Everything I Do

I was waiting for my Mistress in her bedroom. When she arrived, she called me from the living room. Recently, she had not come to the bedroom but she had ordered me to descend to the living room. I knelt at her feet and kissed them. Perhaps, you know that this is our usual greeting ceremony. She usually had caressed my hair and she had told what her plan was. She sometimes had sat down in her chair and had ordered me to kiss her feet or to give a message.

Now, she did not tell anything. I was waiting for her words looking up at her face, as she likes when I kneel and look up at her. I was waiting. She did not say a single word. After some minutes, she broke the silence. She asked me if I did not like her feet any longer. I did not understand and looked up fuzzy. She explained that I did not continue kissing her feet. I was puzzled. It was our usual greeting ceremony. I did everything in the same way as I had always done. I leaned to kiss her feet, immediately. But, she went away quickly. I followed her crawling as quickly as I could.

She sat down in her favorite chair. I knelt before the chair and started kissing her feet. I apologized. She was chiding me. I asked if I must kiss her feet continually as a greeting ceremony in the future. She looked at me angrily and asked if she could not express herself clearly. I was afraid again. I did not understand my mistake and I was frightened to ask more. She was chiding me. I did not understand why I had deserved it.

Arta's friend arrived. Arta said that he and I would play chess. I felt desperate. I thought that she wanted to punish me. Everything I did was wrong. I resembled previous day. She had treated me with the same manner. I did not understand anything.

We started to play chess. I had a headache and I had to play this hated game. I tried to concentrate heavily. Her friend said a half of sentence “English?”. I did not answer. I was sure this half sentence was said to my Mistress. I did not even understand the question. Arta shouted at me because I had not answered. I begged for mercy. I did it about twenty times this day. In fact, I said only few but I beg for mercy. Her friend explained that the question was “Is it an English Opening?”. I did not know what English Opening meant.

I was trembling during the game and I played badly. I lost the game. I knew that I would be punished. I wanted to be punished. I thought that it would be better to spent two days in the stocks than to be chidden all the time.

But, my Mistress did not punish me. She seemed to be satisfied with my play. I feared to say anything. Arta ordered me to go to her. I obeyed and knelt down at her feet. They were talking. Suddenly, Arta moved her chair away from me. I did not know what to do. My heart wanted to go to her. But, I was frightened to move without an order.

My Mistress and her guest were showing paintings each to other. Once, I heard that my Mistress showed a picture of her future house. I wanted to take a look at the picture of her house, at least. But, I was afraid to move. Some minutes later, Arta ordered me to go to her feet. I crawled to her quickly. I had to massage her feet. I did my best while they were talking. She offered a foot massage to her friend, too. But, he refused. He said he was too tired. I also felt tired, as it was late enough.

When her friend left, Arta told me that other of her friends would come. We were waiting silently. Then, my Mistress informed me that we would go to his friend. This friend was the person I had introduced, as a Cruel Friend. We sometimes had talked with him. I learnt him better and I knew that he was a kind person. He was working on an RR collars and my Mistress arrived to help him.

They tried the possibilities of the collar while I was kneeling. I was very tired and my Mistress allowed me to go to sleep.


Escorts' Job

I met my Mistress at home and I greeted her kissing her feet. Then she sat down in the chair and ordered me to continue kissing and licking her feet. I obeyed. While I was licking her feet, she asked me about the hours I spent without her. I told her everything not breaking pampering of her feet.

I mentioned the Russian Gorean city, but she did not seem to be interested in it very much.

I still wore the very tight latex pants and now, kneeling, I felt that the pants cut deep into my pussy. When Arta ordered me to massage her legs, I asked for permission to stand up. She wanted to know why I wanted to stand up. I told that I would have liked to put my pants right. She became very angry, immediately. She prohibited me to stand up and she was shouting at me. I heard her with lowered head. I knew that she was right. I knew that I made mistake. Her anger frightened my. I did not dare to tell anything but begging for mercy.

After about twenty minutes, she ordered me to stop. I had to stand up and changed my latex suit to the pink one. I was ready. My pussy was burning a bit as the latex rubbed it hard, but I felt better. My Mistress asked why I had wanted to put my pants right. She became angrier hearing my answer. She was chiding me. I did not understand her very well. She asked me if I wanted to test her or if I wanted to revolt. I was hearing her frozen. I was really afraid. I could not talk; only begging for mercy left my lips. I knew that I was mistaken. But, I did not understand why my Mistress thought that I wanted to be disobeyed.

Then Arta took me to an escort place. It was a huge square in front of a building. Girls stood on the square waiting for clients. Others danced at poles in the building, which probably was a club. We stood in front of the entrance of the building. We tried to catch clients. We talked to some men, but we did not success this day.

Work of the escorts is not easy. At least the starting stage, when they must call clients' attention. I did not like it I had to admit. It was not very hard for me as I was with Arta, but I could imagine how it could be tough when a girl stood alone.

Castle in the Sand

I had received an LM to interesting world. You probably remember that I had been searching for places with harem. In my fantasies, harems are similar to the Gorean world, maybe they are not so cruel. I had found the City of Samarkand. It had looked beautiful. But, it had been always empty. I had not met any citizens there.

The new link showed me the other world. I remembered that I had visited this place once, but it had been empty, too. Now, the sim was full of people. The name of the city is Kingdom of the Sand. It was a role-play area with maze. I got to know that captured preys would be sold an auctions. I could see auctioning poles on the squares of the city. The note card did not mention how much time the auctioned slave must serve. I had met slave auctioning role-play areas and none of the announced the length of slavery. I never understood why owners of such places kept this information in secret.

So, the castle and the camp near the city looked very nice. I also found tunnels and sewers under the city. Be careful going into them! They are full of vampires and spiders.

