Reminiscence – Hunted Down

After leaving Bondage Playground, I did not know where to go. I was very disappointed. I had dreamt of serving at BP so much. I did not feel good at BP, now, especially, that it was my former Master’s favorite place.

I went to Bondage Ranch, again. There were dozens of slaves around as always. It was a surprise when I received an IM. A nice person IMed me and we started to learn each other. He was ready to accept me to be his slave. He also wanted a trial period for us.

He asked me to go to a CARP like place, where he would chase me. I agreed, however I was afraid of emotes. I used to visit hunting places and I knew that many predators and preys loved to emote. Well, I do not have anything against emote, but, that time I did not really want to meet an emote fan. After a minute of hesitation, I agreed.

We went a Hunt area, where I had to put on gorean meter and I could go out to the arena as I joined the necessary group. He gave me a start and I could hide behind ruins. He was not able to come to me close enough in first minutes. Then, I decided to leave ruins. It was a mistake. He shot very well, so, I felt as the arrow went through my body. I continued running heading back to the ruins. He was an amazing hunter; I received two more painful arrows in my naked body.

I reached the ruin; but, he did not let me go. Soon, I felt on the ground. Then he bound my body tight. I behave proudly and I was talking to him like a queen to a peasant. Then, I was struggling and tried to escape.

He took me to a torture chamber when I was bound to a bondage device. He was beating me until I obeyed. Then he unbound me and let me alone among the stone walls.

Unfortunately, next day he was absent. I was waiting for him vainly. While I was alone, a dominant man met me. He is my current Master.


Reminiscence – In Search of a Harem

I used to serve for a week. It was easier from more aspects. I had only few limits. I did not want to switch and I wanted to be used not just left alone. I was sure I could handle everything. I did not mind what Owner I had. The worst part was the search of a person, who accepted me as a slave. It was indeed hard.

Now, I want to be a permanent slave. It does count what Owner I will have. Almost every Dom offers a trial period. I keep permanent relationship very seriously. I do not want to serve this trial period and then run away. I would like to have a working relationship based on mutual respect and mutual trust.

Yes, if a slave must trust in her Owner, then the Owner must trust in his slave. There is no point to start a relationship, if trust is missing. What do I mean under mutual respect? Some Doms do not want me. They want only a plastic girl, which can be formed according to their needs. They do not want a human being with personality, with feelings. I would like to have a relationship, where I am able to submit.

Many people think what kind of slave I can be. A real slave must obey and must do everything what his Master wants. Is it right? Maybe, there are such slaves. Maybe, such slaves will serve their Owners. I do not know. I do not have so deep submissive feelings. All I want to promise is that I will not lie to my Owner and I will try to serve to please he better. But, I cannot change my personality. If you accept it, then you can be sure that I do not watch TV in RL, if you cage me in SL. If you cage me, then I will wait for you there. I will not log off if I do not like how you treat me.

So, I received IM from a man in Bondage Ranch. I did not like the way he started the conversation. Why are you unowned if you are obedient slave? I do not think it is the best first question. What should I answer? Should I tell I am not obedient either I am a wrong slave? The next question was about my RLV, as it was not switched on that time. But, I decided to give a try to our relationship.

He told me he has other slave. We were staying at BR. I was kneeling at his feet. We did not talk a lot. I like long hairstyles. He wanted me to have my hair cut short. He did not want it because he liked short hair. He said it is because he could access my collar better. I met a new sister slave each day and all they had long hair. I always allow my Owner to check my position on the map. He wanted more. He wanted me to allow editing my object. I do not really know the power of this function. I allowed it for him, but I did not like it at all. We spoke in IMs instead of public chat.

Next day, I met his first slave. We did not talk much. They had a conversation in IM. Then a girl left us. My Owner told that she was not my sister any longer, as she did not want to serve together with other slaves. I felt terrible. She left because of me; I did not want it. His behavior was very strange. He was not sad at all. He told me SL relationships ended quickly. Slaves come and go. We had very different points of view.

We spent together six days. Every day was a routine. I woke up and greeted him. He sent me a TP. He always was a very laggy crowded place, where slaves searched for Owner: BR or House of V. I took minutes or more to teleport to my Master. Once, he did not believe that BR was full and I could not teleport there.

He had a new slave each they. These slaves left him after a day. I was forbidden to IM and he never uses public chat. I usually was kneeling at his feet. My sister was kneeling near me. We were unable to speak each other as IMs were forbidden. He had a conversation with us separately in IM. He did not left laggy places, as he wanted more than two slaves.

On one day, he took me to a park, where he met his former sub. He did not care of me. He paid all his attention to this girl.

On the 6th day, when I arrived to my Master, two girls were kneeling at my Master’s feet. I asked him about them. He had forgotten one of them; the other was my new sister. I told him that I did not enjoy my servitude.

