I had headache. I felt it clearly. It was dark around me and cold. I knew that the darkness would go away if I would open my eyes. I did not remember where I was. It was colder than in the common room of the nest. The bed was rougher than the soft grass, on which I had spent some days sleeping.

Suddenly, I remembered everything. I was in the kennel in the Tuchuks' camp. I opened my eyes and sat up quickly. I hit the wooden ceiling of my cage with my head. The cage was very tight. I was sleeping with lifted to my breasts legs. I examined my head and I realized that probably I had hit my head during the night, when I change my position sleeping.

Examining the lock of the cage, I realized that I could open it. I heard voices from outside of the kennel wagon, so, I opened the door of the cage and I climbed out. I walked to the grid of the kennel wagon. The grid was closed. I beheld the Ubar and an unknown girl near the fire. The girl was naked and she sat on the Ubar's thighs. They were far from me to hear my greeting, but the sharp eyes of the Ubar found me. He left the girl and came to me. He opened the door of the wagon and accepted my greetings.

I followed her to the fire, around which he sat back to his place and took the girl to him. I asked for permission to greet the girl. They were speaking each other, so I learned the girl's name. Her name was MistyRose. I greeted her using her name. It was the common habit in this camp. Kajira was allowed to call other kajira by her name.

The girl looked at me strangely and asked how I could know her name. I sit frozen. She did not even greet me. She attacked instead of greeting. Fortunately, the Ubar protected me resembling this girl that he had just mentioned her name during their conversation.

The girl talked to me, but instead of my name, she called me just kajira. I was confused. I thought that she might have not been a kajira. Yes, she was naked. But we were alone in the camp and I was not familiar with having love men and free women. Maybe, she was a free woman, I supposed. I asked if she was a free woman. She had been prideful. Now, she became prideful, angry and demanding at the same time. I understood that she was very close to the Ubar in her mind.

I did not want to fight with her; however, I had a feeling that the Ubar would have enjoyed it. So, I told that it was difficult to decide if she was a kajira or a free woman. She started laughing loudly. She told that I was silly because everybody knew that a free woman did not walk without clothes.

Then she explained that she would not use my name; she would address me as a kajira. Every woman must have been proud to be a kajira, according to her opinion. I though of free women of the camp and I could not decide if they must have been ashamed of their free status. She said that she would not address me as sister because I was not her close friend. I hoped that I was the only kajira, who was not close to her, or else it would be very difficult to decide to whom she would talk in a crowed of slaves.

The Ubar ordered us to follow him to the branding rack. MistyRose must have climbed on it and the Ubar bound her naked body tight. I had to listen to the branding stick, which was put in the fire. It became red and looked very dangerous. I told the Ubar about the readiness of the stick. He ordered me to lift it from the fire and to give it to him. I obeyed and I tried not to look at the poor girl. I felt sorry for her; I forgot her unkind nature for a while. The Ubar lifted the stick with the red brand and pushed it slowly on the skin of a girl. I turned away my head but I could hear her screams and smelled the burning skin.

Some seconds later, she calmed down and I had to put some medicine on her skin. Her scab become clear and I could see the mark on her body. The Ubar gave a new name to her. She was called toruii. It is the Gorean word for fire. Then he unbound her and called me to the rack.

I approached slowly with trembling legs. I could see nothing but the rack. I climbed it and I felt as strong hands bound me to it. I was unable to move. I heard the Ubar's word, but I did not understand their meaning. Suddenly, I felt sharp, burning pain in my body. I felt it everywhere; I could not determinate the point of branding. I felt the odor of my own burning flesh. I almost went off in a swoon. Then, some moments or some minutes later, I realized where I was. My eyes were searching for people around me. I saw, as toruii slathered my scab. The burning pain went away a bit.

I had to stand up. I was proud looking at my brand. The Ubar changed my name, too. I became she'vo, happiness in English.

My whole body was trembling and I relieved only when the Ubar allowed me to go to the kennel to relax.



I woke up in the empty city. I heard voices from the distance, from behind the tall city gate. I moved closer. The doors seemed to be huge. I pushed them. I knew that I was not strong enough to open locked gate.

A lovely, naked girl approached. I could see her fragile body and waving hips across the grid of the gate. She unlocked the gates and asked me to follow her, as it was Ubar's order. Soon, I knelt before the Ubar. I looked up at him kneeling, while the wind stroked my skin softly.

