The Great Dom

Do you remember Tam Cioc? It is he, who locked my cuffs at Marine's shop. He IMed me. He wanted to play with me. I always asked if I was accepted as a slave before playing.

He did not answer; he sent a teleport instead. He spoke English so bad that I supposed that it is his mother language. You know when somebody wants to hide the knowledge of the language. Besides, he did not speak out words. He was that type who uses word “u” and “r” to make very complex sentences like “where r u”. I had not met such person yet. I just knew that most of people did not like them.

I did not understand him and I had to ask back almost every time he asked a question. In summary, we talked more than in case of normal communication we would have done. First, I thought he wanted to know my limits. But, I was mistaken.

He was not interested in my limits. From his point of view, need or even limits of a slave did not carry any meaning. Yes, it is a very romantic imagination of slaves, who usually escape when they realized that they also have a limit. These slaves usually escape without a word from her already not so beloved Owner.

I suppose that such Owners are beginners or they do not deserve a slave. Because, the real Owner appreciates the slaves who give Owner the control over her body and mind excluding some activities, which are called limits.

When I wrote about this person, I labeled my post with word warning. This warning message was not heard by all. I am sure that Tam Cioc insulted others at Marine's shop, too. Probably, it was the reason why he was banned from that land.

How did I get to know that he was banned? He told me proudly. He also said that he had many slaves and he did not need me. I was happy to hear it. However, I wondered why he searched for me, if it was true.


Playing Chess

After the adventure written in previous post, I wanted to go to bed. I was preparing to leave, when I received an IM from Arta. I told her what happened to me. She was listening to me and my pep returned.

She invited me to play chess. I am not a big chess fun. I know the rules and I used to play chess when I was a little girl. But, of course, I agreed.

She was waiting for me in a skybox. I could see the chess table on my left side and many pictures of nude women. The pictures were designed and taken with care and they reflected the fairness of the women's body.

Arta wanted to know what picture I liked the most. There was an interesting photo showing a naked girl sitting on the table among white plates with oranges. The color of this picture attracted my eyes. I asked about her favorite picture. She said that her favorite picture was taken away.

We sat and started to play. It was hard competition and I won the game. As I had played with white figures, Arta asked for return much. Now, she chose white figures. I won again. Before we started to play, she said that she would me punish if I would loose the game. A moment later, she added that I would be punished if I would win, too. I became excited immediately. Maybe this excitement helped me to win twice.

After the chess play, I mentioned that there were interesting games in Sarah's Ponygirl Island. I suggested visiting them in near future. She asked why we did not go there right now. It was late, but, I was very excited.

I went there and sent teleport as soon as I found the games. The first game we tried was a giant bowling. Slave must go inside the bowling figure and their Owner releases the giant ball, which cut down the figures and slaves inside. Unfortunately, Owners have no possibility to control the ball. We tried it twice. First, she was inside the bowling figure. Then I tried it. I recommend you to be in mouselook. You will see you will have very special experiment.

Then we tried some kind of shooting game. I knelt before the target and Arta shot. Nothing happened. Does anybody know the essence of this game?

The last game we tried was also difficult for us. When we started to play, a cage closed above us. We were closed and we did not know how to play. It was a card game with elements of striptease. We both were tired and we decided to go to bed.


I had bad feeling because my RR cuffs did not work. I did not use my RR tools for some weeks and I forget that during the update, the updating orb had given me new cuffs. I put them on and they worked. I was happy and decided to go to Marine's shop because of the new update is available. I wanted to be sure that in case of necessity, cuffs would work with the new RR viewer.

The update process is quite simple. I got an updating orb and put it on the ground. After it, I selected the update command and the update would be done automatically. After the update, I got the message that I could reset the cuffs. I did it. I had three sets of cuffs a collar, wrist cuffs and ankle cuffs. So, I continued the update. Of course, I reseted the cuffs after the update finished.

The RR cuffs have keys. Anybody who takes the key receives full control over the cuffs and its turn over on me. The experienced players take the key to prevent from getting the key by others. But, reset releases the key.

