We visited the last location I had written on the list of possible houses. My Mistress was examining this house for a while. Then she decided to look around. She is fun of flying. I am not very good at it. When we are in a shop, my only task is to follow my Mistress and not to drop behind. We usually do not talk. I always look at my Mistress and I can see only vendors from distance. I can follow her in a shop, if we are inside in a building.

The situation is different if we are in an open space. When my Mistress flies, it is very difficult to follow her. I usually realize that she was flying towards me and she is disappearing while I can turn around. Then I have to find her, not seeing her, only shapes in the distance. I had been lucky, because I had found her until now. Now, I could not see her. I used the map, but there were too many people around me. I was afraid of telling her about loosing her. I was searching for her. Some minutes later, she IMed me and she found me. She was angry with me, but she gave possibility to explain why I had lost her. She seemed to forgive me.

We went home and she allowed me to kiss her feet. I was kissing her feet warm lips and my wet tongue stroked her silky skin. She ordered me to kiss her legs. I moved closer to her. I moaned when her toes reached my hard nipples through my light blouse. My lips touched her knee. At this moment, I heard familiar voice from behind my back. Arta's usual guest arrived. I licked Arta's legs. My tongue ran around her lovely knees. Arta ordered me to stop it. I sat back on my feet. She lifted her legs and pushed then against my face. I opened my mouth and she inserted her feet into it immediately. My Mistress ordered me to suck her toes and I obeyed. I moved my face slowly; my lips rubbed her toes and feet; her taste filled my mouth.

Then Arta took me to the cellar. She said that I would have a piercing on my tongue. I was frightened. I supposed that it would cause me very much pain. My body was trembling as I followed my Mistress. She closed me into the stocks. Fear shook my body so much that I hit my head into the hard wood of the stocks. I felt the hit, but I was so afraid that it was almost analgesic. I lifted my head as high as I could and I saw my Mistress and her guest staring at me.

My Mistress approached with a huge needle in her hand. I closed my eyes and my body shook in fear. Arta ordered me to open my mouth and show my tongue. I obeyed, I suppose. I am not sure what I did. Now, I remember only the fear.

I could hear Arta's voice from far distance. She was angry, as my head was trembling. She grabbed my tongue, I cried out. In the next moment, something cold and hard pressed my tongue from both sides. I was unable to move it. Suddenly sharp pain ran through my body. I hit the stocks with my shoulders, as my hands were cuffed behind my back. My eyes were filled with fear. I heard nothing but my sharp scream, which enhanced in the small cellar.

My Mistress opened the stocks and I felt on in. She unlocked my cuffs and stroked my hairs. I tried to tell something, but the metal still held my tongue. My Mistress removed the metal holder from my tongue. I moved my tongue and the pain tortured me again. I was unable to speak. The smallest motion of my tongue suffers me so much.

Arta took me to the living room and fondled my hair with love. I calmed down and I got permission to go to bed. My Mistress allowed me to be silent this evening.



I greeted my Mistress and I was kneeling in front of her. She said that Natasja had left us. She was so kind to tell me about her relationship with Natasja. I learned that Natasja had wanted to be punished and she had asked Arta for help. They had been together almost a week.

When my Mistress told me about Natasja, I had a feeling that she liked everything with her. It was no wonder, as Natasja was a lovely and very submissive girl. I knew that she was better slave than me. I did not understand myself. From one hand, it hurt that Arta had sent me away why she had been with Natasja. From the other hand, I knew that she was my Mistress and she had the right to do so. I am still confused. My feelings are still mixed. I suppose it is better to forget this entire story. I have a wonderful Mistress, so, I must be very happy.

So, I realized that Arta liked the activities with Natasja. I became a bit jealous. I felt so not because of the other slave. I just wanted to be as good as she was. During this evening, I offered to my Mistress to be closed in the sewer or in the cage. She refused it saying that I was not under punishment.

I decided to be better slave. I did not know what I had to change to archive it, but I would find out. I have very good Mistress and I am only an average slave. It must be changed.

We went down to the cellar and Arta set all equipment to us. I felt much better. She allowed me to try everything. When she finished with the last pose ball, she went away and left me alone in the cage bound to the wall. She said nothing. I was frightened a bit, but I felt happy. I supposed she liked the idea leaving me alone, bound in the cage. I was ready to spend some days to make her happy, to please her.

She asked me if I wanted to try the sewer. I would have liked to do it, of course. I was kneeling in the cold water. First, I was in terror thinking that I would drown. She told me not to be in panic as the water was not deep. I was trembling and I asked for permission to stand up. She allowed me. I stood up and felt much better, however the cold water caressed my legs.

Later, my Mistress asked if I liked to live here instead of her bedroom. I did not know the answer, but I nodded. It would be exciting to live in her cellar. I remembered when she had had guests and it had been strange for them when I had come to the room, suddenly. But, I liked to live in her bedroom, too. I liked to be close to her. Arta listened to my face and she mentioned about the spiders in the corners of the cold cellar. I trembled. I do not like spiders. Fortunately, she did not mention it any longer.

Before going to bed, I asked a free day from Arta. I asked her not to question my motivations. She was confused but she promised me that I would receive a free day this week. I am sorry I cannot tell you why I asked for it.

I tried to calm down Arta that I would not do anything wrong for us. I hope she will believe me next week, when she will get to know why I asked for a free day.



While Natasja and I were closed in the cage, we were talking. She was on the Black Hole Journey, on the seventh level. She was with Arta to complete one of the tasks of this level. I asked her how long she had been serving my Mistress. The answer was for two or three days. We could not talk much, as my Mistress or our Mistress returned and we went to the shop to explain how the door worked.

Trust is very important in any relationship. It is especially true for BDSM relationship. The slave or the submissive gives up all control under her mind or body. She accepts that the Owner's will and pleasure is the most important. In SL slaves do not feel pain under whipping or in the stockings. It is better to say not such pain as they can feel in RL. But, most of the slaves feel something similar to pain. The situation differs in case of mind control. There is no remarkable difference if you serve with your soul.

You probably know that I am straight. I have not changed; I remained straight. I am with my Mistress, because I love to serve and I love the feeling to be dominated. You could remark that the accent in our relationship is not on sexual acts, but on the domination. While I am serving her, I feel everything, behind Nia, too. It is so wonderful.

Sometimes, I hate it. Sometimes, I feel bad. But, in most of the time we spend together, I am happy and I love to serve her. Oh, and do not forger that slaves must feel some discomfort sometimes. It is interesting that sometimes I feel bad and I want to cry despaired. But, some time later, I am proud that I served for her pleasure. I feel proud that I did it.

I never lie. I hate it. I do not tell the truth only when I ordered to do it. For example, when we are in public place, I have to agree with my Mistress every time, without exception.

I know that my role is easier than Arta's one. I do not know how to tell her if I dislike something. In fact, I am usually not sure if I have to tell it. It is not because of her. She is caring Mistress. It is because of me. I want to expand my limits and sometimes it causes me to feel bad. You can say that it is fuzzy. Yes, it is. But, being a slave is almost an interesting feeling, is not it.

So, I got to know that my Mistress spent two or three days with her new slave. It hurts me. Am I jealous? No, I do not think so. I served with others. There was some kind of competition among us, but that is all right. It is not very comfortable for slaves. That is true, but it does not count. Every slave accepts such competition.

What is really hurt, that Arta was with her and she did not tell anything about it. I do not ask my Owners to report about their activities. They have right not to say anything. It would be easier to know that my Owner with other slave, while I am sent to discover new houses or new places. Maybe, it would hurt me. But, I could survive it. All this time, I supposed that my Mistress was busy with her work. It is what really hurt me.

I do not want you to think that Arta is bad Mistress. No, she is one of the best Mistresses. I just feel confused now. I hope that time will help me.

My feelings are mixed, now. But, I am satisfied with my fate serving Arta. I can admit that if I had to choose a Mistress then I would be Arta's slave again.

Sorry for this post. I know some of you like actions in this blog. However, I felt that I had to describe my feeling, dominating my mind at this time.

Other slave

I woke up and I greeted my Mistress via IM. She told me not to move until she would come for me. She came soon and after the greeting ceremony, she sat down in her favorite chair and ordered me to massage her foot.

