Today we had long conversation with Arta. I am sorry I cannot share it with you.


I repaired the ladder. My Mistress seemed to be content.

I received the name of the shop, which had moved. We went to this shop. My Mistress allowed me to look around. She even asked if I could see everything.

Unfortunately, I had to leave soon.


Femdom Place

My Mistress wore wonderful clothes. I loved her skirt. It was a new outfit, which fitted on her very lovely.

She told me that we would go to the certain place. She did not mention the name of the place. I was a bit excited; however I knew that I would know the destination in few seconds.

I turned around, when I arrived. The place did not seem to be familiar. My Mistress leaded my by the leash. My ankle cuffs were locked together with a very short chain. My hands were cuffed behind my back. It was very difficult to walk; especially stairs were almost impregnable stymies.

We walked through a small bridge and we went in a small room. I looked around. One Mistress was sleeping in a throne. On the opposite side of the room, a huge, daemon like person stood. He looked like a bull, except that he stood on his two rear legs. One of my Mistress's friends knelt near the daemon. I realized that we were in the femdom place. My Mistress had warned me earlier, how to greet people here. I had to greet each person individually. I did it so, but the other Mistress and the daemon was sleeping.

I sat down near my Mistress. A man came in the room. He used translator device. My Mistress's friend talked to him in Russian. He could write with Cyrillic letters. I had talked to Russian people earlier. Do you remember the Russian girls, who invited my Mistress and I to their Gorean city. They were the last people with whom I could speak in Russian. But, they gave up inviting me about a month ago. I asked permission for asking question. I would have wanted to know how to write with Cyrillic letters. My Mistress ignored my question.

My Mistress told me to kneel in front of her. There was a pose ball at her throne. I tried it. It was so bad. I realized that I started to lick my Mistress. I stood up as soon as I could and I begged for pardon.

The other Mistress woke up and my Mistress ordered me to lick her feet. I obeyed and I licked her feet as gracefully as I was able to do it. Then my Mistress asked if I liked to lick her feet. I answered long and obediently. I wanted to show that I was the best of all slaves there. I did not know if I acted well. I heard that the other Mistress said 'Nia can get a brush'. I did not know what she meant, as we left the femdom place.

My Mistress showed me the shop, where she had bought her new outfit. The clothes were indeed very nice here. But, the creator or the owner of the shop was not very honest. Many outfits in the vendors were shown with belt, but the belt was not included in the outfit. So, the buyer must have bought it separately. I do not like such behavior. I do not like to cheat.

I mentioned that the style of these clothes resembles me to clothes of the other creators. I had seen similar clothes in the sim, where I had bought the running animation. I mentioned it to my Mistress and she wanted to go there.

I still had the LM. But when I arrived, I realized that the shop had been moved. I was searching for a sign or any information about the location of the new shop. I did not find any. I had just wanted to tell it to my Mistress, when she sent me teleport. I teleported to her without delay. She was in this sim, too. But she was at the other side of the sim. I told her about the moving if the shop and I asked if I asked for a LM from my girlfriend. She ignored my question.

My Mistress started walking and I tried to follow her. She was walking quickly. I was not able to go so quickly, as my ankle cuffs were locked to each other with a very short chain. I was running with small steps. I was grasping for air and I could not talk. Answering to my Mistress's questions stole my remaining power. I felt as the metal cuffs hurt my ankles cutting deep into my skin. I felt pain in my neck, too, as my Mistress jerked my leash. I was balancing my body with my cuffed behind my back, hands. I knew that I would loose my balance soon.

When my Mistress stopped I tried to find out, where she would go toward, and I tried to stand in this direction to save some steps. I was struggling with the big stairs when I lost my balance. I fell on my face. I gained some distance with my fall and I struggled on my feet successfully.

My Mistress realized that I fell. She came to me and opened my cuffs. She stroked me. I knew that she did not want me to fall. I knew that she did not want me to hurt. She said so. She wanted me to be sure of it. I loved her very much. My face and my ankles were burning, but I smiled. I did not want her to feel bad.

A wonderful thing happened to me before we went to sleep. I received an IM from a lovely girl, who read my blog. I sometimes have a feeling that nobody reads this blog. I am very happy to receive comments, IMs and any feedback from you. It makes my heart beat quicker. This girl was very lovely. Thank you and I wish you to find so good Owner as my Mistress is.

Repairing the Ladder

I woke up early and I descended to the cellar. I knew what the problem was, but I had no idea where to repair.

My Mistress arrived. After our greeting ceremony, she asked about the progress. I told that I was still searching the solution. She suggested calling for help. One of her friend is a brilliant scripter, maybe you remember, I mentioned him in this blog. I did not want any help. It was my ladder. It was my gift for my Mistress. I became envy. I did not want any help.

She ordered me to continue working. I thought silently searching for the root of the problem. It may have seemed that I was sitting lazily. My Mistress looked at me and then she demanded explanation. I trembled. I did not feel her anger, or any emotion in her voice. I apologized for my behavior. At the end, my Mistress allowed me to continue working.

She left me in the cellar. When I was ready, I tested it. My Mistress realized that I almost finished. She allowed me to put the ladder in the right place. Then she told me what she did not like in the ladder. According to her opinion, the ladder was too short. So, she ordered me to make it longer.

It was not an easy job. I am not a scripter, and math was not one of my favorite lessons. I had not counted the sizes of the ladder and the pose balls. It had just estimated the sizes. Beside it, I had received the ladder texture and I did not know how it would behave when I would change the size.

I did not have to make these changes today. My Mistress took me to the hair exhibition. The Hair Fair is placed on four sims and every sim looks like the others. So, if you broke off your tour, then it is very difficult to find where to continue the tour. It would have been luckier to place different signs to help visitors.

I did not enjoy the visit as much as I had enjoyed it two days ago. I listen to myself not to fall in love with one of the hairstyles. I gathered free items. I had many free hairs, but I did not try any of them. I did not have much time, so I cut off the tour soon.


RR Class

I received a mail that there would be a class about the usage of RR viewer. I was in hurry to tell my Mistress about it, as it started at the same time with my service hours.

My Mistress seemed to be interested in, too, so we went there. It was not a usual class, it was rather a discussion with strong moderation. I did not learn much about the new features. The only interesting feature was the shared inventory folder. The Owner can take off clothes from the slave using this folder.

Before going to sleep, I asked my Mistress not to tie me to the wall of the bedroom. I knew that I would wake up early next morning and I wanted to repair the ladder in the cellar. My Mistress chained my ankle cuffs together and she did not bind me to the wall.


Hair Fair III

My Mistress slept much today. I was waiting for her chained to the wall of the bedroom.