I went in to the castle to look around. It was beautiful! The guards closed the way with their swords when I tried to go in a secret place. A girl who dared to go in the room where the sultan's throne stood was unable to come out, because the guard stood at the door with lifted sword. I gave her advices how to come out. At the end, her girlfriend teleported her out of the room. They spoke in Russian, so, my advice was also in Russian. We started to talk about the castle and about the Gorean world. I learnt that there was a Russian Gorean city in SL. They gave me a note card describing the rules and invited me to the city. When I told them that I was an Owned slave, they invited my Mistress, too. It would be interesting to look around in Russian Gorean city. I knew that I would tell about it to Arta, but I was unable to guess if we would go there.

My First Attempt

My Mistress was busy. She allowed me to visit my friend or participate in classes in SL. I teleported from the free sex location, where I was. I just arrived to a new place, when I received an IM from a man. We were talking for a while via IMs and then he offered me to meet. I supposed that he could see me in the last location before teleporting. I thought that it was the good occasion to earn some money for my Mistress. So, I agreed to meet him.

He was waiting for me in the bed in his skybox. I joined him in the bed and we continued talking. He gave me sexy clothes and he wanted me to dress them. I did. The clothes were freebies with rather average quality. But, if it turned him on... I warned him that I was not allowed to have sex with anybody, as I was a slave. He nodded and it seemed that he accepted this fact. Some minutes later, he became horny and wanted to have me. I asked him to send IM to my Mistress and ask her. Arta did not answered for long time, as she was busy. Meanwhile, he became hornier. He started to demand my body. He was not violent, just purposive.

I realized that he could not wait more and I asked Arta what to do via IM. She answered that I was not allowed to have sex. I was confused. I did not want to have sex to my enjoyment. I just wanted to help her with money.

When I told him that my Mistress refused me to make love with him. he floored me. I had to escape as soon as I could. The first LM I found was leaded me to the O BDSM School. There was nobody around. I closed my eyes and I drew breath. When I opened my eyes, Arta stood in front of me. She locked my handcuffs and attached the leash to my collar. I felt despaired. I was raped a minute ago and she was angry with me now. I felt like a complete idiot, not a victim.

I was not only a failed escort, but even a bad slave. I cried out in despair. I was stupid at all points. She asked me about my activities and she wanted to know what I was doing here. I answered with tears in my eyes. Then Arta unlocked my handcuffs detached the leash and took me shopping. She bought me two types of clothes for work. One of them was a black corset with a leather thong. The corset left my full breasts uncovered. The other type of clothes contained latex outfits in various colors. The latex pants allowed to look at part of my hips and ended a bit bellow of them. The shirt, in fact, was a bra running across my breasts. The bra was tight as the lower part of my breasts was visible. Arta ordered me to wear the pink latex outfit.

My Mistress had to go away, so, I left alone. She told me that I could walk in SL if I want.

Becoming an Escort

We were talking about the hairstyles with my Mistress. I felt that she did not really like the one, demo version of which she had bought, yesterday. It was not bad, but, it did not look very nice.

Yesterday, I had offered my help to Arta. I had said that I could work as an escort to earn money for her. It did not mean that my feelings to escort work had changed. I did not like to be an escort. I just offered my help to my friend. So, please, do not judge me.

She wanted to show me some places to work when I had to leave. We were in the first place, when I logged out.


Sign of Slavery

Later, this day, Arta took me to the club, where we had been yesterday. She explained to me that her friend was the DJ and she wanted to visit him in the club. We were dancing there and we talked about the appearance of others. Arta took the fancy of a girl's hairstyle. We were there for about forty minutes then Arta decided to go away. I did not know where we would go.

We went to the hairdresser. Arta was looking for the hairstyle, which the girl in the club wore. We examined all pictures on the board. Once, Arta asked me what would have happened if she had made me a bun. I answered that it would have been nice. I like buns but most of men do not, so, I usually wear bun if I am alone. My Mistress did not tell anything but went further to look for the hairstyle. She found three hairs, which she liked. One of them looked good; however, it also contained rigid mops of hair. I prefer full flexy hairs. Then, Arta decided to go to the other location.

We were waiting in front of a building silently. Arta still wore the demo hairstyle, so, I warned her about it. She said that she would have shown it to her friend. Suddenly, one of Arta's friends came to us. I did not mentioned, but, today, when I greeted my Mistress with kisses on her feet, I realized that she had new shoes. It looked very nice. However, something was strange. I could see her toes. They looked very realistic. I thought that it was because of her skin. I was wrong.

So, her friend arrived and we went into the building, which was a shop. This shop offered wide variety of product from the machine gun via the sword to the shoes. Shoes dominated inside. I admit that they were very good designed and created. I realized that Mistress had bought here her new shoes.

Many of you asked me about links related to places I described in this blog. So, hereafter, I will tell you the name of the places mentioned here. The shop was called >>> [ TSUKISHIMA ] TAKUMI SL, TSUKISHIMA (202, 227, 22).

Mistress' friend did not like the shoes very much. According to his opinion, they were rather average ones. I did not tell anything, of course. But, the shoes are really great. It is worth taking a look at them.

Arta's friend asked her if she wanted me to wear any shoes from here. I was barefoot as usually. It sometimes disturbs me not to wear shoes. For example, when I meet my old friends or when I am in the classes. But, I accept that Arta likes me to be barefoot and it makes me excited.

But the subject of conversation was given. We were talking of the necessity of the sign of the slavery. Almost every slave wear collars; some of them wear cuffs maybe heavy cuffs. Do you remember when I had to be bald to show my status? Arta likes to be barefoot. I accept it and I found these signs very exciting.

She had leashed me earlier. I liked it, too. Yes, I know that some people do not like slavery. That is true. I bet some people do not like short skirts. I have never made love in public places and I have never been a griefer. I cannot see anything bad wearing collar, being barefoot or being leashed in public places. If somebody does not like it, then the solution is very simple. Just there is no need to look at it. I do not understand some persons, who want to tell other how to behave. Why do they think that they are cleverer? Why do you think if they have right to judge others? When I was searching for similar web sites to this blog, I found some. But, I found much more sites about the necessity of forbidding similar sites. It is interesting, is not it? Some people just need an enemy. They do not like such sites, they hate such site yet they talk about such sites more then the related people do.