During the massage, she asked me questions related to serving with another slave. I understood that all my feelings about another slave were true. She wanted to know if I could love another slave. I did not know it. How I could decide if I would love somebody, I had never seen? She asked what would happen if she ordered me to love her or him. I did not know. Love cannot be negotiated by orders. Of course, I would accept the other slave and maybe I would love her or him.

Then she took me to the cellar. In the sewer under the door I had created was a girl. She stood in the cold water and she was bound to the wall. There was still a problem with her RR handcuffs. She was unable to stand up from the pose ball. I was ordered to solve this problem. I did not remember when I had been in cellar last time. It had been empty then. Now, I could see different devices, stocks, a cage. I had thought that Arta had not liked such devices, especially the cage.

Arta introduced us each other. She said that the new slave, her name is Natasja, must have obeyed me. Then we had to go into the cage and I was ordered to solve the problem with the cuffs. Poor girl had been locked for some hours in the sewer, so she asked for some time to relax. While she was relaxing, I contacted the RR Update group to ask for help. The first answer came from a girl, who shouted that my question was a spam. I do not understand such people; it is so simple to close the group channel. Fortunately, everybody else was very kind, especially Marine the excellent creator of RR viewer and many RR tools, who explained that it was the support channel. So, people helped me and I could solve the problem. The tool worked well, of course, the problem was with me. I could not find the proper menu, however it was under my nose.

I reported that I was ready. I could not try it, as Natasja still relaxed. Arta descended to the cellar and gave me an LM with orders. I had to go to a shop, where she had bought the cage and I had to explain how the door worked. At least she could use me for something, if I did not have to serve.

At this time, Natasja returned. She tried the cuffs and it did not work. Arta became angry and sent me back to the cage. Then she left. I had clicked to the wrong button. I found the right one soon and Natasja or her Owner could control the cuffs again.

When Arta returned, I had to bound Natasja to the wall and we went to the shop together. There was no description of the cage there. (It was not Marine's shop, but the other one. Her shop is documented well.) I sent an IM to the creator and we went home.

My Mistress allowed me to go to sleep.


Searching II

My Mistress was working again. She always had found the way to greet me. She had come to home or she had sent me teleport. This day, she did not want to see me. She just told me via IM that I had to continue searching for the house.

I obeyed and continued searching. I found one more interesting house. My Mistress asked me in IM how the slave could be forced to sit with RR tools. I did not know. I had never used RR tools on others. Some seconds later, somebody asked it in the RR Update group IM. It seemed very strange.

I informed my Mistress about the conversation in the public channel of RR Update Group. She told me that I had to listen to it. I was listening. While they were discussing this problem, I was reading the note card of my RR cuffs. I told about it to my Mistress. We were talking still in IMs. We were talking about the menu system of the RR tools. I had a feeling that she was not alone and she examined the menu of the RR tool of other slave. It hurt me very much. I was fighting with my tears. I had been the only slave of my Mistress. Now, I was not alone. It was not a good feeling, but I could accept it, of course. What really hurt me was that Arta had sent me away to be with the other slave. I realized that I was on the second place in Arta's heart. Maybe I was on the very last place.

I tried not to think about it and I continued searching for the house. But, it hurt so much.

Later, my Mistress ordered me to send teleport. She joined me and we went through my list of houses. I though my Mistress liked none of them. I did bad job.

My Mistress was tired and we went to sleep before going through the list created by me. I closed my eyes on my sleeping cushion, but it was hard to fall asleep.


Searching I

My Mistress ordered me to find a house. She told me what style she wanted. I like shopping, you know. I love looking at the different houses. They are very interesting, at least many of them. *smiles

I visited places offering houses and I found some houses seemed to be proper for my Mistress. I used search engine. One house shop did not allow me to retrieve information about the shop. I did not understand why it was benefit for this shop. I did not know why they prevented me retrieving information and landmark. For the first time, it seems to be very silly. Not allowing customers to visit the shop is nice marketing strategy, is not it.

On the other places, I was unable to get landmark. I did not understand the reason why, neither. I usually make a notecard for my Owner, if I was ordered to find a product. I did it this time, too. If I cannot get an LM, then I cannot insert it to the note card. Some of shop owners are rather strange.

Fortunately, most of shops worked well and I found three nice houses.

My Mistress suddenly called me. When I arrived, she ordered me to kiss her legs. I obeyed. She asked if it was difficult for me. I did not understand the question and I looked confused.

There was one of her friend with us. I learned that it was a demonstration for him. He was asking me about Gor and I answered as I could. This friend would have liked to submit to Arta. Or maybe, Arta wanted him to submit. I did not know. I imagined how it would be to serve together with a man. It would be difficult for me. I had served with other slaves together. But, they had been women. In my fantasy, men must dominate men. However, it depends only on my Mistress.

I knew this man. He is very kind, so, I have nothing against him.


My Mistress showed me her job. I am looking forward to tell about it to you. But, it is a secret, now.

We talked for some minutes. Then I left my Mistress alone to work. I wanted to find the club Arta worked for. I was walking through some places. I did not find it, unfortunately.


Happy Day

I wanted to continue visiting role player areas, as my Mistress had said that she was busy. Fortunately, she decided to be with me this evening. I was so happy. But, I was angry with myself, too. I knew that I was robbing her time. She had a lot of work to do. At this time, I cannot tell you why. However, you will know about her work soon.

We went to Abbots to skydiving. I love it. It is so interesting and exciting to fall down through the clouds. We jumped many times. We were alone first, but soon, other people joined.

Then, I showed the airport to my Mistress. Abbot has a nice airport-shop. You can try most of the airplanes before buying. I am not very good at handling planes, but my Mistress did it excellent. Later, one of Arta's friends joined us. We spent the whole evening at Abbots and I enjoyed it very much. I hoped my Mistress enjoyed it, as well.


I woke up and when I met my Mistress, I greeted her as I usually did. She asked me about my last day. I told her everything. She said that she would be busy almost whole day. I know she has a lot of work to do.


In Danger

My Mistress was busy and she gave me a free day. I am very unlucky because when I have a free day, then none of my friends usually is online.

My Mistress likes her bow and I remembered a Gorean place, where everybody can practice with an archer automaton. I had been searching for this place, unsuccessfully. So, it was the time to go to find it. Wow, now, I found it for my first try. I hoped that my Mistress would like this place.

Once, my Mistress had said about learning English language. I knew that she liked role-playing, too. I decided to find role playing places for my Mistress.

The first place, to which I arrived, was very mysterious. I could choose teleport or air taxi to get to the city of role players. Of course, I chose the taxi. *smiles

It took more time to travel, but the traveling was very interesting and it prepared me for the game. I arrived and looked around. I received many note cards containing the city rules. While I was reading, a stranger stepped up to me. When he got to know that I was new here, then he offered me to show the city. The first place we visited was an auction hall. Hmm, this city seemed to be a good choice. *smiles

He wanted me to have sex with him, but I explained that I was owned and that I was not allowed to have sex with others. In fact, I did not want it, at this time. I preferred to look around in the city.

He showed me a big ship and offered to go in it. We jumped through a hole and I found myself in the bilge of the ship. There he tried to force me and I was struggling against him. I received a free gun at the entrance of the city. I took it. But, I was hesitating. I never shot a person.

A girl appeared there and I cried for help. The girl did not know what to do. While we were talking I stepped toward the exit slowly. The man realized my will and ran to the exit. So, I had to shot at his leg. Such way, I could escape.

I was very tired, so I asked my Mistress to allow me to go to bed.



My Mistress called me to join her. I descended to the ground floor and went out to the beach near the house. She has a guest. I greeted her and her guest then I started to kiss her feet as usually I did. My Mistress was busy with something. I did not know what they did because everything happened behind my back. I was kissing her feet while she and her guest discussed something. One more guest joined the company. He was Arta's regular guest. I could not see him, as my eyes stared at Arta's feet. I lifted my lips from her toes and greeted the just arrived person.

When the guest went away, my Mistress decided to go somewhere. She disappeared and a moment later, I received a teleport from her. I found myself in a shop offering silks. I had been here before; I had got free silks from here. My Mistress did not say anything; she was just walking and observing the vendors. The silks were wonderful here, but their prices were awful.