I just finished the update of the last set of cuffs when somebody took me keys. He took keys of my blindfold and my gag. A minute later, he took the key of my other sets of cuffs. He immediately bound my eyes. I could not see anything.

I wanted to go to the auction hall, so, I asked him to release me. He said that he could not. I tried to explain to do it. He could not do, at least he said so. I was waiting for some minutes. I did not realize attempt to free me. I asked again and again. I said clearly that I did not play and I wanted to go away. He said it was because of me because I probably did something to prohibit setting me free. I did not do anything but I waited for him.

At the end, I took of my blindfold. I could see my body. I knew that my RR blindfold would inform everybody that I cheated taking the blindfold off. So, I could see and I realized that I felt down from Marine's land to the other parcel, where scripts did not work. I wanted to return to Marine's shop. I was unable to move. This wise man froze me.

I asked him to go back to Marine's land and send me tp. He obeyed. Then, he released my cuffs and wanted to go away. I did not let him go until he returned the keys of my gag and blindfold.

I was abducted for almost an hour. My captor blamed me, did nothing and made court to me. He seemed to be new. He was 6 days old, but he wore high quality skin. It was mystery how he had been able to buy this expensive skin.

I sometimes had a feeling that he could set me free if he would have liked to do it. His name is Tam Cioc. So, if you must hurry wearing RR tools, then be careful if he stands near you.

This adventure was very frightening for me. I admire all who offer keys of their RR tools to unknown people. They are indeed brave persons.


Auction Halls

I mentioned that I had filled in a slave card and I had sent it to the auctioneer. I did not receive any feedback. What I received was a notification of selling two other girls. I was confused. The auctioneer said that the girls were his friends. I did not know what would happen to me. Will I be sold? Maybe I was too expensive or too cheap? (I asked 100L for myself.) Was my slave card not interesting? What was wrong with me?

There was nothing to do I began to search for auction halls. I did not hope that I would found more than these I had mentioned in my previous post. I was wrong. I used the new search engine and I found many new auction halls. Some of them were strange. When I wanted to read more about them, then I received a message informing me that the privacy settings of the selected place prohibited me to receive more information. Is it a new feature? Can anybody tell me why I was not allowed to read more information of these places? It is hard to imagine that owners of auction halls want to prohibit people to get to know their place.

Fortunately, I found many places information about which I could read. At the end, I filled a slave card and threw it into the post box. I will see how it works.

Later, I decided to try how people use others' restraint items. I put on my cuffs and went to the Marine's shop. There, I realized that my cuffs did not work. I did not know what was wrong with them. I tried everything, unsuccessfully.

I was afraid because it was mentioned in my profile and in the slave card I just threw into the post box that I could use RR viewer. Yes, I could do it, but, it seemed that my cuffs did not work. I remembered Arta's little cuffs and her opinion about my cuffs, which were really huge. So, I bought a police cuffs for me. My money covered their price, but, now, I am one of the poorest people in SL. *smiles

While I updated my new cuffs, a pretty woman started to talk to me. She found my profile interesting. The only problem was that she spent only little time in SL. She said if she would have more time, then she would take me as a slave. I have many such promises; it would be nice if somebody would indeed take me.


Slave's Behavior

I had traveled to Mexico some months ago. I thought it was the time to go there and to look around. The place was changed. There are many new buildings. I mean newly build buildings modeling ruins of ancient empire. I found the description of a game there. The goal of the game was to catch butterflies on the fields. I am sure it is a nice game, but I did not found any butterfly.

The most interesting is that you can rent a horse. I was riding and I enjoyed it very much. The island where the ruins are built is huge; it is easier to go by horse there. I met Arta there, in fact I invited her. We were both riding. It is really interesting. I suggest you to try it. However, once you slid off from the saddle, you could not sit on any more. You must go to the barn and rent a new horse.

Later, in the evening, I was visiting old BDSM places. Recently, I spent my time mostly at Bondage Ranch, where I wanted to find an Owner. I did not want to go there, today. Heaven & Hell looked like a more interesting place. It seemed that there were new BDSM devices installed there. However, I was not sure, that I had not been there for a while.