When she woke up, she allowed me to go to the Hair Fair. She said she had many IMs to answer. I smiled happily. I loved this exhibition. From the other hand, I felt uncomfortable to leave my Mistress. I assured myself that it was better to go. I supposed that my Mistress would call me if she would need me.

I arrived and I did not observe any lag. I checked the map and two of the four sims were empty. I guessed that these sims were restarted. I was walking along the different vendors. The hairdressers took their best models here.

I found a lovely bun and I got a demo. It looked nice on me. Then I found a wonderful hair. It was long, straight and it left open my forehead. Most of hairstyles come with bangs. They usually look nice. However, I prefer hairstyles without bangs, when my forehead is visible and the hairline is straight. It is very difficult to find such hair and I found one. Unfortunately, it was not free. I got a demo and I walked away. There was huge territory undiscovered.

My Mistress finished her work and joined me. She asked if I had found something. I smiled and nodded. She told me to show it to her. It was a bit difficult to go back to the shop and I showed her the vendor proudly. She shook her head and explained why this hair was bad.

I listened to her broken. I knew that I would not change my hairstyle. I had known it when I had arrived here. I got to know again that our taste in hairdos were very different. She liked the hair I had been wearing and she had told me many times that I must have worn this hair. I do not like this hair very much. It is not bad, but it is rather average.

So, I knew that I could enjoy the vendors at Hair Fair, but not more. Even so, I felt bad. I cannot explain why. I think I lost my interest in Hair Fair and the gifts I had gathered at this moment.

We went home, soon. I closed my eyes and I tried to sleep.



My Mistress invited me to her working place. There she showed me a table and two chairs around it. She ordered me to sit down. I obeyed. Then I had to stand up and sit down again. She ordered me to repeat motions some times. I was getting tired.

My Mistress ordered me to sit down, again. But, at this time, I had to sit on the other chair. I tried and failed. I was unable to sit the selected for me chair. She asked me why I was unable to sit there, where she ordered. She asked me calmly. Her voice was motionless. I tried and failed. I tried and failed. I was unable to answer. I supposed that some script prohibited me to obey. I was sure that my Mistress knew of this script.

I remembered when Sir Sleight had ordered me to walk in the stairs. I had known that he had enjoyed it. Now, I knew nothing of my Mistress' feeling. Her voice did not tell me anything. I felt despaired. I did not know why she forced me to execute impossible. Her voice was emotionless, but I heard it derisory.

I tried and failed. I tried and failed. I do not remember how many times my Mistress asked me why I was unable to sit. Once, I answered almost crying that the creator of the chair must have known the answer.

Then she ordered me to tell draft of possible solutions. I did. I told ideas. She did not like it and gave an entire explanation.

Later, when we went home to sleep, I asked my Mistress to allow me to sleep without handcuffs today, as my shoulders had been hurting. She allowed it and gave me a message on my shoulders. I slept today wearing only ankle cuffs.



My Mistress wanted to continue our tour in Hair Fair, but there were so many disasters in SL, flood, earthquakes, hurricanes. You can call these disasters apocalypse; however, the correct expression is server upgrade in SL. I am sure that survivors, if there will be any, will be happy after the successful upgrade. Maybe they will not use the new useful and excellent features. But, they will have the possibility to use SL, as they did before. If there will be survivors. Yes, I am a bit angry with LL.

So, my Mistress decided not to visit laggy places. We had wanted to go to the free surfing place and the fantasy role playing area. My Mistress told me that she had been in the surfing place without me. We traveled to the fantasy place.

In the hall of the role playing area, I found proper clothes. They were free and many. However, my Mistress did not like it. She took me to a shop, where she had found free and nice medieval outfits. Unfortunately, we did not find free clothes.

Then my Mistress decided to go to sleep, as there were dangerous disasters around us. She did not send me to go to sleep, at this time. I hesitated. I guessed if it was the time to repair the ladder. But, I was afraid of going to the cellar, when there were flood in the sims.


Hair Fair II

I slept in the dark and cold cellar. I did not sleep very well. In the daylight, I had seen some spiders on the walls. During the night, I had woken up feeling as a spider crawling on my naked skin. I had hit myself, but there had been no spider on me.

I woke up and I cleaned my hair and clothes from the straw. I heard some nice from the cellar door. The door opened and the light cut its way in the darkness. I closed my eyes trying to protect them from the sharp light. When I opened my eyes again, a hooded woman stood before the door of the cage. She was looking at me silently.

I got frightened. Then I remembered that only my Mistress had the key of the cellar door. So, this person must have been her friend. Maybe, she had lent me to her. I greeted the hooded woman. She picked up the hood and I realized that she was my Mistress.

My Mistress opened the door and came to me. I greeted her kissing her shining black boots.

She allowed me to come out of the cage and then she showed the ladder, I had given her some days ago. She told me that there was a problem with the ladder and she ordered me to repair it. She did not tell me the deadline. I would do it if I would have some free time.

Then she leaded me to the rug in her living room. She laid down and opened her legs. I had to kneel between her legs and licking her to the orgasm. I did my best. However, my Mistress told me that my tongue was short and that she would make it longer. She had been saying it many times making me feel fear.

When she was ready and I cleaned her pussy and ass, she told me how she would use me in the future. I would wear an xcite hud. She would set her excitement level increasing it if I would do something exciting and decreasing in opposite case. I must check her excitement level all the time, but I would have right to touch xcite pussy only if she would be only one step from her orgasm. I tried to memorize it.

Then she told me that we would go to Hair Fair again. I felt so happy. So many wonderful things happened to me this day.

This exhibition was very huge and we could not see all hairdresser saloons. There were very interesting hairstyles. My Mistress allowed me to get free items. I gathered many. I received the permission even for trying demo hairs. Oh, it was so wonderful! I enjoyed it so much!

When we returned home, my heart beat very quickly, but this night I did not check my free items. My Mistress showed me a free hairstyle. It was interesting and unique, maybe too unique for me. How do you like it?


Bad Question

My Mistress sat down in her favorite chair, after the greeting ceremony. She ordered me to lick her legs. She had walked barefoot on the beach, so her legs very covered with sand. I obeyed; I licked her feet with long, slow motion. Then I leaned lower and turned my head to reach her sole. I gathered sand with my lips; I felt the sand on my tongue and a bit later in my mouth. I did not dare to spit. I tried to swallow it. The grains of sand scraped my throat.

One of my Mistress' friend arrived and he looked at us. My tongue rubs her skin between her toes. I parted my lift and I would have liked to insert my Mistress' toe into my mouth, when she suddenly disappeared. It was SL, who prevented me from tasting her toes. In these cases, I usually wait for the return of my Mistress. At this time, I was not alone. My Mistress' guest talked to me. He is nice person and I usually enjoy his speech. I did so, now, too.

