading something.

Some minutes later, my Owner bound me to a pole, which stood far from the camp. I was standing still, while he tore off my clothes. It was cold night and I was unable to move. The wind bit my skin.

My Owner sat down at the fire and started to eat. I looked at him and the food with hungry eyes, as I had not eaten for almost a day. I do not remember if the cold or the hunger tortured me worse.

When my Owner finished his dinner, the cold night air shook my naked body. He started to play with my nipples. They were erected, but my Master's touch caused sharp pain in them.

In the end, my Owner unbound me. He ordered me to run around the camp three times. It was bad to run naked. My barefoot legs suffered from the bits of breaking wattles. I was very tired; I was just running looking at the grass in front of my legs. Suddenly, my Owner's sharp voice stopped me. He said that I was running the fourth round. I was confused. I thought that it was only the second one. I started to be for his pardon, but he decided to punish me.

He bound me to a log, which kept my body bent and then he started to whip my naked butt. The whip kissed my body and soon, I said thanks for each strike with my moans. It was very tough punishment, as my Owner ordered me to count each strikes loudly.

When my butt was burning, he stopped and gave me a well-roasted bacon to eat and then a piece of bread. I had to eat bound only with my mouth.

After my dinner, my Owner stroked my tortured body gently and he allowed me to get dressed, as we slept in the camp in the middle of the forest.


The Photographer

So, I was at the Xcite main shop. I upgraded my items. When I went out of the shop and I stopped to take a picture at me, a stranger came to me. He offered me to take some pics of me. He also gave me demonstration pictures, which looked well. His name was Jon Tizona.

I promised to mention him in my blog as a small advertisement.

Buy XCite, They Need Your Money

I mentioned in my earlier post that my Tokon HUD went wrong. Today, I was alone and I thought that it was a great opportunity to contact the support team.

I did not think that it would be difficult to change the HUD or to receive repairing tools. I was mistaken. There was a long way to the support team. The note card received with the product said the way to contact to the support team. It was very different as you used to do in case of others. If you have a problem with other products, you just send an IM to the creator and the creator helps. Am I right? Alternatively, there are support channels, like in case of RR tools. Marine's support channel works very well. They helped me many times.

Let us see how it works at XCite. If you have any problem, you have to browse their web sites. I did it. I did not found anything useful.

The next step is the support group. I sent an IM and a kind person, who was not an XCite employee tried to help me. He could not help me. Instead, he gave me the name of the creator of the Tokon tools. I was happy until I read the creator's profile. It said that he must have not disturbed. It mentioned two of the colleagues, responsible for the support. I was not happy, but I understood that he was working on tokon tools much.

Then I read the profile of the first person of the support team, Denalis Daehlie. I must copy here, because you must read it. I think everybody has a right to know how important he or she is as a customer.

So, here is the copy of the profile:

Xcite! Customer Service is Closed for Christmas in America.
Until 12 AM SL time on the 26th, (Thats Midnight SL time the 25 going into the 26th for any who aren't clear.)
ANY calls other then those regarding items purchased that were not recieved will be ignored. If you need help Please feel free to send your requests on the 26th. : )
Thanks and have a Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays!

I understand if somebody does not want to work on Christmas. However, it is a bit strange that when most of people buy gifts and most of SL citizens receive gifts there is no support. The only support is the one, what helps you, if you spend your money.

I especially hate people, who say phrases like “Thats Midnight SL time the 25 going into the 26th for any who aren't clear.”. I suppose that Denalis receives earning from the money of customers, from our money. So, he must respect us at least a little bit.

So, think twice before buying any xcite item. Otherwise, Denalis will (or will not) help you.


RR Viewer

As I mentioned I use RR viewer with my Owner. We did not use much of its features. But, I have some experience with it and I like to share it with you.

Using RR viewer makes me excited. It is better to say that it made excited on the first week. There are many features I dislike. I hate that I am a doll only. I love to obey and when I am ordered to change my position, for example to kneel down, my heart starts beating quicker. RR tools take the excitement of obedience away. I kneel not because of I am obedient. I kneel because RR tools made me kneel. I lay because RR tools make me lay.