I remember dungeons of Heaven & Hell used to be empty. To my amusement, they were full with people, now. I tried some devices. Unfortunately, I met only people, who did not speak English.

I received an IM from a Dom, who had met me at the Bondage Ranch some days ago. We were talking of the difficulties of finding good slaves and Owners. He has an interesting point of view about the submissive's role. He preferred active slaves. I did not indeed know what he meant. Probably, everybody agree with me that Dominant's job is more diffucult. They must be creative. They must look after the feelings and needs of their subs. Sub must obey or disobey if she want s to be disciplined or punished. Of course, it does not mean that slaves just hang on the BDSM devices and moans in every five minutes. I always emote. I try to tell my feeling, I beg for mercy, and so on.

How a slave can be active? Shall she ask for pain or punishment? Shall she suggest how to case her more suffering? I do not know. However, I am sure that the Dominant who spoke to me knew the answer.

I am usually obedient. I enjoy if I am dominated, controlled. My obedience makes me exciting. I had served together with a girl, who had played the role of disobedient slave. Until this moment, I supposed that there are obedient and disobedient slaves. It would be good to learn of the creative slaves, too.


Girlfriend or Mistress

Do you remember my Hungarian girlfriend? She IMed me. We were talking about our adventures mostly related to BDSM. It seemed that we had the same problem during our life in SL. We talked about the worst of our experiences in SL. I asked her about the best, the most exciting one. She did not answer but she suggested changing the subject of our conversation.

She asked me if I bought a skin. Yes, I bought a new one. She wished to look at my new skin and she sent me a teleport. She was at home in her beautiful, furnished with taste house.

Once, she turned back and go to the chair placed in the corner of the large room. I followed her. She sat down and remained silent. I was hesitating, as there were no other chairs in the room. I was standing confused in front of her on the rug.

At the end, she asked me to go closer to her. I went closer. She asked if I liked her house. She was listening to my answer and then she said 'on your knees'. I did not know what she wanted, so, I obeyed. She looked at me and told that I could address her Mistress. I did. I became excited and I wondered what she intended to do.

She said it was just a joke and she wanted to look at my reactions. She asked if I would have liked to play with her. I was unsure. Of course, I would have wanted, but It was new for me. I had thought that she was a submissive like me.

She would have wanted me to be her slave. But, she was unsure because of my limited in time servitude. She was afraid to loose me after a week, to loose me as her slave. I knew about what she was talking. In most of cases, I had had a strange sadness after finishing serving to an Owner. I knew this feeling. She said that Owners probably felt the same and they probably felt even worse.

We decided to return to this question after we would know each other better.

She went to the pleasure rug and called me. We were laying there in the arms of each other and we were talking. I enjoyed her company, however, her idea, to be her slave, did not let me be relaxed.


I went to Bondage Ranch to find an Owner. I always had a problem on my outfit. I never know what to wear. I usually wore moderately sexy clothes, but, now, I chose slave silk.

It was a good choice as four men were interested in me. We were talking and I enjoyed these conversations except one of them.

The first man asked the usual question of persons not possessing enough fantasy. The question was about the length offered by me slavery. Why a week? They use this question as a synonym the hello and of course instead of it. This dominant master or master dominant said that he needed weeks or better months to use a girl for his purposes well. He said this relationship could not work in case of limited time.

Hmm. Yes, to train a girl requires time. That is true. However, it must be very uncomfortable for a slave not knowing her Master's needs or rules for months. I always ask about rules of my Owner. To get to know needs and desires of my Owners is more difficult. I always look them carefully, his reactions, his orders. Listening to the Owners helps to find out how to serve and how to be a better slave.

I sometimes failed. I did something what my Owner disliked. The last case I remember was when I knelt down without the order. My Mistress shouted at me, immediately. Was she angry or did she enjoy it? What do you think? I know that I felt humiliated and I learnt not to do anything without her command.

I accepted and I accept the opinion of the man who talked to me. If he thinks that need months to have a girl satisfying his needs then I accept it. Respecting other people's needs is one of the main rule in SL from my point of view. If you dislike something then you can go to other wonderful places. There is no need to torture yourself and stay in a place you dislike or to talk with people whose principals you deny.

