Second Day of Servitude

I was searching for cages to my new home as my Owner had mentioned it. I would have visited old places, but many of them had gone others had been smaller. At least, I found new BDSM store. It was not large, but it contained different goods like animations, cages, whips. I was discovering this shop when my Owner arrived and called me home.

When I arrived, he forced me to kneel with my collar. Oh, how much I hate it. If you follow my blog, then you must know my opinion about it. Maybe, it is why a slave can hardly find Owners. Maybe, Doms just create a second avatar and play with them using collar or RLV. *smiles

In my life, obedience is very important. I love to obey. I love to feel control over my mind not over my avatar. There is no need to obey if my avatar is forced to change poses. In such cases, I can be AFK or just walk away. Such Owners will not realize my absence. It is one of my hard limits. It is one of the most important limits.

My Owner told some new rules to follow. I must wear only straps when I am at home. I must sit on the ground, at his feet at home.

Then my Owner took me to the sleeping room, where he made love with me. We were having sex for almost an hour. We were like a loving couple, without any kink. However, there was something I hate. I enjoy serving orally. I do not like when my Owner wants to eat me. However, I know men like it. Of course, I can be eaten if I can please my Owner such way. But, he told me to keep his head hard on my pussy and no to let him move. I was told to force his head against my hips. I obeyed but it totally turned me off. I tried to keep his head carefully without causing pain or discomfort. But, he told me to be tough. I could not obey. I want my Owner to be a real Dominant. Not just a poor man defeated by a slave. I want to feel that my Owner is superior on me. In this situation he was my slave and I was his Owner. Fortunately, he changed his position and we continue our vanilla sex.


Owned again

I was standing and waiting for IMs at the Bondage Ranch. Yes, I was waiting for them; I never sent the first IM. I am too shy to do it. Maybe, it sounds strange, but it is true. I am very shy. So, do not wait for my first IM. *smiles

I spent most of my online time at Bondage Ranch searching for a Dom. I met interesting people. I talked only with few of them. Unfortunately, I did not find my Owner. Most of Doms have some special requests like RL interactions and they can be choosy having unique requests as there are so many unowned slaves.

This day, I received an IM. I checked the sender’s profile. He had a slave. It is bad for me, as I do not want to serve with others and I do not want to be one slave from the harem. I used to dream of it, but I had bad experience and it changed me. It changed me maybe not forever, but I do not want to serve with others for a while. I am going to write about this experience in one of the posts of Reminiscence series.

I told him about this problem. After the long break, he IMed me again saying that I had broken up with his slave, as he found me more attractive. Well, I do not like people who are able to decide so quickly in important questions. I believe that questions concerning relationships are always important. Also dumping the partner because there is a new partner who is more beautiful... Well, I do not know what to say. Especially, I must be silent because I accepted his offer.

He took me to his home, which was a skybox. His home was simple yet pretty. Looking at his home, you cannot tell that its owner has something common with BDSM lifestyle. It was an ordinary house without dungeon and any bondage devices. My Owner even mentioned that he would buy some new furniture to keep me restrained.

I was allowed to look around. Then we were talking about the needs and rules. I learned that I would greet him in IM, when he would become online. I was allowed to walk in SL, if he was offline. I did the usual for me things, allowed him to check my position on the map, adding him to my collar.

He wanted me to undress. I obeyed and he was examined my naked body very carefully. Then he wanted me to serve him orally. I obeyed gladly.

Reminiscence – RDF Tracker

I really did not know what to do. It was so difficult to find an Owner. I had presumption that nobody wanted a slave for a week or two. One of my Owners said it was not easy to release a slave. It seemed that find a permanent Owner was not easy, neither. Having a slave requires care and this responsibility may frighten many people. I wanted real Owner not somebody who enjoyed watching me on a bondage device for hours.

I almost gave way to despair, when one of my friends send me a note card. This note card contained information a new device called RDF Tracker. The RDF Tracker is some kind of slave searching HUD. Wearing it Doms (and slaves also) can make search among avatars wearing an activated RDF HUD.

For the first time, you must configure the device giving some information about yourself. It is easy. I had only one problem, the RDF Tracker handles only photos taken in SL. So, if you have a nice photo uploaded by the good photograph as a texture then you cannot use it.

During the configuration process it is asked to give a brief description about yourself and your needs. So, be prepared. *winks

You can specify how others can interact with you. Others can see your online status. You can be tracked. Your future partner can send a message to you or he can teleport you without a word. There is a possibility to hear remotely what you are saying. Of course, you can allow or forbid these features.

The Tracker checks if you use RLV and maybe it offers additional features in this case.

When everything is ready, you can search for a Dom and of course, you can be found by Doms, too. The search functions are limited. First you must select the gender (male, female, both) of the target person. On the second level you can choose the required role of your future partner. Role can be slave, sub, pet, doll, Dom, predator or kidnapper.

So, I set up the Tracker and waited. Nobody called me on the first day.