Meeting Friends

When I woke up the message was waiting for me from Sir Sleight. He asked me to contact him. I did but he was away from SL. I went to the castle and I saw that during my absence from his land, he rebuild his castle. It was half ready and barrier of the expansion of his castle was my little castle. I immediately understood what he wanted. He would like me to remove my items from the little castle. I prepared to do it, when Rhonda sent me a message. She was online after a long break. I wanted to tell her so much. We had just started our conversation when Sir Sleight became online.

Sir Sleight asked me to help in building of his castle. The first thing he asked is to build a cage. I am not a great builder; I just had visited some classes in SL. I built a cage but it was not the nicest one in SL. I asked Rhonda for visiting and help. It was not so easy, as Sir Sleight's land had protected access. Sir Sleight created a group for his friends and slaves and he set access on this group. When Rhonda arrived Sir Sleight left us alone.

I showed Rhonda my castle. I wanted to do it before it would be deleted. Then we were talking of the happening of the last week. I enjoyed it very much. While we were talking Gen also became online. I would have wanted to call her to join us, but I could not change the allow list of Sir Sleight's land.

In some minutes before Rhonda went to sleep, Sir Sleight came back to us. After she left us alone we had a romantic conversation with Sir Sleight. You know, I do not want romance in SL, but I liked it. I gathered my objects in the little castle and I gave all transferable ones to Sir Sleight. Most of them were bought using his money and what can I do with furniture without having a land? So, we said goodbye each other. It was so strange. He had not been my Master for a while, but I felt that a part of my life finished.

I was searching for slave auction in the rest of my time, today. Auction Hall Valhalla seemed to be a good place. But, they never inform slaves and Owners about the date of the auctions earlier. Recently, there were auctions for US citizens only as auctions were organized in the middle of European night. Mystical Slave Auctions is the other possible place. I met a man there and I got to know that the auctioneer had RL problems, so it was not known where they would organize the next auction. The third auction place was nice. I do not remember its name. I was there once as a visitor and I liked what I saw. The last possible auction house is Sarah's Ponyplay Isle. The announcement said that there would be auction on Sundays, all day. I had no idea how it worked, I decided to visit it this Sunday.

I met a man who wanted me for a week as a slave. He has problem with SL access so we decided to start my servitude a week later. He has a wife in SL; I will serve a couple. He wanted to try me. It is interesting. I was beaten and then fucked. It was so late when we finished so I went to bed.


Need a Sex Toy?

I was walking in Blaze as a free woman or a slave waiting for her new Owner. Gen asked me to tp to me. We had a conversation about The Black Hole Journey. I told her my fear that I did not want to be a slave forever and it was the reason why I did not continue the journey. Her opinion was that it was just a game and it was not serious. The Queen was only a virtual Mistress.

She told me what she had to do to complete the fifth level. It seemed very simple. She was closed in a cage for thirty minutes. She had to answer to question. Wrong answer increased the time in cage by five minutes. According to her opinion the questions were not difficult; they were only to check if she was online during her time in the cage. She wanted me to continue the journey. I am still not sure if I will continue it.

I had an offer from a person to be his/her slave. Offer came via IM and the person's profile did not reflect the person's sex. I wanted to be sure if this person really wanted a slave, so I asked if this person want me as a slave. The answer was strange 'Why not?'.

After some minutes I got a tp from this person. I went there. He, because this person was he, was in a place built in ancient Egypt style. He did not say me hello instead he ordered me to lick his shoes. I was licking for about five minutes. Then he started me to use sexually. In French, he was fucking me for an hour without a word except 'come', 'use the ball', 'hhhhhmmmm'.

He was not interested in my emote. He changed pose balls one after another not even going to the balls. I usually had to search for him in the room. Sometimes, he forgot me on the pose ball.

I was in a class at O BDSM School yesterday. The Head Mistress and the teacher, Miss Ivana Pawlowski, told some interesting thought of BDSM relationship. Let me quote her words: 'It's not just sex, in fact in a M/s relationship sex is a small part of it. Well, like any relationship really :)'. She is right, is not she?

Everybody can read in my profile that I am not seeking only sex. I mention it as my limit. So, after an hour I had a suspicion that my new Owner wanted to have just a free sex. When he wanted to tp me to an other location to continue making love I told him about this limit of mine. Then he wanted me to tell him how to behave as a Master. Wow! If I would know it! All my SL life is about finding the Masters' behavior and my reactions. We said goodbye to each other.

I continue roaming and suddenly, I got a group IM on Slave Auction channel. My wanna-be-owner asked how the slave auction worked. Wow! So, he still wanted to have a sex toy.


The End Of My Journey

I returned to The Black Hole Journey. I had about one and a half hour before starting the class in the O BDSM School. So, I had no time to waste. I was alone this time. It meant that I would fall only if I did not know the correct answer. I have to admit that I fell some times. I could see the nice walls in the lower room.

I met Gen. She reached the sixth level. She was again me with 2 entire levels. I asked her about the emmas granny, but she did not know the answer. It would be interesting to know how she went through this level. She is a clever girl.

I met one of my friends and he whispers the answer of the foolish emmas granny question. I broke my journey and went to the O BDSM School. I had a nice class as usually.

After the school I could go immediately to the last bondage object of the fourth level of the journey. As I knew the answer it was not difficult to answer to the last question.

I got the next journey object touching the white board in the corridor. I wore it quickly. And what a surprise! I got a note card. It said that if I would follow the journey then I had to submit myself to the Queen, the Slut Pen. I was thinking if it was a joke. Then I decided not to continue the journey. I did not want to serve only one person, especially a woman. I am still straight. I was wondering if Gen had understood the note card.

It was time to find an auction in the near future. I visited the renewed Valhalla Auction Hall. I liked it. It became larger and nicer.

I hope somebody will buy me there soon.


