Slavery of a Mistress

On my last days, Arta had mentioned me about Russian peoples, who had rented parcels on her island and who had been BDSM fans. Some months later, when we met, she talked of them again. She started to talk about them fairly soon, after a dozen polite sentences. She wanted to show me the place of their Russian friends. I agreed and we went there.

I arrived and we stood in front of a prison. Before the prison, a woman was standing. Arta greeted her very politely. She did not answer. We were waiting for her answer some minutes; then we left for a castle built on the beach. The castle was furnished in BDSM style. Arta showed me around. It was nice, but nothing special.

We finished our tour, when a woman, who had not answered at the prison, came in. Arta greeted her, again. She was speaking in Russian with a translator. We were talking in Russian and then we with Arta left the castle. Later, I learned that Arta was a slave and the women we met was her Mistress.



After long break, I returned to SL and my submissive fate. I will not be online every day in the near future. Maybe later, I will. Who knows? I search for an Owner; I want to be slave. However, I do not search for long-term relationship.

I did not do anything but chatted on my first day. My old friends, my former Owners found me. I felt good warmness on my soul. It was so great to have such friends.