He did not believe me. He was sure that I must have like kneeling silently in laggy places while he was searching for other women. He told it was my fault as I did not like sex. Well, I never said I did not like sex. I did not like when there was only sex and nothing more in a BDSM relationship. He was very angry at me.

This evening, I met the other girl who had been kneeling at his feet. She left him after a day as other girls had done. We became friends with her.


Emote Queen

I woke up near my Master. He forced me to come close by pulling my leash hard. He told me ha had a gift for me and I was ordered to find it on him. Of course, I should have done it kneeling still. His style of clothing was very strange. He has different hanging things attached to his body. So, it was not an easy tasks to find something gift looking on his body. After long minutes of search, he gave me a gag ball. It was unique gag ball. He mad it. It took some other minutes while I mad it fit to my mouth.

My Master liked if I was struggling with my ropes. Now, I emoted how I felt wearing the gag ball.

“Nia Preez moves her lips around the ball trying to find the most comfortable place for the ball”. “Nia Preez tries to be still and not move her mouth to avoid the pressure in her mouth”. He did not like it; he wanted me to emote with his phrase “cute gaged sound”. I did not know how he meant it. He explained me showing pictures. In the picture, he gave me, was a gagged girl saying “mmm mmm mmm”.

Great! It was our third day together and I had learned that my favorite hairstyle looked ugly, my outfit was wrong, my emotes were short. Besides, I did not feel like a slave at all. My Master wanted only to chat with me in IMs while he was sitting and I was kneeling. I was very exciting serving in such a nice BDSM related place like Bondage Playground. I thought we would be part of BP. I thought I would meet other slaves and Doms. Instead, I was kneeling still and IMimg. I like public play very much. It was so close to me yet it was unreachable for me.

I mentioned all my doubts to my Master. He did not get my point at all. He was busy with himself now as he has been busy only with his own needs and desires since I had become his slave. He said he liked to hang out at BP and I did not like BP. Therefore, he allowed me to go. It was strange. I did like BP. It was one of my favorite places when I was younger. I still like it. However, I am not sure when I will go there next time.

Well, I know how to emote and I do it. But, I have to admit I am not an emote queen. I like SL in whole. The environment, other people are also part of the experiment SL can give us. I am far from being a big emote girl, who make you horny with my emotes only. I also want more than a simple chat.



I showed my Master the collar I got. It was the first time I put on it, as my Master had locked my old collar. It did not fit very well; I adjusted it quickly. I like long hair, but it covered part of the collar. Therefore, I asked my Owner to allow me to pin up my hair. He did not like the way I made my updo. He ordered me to cut off my hair. Well, I have short hairstyles and I had worn I sometimes. I could only hope that my Master would allow me to wear long hair in the future.

So, I showed my first collar. It was a leather collar but without a ring. My Owner asked me to show the next one. I put it on. The second collar was made of leather and had a ring but the collar was covered with small metal plans. There was a crowed at BP. While the collar was rezzing, my Owner asked if I had more collars. Of course, I had. I had taken many different collars having something common with my Master’s description.

SL did not like me and kicked me out. I returned as quickly as I could. I received my Master’s message. He realized my crashing. My formal Owners after crashing asked if I got their last message. Now, my Master did not ask it and as I had his last IM, I supposed I missed nothing. My Master beat my breasts hard. According to his emote it was a punishment. I was confused. He did not say that I was a punishment, he only emoted it. Actually, I should not have to know about it. But, I was so surprised that I asked it. It was long conversation between us, when I realized that I missed one IM when I crashed. He told me that it was my fault as I had to suggest he IMed me. He told me I would ask about his last IM in case of crash. Well, crashing is an OOC expression. Of course, I agreed to do so, even if it is OOC. But, it was the first time I had felt the lack of care. My Master did not care about me. He just used me. It was all right, as I was only a slave.

So, my new collar was a leather collar without a ring.

My Owner wanted me to show my tattoo. I had to take off my short and walk in panties for about two minutes. Then he allowed me to go to bed.

Heaven and Hell Again

I was alone, so I decided to visit my favorite places from my past. Do you remember what my favorite was? It is Heaven and Hell. This place was rebuilt when I last visited.

Now, when I arrived I see the original structure of Heaven and Hell. I was walking in this sim for about an hour. It worth visiting it as you can find what you like for sure. Heaven and Hell offers separated halls for different need from bondage to golden shower.

The most interesting is that in the club you can use any poles and cages to dance and tip jars as well. So, go there and enjoy it.


Tattoo and Collar

My Owner was offline. First, I made a tattoo above my butt. Well, I did it alone and I did not feel any excitement at all.

Then I went to Open Collar Temple as I was told to. I did not find the collar my Master had wanted. Therefore, I got some similar types.


