The House

My Owner called me to himself. I arrived and I made a deep bow to him greeting him such way.

Then, according to his command, I turned back and I saw five or six houses. My Owner told me to choose one of them. I like one-floored houses, so the choice was easy for me. I went straight to this house and examined it from inside. I liked it so much, that I did not want to look at other houses.

My Owner was content with my choice. He liked the same house and he had placed my cage into it. He showed me the sleeping room, where there was a huge bad near the cage. My Owner wanted some more pieces of furniture. He sought something to put in the corners. He hesitated. He wanted to go shopping and he wanted to use me, as well. In the end, he decided to go shopping.

We went to the Dictatorshop. We were walking in the shop for some minutes. He bound me to a pole and we tried different positions built in the pole. I liked this pole; only its price disturbed me. It was very expensive.

My Owner showed me his favorite furniture. It was a small wooden frame with rings for the slave's chains. It was so small, that I could only sit in it and my head was higher than the top of the frame. My Owner played with me. He forced my arms and legs into a very uncomfortable poses. Then he decided to buy it.

We went home and we spent some time to place the frame into the proper position. When we were ready and my Owner was pleased, he ordered me to sit into it. I obeyed. He bound my ankle and wrists cuffs to the frame. He was searching for a position, what was not very uncomfortable.

Then he stepped back and told me that I would sleep in the frame or in the cage. I could see the bed and the cage from the frame. My Owner promised me that if I would be good and if sleeping in the frame would be very uncomfortable, then he would give me a small pillow.

At this time, I did not want a pillow. I wanted to suffer for his pleasure. I had pain in my body, as I was stretched very tight. But, I decided to bear the pain in honor of my Owner. I knew deep in my mind that some hours later, I would wish to come out of the frame to stretch my arms and legs for at least a second.


Walking Around

My Owner was busy today; he had given me free day. I thought that it was a great occasion to find BDSM dungeons. My Owner prefers quite dungeons, so I started to visit places with little traffic. I spent on searching about an hour and I did not find any dungeons. The places given by the search engine were not dungeons but shops.

I did not know why putting of fake words in the description of the place was good. Maybe shop owners built their business on horny people, who arriving in the shop instead of the dungeon will spend his money on buying devices. *laughs


H & H Again

My Owner wanted me to be bound in some bondage devices. He was curious how I could handle the bondage and restrained slavery. You probably know that such tasks always make me excited. *winks

He ordered me to suggest a proper place for my probe. I had spent much time as a personal slave. During my slavery, SL had changed, so I did not know many BDSM related places. The only dungeon I remembered was Heaven & Hell. I still had bad reminiscence of this place; but there was nothing to do I went there and invited my Owner.

My Owner was strong-willed as usually; at this time, it was he, who chose the dungeon. He had never been in jungle. Therefore, we visited the jungle dungeon first. We walked around and fortunately, he did not like any of the dangerous plants. He showed me a huge web. I beheld the enormous spider behind it and my heart started beating in my throat. I begged him to leave in a dying voice. He was very kind and leaded me away from the jungle.

The next dungeon he chose was built in Gorean style. He decided to stay there.

He ordered me to go to the pole standing in the middle of the room. I walked there slowly; my eyes browsed the room. There were nice Gorean style paintings on the room. I could see large bed behind the transparent curtain. I turned around. My Owner sat in the throne, in front of the pole.

He ordered me to attach my cuffs the chains hanging from the pole. I obeyed; the sound of locking cuffs made me very excited.

The chains were short, so I sat down at the pole. My Owner was walking around me. I felt his eyes on my trembling body. I was waiting for her quick motion. I was waiting for tearing off my clothes. I was almost naked. I wore jeans short and light shirt.

He did not lean and he did not tear my clothes off. Instead, he ordered me to go in mouselook. According his command, I lifted my head and I looked at his cute face. His dark eyes made my breath heavy.

He walked around me. I turned my head to follow his steps. He told me to stay motionless and to look straight ahead. I obeyed. Suddenly, his warm hand touched my hot body. I felt a little pain and I heard the voice of tearing shirt. In a moment, I became half naked. My rich breasts jumped of to the freedom. Then he grabbed my short and a moment later, I became naked, as I did not wear any lingerie.

I heard his steps, as he walked around behind me. I knew that he was looking at me. I was sure that he examining my naked and bound body. I was sitting still without any movement. Only my heart was beating loudly and my breasts were lifting and lowering, as I took deep breath.