It would me much realistic to allow submissive to follow orders. I sometimes feel superfluous. I feel that I am not necessary. If I go away from the keyboard, my avatar will kneel down or do whatever the key holder wants and does.

From the other side, it is a great feature that I am unable to stand up if I am hogtied. I also like that my Owner can bound me to a device. I do not need to sit. Unfortunately, the opposite command does not work properly. If I am bound to something, my Owner can prevent me from standing up. That is excellent. However, if I left SL bound to something strictly, I will stand near the device after logging in again.

I understand that I cannot change my clothes if I am bound. But, if I am not bound, just my cuffs are locked then strange things can happen. I can take off all of my clothes including attachments. I am able to put on my clothes. But, in case of attachments, the menu called “wear” does not exist. I can attach object to my body pointing to the related body parts. It is very uncomfortable and far not realistic. Unfortunately, I do not know the exact place of all of my attachments on my body.

My Owner took my clothes off. I had to go straight ahead, so I could not see my body. In the end of the scene, I looked at myself and I realized that I was naked. He took of my clothes and I did not know of it at all. It would be good if the RR tools whisper of the fact of taking my clothes off.

I know that people like RR tools and I admit that it is grandiose possibility to feel the control. These tools would be even better if these small errors were repaired.

Hard Play

My Owner ordered me to go to the place, where we had made lessons of Hungarian language and send teleport to him. So, I returned to the Bondage Ranch.

My Owner arrived and he ordered me to change my cuffs. I had to wear restraint elegance cuffs and collar. Then I knelt down; it made me surprised, as always. I had to kiss my Owner's boot. I kissed him with closed eyes. My soft lips were sliding on the hard leather. Then I lay down; it was also surprise for me.

My Owner attached the leash to my collar. He ordered me to go before him. I was sure that he was looking at my waving hips; I smiled. We were on the ground. Above us, there was the playground and meeting place of the Bondage Ranch. The ordinary way to the meeting place was the teleport. However, my Owner decided to fly. It took much time to fly there. But we were in the heaven. *smiles

My Owner found a trapdoor of the dungeon. He opened it and ordered me to go in. I made a step and I felt as my body was falling into the darkness. Then I felt an indescribable pain in my neck, as the leash hold my falling body by my metal collar. My legs moved in the air, about in a meter above the ground. I grabbed the chain and I tried to keep my body. My Owner asked me what was inside. I answered him on a dying voice. He descended quickly and detached the leash. My lungs were filled with fresh air.

My Owner bound me to a BDSM rack. I was hanging with upside down. He stepped to me and ordered me to give pleasure with my mouth. I kissed his erection. He stepped back saying that it was not comfortable for him. He left me there hanging, while he went to discover the other part of the dungeon.

He did not like this dungeon. He unbound me and we went to other place. The new place was made by my Owner. It was a simple plain. He put his cross on the middle of the plain and bound me onto it. Then he was playing with me to the orgasm.


Gifts III

I woke up and I sent my gifts to my friends. I also received many nice presents.

I received two lovely dances, an isolation suit and lingerie. I could try only dances. They are so erotic.

I did not risk putting on my clothes because of the strange property of my RR viewer. I have to wait until the end of my servitude. However, I knew that they are lovely ones.

The isolation suit is an RR tool based on a futuristic story Eudeamon. I read the attached note card. I was sure if it would make me happy.


Cage Play

I was waiting for my Owner on my knees. I did not know what had happened to me. I was just unable to walk. I was unable to stand.

My Owner arrived and I could not lean deep, as he liked. I told him what had happened. He was not angry at all. He found the problem at once. My tokon HUD cased all my pain. The tokon HUD went wrong completely. It became small and its buttons were on each other. He allowed me to take it off. I felt better immediately.

We continued discovering Deitide. At this time, we went out to the open area. The first building we visited was a huge but empty arena.