Arta's friend was not a slave fun, neither. However, he did not tell about it. He was man that allowed others to live. Is not he better than fighting-with-everybody persons?

He said that maybe slavery would be acceptable him in a fantasy world. Arta smiled and mentioned the world of Gor. We went home, as we did not want to disturb others with our conversation.

I was very sleepy when we arrived to home. My Mistress offered to her friend that I would answer to his questions about the Gor. Fortunately, he was sleepy, too, so, he did not want to do anything but to sleep.

Arta places my sleeping cushion in the bedroom and she allowed me to sleep, too.


When I woke up, my Mistress was sleeping. I decided to walk around to house and to see what had happened to Arta's house and parcel. Last day, somebody had bought the neighbor parcel and had changed the surface of the land. It had looked awful and I had thought that one could meet bad people in estates, not only in mainland. Now, I realized that the surface of the land was lowered to its original level.

On the other side of the house had been a nice beach with view to nice park. It had been changed. Now, there were many small islands; some of them contained a house. It looked nice; however I liked the old park more.

My Mistress arrived and I went into the house to meet her. I was kneeling at Arta's feet, who told me about the main changes in SL. I got to know that my Mistress bought a new house. She had not placed it, yet, as the owner of the island had been changing the neighbor parcel frequently. She had decided to wait.

My Mistress also told me that she would be busy in the future and she would have fewer time to be with me. I was sad hearing it. But, she told me the reason and I completely agree with her. Of course, I would have spent as much time with my Mistress as possible, but the reasons of her business were more important.

I remembered that Arta's neighbor had wanted to participate in my training. I was sure that my Mistress would give me him if she would not enough time. I liked to serve my Mistress; however, it would be exciting for me to serve other, too, under her ownership.

My Mistress had to go away. She allowed me to visit my friends and play part in classes if she would not have time for me.


Returned and Sad

I was very exciting to meet my Mistress. She was online when I arrived. I greeted her via IM. She said that she would come to me. My heart started to beat quickly.

I looked around in the sleeping room and I did not find my cushion. I became frightened. But, I realized that Arta had changed furniture. Maybe she had not had time to place it. I heard footsteps approaching. I turned around quickly and I could see my beautiful Mistress coming up to the sleeping room. I dropped on my knees and kissed her feet everywhere. My lips reached her warm, silky skin. Then Arta ordered me to stand up. We caressed each other. I hold her very tight. Heat of her body increased my excitement. My body was trembling and I even forgot to breath.

Arta told me to follow her. We descended to the ground floor. My eyes widened seeing that she went straight to the chessboard. She showed me to final state of the game proudly. She told me that she had played chess with a Spanish girl and she had won. She was as excited telling about the chess play, as I was when I glimpsed her.

Her house was almost empty. She had to find a chair and put it to sit down. I knelt at her feet and I asked about the emptiness of the house. She did not answer me. She said that I had to hear about the chess game first. I listened to her carefully and I was happy for her.

Suddenly, one of Arta's friends came into the house. My Mistress gladly told him about the chess game, too. I was kneeling in front of her silently. Arta decided to go to have fun. She wanted to visit a club organizing white clothes event, so, we changed our clothes to white ones. My Mistress allowed me to change my hairstyle. She said that I could wear my favorite hairstyle. I hesitated and maybe I made a mistake. I change my hairstyle to my favorite; however, I had to wear my hair as my Mistress had chosen it.

We arrived to a club and Arta started to dance. I did not know if I could dance, so, I asked. The answer was that it was the reason why we had come here. I danced silently. I tried to talk to my Mistress, but it seemed that she did not want to talk much that evening.

There was a quarrel at the entrance of the club. It sounded very strange. The quarrel was very ugly. Arta listened to it all the time. Suddenly, she made a move toward the quarreling people. I followed her. She stood a bit and then made a move again, at that time, toward the empty field. I followed her. I was unsure that I acted well as she did not say me anything.

She turned back in the middle of the field and approached to me. I stood frozen. I was sure that she would pass me without a word. She did not pass me. She stopped me in front of me and told that she did not like this club now and that we would go to the other one.

We arrived to the other club, which was full of people. Everybody was dancing and we joined them. My Mistress was still silent. I asked her if she had any problem. She did not answer. I asked it again and again. At the end, she told me that everything was all right. I felt despaired. She must have hated me. I felt that I was unnecessary. I knew that I disturbed her. One of our common with Arta friends IMed me. We were talking a bit. I had a feeling that he was gladder to meet me than my Mistress was. I bit my lips not to cry. I made last attempt to find out what had happened to Arta. I asked this friend if he knew anything. He did not know.

The visitors of the club decided to go to the other place. I was very sad. I wanted to be alone with my sadness. I asked for permission to go to bed. My Mistress did not even answer me. She ignored me completely. I was standing among people in the crowd and I felt alone. Arta was busy to find the way leading to the other place. She left me alone. She disappeared and some moments later, she sent me teleport.

I arrived to the new place and looked around. People were talking around me. I swallowed my will of crying. I asked for permission to go to bed again. Arta looked annoyed. She told me that we were going home. I felt that she wanted to stay. I offered her to stay in the club with others. I told her that I could go home alone. She agreed. I felt sharp pain in my heart. I thought that she would refuse my offer. I thought that she would come home with me. She hugged me instead and she allowed me to go home.

I ran away quickly. I did not want others to see me crying. I arrived home weeping. My cushion and my rug were absent. I did not know where to sleep. I did not know if Arta wanted me to sleep in the sleeping room. I was afraid to stay in the living room also, as I did not want to wake up when she would not be alone.

I felt on the wooden floor. My eyes were filled with tears. I had not imagined our first meeting. Yes, I was just a slave. But, people gladder to meet their pet after twelve days. I had thought we were alone, that we talked, and that we were glad to meet each other. I hoped that I had made some mistake and she punished me such way. Maybe, I was wrong maybe I behave badly. Maybe... I felt asleep weeping on the hard wooden floor.