Approved Outfits

I met my Master at Bondage Playground. He sat around the campfire as always. I knelt before him. Kneeling is interesting pose in SL. Kneeling almost always mean sitting on the feet. I prefer the other way of kneeling. I like to stand on my knees so that my butt does not reach my feet. If you have ever tried it, then you know that kneeling such way is very hard. After some minutes, you feel growing in every second pain in your knees. I do not have much RL experience. However, the pain caused by kneeling such way still lives clearly in my memory.

My Master wanted me to kneel deeper, so I sat down at my feet. My Owner was satisfied with my position. He smiled and asked me to repeat the rules he had told me last time. I answered proudly. My hair was long shining, but my Owner did not like it. I had to change it. He still was not happy, but he did not want to waste more time on my hair. He told me that I would do a hair show for him, soon.

He took me to a shop and showed me a hidden box, which was part of a hunting game. Then he showed me tattoo displayed in the shop, explaining that I would have to find the same tattoo among the items in the box and wear it next time. I have never worn tattoo. Then I did not realize that this tattoo could play the similar role like brand in Gor. Well, I am still not sure. But, I would like to believe, as having a sign of my Master make me feel special.

We went back to BP. My Master untied me, as I was still bound. Then he told me that I could wear clothes only if he approved it for me. My sexy red outfit was approved. He wanted me to show other clothes. I supposed that he prefer sexy clothes. So, I put on one of my sexiest outfits. He ordered me to take off the clothes at once. He told these clothes were too sexy and I had to hide my body. I gladly put on one of my favorite casual outfit. He approved it.

When we finished with my outfit, my Owner ordered to suck his fingers. I did it as obediently as I could. Others were sitting around us. Unfortunately, my Master liked to communicate in IMs. So, I obeyed him not feeling to be humiliated.

My Master told me to put on my collar. He did not like my collar, either. He ordered me to find a leather collar with a metal ring, when I would be alone.

Before going to sleep I was allowed to ask some question. I learned something about my Owner. I also got to know that my emotes were too short. Well, I never liked emotes lasting pages, but, of course, I will do my best.


Owned at Bondage Playground

I visited some times the Bondage Playground. I was talking with the person I met there. I mentioned him in the previous post. He told me that he wanted to try how submissive I was. But, I was in waiting of the presence of my current Owner, who was of course away.

Today, my friend from BP IMed again asking if I were owned. That time I was free again. He offered me to try me out if I went to BP. I did not hesitate.

He told me to drop on my knees. Then he ordered me to kiss his boots. He wanted to know how I could emote. Oh, I love to kiss my Owner’s boot. *smiles

He asked me about my limits and what I liked. I answered as I could. Of course, I mentioned that I did not want to be forced into different position using my collar or any other rlv type items.

He agreed with it saying that he wanted to bind me with rope instead of cuffs. I did not have against it anything. He also mentioned that he liked to keep me on leash. Oh, I love it, too!

He did not waste our time, he tied a rope around my body exposing my breasts and holding my hands tight besides my back. When he finished, he ordered me to kiss his boots again. It was more difficult to lean and kiss his boots with tight ropes around my body. But, I loved it. I loved to smell the odor of the leather boots.

He told me that I had to kneel always when he was near me. ((He also wanted to use ‘you’ instead of his name when I emoted.))

He started to play with my nipples. I was so excited!

But, I wanted to know more about his needs and I asked for permission to ask some questions. So, I learned some the rules to follow:

  • I shall address him Master or Sir.
  • I shall greet him when he becomes online.
  • I must kneel before him all the time.

I asked how I must have behaved when he was offline. He did not answer me clearly. He only said that he may have given me instruction, but now he wanted to handle me easier.

I want to be a slave, but I do not want to spend hours locked in a cage alone or wearing such outfit that I cannot visit places in SL. Of course, if my Owner online I want to be with him and he can do anything with me; I am ready to spend much time in a cage. But, when I am alone and I do not feel he enjoys my suffering it is not so good. It is not a protest. I just tell how I feel.

Keeping me alone restricted is a good form of punishment for me, as I do not enjoy it at all. *smiles

Oh, according to my Owner’s request, I changed my profile. As usually, I allowed my Owner to check my position on the map.

When it got too late and I asked him to allow me to go to bed, I learned that he wanted me to ask for me for permission. It seemed he enjoyed it a lot.

Reminiscence – Bondage Playground

Do you remember that one of my favorite places was Bondage Playground? I still belong to the group Bondage Playground Slaves.

I did not want to go to Bondage Ranch and wait for my Owner who never had come. I just remembered about the Bondage Playground. I made a quick search for the LM and teleported there. I took off my clothes and put on leather straps only. I remembered about the hanging display balls at BP. I loved to sit in them almost naked. The idea that I anybody could observe me made me very horny. It was early morning, so I was alone.

