Dress Code

On the second day of my slavery, my Owner did not log in. I was browsing my inventory in search of the clothes which reveal my pussy or my breasts. I did not want to look like a whore at all. Therefore, I would like to find something which can be clothed in any non PG sims.

While I was trying clothes, I accidentally took off my collar. Of course, I put it back as quickly as I could. Then I suddenly received an IM from my Master. It was strange as I saw him offline. He explained that he was talking to me with e-mails. He asked why I had removed my collar. I explained him begging for mercy. He was very kind to me and I was not punished. Unfortunately, he told me that he could not come to me this day.

I would have wanted to serve him so much. But, on the other hand, I had time to find proper clothes. I put on the sexiest clothes before I went to sleep.


Owned Again

I was unowned, again. I went back to BR and waited. It was not so amusing to stand and wait. I was observing others and I realized that many people show their group label not only their name. I quickly activated one of my favorite groups and above my head a label appeared saying that “I need a Master”.

It was a good idea as in some minutes I was talking with four different people. I often feel uncomfortable to have conversations with different people at the same time. I knew that I would be a slave only one of them and I hate to refuse offers of nice people. But, there were nothing to do; I agreed to go with the person who had sent me IM first.

He sent me a teleport and accepting it I found myself in a skybox floating above the Slave Island. I had visited the Slave Island before but I had been to shy to join. He leaded me in a room and sat down at a throne. I had to kneel at his feet.

He was very kind and as our conversation was evolving I became sure that he would be the proper owner for me. He told me that he found me attractive. He did not repeat it too many times as some people did. Maybe it was the reason that I indeed believed that he liked me. He was interested in my limits, but I felt that he had read my profile. He also gave me possibility to ask questions.

I felt very good and I was very happy. He wanted me to undress and kneel back. So, we continued our conversation with excitement.

He told me about the rules I had to follow and about his expectations.

  • I must kneel almost all the time. If I have to stand up then I must ask for permission to do so.
  • I must greet him first when he will e online.
  • I must address him Master.
  • I am not allowed to cover myself with clothes. Either my pussy or my breasts must be uncovered. I can wear clothes sheer clothes if it can be seen through it or a skirt without lingerie.
  • I must address other people as Miss or Sir. However, it does not mean that they can use me. If they want me then they have to ask him first.
  • I am not allowed to be too chatty and I should not be rude.
  • If we are together and somebody IMs me then I must report it to him.
  • I must change my profile. I was on trial so I was not his slave yet. It must be written in my profile.

I was very happy and very excited when we went to bad.

Reminiscence – The New Old Master

I was standing at BR, when I received an IM from a man. Our conversation was strange. He asked me why I was unable to find a Master. It was not the most polite question I had ever heard. I answered that there should have been better slaves than me around.

Soon, he offered me to take to his home. I was sure that I had never been there, but the style of furniture looked familiar. He allowed me to sit on a pillow near his feet. He suddenly asked why I would have liked to become his slave. “Why me?” he added. Well, after about a five minute of conversation, it was the question impossible to answer. I could only tell that I wanted be a slave so much.

He showed me around in his house. I learned that the sleeping room was forbidden area for me. He had a nice dungeon, which style looked familiar, too. Near the dungeon, there was a room, maybe a living room, I do not know. In this room, there were three cells.

We continued talking in this room. He told me his rules:

  • I must be naked at home and wear collar, cuffs and high heels.

  • I must address him “my Lord”.

  • My body must be oiled.

Then I asked some question. I wanted to be sure if my online time was acceptable for him. I also asked if he accept my limits. He said that he read them in my profile and they were all right for him.

After my questions, he told me more rules to keep:

  • It is “forbidden to touch your cunt, clit, breast, asshole (except to wash) and cum” without his permission.

  • I must show in my profile that I am on trial.

  • He said once again that I must have always worn my collar, cuffs.

  • I always must use RLV.

My Owner told that he liked piercings, tattoos and oiled body. So, I would be pierced, tattooed and branded in 2 weeks. He told me that the length of my trial period is 2 weeks.

Then it was my turn to ask questions, as he allowed me to ask three more questions. I asked how I should have behaved when he was offline. The answer frightened me. I would be caged and chained when I am alone. In addition, I was not allowed to IM or to speak.

I asked if he wanted me to isolate from my friends forever. He assured me that after my training he would keep me not so strict. Then I would not be caged when he would be offline and I would be allowed to speak with my friends, too.

I realized that I was whispering. I had no idea why I did not speak. I asked him. He ignored my question and I decided that it was one of the errors of SL. Actually, it was the first sign of warning, as he forced me to whisper. I did not know it at that time.

The end of the day, he ordered me to go to a cell naked. He stepped inside to bind my cuffs. My hands were secure behind my back. He asked me if I had a gag ball. Hearing my answer he ordered me to put it on. When I was ready, he locked the gag ball. Then he closed and locked the door of my cell and left me alone.

Next day, I woke up in the cell alone. I was not allowed to IM. I was unable to open my map, minimap. Even my friend list was unreachable for me. I sent him an IM with my greetings and I got to know that he was offline. I spend two long hours alone in the cage.

Next day, I realized that he IMed me. According to indicated time, he was online much after our agreed time. His answer was strange.

When I had left SL a day before my last IM was: “My Lord, I was waiting for you for more than an hour. I do not know what I did wrong that you had left me alone and you are punishing me with so strict isolation.”

He answered in three IMs:

  • “empty cell”

  • “came too lete”

  • “waits”

Reading my answers I was sure that we had met before. I had an owner, who had left me alone for a week. He had never been online and he had left me such messages making me guilty. He had left me answers in such style. I had escaped from him on the fourth day, as he had not used me at all. He had been very angry with me blaming only me. Well, my online time is indicated clearly on my profile.

I did not want to deal with it. I hoped that he would use me now. But, when I looked around, I saw a girl kneeling in the corner of the room. I wanted to IM him that I did not want to serve with others, as it was written on the first page of my profile. But, I was not able to open my mouth, because he forced me to kneel with my collar. I IMed him asking politely not to do it. He did not answer. I IMed him once again telling that he was breaking my limit. He did not know about what limit I was talking. Well, he seemed to be a really caring Master. I explained it to him. We were talking in IMs, out of character.

He did not care of my limits at all, as he answered “1- next time kneel at once in front of me”, “2- no need to be that rude when talking”. Of course, I would have knelt before him if he had told me such rule. I did not understand why “Please, do not force me into poses with my collar.” was rude, especially if it was told out of character.

I asked him to stop it once more. He did and he ejected me from his group. I could receive some information about the place where I was, as he opened the lock on my RLV. I checked the owner of the land. Do you know who the land owner was? The same person, who was once my master.

So, if you want an owner who breaks your limit and does not care with you at all, then find Lebourreau Beaumont. But if you search for a true Master, then it is better to avoid him as far as you can.

Reminiscence – Slave Princess

My new Owner took me to his home. I was teleported there, so I could examine only interior of his home. It looked like a tower and was built in style of Stars Wars. He talked to me very politely; I felt like we had a date or similar.

He told me to sit on the table. He told me how beautiful I was and he assured me that I would not be harmed. When I asked about the rules, his answer was rather unusual. The first rule was about my clothes. I had to wear panties and bra all the time as he did not want “others getting any ideas with” me.

When I told her that I felt like a princess not a slave, he assured that I was a princess. Then he started to undress me very gently and kiss my naked body. Well, I am not a hard luck slave.

Next day, I logged in and was banned from his home. Some days later, he sent me IM and told that he wanted me again.