My Mistress had allowed me to visit my friends in the morning. Sir Bela called me to show his new photo studio. I had just arrived, when I realized that Arta woke up. I went home quickly.

My Mistress started to furnish her home. I helped her to set up pose balls. I was kneeling in front of my Mistress when she pushed her hips forward to my face. I felt her wonderful odor and I looked up at her taking deep breath. She was looking at me. She allowed me to kiss her pussy.

I trembled in excitement as I leaned. My lips approached her pussy slowly and I felt the heat radiating from her pussy. My lips reached her. I closed my eyes and listened only to the sensation. I did not want to take away my mouth from her wet lips. She asked me if I want to lick her. I answered not lifting my head. My lips tickled her pussy gently.

I heard the permission. My tongue went forward without delay, uncontrolled. I felt Arta's wonderful taste in my tongue. I enjoyed her with closed eyes.

Suddenly, my Mistress ordered me to stand up. She said that this kiss was a reward for my slavery. It was one of the best rewards I had ever received.

But, it was not only a reward. It was a farewell kiss, too. I am going to have a vacation and I will return in two weeks. I caressed Arta with tears in my eyes when we said goodbye to each other. Have fun, Mistress, while I would be away. And you, my dear reader have fun, too, and do not forget of me. I will be back in two weeks.


Serving Wine

I mentioned in one of the posts that I met Arta's neighbor. This neighbor wanted to play part in my training. He said it to Arta. She wanted to know my opinion about it. I agreed. Arta said that he would train me probably, later.

My Mistress invited one of her friends to her house. I felt a bit nervous, but I decided not to make mistakes.

I served wine twice and I was answering the questions. My Mistress seemed to be satisfied with my behavior. I slept well this night.


I was massaging Arta's feet while we continued the conversation started yesterday. My Mistress decided to go shopping. We went shops she had not visited recently. I like shopping, but I even more like shopping with Arta. I admit it is not easy to go shopping with Arta. She usually does not lead me by my leash. Instead, I have to follow her. She hates when I dropped behind. So, I cannot examine the vendor pictures carefully. I keep my eyes on Arta and I try to drop looks at the vendors. I feel that I am her slave every minute while we are in shops and it makes me excited. It is also worth mentioning that Arta knows the best shops in SL.

My Mistress bought me a lovely corset. She allowed me to choose the color of the corset. I liked this corset. Does it fit me nice?

Then, Arta was searching land to rent. I was following her, while she was flying. It was quite a challenge not to be dropped behind. She was very kind and she did not punish me, however, sometimes I was unable to follow her in the air.

Later, in the evening, I received an IM from one of my friends. There was clearance sale at *BabyDoll*. I have some lingerie from this shop and I like them. I told Arta about the sale, and we went there. Before leaving for the shop, Arta showed me her lingeries bought in *BabyDoll*. She looked so beautiful that my breath was broken.

I had money to buy one lingerie set, but Arta decided me to give two sets as a gift. I think I got the sexiest ones. At home, I made a small show for Arta. I enjoyed it so much. I knew that I looked pretty. I was smiling at my Mistress waving with my hips while walking.

Suddenly, Arta said that I could not wear the lingerie I received. She said that I looked like a slut. I was frozen. I looked through my body and I felt beautiful. Arta also said that my cuffs seceded the stockings. I understood everything. It is very important for Arta to keep me barefoot. How could I be so silly, again? She allowed me to buy because she realized that I wanted it very much. She cared of me and I, the foolish slave, forgot about her need. I was ashamed and changed my clothes silently.



Today, we had a confidential conversation with Arta. It was not related to my slavery. I am very sorry, but I cannot share it with you.


Tires Slave

I was very tired even when I woke up. Arta was playing chess with a friend of hers. She asked me to help her. We did not play well this day.

Arta realized how I was tired and she sent me to the bed.


Fighting with SL

When I woke up, my Mistress played chess with one of her friends. She played very well and she soon won the game.

Then we were fighting with SL after the world upgrade. We won, at the end.


New Hairstyle

I described my feelings in previous post. I hope nobody misunderstands it. Arta is a very good Mistress and I like to be her slave. It is my longest slavery in SL. It is why the experience is new for me. Do not think that she is cruel or so. No, she is not cruel at all.

The problem is not with her, but with me. I can hardly handle the relationship changing between us as we learn more of each other. When I talked about emotions in the previous post then I thought about love. I twit her, I have different feelings and these feelings can prevent to be a good slave.

Arta many times said that I was her girlfriend not only her slave. I believed it and I made mistakes. She is very caring Mistress, who cares about my state of mind. I am happy to be her slave. She was cruel when she punished me. I am sure that most of you agree with me. But, I am her slave. I can respect her, I can obey her, I can worship her. Maybe I can love her, but I must not wait for any feeling from her side. I try to accept it and I want to accept it but I need some time to accept it.

Of course, It does not mean that I will serve her like a machine. I tried it and Arta did not like it. Rather, it means that I must ignore my loving feelings and I must pay all my attention to her need.

OK, I finished boring conversation of my feelings. Let us see what happened today.

My Mistress opened my cuffs and detached my leash. She caressed me. Oh, I felt so good holding her in my arms and feeling her body pressed against mine. Then she sat down and she ordered me to sit, too. It was very unusual for me. In fact, I got frightened not knowing what would happen. I prepared myself for some disaster. Instead, we were talking about our common fast. She talked with me very openly. Is not she a perfect Mistress?

Then she took me to the Hairspray and she was searching for a new hair. We met the Chess Guy again, but at this time, he had only a few minutes to spend with us.

My Mistress bought nice hair for herself, a blond one with hair scarf. She also found a new hairstyle for me. Do you like it?

Hairspray is placed on a huge territory, so we could see only some shops and it became late.

We went home, my Mistress did not lock my cuffs and she did not bind me to her bed. After a lovely hug, she just ordered me to go to the bedroom.