Then my Owner unchained me and leaded to the strange bondage rack. I leaned and push my chest against the wooden rack and he locked my cuffs. I was unable to move.

My Owner started stroking my wet pussy. I tried to stay still, but his hand made me so exciting that voices of excitement ran out of my lips. He made me more excited stroking me, going into me with his long finger. I was moaning; I felt my juice flowing on my thighs.

I knew that I could not hold myself any more. I resembled his rules. I wondered if I could cum. He knew that I was very close to the orgasm and he told me that I was allowed to cum.

He kissed in my wet pussy and I could not control my body any more. I was cumming long; my body was shaking on the rack.

When I calmed down, he unlocked me from the rack kissing my face softly. He hugged me and I fell shakily into his strong eyes. My still sensitive nipples were rubbed by his clothes. He held me tight and kissed me with love. I kissed him back and I decided not to go out of his hug.

He pushed me back softy and allowed me to stay here for this night. I was very happy, when I closed my eyes in the soft, large Gorean bed.



My Owner had an interesting gun. It did not hurt anybody; it threw a net to a victim to capture her. Now, I was the victim. I was ordered to run and my Owner was chasing me. This game was similar to CARP, but we were in an empty island, in the open territory. The second difference was that there was no need to touch me; the predator could throw the net on me from the distance. I was not sure about the range of this weapon. I guess it could be some ten meters.

I was very excited, when I started running. First I was running around a house. It was the only building in the island, not counting a small cage. Soon, I left the house and tried to escape and hide behind the hill. It seemed that I was very skillful at running, as my Owner was not able to catch me.

But, in some minutes later, he threw the net right on me.

Then he allowed me to come out of the net and I was ordered to escape again. I was running and jumping among the humps. My heart was beating loudly. I was afraid to stop for a moment; I kept running and I was grasping for air. The net covered me again.

We finished this game for today. However, my Owner wanted to chain me to escape such way. But, he decided not to do so, now. I really enjoyed this game and I hoped that we would try its chained variant soon.

We returned to the cage standing close to the house. This cage was still under construction and my Owner informed me that it would be my little home. I like cages, so I was happy. He placed a rug into the cage to feel more comfortable when I slept. The walls of the cage were built of glass. Such way, everybody could take a look at me. Is not it exciting?

I spent this night in the half ready cage, waiting for the tomorrow, when I would meet my Owner, again.



Today, I was sleeping a lot. So, we could not spend much time with my Owner. He was so kind and allowed me to relax.

Later, when I woke up and I was waiting for my Owner, suddenly, I wanted to sail. This feeling attacked me so much. I did not know why I felt so. Maybe, because I was in an empty, but beautiful island.

I asked permission for sailing, when my Owner arrived. He was so kind and allowed me. We sailed together under the beam of the lowering sun. It was difficult to sail among shoals, but my Owner was patient with me.



My Owner would have liked to go to dance. He asked me to find a nice place to dance. Last time, I had been in Hungarian clubs with Arta. These clubs are good place to tomfool with others. In fact, I do not like such clubs. I do not want to say that such clubs are bad or so. They are nice and many people love them. Just my interest and style differs. If I go dancing, I prefer some romance with my partner. I like my partner to whisper into my ears. I like to special clubs, like House of V, too.

Now, I supposed that my Owner wanted to go a more romantic place than any BDSM Club. So, my problem was that I did not remember any nice dancing place. Fortunately, the search engine helped me. I found a familiar jazz club in the result list, the Phat Cat. I had liked this place. It had been very popular and according to the visitors' rate, it was popular now, too.

I went there and sent teleport to my Owner. Before leaving our place, my Owner allowed me to change my outfit. I chose one of my favorite Blaze gowns. I met difficulties, when I wanted to put the gown on. RR viewer worked differently. I had to show where to attach the different parts of outfit.

So, my Owner arrived. We fought with the lag, as it was popular places. Then we went to the dancing pool and started to dance.

It was so good to feel his strong arms on my shoulders to feel his loving hug while we moved slowly on the nice music. I enjoyed flirting with him. Of course, my flirt was not common but the slave's one. We were talking during the dance a lot and we learned each other. We decided that I would serve him until January 2nd. I was sure that we would spend wonderful time together.