Then we went to the castle standing near the arena. The first part of the castle contained traps. My Owner decided not to risk there, so we went to the other entrance. The other part of the castle was more interesting. It contained small cells and there was a BDSM device in each cell.

My Owner went straight to a strange device made of shiny metal. He ordered me to climb on it, and then he secured my cuffs to it. My fragile body was among the sharp steel knives. My Owner became very excited. I realized that he hesitated. He was excited and he wanted to try it. From the other hand, he did not want me to be hurt much.

I was ready to accept that sharp knives cut my body. Of course, I did not want to die or impaled. I just hoped that Deitide did not hold deadly devices. My Owner cared of me very much, so he did not turn the device on. I decided to collect information of this device and if it would only cut my skin, then I would gladly suffer for his pleasure.

Among the BDSM devices, we found two familiar cages. These cages held victims until the prisoner found out the code opening the door of the cage. We tried it. I had my own strategy, so I opened the door easily. However, my Owner was not pleasant with my strategy. So, I had to return to the cage and play again.

My owner is much cleverer than I am, such way I did not understand the principals of his strategy. After opening the cage, I was allowed to sleep.


I had received a group message. The message contained an appeal to the photographers' contest. I sent this message to Sir Bela. He is very good photographer and I supposed that he would gladly participate in this contest.

Reading the message, he asked me to be his model. My Owner was not online, so I agreed. I like to pose before the camera. There was no much work to do, because the up-to-date photo labors were fully automated.

My limits were not to change my clothes and not to take off my cuffs. I agreed to change my hairstyle. If you find it curious, then I can explain the reason. I can attach my hair; I knew the proper body type. RR viewer usually do not offer menu “wear”, so clothes containing attachments can be easily broken.

After a serial of shoots, we were choosing other hairstyle, when I knelt down. I just knelt down. I could not stand up. I made a step. I was not walking. I was crawling. We had to break our work.


Deitide II

My Owner became online and I went back to Deitide, to the sleeping room.

We continued discovering cages. Then we went back to the sleeping room. My Owner pointed to the cage standing in the corner and ordered me to go in. The cage was very small and when its doors were closed, I stood in the darkness. The doors very transparent, although. I could see the shadow of my Owner, as he was relaxing on the bed. I knew I felt that he was looking at me. It made me very excited.

Some minutes later, my Owner opened the doors of the cage and invited me to the bad. We were sitting on it and looking at each other. There is a tradition in Hungary, when relatives and friends give Christmas gifts to each other.

My Owner presented a gift to me. He could take my clothes off with help of this ring. I was very happy and I wondered when we would try it. The ring demanded a special structure of my inventory, so I had to create this structure.

I gave clothes to my Owner. He put them on immediately. The clothes fitted on him perfectly.


I woke up alone, so I continued shopping. This day was my lucky day. I found all the gifts of what I had dreamed.

I met my former Owner and old friend, Sir Sleight. We had nice conversation. It is so good to have such friend like the wonderful Sir Sleight.



We were trying cages with my Owner. I like cages and I love to be caged. While I am locked and am inside the cage, I feel to be completely owned and controlled. Most of the cages in Deitide worked according to the same principals.

My Owner stopped before the cages. It looked weird; thick pipes went into the cages. My Owner turned to me and said that we would not try this cage, as he would not want me to be harmed by the unknown gas.

Some of the cages were able to control more than one victim. I had never tried such cage. It would be interesting to be caged with other slaves in this cage.

My Owner discovered a nicely furnished and empty room. The main color of this room was red. It looked very erotic, except the red curtains.

We sat on the bed. My Owner invited my former Mistress Arta. While they were talking, I placed my head on my Owner's kneel. I felt safe. The soft conversation and the nearness of my Owner made me feel very comfortable. I was hearing their words and my eyes were closing.

My Owner realized that I was almost sleeping. He fondled my hair and allowed me to sleep.

Gifts II

I continued searching for gifts.

I like shopping. But, I became tired now. I found many nice things. Most of them were not transferable. I had never used “buy as a gift” option of the vendors. I was afraid of using it.