Sad Girls

My Mistress leaded me to the ground floor. It was empty. I could not see any furniture, not even rugs. She placed the chessboard on the empty floor, near the windowed wall. She asked me if it was a good place for the chessboard. I hardly answered. I had no idea what to say.

Then Arta sat in her favorite chairs. She ordered me to massage her feet. I was massaging her gently. She was silent. Her new command broke the silence. She wanted me to massage her feet with my lips. She liked me to give a massage with my lips. I was always afraid not knowing if I could kiss her feet. My soft lips were wandering on her feet, when she told me that she maybe would go to work now. I swallowed and nodded showing conjunction with her decision.

She stood up and walked upstairs to the bedroom. I became excited when she jumped on the bed. Maybe it would be the day, when she would allow me to give her pleasure. She invited me to the bed. She caressed me and held in her arms. She said that she was said. I tried to find out what the problem was, but, she did not answered me clearly. She was thinking before answering quite a lot. I did not know what to do. I did not know how to make her happy. I suggested to go shopping, as she had wanted to buy furniture. She said that it would be better to go to find pretty hairstyles.

I suggested going to the Laqroki. It is the best hair saloon in SL. At least, it is my opinion if a slave may have an opinion. When Arta arrived and looked around, she said that she was familiar with this shop. I stood silently looking at the floor ashamed. There were new hairstyles at the entrance. Arta tried one of them. She looked so beautiful. I told her how pretty she looked with this hair. She did not answer anything.

I bit my lips and looked at her waiting for any reaction. What happened in the next moment was surprise for me. Arta's friend appeared near us. I greeted him. He was the guy who had refused to play chess with me twice. He did not greet me. He ignored me completely. They were talking a bit then silence covered us. I did not know what happened. We were standing without a word. Then the Chess Guy went to look at men's hairstyles. Arta followed him a minute later. I followed Arta. They were standing close to each other for some minutes. They did not say a single word. I supposed that they were talking via IM.

Arta sometimes moved to the other vendor. I followed her. She did not talk to me at all. She usually had stopped and turned around to check if I had followed her. This time, she did not turn around. She ignored me at all. I did not know how to behave. I felt awful. She treated me like a bag or a pair of shows. I almost cried out. Then I remembered who I was. I was a slave who could be treated similar. I followed her everywhere obediently.

Then they met in the middle of the hair saloon. Arta remained silent, but the Chess Guy answered her in public chat. I realized that they were talking all the time in IM. Probably, they did not want me to hear her conversation. Pain broke apart my heart. I was bothering them. I was unwanted in their company. I was just a trammel. Fortunately, I did not have to speak anything, so I could struggle with my tears. I wished if I had been anywhere else.

I stood a bit far from them frozen. Arta asked me if I knew other places. I told them my next two favorite places. One of them was Cake and the other was Armidi. They eagerly explained me that they were familiar with these places and that they did not like them. They did not tell sentences they shot them to me. My face was burning. I stood silently.

I asked about Hairspray. Hairspray is a good hairstyle related place. Almost every hairdresser has a small saloon here. When we arrived there, they told me again that this was a well-known place. I felt despaired. I swallowed my tears silently.

Fortunately, the Chess Guy had to leave us and my Mistress took me home. She locked my chains to her bed and I tried to fall asleep.

I was trembling on my sleeping pillow thinking of my last days. I was familiar with such treatment. I had spent a week alone hogtied and restricted by RR viewer. I had wandered in SL ready to go to my Owner not knowing when he had called me. I had been ordered to walk on the stairway of a bastion alone for almost an hour. I had survived all these.

Now, I felt awful with sharp pain on my mind. I wondered what the difference was. I found out the answer. The difference was my emotions. I had respected my former Owners, but, a week of slavery had not allow other emotions to be formed. I realized that I was ruled by my emotions. I realized that I would have to fight with my emotions. A slave must be obedient and must not have any feeling. I learnt my first experience of my slavery. Emotions are luxury for slave. Emotions block the slave to serve well. But, the challenge remained how I would handle it.


Home Alone

I woke up and when I looked around, I realized that I was alone. My Mistress had not attached my cuffs to the bed as usually and even my handcuffs were not locked to each other. I could move freely.

I was waiting for my Mistress, but she did not come today. Nobody of my friends was online at this time, so I felt completely alone. I resembled my adventures and I wondered how the old places had change.

I did not left the bedroom, as I did not have permission to do it. I stared out to the garden and the sea. Nobody walked there. Everything was quiet.

I went to the bed hoping that my Mistress was all right and we would meet soon.

Skirt Creation Class

My Mistress wanted to rent new parcel. She sent me a teleport. The island she was on looked nice. I turned around any I could see only the sea and tropical island around. This place was beautiful. However, the land of the island was a bit small.

Arta had to go work and I asked for a permission to go to learn. There was an interesting class about the prim skirt creation. If you read my blog, then you know that I like to learn. Recently, I did not visit classes. So, I enjoyed this class very much.



My Mistress was busy when I woke up. It seemed that she would be busy for long. At this time Sir Nabru IMed me. I am always happy to talk to him and our conversation was broken by SL last time.

Sir Nabru wanted to meet me. I was bound to Arta's bed, so, I could not go. I asked Arta if he could visit me in her house.

My Mistress arrived and untied me from the bed. She is really caring Mistress, is not she? Thank you, Mistress.

So, I met Sir Nabru. He had a nice conversation on the terrace at the top of his caste. Reminiscences ran through my mind. Last time, I had massaged him here, before we had danced in the light of westering sun. Sir Nabru told me about his life. He has had a beautiful slave for two months. I was happy to hear that he was glad. I hope that we will meet in the future, too.

I returned home and I saw my Mistress sitting in her favorite chair. I knelt before her and we were talking about the punishments. I told her my feelings. I believed that my love to her was enough motivation. She had other opinion. I was explaining why I was right. Suddenly, I realized that I was wrong again. I dared to argue with her. I was ashamed. I agreed her quickly.