Journey with Gen

I went to the CARP as soon as I woke up. After checking the maze, I decided to try to complete the quest as only 25 people were there. There very many predators, but i thought it was the right occasion. I went to the cage in the lobby to retrieve modified tag and mouselook forcer. I ran to the maze. I had to find the bondage post in the middle of the maze. I did not meet any predators, so it was easy. The next command was to find the cage in the maze and go in. Fortunately, Gen had shown me this cage and I found it quickly. In the cage I was ordered to go up to the lobby. I did it!!

When I calmed down I read my history again. I realized how silly I had been. I executed the quest with easy-to-catch option; however I had the possibility to choose difficulty-to-catch option, too. So, i suggest you reading what the journey object says.

I IMed Gen and we met in the Sarah's PonyPlay Isle. I had to touch the white board at the end of the corridor and I received the fourth journey object, the belt. First task was the find the yellow door on the corridor. It is easy, is not it? Well, the door answered me that the door was closed. Gen was inside and she told me that the color of the door is red. Yes, the color of the door was red from inside, but it was yellow if you stood in the corridor. So, if you want to get it touch the door patiently, and you will get the teleport ball.

Entering the room I found myself in a room separated by grids. The far part of the room built from narrow metal girders. There is hall under the room. The hall is empty and contains only two teleport balls.

This quest is simple you have to walk forward and when the belt changes its color to read you must touch it. After it you will get a question with possible answers. If you answer well then the grid will be lifted and you can walk further. In case of wrong answer you will fall to the hall and you must start the quest from the beginning. Questions are mostly related to American knowledge. It was a bit difficult for me, because I was not familiar with American and English poets. I still do not know who “Doctor Who” is. I am ashamed because I do not now Canadian provinces. I did not give up and in time I answered the questions. Be careful, the girders are narrow and you can fall if you step wrong. There was crowd sometimes. It was funny, because if one of us failed then everybody fell down who stood in the same part of the room.

Leaving the room the quest would not be completed. Instead, you will enter the huge hall divided into parts by glass walls. In every glass cell you must answer the question retrieved by touching your belt. If you answer then one of the glass walls will disappear and you can go to then next cell. Almost all cells contain a bondage device. When your belt changes color to red, then you must bind yourself to the device. I did not know it, so I made some unnecessary round. I realized that it was not necessary to answer the question well. The point was to answer only.

I bound myself to a bondage device and the device descended in the public place of the island. I spent here some time bound to the device. Then I got a journey message that it was not the right device. I could go back to the yellow door and start it again. I tried all bondage devices except one. In fact, I had no access to this device until I tried all the others.

There is a semi transparent cage ball on the huge hall. This cage took me to an interesting place. Look at this picture.

I reached the last cell, the last bondage device. As I bound myself it took me in the sky high above the island. I got the last question... and I failed. I had no idea who was emmas granny and where she was born in England. Do you have any idea? I can start it again. This quest really makes the submissive patient.

While I was on the journey I got group messages from the Slave Auction Groups. There was an auction. I could not go as I was owned by my Mistress today. After the unsuccessful quest I went and visited the new auction hall. I liked it. I will post some pictures later. I had no time to take pictures this time as Sir Sleight asked me for watching his castle while he was away. I went to his castle and walked in it checking it before going to bed.



I did not do much this day. I woke up at Mystical Slave Auctions. I had many IMs. I was trying to answer them. When I finished I realized that Sir Sleight stood in front of me. It was so strange. I have never met familiar people accidentally in SL. I greeted him. He turned off and went away without answer. I did not know what to do. He could not check my location in the map as he is not my Owner any longer. We could meet only accidentally. I went after him and stood in front of him. He turned off and went away. OK, it seemed that he did not want to meet you.

As my Mistress was offline, I decided to continue The Black Hole Journey. At this moment, Gen IMed me. She finished CARP quest and she was on fourth level. I went to CARP without delay. She said that it was not difficult to complete the quest. Yes, it was not. She was naked and bald with the journey belt.

We descended to maze. There was crowd there. I saw only predators in the maze. There were at least eight predators on the way leading to the center of the maze. I did not wear CARP tag, but everybody could see the collar on my neck. I got dozen of IMs asking why I did not wear the tag. I tried to get to know what the exact task is from Gen, but she was unable to explain. I decided to return later if the crowd would decrease.

I visited O BDSM School. They had new schedule for next two weeks. There are many interesting lessons. Tomorrow, i would have the last day of servitude. I did not know how to continue. I do not it even now. I can visit classes of BDSM School what can be very useful and interesting. The other decision is to continue The Black Hole Journey. The third way is to find an Owner for the next week. Probably, i will continue the journey and visit BDSM classes. I took this decision after checking the known auction places. There will be no auctions in near future.

There is anything else. Do you remember Melissa? She was a potential slave of Sir Sleight. We spent nice time together. I thought that we were friends. I do not know why, but I thought that she and Sir Sleight must have been together. She would be the perfect slave for him. Sir Sleight had some problem with her. He mentioned only the she was never reachable for him. I tried to put her in touch with Sir Sleight many times. I did the last attempt some days ago. I almost won; Sir Sleight was almost agree to visit Melissa. Of course, I IMed Melissa and agreed it. But, Melissa did not want it, at least she was unsure. I was in crossfire not knowing what to do. Then Melissa blamed me that I betrayed her. I felt like a fool. Melissa continued blaming me. She said that she was disappointed in me. I only wanted to help them. Melissa assured me that she wanted to be Sir Sleight's slave. I realized that I was wrong trying to help her. She was blaming and blaming me without break. I hate drama. I admit that I was a bad friend. However, I did not feel so as I did not do anything wrong. At the end I apologized and told that we were not friend any more. I deleted her from my friend list and I exited from her group.
Today, she sent me an IM. She wanted to talk with me. I am so sorry, Melissa, we will not talk any more. I am bad friend, you deserve better one.