This man called me a player. From his point of view, everybody who did not live in SL according to his principals is a player. Players buy players in slave auction. Only a player offer players trial before accepting a long term slavery. He did not mention how to call non-players. He did not say what their name was.

I do not understand why some people think that they have right to judge over others. Why do some people think that only they act well and others go on the wrong way?

We are all players, are not we. Some of us play seriously some of us do not. I think it is what really count, not the length of the servitude. I try to play seriously, try to do my best. Many slaves I know act the same. A slave who accepted the lifetime slavery, did not listen to her Owner and did not please him or her is a player. At least, I believe so.

The second man I talked with was new to SL. He experimented to be a dominant and we both thought that it would have been good to spend a week together. But, we live in the other part of the world and we probably will never meet again.

The third man who IMed me was very interesting person. We saw the world in the same way. The difference between time zones was the problem again. I was sad because I felt that he was a real Master and not because he preferred long term slaves. Every slave could be happy to serve him. His name is Deuce Samas.

The last man, but not least has also very interesting personality. We found common words quickly and in this case, the cruel barrier of time zones did not stay between us. He wanted me for some hours not for the entire week. I agreed, as he was interesting and honest. Oh, I have just forgotten. He did not start our conversation with the sentence “Why a week?”, however he also wanted more or less. I was waiting for him later, but he did not come online.


Going to the Auction

I decided to be auctioned. I remembered you had not wanted it. But, I could not see another way. If I am on the auction, then I do not have to explain why I want a week of servitude. It is a deal. I offer my body and my mind for a week. It is clear thing. I suppose that the Owner who paid for me will use me. So, I will not spend a week waiting for my Owner.

I know three auction halls. First, auction hall is MSA. They organize auctions at 3PM, which is too late for me.

Second, one is SAG. I had liked SAG until its owner was changed. The new owner was very low-bred. It had happened that I had wanted to be sold. I had gone to the SAG and wanted to get to know when they kept auctions. I had met a girl, an owner's slave and assistant. I had asked her, but she had not answered. I had waited for about 20 minutes. She had not been away and she had not answered. After my unsuccessful attempt to learn when had been an auction, I had asked it in a group channel specially created for service communication, not via the VIP group channel. The new SAG owner had threatened me to ban from the group because of my spam. I had not thought that it had been a spam. They kept 2/3 part of my price. They could tell at least the date of the next auction. I had not wanted to be banned and I had left the group. I heard that the old owner would return, and then maybe I would join the group again, if I would have money, as the it was the paid membership.

The third auction known by me is the one, which usually announced via the BDSM Events group. It seemed to be the best choice, as it does not have the fixed event time. The auctioneer announces auction if there is a slave for sale. I got a note card and I filled it in. Then I sent it to the auctioneer. And nothing happened. I do not know what happened. There was earthquake in SL maybe my note was lost. I decided to wait and if I would not receive any answer then I would try MSA.


Hungarian Girlfriend

When I woke up a message was waiting for me. It came from my Hungarian girlfriend. I answered her. She was in a Hungarian club. I went there to meet her.

A crowed waited for me in a club. They were talking. I joined them. I was sitting and hearing the conversation. My girlfriend was a bit silent. Some minutes later, I was thinking how to leave. I still wanted to find an Owner and I felt my blood boiling.

My girlfriend, her name is Arta, recommended to go shopping. I like shopping, so, I agreed. She showed me a very nice shop. Their clothes are wonderful, such as their prices. I was trying skins and I suddenly realized that we were talking about cuffs. She wanted to see my cuffs. I wanted to go to a more quite place as I did not wanted to disturb others in the middle of the shop.

She invited me her house. Wow! She has wonderful house in a pretty island. We showed our cuffs each other until she had to leave.


Hungarians in SL

I usually do not visit Hungarian places. I am not familiar with such places. It is not because I do not like my fellow citizens. Sir Bela is from Hungary, too. In Hungary, BDSM is not accepted. I had no idea how they would react reading my profile.