Then my Mistress ordered me to go the bathroom to clean the floor. I was rubbing the floor for more than an hour. I was very tired when my Mistress arrived. She leaded me to the sleeping room. I felt asleep very quickly.

Chess Again – No Escape

I wake up with headache. My Mistress stood in front of me. I kissed her legs as usually when I heard familiar voice behind me. The Cruel Friend came in to the house. We were silent. I supposed that they were talking with IMs.

The Cruel Friend wanted to play chess with me. Of course, Arta agreed, however, she realized that I was still sleepy and sent me back to sleep. Before falling asleep, I was wondering why the Cruel Friend wanted to play chess with me. Does he like chess? Or does he want me to play this frightening game?

Early Morning

My Mistress was still sleeping when I woke up. I was bound to her bed, so, I could not go anywhere. But, I would have not gone without Arta's permission, even if I had not been bound.

I talked with Sir Bela via IM. He sent me a bag with a landmark of the new shop. Thank you for the beautiful bag. Then one of the Hungarian guys IMed me and then I went back to sleep.



I slept in the living room this night. I had felt that I had not deserved to sleep in my Mistress' bedroom.

When Arta arrived, I started to kiss her feet. Only words of greeting left my lips. I remained silent; my mouth was busy kissing her feet. Arta was silent, too. I was afraid of lifting my head and looking at her beautiful face. My trembling body was cold. The only heat I felt was radiated from Arta's feet.

Arta took out her leg from my mouth and placed it on my head. I did not move. She pressed my head down with her leg. I felt sudden pain in my head and in my neck. I was moving my hips to find less painful position silently. She presses me harder. My head was pinched to the wooden floor. I opened my mouth to breath. I was frightened. My eyes were filled with tears. I felt pain in my entire body. The hard floor presses into my face painfully.

My Mistress lifted her legs and stood in front of me. I did not lift my head. I felt her anger. She grabbed my hands and locked my wrists to my ankles forcing me to kneel. I looked at her face lifting my head a little. She shouted at me immediately ordering me to stare at the floor.

Arta pushed me to the floor and hogtied me. I was afraid of even moaning, however, metal cuffs cut deep into my body.

She sat in her favorite chair and ordered me to crawl to her. I took time to get there. I tried to move fast ignoring pain caused by cuffs and ignoring the burning feeling as the hard floor rubbed my flesh. She turned me on my back with her legs and ordered me to lick her sole.

I obeyed. I licked her sole humbly. Arta talked to me. She told that I had put her to shame, yesterday. I started to cry. My salty tears flew into my mouth as I licked her sole. She told me that I had behaved badly specially. I exclaimed against it. I never wanted to be bad. She said that it meant if she lied. I did not know what to say. Of course, I never dare to say that she was a liar. She was so cruel.

I knew that I had been wrong and I knew that I must have been punished. I was ready to be punished. In fact, I had started my punishment earlier. I had been feeling bad since I had served Mistress bad. I had been feeling pain in my mind. It hurt more than any other punishment.

Arta detached the chain from my cuffs and ordered me to follow her. She went to the stocks. I placed my head into it. She closed me there and locked my hands together. She set the timer to an hour and she left me. I did not want to beg for mercy. I wanted to be punished. I wanted to feel pain in my entire body. I wanted to feel as uncomfortable as it was possible. I just hoped that my punishment would calm down my Mistress.

I knew that I would have spent an hour here. I had time to think of my behavior. I always tried to be a good slave. I hoped that my former Owners enjoyed my servitude. I had been proud of my obedience. I had been enjoying serving almost every of my former Owners. I kept in touch with some of them and I was proud of their friendship.

I had never been worried serving others before. I had known that I had been a good slave, a very good one. I had paid my attention to my service only. I had spent more than three weeks with my Mistress. I wanted her to be proud of me. When her guest had arrived, I had been worry to make mistakes. It had been the reason why I had been unable to serve well.

My Mistress returned in about twenty minutes. I heard her approaching steps but I did not dare to lift my face.

She asked if I wanted to tell her something. I was despaired. I did not know what to say. I asked her not to be angry with me. I promised that I would not fail any more.

But, she wanted to hear my begging. I started to beg immediately. I did not beg for release. I begged for her mercy. I wanted to tell her why I was so silly. But, she was not interested in my explanation. She extended the time of the stocks with an hour and then she left.

I remained alone. Crying shook my body. Every movement increased the pain in my neck as the hard wood of the stocks rubbed it. I knew that I would be locked to the stocks this day, maybe tomorrow, too. I did not care about it. My only wish was to make Arta feel better. I knew I had hurt her very much.

Arta returned in about five minutes. She said that she forgave me. I felt better, however I did not know what would happen. I did not know how I would have to behave immediately after the punishment.

But, she did not open the lock of the stocks. She wanted me to teach to behave well in the future. So, I remained in the stocks. I wanted to know if she felt better. I was afraid of asking it. So, I asked for permission to ask a question. She refused and went away.

Five minutes passed and my Mistress returned. She gave me permission to ask my questions. I tried to gather my thought. I was not easy in this state of mind. She answered. She still felt bad. I started to cry again. I did not know what to do.

She opened the lock telling that punishing me hurt her even more. I dropped on knees before her, placed my head between her legs and I begged her to feel better.

I was locked for forty-two minutes. I could be stay there for a day or two. But, I learnt the lesson. I knew that I must have behaved with attention to my Mistress only. I did not want to fear of her friends. She was discontent many times when I had met her friends. Recently, I had not asked any question if we were not alone and in some cases, it worked. I did not want to associate guests with punishment as I did with chess. Chess means punishment for me and I am not sure if I can change it. I will behave well in the future, it is clear for me. I do not want Arta to feel bad because of me anymore.

I tried to behave like before and chatted with my Mistress. She was looking for land. There were some nice parcels on the beach near Sir Bela's land. I offered Arta to look at them. We went there.