I left the display ball and tried a cross. Then I went back to the other display ball. When I was walking from the cross to the display ball, a man arrived. He called me to sit down near him, on the ground of course.

We were talking about SL about BDSM. I enjoyed the discussion. I liked the way he spoke. While we were talking, one of my old friends IMed me. He had found me using RDF Tracker and he had trained me like a pony.

He asked me to send teleport to him. He arrived and I was talking with two man. I do not like such situations. I always have pricks of conscience when I talk to more than one possible Owner. However, the conversation with my new friend was fairly neutral. He told me he liked lingerie and he asked me to put some nice lingerie. I have some awesome ones, however I do not even remember the time I wore them. So, it was not easy to find a nice one in my inventory.

Meanwhile, my old friend asked me to be his slave. I agreed.

Unfortunately, I had to leave and I never met my new Owner again. He just left me IMs making sure that he wanted me so much.


The Agent

I went to Bondage Ranch and I hoped somebody would want me to be his slave. I looked around. There were two or three Doms among dozens of slaves. My chances were not high.

I decided to stay for some more minutes. It was a good decision as in a minute I received an IM. The sender of the message was a woman, who asked me if I still was in search. When she got my answer she told me that she had a friend. This friend was searching for a slave, so if I wanted she could help. Of course, I wanted it.

I thought she would invite him or gave his name to me. Instead she told me to put on a formal dress and go to a certain place. I changed my clothes with excitement quickly. I felt similar when I had been on the auction long long time ago. I chose a nice yet simple red gown. I knew I looked amazing. *smiles

I followed the landmark she gave and arrived to a ballroom. It was not a big one, but looked nice. There were only few people around. I was instructed to find a place and sit down until my Owner would come.

I was waiting for a minute or two, when I realized that somebody was approaching straight toward me. He looked handsome and wore elegant tuxedo. He touched my cheek and asked if I was ready. I was so excited I could only smile at him.

He took me his home and leaded straight into the sleeping room. I dropped a gaze at the bondage device, which stood in front of the large bed. He asked me to undress and lay down on the bondage device.

I obeyed and closed my eyes, when he secured my arms and legs. He started to play with my breasts and nipples rough. I moaned loudly feeling long waited pain in my naked body.

Then he stopped, opened my cuffs and told me that he had to go.

I was waiting for him naked standing by the bondage device even next day. He did not come just left me a message that he wanted me.


Desperate Housewife

I wake up in the sleeping room naked. I greeted my Owner in IM. He was also at home and he told me to go out to the yard.

I went to him and I sat on the ground at his feet. He was satisfied. I was sitting silently for a while, he did not say a single word for about five minutes. Then he ordered me to go back to the sleeping room and lay on the bed.

When I was ready, he ordered me to beg for coming to fuck me. I started begging. He enjoyed my words very much. When he was satisfied, he started to have sex with me. We were making love for almost an hour. It was very romantic. I felt like a housewife, who would have liked to make something new to make sex different. This difference was done by begging. Otherwise, we were like an old couple.

I admit that sex is part of a BDSM relationship. However, master – slave relationship is not a vanilla one. It contains some specific elements and it ignore some others. I was making love with sex because he told me he would have wanted to cum in RL, and it made me feel very interesting. I was proud to hear it. It made me horny as well. But, I felt shame, too. These mixed feelings made our sex unusual.

When he was satisfied and wanted to start again asking me to suck him. I reminded him about my limits related to vanilla sex. I know I failed again as a slave. I had to obey and suck him, especially because I like to feel my partner’s hardness in my mouth. But, I wanted to feel I was a slave. I wanted to be humiliated.

He ordered me to wait while he was seeking BDSM related place. He thought it was necessary as he did not have any supporting devices at home. Well, a real Dom can deal without tools, cannot he?

He was searching for BDSM place for some minutes and then he teleported me. I look around in a place where I arrived. It was not a torture chamber neither a field with strange devices. It more looked like a romantic place for loving couples.

He kept me on the very short leash; I was unable to follow him. He was walking from room to room, hurrying, searching for something, silently. I was running, flying, falling after him as my leash ruled. He did not find what he was searching, so he teleported on the lower level. My collar was still attached to a change holding in his hand. When he teleported, the chain on my collar took me away from the teleport device. I could not obey his command; I was unable to go after him, as the teleport device was unreachable to me. He sent me direct teleport, that way I arrived to the lower level.

Here, we visited each room seeking somewhat, hurrying. There was different furniture for lovers, nothing else.

He ordered me to kneel and he pissed on my naked body. With warm pee on my face, I asked permission to go to bed. My Owner allowed it.



I almost forgot this day. It was our third day with my new Owner.

Nothing interesting happened. We had sex; that is all.