My Owner wanted us to go a quiet place. I recommended him to visit Acropolis Park. I still like this place. *smiles

When we arrived there, my Owner asked if I had RR (real restraint) tools. I had almost everything. Arta had used my police cuffs, but I had the complete set of RR cuffs. The police cuffs are pretty small ones. My Owner preferred the other types of cuffs. They are thicker that the police cuffs. I put them on and I felt their weight on my slender body. When every cuff was on, I looked at my body and I liked what I saw.

According to my Owner's order, I prepared my blindfold and the gag, too. My Owner told that it would have been better if I had used RR viewer. I had used RR viewer only once, during a week, when my friend, Gen, had ordered me to do so. I had been hogtied and bound to the Marine's shop for a week. I had not been allowed to hear other, to receive and send IMs. Unfortunately, I had not met Gen any more.

RR viewer gives complete control over me to my Owner. I find it very exciting. My heart beat loudly when I logged out and came back with RR viewer. The viewer looked the same, but the thought that I could be controlled any time by my Owner, made me very exciting.

My Owner took me to the shop, I had never seen before. We bought an interesting slave monitoring system called ZPToys. It allows to control slaves even form outside the SL using web browser. It consists of two parts. One of them is for slaves. It can be worn in a ring, or an invisible attachment, or their scripts are available for scripters. I chose the invisible attachment.

At this time, we did not try any controlling methods, but I hoped that we would use them soon.


New Owner

I received an offer to be a slave. The offer came from an important friend of mine. He had wanted me long ago. Unfortunately, he had had a lot of work to do. When he had not been busy, then I had served. So, it was the first perfect moment for us.

My Owner asked me for help to find a good hairdresser. We spent all our time to find him the nicest hairstyle. I enjoyed it very much.

At the end, my Owner found the best hair. He was very handsome. I was very proud of him.



I received an IM from a Dominant person. He searched for slaves and my friend from the prison had suggested contacting me. As my Owner was not online, I agreed to meet him. We met at Acropolis Park. We just started our conversation, when my Owner appeared.

He asked me about this person and I told him the truth. They started to talk. I was standing still, as the subject of their conversation was out of my interest and knowledge. After some minutes, my Owner told me in IM that we had to go. Of course, I agreed, as I belonged to him. But their conversation continued; my Owner did not say anything about leaving this place in public. I was standing still for some more minutes and then my Owner mentioned that we would go.

The Dominant person asked me if he could offer friendship. I politely told that I would gladly accept the friendship, if my Owner agreed. Then we were waiting. My Owner was silent. I did not know what to say. The Dominant person was puzzled as well. We were waiting for my Owner's decision. Then my Owner asked me in IM if I wanted to accept the friendship. I answered that I wanted it. After some seconds, my Owner allowed me to accept it in IM and he added that it was the last friendship offer I could accept. I did not understand his behavior. We both knew that I was not his permanent slave. Friendship lasts longer than one month. I would have a possibility to accept the friendship, after I would become free again. I admit it will be more difficult to find each other. I did not know why my Owner wanted to make my life harder after finishing of his service.

He allowed me to accept friendship still in IM only. The Dominant person and I were waiting for his public permission. We were standing silently and we were waiting. Then the Dominant person asked for permission, again. After some long seconds of break, my Owner gave a permission in public.

Then he ordered me to go to a quiet place. I asked what place he liked. He said that he did not know. I quickly searched for a park with small traffic value and I went there. My Owner arrived and invited me to dance, as there was a dancing pool in the middle of this park.

Last time, when we had met, I had told him that I had not been an escort girl and that I had wanted more than a ordinary sex. Now, he demanded explanation. It was a clear description of my limits in my profile, but, I told him everything about my need and limits as politely as I could be.

I wanted to know about his plans. I asked what he planned to do with me. He did not answer. He was talking about everything, but not the slavery. I begged him to use me as a slave. I told him what I liked, despite that I did not like to talk about it. I tried to help.

He was asking about my relationship with Arta. I told him all public information, everything what was written in this blog. He asked me about Arta's job. Wow! I thought that they were friends. I did not tell anything, as I was not sure if Arta liked me to tell it.

He became angry and told me that he would close me in a cage until I answered him. I was frozen. I would have never supposed if somebody, who was my Owner, had forced me to betray confidential information of my friends. It was not mentioned among my limits. It is true. But, he had broken my limits much times and I knew that I would not be able to serve anybody, who wanted me to turn snitch.