Nobody will accept anything from strangers, as it is very dangerous. I know that in some cases copy option is essential, but I do not understand that why clothes may not be transferred.




My Owner ordered me to kiss his boot when we met. My body was bound tightly. I kissed his boots lying on the ground. It was rainy. My clothes became wet and cold, as I was lying on the ground before my Owner.

Before our meeting, I had changed my hairstyle and my outfit, as I had done it all the time. My Owner examined me carefully; his face did not reflect much emotions. I had a feeling that he did not like how I looked like. So, I asked if he liked my outfit. I was ready to change. I wanted him to like my appearance. He was not pleasant with my question at all. He thought that I forced him to give full marks for my outfit and hairstyle. I learned that it was a mistake to change my appearance without his order. Yes, I was mistaken; I had to be more careful.

My Owner wanted to go to a BDSM related place. I had known many such places, but recently, I knew only few of them. There had been changes in SL and I had had so little time to walk freely. I remembered the Bondage Ranch. It consisted of two parts. The part, where everybody arrived was usually empty. Oh, I forget to say. My Owner wanted me to find a BDSM related place, where he would try the cross, what he had bought at XCite shop. I felt that I was lost. I was not sure if I could find such place. I was sure if I could find such dungeon then the landowner will ban us when we would put the cross on the ground.

You may think that I worry too much. Maybe you are right. I just like to keep rules and policies. I believe that people can live together well keeping the rules. This belief is not connected to my submissive side, which loves follow the rules. Living together and keeping the law is not a BDSM related thing.

Returning to the story, I was lucky as Bondage Ranch allowed building for a limited time. I have to admit that it was because of the shops around the teleport.

We were walking in the Ranch. My Owner decided to put the cross in a building. He did so and we tried to find out how to use the cross. I was just unable to sit on it. While we were fighting with the cross, a strange person came to us. The person's body looked like a female body, but the face was male's. She (or maybe he) has very strange outfit. She was silent at all. She just came to us and sat on the cross. Hee was sitting on the higher part of the cross silently. Then she disappeared.

Finally, my Owner found the necessary settings of the cross and he could bind me to it. Then he leaded me out of the building and ordered me to attach my cuffs to a device standing before the building.

I closed my cuffs. The device forced me to lean and to explore my buttons. My Owner took a long whip and started whipping my ass. It was very painful and soon I moaned in pain. We were in public and it made my pussy wet. This excitement gave me force to handle the painful strikes fairly well.

I had to count each strike. Soon, two girls joined us. They were standing silently and looking at us. My Owner had an idea. He decided to teach these two ladies to count in Hungarian. He gave me ten strikes and then asked a translation of a number from one of the girls. She did not know, so the whipping restarted. My button burnt painfully. I received two series of strikes, while I could whisper the answer to one of the girls. I was sure that my Owner knew of it. However, he said nothing wrong of it.

I slept on my stomach today.


Twisted Orchid

We went to the club called Twisted Orchid. I went there first and I called my Owner, who attached a leash to my collar as soon as he arrived.

It was so exciting to kneel by my Owner's feet while he was looking at the pretty dancers. It was a kind of BDSM club. Most of the dancers wore collar and its leash was attached to the common pole.


XCite Cross

I woke up in the XCite main shop. Soon, my Owner arrived. I had to lie down before him and then he ordered me to kiss his boots. Cuffs secured my arms and legs, so it was not easy to obey. My lips touched the leather boots and walked on them slowly. I lifted my head as high as I could and my mouth reached the higher parts of his boots. The cold metal buckles hurt the soft skin on my face.

Before kissing his boots, my Owner changed my cuffs. Instead of the elegance cuffs, I wore the original RR cuffs again. The original cuffs were heavier and this set contains the metal belt, too.

Then my Owner ordered me to stand up and I was allowed to put on some clothes. My Owner gave me some free time while he was busy. Christmas was approaching, so I went to find gifts for my friends.

