On the Beach

Master Sleight was working on our home. The bed in the sleeping room is large, and there is a cage at the end of the bed. Of course, the cage was placed for me. *smiles

I was dancing for my Master on the dancing pole temporary placed in the sleeping room.

Then we went to Sexy Aphro Beach and walked around there. The beach was very popular and many people enjoyed the sunshine there.

Suddenly, Master Sleight picked up me and started to enjoy my body hiding behind a large tree. Some minutes later, I was put in the stocks. My Master stood so close to me that I could see only his hips. I become very excited as I was sure that people around could saw my submission. My Master opened the stocks and sat down on the toilet next to it. I went to him and knelt between his legs placing my head on him. Soon, I felt his growing erection. So, I started to work on him with my mouth.

When my Master went away, I decided to continue searching for cuffs. Somebody recommended MD cuffs. Such way, I found LULU's Secret Warehouse. This shop was familiar to me. It was difficult to go in the warehouse as opening the door required password.

I found nice cuffs; but, I did not buy them. The cuffs were rather complicated. They worked with HUD and I was not sure if my Owner would like it.

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