Another slave came to us and knelt down gracefully. I greeted her. When the words left my lips, I beheld changes on Ubar's face. He chid me loudly. I learned that I had to ask for permission to greet other slaves.

The Ubar looked at me rigorously. He examined my body slowly. His eyes burned my naked skin. He said that I would be branded soon. My body started to shake. I tried to control myself, but my fear was so enormous. I just felt the burning touch of the brand on my sensitive skin. I still remembered the tongue piercing I had received when I had lived on Earth.

I was so afraid that I almost missed the Ubar's next sentence. He said that my name would be changed, too. I love my name; but now, it was totally indifferent for me. I was in horror from the branding ceremony.

The Ubar ordered the girl, who had come for me, to show me around in the camp and in the city. The girl's name was Dream. She moved so gracefully and looked very lovely. She showed me the cellar, where slaves were punished. It was under a house in the city. The entrance of the punishment cellar was hidden so much, that I had not found it earlier.

We left the city, when a kajira called Moonstar joined us. Both girls had an Owner; I was a city slave and I was the only city slave at that time, as I got to know from the girls. We were talking in the kennel, when the Ubar entered. He ordered me to choose of the cages. I selected the cage in the corner, far from the entrance of the wagon.

I went into the cage. I closed my eyes and I tried to sleep.


I Am Alive

Hello everybody,

I am still alive, but I have problems with my Internet connection.
I hope that I will be able to return soon.

Take care and have fun, my dear friends!

See you soon,

Treasure City

I spent two days in the gully. I was hungry and thirsty. But, I was afraid to come out. In the end, there was nothing to do; I had to come out to the plains. Otherwise, I could die.

I started my hidden journey alone in the wildness of Gor. I walked by day and I slept high in the trees by night. I was almost dead when I reached Tuchuks. I knew Tuchuks. They were nomad people famous for their bravery and cleverness. I knew that they would protect their properties, if it would be a bosk or a slave girl.

The city and the nomad camp were under construction. Their Ubar already found a protected place for the home stone. I felt lucky; the half ready camp with new people seemed to be a good place to hide. I went straight to the Master Slaver of the camp.

After the War

I do not want to write about the war itself. It was terrible; many of my friends died. After the war, friendly Priest-Kings gave us the possibility of choice. I could decide to leave the Nest or to stay. My best friend, who had been born in the surface, suggested me to go with him. I wanted to see the surface; I wanted to look at the sun. So, I decide to follow him.

I got clothes of free woman. It covered my body and almost my entire face. We thought that I could travel such way. My hair was still short; but I was not bald any more.

It took much time to travel. We joined a caravan to find protection against the bandits and wild animals. I could see slaves. Their fate was terrible and wonderful at the same time. I was under the protection of my friend and nobody treated me like a slave; however, I had to be polite to men.

On a dark night, when moons were covered by the dark clouds, our caravan was attacked. The attack was quick and cruel. Aggressors killed everybody. I was lucky, as I had fallen into a hidden gully at the border of the camp, at the beginning of the attack. I heard screams of fear and pain in the black night. Then I heard nothing. Silence and the darkness pushed me deep into the gully. I was afraid of breath when I heard steps in the night. They were searching for something. I sit without motion. Attackers were talking among themselves. They wanted to find a barbaric girl wearing clothes of free women, the girl, who had short dark hair. My heart almost jumped out of my chest.

They were searching for me.

In the Nest

I came to my senses. I felt something cold when I opened my eyes. I was still bound to the bed and bald people washed me with some liquid; I supposed that it was water. But, I could not be sure. The door opened and a huge, insect like creature entered. I screamed out loudly; my body was shaken in fear.

Some of the people talked to me and I understood it. He tried to calm me down. I did not understand anything. I knew that he did talk in a foreign language. I understood his every word. I did not know what language he spoke. I had heard this language some minutes ago only. Now, I understood it. How could it happen?

He explained that this strange device had made me know this language, which was called Gorean. I learned that I was in a planet called Gor and I had become a slave. I had to serve these insect and their name was Priest-King.

I struggled and I shouted at him angrily. To my surprise, I talked in Gorean in my excitement. Later, I got to know how to talk in Gorean. Gorean words and Gorean grammar were in my head; but I had no practice, yet.

They made me obey. They made me accept my slavery. It was not so long process. They closed me to the room with stoned walls, where I had been awake first. They sometimes came to me and asked questions. If the answer was wrong, then they beat me. The right answer meant food and drink for me. So, it did not require much time to accept my status.