I was in a shop when my Owner sent me a teleport. He was still in the XCite Shop. I arrived and we were walking in the shop, until we got to a cross. My Owner bound me to the cross and stripped me slowly. I felt very uncomfortable. In most of shops, it is forbidden to play or just to be naked. My Owner did not realize my discomfort and continued to play with me. He stroked my pussy until I was at the border of the orgasm.

Then my Owner left me on the cross and walked away. He ordered me to give pleasure to any person, who would require it. It would have made me very excited in any BDSM dungeons, but now, I was very afraid now.

A man came to me and looked at me then he walked further. My Owner came to use and called back this man. He ignored us and walked forward silently. A bit later my Owner unbound me and ordered me to put on the clothes, I had worn during the shopping.

I slept in the shop this night.


XCite Shop

I made my hair while my Owner was not with me. I sometimes like fun hair, so I made playful hairstyle and I hoped that my Owner would like it.

I was talked with a lovely girl. She is submissive like me and I feel that we have much in common. We have never met, yet. Maybe we will once.

My Owner called me to join him. I arrived and I found myself at the entrance of the xcite main shop. He beheld my new hairstyle. I examined his reactions and I was sure that he did not like it. I asked if I had to change it. He did not require it. I suppose he did not want to waste our time.

He ordered me to change my clothes. I stood naked for some minutes, but nobody paid attention to me. Soon, I stood almost naked wearing only black leather straps on my body. My Owner allowed me to put on some leather lingerie to cover my pussy. I changed my clothes sometimes until he found the proper ones.

When I was ready, he locked my ankle cuffs to each other and he bound my elbows tight behind my back. My Owner decided to write a word on my cuffs. He asked about my opinion. Finally, he chose the word “Doll”. My Owner said that I was like a doll. I was a doll without thoughts. After some second the word “Doll” appeared on my ankle and wrist cuffs.

Then he went to the shop and I had to follow him. I could move very slowly, as the chain between my ankle cuffs was extremely short. My Owner stopped time to time and he looked at my while I was struggling myself closer to him.

I followed my Owner, who was walking in the shop. Then he suddenly turned to me. He said that it was time to configure my XCite Tokon. I obeyed. Unfortunately, the Tokon HUD is rather large and it reserved big part of my view.

I slept in the shop this day.

Boat Show

I was alone in the morning.

I was searching for ballrooms. I remembered some nice ones, but it seemed that they existed no longer. Finally, I found small and beautiful ballrooms.

I also visited some BDSM relating places, where Dominants and submissives, Masters and slaves met. Sometime, I had a feeling that my Owner was lonely. Maybe, he could find friends in such places.

I received an LM to the boat show. I went there. It was so nice. There were boats around, everywhere. I found nice gifts. I put them deep in my inventory; maybe I can try them in the future.


To Dance

I found myself at the entrance of the island, again. So, I made my humble run naked to the building, where I had been told to stay.

I met my Owner in the building. He was examining a strange cage. This cage was made of steel and latex. The latex sheet held the victim motionless exposing her breasts, bottom, and pussy. He wanted me to go in.

It was very interesting experience. I had tried such cage once at Deitide long, long ago. My Owner was trying various features of the cage. Latex and the humiliation warmed my body.

Then my Owner told me to come out and to put on some formal outfit. The SL was as mysterious as the Island itself. It prohibited me to see the clothes I wore. I asked my Owner to allow me to relog. He denied my humble request. Instead, he ordered me to do various tricks. None of them help me. During the probe my skin became dark. He took me to the other location. It did not helped. He and his friend said that I was OK. I begged for relogging. I did not know what kind of clothes I wore. I did not know if my outfit looked nice together. He refused again.

I had to go to the Path Cat and send the invitation. I felt very bad. I hated being dark. Finally, my Owner allowed me to relog there. I returned and after some minutes of rezzing, I beheld how I looked like. I looked awful. I did not want to waste my Owner's time, so I did not ask him to go to other place and changed my outfit. I just asked for permission to change my earrings. It helped a bit.