Offline Thoughts

I have just read a post about Gorean sims and gorean comities in SL in Cheyenne Palisades' Blog. She refuses gorean philosophy at all as a deeply spiritual person. It sounds so strange for me. SL gives freedom. Freedom of expressing ourselves, freedom of playing in a word of dreams. SL is a great society where everybody can live peacefully not disturbing each other. Most of SL citizens are good who helps others, in most of cases, without asking for help.

Of course, there are bad people here. For example, Griefers. I bet you have met at least on of them. They enjoy brothering others. They are strange, maybe ills.

I heard of girls, who played a role as a slave with one purpose. Their goal is to get other peoples' money. For example, Bela met a girl who wanted to gain him over renting parcel. She is disappeared when she recognized that she would not reach her aim. They are just thieves, jerkwater. I feel sorrow for them.

I met wonderful persons, too. Rhonda, Bela, Nabru, Sleight! I feel very lucky because I know you!

Most of citizens are good. They want to have fun in SL. It is why they are here. They live in SL, they plan and act. They make friends. They live and let live.

If they do not like one of them sims they will not return there any more. There are so many beautiful places, different places in SL. Everybody can find what he or she likes. It is so easy.

This is the solution to this problem. If I do not like Gorean please then I do not go there. Yes, women are enslaved or humiliated there. But, all these avatars are volunteers. Nobody can enslave you in SL, if you do not want it. But judging people having gorean avatars is an RL act. Nobody should play role of God and orders others what to do. Forbidding anybody to have fun in RL is wrong, is not it? Nobody can be sure that the way she has chosen is the right way and the only right way.

Gen's Black Hole Journey

I offered Sir Sleight to find hair shops for men. There are many shops offering their hairs, but there are only a few what are really good. From point of view of men the situation is more difficult. I spent more than two hours to find shops. I created a note card which contained eight hairdresser salons.

While I was in search, I found a very nice hair for me. It is called Heart breaker II. I spent all my money to buy it. It is very expensive, it costs 450L, but I had to have it. What do you think if I look pretty?

Almost at the end of my tour Gen woke up and IMed me. I met her in Deitide. She reached the third level of submission, but she did not start any new task. I helped her in the cage as she was not familiar with it at all. She told that she did not speak English well. She had trouble with reading note card given the cage. I tried to explain everything. She wrote her guesses in public chat and I was standing close to the cage so I could hear everything. We did it, she escaped three times.

Then we went to the Bondage Playground. The orange cage was used by the other man. I asked him to choose other cage. He did not answer but he gave me one of the objects of The Black Hole Journey. I do not know if the idea of this journey is new. But, there are many people executing this quest. I understand them it is so exciting.

We were waiting for the cage and suddenly the man disappeared from the cage. Gen went in and started her task. We were talking when our poor crashed friend came back. He was not angry, because we occupied the cage. We had a nice conversation while Gen was waiting bound.

He started the third level, too. It is his first task. He was in The City of Midgaard, but he was not allowed to go in as he was too young. I offered him free hair vouchers; he refused them. It is strange, who refuses to receive nice paid hair for free?

After executing the task we went to The City of Midgaard. I checked the city on the map and it was full of Gorean warriors. I decided that it was not the best moment to go in. I tried it to explain Gen. She did not understand it. Instead of it she started to change her clothes. She has such beautiful silks. You know, that silks are not my favorites, but these silks were wonderful. I wanted to have such silks. I asked Gen, I did not get acceptable answer. I get to know that silks were free, and she got it on a free market. But where? I will never know.

At the end she understood that I did not want to go in the city. I suggested going to CARP. She did not know what the CARP was. I told her about the rules and the game itself. Of course, there was crowd in the maze. We had no chance to make a single step without being caught. My lovely friend, Gen, wanted to go in. I talked her out of trying hardly.

I did not meet my Mistress this day. My servitude draws to an end, soon. It would be good to serve together with Rhonda.


The Black Hole Journey II

I continued The Black Hole Journey. I returned to the Bondage Playground and meet there a sub girl who decided to dominate me. She was playing with my cage and asking questions. It was impossible to finish the task.

I went to Deitide. I am familiar with this place. Only group members are allowed to go in and the membership is paid. I do not remember the membership fee exactly it is about 50L.

Entering the Deitide I got the first task. I had to find a picture of the girl bound with blue ropes. It was easy to find this picture, just go ahead, toward the garden and you will find it. Standing in the picture I got a gag ball and cuffs. They were automatically attached to me, and then I was ordered to find a special cage. This cage is my favorite, probably, you remember it if you read my earlier posts. I had to escape from the cage three times. I checked if the level of difficulty is childplay and went it. I escaped twice, but the third time the cage did not want to close me. I had a walk around and went in again. I escaped in some minutes, but I did not finish the task. I had no idea why. I just did not receive the final message.

I thought it caused by lag and went to the The City of Midgaard. It is a Gorean city. According to the quest, I had to change my clothes and walk in the city as a slave. In the city, there was an auction place or a slave market and reaching it I would have finished the quest.

Yes, but I did not do it. While I was reading what to do and the rules of the city. I got a message that I successfully completed the quest. I was standing at the entrance all the time. I think this test is not the best kind. It may disturb the real gorean citizens. I wanted to go the city regardless of messages. But the city was full of people. I decided to return later.

I visited CARP. I was there some time. But it changed. In fact, I saw the familiar buildings, objects and the maze, but the rules were new. I had to join the CARP roleplayer group. The entry fee is 95L. Wow! And to get access to the group, I had to find an inviter. There were no inviters around.

