Nia Lisa

My Owner was offline. While I was putting on some clothes, my former Owner, Rambo, IMed me. Rambo wanted to meet me, so I was teleported to him. He is alone as his girlfriend left SL. If you are a slave girl and you search for a Master, then talk to Rambo. He is very good Master. Believe me.
I had an interesting conversation with SzMarie about the money in SL. None of us wants money for being used. The main subject was about the slave auctions. I like to be auctioned because of the exciting process of the auction and the unknown future. SzMarie does not like as money is involved.
I wanted to talk with Arta. I felt she had something more important thing to do.
I am member of the Humiliation group. Many years ago, I met a person, who wanted to be my Owner. We did not match. He asked me very strange things to do. I refused as they were beyond my limits. He became very angry and started to scold me. I teleported away. It did not help; he continued to scold me via IMs. I muted him. I hate such situations. I hate drama. I hate such people. Fortunately, most of SL citizens are nice. This person has been creating new avatars and then search for victims via group IM. He has a very special style. So, you can recognize this person even though he hides behind newer and newer avatars. We had a nice conversation about him in a group chat. I hope potential victims listened to the group chat and would not meet this limit breaker.
As I was alone, I went to art galleries of SL. I like creative people. *smiles
I visited a very interesting art gallery, the “DamiaxArt Gallery Art-Inside”. They have living arts, clicking on the paintings, the painting changes. Also, they have interactive famous paintings like Mona Lisa, Birth of Venus. You can change the model in the paining into you. It is difficult to explain. It is worth going there and trying.



I was still at Deitide. Before living, I wanted to look around once more. I caught sight of a map. Observing this map, I realized that there was one more castle here. Of course, I walked in. The castle was furnished in Deitide-style. So, I loved it.

It was time to go to offer myself to my future Owner. My first thought was Bondage Ranch. However, my experience showed that it was impossible to find a Master there. I decided to go to one of the torture chambers. I liked the RLV Bondage Playground, I chose to go there.
I looked around and I realized some people standing in the playground. Somebody IMed me and we started to talk. He liked me and I liked his profile. After a minute of talk, he asked me to be his slave. I agreed. During our conversation, a Lady wanted to play with me. I had to refuse, as I was not free any longer.
My Owner has a very strange name consisting of special signs, so, I will refer him as the Sniper. Well, Master Rambo and Master Sniper… *smiles
My Owner took me to a quiet place. After the teleport, I was in a room furnished with two beds and a bondage pole.

My Master told me about his rules:
  1. Never take off the collar.
  2. Do what your Master ask you.
  3. Show respect and loyalty for your Master.
  4. Follow your Master with heart, soul, body and mind.
  5. When you are with your Master respect him and don't talk with anyone before asking your Master
  6. Don't accept any friend request before asking your Master
  7. Never be naked when you are not with your Master.
I can follow them and I will follow them. Also, I learned that I had to greet my Master if we met first. I give permission to my Owner to check my position on the map. I set Master Sniper as my Owner of my collar. My Owner did not like my leather cuffs. He gave me his own cuffs. I liked them.
Then, on the bed, I caressed my Owner, while we were talking. He wanted me to undress and then he overwhelmed me with compliments. I loved it.
My Owner chained me to the pole and he started to play my naked body. I received strokes and strikes as well. Others came in the room and started to stare at us. A man asked my Master to loan me. A naked woman wanted to join us. Interesting company…

My Master allowed me to cum chained to the pole, before going to sleep.



My Owner, Master Rambo, released me. I enjoyed serving him. What a pity that we live so far from each other.
I was free, again. It is better to say I did not have an Owner. Because, I did want to serve. I forgot how difficult to find an Owner. I change my profile and then went to Bondage Ranch. Nobody was interested in me there.
I remembered Dietide. I had to go there. Deitide was empty. I walked around checking the castle and its rooms, as well. I liked this place. But, it would have been better, if the cages had been placed near the camp fire, and not in an empty room.

Tomorrow, I will continue my search to be enslaved. I do not know how. I hope I will figure it out soon.


Saying Good Bye

I was alone as usual. I felt lonelier as none of my friends was online.
I went to Redgrave. I had liked this shop. Now, it became smaller. When I stepped in, I looked at the new clothes. They were breathtaking and mash. I tried the demo. I mean I would have tried it. I was unable to. I put on the top and it was taken off, like yesterday. Mash does not like me. Or SL does not like me. I do not know. *smiles
I was walking in the shop for more than 20 minutes. Then I found the best shoes I had ever seen. I had to buy them. There were nothing to do; I bought them. Did they look lovely on me?

I had not met my Owner for almost a week. He is a good person and a very creative Owner. He really cared about me. But we live in very different time zones and the difference in time makes us impossible to meet.
I know my Owner has girlfriend, maybe a slave. They seem to be very happy together according to my Owner’s profile. I am sure my Owner will be happy without me, too.
I want somebody who is near me. I want to be his slave. So, I asked my Master to release me. Now, I am waiting for his answer. I hope he will be kind.


Day Off

Today, my Owner gave me a day off.
I was free to go to any places I liked. I wanted to check Mesh clothes and hair. I had learned that they had been cool. Well, I did not find them so interesting.
Gyuszi, my former Owner, gave me Mesh clothes. Unfortunately, I was unable to put them on because of SL problems.
SzMarien and I had an interesting discussion about friends and Owners. Who is a real friend? Who is the Owner? They are not easy questions. I think every person has different opinion about real friendship and every slave has an own opinion about the Owner. At least, I think so.
I visited my favorite shoe shop called J's. I checked the new collections. They look awesome, do not they.
I do not have clothes for everyday use. I mean I do not have enough. *smiles
I found my old favorite shop offering nice clothes. It is the former DeeTaleZ. It is called Gawk! Clothes now. It worth visiting if you have taste similar to mine.


