Shopping Tour

I was alone. I decided to continue my shopping tour. I opened my inventory and checked my favorite outfits.

First shop on my list was :MALT:. Fashions. I like the casual outfits offered by Owner of this shop. I found mesh outfits. They looked fairly pretty. I knew how much my Master loved mesh clothes. I decided to try the demo. Well, I liked what I saw. I picked up Master Sleight's favorite color, the pink dress.

I had a dress. Now, it was time to visit Kitties Lair, my favorite shop of slutty clothes. I did not buy anything there. However, I enjoy looking around.

Next shop I visited was Blaze. They still make awesome clothes. I realized new mesh dress in the middle of the shop. I had an accident trying the mesh demo. Accidentally, I put on a shape from the demo box. Yes, Blaze outfit looks good in their shape only. I did not like it, not even if there were two different shapes.

After the shape incident, I did not want to keep on shopping outfits.

I have a nice collar and I did not have cuffs to it. It was time to go and find open-collar-cuffs. When I had been in the Open Collar Temple, I had not seen cuffs there.

According to the SL search engine, the most popular shop offering such cuffs was Free Collar Garden. I visited this place. Well, the shop owner did not provide support on collars. I found free collars. However, they were free for group members only. I saw no cuffs among free things.

I went to Tempting Elegance. It was an awesome shop. You can rezz demo collars. Title could be changed at no extra charge. Collars cost L150.

I went a funny collar shop named CollarDB. Only group members were allowed to buy anything here. It is a silly idea, is not it?

Last shop I went to called Deoria Delpiaz. It was a small but lovely shop. Unfortunately, they offered more Gorean stuffs than BDSM style. I found free role player's handbook, here.

I still do not have cuffs. *smiles


Anonymous said...

why not try MD or RR cuffs set?

Nia Preez said...

Thank you for the advice! I will try them.

Anonymous said...

CollarDB Cuffs from the store are Free. The group join requirement is so you have the support group if you have any issues.