I told him that we had to close our relationship. He did not answer jut logged out.

It seemed so unnatural for me. Slaves must like their Owners; they must believe in their Owners. The Owner, who liked a traitress, does not deserve a loving slave.


In the Space

I was sailing much today. I was without my Owner, as usually.

But, sailing was beautiful. I learned to sail against the wind. Sir Sleight joined me and we had friendly conversation.

When he left, I went to find some castles. Sir Sleight liked them, and I wanted to know how the castle building evolved. I found some nice castles, but I was sure that there were nicer ones in SL. So, I would continue searching.

You can find everything in SL, every theme, every subject. I was wondering if I could fly into the space. The answer is yes; it is possible. I found a spaceport. It was huge, so, I needed much patience to find the rocket on the roof. The rocket was huge. I climbed in. The countdown started. I was flying to the space station. The flight was very interesting.

The space station was interesting, but small. The only one way to return was usage of escape pod. The spaceport, the fly, and the space station looked nice. The builder made it close to real. The horizon showed the Earth in space. The stages of the rocket were detached during the fly. You must try it!


Sex Slave

Sir Bela sent me sails for my boat. He sent instruction, how to put the sails into my boat. He also offered to help me. He was offline and I could not wait.

I was putting sails into the ship, when my Owner became online. He asked for tp, but he arrived to my boat before I could send it to him.

He ordered me to go Heaven & Hell. Of course, he wanted me in the bedroom, again. Not in any dungeon, just the bedroom.

I went there and he followed me. I mentioned of the new Tokon system. I would have wanted to try it. I had made settings, but I had not tried it. I wanted it so much. But he refused. He was not interested in at all.

I have to wear latex outfit; then I was ordered to go to the bed and take them off.

My Owner punished me because I had accepted the boat. He was the only person, who was not glad that I was happy. The punishment itself was very light. I had to lie on his knees, while he was sitting and he beat my butt with his hand. It was not painful.

Then he fucked my bottom for more than an hour. I was sex slave again, the rarely used sex slave.

My Boat

My Owner was not online. But I was not alone.

I was roaming in SL and I found a pet shop. The building of the shop was placed in the large court. Different races of dogs walked on this court. They were very lovely. I could play with them and they mostly behaved like real dogs.

When Sir Sleight became online, we met and we tried to figure out how his huge pirate ship worked. The ship was big and pretty from certain point of view. Sir Sleight made it moving and I could enjoy the view of the beach sitting on the bar of the boat. Unfortunately, this large ship did not sail with SL wind.

I mentioned that I sailed boats, which looked very realistic. Sir Sleight was interested in, so we went to the shop of these boats. Sir Sleight wanted to buy a large one. We were looking through all offered boats. It was very funny. We enjoyed as we were looking for the doors and sitting poses inside the boats.

Suddenly, I received an inventory offer. Sir Sleight bought a nice yacht for me. I was so happy. When we finished, we tried my boat. Sir Sleight was so kind. He allowed me to be happy and he sailed with me. I was very awkward. We sailed as I could and not according to a certain course.

I told everybody about the boat. For a while, I forget of my slaver and my owner, who seemed to throw me. Later, Arta joined me and we sailed together. Unfortunately, she had to go soon. I was thankful her to come to me. I was so proud on my boat.

I asked for the advice what to do with my current Owner. I have a hard limit. If my Owner does not use me, then I can escape. The length of this limit is two days in a week of servitude. I did not set the similar limit for one-month length servitude.

It seems that nobody wants to use me as a slave. I felt like an escort or a girlfriend, who waited for client or her friend. You know, I never wanted to be an escort. I do not know what I do wrong, that many of my Owners decide not to use me. I try to do my best. Maybe it is not enough or maybe I am a bad slave.


Sailing Lessons

My Owner was not online today.

When I worked as a model for Sir Bela, I met a lovely girl. We are still friends. I mentioned her in one of my posts. She decided to teach me sailing. The results of earlier attempts of teaching me had been not very good. Sailing in SL demands knowing math and the ability of dividing quickly. I had used demo versions of sailing boats, which had displayed information in the middle of the screen, right on the boat. So, it had been difficult to read.

Now, she gave me her boat to sail. It looked different and worked different. This boat did not display numbers, but symbols of the states of the boat. Sailing this boat was not easier but it was more enjoyable for me. It seems I prefer instincts to math calculations. Soon, I could sail with the wind. Sailing against the wind was still problematical for me.

