Old Friends

I was alone, so I had time to continue searching for cuffs. My friend and former Owner, Gyuszi IMed me. I told how what I was searching for. Soon, Gyuszi told me he had found OC cuffs. He invited me to the Open Collar Church. He really found cuffs. However, the vendor said that OC supported cuffs no longer. I am very curious what happened, why OC does not support cuffs any more. When I left SL, OC scripts were very popular. There were OC cuffs, AO and even clothes. Now, I can see only OC collars.

I had time to update my RR tools. I updated everything except the collar because did not want to take of my Master's collar from my neck.

I found an interesting Device in Bondage Witch Project shop. It was called rollcage. The rollcage is a cage which can be pushed while a slave is caged inside. Of course, I tried it.

I had very small conversation with one of my formers Owner. He was very good Master. Unfortunately, time zones worked against us. I like talking with him. The only problem is that he usually wants to meet me in person. I am not sure if Master Sleight would be happy if I met my formers Owners in person.

I was talking with my old friend, SzMarie. I was happy to hear that she was all right.

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