Now, I felt alone, very alone. I wanted to talk with someone. So, I went to the most popular Hungarian place. I arrived and I realized somebody stood in front of me. We started to talk. Nothing interesting, just routine questions. While we were talking, a girl arrived. She was fairly pretty. She joined our conversation. About a minute later, she offered me to show around.

During our tour, we got to know each other. She was very kind and I told her my secret about the slavery. She seemed to be exciting. We agreed to meet later, too. When we left, I realized a collar around her neck.

Waiting for an Owner

I wanted to serve so much. I went to the Bondage Ranch and I waited for somebody who found me interesting. I was waiting and waiting. Nobody wanted me. While I was waiting, I read other people's profile. I realized hat many slaves wished to find an Owner. Among them, only I had limitations on time of servitude. I had no chance to find an Owner here.

I decided to go further. But, where to go? I remembered a place where girls had offered their services. I took hard decision and went there. When I arrived, I was amazed. Most of the people around were standing silently, like in Bondage Ranch. I decided to take small distance from them. I was new here, so, I hoped somebody would want me.

I received IMs, but nobody really liked me. Some people offered a quick game others just wanted to talk. I had a long conversation with a man who did not have time for me. But, he offered to take me as his slave, once. Hmm, I will look forward to it.


Pony Girl

Sir Bela called me. He said he wanted to show me something interesting. I arrived and I recognized a cart standing in front of me. I did not mention that the garden had a special structure. Trees stood around his parcel showing the border of his realm. The garden was built around the fountain. Road leaded around the central part of the Garden. I did not understand the functionality of this road. Now, looking at the cart, the necessity of the road became clear for me. Sir Bela liked pony girls and he built a pony track in his garden.

Now, looking at the cart, the necessity of the road became clear for me. Sir Bela liked pony girls and he built a pony track in his garden.

Of course, we had to test the cart and the road. I bound myself to the cart and started to pull it. I am familiar with most of the pony carts yet this one was unknown. I could regular the speed of the cart and I liked it. It was so easy to pull the cart until Sir Bela ordered me to increase the speed. Wow! It was the challenge. Then he ordered me to use mouselook. This cart cannot be ruled in mouselook. I switched to mouselook in the straight part of the roads and I switched back before the road bent. I did mistakes, I went again the trees and I went off the road many times.

I was pulling the cart almost for an hour. Sir Bela decided to punish me and he ordered me to go at least 20 rounds and in case of mistake 2 more rounds added as penalty. It took really long until I finished.



There is a big garden in front of Sir Bela's house. He asked my help to design a nice garden. I agreed, however, I did not like it. I am not a gardener and I saw some very awful looking gardens designed by amateurs.

I did not suppose how difficult was to find trees, flowers. We did it, but I did not feel the same satisfaction I felt when we furnished his house.



Sir Bela accepted my advice and modified his house. He was a bit angry with me during the modification. But, I think he was pleasant with the result. The house looked great, but, it was empty.

Our next task was to buy furniture. We spent hours with searching for good sets of furniture. We sometimes returned to the shop, where we found furniture awful for the first sight.

Now, he has a beautiful house. I was proud walking in it room by room.


Searching for a House

Sir Bela moved his house. He bought a new parcel, bigger than his previous one was. He planned to buy new house. I did not understand why he did not use his old one. It had very interesting unique design. It was decorated with Persian motifs.

I decided to help him to find a new house. It took much time, but I enjoyed it very much. However, we did not find any house, which would have placed well on his parcel. We were hunting for a house separately and we called each other when one of us found a good house.

I did not know mow many house builder existed in SL. The houses were very nice, but all of them were design for the different parcel.

In the evening, I asked him why he did not modify his Persian castle. I saw he liked the idea.


Mistress of Fashion

I was roaming among BDSM related place. Most of them were almost empty. What happened to other citizens? I did not know.

I arrived to a shop. It was a kind of mall at its entrance. I looked in and I could see a large room divided by BDSM style furniture. Two girls were talking in the room. One of them knelt in front of the other. I did not want to disturb them and I walked around the walls silently. They had some interesting cages for sale. I come back to the entrance, so it was time to go to the other place. I teleported. I had no time to look around when I received an IM. One of the girls from the previous place IMed me. She wanted me to return. I hesitated. I wanted to find an Owner and I did not want to waste time for conversation. The girl was very demanding and she sent me teleport. I gave up and I returned to her place.

