Reminiscence – Former Owner II

After spending some weeks alone, I met one of my friends, a former Owner, who also returned to SL after a long break. I become his slave. He tried to be with me, but his RL was very busy and we could not be together in SL.

I remained alone again.

Reminiscence – Former Owner

Many of my former Owners wanted me to stay their slave when my servitude ended. I never agreed. I have one long-term relationship. I liked it, but it really hurt when we broke up. I found some true friends after the servitude and I did enjoy serving most of my former Owners.

I realized that it was not easy to find a new Owner and I wanted something more stable, more comfortable, maybe. I did not want to be tortured on a BDSM device for hours. I wanted to be humiliated and I wanted my next Owners to use my mind, not only my avatars body.

So, I returned to one of my former Owners. We spend much time together and he was very good. However, I was not online every day and he had other responsibilities, so this relationship ended.

Reminiscence – BDSM Places

I remembered of many places where slaves had been welcomed. I wanted to find such place, but I could not find any. I did not know what happened. They had gone.

If you want to find a Master or a slave, then Bondage Ranch is for you. I visited BR hoping to meet people, who would want me. Do you want a slave? Then go there. You will find them I am sure. There were dozens of slave girls standing or kneeling, but regardless of their pose they were waiting to be owned. I could see Mistresses, but to find a Master was not easy. I decided to check slave's profile. I thought that I could find a group where a BDSM community searched for slaves. I did not find any. But, their profiles were very interesting. Many slaves do not like dominants having title 'Master'. I do not know why it is a problem. I never read that dominant people does not want a slave just because the slave is a member of a group which offers title 'slave'.

There were many slave princesses, too. You can read in their profile that submission is a gift and it must be earned. I do not understand how. Maybe with love?

The most interesting was that profiles of slaves seemed to be experienced said that they did not want 'slave collectors'. I did not understand it at that time. Yes, having more than one slave is very difficult. Good Owner deals with them at the same time and not placing slaves in a line and pick up one to play with her for some minutes and then place her back in the line. I met a few Owner who were able to handle more than one slave at the same time. My experience showed that Owners usually wanted one slave and not a harem. I must admit that I enjoyed having sisters around. Of course, being the only slave was interesting, too.

Most of slaves proudly advertised that they are RLV enabled girls. You know my point of the RLV. I like it until it is unreal. Forcing to poses is strange for me. I like to obey. I love to obey. But being forced to kneel and crawl is useless. I can leave my avatar and watch TV while the RLV lover owners play with my avatar via RLV. Of course, if you are handcuffed then it is OK that I cannot take it away. RLV is also interesting, if it prevent me to open a locked cage door. Blocking IMs may be useful, too. I hated to explain that I could not talk because I am with my Owner. Because, if I am with my Owner, then I listen only to him regardless the RLV prevents me to IM or not. But, many RLV lover owners checked if my RLV is switched on. They did not ask, they checked it in IM with some kind of strange command starting with @. I am very happy that they did not want me. Some of them just checked the status of my RLV and did not say anything. Others were indignant at my switch off RLV. They dressed me down. Of course, I can switch on my RLV if my Owner wants it, but why should I do so while I am alone? Clever RLV lovers never thought about it.

Some people like to be abused and they keep their RLV in active state. But, I am not that kind of slave.

Reminiscence – After The Silent Auction

Let me tell what happened to me in my Owner's island. Well, not too much. I never met my Owner.

I woke up in the castle and I was walking across the island. I sometimes saw that my Owner was online but he ignored me completely. On the third day, I knew every pieces of the Island.

It was so boring. But, I survived thanks to my friends, who were talking with me via IMs. Some of them wanted to come to me. I refused them, as I did not know if my Owner allowed it. Neither wanted I teleport to them. My Owner ordered me to come to the island and I had to suppose that he wanted me to keep there. I thought that these were my most boring days in SL. At that time, I did not know that more boring days could come.

The servitude ended. I returned to SAG immediately. Quickly, I filled in a new form and sent to the SAG personal. I got the answer in some minutes. I was not allowed to participate in the auction. They had new owners of the sim and new rules, according to which I had to go to learn about the slavery. I felt this rule very strange. Yes, I heard that some slaves wanted only money. I did not want to go to a SAG class of slavery. Not because, I thought I had enough practice, maybe more that my future teacher had. It was always interesting to me to learn other slaves' experience. Not because I did not like to learn. I did enjoy SL classes especially if they were BDSM related ones. But, the class schedule was extremely bad for me. I had chosen silent auction because SAG schedule had not fit with mine. So, I had to leave SAG, like I had had to leave many times in the past. I returned after some months hoping that this rule had been changed. It had been changed. Later, they add a phrase 'no exception' to this rule. My friends who were regular visitors of auctions said that the quantity of slaves was reduced; but their price was increased a lot. Maybe SAG reached its goal and only the best slaves remained there.

Reminiscence – I am here again

I did not continue writing my blog. RL limited my spare time. Therefore, I was not online as much as I had been, and when I have a break, I wanted to enjoy my SL instead of writing my blog. I know I must be ashamed.

Now, I am owned and not for a week. I am in a long-term relationship, now. My new Owner wants me to continue the blog and I feel the same deep in my heart. My dear readers, please, forgive me for the long break. If you could, then please join me, again.

In my next articles, I will summarize what happened to me and how I became owned. Then, I will try to write regularly, as I did at the beginnings.