So, back to the Deitide. At this time, I changed the cages as I escaped. Yes, there are two cages. I completed the task. I met here a girl who was in the Sarah's Ponyplay Island and her group title showed that she had connection with this island. She was talking with a girl who was also on The Black Hole Journey. I asked her about the CARP membership. She said that I could join the group without invitation as she did. She suggested finding the necessary group in her profile. I did so and I lost 45L joining CARP Chat group. Because there was an entry fee to join this group. Membership of CARP Chat group does not give a right to access the maze in CARP. So, be careful!

I went to CARP and found the inviter. We talk a bit, and i enjoyed it very much! He was a very good roleplayer. Then having the access to Maze, I started to continue my Black Hole Journey. I was ordered to go to the cage and I got a special CARP attachment object. Its properties are easy to catch, bi, and fur allowed. And I got the so called mouselook item. It forces me to be in mouselook. Because this task must be done in mouselook. I had no information what to do. I just knew that I had to go to the center of Maze.

I did and I was caught. I was forced to have sex, and then I was allowed to go. I did not try it again as Sir Sleight sent me an IM. He was asking me to find a hair. We met at Hairspree. He changed at all. He was so cute! We bought a hair and then he took me to have fun in an amusement park. I enjoyed it. But, at the end I became afraid as he was too romantic and he started to talk over to be his slave, again. It is honor to be a friend of my former owner, but I still do not seek long term slavery. I do not seek romance at all in SL. Yes, I can follow my Owner to dance as a slave. I will enjoy it, but that is all. I do not want to fall in love in SL.

He wanted to buy me pink clothes as he like me to wear pink. Pink is not my favorite color, but I agreed. I begged him not to buy the clothes he found. They were so poor quality. Mostly, I have freebie dresses and they look better. He gave me money to buy pink clothes. When he went offline I visited Blaze. I think I look nice wearing this dress.

When I was in Bondage Playground during my Black Hole Journey I met a girl who became interested in this quest. We met in the Sarah's PonyPlay Isle and she started her journey. I helped her to do the first step. She was lovely as she was hanging in executing the first Quest. I had to leave, but before going to bed we agreed to continue the journey together. Her name is Gen.


Kind Or Just Hungry People

The next quest of The Black Hole Journey was a complex task. I had to visit four SL location:

  • The Bondage Playground,
  • CARP,
  • Deitide and
  • the City of Midgaard.
I decided to start in Bondage Playground. When I arrived I got the first task. I had to find the orange cage. I got a gag ball what I had to wear during the quest. I went to the cage and waited. People around started to talk to me. There was a girl who cages me.

The orders given to me, was not clear. I thought that the quest object would close the door. But I had not the opportunity to try it. Somebody closed me all the time. Some of them tried to help me. They thought that I wanted to be closed. But some of them wanted to harm me. They would enjoy the real suffer of a victim. I explained what I was doing there but they did not let me out.

So, slaves be careful and avoid such Mistresses. Yes, it is strange. All such hungry persons were women.

There was a big crowd there, I decided to go to sleep and return when it would be quiet here.

Shops for men

Sir Sleight was very angry. In fact when we finished our conversation I was ready to help him. He said that it was a good decision to give mo away. He forbade me to contact him any more and he ignored me at all. I was very sorry for loosing his friendship, but I had nothing to do. I wished him good luck.

He sent me tp after some time and we met. I did not mention that he still had a newbie shape, skin and hair. He wore newbie clothes or maybe paid one but poor quality.

I took him to Alady and showed him a shape package. Do you know that you can buy many shapes for 495L? I explained him the how the shape and skin affected on his appearance. It is strange that nobody told him before. I also explained him the importance of demo items.

He did not want to show me his new shapes, so we went go on to buy some clothes. I leaded him to DE Design shop. It is his style. He liked it very much.

I wanted to go with him to blaze to have some elegant clothes, but he was tired and he went to bed.

The Black Hole Journey I

My Mistress was not online. Bela asked me to find nice pony girl stables. I was roaming and I found Sarah's Ponyplay Isle. I was on this island before, but I did not pay much attention to it. It is huge place with pony equipments. This day I discover almost the entire island. I found teleport center and the new world opened for me.

There are jail, maze, forbidden forest and of course, various torture devices on this island. I found slut wall of Slut Pen. It is very exciting. Huge boards describe how to be a slut on the island and what requirements are for slave sluts.

The rules are very strict. Slut must be naked all the time and she must spend all her time on the slut walls. Slut wall is a special equipment which keeps the slaves bound. Slave sluts wait here for Mistresses.

I was wondering if I can be a slave slut here. Service period for group members is two weeks or twelve hours by the slave wall. I do not understand the difference. Two weeks of service does not seem to be impossible. But, service period for non group members is one month or forty eight hours by the slave wall. Well, one month is very much time. I would join a group but I do not know the name of the group. I did not see any slaves there. Maybe everybody thinks that a month of servitude is much?

In the other part of the island I found something interesting. It is a submissive quest called The Black Hole Journey. This quest is very exciting, but sometimes it is hard to find out what to do, how to go further. The Black Hole Journey is based on wearing scripted object what orders what to do.

I sat on the teleport ball to start my journey of submission. I got an object what I had to wear. The quest was continued only after I attached the object.

After the teleport I found myself in a small room with a door. The door gave a teleport ball instead of opening. This teleport was tricky. It was difficult to realize that teleport was over as I saw only a door of the room. I made a step forward and I arrived to a narrow corridor with many doors. I did not know what to do and my object, some kind of earring, did not give hint. Fortunately, I met a guy who helped me. I had to click on the doors and find the one which allow a teleport ball with access to go in.

First task I gave was not difficult. I had to be only nice. I was hanging in a room of the Island where I had started the journey. I was hanging for about twenty minutes or more. When first quest finished I was ordered to touch the white board at the end of the corridor. I received the second journey object such way which was a metal belt.

I put on the metal belt and find the proper door on the corridor. The place of the second challenge was a bigger room with glass floor. I was ordered to stand in the middle of the glass floor. Chains came out from the wall and attached to my belt. They kept me still in the middle.