The girl who called me wore a nice leather outfit. We started to talk. I specially did not behave like a slave, however, I felt deep inside me that she is a dominant lady. It was very interesting conversation. She forced me to address to her Mistress and she forced me to kneel. I do not know if the word force is the best choice. We were talking and she showed her power slowly. I tried to resist but I was not able to. She was not violet at all. But, I felt her power on me. She was a real Mistress.

Unfortunately, she did not want a slave for a week. She was honest, so, she admitted it. Her slaves must be very happy to serve such Mistress.


Bound V

Last day of my servitude was typical. My Owner ordered me to wear elegant and beautiful clothes, and then he enjoyed my suffering on the cross. However, at this time, I hang naked on the bamboo rack.

He did not have much time to play with me. I became free after about an hour.

Reading about my slavery, you may think that it was boring for me. If so, then you are mistaken. It is true, that I had to do the same thing during my servitude, but I had felt that he had enjoyed it. It is very important for me to be used and to realize that my Owner enjoys what he or she does with me.


Bound IV

I woke up earlier than my Owner and I went to look around in shops. I still like to blame at nice clothes. I was walking in a shop and I realized that people looked at me strangely. It demanded some time, while I understood what wrong was with me. I wore slave rag. I looked indeed weirdly among the most beautiful clothes.

When my Owner became online, he called me at once. He wanted me to wear many clothes, because he wanted me to order to take them off, one after another. He told me to wear elegant clothes rather too sexy.

He called me to the pony farm and I had to bind myself to the cross. He enjoyed my suffering and then commanded me to go to the bamboo rack and bind there myself, but before to be bound there, I had to take off my blouse. He was blaming my jerking, half naked body for about ten minutes. Then he allowed me to go to sleep.


Bound III

I was waiting for my owner for a long. We met in our basic place, in the pony farm. The farm was empty as usually.

My Owner ordered me to wait for his call and he left me alone. Some minutes later, he sent me a teleport. He called me to a Bondage Passage, if I remember the name of the place well.

People were walking around us. I prepared myself to be publicly tied. He searched for an almost empty room and told me to undress. Then he tied me to an uncomfortable metal device. I felt the cold metal burning my warm skin when he started to make love with me. After it, we had to leave SL.


Bound II

I was walking on the territory of O BDSM School. The school was moved to a private island and it changed a lot. If you have not been there, then I suggest you to go and look around. It is worth visiting. Unfortunately, the classes are suspended until SL will work correctly. I was wondering if it would open sometime again.

My Owner became online and I got excited. I did not know what would happen to me. My Owner did not call me and I felt desperate. Maybe, I was wrong slave. Maybe, he would not want to use me. Then, I received an IM from my Owner. Ha said he had something to do, but I should have been ready and waited for his call.

He called me and we met in the pony farm. He bound me to various devices. I started on the cross, and then I was bound to the slave post. The next device, I had to try, was a bamboo rack. This bamboo rack indeed opened my body.

He ordered me to take off my top, and then he bound me to the bamboo rack again. He did not touch me, he just looked at my jerking body and heard my groans.


Bound I

I received a teleport from my Owner as soon as my eyes opened. I traveled to him and I tried to find out where I arrived. I realized that I was on the pony farm where we had met first.

He ordered me to go to a cross and I had to secure myself on it. He looked at my bound body and he heard my groans. There was a slave post near the cross and when my Owner was pleased with my suffering, I had to go to this post and to bind myself. My body was stretched. I bent over as my bound wrists were lifted high behind my back. He did not do anything. He was just looking at me and hearing the voice of suffering leaving my lips.

We did not do much this day. But, I felt his eyes on me and I felt how he enjoyed it and it made me very excited.

Before going to the bed, he told me to wear some raggedy-ass clothes next time. I had a slave rag from a Gorean city. I hoped he would like it.