During our conversation, I received an IM from my Mistress' other friend, who worked in the femdom place as a slave. He delivered me a message from my Mistress. The message said that my Mistress had problem to come into SL and she allowed me to have a free day. While, I was reading the message, my Mistress appeared. She stayed with us for a minute and then I lost her again.

I decided to wait for her. I thought that a good slave had to wait for her Owner. During the wait, we talked with her friend. We had very interesting conversation. He had been in the caller when I had received my piercing. Suddenly, I asked if he liked it. Yes, I failed again. I apologized, but it was too late; the mistake was done.

I became very sleepy, when my Mistress appeared. She ordered me to lick her feet immediately. I obeyed and I informed you about my mistake. She became angry. She asked her friend if she had to punish me. Her friend agreed. It was a bit strange for me, because I had felt that he had liked this question.

My Mistress told me that she would not close me in the stock for this night, as I had admitted my mistake and informed her. She locked my cuffs on my wrists and ankles and then she ordered me to follow her. We went to the cellar, where she pushed me into the huge cage. She attached a chain to my ankle cuff and fixed the other end of the chain to the wall. The chain was very short, only 2 meter.

She left me and I lied down to the straw, tried to sleep, and tried not to think of spiders.

Gifts from Hair Fair

When I woke up, I realized that my girlfriend had sent me gifts from Hair Fair. My heart started beating faster. My Mistress was away, so I started to unpack them. I did it quickly with excitement. I finished unpacking and I wanted to try the first hair, when my Mistress woke up.

My Mistress asked what I had done in the morning. I told her of the gifts I had received. She did not seem content. She said that we would see it later. She also mentioned that she did not want me to wear different hairstyle. She liked the hair she had given me. I knew that I would wear this hair. all the time and I had been tried not to think of my other wonderful hairs. But, I would have wanted to see gifts so much.

Creag Emmons, the author of the interesting blog called “Two Lives to Live”, sent me the name of a fantasy role playing place via my blog. Thank you, Crag! I mentioned it to my Mistress. She sent me there to have and LM, but I had to return as soon as possible.

Then we went to the femdom place. My Mistress locked all my cuffs and leaded me by the leash. There, we met her friend and they talked for a while, until we had to live.


Shopping Together

My Mistress sent me a teleport. I arrived and looked around. We were in a furniture shop. My Mistress examined a couch. She lied down and asked me if I could lie near her. I did not answer, just lied down. She answered, “So, you can”. I felt fear. I did not know if I did wrong again. Maybe, I should have answered only.

There were many pillows on the coach. Some furniture manufacturer uses pillows as pose balls. I told about it to my Mistress. She ordered me to prove it. How could I prove it? I did not know this coach. Why did not I take my tongue still? Cold fear descended from my stomach and grabbed my throat. I tried all pillows; they did not contain different animations. My Mistress did not punish me. She did not seem to be angry.

We visited a shop I suggested to my Mistress. Then we went home. She tried everything she had bought.

Before sleeping, my Mistress leaded me to the bathroom. I had to put my head in the toilet and she pissed into my mouth. She ordered me to lick her pussy before she started to piss. When the warm stream fell down, many drops reached my face. My Mistress took breaks, so, I could drink almost everything. At this time, she did not order me to take a shower; she wanted me to feel the taste of her pee in my mouth all night. Of course, she did not hug me before going to sleep.

Hair Fair

At weekends, I wake up earlier than my Mistress does. So, I have some free time. My Mistress allowed me to leave the house when she was sleeping. Sometimes, I had used this possibility. But, I knew that I would not go away from her house any more. I wanted to be ready to serve in every minute.

I was talking with Sir Bela. Maybe you remember that I had worked for his shop as a model. I made a decision that a slave could not be a model. I knew that he had another model and friend. It was she, who had sent me the LM to Hair Fair. So, I supposed that my decision would not affect on his business. He wanted to talk to my Mistress. But, I explained that this decision was made by me not by my Mistress.

When my Mistress arrived, I was very excited. I wanted to go to Hair Fair. I checked the related sims and they were full almost all the time. I realized that one of the four sims was not full. I thought that we could go teleporting there.

I greeted my Mistress and she locked my handcuffs behind my back while I was leaning and kissing her feet. Then she told me to go to Hair Fair. I was so happy. I could not describe my excitement.

My Mistress told me that we would go to Hair Fair. I smiled like a baby. I tried to teleport and I failed. All sims were full. I did not feel lucky. The SL, after the unsuccessful teleport, put me down on the ground floor. I did not know what to do. Shall I return to my Mistress to the bedroom or shall I continue trying the teleport? I decided to mix them. I was trying to teleport while I was going back to her. I could move very slowly because of my chained ankles. When I arrived to the bedroom and I could see that my Mistress turning to me, I could teleport. I arrived to the exhibition and I called my Mistress without delay. I was afraid that she would not able to arrive. But she did.

I looked around and I could see the huge place and shops in the distant. There was so much lag there, that the one could walk very slowly. After some steps, my Mistress told me to stay in place. She said that I could not fly and I could not walk, so she would explore the exhibition alone. Sharp pain cut my mind hearing her words. I had enough force to struggle with my tears, as I was not allowed to cry. I could hold my tears until my Mistress flew away. Then I started crying. I could see the distant shops and the people flying among them. It had never felt such pain.

My Mistress sent me IMs. When she said that exhibitors had brought the nicest ones of their hairdos, I felt sharp pain, like a knife swirled in my heart. My dreams were broken. I had been prepared myself so much to visit Hair Fair. My Mistress told me that she would send me teleport if she would behold something interesting. Our styles are very different, when we are talking of hairs.

In the end, less than half hours from leaving me alone, my Mistress sent me teleport. I was so thankful. I was so glad. I could watch the exhibition. The hairstyles I saw were really great and there were dozens of free stuffs. My Mistress allowed me to get free stuffs. I was very happy; I did not cry any more.

We had to leave Hair Fair soon, and I asked my girlfriend to collect me free stuffs from the exhibition. She promised to do so.



My Mistress was working and she called me to her workplace. I arrived and greeted her. She locked my handcuffs and cuffs on my ankles as well. Then she left me there.

I was waiting silently. She did not tell me to be silent and she did not tell me to be frozen. However, I thought that I must have stayed silently.

Some minutes later, my Mistress returned to me. She was asking of my thought. She said that I behaved like a robot. She also said that she want me to be a human being and to behave so. I had tried not being a robot. Changing my personality was not easy and it seemed that I had done errors.

Of course, I did not want to be a robot. But, I had realized that being a part time slave and a part time girlfriend of my Mistress did not work. My Mistress had treated me well and she had wanted to be her girlfriend, too. She wanted it now, also. But, I knew that she wanted a slave deep in her mind. I knew that she would chide me, if I would argue with her or have different opinion. She wanted a slave and I wanted to be a slave. I thought it was the best for both of us if I behaved like a slave.