At this time Sir Sleight IMed me. He wanted me to join. I said that I am under the checking process. It was so strange. He became angry. But it was he who did not want me to use for a week and rented me out after four days of servitude. I would have joined but I was unsure how to break the quest. While we were talking the chains disappeared I could not go away as the wall lifted from the floor. I had to teleport somebody who let me out. But only Sir Sleight was online and he was angry. As nobody came to set me free the glass floor opened under my feet and I fell down. It was the end of the second quest. I touched to white board in the narrow corridor and I received the third quest object.



I did not meet my Mistress, today. I had a conversation with Melissa. I got to know that she was an escort or as she said a whore. She invited me to her club. It was nice. I cannot decide if she is shy or tricky.

I saw that my former Owner, Nabru is online. It would be interesting to talk with him. But he said that he would IM me and I must not have, so I remained silent.

My Mistress likes stockings. I think that she must like lingerie, too. It is why I was roaming in freebie places to have some. I did not find nice ones. Instead of lingerie I found glass textures. I do not like my castle without windows and the wall textures make the castle serious and boring. It was a great opportunity to make some windows in the castle. It looks better, does not it?


Forced Break

Rhonda sent me a message. She wrote that we would not meet in near future as she would celebrate thanksgiving. I was sad to hear it as my time of servitude would be end in a week. I would have been very exciting to serve together with her.

My Mistress was not online, so I decided to furnish my castle better. I also wanted to buy stockings as I had to wear when I served my Mistress according to her rules. My rooms are almost great now. What do you think?

I found a good freebie places and I got stockings and furniture. I wanted to take snapshots, but i could not do it.

Entering my room I realized that Master Sleight gave me flowers again. He gave me first flowers two days ago. It is so romantic. He just placed flowers on the table in my room.

I could not say thanks him, because SL kicked me out and i was unable to log in again.


Meeting My Mistress

I was roaming in my new outfit when I got an IM from a girl. Master Sleight mentioned about the girl who was very new to BDSM and wanted to a slave. It was she. Her name is Jas.

I invited her to Bela's house as I was not sure if I could use Master Sleight's castle. We were talking of slavery and servitude. Mostly she asked questions.

During our conversation, Master Sleight IMed me. I told him where we were and what we were doing. He told me that the little castle was mine and I could use as I wanted. Oh, I have an own castle! I changed some furniture and placed flowers.

I do not have any snapshot of the new design room as I realized that My Mistress became online. But I would like to share a picture with you. Can you see the flowers in the middle? Master Sleight gave me them.

My Mistress invited me a room and started to use me sexually. Some slavegirls appeared some went away why I gave her pleasure. I took apart in some scenes with other slaves. It lasted for about two and a half hours. Then she sent me away. I asked for her rules before saying goodbye. I did not meet Rhonda at this time.


I have a free day and I spent it in SL. I did not meet anybody. Most of SL services did not work this day.

I decided to go shopping as I remained some money. Do you remember I earn some money as a model? My dream, the ball gag was too expansive for me. I decided to roam between shops. I found one of the most beautiful shops. It is called Celestial Studios. I send there all my money. I bought new eyes, new hair and new outfit. Do I look beautiful?


Waiting for my Mistress

I was waiting for my Mistress this day. I am not her friend so I had to check her existence manually. I did it regularly.

I was talking with Master Sleight. He wanted to see me and sent me tp. We were talking about his plans, his needs and his desires. He did not want to have just sex in the BDSM relationship. He prefers discipline. Of course, he likes sex, too, when he wants it. My thoughts about slavery are close to his. I do not want to be just a sex slave and sucking, licking or offering my pussy all the time. Yes, such service is interesting and I enjoy them. However BDSM is more than a simple sex.

He liked the way I had furnished his castle and he wanted me to furnish the huge castle, too, later.

He allowed me to sit near him, on the couch instead of kneeling at his feet. It was so strange for me. He felt how nervous I was and said many time to relax.

I did not meet my Mistress, today.


Rented Out II.

When I logged in again, I started to prepare myself for Rhonda's Mistress. The first thing I did was taking off the xcite collar. You know the collar sends notification to the owner if the slave takes it off. I got a tp from Master Sleight immediately.

He ordered me to go in cage. He was angry as I remained in clothes and as I did not kneel down. He did not order me to kneel. I supposed that as he is not my Owner any more, I did not have to undress. He wanted me to escape from the cage guessing out the opening code, but he was unable to do the proper configuration. He allowed me to go as the time of meeting with my future Mistresses.

I got to know that I was just rented out for a week and then I had to return to Master Sleight. All right, I obeyed. However, Master Sleight will not have much time to spend with me as my time of servitude will not be longer than 2 weeks.

While I was waiting for my Mistress I was talking with Melissa. She was punished again. She felt so desperate. I had a feeling that she would leave Master Sleight. I was asking her about it. She answered me a bit fuzzy. I felt pain in my soul. You know when you are loosing a friend. I have only honest friends. Trust is very important in friendship. If there is no trust then there is no friendship.

I was waiting for Mistress as long as I could. Before leaving, I sent an IM to Rhonda and asked her to explain her Mistress that I had to go.

Rented Out I.

Master Sleight's ordered me to contact Rhonda's Mistress. He explained that I would serve her for a week. I offered a week of servitude to Master Sleight and we spread service time to two weeks; he wanted only four days, now. I told about that to Melissa. She was in shock. I tried to calm her down. It was not easy as I did not know what my Master wanted. Can I return to castle or to my cell? Does Rhonda's Mistress know about me? I was not sure.

Of course, I tried to explain, but my Master did not describe my future tasks.


My Sister

I got an IM from an unknown girl. I checked her profile and realized that she became a slave of Master Sleight. Her name is Melissa.

