Leash Attached

I opened my eyes in the cell. The door of the cell opened. I stepped out. My Owner was away. I decided to upgrade my collar and visit some shops hoping that I may have found Christmas gift. I was busy with my thought while I was stepping from the cage when I felt something pulling me back toward the cage. It was my leash.

I did not went shopping and so, I had time to wish every my friends Happy New Year.


Meeting my Owner Again

I had been away for some months and when I returned I was afraid. I was not sure if my Owner still wanted me. Fortunately, he was very kind and he understood my problems. He allowed me to stay with him as his slave.

I was the luckiest slave all over the world.

He did not whip me at this time. We were travelling in SL. He tied me to different bondage devices. We visited RLV Bondage playground, where I learned that my Owner had read about this place in my blog. *smiles

I was bound in the snowy playground, and then we visited the cells. My Owner did not want me to catch cold in the snow.

At the end of the day we returned home. My Owner opened a cage and told me to go in. He closed the door. I spend the night in the cage.

A Dog to Love

My Owner whipped me as usually. I had to count each strikes and tell where my body was hit. He whipped my legs, my back and my top.

Then I could put on some clothes. My Owner took me to his friend, to his “best friend”, to Mongo, the dog. I had to show to Mongo how good blowjob I could do.

At this time, I did not know that I would not meet my Owner for months.

Whipping Day

My Owner suspended me and started whipping. I had to count each strikes and tell what part of my body was hit. He beat me systematically my legs and back first, then my breasts and stomach was beaten. When I was covered with marks again, my Owner grabs my hair and leaded me to a corner of his land. I was struggling on my knees to follow him.

We had to do some administration tasks in order to have full control of his land. When we were ready, my Owner was so kind to allowing me to use my mouth on him. I was very thankful. It was wonderful feeling to have his growing penis in my mouth and to turn it to a volcano.

Whipping Marks

Next day, my Owner whipped me. I knew he wanted to whip my body and this feeling made me excited. He ordered me to undress and then he closed my trembling body in the stocks. Almost immediately, I heard whizz and felt fire on my stretched bottom. I was weeping under the strikes of my Owner’s whip.

When all part of my body flamed in pain, my Owner opened the stocks and leaded me by my hair to two columns. I stood between the columns and waited while my Owner secured me to them. Then he asked me who I was. He started to whip me not waiting for my answer. I answered that I was his slave, his pig, his object. I answered weeping as the whip strikes me again and again. My Owner liked my answers except one. He told me that I was a pig only when I was in play pen.

Then I had to tell who my Owner was for me. I told that he was my Ruler, my Master, my Lord, my Life. It took long time, when my Owner finished beating my bottom and back. He then took some break to turn my body, and he continued whipping my breasts and pussy.

After whipping each inch of my naked body was covered with red marks. I proudly went to bed as I knew that my Owner enjoyed my suffering and he gave me gift, the flaming marks on my body.


I posted last time very long time ago. I have visited SL rarely since my last post. It happened to me some interesting things during this time and I promise I will tell you everything later. Now, I would like to write about my last Master. Now, I feel that I found the proper Master and I hope I can serve him for long.

We were talking in IM and I felt that he wanted to know me. Most of the Dominants I met were not interested in me. They needed only my avatar, my body to use according to their own need. They did not care about my feelings at all. You can say that it is the slavery, the real slavery. So, maybe I am not a real slave, I am rather a romantic slave, especially that I want to be a permanent slave. I am sure I can put up with almost anything as a part time slave. This talk was different I would have wanted to submit permanently. I felt lucky to talk with him.

The only problem was that he had a girlfriend and I did not wanted to serve with a sister. We were very different time zones, and he assured me that I would serve alone and I would never meet his girlfriend. I did not agree as I had served a good Dom having more slaves beside me. We had split up for this reason. I did not want to make the same mistake. So, we remained only friends.

Next time we met, we continued talking about each other. I learned that
  • he likes their slaves to crawl;
  • her last slave had introduced him into humiliation and now he likes it;
  • he likes her slaves to wear mask;
  • he likes bondage slaves;
  • he likes whipping, caning.
The more we talked the better I would have liked to be his slave. We were talking when I was teleported away. I did not understand what happened; then I remembered that I still wore RDF Tracker. Somebody teleported me to his location. This person stood near me. I was hesitating not knowing what to do. I did want me to be used. But, on the other hand, I would have liked to continue our broken conversation. I did not have to do anything as the person who called me remained silent and a minute later, he disappeared.

I returned to my friend and after some sentences, I told him that I would have tried to be his slave if he wanted. He gave me a note card with a list of BDSM activities. I had to place a mark to each activity to show how I liked or disliked it. He was waiting and helped me in case of necessity while I was filling out the note card.

Then he took me home. I looked around. I could not see a house. We were standing in the middle of the groomed filed. There were different cages, crosses and different torture devices. My Owner ordered me to crawl into the play pen. I did not know what pen meant in this environment. Pen is a tool to write, is not it? *smiles

My Owner kindly explained the meaning of the word pen. So, I was in the pen and my Owner closed the door. I still stood all fours and looked up at him waiting for his order. I did not want to wait much. He told me that I was a pig and I had to behave like a pig. I was rolling in the mud feeling my Owner’s eyes on my dirty body. He told me how dirty I was. I glimpsed at him many times with mud in my hair telling that I was a pig. I thought he enjoyed it. So did I.

My Owner opened the gate of the pen and grabbed my hair. He dragged me by my hair to a simplified shower where he washed the mud off from my body with very cold water. I became clear and ready to be whipped. My Owner warmed my body with a whip. The whip left long dark marks on my rich tits.

At the end of the day my I dreamt of the next day with my Owner.