When we finished, I started roaming in SL. I talked with Arta about the usage of SL BDSM tools. We have much in common from point of view using these tools.

Later, we had nice conversation with Sir Sleight. I do not remember who started to talk about boats. I suppose it was I because of my recent experience still living in my mind. We decided to meet tomorrow, when Sir Sleight would show me his pirate ship.


My New Home

I was alone today. I mean my Owner was not online.

I met my former Owner and old friend, Sir Bela. He had built me a cellar and allowed me to make my home here. I am a homeless slave and I do not mind it. But, it was nice feeling to have own home.

Sir Sleight had given me a cell and then a castle, when we had been together. I had loved it. And I loved it now.

My cell was small and contained only two futons and a pose stand. That was all. The walls built of stones. Its door was hidden. It was not warm, but it was perfect for a slave like me.

Sir Sleight gave me a present, a Tokon collar and a slave HUD. I was trying the HUD at my home and I wondered how the collar could look like. However, I did not put it on, as I wore the collar of my Owner, who was offline again. It was a real challenge not to try the collar, too.


Prolonging Slavery

The servitude with my Owner ended today. It would have been our last day. My Owner asked me to prolong slavery. He said it was difficult to be good Owner if we had so limited time. I was hesitating. I was unsure. Then I agreed.

We went to the Acropolis Park. I must have stripped. He took me on his knees and ordered me to insert my fingers into my butt. It was painful and long.



I still was unable to run nicely. I wanted to find nice running animation. It demanded much time, but it was worth. Now, I run sexy and elegantly.

I was alone with my new animations. I could continue exploring SL. I visited many parks until I found the Acropolis Park. It was wonderful. I could not describe it. The first thing I could see was the lava flow. I wondered to go further, but finally, I gave chance to this park. I am still thankful to my fate because I remained there.

The lava flow was not dangerous only beautiful. You can find hidden places there, if you take your friend to have romance. Just walk in the cave of gems.

My Owner became online and he asked a teleport. He arrived and forced me to kneel with help of my collar. I do not like this feature of the collar. It is not realistic. I would kneel or take any position I was ordered to do than just listening to me, as suddenly kneels down. But, my Owner seemed to like this feature, so I remained silent.

He ordered me to stay in this place kneeling, while he walked around. He returned quickly and led me across the small stream. He stopped at a tree and suddenly pushed me into it. I moaned in surprise and looked into his eyes. Then I heard his voice ordering me to get undressed.

My heart was beating hard. I knew that others walked in the park. I was sure that everybody knew who I was, just looking at us. He waited a bit and ordered to put on some BDSM clothes. I obeyed and chose shiny black leather.

He walked back to the place, where we met and I followed him. I was so excited.

My Owner ordered me to go to Heaven & Hell and send teleport. I obeyed. There, he went to the bed and I had to give him oral pleasure. I was working on him for more than half an hour. When I had been with Arta, I had wondered if I had been able to lick her for much time. Now, I had to do it. It was hard and I got very tired. I was good and I knew he enjoyed it. But, my soul was away. I was dreaming of the park and the naked slave.


I was alone and I continued my tour among my old BDSM places. I went to the Bondage Ranch. It had been changed too. I was looking around, when I received a friendship offer. I usually do not accept just offered friendship. I believe that friendship is more than knowing if the person is online. I was waiting for some words, for conversation.

I did not have to wait much. Somebody talked to me in IM. It was clear that he was old member of SL. He had routine in such conversation or catching. His second sentence was about my RL. Can somebody tell me what RL means? I have no idea. I did not answer and he left me.

I received other IM request. A young person asked some questions. He was new and I helped him as much as I could. He was interesting in BDSM and in me. So, I agreed to be his slave, when my actual servitude would end.

I remained alone and I wanted to left Bondage Ranch, when Sir Sleight IMed me. I had not met him for a while. I was happy to talk to him. He sent me a tp and he showed me the building he was working on.

We could not talk much, as he helped a new person, too. It seemed that was the newbie's day.


Dinosaurs Park

I was alone in the evening, too.

I decided to find a unique place. The search engine did not help me much. Mostly, it gave locations of shops and free sex clubs. I could not say that they were unique. Then, I could see a place called Dinosaurs Park in the result list. I knew that I had to go there.