Rhonda was online and we started to talk. During our conversation, almost at the same time, I received IMs from Master Sleight. Master Sleight told that Melissa was his new slave and I had to train her and explain her Master Sleight' rules. He also ordered me to buy furniture in my castle and he gave me 1500L to do that. 1500L seemed to be an enormous amount of money; however, later, I got to know that it is not so much for furniture. Melissa told me the same and she asked for some time as she was shopping clothes what she was ordered to buy.

When Melissa finished shopping we went to buy furniture. She is very pretty and lovely girl with fear. She told about her first day of training with Master Sleight. She was beaten badly because of her mistake. She was still afraid. I tried to calm her down, but it was not an easy job. She calls me Mistress. It sounded very strange for my ears. I have to say that I did not like it. I explained her my status and that we must be sisters in service of Master Sleight and I offered my friendship and help for her.

We went to buy furniture. I know that Master Sleight does not like emoting so I decided to buy bed with sex animations. A good bed with many animations cost 1000-1900 L. I asked for Bela's help. He sent me a LM where we could find beds for 499L. Melissa did not like it and we continue searching. Finally, I found a shop with beds and rugs for 299L. Melissa also found something interesting, it was how she call me to her shop. She really found nice set of furniture. But, it costs 1200L and the bed did not have animations. I realized that she was not familiar with sex beds. I explained her what we had to buy. We returned to the shop found by me earlier and bought a rug in her cell and a bed for me.

I found some cheap furniture and accessories. At the end I could furnish my castle. I was no pleasant as the castle had ugly walls. I decided to put some pictures on the walls. I took a snapshot of me and called Melissa to take a snapshot of her, too. Enjoy the pictures I took.

Master Sleight IMed Melissa and ordered me to show me the play room in the castle. There was a pink cage in the middle of the room. Melissa was caged only once for a short time. I decided to start her training. I ordered her to go in the cage. She got frightened of my sudden command. She was afraid that I l would leave her in the cage. I explained her some escape techniques in case of necessity. She was calming down slowly. She was very lovely and she learnt quickly.

I ordered her to kneel and then walk away. She started to follow me. I explained her that she had to stay still if she got an order. She understood it and acted according to this rule later. I checked her many time. Then she had to walk around to cage and answer to my questions. I ordered her to stop and then to go many times.

She said that she was confused many times when Master Sleight gave her an order. I knew what she was talking about. Sometimes (often) Master Sleight gives orders having opposite meaning. It is not easy to follow them. I caged her and set penalty on not moving and leaving mouselook. Then set the timer on. She was moving without breaks. I started to ask question. Her answer was that she was unable to talk with me; she had to move else she would get penalty. I told her about the principles of slave behavior. She learnt very quickly and I was sure that she would satisfy Master Sleight's need.


Clit Jewel

When I woke up in SL Sir Sleight was offline. I got an IM from Rhonda and we decided to meet. She was beautiful as always. Her pussy was locked as I got to know later she had a small forbidden sex adventure and her Mistress closed her pussy. She has a nice brand on her bottom describing its functionality.

We had a nice conversation during which my Owner became online. As usually he demanded a tp. He was standing in front of as and looking at us carefully. I mentioned that I have a good friend called Rhonda when I asked for permission to talk to her. He quickly sent me to my cell in the castle. I was waiting for him there. After some minutes, I IMed Rhonda. She explained that Sir Sleight was still there. He wanted to buy her.

When Sir Sleight arrived he said how he liked Rhonda and he wanted to buy her. He also said that he met a girl who was ready to execute his all wishes for a certain amount of money. She seemed to be an escort. He also explained that he was searching for other slaves.

There was a teleport in my cell and he ordered me to use it. I arrived to a room of a castle. He said that this room was mine and I can live here even after the end of my servitude. In fact it is not a room, rather a castle. It contains 2 floors and a bastion above.

He liked as I kissed you using my HelloKit, so I gave it to him. I also gave him Flight Bland. He was so happy. Do you remember that he gave me much money? I had about 300L. I asked him if he allowed me to buy a pair of shoes for him as he is always barefoot. I wanted to make him even happier. He refused it.

Then he ordered me to go up to the next floor and then come back. I had to repeat it until he would be offline or say otherwise. I started to obey. The castle is huge, but it contains too many small rooms. It was not easy to move in a narrow stairs. I was walking more than 10 minutes, of course naked, when he suddenly appeared there. He was pleased with my behavior. And he gave me two gifts. One of them is a clit jewel from xcite and he allowed me to buy shoes for him.

He was talking of Rhonda. She made on impression on him. He decided to buy Rhonda independently of her price.

He ordered me to go to the bed. Before sleeping I bought shoes and sent him. But he said that he would try shoes later because he was talking with Rhonda's Mistress about her fate.


Serving Confused

When I logged in Sir Sleight was already online. I immediately went to his castle. There were some changes in the field in front of the castle. He planted some trees and I could see a small house far from the castle near the sea.

I went to a castle and start to explore. As I mentioned the castle is very huge and I did not recognize any changes on the left side. Sir Sleight sent me an IM and asked where I was. Then he ordered me to go to the hot tube. How would I find the hot tube in this enormous castle? Fortunately, he offered help and sent me a tp. He ordered me to follow him and he showed me a small cell not far from the hot tube. He said that it is my cell and I can 'start exploring the castle from there'. Then he showed me the back door and said that I had to use only this door. He explained that I was useless and I was not allowed to disturb his guest using the main door. I understood his will. I like my cell in the castle; however I am not sure if I can place any furniture there.

I collected information about the future slave auctions in a note yesterday and sent it to him, now. He did not seem to be interested in.

I was sent to xcite shop to find collar. I never had xcite collar. I supposed that it would be fine as xcite is indeed popular trade mark. He ordered me it buy an xcite collar. I selected the collar with extra plug-ins. I paid for the collar as I had the money he gave me yesterday.