Arta was afraid of possible neighbors, so she did not buy anything. It is interesting many citizens prefer to rent land because of others. The estates have rules to follow the mainland does not. Some citizens like to make bad others. So, if you buy mainland then, be prepared for it. I talked about red lines restricting the access to the parcels. I do not understand people who limit the access such way. They must have some dark wound deep in their mind. It must be the only reason why they hate other so hard. Good example of socially ill people is Sir Bela's sim. This sim looks nice there are no ugly buildings, there are many gardens. But, two of the land owners of this sim differ from others. One of them closed his parcel with high walls. The environment is beautiful, so, the only purpose of these walls is the close the view from others. The other resident places a lighthouse, the high ugly building at the end of his parcel. This lighthouse breaks the beauty of the sim. It is the only purpose. The lighthouse is at the end of his parcel and I bet he do not often use it. Oh, and he has the only parcel in this sim which has red lines.

I showed my Mistress Sir Bela's house. When we went home to sleep Arta looked happy. I calmed down, too.


Unsure Slave

We talked with my Mistress about the kiss I had given her, yesterday. She knew that I was straight. She was not sure if I had liked to kiss her pussy. I had served Mistresses earlier. It did not have any common with my sexual orientation. But, now, I had another feeling. I really enjoyed kissing Arta. I did not know what had happened to me. I did not understand it. I knew only that I had enjoyed kissing her pussy and I wanted to kiss her more. Maybe, I felt in love with her. My thoughs are in a whirl.

We were talking of it for a while. We were talking of how to kiss her, how to lick her. I became very excited. I was sure that we would go to the bedroom in a minute. Arta asked if I wanted to do it right now. I nodded eagerly. She stood up and told me that maybe I would have the opportunity another time. I followed her disappointed.

We went to the living room. I could see new furniture there. Arta sat down and I knelt down at her feet. She created a frame for a picture and she placed photos into this frame, one after another. I looked at the photos. My Mistress and a handsome man were in most of the photos. I could see them caressing each other, kissing. I bowed my head. I knew that my Mistress had a friend. I knew that I am her slave only. But, it was bad to see her with others. I lowered my head and took deep breath. I remembered myself that I was here to serve and only for serve. When Arta said that she was searching a good photo to her living room, I was able to smile at her.

Her friend arrived. Arta offered him to play chess with me. He refused. Thank you, again, handsome stranger. *smiles

Arta mentioned that she had seen a hairstyle. The hair was designed by Calico Ingmann. I do not like her hairstyles. I am proud of my hair and I know the best hairdressers in SL. Unfortunately, Calico is not one of them. Arta asked my opinion. I hesitated. We were not alone, so I had to agree with her. I told that most of Calico's works were not the best, but I was sure that the hairstyle she had seen was beautiful. She shouted at me that I would wear the hairstyle she would choose for me. She also sent an IM telling me that I was forbidden to disagree. I was ashamed. I failed again. I did not know how to behave in similar situations. Perhaps, I had to lie.

We went to Calico's shop. I loved long hairs, so, I saw worried as my Mistress went to mid length hairstyles. She was trying hairs and she told me to do so, too. I was searching for a good looking hair, but I could not find any. Suddenly, I was jerked. I looked around and I realized that Arta attached a leash and she leaded me. She told me that I did not follow her. I failed again. Yes, she had ordered me to try a hair. But, a good slave always pays attention to her Owner.

Arta's friend left us and we remained alone. Arta looked sad. I tried to make her happier. I even offered her to play chess. It did not help. We went home.

Arta's other friend came to visit her. She was a Mistress living in Rossey. The evening started well. Arta's guest liked me. But, I was very silly and I ruined everything. This Mistress asked white wine and I served red. I am very stupid, am not I?

My Mistress sent me to sleep and I knew that she was not proud of me at all this evening.


Kiss of Desire

After waking up, I joined my Mistress. She was shopping. She did not attach the leash to my collar. However, she ordered me no to fall behind. I obeyed. It was not easy as she walked silently. She stared at a vendor and then suddenly she went away. I had to look at her all the time. I was running after her and I could drop a look at vendors rarely.

Arta likes boots and she has great assortment of boots. She showed me her boots. I enjoyed looking at her boots. She was very proud of her collection and I felt that I pleased my Mistress. I was barefoot during this show. I felt the cold kiss of the floor on my soles and at that moment, I understand why Arta had forbidden wearing shoes.

At home, Arta went out to the terrace. I followed. She sat down at the chessboard. Cold hand gripped my heart. I was standing frozen in front of the chessboard. I heard her order from the far distance. I moved trembling and sat down as I was told. Arta made a step. I was waiting. I hesitated. The silence pinned my mind into the chess table. I parted my lips and words left my trembling mouth. I asked if I had to play. Arta looked at me and then she stood up asking if I still worried of chess. I nodded and I knew I failed again. I failed because she was a caring Mistress. She cared of me and she did not want to hurt me. I failed. I felt in a trap, from which did not have any exit. I was sure that I would fail if I would play. But, I failed not playing with my Mistress. I hated the chessboard so much.

My Mistress had a bath while I was cleaning the floor in the bathroom. She enjoyed the bath silently with closed eyes. I was afraid of talking to her. I knew I failed and I supposed she was thinking of my bad behavior.

Arta came out of the bath and she was drying her body close to my head. She suddenly ordered me to have a bath, too. I felt confused. Was not she angry with me? I went to the bath quickly and I descended into to hot water. My body relaxed, but my mind was still unsure. After some minutes, I had to come out. We were standing naked close to each other. Arta examined my body. We were talking of differences between our shapes.

Then Arta ordered me to put on clothes. When I was ready, she locked my cuffs. I was kneeling before her perfect body. My eyes roamed on her slender legs. Arta told me to kiss her feet. I obeyed. Then she ordered me to kiss her thighs. I kissed her gently and my breath became short having my eyes on her naked hot body.