I had received an LM and a name of a place. The place the name of which I had received was a surfing place. I had never surfed and I was not fun of this sport. I know that my Mistress likes it. It was why I was glad to have this name.

The LM showed the way to Hair Fair 2008. Hair fair is an exhibition and sale of different hairstyles. The exhibition is located on four sims. Let me copy some text here from their note card: “Hair Fair 2008 is a Charity Event for Locks of Love, raising funds for Children that suffer hair loss from illness. The items you purchase here at Hair Fair will go towards helping those Children...look out for styles that feature the Donation Displays, as well as the Donation Kiosks and Bandana Stalls on all four sims.”

Recently, I had been wearing one hairstyle, but probably you remember how I love hairstyles. I have some favorites in my inventory. I wanted to go to this exhibition very much. My Mistress told me that we would go next day. I became very excited. I knew that my Mistress would not permit me to change my hairstyle, but I wanted to watch the recent hair fashion so much.

Before going to sleep, my Mistress unlocked my handcuffs; the cuffs on my ankles remained locked.


Role Playing

After greeting, my Mistress sat down in her favorite chair and ordered me to lick her feet. I was working on her feet with my lips and mouth, while she was busy with IMs.

Then she wanted me to show her role playing places. Maybe you remember, I had visited such places, some weeks ago. Unfortunately, I had deleted my Lms, as I had thought that my Mistress had not been interested in role playing.

She wanted to go to fantasy related places. I did not know any of fantasy role playing places. (In my mind, dragons and magic are far from slavery.) I offered her to find fantasy role playing area, but my Mistress decided to go to one of the dark cities.

So, we visited Toxian city. We were unable to move because of the lag. So, we had no choice, we had to go further.

Median city was our next target. We were walking in the city. My Mistress did not like it and we went home soon.

When we arrive, my Mistress took off her pants and ordered me to kneel down before her. I obeyed. I felt her excitement; my face was so close to her horny pussy. I did not dare to move until I received an order. The order came soon and I started to lick my Mistress' pussy. The waves of excitement ran through my body. I felt as my erected nipples were stroked by my shirt. I usually give pleasure for my Mistress fully clothed. No, not usually. She never ordered me to take off my clothes.

My Mistress ordered me to pull out my tongue. I obeyed and licked her clit. My tongue danced on her silky skin. My breath was short in excitement, when I heard my Mistress' voice. She said that I had short tongue and she would elongate my tongue. These words and the fear I felt blew away my excitement at once. I did not understand how she meant it. I was afraid of body modification. I supposed that it would be painful.

But, when I calmed down, I was thankful for this word. I had become excited. It had been allowed before. But, after the personality modification, I knew that I had no right to enjoy it. I continued licking her listening to only my Mistress' pleasure.

When she reached orgasm and I cleaned her pussy, my Mistress mentioned again, what she had said of modification of my tongue. I almost fell in fear. She ignored my frightening and sent me to the bed.



This day was a feast in Hungary. What did we celebrate? Hmm, it is an interesting question. I have to say that it depends on the current political leader of Hungary. But, anyway, it was a feast.

My Mistress told me to put on some not too sexy clothes, as we would go to participate in the celebration and we would watch the festal firework. Unfortunately, the firework area was full. My Mistress leaded me to another Hungarian place, where people were sitting and playing the game called “truth or dare”. It was an interesting game; I had not known it. We did not participate in the game.

My Mistress disappeared and I was standing alone. Some minutes passed and she called me to a club. We danced there for a while. Then we went to watch firework, as some places were set free there.

I enjoyed the firework. It was very nice.

My Mistress showed me bizarre camping places. I had never seen similar before. The camper must have played the role of beggar or the camper had possibility to search many in public dumpsters. I like humiliation, but I found it disgusting. It was a Hungarian place visited mostly by Hungarian people. I was not sure that other people could do similar with his fellows.

During the celebration, I behaved according to my new personality. I was answering, as I supposed my Mistress would have liked to answer. I did not speak much. I always took attention to my Mistress. It was very new experience for me. I realized that I was afraid to talk. I was afraid to move. I never was sure if I did something well. Before sleeping, I had unusual thoughts on my brain. I did not know if I could get into the habit of this fear.

Lazy Slave II

My Mistress was sleeping in the morning. She had allowed me to meet my friend if she was away.

First, Sir Bela called me. He found a shop where nice skin can be bought. He just showed me the shop and left. I bought demo skins to try them. But I received an invitation from Sir Sleight. I arrived to his location. He was with her friends. We had nice conversation, there.

I realized that my Mistress woke up, so, I immediately went home.

I greeted her with foot kisses. She sat down and started getting me on for my behavior yesterday. She was sure that I had been lazy or that I had not paid my attention to her, at least I felt so. I argued her very politely, but she put me to silence. She told me that it was better to use my tongue on her feet instead of talking.

If you read my blog, than you know that I often have such problem. I was not sure if I had permission to explain my point. At this time, my Mistress told me that I did not have permission to do that. From one hand, I was sad, as our relationship would change. But, from the other hand, I was happy. I knew how to behave in the future.

I am a slave and I have to behave like a slave. My Mistress is always right. It changes my personality. I sometimes felt that my Mistress liked my personality and maybe others liked it, too. However, I was a slave and I was ready to change my personality. I felt that my Mistress had been very patient with me, as she had not liked my mind and me.

I decided to agree with her every time. I knew that she did not want me to be a robot like slave, so I have to listen to my behavior very carefully. I decided not to do anything about asking for permission. My Mistress told me that she would allow me to visit my friends; I just would have to ask for it. I nodded, but I knew that I never would ask for such permission. The aim of the slave is to please her Owner. Having fun with others reflects the bad behavior of slave.

I hoped that my Mistress would like my new personality.


Lazy Slave

My Mistress ordered me to show all shops I had found during last two says. I hated these days; searching for these equipments was very boring. Now, I had to visit the selected by me shops again.

There were five shops on my list, the best of the shops offering such equipments.

We started checking shops. My Mistress lost her interest soon and she started to fly. I could follow her while we were in the buildings. However, it was not easy for me, especially in laggy places. I could see my disappearing Mistress and I tried to determinate the possible direction of her flight. But, she did not fly straight; she changed her direction and height level during her flight.