Look at this collar. Is not it awful? The xcite advertisement board says that it can be resized. Yes, it can be for men or for huge animal. But I could not decrease the size for a slender body like mine. This collar has very pretty animations. Unfortunately, they all have long name and I knew the only was to change my pose is to write down these long names. Nice animation is the only benefit of this collar. There is no AO, no real help for slaves. Perhaps, it is better for Owners, I do not know. The biggest disadvantage is that I must wear on my chin. It is funny when I turn my head and the collar goes deep in my throat. If Sir Sleight wants me to wear this collar then I will wear it of course.

After having a collar I had to find xcite female starter kit. I have Sensation body parts, but I do not like to use them. It is better to describe how deep I feel pain in my ass, is not it? I got 1200L to buy it. My sensation costs only 600L. Which is better? I do not want to decide.

Then I had to go to one of cage shops. He did not follow me. It is quite a challenge to understand him. He gives me orders one after other and I have no idea which must be followed. He asked me if I wanted to have a cage. Well... I do not want it. I accept my Owner's decision.

He called me back to the castle. There he said that I had to go to work and earn money for cage. I must work offering my sexual service. It is not my favorite dream, but if my Owner wants it then I will obey. However, he wants to look at me and my customer during making love. I am not sure if there is anybody who will pay for such sexual service.

I was talking with him via IM without break. Indeed, I did not have a free minute. He started to ask me if I had learnt the collar. Of course, I tried to, but it was impossible. I could not read an entire sentence betweens his questions and orders.

I realized his method of training. He said goodbye many times and logged out. Then he logged back some minutes later. He sent me an IM as soon as he logged in and asked for tp. He checked my activities such way.

I am not complaining. I indeed enjoy serving. I would enjoy even more without an escorting tasks.

I went to the Bondage Playground as I could offer my paid services there. Sir Sleight logged in and asked for a tp to check me. I was swirling in a display ball offering my services with a group label above my head. He thought that I was playing, first. I do not know why.

He went to the Underground Dungeon with me. I had to go to the cage and to bind myself on the cross in the cage. He was beating with me and then closed me. Oh, I forgot. Before going in cage i had to undress. So, I was completely naked when he ordered me to come out of the cage.

He led my by my leash to the BDSM devices. Then he bound me on the device and I had to shout that I was naked bound and asked everybody to come to look at me. The result was very strange, in a second I was in the ring of four or five men. One of them started to rub my pussy; the other put his cock in my mouth. I started to emote. I did not mention that Sir Sleight communicates with me via IM only and never on open chat. He told me via IM what I had to tell men using my body. He wanted me to say that I had to go. My eyes were searching for him and I realized that he hid in the corner. It was a bit strange why he did not say it to men. I am his property, I though he had to protect me. Perhaps, I do not know enough about the Dominants?

Oh, I almost forgot it. He wanted my black hair back as you can see in the first picture of this post.


Serving with breaks

So, I have an Owner. His name is Sir Sleight, at least I was ordered to call him so. It is a challenge to serve him as he speaks strange. I know that my English is poor, too. But, he did not use any grammar, any capital letters and any dots. He puts words; one after other.

I have some rules to keep. I must be naked if we are in his house, but I must 'dress nice' in public. I must address him Sir Sleight. I am allowed to tell to one person no more than 15 words without his permission. First, he allowed me to use only 10 words, later he changed his mind. Of course, I am not allowed to have sex with other without his permission. He has an interesting and huge castle. Maybe, he wanted me to be there all the time. I was unsure of his will and I asked again. He said that I could leave the castle if he is not online.

I asked for permission to talk with Rhonda more than 15 words. He gave me the permission after asking who she is. He wants to have many slaves in his castle. He wants to have Rhonda, too. I tried to explain that she had a Mistress, unsuccessfully. I mentioned slave auctions to him and I realized his interest.

OK. That is enough for introduction. Let me tell you how I served him today. He asked ordered me to go to his castle and sent me tp. I wore the dress I had bought for him and shoes I bought today. I supposed that it was interesting for him how I had spent his money. I was wrong. He chid me because I was not naked. I tried to explain that I wanted to show my new outfit. He decided to punish me. I know that it was my mistake. He had given me an order and I disobeyed. I should have asked if he wanted to look at my new dress. I did not receive the punishment as he did not have time. He said that I would receive it later.

He ordered me to walk around in his castle, naked of course. The castle is very huge. It is placed on the 8192 sqm parcel. You can imagine how enormous it could be. Sometimes, I felt that I lost the way.

He ordered me via IM to 'dress nice' and knell in front of the castle. I tried to find the front door despairingly. When I was kneeling I had to shout that I was his slave, his property and I had to shout how I was lucky to serve him. He was observing me from the bastion of the castle. Of course, I could not see him. He ordered me to take off my top and then shout that I am his slut. I shouted it many times. I felt so excited.

He gave me 1000L to buy an exciting thing. I asked for explanation as it is an enormous amount of money. He ordered me to buy something which 'causes me pain and him pleasure'. Then he went offline and left me alone.

I started my tour among BDSM related shops. I had no idea what to do as he did not say me about his needs. Do you remember the demo ball gag I got earlier? I used it with no Owners and the trial period ended. I found it very exciting and I wished to have one. But its price is 750L! I decided not to waste money for it as I was unsure about Sir Sleight's desire.

I got a group message of the Auction Hall. There was a girl to be sold. I knew that Sir Sleight wanted to have other slaves. He wants to 'fill castle with slaves'. I went to the auction and I was thinking of buying a slave for him. Maybe 1000L would be enough. Arriving to the Auction Hall I could see buyers sitting in front of the stage on which two girls knelt. I checked their profile and they seemed to be interesting, especially one of them. The auctioneer disappeared, so we had to wait for his appearance. While I was waiting for him Sir Sleight logged in. I sent an IM him informing about the possibility of buying a slave. He asked for tp but to come to the Auction Hall he must have joined a group of the Auction Hall. I was unable to explain it to him and the auction had started. During our conversation I got to know that only one girl would be sold and she wanted to have a Mistress only. I told it to him and I immediately got a tp from him. I went to him without delay.