I was looking at the pictures for only some seconds; I usually kept my eyes on my Mistress. It was necessary. I had to move if she stepped away without delay. Arta showed me a jewel collection. The collection looked marvelous. She ordered me to buy the jewels. The collection was not cheap; I spent almost all of my money.

Then we went home and my Mistress left me alone in the bedroom ordering me to put on the jewels. It took much time. Arta got bored and she came to look at what I was doing. I was almost ready at this time. She helped me to choose a proper bra, the last item of my new outfit.

I knew that I looked pretty. What do you think if I am right?

My Mistress ordered me to wear visible jewels all the time since this day. I felt very sexy and I was looking forward to my visit any public place wearing the silks and the new jewels.

I went to bed and I heard the jingling jewels on my body. I knew that my Mistress was looking at me and I smiles happily.



When I woke up, my Mistress was away. She was busy, so, I was alone in the house. I was waiting for her and suddenly a guest arrived. He was Arta's friend, who was her regular chess partner.

We were talking a bit. However, the conversation went slowly, as one of my regulation rules said that it was bad manners of a slave to asking questions.

He was good person and I liked him. Recently, he had girded at me. I did not have anything against it. I was a slave and I had to handle it. In fact, it had made me excited.

He left the house soon and I was left alone. My Mistress still did not arrive. She had answered me, when I had greeted her in IM, so I hoped that she was all right.

Suddenly, I heard voices from the ground floor. It was my Mistress and a girl. I could not see them; I could only guess who was she. Her voice seemed familiar and I was sure that we had met earlier. According to their conversation, Arta showed her around in the house. Then I could not hear their voices. I did not know if they left or just walked far away from me.

I cocked my ears. I heard nothing. Then Arta's calling order struck my ears. I descended to the ground floor and I found them in the living room. My Mistress's guest was a lovely girl with a sweet name. I served her a cocktail. She showed interest in me. Maybe not in me, but in my slavery. Did I mention that I like to talk about it? *smile

Arta showed her cars to our guest. She had two nice cars. Then we were sailing around the island. The lovely guest asked some questions and I answered as much as I was able to. She handled me very well, from my point of view. Some people is usually afraid of my slavery. Some of them talked about me with Arta and I can discover the interest and the fear in her voice. But, Arta's guest, the lovely girl was different. She treated me like a person, such way that I did not forget my slavery. Thank you. *smiles

When our guest went away, my Mistress decided to visit the ancient Rome. (Oh, if you want to loot at the city, then search for the word “Roma” instead of “Rome”.) At this time, we were walking in the shops of the city. My Mistress bought a nice toga. I think it looks nice on her.

This day was full of action, so we went to bed late. My eyes closed immediately, when my body felt on the cushion.


The Rug

My Mistress decided to go shopping. Oh, I like shopping, so I became excited. She did not tell me what she wanted to buy. I was a slave again, who did not need to know details. It made me more excited.

We arrived to a shop and when I looked around, I knew that we were looking for a bed. The products offered by this shop were not good. My Mistress decided to visit another one.

The other shop offered nice variety of rugs and beds. Arta tried a rug with me. While we were trying, she locked the cuffs on my hands. She liked the rug we had just tried. But, we had no idea how to buy it. My Mistress ordered me find out how to buy this rug. The vendors on the wall showed other rug. I was checking all vendors and I could see the same picture on the vendors. I asked for permission to talk with the creator of the rug. The creator was doll and I learned that the rug was able to change textures. My Mistress bought the rug and we went home.

Arta placed the rug in the bedroom and called me to try it. I knelt down between her tights and leaned until my lips touched her hot pussy. My tongue swirled around her clit. I was licking her lips with slow long motion of my tongue. My mouth was filled with the sweet taste of my Mistress. She became more excited. I turned me head a little pressing my lips around her pussy and kissed her with my tongue. I heard her lovely screams and my breath became short in excitement. I moved my head faster string her wet pussy with my tongue, and soon she reached the orgasm.

Then my Mistress turned me around and sat on my face. I felt sudden pain in my shoulders as my hands were cuffed together. Arta told me to open my mouth hard. I obeyed looking up at her naked fragile body. She pissed into my mouth. I swallowed as quickly as I could. The warm bitter taste of the golden liquid tickled my throat. Arta stopped and allowed me to drink all her pee gathered in my mouth. I took a deep breath and a moment later, the golden flow started to fill my mouth again. I drank it all. When my Mistress finished, I cleaned her pussy with quick motions of my tongue.

She seemed to be pleasant and I felt happy. She sent me to the bathroom to wash my face, where there were patches of our lovemaking and the flowing evidence of my love against Arta.

Before sleeping, she unlocked my cuffs. I went to the sleeping pillow massaging my wrists.


Canceled Punishment

When I woke up, I was sure that I would be punished soon, because of my poor participation on the chess game. I prepared myself and sent a greeting IM to my Mistress. She approached me slowly. I dropped on my knees and kissed her feet according to our greeting ceremony.

She ordered me to clean her foot. I started to lick it. My tongue was running across her shoes. While I was working on her shoes, her friend, the chess player, arrived. Arta stopped me soon and they had a conversation. They mentioned the word 'chess'. I trembled hearing this hated world.

Some minutes later, my Mistress took me to an island, where we were alone. She started to chide me. I answered to her questions with fear. I became more despaired question by question. My Mistress realized the ill state of my mind and asked what my problem was with the chess. I told her everything I felt.

She understood me. She understood my feelings against the chess and she knew that my mind was almost broken. She promised me not to order me to play chess any longer. I was happy and sad at the same time. I was happy as the chess is like a nightmare for me. I was sad because I could not please Arta, again. I knew that she liked to play chess. I understood that she made sacrifices. Self-reproach suffered me. But, she calmed me down saying that she would play chess, just she would not force me to participate on it. I was so thankful. I felt that I had the most caring Mistress. I never can be as good as she is.

After the conversation, she allowed me to go to sleep.


Chess and Silly Slave

My Mistress changed the land surface on her pot and placed the port to the new location. Then she gave full marks me on building the port. I was so happy. At that time, I did not know what would wait for me. We had a guest, the person, who usually had played chess with my Mistress.

Last time, when they had played, I had been sitting there doing nothing. It had been all right, as I was a slave and a slave must have had patience. Now, Arta asked her friend if he wanted to play chess. In my mind, I was preparing myself to sit silently, as I had done it last time. But, Arta ordered me to help her. I started trembling. I knew that I would be punished soon. I did not worry to be bored. I understood that it was the job of slaves. I knew that I completely was unable to help others in chess. I knew that I would not understand the strategy chosen by Arta or any other people.

I knew that I was not clever enough.

I do not like chess. No, I hate chess. If I have a choice to select a week of punishment or chess, then I would prefer the punishment. If I had met an Owner forcing me to play chess earlier, then you would have read a chess listed among my limits and the chess would be the hardest of my limits.

I would have been happy if Arta had closed me into the stocks while they would play. But, she did not give me this favor.

The chess is the cruelest thing in my short history of slavery. From my point of view, it does not have anything in common with slavery. Chess makes me suffering not turning on me at all. Some months ago, Gen chained me to a pole of Marine's shop and then she left me alone. I spent there a week wearing RR viewer, which closed me from the world. I was unable to talk and I was unable to speak for a week. But, I was hogtied and I felt the other people's eyes on me. I felt like a slave. I felt excitement.

Playing chess or being forced to help in chess also makes me helpless. But, it makes me without any excitement. I feel the helplessness, as I am unable to help, when I am forced to do it. This feeling is more than helplessness, I feel absolutely useless and inability.

All right, sorry for crying so much. Let me return what happened. I started trembling hearing the order of my Mistress. However, I tried to cover my emotions. I was not sure if I had right to show my feelings. Arta looked at me and told me to put a sweater on if I felt cold. I obeyed.

We arrived to the sky, where Arta usually played chess. Yes, it was in the sky. You never know where to seek hell.

Arta and her friends sat down at the chessboard. Arta ordered me to stand up as I was kneeling, and went to the chess table. Then they started to play. Arta moved pieces so fast, that I did not have a chance to stop her. According to her order, I had to stop her in case of bad movement.