It was wise decision. This park was indeed unique; however, it was still under construction.

I stood before the huge gate. I opened it and coldness ran along my spine. You know, it was the cold feeling, which alerted all my senses and prepared me to avoid dangers. I entered the gate. Bushes were around and high trees. I walked slowly on the path leading to the building. I kept my eyes on the vegetation; I had a feeling that somebody or someone was observing me. I blew out the air, when I went in the building. I felt safety there.

It was not a single building but a complex of domes. I went from on to another and I behold a lift, which descended under the ground level. I was curious and I called the lift. It took me to the third floor, of course, under the ground. The door of the lift opened and I found myself in the laboratory. Doors of the laboratory were closed and I could open some of them with the electronic card, I got on the surface. The laboratory was interesting. Some of its rooms were untidy; there were broken furniture on the floor. In such rooms, I felt the fear again.

I went to the surface again. It was really frightening to walk on the court between the huge trees. Some parts of the park were closed because of construction. But, I could visit the tall observation tower. There were telescopes on its top. So, I could examine the park and I could see dinosaurs among the vegetation.

It was the most exciting challenge of this week.

Pony Places

This day elapsed without service of mine, as my Owner was not online again.

I remembered the Black Hole Journey and Sarah's Pony Island. I did not know the date of my last visit there. It was the time to go there.

When I arrived, I did not know where I was. Everything had changed. I was roaming on the island, exploring familiar places. During my walk, I beheld a cage. I went in immediately. The door closed and I got excited. Nobody walked around, but I had been cage some month ago. I felt restricted and I had very exciting thought of people walking around and looking at me from outside. But, these people lived only in my fantasy. I was alone in the island.

I came out of the cage and walked further. I passed some pony training facilities, when the table attracted my attention. It was an automatic pony trainer. I tried it. I had to run among poles and the automatic device measured my time. I was not skillful at all. I remembered the old Nia, who had won pony competition in O BDSM School. Now, I was far from it.

Then I found a kiosk. A table stood near it, saying that anybody could rezz a cart and use the pony standing in the kiosk. I was thinking to go in it. After some seconds of thinking, I decided not to go in. I was owned and I did not have permission to do it.


Lucky Chairs

Today, I was busy with lucky chairs. I had mentioned that I had joined a group called 'Help for Free Gorean Silks'.

This group sometimes is very active and members inform each other about the winner letters. Today, the group channel was silent. We, members, have a list, which contains locations of lucky chairs. I was visiting locations from the list. However, I was unlucky and I won nothing.

Oh, you probably know that I was not used today.



When I woke up, my Owner was offline. So, I had time to examine all hairs, clothes, and jewelry, I had bought during the Big Sale.

When my Owner arrived to SL, he told that he did not have time to be with me. My Owner did not use me, but we had a long interesting conversation via IMs.


Heaven and Hell

I woke up and realized that my Owner was offline. I browsed interesting places in a search engine. Do you know that there is a special search feature to find interesting places?

I selected a place and went to visit. I do not know where I was. It looked like an online collage. Nobody was there, so, I could not be sure.

While I was walking there, I was talking with two of my friends. In the middle of the conversation, my Owner became online. I had to send a teleport to him. He appeared near me soon, and looked around not knowing, where he was. He did not waste time to questions; he just ordered me to go to the place, I had selected yesterday. It was Heaven and Hell.

I went there and sent teleport. My Owner was familiar with this place. We did not enter any dungeon. He preferred bedroom. The bedroom is an open hall at the end of the stony corridor in H&H.

We went to the first bed, around which I had to change my outfit. I chose a red lingerie set. My Owner ordered me to serve him orally. He seemed to be enjoying it. He did not tell any word, just enjoyed my work silently.

Then he wanted to use my buttocks. It is very tight, so it was indeed painful, when he inserted his huge erection into me. He enjoyed my suffering and told me to beg to be released, if I could not handle any more. I waited till the last moment, when my entire butt was on fire.

I started begging crying. My Owner answered ironically and used me further. Then he allowed me to sit on his erected phallus for some seconds, as a reward. After it, I told me to go to sleep.


Hungarian Community

My Owner was online, when I woke up. I could not open fully my eyes, when he sent me teleport. I went to him at once.