We were dancing with him, but we had very limited time. I asked for permission to find other dancing saloon, a nice one, but less popular. I thought he liked the idea.

Naked Run

I had gone to bed in the building furnished in BDSM style, but I woke up at the entrance of the island. I have to admit that Sarah's Island is indeed mysterious.

I was naked. I looked around. It took some seconds to realize where I was at the island and how to get back to the building. Nobody was around. I felt excitement and shame at the same time. I was at the BDSM related place, I knew. But, people usually wear clothes here. I was naked. I left for the building. My head was moving; my eyes were scanning for people. I did not want to meet anybody. It would have been so humiliating. I walked slowly; my heart beat in my throat. I started to run. I ignored the sign prohibiting run here. I just wanted to go in the building as soon as I could.

I reached the building, finally. Nobody beheld me during my way.

I drew breath on the second floor. I just calmed down when my Owner came online. He walked to the building fairly fast. Maybe he knew a shorter path.

My Owner was trying some of the devices with me. He was fucking me while I was bound tight. He ordered me to tell that I was his property and that purpose of my existence was to serve him. These sentences made me more excited.


Sarah's Island

We had to left my Owner's parcel today. My Owner ordered me to find other place, where he could use me as his slave. I had no idea where to go; then I remembered the location of Black Hole Journey, the Sarah's Ponyplay Island. I went there and looked around. It was very different than I remembered. Sarah had changed everything again.

It took much time to find BDSM related buildings. In the end, I found it. The building consisted of three two floors. Some familiar and new BDSM devices were put around. I had a feeling that this house was ready. It was empty and I discovered a hidden area under the ground floor.

I sent teleport for my Owner. Sarah built the island such way, that my Owner arrived at the teleport point, far from me. He must have walked to me.

Then we tried some of the devices. My Owner used my mouth and pussy, while I was bound tight.

When the time of sleeping arrived, my Owner ordered me to stay in the empty building naked. The house was empty, but I could not know if it would not be full next time. It made me very excited. I go to the bed, which was a leather bondage device. The night was cold, but I was sleeping well.


Former Mistress

My Owner invited my former Mistress to visit us. My Owner and Arta sat down in the living room of the old house of my Owner. I stood before them during the conversation.

They were talking of the SL jobs, which were very similar to RL jobs. I had never thought of the analogy of jobs in different life. People work in both life and these people have feelings and aims to reach.

My Owner told that we would leave our place soon and Arta was so kind to offer her house for us. In late evening, my Owner told me that I was allowed to go to sleep. Arta looked disappointed. She told that they had not tortured me today. She offered her help in torturing me. I was looking at my Owner's reaction, but his face did not reflect any emotions.


Hungarian Place Again

My Owner hesitated. He did not know where to go with me. He offered me to choose a ballroom or a Hungarian place. He told me if I would choose the Hungarian place, then he would lead me by my leash there.

I did not want to go to the Hungarian places. I just hated it. I liked humiliation, but I did not want people to feel uncomfortable. There are so many places, where I could be humiliated and the people around would not dislike it.

I felt deep in my mind that my Owner wanted me to select the Hungarian place option. I did choose it. I chose it, but I felt very uncomfortable. My stomach started to lift and descend quickly. I was afraid so much that I had not been before.

My Owner told me that if I would feel uncomfortable then we would leave at once. I nodded; I felt very uncomfortable at this moment, too; I decided not to mention it.

We arrived. I trembled; my body was shaking. My Owner did not attach the leash to my collar. We did not talk to anybody and we did not spend much time there. I was very happy when my Owner took me away from there. The nightmare ended.

The place, where we arrived was not familiar at all. We were walking in the garden and in the buildings. I read the name written on the building. Hmm, it resembled me something. I asked my Owner about this place. It was BDSM School for Submissive. I had been there ages ago.

We were walking around and we met my Owner's friends. Then we went home.


Return to H&H

I woke up in the cage and wait for my Owner patiently. While I was waiting, I changed my outfit and pinned up my hairs. My clothes were the sexy purple ones, what I had won at Beautiful Sin.