I was watching the game; I was trying to find out the player's will, but I failed. I was standing silently. I knew that I would be punished soon. I knew that I had no choice. I could not avoid the punishment, as I would be punished not because of my bad behavior, but because of my intrinsic defect, as I was unable to obey the order. There was no way to avoid this punishment.

While I was standing and watching the game, I received many group messages notifying members about the beginning of different slave auctions. I was thinking of the happy slaves, which would go to the exciting unknown with their new Owners. Lucky girls...

I was unable to say anything, as I had no idea why they had been moving pieces such way. I did not say anything and Arta became angrier. She made me notices twice.

Second time, she told me that I could go to bed. It was the end of my usual time of slavery for a day. I was thankful for her to allowing me to go away. I thought she still loved me, at least a bit. But, then, she added that I was usefulness for her. I begged for mercy, as I was begging many times during this day. Arta repeated my begging with irony.

I did not know what to do. May I go to sleep, or not? I was even afraid of making a smallest motion. I felt very tired, as I had been awake very late, yesterday, because of the competition. After 20 minutes of silence, my Mistress asked me if I was still there. I answered in low voice. She sent me to the bed, again. I said goodbye to Arta and her friend. Her friend answered me, but Arta did not answer anything.

Before falling asleep, I was thinking of our relationship. I was just a slave. A slave, who is worth little than a chess play. I was sure, as my Mistress did not even behold that I remained near her. It hurt me, but it did not count. I knew now that I was less valuable than chess. I was sure that she was angry and she would punish me tomorrow. I knew that I deserved the punishment and I knew that I could not do anything to avoid it.

I am a bad slave because I am unable to serve my Mistress well. I am always having problems. I am not a scripter. I was just lucky that I could do it. I was lucky because of getting help from my friends. I am bad chess partner and even worse chess adviser. I could read a lot and copy the script of the rotating door from web sites, but I am unable to find out how people think while they play chess.

Bondage Device

When I met Arta, she asked how I had spent this morning. I told her everything. She became angry hearing of the hair shop. I was confused. I did not buy any hair and I did not change my hairstyles. I begged for mercy. She answered without anger, which confused me more. I decided not to visit hairdressers in the future.

She was interested in the explored by me bondage device and she wanted to go there at once. When we arrived, she looked disappointed. She called this place a playground for children. It had been my favorite place, so I misunderstood her. I thought she talked of the huge opened area, which indeed looked like a playground. But, the strict voice of my Mistress reflected her opinion very clearly.

Arta had realized my excitement when I had talked about this device an hour ago and she took me there, to this device. She did not like it, but she went to look at it only because of my interest. She is wonderful Mistress.

We stopped at this device and Arta locked me into it. My body was stretched. My breath became heavier. My Mistress touched the button and the wooden stave started moving. It moved slowly, but it reached my pussy soon. I lifted on my toes as long as my chains allowed it. Arta smiled and told me to stand calmly. She lifted and descended the stave looking at me from behind my back. I was not sure if she enjoyed my suffering. I felt it was a gift for me. Thank you, Mistress.

We were walking and we got to the top of the castle standing at the end of the opened place. There, she beheld the shoe cleaning tools. I could clean her shoes. We both liked it. *smiles

When we were walking, we saw a dog waiting for a slave. My Mistress stopped at the dog and asked about my feelings against the animals. I thought what she wanted to know. Of course, I can have sex with the dog, if she ordered me, but it was not one of my favorites. I had had sex with horses earlier, when former Owners had ordered me to do it. Arta did not give me such order. I supposed she knew me well. In fact, I had very strange feeling. I did not want to kiss the dog, because I would be shy with my Mistress. It is strange, is not it. I do not understand it exactly even now.

At the roof of the castle, there was a toilet. Arta sat on it without a word. I hesitated. Then I took a deep breath and dropped myself at her feet placing my head in the toilet, under her pussy. She asked if I would drink her pee. I agreed and opened my mouth wide. Suddenly, the warm fluid rained into my mouth. We both learned something new.

Later, we were walking among shops, and then we went to have lunch. We had it separately.

Free Walking

I was alone this morning, as I woke up earlier than Arta did. She had given permission to walk, yesterday evening.

I visited the shop called Sirena Hair & Fashion. We were there with my Mistress two days ago. They have wonderful hairs with animations. The only problem was about the colors. I like black hair and it is very difficult to do them. I bought a demo of a hair. I am pretty, am I not?

Then I went to Mystical Bondage. It had been my favorite place some months ago until I had met the two bitches there. Do you remember them? I wrote a post of them.

The Islands of Mystical Bondage had changed. But, the bondage devices had not, except one. This one was new for me. The handler of this device can lift a stave, which presses the bound to the device slave's pussy. I felt excitement looking at this device.


Bow Competition

My Mistress was angry in the evening. She was not angry with me. Her new bow did not work properly. We were trying to find the proper settings, but we were not able to. She contacted the creator of the bow. After an hour, the creator repaired the bow. She called my Mistress to their place to do the work, so I left alone.

When my Mistress left, there was an earthquake in his island. SL threw me away from the island. I was waiting for my Mistress at O BDSM School and I frequently tried to return home. I could not go to the island.

Arta was ready and the island still was unreachable. She took me to another place. I saw the ocean from the hill, where we stood. A campfire blazed near me, in front of a tent. The tent was made from furs, like the common Gorean ones. I beheld three poles on the hill some foots away from the campfire.

Suddenly, I heard a voice, which seemed familiar. I turned quickly and I could see one of my Mistress' best friends. I was sure that I would be punished soon. I apologized quickly. Her friend did not seem angry. Neither did Arta.

They were talking and then my Mistress asked me if I could see the poles. I nodded and waited for her explanation. She told that they are for slaves, who escaped from their owners. She offered me to try one of the poles. A moment later, I was bound to the hard wooden pool, my legs together and my hands tied above my head. The thick ropes pressed my legs and hands against the wooden pole without mercy.

Arta observed me and asked if I knew what waited for the escaped slaves. I shook my head. They became the target of the arrows. I supposed that my Mistress would have tried how the repaired bow could hurt a human person. I closed my eyes and whispered that I was ready. I just begged for shooting my legs instead of my body. Arta calmed me down telling that she never would shoot at me. I smiled at her still standing bound to the pole.

After some long minutes of waiting, she untied me from the pole. I received the notification of the bow competition. It said that the winner would receive prize of 1000 lindens. Arta seemed to be interested in the competition, but she had shared feelings. She handled the bow very well, but she had only two days of practice. At the end, she decided to go just to look at the competition.

We arrived to the place of the competition, to the Gorean boat. There was a pretty slave girl waiting for the applicants. She showed the direction, but she came with me. It would have been very difficult to find the way to the arena. First, we got to the teleport station, then we had to teleport to the arena.

At the teleport station, my Mistress ordered me to ask if this Gorean slave was under the punishment, as her hands were bound together behind her back. It was not because of the punishment, her Master just had forgotten to untie her. Arta looked pleasant, now; I could see that other slaves also wore cuffs. I know that Arta like to lock my cuffs and I have nothing against it. Moreover, I like to be cuffed, as I feel her excitement. Yes, I sometimes did not go to learn because of my cuffed hands, but I am a slave not a student.

Finally, we got to the arena. It was a huge place surrounded with high wooden fence. Only two people stood in the arena. My Mistress hesitated for a moment then she went to them and talked with them. She wore the outfit of elfin archer's outfit. The Goreans were kind and they invited Arta to the next competition, as this one had just finished.

We went home and we slept well after such a long heavy day.

The Port

I was alone in the house. I remembered that Arta had mentioned about the port for her boat. I decided to make it. I am not a sailing fun and I do not know much about the ports.

I do not know if Arta liked the port. She did not say anything, when she woke up and looked at it.
She said that she would not be available in the evening; she gave me free evening.



My Mistress and her guest were building parts of buildings in the garden, when I woke up. Arta ordered me to join them on the beach. I was kneeling and looking at them.

Suddenly, Arta brought her car and ordered me to sit in. When we all sat in the car, she started the engine. She took us to her friend's place and we soon went to the sky. I arrived and turned around. Arta stood at the chessboard. I approached the board and listened to her. I knew that I had to play if she liked it. Arta sat down and said nothing. Some seconds later, her guest sat to the other place near the chessboard. They were playing.