In the third shop, she decided to go out of the building and she started to fly in an open area. When I am talking of the open area, then I mean that we were outside of buildings. But, there were trees around us. I listened to the smallest motion of my Mistress. But, once, she turned around and started to fly toward me with very high speed. I turned around despairingly, but, I could not see her. I flew around trying to find her. I did not success. Last time, when I had lost her, she had been very angry with me because I had not notified her about it immediately. So, I sent her an IM. She ordered me to go back to the location I had seen her last time. I was in this location. I was searching for her turning around in the air. I could see nobody but trees and buildings. In the end, she appeared before me. She railed me. I did not feel guilty, as it was impossible to follow her. I was sure that she knew of it. She threaten me. She promised me to be punished. I had a feeling that she wanted me to punish. I begged for punishment if she indeed thought that I was guilty. She said that I would be punished later.

We continued our tour. In the shop before last, she was standing in front of paintings; she did not show interest in equipments. In the end, she told me that there was nothing interesting here, but the paintings. She hoped that the next shop would be better. In the last shop, she walked without aim and then she asked me what equipments were useful here. I stood with burning face. It was a good shop. I had been working so much to find these shops. I was sure that I had found the best ones. But, my Mistress was not agree with me. She was angry because I wanted her time.

We went home and my Mistress locked my handcuffs. I thought that she would punish me right now. But, instead of it, she disappeared and she sent me a teleport. I looked around in the place to where she called me. I heard, as she attached a leash to my collar. She set a very short distance of the leash and yanked me towards a building. We went in and I beheld one of her friends kneeling there. I remembered this building. We were in a femdom area. She started to talk with her friends. But, before, she ordered me to find a solution of a certain problem. The problem was that she was not able to control my cuffs from the distance.

I started to read a manual of the cuffs. While I was reading, another slave joined to us and my Mistress and the two male slaves switched to English. My Mistress told me to correct her mistakes in IM.

I did not find the solution of the problem in the manual, so I asked for help in the support group. The RR support channel is great; you can find helpful people every time there. I got many suggestion; most of then was unknown for me. I tried to share my attention between the group and the the conversation in the femdom area. It was not easy, as I was not familiar with the extension of the cuffs mentioned by the people in the support channel.

A Mistress joined us. Arta wanted to show her how I usually greeted her. I was ordered to kiss her feet. The other Mistress liked it very much. Arta told me to kiss other Mistress' feet, too. I did my best. The other Mistress liked my performance and she wanted Arta to lend me. I was very proud and exciting. I waited for Arta's answer. She refused to lend me.

When other Mistress and one of the slaves went away; I left alone with Arta and with her friend. Arta asked me if she had had grammatical errors. I wanted to answer with a whole sentence. It was because her friend answered quicker. He realized only one mistake. In fact, there were two.

My Mistress became very angry. She shouted at me. She railed me. She called me lazy slave. I tried to explain that it was impossible to explain her mistakes in IM, to kiss Mistress' feet and to talk in the support channel at the same time.

Then I decided that she wanted to punish me, as she must have known that she had wanted impossible. I asked for a punishment, again. I did not know how to protect myself. I did not feel lazy and I did not feel guilty. I did my best. Maybe, I was too silly and it was the reason why I was unable to handle all tasks. However, I could not imagine how these tasks can be done at the same time.

We went home and my Mistress continued ragging me for my behavior. She sent me to sleep. Before sleeping, I informed her that there was a punishment left, because of my failure in flying. She said that my punishment was to sleep with cuffed hands.



I greeted my Mistress with usual kisses on her feet. She sat down in her favorite chair and ordered me to continue. I was licking her feet and she looked at me silently for a while.

Suddenly, she asked me if any of my friends were online. Nobody of them was in SL. Then she stood up and descended from the bedroom without a word. I followed her. We went to her neighbor. I guessed what she intended to do. I supposed that she was busy and she would like to lend me to her neighbor. Once, my Mistress had mentioned that her neighbor had asked for my services. I became excited. Treating me as an object made me breathe quicker. It is one of my secret fantasies. Her neighbor was not at home.

My Mistress was tired, so, she could not deal with me. She sent me to continue searching for the equipments needed for her job.

I was visiting many shops and I could see almost the same equipments everywhere. Of course, there were some small differences in functionality and in prices. I like shopping. I like to watch pretty outfits, shoes and hair. But, searching for the equipments she had ordered me was not enjoyable. It was a real slave labor.

After visiting about ten shops, I became very tired and I asked for permission for going to bed. My Mistress did not answer. She had said that she was not available all the time when she had sent me to my shopping tour. I was waiting for five minutes. I did not receive answer, so, I went home and I fell asleep. I hoped that she would not punish me tomorrow.



My Mistress showed me what she had done while I had been away. She had done nice work; it is so pity that I am not allowed to speak of it, yet.

Then my Mistress sent me to find some special equipment necessary for her further job. I was roaming among shops until I could go to sleep.


Goodbye Present

I greeted Arta with kisses on her feet kneeling before him in the bedroom. Arta leaned and locked my handcuffs. My shoulder stretched and my bottom lifted higher, as my hands were very close to each other. I took a deep breath and continued rubbing her feet with my tongue.

My Mistress told me to kiss her thighs. I lifted my head and my lips reached her silky skin. She grabbed my hair and pressed my head against her pussy moaning in pleasure. I kissed her pussy. I felt her aroma. My mouth touched her wet lips. Arta lifted her leg and placed it on my shoulder. I teetered holding her weight. Her pussy opened and allowed me to reach her better. I parted my lips and stuck out my tongue toward hot pussy. My tongue circled around her lips, moving higher, slightly stroking her clit. Her lovely taste stroked my mouth.

She urged me to move quicker. I did. My tongue runs over her lips, once, twice, and then descended into her hot body. I swirled deep in her rubbing her from inside with my tongue and with my piercing. I heard her moans in excitement. I closed my eyes and I felt her better. I felt her aroma floating before my face. I felt her taste tickling my tongue and spreading in my mouth.

My Mistress pushed my head and told me to go to the living room. She wanted to enjoy me in position that was more comfortable.

She lied down and spread her legs. I lowered and pushed my head before her thighs. My face felt the heat radiating from her fragile body. I worked on her until she reached her orgasm. Then she pushed my head against her body very hard. She did not want to waste any drops of her juice. I swallowed them all.

My Mistress turned me on my back and sat on my face. It was difficult to breathe while I was cleaning her pussy. My tongue danced on her lips; it sometimes drilled into her gathering all her juice.

Arta was content with me. She smiled at me with blushed face.

She allowed me to change my clothes. I showed some outfits I had to her. In the end, she chose me a lovely one and we went shopping.

After shopping, she took me to Abbots and we made some jumps. I enjoyed it so much. When we became tired, Arta decided to go home.

We help each other in our arms tight. She gave me a parting kiss and I went to my cushion with tears in my eyes.

Off Post

I have to leave SL for a while. I will return in a week. I do not have enough time to write down what happened to my Mistress and me this evening. Please, return in a week and you will know everything.