My Owner arrived and he told me to go to Heaven and Hell. There, he decided to go to the peak of the mountains. I had not been there before. The peak was a small area designed for romantic couples.

My Owner wanted me to dance for him. It was a bit cold there, as I wore a short skirt and light blouse. Nevertheless, I sat down to the stony floor and started to dance. I circles with my straightened legs before his face stroking my almost naked thighs. I was sure that my Owner liked it. Then I stood up and continued my dance. I was as sexy as I could on the cold peak.

My Owner stopped me and I realized that he became very horny. He took me to the same Gorean style room, where we had spent one day together.

We were alone in the room; my Owner was thinking. He was reviewing my behavior and he found some mistakes. He said that I had had to tell where I had been when I had been alone, without him. I was not sure that he had given me such order. However, I had a strange feeling that he had done so. But, there was no meaning to think about it. I was obviously mistaken.

He sat down to the bed and pulled me on his knees. My bottom lifted up when I turned my head to look at him. At this moment, I felt pain; he started to spank me. He did not beat me hard; but his strikes came very quickly. I knew that I deserved the punishment and I tried to handle it quietly. But, it was so hard, especially when he decided to beat only the left part of my bottom. I struggled with my tears. Then my Owner changed his target and the burning strikes reached the right side of my buttocks.

Soon, I felt that I would not handle it for long. I bit my lips and grabbed the bed-sheet. Fortunately, he finished the punishment before I would have cried out.

Then he stroked me and told me to give him oral pleasure. I knelt down before him and I started working on him with my mouth. I was not sure that I did it good, because he pulled me to the bed and he started licking my pussy making me very excited.

We reached the orgasm at the same time. My Owner decided to stay there, so I could sleep in the warm and soft Gorean bed, together with my Owner.


Scripting Tool

My Owner called me to the prison. We were waiting for the release of one of his friend. He had created special boards, which had said “Freedom to ...”. We lifted these boards and stood. His friend did not arrived, so we gave up with our demonstration after some minutes.

Then we went home and my Owner's other friend showed his special BDSM restraint tools. He had a handcuff which can be closed and released by the owner of the slave. I know that it is not very special nowadays. But when the cuffs were constructed then it was special.

Then he showed me a view checker tool. It forced me to look via mouselook and it showed where I was looking at. We had interesting time.


Gifts for Christmas

I showed the house to my Owner. He told me that I was skillful. I heard his voice, but I was not sure if he indeed thought so.

He was busy and I asked for five minutes of freedom. I had received an LM to a hairdresser salon and I was curious to look at the new hairstyles. He allowed me to go there. I could not see any beautiful hair there.

When I returned, my Owner told me to go with him to a new shop, where free things related to Christmas could be bought. He allowed me to walk freely in the territory of the shop. There was nothing interesting there. But then, we beheld elfin drums. They were really interesting and free.

Later, my former Mistress, Arta, joined us. She liked the drums. I was allowed to go to sleep and my Owner escorted me to home, and kissed me before I went to the cage.

Building A House II

I continued building the house. Finally, I finished it.

I know that it is not the most beautiful house in SL, but I like it. I hope my Owner will like, too.


Building A House

My Owner was not online today. I decided to build a house for him. I liked the one he had placed for us, but I had some problem with transparency of the walls.

It was the first time I had built a house, so I could not finish it today.


Limited Freedom

My Owner was not online today. My RR viewer does not allow me to teleport from my Owner's home. I was talking with my friends via IMs.


The Prey

When I woke up, my Owner and his friend was playing chess. Fortunately, I did not have to participate in the game.

They finished chess and we descended to the island. We were completely alone there. My Owner explained me the game we would play. The rules were very simple. I had to run and they tried to catch me shooting net at me. We had played similar game fix days ago. However, this time, there were two hunters.

My Owner gave sign and I ran away. I was afraid to look back; I was just running up to the hills and jumped down from the peak. I ran fairly well, predators had to gather all their force to catch me.