When they finished, I suggested visiting a hair salon. I received an LM to this shop. Their hairs contain animation and you can make bun or take your hair down not changing the hairstyle.

We visited this shop and spent there some time. Arta tried some hairstyles, but she did not like any of them.


Flying Arrows

My Mistress waited for me in the shop. I arrived and looked around. Arta wore a very interesting outfit. I supposed that it was a fantasy outfit, maybe an outfit for rangers. I was familiar with the shop. I had bought a bow for Sir Sleight some months ago. I wondered what my Mistress looked for here.

She gave me a description of a bow and told me to read it. I obeyed. Then she gave me a description of other bow. Arta told me to find the differences. There were no differences; however, one of the bows was more expensive. The only difference was in the animations and the cheaper bow had nicer animation. It is interesting, is not it? Maybe, the more expensive bow looked better. I do not know, as my Mistress did not show me them. So, Arta bought a cheaper one and we could go home.

My Mistress decided to try the new bow and she placed a target box on the terrace. Then she ordered me to sit near the box. I started to tremble. I supposed that she would wing an arrow at the box. I sat so close to it. I was frightened that she could hurt me. Some moments later, I became calm. She would not hurt me, I knew. She loved me and I was sure that she would be very careful. I took a deep breath as she lifted the arrow and I heard hissing sound and the sound of the impact. I gave a start and other arrows came, one after another. Every arrow hit the target box with thump. Arta was very clever.

She went farther on and winged arrows. Every arrow hit the box, again. Then she went even farther on. I could see only a very small figure of my Mistress. She told me that she could not see a box. She winged an arrow. It flew above the target box. I told to my Mistress about it. She corrected her hands and shot again. The arrow hit the target box. She shot some arrows; most of her shoots were successful. I breather calmly however the hissing arrow and the thump of the impact made me a bit nervous. My Mistress was skillful. I smiled at her when she was approaching.

My Mistress wanted to see how the bow could hurt. We were alone and I offered her to be a human target. I supposed that I would hurt and I knew that it would be painful. I was sure that she would not kill me. I supposed that she would shoot at my arms or legs. I closed my eyes and I was waiting for the painful touch of the arrow. I felt nothing. The arrow did not hit my body. Instead, I could hear Arta's voice. She told that she would not have shut at me. I love my Mistress.

Later, we had a guest and Arta could try the bow on a living person. It did not hurt.

My Mistress inserted the script into the sewer door. It took some time, but, at the end, it became workable. I went to bed with good feelings.


Rotating Door

My Mistress was busy today. She ordered me to create a rotating door. I was working on it and I was ready, at the end of the day .

Do not think that I am so clever. The Hungarian scripter helped me and I had received some basic rotating functionality. Oh, I cheated a bit because the door contained not only one prim but two prims.

Arta was kind and she allowed me to work in the sunshine instead of the cellar. She was very busy and she did not have time to look at the ready door. I hope she will like it.

Thank you for your help! *smiles and winkles quickly


Ancient Rome

I was thinking of working for my Mistress. I remembered that she liked the idea of working slave. We had had a conversation and she had talked about it. I understood why she had wanted me working. I understood that ordering me to work did not mean the lack of her interest in me. She just wanted to enjoy my slavery.

Many of you offered me help in scripting. I am very thankful for your helping hands. However, when I realized the springs of Arta's action then I decided to create this script for her alone. She is a very good and caring Mistress and she deserved to enjoy my servitude even it makes me feel very uncomfortable. I must admit that it makes me exciting. Of course, not the boring work makes me happy. I must feel deep in my mind that my Owner enjoys my servitude. I was ready to do everything to please her and I became excited when I thought of it.

But, I did not know how to tell her. I was sure she would think of me, as of the full idiot. Maybe, because I AM an idiot. My journey in the path of slavery often confuses me. I often do not understand my feelings. I cannot predict my reaction. There is much to learn of my submissive side.

Fortunately, she mentioned the scripting. I knew that mentioning it would not have been easy for her and I felt how much she liked me to work. At this time, I was very excited; my only desire was to be closed in the cellar and to be ordered to work.

My Mistress told me that one of her friends would help me in scripting. I know this man. He is one the greatest scripters in SL. But, I did not want his help. I did not want it not because of him. I just wanted to work alone to please Arta as much as I could. My Mistress refused my request. I felt that she hesitated. I felt that she did not want to hurt her friend. I do not know if my feelings were right, but I felt so.

My Mistress told me that I would not work today. I had mentioned of the city of ancient Rome. She wanted to visit this city. I had been there once, some months ago. I wondered what had happened to this city since my last visit. Arta donned toga. She looked so beautiful. I had to wear silks, the slave outfit in our fantasies.

Some minutes later, we arrived to Rome. At the entrance, a Roman legionary saluted us. We started our tour in the city. It had been changed a lot. Arta found the Roman bath and she seemed very content. I asked the reason of her contentment, but she did not answer. I guessed that an adventure would wait for me here. The thought of the unknown made me excited.

Our next stop was the Arena of Gladiators. We saw the walking lions. They seemed to be hungry enough. My Mistress told me that lions are fed with disobedient slaves. She advised to behave well, otherwise the lions would wait for me. I trembled, but I knew that she never would throw me to the lions.

We walked on the street and we saw the potter's wheel. I begged Arta to allow me to make her a pot. She gave me permission and ordered me to notify her when I would finish. I was happy, as I could work for her like a slave. I was a slave in the ancient world. A slave, who work for her Mistress.

While I was working, Arta found a museum of sexuality. I joined her on the second floor, so I did not know what was on the ground floor. The museum was fairly interesting. I learned much. Visitors can play with a small game to test their knowledge. It is worth trying.

Rome was a huge city and we could not have a look at all buildings, before getting late. My Mistress decided to continue our tour other time and we went home.

Thank you for the amazing day, Mistress.


Free Day with Arta

My Mistress realized that I felt blue. We had a conversation about my feelings. I had misunderstood my Mistress' will. She had never wanted me to hide my emotions. I sometimes feel bad during the servitude, but it is not her fault. I know she loves me and I love her. It seems that I sometimes do not understand her well.

She cared of me and she wanted me to feel better. She was so good to ask me what I wanted to do. One of my friends had told me about the sales in a shop. I asked her to go there. Before going to the shop, Arta allowed me to wear shoes. I put on the ones she had given me. They were so beautiful.

The shop offered prim silks, which were beautiful, but there prices were also pretty high. We did not find anything for the acceptable price.

Master Sleight (yes he is Master Sleight again) talked to me about the new location of his house. I asked my Mistress to visit him, as he had said me that he wished to meet my Mistress.

I arrived earlier than Arta. She remained in the shop for a while. When we arrived, Master Sleight showed us his house. He had some works to do, but the house looked wonderful.

Then we walked around the house. Master Sleight had built a small lake, where my Mistress rode on the Jet Ski.

I hugged my Mistress with love before going to sleep.


Alone in the Darkness

After the traditional greeting, Arta leaded me to the cellar of her home. She told me that I had to create one more script for a door. But, at this time, the door was a circle shape. She had mentioned that she was busy this evening. I remembered. I also remembered that turning object was not easy. I had read about it a bit. I supposed that I would be busy for at least two weeks. Maybe, it would be an easy work for a scripter, but I am far from the scripters.

I accepted that my Mistress did not want to use me. But, I was despaired of this boring work. ((You can imagine how difficult it could be to read of scripting after a working day not having anything in common with programming.)) Besides, I felt useless. I knew I was indeed useless for my Mistress. I do not like to play chess. I am unable to solve Rubic's cube. I am not a scripter. What is the use of me? Yes, I sometimes serve drink. I kiss her feet. I sometimes massage her feet. But, that is all what I can do.

I suggested to sell me and to buy a new slave. A slave who is clever and who does everything I do not. I had felt good with my Mistress. But, recently, I felt that I was bothering Arta. I knew that I could not return her time she had spent with me. I just hoped to return her money she had given me. I hoped that a slave offering a month of slavery came out at nice amount of money.

