My Owner was not online and as he had allowed me to explore freely, I decided to visit Kingdom of Sand. I had liked this role playing place. However, I never was brave enough to join and participate in the city life.
Kingdom of Sand is a city in the middle of the desert, in the middle age. I arrived and I received a message saying that I was a LAG Monster. I did not want to take off my attachments. I decided to visit the city next time.
I remembered the famous shop, the Xcite. I felt I had to go there. I was afraid of lag. I remembered that this place had been always crowded. But, I was a lag monster; I was ready to face the lag. *smiles
My surprise Xcite was almost empty. I checked the next generation genitals and the offered BDSM tools. I was familiar with most of them. Besides the old tools, I found new ones as well. Some BDSM devices was sold together with remote control. But what I like the most was Interactive Scrub Bucket. I remembered Arta. She had wanted me to work and I had cleaned the floor of her house. But this bucket was different. In this case, the slave has to scrub the floor by pressing keyboard buttons. No cheat, just pure work! *smiles
I love it! I have one idea for the future improvement. The initial state of the floor must be dirty and it can become cleaner as the slave works. The result can be checked easily even if the slave was left alone to work. Arta would love it, I bet.



In the morning, I met my Owner. He said that he would stay away from SL today. He allowed me to explore freely, even he removed my gags allowing me to visit non adult places, too.
Before he left, he said that my online time was not proper for him. He mentioned that we would discuss it. I hate time zones!
One of my old friends, my former Owner IMed me. I learned that he was all right; he enjoyed SL with friends and a lovely girlfriend.
I visited old and new places. I found good pony place and I spent a wonderful hour at Siggy’s Waterworks.
Unfortunately, I met only few people. Hey, where are you, old SL guys?



I met my old friend, SzMarie. She is very interesting woman, also submissive. Unlike me, she likes RLV features and she loved to be kidnapped. I am sure she is one of the best sub in SL. We could talk no more than five minutes and she was taken.
She recommended using RDF. I was familiar with it. You just put it on and after proper settings, you became searchable. The only problem is that quantity of submissives are twice greater that dominants. It is not a problem to SzMarie, because she is very good at submission.
I had a conversation with my former Mistress, Arta. She is in SL rarely. We became friends again.
Suddenly I received an IM from my former Owner. I still had problem with the viewer, I did not realize when he logged in. We met in his place, in front of his castle, in the yard, among various bondage devices.
We were talking about neutral subjects, when he ordered me to undress. I was confused, but I obeyed. He leaded me naked to wooden boxes and he brought a huge horse to me. According to his wish, I knelt down and pampered the horse with my mouth. Then he made the horse slide into me. It was so huge. I was fucked for almost 20 minutes. My belly was burning; I could barely handle the huge erection.
Then we discussed my future fate. My former Owner, Rambo has a girlfriend, but he wanted me as a slave. I agreed as he was a good Dom. I changed my profile and set him as an Owner in the collar.
Then he ordered me to kneel and he pissed on me, signing me such way as his property.

Learning the Viewer

I was examining the viewer. I spent a lot of time and now, I almost can use it.
My former Master IMed me. He wanted to talk to me. I was interested in his fate as well.


Brave New World

I am back. This time, I hope I can stay for a while. Maybe once, I tell you why I left the Second Life. But not now.
So, I returned and I realized that the world in SL had changed a lot. I had problem with use of SL viewers. The well known menu and buttons disappeared and I saw unusual viewer structure.
None of my friends were online. Checking their profile, I realized that they must have been all right.
I supposed that my Owner did not want a slave having one-year holiday, so I took off my collar and my gags.
I was searching for my favorite places from the past. I found Necronom, Bondage Playground, Collar me, etc. However, my favorite, Heaven & Hell and Alikat had gone.

The world seemed empty; it became nicer and still interesting, but I did not find crowed anywhere, even in Bondage Ranch.