I arrived to a Hungarian place. I had never been here before. I greeted everybody; then I walked to him and I greeted him. I was afraid of being slave in the territory of Hungarian Communities. I knew that Arta had handled it good. But, now, persons sitting and talking around me were perfectly unknown for me.

When I greeted my Owner, then everybody could know the form of our relationship. Nobody talked anything. The life went further and I took a deep breath. A moment later, I got dozen of IMs. They asked why I was a slave. ('Why do you do it?') They asked if I earned money being a slave. They asked how much money my Owner paid me to be his slave. These questions were rather strange, but I understood their interest, as possibly it was the first time they had seen a slave.

I calmed down, but I did it too early. I participated in the conversation, subject of which I do not remember now. My Owner chid me angrily. According the rules, I had right to answer. It seemed that he changed the rules. I begged for pardon.

Some moments later, my Owner got the huge and ugly paddle and then he beat me hard. I bitted my lips and tried to cover the pain running through my body. He walked closer and hit me again, again and again. I held myself as much as I could, but small cry of pain left my mouth. A girl called Blanka, who wore only a long sweater asked immediately if I was sick. At this time, the question came not in IM, but public. I answered only one world 'No'. I suppose it was not the answer, she waited for. So, she needed some seconds to decide what to do. She then asked the same question from my Owner, wisely. As the question, the answer remained the same.

I understood her. We were in the mature place, but, everybody had right to refuse BDSM. I felt shame from a certain point of view, real shame. I must admit that if I were Blanka, then I would send IM warning. IM warning is the most common in SL, is not it.

We were sitting silently. I did not talk, because it was forbidden. My Owner listened to the conversation. Then, he stood up and ordered me to follow him.

We descended to the lower floor. He sat on the bed and invited me to join. I did join. Then we were sitting silently. I tried to talk to him; I offered to go to some interesting places. But, my Owner did not want anything.

A man joined to me. He IMed asking the usual questions. Why? How much? I answered politely. Later, I learned from my Owner that this man called me silly girl. I wonder why he did not tell it to me directly.

I do not think if I am sick or silly. So, these sentences hurt me.

My Owner ordered me to stand up and put on the collar. I obeyed. He forced me to kneel before the bad. The man sat down and looked at me. Maybe, it was interesting or exciting to see what would happen to the silly girl.

But, it did not happen anything interesting. Some minutes later, my Owner went away and he called me to go, too. We were in a shop offering cheap but low quality furniture. My Owner and the man from the Hungarian place walked across the shop and I followed them.

Then my Owner ordered me to go to any dungeon and send him teleport. I obeyed. I arrived to Heaven and Hell. But, my Owner did not come to me this day.


Owned again

I was trying on hairs, clothes and jewelry, I had bought, yesterday. It took much time; of course, I enjoyed it. It would have been even more fun, if I had had a company. During one year in SL, I had many friends and I lost many friends, too. Sometimes, I wonder what would happen to my lost friends. Recently, I have less than a dozen of friends living in SL. Most part of my friends are not active citizens any more.

I was invited to some private groups and I was kicked from some of them. These groups are felt dead with exception of one.

So, I was alone. I decided to visit my favorite old places. I started with O BDSM school. I had participated on some classes of the school and I had not heard from it for some months. I hoped that it still existed.

I arrived to the school. I examined the changes searching for the schedule and the classroom. Feeling of old times made me excited a bit.

When I walked out of the building, I received an IM from one of the Hungarian guys. I remembered that we had met during my slavery to Arta. He had sent me IMs for a while after our first meeting, but then the connection between us had lost.

He wanted to meet me. I was free, so, I agreed. He asked me to send teleport. Such way, we met in front of the main building of O BDSM School. He was very kind. He gave me a beautiful black rose and then invited me to dance just there, in the middle of the street. I admit I liked it very much.

We were talking about our (second) lives. I do remember how it happened, but he asked me to be his slave. He told that he did not have practice. I agreed. I had wanted to find an Owner. The only reason, why I had not done it was the Big Sale at ETD.

He asked him about the rules. I learned the basic principles.

I must call him Master. I must wear casual clothes, without any fetish mark, including the collar. I must greet him in IM if he becomes online. I need not have sex with others. I can do anything what I like if he is not online.

While we were dancing, it became late. So, we went to sleep. I was excited, again. I was so excited.