She let me out of the cellar and gave me a free hour. I was struggling with my tears. I did not show my emotes at all. She told me to change my outfit. I did so. I knew I was slow. I could see only shapes through my filled with tears eyes. I did not cry. I held myself. She allowed me to wear shoes. She had never allowed it before. I was so confused that I was unable to find that wonderful pair of shoes, which she had given me.

None of my friends was online. I teleported to the mountains of the place called Collar Me. I ran out of the shop where I arrived. I ran to the hills and there I cried out alone. I was staring at the valley, crying. I felt alone with my pain. There was nobody to talk to.

I went toward. I visited two parks. I saw couples talking and feeling good. I felt despaired ultimately.

I went to Sir Bela's shop to look at the advertisement boards. They looked nice. The other model was really beautiful.

Then I decided to go to Sir Bela's house. He has a bar, which gives drinks. I wanted to get some drinks. One of the few things I am able to do is serving drinks. I thought it was a good idea to have them. I had asked if I could get drinks from the bar and Sir Bela was so good to allow it.

Suddenly, I received an IM from my Mistress. She asked if I was at Sir Bela's home and she also asked what I was doing. I told her that I was going for drinks. She asked me if I am a thief, who steals from her former owner. I understood Arta, suddenly. She had such opinion of me. It was no wonder if she did not want to be with me.

I got the drinks and went home to sleep. My Mistress hugged me before sleeping. I could not fall asleep for a while. I was wondering about the following days, which I would spend alone, in a cellar, writing scripts. I knew it was the best I deserved.

Working III

I woke up early and continued working on the door. And I finished. I wrote a small description and I saved it at that moment when Arta arrived. I kissed her legs and I answered her questions related to the door. Her friend arrived, so, I greeted her. Suddenly, Arta asked if I forgot something. I had headache because of scripting. I tried to remember, but I did not remember what I had done badly.

She told me what I did wrong. I stopped kissing her feet. I apologized without emotes. I knew I was failed again. Arta and her guest were talking about the necessity of my punishment. I knelt silently and waited for their decision. Some weeks ago, I would have felt despaired and I would have begged for mercy. Now, I knelt straight, emotionless. The fact that I failed was just a fact. It is interesting that hiding my emotes affect on my mind so much. I was not despaired. I felt just emptiness. My failure and the possible punishment seemed to be far away from me. Emotions had left not only my face; they had left my mind, too, it seemed.

It is very interesting how my mind has been changing. I have not been able to imagine how my feelings for my Mistress affect on me. I felt the Gorean slaves, who were ready to give everything to their Masters. It was so strange for me. I felt everything. I sometimes cried in RL, too. Now, that I am not allowed to express my emotes, I became cold. I do not cry. I only exist waiting for the decision of my Mistress. I lost my sense of justice, as it does not count if I feel guilty. I do not try to protect myself any more. Mistakes become parts of my fate. My fate is in Arta's hands. Maybe it is the real slavery? I do not know, but I feel that it is the other level of slavery, probably the higher level.

I did not receive punishment.

Arta allowed me to go to bed, as I was very tired.

Oh, I just forgot. I received a necklace from Sir Bela's new collection. He said he finished the work with other model. It hurt me a bit. I remembered our first encounter, when I was the other girl, who worked together with my friend-model. She had left second life many months ago. Sir Bela, thank you for the necklace and the other gift.


Working II

I continued working on the door. Arta was laying by me on the desk-chair for some minutes. Then she got tired of looking at me and went to the house. Later, her friend came and they were talking. Then her other guest arrived and they played chess.

I was working on the cellar door. Arta frequently asked me if I was ready. I did my best, but I could not finish the door.


I was alone this morning and I continued working on the door.


My Value

I greeted my Mistress kissing her feet. At this time, she was looking at me. Once, she stopped me telling that I would turn on her soon. She asked me if I liked to turn on her. I answered that I like to please her. She fondled my hair and ordered me to follow her.

She took me to the beach in front of her house and she ordered me to make a script of a lockable door. I was not a scripter. I had met scripts in the classes I had visited, but I was not familiar with the principles of scripting. I had received the basic door script, so, I started to read and modify this script. I had to read much of scripting and I could not pay attention to my Mistress. But, it seemed that she did not want my attention. She had a guest; they were talking. Once, Arta invited me to a board of a ship and we were sailing. She did not tell me whose ship it was.

Then she ordered me to continue working. Other friend of hers came and they went to sail again. I was busy with reading. So, I could hear Mistress' last words. She said that I would have to build a port for her. I felt bad. I felt that I was a slave-builder, who was not allowed to express even own emotes. At least, I knew my value.

While I was working, Sir Sleight IMed me. He wanted to show me something and he asked me to call him when I would be free. I obeyed, but I did not know when I would be able to meet him.

Sir Bela also asked if I could go to be a model for him, as he would present his collection this weekend. I had to refuse his offer, as I knew that I was and I would be busy with the door. He told me that he had to ask other girl to be a model. It hurt me, but, I knew that he was right. He did what he had to do.

My Mistress had said that I had to finish the door until Monday. But, before letting me to go to bed, she asked if I was ready. I was not, of course. This script was not easy for me. She did not punish me at this time.


The Cube

Yesterday, my Mistress had given me a free hour. I went to Beautiful Sin, but I was not lucky. I had wanted to meet Sir Sleight, but he was away. I visited Sir Bela. We were talking for only some minutes, as he was with his new slave. Sir Bela said that his new collection of necklaces was ready and he offered me to be his model, again. I told that I would ask for permission to take off my collar and work for him. I was not sure that Arta would allow me to take off my collar. But, I decided to ask for permission.

So, I was alone and I decided to go to Ally. It was interesting to check if that place was changed. I had just arrived when my Mistress called me home. I had about twenty minutes left and her voice seemed to be cruel.

I went home immediately. My Mistress was not alone. She had two guests. I had met both before. I was hearing their conversation silently. I did not remember how much time I was kneeling near Arta's feet when one of her guests asked my Mistress for allowing me to talk. We were talking about music and SL life. I learned that this man created a Rubic's cube. I wanted to look at it. I cannot describe how it was compelling. You must try it. I admit I never liked Rubic's cube and I had no idea how to complete its task. But, it worked wonderful and it gave hint in case of necessity. My Mistress mixed up the cube then she ordered me to solve it. I was froze and frightened. I knew that I was unable to do it. Fortunately, the creator beheld my despair and he showed us how the cube soled itself. Wow, he is indeed a great scripter!



My Mistress called me to join her in the living room. We had serious conversation. I hate such conversations. Such conversations usually show that I am or I was bad. I admit that such conversations are important, but I usually learn about my failure and I do not know how to behave in the future.

I know that I must control my emotions, as showing my emotions can affect on my Mistress' decisions. I did behave so, however, I sometimes feel like a puppet. I know that I have to agree with my Mistress without hesitation, if we are not alone. I know that I always have to agree with my Mistress, if we talk about my behavior.

The subject of the conversation today was that I was a liar. I did not know why Arta decided so. It hurt me very much. I was struggling with tears. I did not cry, as I know that it was forbidden for me and I wanted to obey.

I am proud of never telling a lie. I was despaired, as my Mistress was sure that I did. I did not argue with her. If she saw me like a liar, then I surely was the liar. I have no right to argue and I cannot protect myself. It is why I hate such conversation. What slave argues with her Mistress? I lowered my head and repeated with pudding-face “Yes, Mistress”.

When we finished, my Mistress took me to shop where we were browsing beds. It was fun. We found three animations, which were indeed exciting.


In the Sky

We were talking of photography with my Mistress. I like to take photos and I usually show them to you. However, I often do not take photos of the important events of my life, as I have no time to take them. Arta is the only one of my Owners, who allowed me to take and publish photos of her. I did not ask for permission of publishing photos of other Owners. I never publish such photos unless I receive permission to do it.

My Mistress took me to the skybox of one of her friends and showed me a photo studio there. I used to be a model, but I had not seen such studio before. It contained many pretty poses and the possibility of turning the model. It is the most difficult for me to turn and to find the best position. During my work as a model, I am usually managed by word command such as, “turn right”, “no, less turn” and so on. Such photo studio can make such work easier.