Some of them asked where my pictures were. You can find them very simple; just follow the link called My Photos. This link leads you to the Flickr website. To make your job easier, here is the link: http://www.flickr.com/photos/niapreez/

So, take care and enjoy the wonderful world of SL. Please, do not forget about me.

War Puppet

Do you remember that my Mistress bought a bow? I received a landmark where she would be able to practice with a war puppet.

Now, she wanted to visit this place. The war puppet was placed in a Gorean market. You can fight with this puppet with Gorean meter or without it. Gorean meter is a small object, which indicates if you were hit by others. First, my Mistress fought without Gorean meter. The arrows flew toward her rapidly. She could hit the puppet three or four times.

Then she decided to fight with Gorean meter. The battle was cruel and very quick. The puppet won, but Arta almost killed it. She fought very well. It was her first try and I was sure that she would win, soon, in the near future.



I helped my Mistress. She ordered me to find proper textures, according to her description. I was browsing about a hundred of textures. The result of my work must have been boxes textured with the found texture and named as the name of the texture. This work took my whole day. When I was finished, I prepared 29 boxes.

While I was working, a friend of my Mistress arrived. He had started to live in a Gorean city. He spent a little time with us. He had to go to war between two Gorean cities. He said that wars were usual in his city. Warriors usually shot with their bows and the women ran across the battlefield. These were his words.

I have never lived in a Gorean city. I do not like wars. I know that battle is part of Gorean life, but I hope that there are more peaceful Gorean cities, too.


Golden Tower

Arta was busy. I joined her at her working place. She allowed me to go around freely. She showed me how far I had right to go away from her. The point was to stay as close to her, where I was able to hear her commands. So, I received big freedom.

When she finished her work for this day, she sat down and ordered me to lick her to orgasm. I did not use my hands. I had learned that she liked if I used only my mouth and tongue. At this time, I did not forget to use the piercing in my tongue. She enjoyed my work on her sensitive pussy. She talked to me much. I did not know if I had to talk with. I decided not to talk to her, as I supposed she want me to use my tongue on her pussy instead of talking.

It was interesting that I became very excited while I was licking her. I am still straight. So, I did not understand what was happening to me. I guess, it was because she did not always use me like a sex doll. For what, I am very thankful.

She told me that we would choose a day, when I would lick her all the time. I was frightened and excited at the same time. It is not easy to work with my tongue, without my hands, kneeling. I am getting tired. But, the idea that I must lick her nevertheless I feel tired makes me very excited. I have never done similar before.

When she reached the top, I licked her as usually. She asked me if I wanted to drink her pee. We had a conversation about peeing and drinking soon. I mentioned her that I had been in the Golden Shower Tower, where I had had to ask foreign people to pee in my mouth. My Mistress wanted to go to this place.

We arrived and I felt not very happy. I remembered what I had had to do when I had been here last time. I accept humiliation even in public places. I love to be humiliated in private and in public, too. I still remember the excitement I felt when Sir Bela had sent me to a park and I had had to undress step by step walking in the park. Oh, I had enjoyed it very much.

But, my experience in the Golden Tower Shower was different. I served an Owner, not Sir Bela. (Sir Bela never would have treated me such way.) This Owner ordered me to beg foreign people to pee on me. While I was searching somebody to do this, he hid and looked me from a corner. I felt alone and I felt like a last whore. The worst was that other people had been involve in our with my Owner game.

I got frightened because I supposed that Arta would order me the same. I begged her. She did not answer. I begged her two more times, while we were walking in the shop of the Tower. I became more frightened. In the end, Arta asked me if I would hate such order. I told her how I felt shortly. She answered that she knew how to punish me, if it would be necessary.

We were walking in the rooms of the Tower. We tried only one equipment. I had to slip my head into a glass tank. My Mistress pees into it. The tank kept her pee around my head. My mouth was under the level of her pee. I could breath only with my nose, so, I felt the aroma of her pee.

When we arrived home, my Mistress allowed me to have a shower, the real shower. * smiles

I felt clean and I put on my pajamas. Arta hugged me and I went to sleep.



My Mistress was busy with her work. She allowed me to put the running animation into the collar. I was excited. I did it and tried it. She ordered me to run around the working area. I looked at myself running. I became disappointed. The animation was so ugly. Do you remember ultimate romantic movies, when lovers run toward each other in slow motion? My new animation works the same. My advice to all is not to buy animation for 30L. What a pity that there is no free running AO.

We were talking about the AOs. I showed my favorite AO to my Mistress. I knew that she would not like it, as she had not liked it in the past, neither. She ordered me to run a lap around the working area. I started to run from her and I thought that I would run one more lap. Such way, she could look at the AO better. I was mistaken. She shouted at me because of my disobedience. I used to make similar mistakes with my other Owners. I tried to behave for the good of them. I do not know when I will learn not to think instead of my Owners. My job is to obey. How could I dare to decided what is good for my Owners? Fortunately, my Mistress forgave me. I had to run a lap in opposite direction, as a punishment.

Arta then sent me to find doors. She described what kind of door she wanted. According to the description, she wanted the most common door. The first place I found was a very nice shop offering plenty of doors. Oh, I cannot describe how wonderful doors they offer. Before going to find doors, Arta had ordered me to call her immediately, if I found something. I IMed her. She gave me more detailed description of the doors. It could not help me. However, I felt that she was very busy and that she did not want to come to me. So, I returned to my old method of creating note cards with LMs to possible locations.

I visited some shops. Two of them were interesting; the others offered ugly doors. I went to the next location and I could see no doors around. This place was some kind of scripters' library, not a shop. In a corner, there was a box with sculpted stairs. The vendor box contained 230 doors for only 150 lindens. I thought that I had to notify my Mistress about the sculpted stairs. I was writing IM, when she asked for tp. I sent a message before sending tp for her. She asked me about tp angrily. Yes, I knew I was mistaken again. I had had to delete my half written message and send tp for my Mistress.

When she arrived, she asked me where the stairs were. I showed the box. She asked again about the stairs. I did not understand her, as stairs were packaged in the vendor. It is the common way in SL. Her voice seemed to me angry.

Then my Mistress ordered me to go to the first place, what I found. We arrived and I stared at the beautiful doors. Arta stood in the balcony and looked at the doors, and then she ran away from there. She soon asked where the doors were. I was confused. She had stood and looked at them a moment ago.

I went back to the place, where she had stood and showed her the doors. She was running across the shop; she sometimes dropped a gaze at the door and then ran forward.

In the shop, there is a special section, where customers can buy doors for jails. The show room was in the cellar. There were different doors on the both sides of the not too long corridor. At the end of the door, a small picture hung in the wall. It was a vendor of convict outfit. Arta asked me if I liked it. I was not sure. I liked the idea to wear clothes chosen by her whatever clothes they were.