Arta moved her hips toward my face and she asked if I liked her pussy. I was unable to speak. I just nodded. Then I gathered all my force to say yes. Arta looked at me and she allowed me to kiss her pussy. I swallowed in excitement. I leaned. My lips approached her hot pussy. I felt her sweet odor and the heat radiating from her. My mouth touched her lips slowly. I felt as the electrical impulse jumping to my mouth from her lips. I parted my lips a bit to feel her taste. It was wonderful.

'It is enough, Nia.' I understood the meaning of this sentence slowly. I sat back on my feet and tried to calm down. She ordered me strictly to go to my place. I obeyed and closed my eyes. Suddenly, I felt her hands stroking my hair. I smiled up at her when she went away. I was the happiest slave.


White Silk

My Mistress wore unusual but pretty clothes. I knelt down before her and greeted her with kisses on her feet. She talked to me and I sat back on my feet to answer. She ordered me to continue kissing her feet. I obeyed and her silky skin tickled my lips when I answered keeping my mouth on her feet.

We were talking on her clothes. I got to know that they were an elf ranger armor. I had never seen them before. They looked very nice on my Mistress. When she enjoyed enough my submission, we went to a shop. I was not familiar with this shop. Arta told me that it offered the best clothes in SL. I looked around and I agreed her. The clothes shown on the vendors were very nice.

Arta leaded me to the picture of white silks. She told me to buy them. Silks were free. I got it and checked other vendors. They offered other clothes free, too. My Mistress did not tell me to get them and I was too shy to ask her. So, I left this shop without them.

Had I mentioned how beautiful jewels Arta had? If I had not, then please, check my photo pages. She had bought many of jewels in this shop. She asked me if I would have liked to wear jewels. Of course, I would have wanted. I knew it deep in my mind. However, I wore clothes chosen by my Mistress. My desire was to wear clothes and jewels chosen by my Mistress only. I had loved to wear nice clothes, but, now, I enjoyed wearing clothes selected by Arta. Did I become strange? I do not know.

A guest arrived at Arta's home. He was Hungarian, but his style was fairly unique. He hugged Arta like an old friend. My Mistress offered him to play chess with me. Oh, the dark shadows gathered above my mind. Fortunately, he did not want to play with me. Thank you, handsome stranger. *smiles

My Mistress sent me to sleep and they continued playing on the roof of her house. I could not hear what he did because my eyes were closed almost immediately.



We were talking with my Mistress a lot today. I enjoy these conversations so much. I usually knelt at her feet and I looked up at her beautiful face. She told me her adventures what had happened on last weekend. I was happy because she shared these experiences with me.

I was listening to her and I eager to kiss her kneel. She wore the same red clothes what she had bought for me and red high boots ending just bellow her knees. She looked so beautiful and I was so happy that I could behave as I had behave some days ago. I kissed her kneels gently. Her wonderful odor filled my nose as my lips walked slowly on her silky knees. She smiled and reminded me that I was allowed to kiss only her feet without permission.

I closed my eyes; I failed again. I was afraid to look at her. I was ashamed and my face burnt. I gathered all my force and opened my eyes. I bowed my head and begged for mercy. She forgave me. She knew me and understood my state of mind. She smiled at me and allowed me to kiss her kneels. I kissed them as gently as I could. I kissed her with love. My feelings flew from my heart through my lips to her long legs.

Arta stood up and ordered me to follow her. She went upstairs to the bedroom. I wondered of her intends. I usually massaged her fragile body in the bedroom. She turned from the bed and opened the door of the balcony. There was a chess table on the balcony near the deckchair. I followed her; my heart was beating loudly. She passed the deckchair and and sat down at the chess table. I started to tremble. I tried to force myself to be quiet but I was unable to stop the shivering of my body.

She ordered me to sit down. I obeyed. My stomach lifted to my throat. Each time we had played chess, I had made mistakes. I was sure that I would be punished today, too. She looked at my pale face and asked what the matter with me was. I whispered slowly. She was calming down me. She said that she would not punish me independently on the finish of the game. I trusted her. I knew that she was a good Mistress, but my body continued shivering.

I looked at the chess table and saw that somebody had started the game and they had not finished. Arta told me to continue the game. She played with black pieces, which closed on white pieces. I knew that she already won the game. I had no chance to win.

While we were playing, two of her friends arrived. One of them seemed to be a master of this game. We were playing and I lost the game.

Arta took me to the bedroom and caressed me. I loved these hugs. I loved to hold her slender body, which was full of vital force. Recently, she hugged me before going to bed. I never mentioned her, but these hugs were the biggest reward for me.

She did not chain me to the bed this night. It was a reward, I know. Of course, I was thankful her to leaving me free for night. However, I liked to be bound to the bed. Yes, it was uncomfortable to sleep cuffed and locked to the bed. But, my Mistress enjoyed locking me and I loved to please her. I knew she was amused by chaining me to the bed and I her amusement was one of the best gifts she could give me.


My Mistress

My Mistress was away, when I woke up. She arrived at home some minutes later. I dropped on my knees and kissed her legs obediently.

Then she went to the bed and told me to go closer. I did not join her in the bed, but I stood near the bed. She was looking at me and then she asked why I did not join her. I jumped in the bed as I wanted to hold her in my arms. But, I could not caress her; I was waiting for the order.

We were lying in the bed and we were talking about my behavior and about her needs. She was a wonderful Mistress and she had felt that I had been confused. She did not like the new Nia; she preferred the old one. I also suffered trying to satisfy the new rules. I wanted to be her good slave. I wanted her to be happy. I had suffered not talking to her, not chatting with her. It was awful. I had decided to behave so, because I had thought that it had been her will. I became very happy hearing that she needed a slave, not a marionette. Tears of gladness poured my eyes. I became happy getting to know that she liked me as I had served her.

I loved her very much and I felt thanks to fortune leading our way to meet. I knew she did not like to punish me. We both knew that punishments were necessary and they helped me to be better slave for my Mistress. I knew that Arta did not enjoy my punishment and she would punish me only if it was really necessary.

I was happy to belong to her and I knew that she would always protect me and I would do everything for her.