Then my Mistress showed me lovely garden furniture. There, I could massage her feet. She often asks it and I love to massage and kiss her feet. Now, my Mistress ordered me to go higher toward her knees and thighs. She took off her skirt to allow me a better access. Suddenly, my Mistress stood up; I knelt down before her. She took my head and pushed against her naked hips. I was allowed to lick her to the orgasm. It was wonderful gift from her, again.


New Chessboard

I was waiting for my Mistress in the bedroom. When she arrived and I dropped on my knees, I realized a girl standing behind my Mistress. I kissed her legs and opened my mouth to warm her about the visitor. My Mistress was quicker me; she beheld the visitor.

I greeted the guest humbly. I was sure she knew this girl. We went down to the living room and Arta talked with her girl, who left us some minutes later. To my astonishment, Arta asked if this girl was my girlfriend. None of us knew her. She was Hungarian. We guessed how she had been able to find Arta's house. We still do not know the answer.

Then Arta went away and she sent me a teleport. When I arrived and looked around, I could see chessboards all around. Arta smiled at me and said that she just wanted to try one of the chessboards before buying.

The chessboards looked wonderful, but, as we learnt, they did not work properly. Moving the piece sometimes took more than one minute. In fact, we played a game. My Mistress played excellent.

Before going to sleep, we visited a shop on the beach as my Mistress wanted to buy a surfboard. At the end, she did not buy anything. Instead, she allowed me to take a free kimono, which I was allowed to try before going to bed.


Dancing in the Cage

Arta had a guest. He was an English speaking person, who I had met before. They were sitting in the living room. I greeted them and started kissing Arta's feet, when one of her Hungarian friend arrived. Arta tried to talk with everybody in the living room. She handled it well. I admit that the guests were good guys.

It was the time to go to the escort class. I knew that Arta forgot it, as she was busy with the guests. It does not seem to be difficult, does it? But, if you try to imagine people who have not met before and speak different language, then you believe me that it is not so easy. According to the rules, I must ask permission to speak if we are not alone. I did it, but the conversation was very fast and probably, my Mistress did not realize my question.

There were two minutes to the beginning of the escort class, when Arta offered to show her new house for the English speaking guest. Before they left, I asked permission for asking in Hungarian. My Mistress told me that I would have opportunity to ask questions later and she ordered me to talk with the Hungarian guest who stayed in the living room.

I had wanted to go to the class, but when I realized that, we had guests I had changed my mind. Of course, I asked, because I did not want to be punished not remaining my Mistress about the escort school. But, I hoped she would not allow me to go.

I left alone with the Hungarian friend and we started to talk. He was not very talkative and Arta had forbidden me to ask question from strangers. It was not very easy conversation. Beside, he told me to stand up. He said that a kneeling woman was strange for him. I obeyed. So, we talked a bit and then he said that he had to go and he would return later. He disappeared and I got a message from my Mistress. She asked about the Hungarian guests. When she got to know that I became alone, she allowed me to ask a question. I mentioned the escort class. Arta told me to go. I knew that I was late, but I went to the school. I was late, they went away from the meeting place and I was unable to find them.

I did not mind if I could not find them. I wanted to help Arta. She was very kind allowing me to go to the class when she was so busy. I went home. Arta and her friend was sitting and watching TV. Her friend wanted to drink a special Hungarian wine called Tokaji. I went to find it and I realized that we did not have glasses. I went back to them to ask what to do and I could see my Mistress dancing for her friend. Nobody wanted to drink any more. *smiles

I was dressed as usually. I wore shirt and jeans. Her friend asked me if I had silks. Arta hearing the question sent me to change my clothes. I put on my favorite black and silver silks. I was dancing for them. I like to dance and I think I can. Maybe, I am not so good as professional dancers, but I can turn on the men.

Suddenly, Arta's friend closed me in the glass cage. He asked if I did not mind it. I smiled and answered. You know I like cages. So, I continued dancing. I moans when my erected nipples touches the glass. I think he liked it.

Arta and her friend were talking about the cages. My Mistress did not like cages; she prefers cuffs and chains. She demonstrated how my cuffs work. She locked my legs to my cuffs, so, I was unable to stand up. Then she ordered me to walk around in the room. I obeyed. I felt their eyes on me while I was suffering to crawl cuffed. Arta's friend liked my cuffs very much. He tried them, he was leading me by leash attached to my collar.

My knees were burning and I felt as the cuffs cut into my sensitive skin. But, I must admit we all enjoyed this evening. Unfortunately, Arta's friend had to go. Arta caresses my hair and I was smiling. I felt that she was pleasant with me.

She then took me to the shop and bought me a pair of shoes! She did not like shoes, probably you remember. And the shoes were the best in Sl. Do you remember I mentioned in one of my previous post the shoes with toes? Now, I have one of them. I was very thankful for my Mistress.

Before going to sleep, my Mistress decided to go to skydiving. Oh, it was one of the best days in SL. I love skydiving and I did not remember when I had done it last time.

Arta's Hungarian friend joined us at Abbots and we all jumped. They jumped very well. The Hungarian friend would have beaten records, but as he had had a free parachute, it did not count. My Mistress was displayed in the fame list. She was the second best skydiver.

I was very tired, when Arta sent me to the bed. I enjoyed this day very much. Thank you, all for this day!

Making Love

I was kissing and licking my Mistress' feet, as I greeted her. I still felt the same and I was afraid of looking at her face. I had learnt a lesson, yesterday, and I was sure that I would become better slave.

Arta leaded me to her bed and ordered me to crawl on it. I was confused. How can I go in her bed? I jumped on the bed and Arta joined me. She spread her legs told me to kiss her pussy. I stared at her beautiful, naked pussy and I touched it carefully with excitement. She smiles and bound my hands behind my back telling me that I could use only my mouth.

It was wonderful! I was kissing her lips; my tongue swirled in her juice pussy; it runs over her clit. I felt her sweet odor and my mouse was filled her lovely taste. I closed my eyes working on her. I could hear her moans, her screams as her orgasm approached.

I received a gift the nicest what a Mistress could give. Thank you, Mistress.


Confused slave

I woke up on the table in the living room. Arta furnished this room, while I was sleeping. The table, under me was wonderful. I sent an IM to Arta and stood still as I usually had done.

If my Mistress is up then I always stand still waiting for her command. I never use radars or map to find out where she is. I count such methods cheating. I suppose my job is to wait for my Mistress, for her orders.

I could see the living room and the front door. I do not know why, but I supposed that she would come from that side. I was waiting for about three minutes, when my Mistress appeared from behind my back. I usually wait more time for her coming.

I knelt down and greeted her with kisses on her feet. We planned to go to the escort classes. We had not much time to the beginning of the class. I supposed that we would leave for the school, soon. However, Arta shouted at me. She said that I was busy and I did not realize her appearance. The only thing I usually do is closing group messages. I do not even read them, if she is online. I did not read them, at this time. I just closed the windows. However, I was sure that I knelt down without delay when I beheld her.

I answered that I had knelt down without delay. She became angry. She said that I argued with her. She usually does not give me opportunity to explain my point. We had had some conversation when we had talked about it. I thought that if we were alone then I could explain my point. Her reaction frightened me. She did not answered, but asked if I told that she was a liar. I was sure that there was an explanation why we saw my action so differently. But, I did not have chance to explain my point and in its turn, we could not talked about it.

She locked my handcuffs behind my back. Arta had said that locking my handcuffs had not been a punishment. However, I felt it like a punishment, now. She continued questioning me. No, not questioning. She declared what my actions were. I did not know how to answer. She did not ask. I had to agree with her. I felt awful. I had headache. I did not know what to say.

Meanwhile the escort class had started. I did not tell anything to Arta about it. I was afraid of telling it. When she got to know that the class had started she shouted at me. I started crying. Arta ordered me to stop it. She said that I wanted to affect on her with my tears. I did not even think about it. She forbade me to cry in the future. I tried not to cry. It was very hard, because tears came from my heart through my eyes. I learnt that she did not want to know of my emotions.

I was very despaired and I gave up. I decided to agree with all what she said. I admit everything. I admit that I was careless. I admit that I was arguing her. I admit that I told she was a liar, I did not warn her about the beginning of the escort class, I was arrogant, I affected on her, I provoked punishment. I was sure that she would punish me. I though that she had decided it before I had waken up. I calmed down and I offered myself to my fate.