In the end, she did not order me to buy it. Instead, she decided that I had to learn clothes creation. My eyes opened bigger. Only few people create clothes and only few of them are able to do nice clothes. I had heard that different graphical tools were necessary to create clothes. I use such tools to resize photos only.

Then she ordered me to show what door for jail I liked. I turned around and looked at the doors carefully. I did not move, as I could see all offered doors. She shouted at me because I stood still. I moved at once. It took more time to walk and examine each door, but in the end, I found what I liked. I walked through it and said about my choice. She angrily answered that I had to come out; we had no time to waste.

We went home. My Mistress asked me when would be the clothes creation class. I checked and I did not found it. Many of teachers register her class only for the next day. Some schools do not register the class at all, as they prefer to inform members of the group by IMs. So, there was no clothes creation class among the registered ones.

Then Arta ordered me to tell what kind of classes were. It may seem to be easy, but in fact, it is difficult to tell anything about the classes. It is worth reading the class description to receive usable information about it. I hesitated. Reading the description can take a minute or more. So, I started the tell her about the names of the classes. Her next order was related to the starting time of the classes. I asked if I should have started from the first available class. Arta seemed to be not so interested to hear the class list, again.

She told me to go to the bed. I was waiting. She always hugs me before sleeping. I was waiting, but she did not hug me. I hesitated again. The order was given and I must have obeyed. I said goodbye to my Mistress and got into the cushion.

I closed my eyes trembling in fear and tried to think of my failures. I wanted to find out why Arta was angry with me. So, I closed my eyes, when I heard her voice. I had to stand up. She hugged me and sent me to sleep.

I knew that I was mistaken today. However, I supposed that I had done something wrong to my Mistress. I did not know what.


My Secret

My Mistress called me to join her. She was working hard, as she usually did recently. It was the time to disclose my secret. I had been serving my Mistress for 3 months. I had prepared a small gift to thank her for her time and patient to me. I gave her my packed gift. Recently, I did not have much money, so, I had decided to create a collapsible ladder. I had thought that she could use it in her cellar well. My secret was the ladder. I had worked it in secret, because, I had wanted to make surprise for Arta.

My Mistress was kind; she told me that she liked the gift. However, later, I got to know that she did not want any equipment or furniture, which help people to come out of the cellar. I had had to nose out her will before making such gifts. Next time, I will be more prudent.

Arta tried the ladder and she fixed it in the cellar. Then she decided to spend the evening with me.

She ordered me to very a sexier outfit, the silks set with jewels. She attached a leash to my collar and I had no idea where we would go. Earlier she had leaded me by leash almost all the time when we left her house. Recently, she had ordered me to follow her without the leash. I love when she leads my by the leash. I love it not because of making easier to follow her, but I like the idea to be restricted. The leash emphasizes my slavery. At least, I feel so.

She took me to a femdom place. Here, we met her friend, who I had mentioned in my previous posts. She tried to order her to kiss her feet. She did not succeed.

Then we went to to animation shop to buy me a running AO, again. I did not mention that I lost this animation. Arta also had lost all her clothes, what she bought there. Fortunately, shop owners had understood the problem and they resent the clothes. However, one of my friends said that the owner of the shop called “Free style”, did not answer her when she asked for help. She also said that this shop Owner was talking with others and ignored her at all. Fortunately, my Mistress did not buy anything there.

Before leaving the femdom place, Arta invited her friend to come with us, as there are nice shops for men there. I bought the animation, but I was not able to put it in the collar. It seemed that the collar must be put on the ground, before inserting the animation. While I was busy with the collar, my Mistress and her friend went away to look around in the shops. So, I had to run to reach them. I had the new animation, but I was running like a fool with the standard SL AO.

After shopping, Arta and I went home. My Mistress suddenly took of her pants and ordered me to kiss her pussy, such way that I felt her taste in my mouth all night. I knelt down and kissed in her pussy with my tongue.

My Mistress asked what happened to my new AO. When she got to know everything, then she allowed me to took off the collar and put the animation in, next day. She is so caring; I did not think she would realize this small problem.

Before going to bed, she hugged me.


Gift from Arta

My Mistress was working and she called me to join her. While she was working, one of her friends arrived. He wore an interesting collar. First, I did not pay attention to it. Arta and he started to talk. My Mistress tried to persuade him to kiss her feet. She had tried it in the past, unsuccessfully. She had hard luck this time, too.

Suddenly, a woman appeared. She wore interesting latex outfit and a bow was attached to her back. She attached a leash to the collar of Arta's friend. He dropped on his knees to the Gorean position of pleasure slaves. The just arrived woman was not talkative, however my Mistress tried to talk to her. So, Arta continued working and I was standing silently.

When the woman with the bow left, we started a conversation. We learned that her friend had become a kajirus, the male Gorean slave. The woman was a Tatrix, the queen of a Gorean matriarchal city. I did not know that such cities existed in SL. We were talking with him while Arta was working. I remembered how I had wanted to go to a Gorean city. I envied him. During the conversation, I realized that we had the same feelings, some kind of mix of fear and excitement. I envied him because of the wonderful experience, which stood before him. It must be very exciting to belong to a Tatrix as a slave.

Arta's other friend arrived, the one who had helped me to create the rotating door. He was playing with me for some seconds. He closed me to a glass sphere and threw it in the sea. He got me out almost immediately, so I was not damaged. It was frightening to be closed in a sphere and to be thrown to the sea. However, I did not count it cruel. *smiles

Arta asked if I still felt pain in my tongue. Hearing my answer, she decided to go home and to test my tongue piercing. I became excited immediately.

I ran home and sent a teleport to my Mistress. She went to the desk and she took off her skirt. I was ordered to kneel down and make her pleasure. I looked at her wonderful pussy and my hands ran over her round butt and tight thighs touching her silky skin. She leaned and locked my hands behind my back ordering to use my tongue only. I fondled the skin around her pussy with my tongue. Aroma of her warm pussy filled in my nose. I closed my eyes when my tongue ran over her wet lips. My breath became short in my excitement. I pressed my mouth against her pussy and my tongue broke the way among her lips toward the deep wetness. I kissed her swirling with my tongue inside her.

My Mistress grabbed my hair and directed me to her hard clit. I stroked it with my tongue, first slowly, then quicker and quicker. I heard her moans of excitement. She pushes my head against her body and I worked on her. Suddenly, I felt her juice flows into my mouth. Almost, in the same time, I felt my orgasm approaches and my pants became wet from the joy I felt.

My Mistress' screams disappeared; I smiled staring at her body. My tongue walked on her pussy and cleaned her.