I found myself in his old home. He was angry with me wasting his time. I knew that he was right in the face of that I did not know about auctioning girl's conditions.

I knew that I must be naked if we are in his house and I started to take off my clothes immediately when I realized where we are. He was angry with me about not taking off my clothes fast enough. It was very humiliating. I did my best I could not do anything in other way. However I accepted that he was my Owner and he had a right to be angry with me with or without a reason.

Then he ordered me to 'sit'. I could see only a studio couch there and I was not sure if I could sit on it or I had to kneel before it. He answered to my question shortly 'sit on bed'. I could not see any bad in the room. So, I was looking around and searching for a bed anywhere in his house. I beheld a bed on the second floor. I asked if I had to go upstairs. He answered 'you are silly girl'. I went to the second floor and I was waiting for him. After some minutes he disappeared next to me. He placed a huge metal pole in front of the bed and ordered me to sit on it. Oh, this cold huge pole breaks the way in my pussy. I just felt it. Then the pole started to gyrate. Sir Sleight was happy looking at me. He said that i am displayed and all neighbors could see me there.

I begged him to let me get off the pole. I felt he enjoyed it. Then I could get off and I was allowed to give him oral pleasure. A bit later he ordered me to show my pussy. I sit on display Gor position. He was so happy to see me with spread legs.

Before he left he had ordered me to stay in this position for five more minutes and to 'dry hair blond'. I change my hair color and hairstyles. I am blond now. But I think the old Nia looked better.


New Owner

I was not owned this week and I had a future Owner who would use me from Sunday. I decided to IM him and inform him that I was free now, too. I think I wrote about him, but not much.

Do you remember the Japanese person who wanted to fuck me? He did not speak English well. Rhonda and I were talking of him and Rhonda mentioned that it would be exciting to serve with language barrier. I agreed.

My future owner speaks English in his own way and it is not easy to understand him. It is a challenge for me and it makes me horny.

So, I sent him an IM. He was searching for a land to rent but he invited me to join. We were talking for a while. Then he took me home. There I had to undress and go to the pool and swim naked. I was unsure what he really wanted. I asked questions almost in every minute.

I understand that he want me to be naked if we are alone, but I must wear nice clothes in public places. Next time, I must wear silks. It seems that everybody likes silks in SL.

He gave me 500L. It is big amount of money. What shall I do with money? I went to buy some silk. But I did not find cool ones. What I like coasts more than 500L. My future Owner often says me 'dress nice'. I do not know what he means by that. Maybe he likes nice dresses not only silk? I started to search for elegant but sexy clothes. It was so strange roaming among shops and hunting for a nice dress. I enjoyed it like I enjoy it in RL, too. I found this wonderful dress. What do you think if it looks good?


Serving again

I was roaming and dreaming of my servitude today. Suddenly, I got an IM from my former Owner I mentioned in my previous post. He asked if he deleted me from his friend list. I did not understand it. He said that I was hysteric yesterday. I was not. I tried to explain how I felt waiting without avail. I did not like this conversation. I read in some girls' profile 'No drama'. Now, I know what it means.

The time of my servitude approached. I put Nabru's favorite lingerie and changed my hairstyle. And I got an IM from him. I was so happy and excited. He wanted me to take to a public place, and he ordered me to change my outfit. I undress in a hidden corner bellow the stairs. He changed his mind and took me to his dungeon. It was so exciting. He bound me to a cross and played with my breast and then we have sex. I felt that he cared of me and enjoyed using me.

Then he ordered me to put silks on. It was not easy as I did not have nice silks. I chose a black one. (He wanted me to wear black earlier.) We were talking and during our conversation he ordered me to change my silks. He said he had changed his mind. I am unable to describe how I enjoyed it. I felt his control over me and it turned me on so much.

He did not like my silk and decided to buy me a new one. Do I look good wearing new silks?

He took me to his favorite BDSM club. I was kneeling at his feet and I had to say loudly how I liked him and how I was happy to serve him. I was so horny!

At the end we danced. I felt so good with him. I hope we will meet again.


Without Owner

I was not served today. My Owner did not come online. I sent him a message and wrote about breaking up with our agreement.

Bela knows about my problem and he ordered me to be caged and wrote him a special note. Before I started I got an IM from one of my former Owner. He is the partner of a girl who took me from the unsuccessful auction. He used me twice. I saw him online but he decided not to use. Now, he wanted to go to dance with me. I told him that I was busy. I explained my tasks. He could not accept it and continued bombing me with offers. I hate it. I do not cheat, I execute what i was told. He calls himself a Master, so he must have understood it. At the end I told him that he had a possibility to use me. I tried to explain how I felt. He did not understand me. I suppose that a good Master cares of her slaves. Am I right? Which Master or dominant or even domme wants to prevent a slave to do her duty? Only bad Master, I suppose.

Do you remember that I mentioned about my two real owners. One of them is Bela. The other's name is Nabru. He gave me permission to use his name in my blog. (Thank you, Sir!) He sent me an IM. He wanted to use me today.

I became excited. I know that he likes short hairstyles. Short hair is not my favorite. However I decided to find it for him. I have some money so i was ready to buy. It was not necessary to buy, I found a nice one for 1L. I did not meet him because I had to go rl and when I returned he was offline. I sent him IM and his answer was a real Master's answer. He offered me to meet tomorrow.

One more thing happened to me. Bela took some photos of me. I show you one of them. Yes, it is me, it is my hand.