Chores Lonely

This day, I cut some logs again. Nobody was in the camp. Nobody could hear the sharp sound of ax, as it cut logs.


Chores Alone

Today, I decided to work with skins. The camp was empty; but, I realized that somebody had prepared a skin to clean. I supposed that it was done for me.

I was working on the skin. The work was hard; my muscles became tired in an hour. When I finished, my legs and arms trembled in weariness.



The camp was empty. I sat down before the wagon and I got some clothes to repair. I was sewing in the fresh air, naked.



I woke up in the kennel and I walked to the door of the wagon. The camp was quite, I could see nobody around the campfire.

I realized that there was few tree around the fire, so, I decided to cut some wood. I went to the logs and grabbed the ax, which was especially created for the kajira, who had no right to touch any weapon. The ax was huge for me. When I placed its end to the ground the metal head reached my breasts. I placed a log and lifted the ax. The ax was heavy enough, so, it required only small effort to strike the log. I was taking deep breath, lifting the ax, and striking. After some minutes, my hands became tired and I was able to listen only to my work.

Suddenly, I had strange feeling. I lowered the ax and looked back above my shoulders. A man stood behind me. He was tall and strong wearing nice clothes of warriors. The end of his long bow was lower than his head. I dropped the ax and knelt greeting him. He asked about my name and my status. While we were talking, a pretty slave approached. She wore slave tunic, which seemed to be a new one. Her curly hair was long; it reached her hips. The man ordered us to introduce ourselves. Her name was dina; she was a kajira of the tall man. Her Master ordered me to fill his cane with milk.

He was so kind and allowed me to finish wood cutting first. I continued my work, while they went away to be far from flying wood.

I became very tired when I finished my work. My breasts moved up and down quickly as I struggled for air. I went to his wagon. Her slaves were working inside. I hear their voices and I could determinate that a kajira had joined to dina.

I wanted to lift the can to take to the milk barrel. The can was large; I needed all my force to lift it. I knew that I would not be able to return the can filled with milk. The Master was looking at me with interest. I felt that he wanted to know how I would solve this problem.

I went to the kitchen and searched for a jar. I cleaned it and I used it to carry the milk from the barrel to the Master's wagon. I lifted the jar filled with milk high above my head. I knew that my hips would dance while I would carry it to the can, but I did not want to pollute the milk. I lifted the top of the can and poured the milk in it. Unfortunately, I was careless when I placed it back, so, I caused a small noise with closing the can. The Master looked at me rigidly not speaking a single world. I stopped for a moment then I run to the kitchen for the next supply.

I was walking on my toes because I did not want to disturb again. I even tried not to breathe when I went past him. The Master's slaves finished their work, and a bit later, the can was filled by milk. The Master asked me if I had any chores for today. He allowed me to gather cut logs and placed them near the campfire. He ordered me to come back when I was ready.

When I returned, the two girls were sitting naked before the wagon. Their bodies were slim and clean. I sat on my knees near them and waited for further commands. Suddenly, I heard steps of approaching persons. I turned my head slowly toward the voice and I beheld a warrior and a free woman. I had never seen the warrior, but, the woman seemed to be familiar. She was the free companion of the Ubar, if I remembered well. They joined us and started a conversation.

While they were discussion some questions of Tuchuck's life, we, slaves, whispered among each other. dina was lovely and kind. I felt that we would be girlfriends. The other girl was a silent one. Dina's Master dropped us an angry look two or three times, then he ordered dina to be silent. She did not obey. Her angry Master called her to his feet and the poor girl had to open her mouth wide. He wadded her mouth with grapes. She was grasping for air, but she remained silent. Some minutes passed and then her Master allowed her to return to us. The he called me and gave me some fruits. After receiving permission, I joined the girls and we shared grapes. We were very hungry and the sweet fruit made us very happy.

Then we were told to wash each other. We did so. In certain societies, it would be very erotic scene, full with emotions. But, then, in the sand of the Tuchuk camp, it was part of everyday life. I refreshed and I looked at my left thigh. I had felt pain radiating from it, and now, I could see the source of pain. My fresh was blue, almost dark. I had hit it with the ax during my work.

I asked for permission to return to the kennel humbly explaining the reason. The Master was kind and allowed me to heal myself. He also told that I had to inform him immediately about my wound. Such way, he would be able to call a physician to heal me.

I wished to be well to all persons in the camp and went to the kennel, where I felt asleep.


Chore – Baking

I woke up early, as I usually did. I came out of the kennel and I realized that bosk steaks were frizzling. I decided to bake some loaves of yellow breads. I knew that Tuchuks liked such food. Yellow bread is baked of Sa-Tarna grains, which have yellow color. The baked bread also has yellow color.

I knew that Goreans liked bread having round shape, flat loaves. I was kneading alone in the camp. The dawn colored the camp, so it looked differently than in daylight. Sunshine was not hot; it warmed my back and butt.

A woman came out of one of the wagons. She was tall; her slender body was covered with a nice cloak. She came straight to me. I greeted her and we talked a bit. She was as kind as beautiful.

She left and I continued to knead. I put the ready loaves on fire and went to sleep. I hoped that the bread would be ready when the camp would wake up.


Chore – Cleaning boots

I woke up early, earlier than others did. The camp was quiet. Boots were placed in front of the wagons. The dust of the plains covered them. I did not want to make much noise, as others were still sleeping. I decided that cleaning these boots was the best work I could do so early morning.
The sun was rising slowly and the reddish light warmed up my naked body. I gathered the boots and sat down in front of the raising sun.

I inserted my left hand in the first boot. My slim had seemed to be lost in the huge boot. I felt as the cold leather became warm from my body heat. I was rubbing the boot until the pale sunshine reflected from it to my face. Such way, I cleaned all boots. I did not count them; it was more important not to mix boots or their owners.

When I finished the camp was still silent. I returned to the kennel and closed my eyes in my cage.