Main food was fungus. I hated it, but it was the only food for slaves. I worked as a servant in the slave kitchen. I prepared fungus for the cook. Days were not interesting. I worked in the kitchen and I had to take shower about seven times a day. I was allowed to sleep when I could move hardly.

I was not on the surface. The town or the nest, as I got to know its name, was built under the surface. Before sleeping, we often talk about the life outside the nest. I learned about the society and habits of Gor from the people, who had lived there. I learned that women served men in the Gor society. I learned much of Gorean life.

I also got to know that insect like creatures were gods here and most of the Gorean people had never seen them. However, I had no idea why I had been taken from Earth.

So, life in the nest was hard and boring.

Once, people came to me. They grabbed me and took away. I was frightened. I did not know what would happen to me. I struggled against them, but they held me tight. We arrived into a room similar to the one, where my hair had been cut down.

Two Priest-Kings looked at me with interest. There was a strange device behind them. I felt that I would learn the purpose of kidnapping me. I did not want to know it. I trembled in fear. Two men took me towards the device when we heard far explosion, which shook the metal walls in the room. We, including the Priest-Kings, were standing frozen for a long moment. Then, insects ran out of the room. I did not know what happened. I did not know that the Nest War was started.

Arrival to Gor

I am alone. So, I have time to tell you my story, how I became a kajira.

I remember I was disappointed when my last Owner gave up using me. I went to Sir Bela, where I had a sleeping rug in a small wooden house. The westering sun stroked my skin softly. I closed my eyes...

I was half sleeping. I felt something hard and cold. My hands were searching for a small pillow. It was nowhere. I knew that I should have opened my eyes. But, it was so difficult. I was still sleeping. I was shaking with cold. The warm wind blowing from the Ocean was nowhere. I felt only cold. I opened my eyes slowly. Then I jumped up with widened eyes. I was not in the wooden house. I was lying on the cold stone floor in a small room. The room was huge and empty. The walls were made of some kind of strange material unknown by me. I touched one of the walls and shouted in surprise. It was cold like a fridge.

I went to the door. It was locked and I did not discover any tool to open it. I started shouting. My head was shaking. I was in shock.

Suddenly, the door opened and human like creatures came into the room. They looked like man but they were bald. Their faces were also strange. I did not know why.

They talked to me loudly. I did not understand any of their words. They spoke on a strange language completely unknown for me. I tried to communicate with them on all languages owned by me. They did not answer me; they just approached me with angry faces.

Two of them grabbed my arms and then they dragged me out of the room. I was fighting against them, but I was unable to protect myself. We were going along the corridor to a room with walls made of glass. The metallic chair stood in the middle of the room. The humanoids bound me to the chair. I was unable to move at all. Even my head was bound to the chair. A bald man approached to me with a device in his hand and he started to cut my hair. In a moment, I became bald. But, it was not enough. He cut off my eyebrows, pubic hair. A single hair did not remain on my body. I was just shouting; my fingers grabbed the air.

Suddenly, the chair transformed into a bed. I looked at the men holding a helmet in his hand. I got to know why his face was so strange. Probably, I looked similar strangely. He did not have eyebrows like me. I begged for him; I asked him to let me run away. He looked at me with expressionless eyes and put the helmet on my head. It was cold. The metal touched my bald head. I was shouting in fear. The darkness covered me; I went off.

Empty City

I woke up and I opened my eyes carefully. I could not see anybody and I could not hear any voices. Only the wind blows among the wooden houses. The city was empty.

I was walking. I wanted to find somebody. Nobody was around. I went to the windows of the houses and I looked in the houses. I could see no furniture.

I became very hungry. I had not eaten for two days. Fortunately, I found a well. Its sweet water cooled my thirst. I drank and returned to my sleeping place.


Alone in the City

I was alone in my Gorean city. I took a tour. I was walking naked among the buildings.

I beheld the strange device used for branding slaves. I remembered Ubar's words. He had told about branding me soon. I trembled looking at the pole and the burning fire near it.

When I became sleepy, I found a hidden place, which looked safe and I fell asleep.

La Kajira

Sir Sleight IMed me. He became the Slaver of a new Gorean city. He invited me to join to this city and be a kajira.