Arta looked down at me and asked if I wanted her to piss into my mouth. I nodded and begged for doing it. She took me to the bathroom. I looked around and I beheld a new toilet. Arta ordered me to put my head in it. It was a bit difficult as my hands were still cuffed. I was waiting for her my body was stretched like a bow before shooting. She turned down the seat, which locked me to the toilet. Then she sat on it. I opened my mouth looking at her nice bottom. Suddenly, the warm bitter liquid inundated my mouth. I closed my eyes in surprise. I knew that I had to drink it and I tried to. She made a short break allowed to drink all her pee from my mouth. I gasped. She waited for me to be ready again. Then her warm pee flows in my mouth again. At this time, I did not close my eyes. While I was drinking her pee, I knew that she was happy. So was I.

Arta stood up and waited for me to stand up, too. She unlocked my hands and left the bathroom. She allowed me to take a shower. I felt tired. But, this tiredness was made by my excitement and bliss of pleasing my Mistress. She allowed me to decide to choose my clothes. I selected a new one, what I won in a lucky chair.

When I went out of the bathroom, my Mistress looked me strangely and asked if I wanted to sleep wearing this outfit. I have nice pajamas, so, I quickly put it on. I thought Arta liked it. She allowed me to wear pajamas every night.



My Mistress was busy. She called me to join her. While she was working, I was allowed to IM with my friend.

I use the default run animation and it does not look well. I had asked my friends to help me. I received an LM of a shop, where there was cheap running AO. I mentioned it to my Mistress and she allowed me to go. I quickly went to the shop. It was not easy to find the animation, as there were at least ten different AO vendors around. In the end, I found it and after buying, I quickly returned to my Mistress. I checked my inventory. The new animation was not there. The vendor had taken my money. It had sent me the animation; I had accepted it. But, there was not any new animation in my inventory.

My friend had told me that there are good shops around the animation shop. She had mentioned shops offering nice shoes. Of course, I told about them to my Mistress, who liked nice shoes very much. When she finished her work for today, we went to look around there.

We found very nice shops. I loved their clothes and jewels. For some time, one of Arta's friends joined us. He was patient and walked with us through two shops or so. Then he left us alone. Yes, men also have some limits. *smiles

My Mistress bought nice boots. I asked for permission to buy the animation, again. I had not received it, yet. I knew that Linden would not help me, so, it seemed to be the only possible way to get it. We walked and visited almost every shop until late night.

We went home, where we met one of Arta's old friends. We had no time to talk, because my Mistress told me to go to bed. Probably, she realized how I was tired. I closed my eyes and felt asleep immediately.

Waiting Alone

I woke up and I greeted my Mistress in IM. She did not answer me at all. I did not know if she was very busy or she was angry with me. It was the second time that she had ignored me.

I saw that Sir Sleight was online. I wanted to go to visit his sim. But, Arta did not answer me. She did not even say hello. I did not dare to disturb her again. I was waiting alone in my Mistress's bedroom. Most of my friends had left me. I am not angry with them. I am not the best friend. I usually do not have time to talk with anybody. My Mistress allowed me to IM with others. But, it is impossible to listen to my Mistress and talk with others in the same time. So, I usually tell me former friends that I have no time for them. It is no wonder that I am alone. Who wants a friend like me?

I spend more than an hour alone, in the empty bedroom. Then I asked for permission to go to my cushion from my Mistress in IM. She gave permission, but she did not even say hello or bye. I felt alone so much that a stone could have felt in the cold deep space.


I woke up very early and I continued my work. It went well. I found solution and I became ready. I packed everything and I went home. I had just arrived, when my Mistress woke up.

She wanted to know what I had worked on. She was so kind and she did not order me to tell it. So, I could hold my secret. It was very hard for me, as I felt happy and I wanted to stand on the peak of the highest hill in SL and cry out that I was ready

My Mistress did not like that I had secret. I understood her. But, she was very kind and allowed me to be silent. She allowed me to go to relax to my cushion.



My Mistress had promised me a free day. I asked free day because I wanted to finish my secret word. I also wanted to visit Sir Sleight new sim. We had talked about it in IMs and I had become really interested in. I supposed that I would have some time to visit it.

My Mistress had ordered me a task to do. I had done it but I had caused much delay in my plans. I could log in later. I wanted to start to work immediately, but Arta had other plans. She called me and I had to see how she worked. Yes, we both were very busy. *smiles

I was sitting silently looking at my working Mistress and I knew that I would not visit Sir Sleight today. I hoped that my Mistress would let me go, as she had promised. Half of my time elapsed, when Arta told me that she had to go and I would be free for tonight.

You know I love to be together with Arta. I am thankful for every minute we spend together. But, now, I wanted to go so much. I had mentioned that I had had a plan. You must be surprised. What plan can a slave have? I was interested in Sir Sleight's sim very much. However, I accepted that I could not go. I was worried of disappointing him. I knew that he wanted to show me it very much. I also was afraid that I would not be able to finish my secret work.

When I stayed alone, I started to work without delay. The work was going slow and badly. I received IMs from my Mistress and I had to answer. It took time and confused me in my work. Once, an earthquake kicked me put from the place, where I worked. I already knew that I was not clever enough to do this work. I was on the border of crying. I had headache, which prevented me thinking.

I knew that I would not finish my work today. I thought that I would not finish it ever.

I decided to sleep and I asked for permission to go home to place. My Mistress ignored me. I did not receive any answer, so I slept away from home this night.

Shop in Eight Sims

My Mistress was sleeping and I had some free time. I was working on something. I cannot tell you more about it, now. But, soon, it will tell you the secret.

My Mistress woke up and she wanted to buy a sculpted palm, similar to the one that her neighbor had. She tracked down the creator profile and she found an LM to the shop. When we arrived to the shop, we looked at vendors. Vendors offered something for an unbelievable high price. We had no idea what vendors wanted to sell. We arrived here to buy palms. There were many palms around us, but none of them was set for sale.

I wanted to write an IM to the creator, when a police officer arrived. This man was cleverer me, and he read the note card what everybody received at the arrival. According to the note card, this place consisted of eight sims. It was huge, was not it? We divided sims between us and we started our exploration. Of course, we found nothing.

Then we continued searching with the police officer's helicopter. The result was the same. Later, this kind police officer informed me that the vendors offered equipments for palm creation. Hmm, it was not what we wanted. He also sent me a landmark of the shop where we indeed could buy palms.


Sculpt Stairs

I could talk slowly, however it caused a little pain. My Mistress was busy with building and she wanted to have sculpt stairs. We went shopping. Arta allowed me some freedom because of the pain in my tongue. I was allowed not to add to the end of each sentences the word “Mistress”.

We found some nice stairs, but their price was unbelievable high. After the shopping they, I slept well. *smiles