Later, I changed my tactics. I did not run far, but I jumped between chasers. They sometimes shot at each other. I was smiling and grasping for air in the small breaks among the rounds.

Then, my Owner decided to bind me by my collar to the ground and I had to run in a small territory. The length of the chain attached was no more than fifteen meter.

Hunters stood near each other. I knew that I did not have any chance to escape. I did not even try to run; I jumped between them immediately. Then I run away and turned to jump between them again.

I liked this tactics and I had fun. Unfortunately, my chasers were not welcome this strategy.

My Owner built and ambush. It was very short for the first time, so I could jump between them without a problem. Then my Owner raised the wall of the ambush. I was running leaned around the ambush and they could not shoot at me. Then he built a roof and lowers the wall. The solution for me was easy, I was jumping on the roof and I turned when I was falling down, so they could not guess where I would be seen.

The perfect solution was changing the transparency of the roof, as I could not hide behind the glass roof.

Please, do not think that the hunters did not do their job well. They were very skillful and they always caught me. The only thing I could do was to increase the time elapsed between two successful shoots.


Making Love

Yesterday, I had gone to bed naked; my hands had been secured to each other.

When I woke up, my Owner examined my body and sent me to bring massage oil. It was not easy to grab the small bottle. My fingers searched the oil behind my back. Finally, I got it and returned to the bedroom, where my Owner was waiting for me.

He unlocked my cuffs and I had to undress him. I took off his jacket kissing his chest and stroking his back. Then I lowered and took off his boots and socks. When he stood barefooted, I kissed his feet obediently. He seemed to enjoy my lips very much. While I was kissing his foot, he kicked my head with his other leg softly.

I took his pants off and he invited me to the bed. We stroked each other. I became wet feeling his hot touch on my silky skin. I knew that I had to listen to only his enjoyment. It was so hard for me to stay quiet while my fingers slid over her muscles.

He turned me to my back and went into me. Having his hard erection inside me made me excited at once. I heard that my breath became quicker. I had to bite my lips hard and I tried to focus my attention to his moving body.

He changed our positions some times and his hungry phallus ran into me each time increasing my excitement. Sometimes, I was unable to control myself and voice of enjoyment escaped from my lips.

His erection started pulsating and I knew that he would reach the orgasm soon. I heard his strong voice, as he allowed me to cum. A moment later, his cock exploded in my body. I became very excited and some seconds later, the orgasm took control over my body.

I was fairly quite, so, my Owner decided to continue offering me to possibility of finishing our lovemaking. He is very good Master, is not he?


Restrained Elegance

RR viewer is a special viewer for SL, which gives full control over the slave to her Owner. It makes BDSM scenes more realistic. For example, the viewer is able to prohibit of standing up when the slave is bound to the bondage device. The slave is unable to detach her cuffs. Of course, there are more features of the viewer, such as spying on the slave or control the salve's communication. The RR viewer works together with other tools, like collars and cuffs.

The standard RR collar and cuffs look very heavy and some people do not like it. I think they looks nice, however they are indeed bold. I use RR viewer with these heavy cuffs. My Owner has full control on me. However, he is very kind and I have big freedom.

My Owner told me to go to Marine's shop. Marine is the creator of the RR viewer and there are many RR tools in her shop.

We arrived and I stood politely around my Owner while he was examining the vendors. He turned to me and gave me a box with cuffs and collar. He bought for me new RR cuffs and collar. They were as bold as the old ones, but they looked very nice. Probably, it was the reason why their name was Restrained Elegance.

I took off the collar. It was very unusual feeling without the heavy collar. My head was so light, as I would have flown. The new set of cuffs really looked beautiful. We went home, where my Owner tried the possibilities of the new set. The collar and the cuffs included some new and sexy poses.

Then my Owner called me to him and ordered me to undress him. I obeyed and took his clothes off slowly, when it was possible I used my mouth to open her jacket or just to kiss his strong chest. He was almost naked, when he got a phone call and he had to leave.

I went to my cage and my heart was beating very quickly. It was the first time I had touched my Owner.