Bed Series

I never like to escape. I hate it. I try to do my best and every time I escape, I feel that I failed. The reason of escape is not so important.

I was walking alone, when one of my old friend IMed me. We were talking a bit, and then she called me to join her. I was happy, but soon I realized that she wanted to use me as a tool against her Mistress.

There were dark moments in our relationship, but I try to forget them. I try to remember only nice time we spent. In fact, I liked her. I could not imagine that she could use me such way. It really hurt. I had to escape again, but this time, I had to escape from friendship.

Harem on the Ball IV

My Owner called me to serve. I arrived and he started to talk about my breasts size again. He wanted me to change my shape. It was bad to hear it. First, it meant that he did not like me. Second, he did not read my limits.

I never wanted to read all my profile. My profile is detailed and maybe it is too big. Of course, a good Master read slave’s profile and only bad masters do not read limits of their slaves. I warned him about my limits very carefully. He did not listen to me. He ordered me to stand in appearance pose. Then he wanted me to change my shape. I told him that my shape is not modifiable. He did not know what it meant, however his avatar was older mine.

I warned him again about breaking my limit. This time I expressed myself very clearly. He told he was not interested in my limits. According his opinion, slaves had to obey every time and limits were not interesting.

It was the time, when I had to stop him. I escaped from him. His name is baron Turbo.

So, if you need such master, you can find him. Or if you are clever enough, you can avoid him.


Harem on the Ball III

My Owner did not call me; however, he was online. Maybe he spent time with other slave of his. I do not know.

I was alone and I upgraded my collars. I have many collars. Recently, I use open collars, as they became very popular. They are free. I recommend checking them. :)

Harem on the Ball II

I greeted my Owner. He did not call me, so I walked freely in SL. I like Deetelaz clothes. It was long time when I had visited this shop last time. I decided to go there. I found some very good new clothes. They are very beautiful but very expensive.

The shop owner had changed the structure of the shop. I walked around and in the dark, hidden end of a corridor, I found old clothes. Their price was descended! Wow! Now, I have some awesome clothes from Deetalez.


Harem on the Ball

Recently, I often visit Bondage Ranch. I do not spend much time here. I look around and wait for somebody to talk to me. I am very shy, so, I cannot start a conversation. Usually, nobody talk to me and I leave after some minutes of waiting.

Today, I got an IM. I was very happy I thought I found an Owner. He took me to his house.
There, he told me some sentences about of my required behavior. I allowed him to check my position on the map. I set him as the Owner on my collar and tokon slave HUD. He wanted me to use RLV. Of course, I agreed.

He wanted me to serve him with my mouth. I dropped on my knees and I did my best. It was so good for me. He said he enjoyed, too.

When I finished, he told me to join his group of slaves. I joined. The size of the group was surprise for me. He had many slaves about twenty or more. He also said that I had to greet him every day and then wait for his call. He said I had to be standby, but, he would not use me every day. I nodded.

Before going to sleep, he told me that my tits were too small. Well, I do not know. I have normal breasts. Do not you think so? I never wanted to be just a carrier of breasts unbelievable large, supernatural size.


The Dancer

This day, my Owner took me to dance, again. In the club, he told me that he liked to have fun; he wanted to explore interesting places. He preferred a girlfriend, not a slave. I was thankful for his honesty. He is indeed a good person. But, as you know, I want to be dominated. So, he set me free.



I was walking through BDSM related places. The aim was to find interesting places; I did not want to find an Owner. However, I got an IM. I am always happy when somebody want to talk to me. :)
After two sentences, I agreed to be his slave. We talked about the rules very little as he said that he was not an experienced Dom. I do not know why but his lack of experience made me excited.

He wanted to take me to a club to dance. Of course, I agreed. What else could a slave do?

We were dancing and then he allowed me to go to sleep.