Extreme tools

I found a shop with extreme BDSM devices. The name of the shop reflects that the shop owner wants to be among the first search engine results. It is called Desade Lane Bdsm Extreme Torture Dolcett Snuff. *smiles


Some of the tools were exciting and some of the tools were too rough. It is worth to visit this shop, because they really sell unique devices.


Old Friends

I was alone, so I had time to continue searching for cuffs. My friend and former Owner, Gyuszi IMed me. I told how what I was searching for. Soon, Gyuszi told me he had found OC cuffs. He invited me to the Open Collar Church. He really found cuffs. However, the vendor said that OC supported cuffs no longer. I am very curious what happened, why OC does not support cuffs any more. When I left SL, OC scripts were very popular. There were OC cuffs, AO and even clothes. Now, I can see only OC collars.

I had time to update my RR tools. I updated everything except the collar because did not want to take of my Master's collar from my neck.

I found an interesting Device in Bondage Witch Project shop. It was called rollcage. The rollcage is a cage which can be pushed while a slave is caged inside. Of course, I tried it.

I had very small conversation with one of my formers Owner. He was very good Master. Unfortunately, time zones worked against us. I like talking with him. The only problem is that he usually wants to meet me in person. I am not sure if Master Sleight would be happy if I met my formers Owners in person.

I was talking with my old friend, SzMarie. I was happy to hear that she was all right.


On the Beach

Master Sleight was working on our home. The bed in the sleeping room is large, and there is a cage at the end of the bed. Of course, the cage was placed for me. *smiles

I was dancing for my Master on the dancing pole temporary placed in the sleeping room.

Then we went to Sexy Aphro Beach and walked around there. The beach was very popular and many people enjoyed the sunshine there.

Suddenly, Master Sleight picked up me and started to enjoy my body hiding behind a large tree. Some minutes later, I was put in the stocks. My Master stood so close to me that I could see only his hips. I become very excited as I was sure that people around could saw my submission. My Master opened the stocks and sat down on the toilet next to it. I went to him and knelt between his legs placing my head on him. Soon, I felt his growing erection. So, I started to work on him with my mouth.

When my Master went away, I decided to continue searching for cuffs. Somebody recommended MD cuffs. Such way, I found LULU's Secret Warehouse. This shop was familiar to me. It was difficult to go in the warehouse as opening the door required password.

I found nice cuffs; but, I did not buy them. The cuffs were rather complicated. They worked with HUD and I was not sure if my Owner would like it.



I was looking at the BDSM related tools in a shop, when my Master arrived. I returned home at once and started to undress. When I was naked, I looked around. My Master stood in front of the house. I hurried to him to greet him.

He ordered me to go to the cage. I walk there fast. I stepped in the cage and when I turned around, the door of the cage was locked. We were talking. I felt excitement standing naked in the cage and looking at my Master through the thick golden bars of the cage.

Then my Master opened the cage and invited me to the bed. We made love in many different ways.

My Master allowed me to get dressed. We danced together before going to the bed.




I was alone. I had nice conversion with one of my friends, thanks to IM.


Shopping Tour

I was alone. I decided to continue my shopping tour. I opened my inventory and checked my favorite outfits.

First shop on my list was :MALT:. Fashions. I like the casual outfits offered by Owner of this shop. I found mesh outfits. They looked fairly pretty. I knew how much my Master loved mesh clothes. I decided to try the demo. Well, I liked what I saw. I picked up Master Sleight's favorite color, the pink dress.

I had a dress. Now, it was time to visit Kitties Lair, my favorite shop of slutty clothes. I did not buy anything there. However, I enjoy looking around.

Next shop I visited was Blaze. They still make awesome clothes. I realized new mesh dress in the middle of the shop. I had an accident trying the mesh demo. Accidentally, I put on a shape from the demo box. Yes, Blaze outfit looks good in their shape only. I did not like it, not even if there were two different shapes.

After the shape incident, I did not want to keep on shopping outfits.

I have a nice collar and I did not have cuffs to it. It was time to go and find open-collar-cuffs. When I had been in the Open Collar Temple, I had not seen cuffs there.

According to the SL search engine, the most popular shop offering such cuffs was Free Collar Garden. I visited this place. Well, the shop owner did not provide support on collars. I found free collars. However, they were free for group members only. I saw no cuffs among free things.

I went to Tempting Elegance. It was an awesome shop. You can rezz demo collars. Title could be changed at no extra charge. Collars cost L150.

I went a funny collar shop named CollarDB. Only group members were allowed to buy anything here. It is a silly idea, is not it?

Last shop I went to called Deoria Delpiaz. It was a small but lovely shop. Unfortunately, they offered more Gorean stuffs than BDSM style. I found free role player's handbook, here.

I still do not have cuffs. *smiles



My Master was offline. I was just walking shop by shop.