Big Sale

One of my girlfriends informed me that there was big sale at ETD (Elika Tiramisu Designs). I had been in this shop with Arta, when I had been her slave. I had not had much time to examine the shop carefully, then. I remembered that they had nice hairs and interesting clothes.

I went there. It was crowd there. I could move with effort. I struggled for each steps. Everything was 30L. I did not know how much time I spent there. But, I spent all of my money.

I informed my friends about the sales. Of course, I could not see them, as everybody was busy with shopping.



Do you remember my girlfriend, who wanted to go in the prison? Her penalty had been finished. She liked to be a prisoner and she decided to try to participate on the other side of the grid. She became a jailer. She told me that one of our common friends was in the jail. I decided to visit him.
The prison had a special room for visitors. We met there; there was a glass wall between us. He wore a black and white uniform.

My girlfriend told that there was a choice to get a prisoner's uniform or to be naked during the sentence. She had shown me her former uniform. Girls' uniform was fairly sexy; the uniform for men was not sexy at all. It looked like a real clothes of prisoners.

We were talking for about an hour. I tried to persuade her to release my friend. I was failed. *smiles
The prison is somewhat exciting for me. I like to be closed and to be under strict control. However, there is something, what I do not like very much. I do not want to be guilty. I always try to be a good and obedient girl.

My girlfriend invited me to join prisoner. Maybe, one day, I will.



It was hard to believe, that I was on Earth again. It was hard to believe that I was not a kajira any longer. I did not know what to do. I had no idea where to go.

At this time, Arta IMed me. She asked me for help. She sent me a teleport and I arrived to a BDSM Mall, near a cage with nice look. This cage was designed to change poses and I have to admit that they made great job.


I woke up in the kennel. I looked around. I was alone; I could not hear even the birds' song.

I went to the door of the wagon and I tried to open it. At this time, I was unable to open the door. It was closed. I was alone in an empty wagon, in the camp. Where were the others? Where were Masters, free women, slaves? I did not know.

Suddenly, I saw the light, the sharp light of Priest Kings. I struggled to open my eyes; I wanted to ask about their intent. But, I felt shakily on the floor of the wagon.

I did not know how much time elapsed. I woke up and opened my eyes. I knew that I was on Earth, again. However, I felt strange; something changed. I lifted my head it was so easy to do it. I made a grab at my neck and I realized that my collar had gone. Priest Kings returned me to Earth as a woman, a free woman of Earth.

I did not mentioned that I had birthday about a month ago. I had almost forgotten it, but two of my friends had written me some words, which had made me very happy. I had received jewelry and sexy clothes as a gift. Now, I was free, so, I could put the gift on. Does not it look pretty?

Thank you, my friends! Thank you for still remembering me!



I woke up in the camp alone. I wanted to do some chores, when Priest Kings brought me back to Earth again. They took me to a girl, who was one of my best friends. We had not met for a while, so it was very good to talk with her.

She told me about her plans for the near future. She planned to go in the prison in SL. Some mounts ago, I had planned to go in the prison, too. I had visited many jails and had read many note cards containing rules. Most of the prisons demanded some fee to be a prisoner. Others offered free service.

My girlfriend was very excited. She took me to the prison and told me how she had filled the application form. It was interesting to hear of her thoughts and fears. I had not been familiar with her submissive side and it was some kind of surprise for me.

She hesitated before filling the application form. She was unsure and afraid of unknown world. I had always felt the same when I had met a new Owner and I had started to serve him or her. It was good to hear that I am not alone with such feelings.


Model Kajira

I was alone in the camp, when I smelled something strange. I could see brightness around. Sharp light covers my eyes; I felt heavy weight on my breasts; I grasped for air. The next moment, I was lying on the ground. My body was heavy. The sky was light blue and the sun was bright. I sat down. The environment looked familiar. I was on Sir Bela's land. I returned to Eath.

Sir Bela approached to me and he asked if I would have been a kajira model for him. He was interested in Gor only a bit. He asked me about the camp life. I answered but I did not have much experience, as you could see.

Sir Bela had sold most of his land. He explained that he had done it because of one of his neighbor, who had placed ugly floating houses before his castle. So, he rents a house in an island, now. He had skyboxes; one of them was a photo studio.

He took many pictures of me. I was naked wearing Gorean jewelry. I think it was the first non-commercial photo series taken of me. I enjoyed this scene very much.

When we finished, the sharp light blinded me again and I woke up in a kennel in the camp of Tuchuks.