My Mistress could see that I was confused and she offered me a possibility to ask for explanation. I had had right to disagree with her if we had been alone. Now, I was not sure of it, so, I asked her to explain. Arta did not open her mouth and I knew the answer.

If she counted me arrogant, and person manipulating her with my cry or a provocateur, then I surely am. It does not count what really happened. It does not count what I think. She knows me better.

Arta gave me almost the same explanation. I can talk my opinion of clothes, shoes and so on. But, it I am the subject of the conversation, then she is always right.

Arta went to the TV room and watched TV while I massaged her feet with my mouth. I did it with burning face. I was ashamed of failing again. I lifted a bit and leaned to kiss her feet and my breast reached her toes, when she stopped me. Then she asked if I was excited. I was not, of course. Only the weight of shame pushed my mind. I felt nothing else. She realized that my nipples were hard. I supposed it was about the cold evening on the beach. My Mistress allowed me to wear other clothes, which were able to keep my body heat.

Then she went to the sleeping room and I had to follow. Arta attached my leash to my collar and the metal ring hanging in the far corner of the sleeping room. Then she brought out my sleeping cushion from my room and I understood that this room was no longer mine. She said this corner would be my new place.

She left me alone in the corner kneeling. I stared at the garden from the window. I did not know if it was a punishment.

Arta returned. She wore very nice clothes and she looked so beautiful. She asked me if I was tired. I felt tired, but not very much. I would have liked to know where she would go but I was afraid of asking. I felt asleep with the feeling of the heavy shame in my mind.


My Mistress was sleeping. I did not want to wake up her. So, I carefully walked out of the house. Arta did great job while I was sleeping. The garden around the house was almost ready.


Escort School

Arta had not finished the house and the terraforming. She was very busy and I had the feeling that I only disturbed her.

I heard of the Escort classes held in the near future. I mentioned it for my Mistress, who allowed me to go there tomorrow afternoon. I am looking forward to it.


Desert Strom

My Mistress bought a new house. It looks wonderful. Her previous house was not the best. Of course, it is only my opinion. However, Arta furnished it very good. I could imagine what she would do with this wonderful house. I bet it will be one of the most beautiful houses in SL.

My Mistress wanted to look at the city in the desert named the Kingdom of the Sand. We went there, but it was so laggy or maybe there was a desert storm and we were not able to move at all. So, we looked at only the half of the city and then we had to return home.

Oh, and here is a pic of my new hairstyle.


New Hair for Job

My Mistress was in a living room, when I woke up. She came to me and I greeted her with kisses on her feet. We were talking a bit. Then I had to go to Hairspray and send a teleport for my Mistress. I thought that we would be walking, but, Arta seemed to know what she wanted. We visited two or three mail.

She tried some demo hairs. In the mall of Analog Dog, she showed me two of her favorite hairstyles. They looked indeed pretty. However, I have to admit that almost every hair fit nice on Arta. Suddenly, she put on a demo hairstyle and she asked my opinion. The hair she wore was very similar to my favorite hairstyle. She looked like a sex Goddess. She wanted me to try a demo, too.

I looked good with this hair. Arta told me to buy it and gave me money. I knew that such hairdos are not her favorites. I asked permission to talk before buying. At the end, I bought a hair, which was her favorite. It was beautiful. I was so thankful to her. She said that I looked ready now to go to work. So, guys, be careful, otherwise we will break your hearts. *smiles

We walked toward and stopped by a shop of exotic hairstyles. My Mistress became very excited. She beheld afro hairs. She was very interested in them. The demo looked good on her. She bought it. At least, I thought that the package contained only one hairstyle. But, I was deceived. There were other hairdos. What to say about them? Er... maybe... in last century.

Then we went home. I was late, as SL held me back for a while. When I arrived, I realized that we had a guest. Arta's friend was there, the one who showed interest in Gor. Arta ordered me to serve a drink for her guest.

My Mistress showed her guest new hairs. He did not like them very much. At this moment, I received a group message. It said that there was a girl in a slave auction. She wanted to be a permanent slave of a Gorean Master. I asked for permission to talk. Arta answered that I could speak later. Poor man was surprised. In some minutes later, he told Arta, that I had wanted to tell anything. I lowered my head and smiled. I knew that my Mistress was proud of me because of my behavior. So, I received permission to talk and I told them about the auction of Gorean girl.

Arta seemed to be interested in, but her friend seemed to be frightened. He did not want to talk to the auction. In fact, I had a feeling that he did not like my presence, maybe not because of me personally. When we had met last time, I had thought that Gorean world would have been interesting for him. It was why I mentioned the auction. He left us, soon.

But, the other guest came. Arta bought some demo far east style hairdos. We skimmed through them. Of course, no man can handle such fashion shows, so we left alone with my Mistress, soon.

In conclusion, I would like to emphasize that my Mistress is a good Mistress and his friends are good men. I wrote about my feelings in this blog. I try to describe my thought, too. Please, do not think that if I felt despaired, then it is because my Mistress is bed or so. I have never been a slave in long-term relationship and, in fact, I did not plan it. It just happened. So, I have to learn, too. I never though that feelings of Nia would affect on feelings of RL me. It is a new experiment for me.



My Mistress called me to go to the living room to greet her. I descended from the sleeping room slowly. I hesitated. I was not sure how to greet her. I decided to kiss her feet until she would stop me. It was the best solution, as I had right to kiss her feet any time. I started to kneel down, when she went away. She went to her favorite chair, but she did not sit down.

I dropped on my knees and my lips touched her feet. She caressed my hair and I continued kissing. She stopped me soon. She asked me if my pants were all right and if cuffs did not cut me too much. Her voice was sarcastic. I felt my eyes and whispered the answer. I still did not know why she hated me. I had hoped she would forgive me. However, hearing her questions I realized that my suffering did not end.

Then she sat down and told me that she had a call and she had to go away. She gave me permission for walking in SL, until her call.

I went to the shop Beautiful Skin. This is the shop with four lucky chairs, where I had won two silks. I was waiting there, but at this time, luck did not meet me.

I also talked with Sir Sleight. We had not met for a while. It was nice to hear that he was all right. He still had plans in SL. We were talking about Gorean places, too.

Then I went to Mexico to visit the famous pyramid there. The pyramid and the ancient buildings were not changed, but I discovered a lot of new building built in modern style. I hired a horse and I just started to ride, when my Mistress called me home.

She was not alone. The Cruel Friend sat in the chair near her. I went to her and knelt down. I wanted to kiss her feet when I heard her order. She ordered me to greet her justly. When her words left her lips, my mouth reached her feet.

She ordered me to play chess with the Cruel Friend. I became frozen. I hated this game. But, the order was given and I had to obey. I was waiting for the Cruel Friend's answer. I hoped that he would refuse it. He did not.

I had examined some openings, yesterday. Do you know that first ten or maybe twenty moves are fixed in chess? If you want to be a good chess player, then you must have good memory and patient to memorize these openings. This threw me, when I read it. What about the cogitation? Probably, I misunderstood something.

The Cruel Friend played well. He made moves very quickly. He almost did not think before moving the figures. It was very hard to play with him. I won at the end, but I had a feeling that he allowed me to win.

Arta seemed to be pleasant. I had to say thank Cruel Friend for the game. Then my Mistress ordered me to offer the return match. Oh, I obeyed. Of course, I did. What else I could do.

Arta and The Cruel Friend were talking about the chess. I heard the conversation kneeling, silently. Suddenly, my Mistress told that I liked to play chess and she demanded a confirmation from me. I lowered my head and whispered as she ordered me. Maybe, playing chess is the other way to make my suffering.

Before going to bed, my Mistress hugged me twice and she told me that she was pleasant with me. I was confused. Her recent behavior is very cruel and I fell that she wants to prove that I am not a good slave. Today, she girded at me with her questions. I sometimes feel that she wants to punish me. I have a feeling that she is angry with me. I do not want to her to be angry with me. I accept how she treats me recently. I know she has right to be cruel and I admit that she has right to gird at me. Suffering is the fate of slaves. I will suffer if it makes her happy. But, I do not want her to be angry with me.