Animals’ Whore

My Owner had no time to meet me. Instead, he sent me orders. According to the orders I had to go to the Bestiality Doglounge and get used by a animal.
I went to that place and looked around. I was in the huge main room. There were two other rooms; one for the killers and the other one for golden shower lovers. A saw dogs inside waiting for human sex partners. Walking out of the building, I saw horses, monkeys and even a tiger.

I made pleasure to a dog with my mouth, then a horse pissed on me.

One of my former Owners, my old friend IMed me and then arrived to talk with me. He always was a kind person. During our conversation, somebody IMed me asking for being his permanent slave. I sent him to my Owner Rambo. What else a little slave could do?
Before going to sleep, I sent photos about me and animals to my Owner.


Remote Control II

Nobody wanted a naked whore wearing only leather traps. I was standing in the centre of the concrete circle at Public Disgrace as usually. A half naked man walked on the path; his penis waves like a flag in the wind. A dinosaur stood in the shop.
When I wanted to go a short hair blonde woman forces me to touch myself. She did it, of course, from the distance and without a single word. Long live to RLV. *smiles
Suddenly, she lost her interest in me and released me. I could go.


Remote Control

According to my order, I had to continue being a whore.
I was alone, when I woke up. So, I start to walk around. Soon, a man was interested in me. We were talking when suddenly I was pinned to a bondage device. I did not understand what happened. Another man appeared and started to use me. He was fucking me for half hour. Then he released me and left alone.
I was walking and standing then walking again. Two girls walked along me; a man was looking at me from behind. Suddenly, I was chained to a bondage device next to me. I was forced to cry and shout. By who? I had no idea.
Suddenly, I was released. I did not know who my captor was.

I decided to go to sleep. I made only a single step, when I realized a man standing behind me. He rezzed a BDSM device and chained me there. The he started to change poses and then devices. I had no idea what I did. I stood, then knelt, then sat, then stood, etc. After some minutes, he released me and went away.
It was time to go to bed. Before sleeping, I thought about the misuse of RLV. Was it a misuse? I do not know. Some people like such use of RLV. Being a mindless doll is not my style.


Free Whore

I had not met my Owner for some days. He sent me IM ordering to go one of the BDSM related places mentioned in his IM. I had to “make yourself available to” others. Oh, and I had to use RLV. Being a whore and using RLV… If you know me, then you know how I felt.
In one of my posts, I mentioned Dark Alley as my favorite place with cages. I was wrong. The place I wanted to mention was Dietide. I just had to go there before obeying the order. From the other hand, I could change my outfit to a whore clothes there.
Dietide had changed and was empty. I did not waste my time to explore as I had to obey. But, I knew I would return here soon.

So, I undressed and put on some leather harness and of course, cuffs. When I was ready, I teleported to Public Disgrace, which was on the first place of the list. SzMarie gave me some advices, as I did not have much similar experience. Once, Arta had ordered me the same; but she had been there with me all the time.
I did not have to wait much. Somebody took me and put my head into a box. I saw nothing just felt that he secured my cuffs. Then without hesitation, he started to fuck me.

When he finished and released me, massaging my wrists I realized that somebody was looking at me. He stepped to me and put me to a wooden table. I was fucked form more than one and a half hour. When he had a break, then I had to please him with my mouth. It lasted long until he finished. I was so tired that I felt asleep almost immediately.



SzMarie and I had an interesting conversation about the slaves left alone. She rarely is left alone, as she offers herself to kidnappers. She also has lot of friends who can help in case of emergency.
She mentioned her friend who was a cow. She lives in a farm alone waiting for her Owner. Her Owner usually arrives only in evenings.
I am ready to wait for my Owner for a while. But, I need an Owner with me. I remember my early days, when I was Owned by a dominant man who used me only at weekends. According to our deal I served him when I was free. I enjoyed serving him, as he was kind and interesting person and he had very special ideas about using me. Then… He just dissolved our friendship without an explanation, without a single word. Well, it is not my best experience in SL.
While we were talking I visited a cage shop. I liked their cages. Unfortunately, they did not improve their cages significantly. Despite, they have excellent cages.

My next stop was a BDSM related place called Phoenix Rising Sanctuary. It was empty. But, I decided to return soon.
Phoenix Rising Sanctuary has ten different places furnished according to different styles like Isolation, Space Station, Prison, Capture Area, etc. I found exciting BDSM devices and of course, I tried them… alone.


One of my favorite places was Dark Alley. I loved its cages. Dark Alley was not a simple cage sore-house. The cages were placed around the camp fire. I liked to be closed in a cage so that the other could see me.
My Owner was not online. I had a great opportunity to check if Dark Alley had changed. Of course, it had. Now, Dark Allay is a full role playing place with different location. Some places were empty; I meet people in other places.
I spend only few minutes there when I received an IM from my friend SzMarie and almost at the same time my former Owner Nero IMed me. I did not feel alone anymore!
SzMarie told me she was dancing. I teleported to her, to an unknown place. She was dancing naked at a pole, on the bar. As I learned, she was chained to the pole. She loved such restriction.
I called Nero here to talk. While I was waiting for Nero; a nice guy started a conversation with me. A lovely girl standing next to this guy, IMed me. Reading her IM, I started to feel like I had felt before leaving SL. She had the similar opinion about the RLV as I had. We talked only some sentences, because I had to leave, but I wanted to know more about her. I was happy because she offered a friendship before leaving. Her name was TexasHoney.
Since my return, I have missed my old friends. I could meet only few of them, others were offline. It was a good start of a day with my old friends and a new one.