You now I always wanted to go a Gorean city. But it was so close now and I got frightened. I was hesitating. I knew that I did not want long term relationship, again. I did not have any Gorean experience. I told about my doubts to Sir Sleight. He said that it would be a new city and most of citizens were new to Gor. He calmed me down. Everything becomes very simple when I talk with Sir Sleight. He is a wonderful person.

I read first four books and I am reading the fifth one. I visited many Gorean cities and I collected city rules and other relevant note cards. From the book, I learned that different cities had different rules. My SL Gorean tours showed me that there are two types of Gor cities. On type work according the books and the other types have own rules, which in their turn are based on the book, too.

While I thought over what I knew of Gor, Sir Sleight sent me a group invitation. Oh, I had to call him Master Sleight instead of Sir. He said me to contact the Ubar, the governor of the city. I put on my best silks and I examined myself. I looked pretty, but something was missing. My neck was naked. Oh, the collar! I put my collar on. I took a deep breath and IMed the Ubar.

We met in the city, where his first question was about the owner of the collar I wore. Damn, why I had put this collar on. I asked him if I had to remove it.

When I removed, he brought out a new collar. He made the collaring ceremony right now. He also cut my silks, which fell down flying in the warm wind. I became a collared city slave. My heart was beating fast and loudly. I felt its pulsating in my throat.

As I was the first slave in the city and the only slave at this moment, all citizens came and stood around me. Kneeling naked, in the middle of the circle of the well-clothed citizens made me trembling. This trembling was a good kind. You know when you feel excitement with your entire body.

I made mistakes. I knew that I would make many in the near future. If I would receive city rules that it would be easier. Today I learned that I was not allowed to call free persons in their name. I learned that I had to say goodbye starting from the highest in rank person. I also learned how to leave if I had to.

The Ubar was excellent person. He helped me in IM when I was unsure. I still feel fear of the future in the city, but I know I decided well. Citizens I met are nice and helpful persons. If you want to start your kajira life, then it is a good possibility. Just come and join us.

Oh, I was so excited that I forgot to look around in the city. *smiles


BDSM places

My Owner was not online. It seemed he did not want to use me anymore. I escaped.

I was visiting BDSM places and I tried to find new ones. I did not know how many new BDSM clubs had been opened.

Lucky Day

My Owner was not online.

Today, I was hunting for silks. Fortunately, I won some nice silks. I hope I can use them in my journey.


Common Friend

My Owner was not online.

I was walking in SL and I was searching for interesting places. I found one. I did not know about what was the place I found. If I understood well, then it must have been a foreign world. The buildings and the statues of the animals were unusual for the eyes from the Earth.

I talked with the Cruel Friend. We have a common friend. We were talking of her. She had introduced SL to me and she had helped much, when I had been novice. It was good and strange to remember my young days.



My Owner was not online.

Recently, I have had strange feelings. I have felt observing eyes on me. A group of my friends was talking about a certain thing. I do want to waste your time, so I do not tell more of it.

I can only say that I have lied only if it was ordered. I am very sorry for my behavior. If you do not believe me, please, do not kill me. Just leave me alone. Live and let to live. It is why we love SL, is not it?

So, I was talking and muting observers. I did not do anything else. I felt bad. I hate drama. I hope I will not talk about it anymore.



My Owner sent me a teleport. At this time, we he did not wait for me in a small room. I arrived to a large room. I knew this place; I had visited it before. Once, I had served here giving pleasure to a horse. Now, there were no horses around. We were in another room. In this BDSM related place, different rooms are built for different needs, similar to Heaven & Hell. The rooms are enormous, so, couples do not disturb each other.

I had to sit on a device. My Owner fixed my hands and legs to this device and he caned me until I cried out. Then he released me. No, I did not receive a small break to calm down. He ordered me to pull my pants down and he bound me back to the device, immediately. The caning continued until I started suffocating.

My Owner unbound me and I had to remove all my clothes. We went to the next device. I was ordered to sit down. He did not bind me to the device. The device was some kind of metal chair with a huge dildo. I descended and felt as the dildo opened my wide. It did not case me pain, but it was very uncomfortable. I started to move my hips along the dildo. It hurt. I stopped and spread my leg and relaxed my muscles.

My Owner caned my stomach. He did not order me to move or to stay still. He was just beating me. I grasped the metal arms of the device and held very tight. When my stomach became red from the strikes, my Owner ordered me to stand up.

We went to the huge cross. He bound me to the cross and said that he would leave. He left without any additional words. I asked in IM if I could stand up. I received permission to stand up. Fortunately, a stranger was walking around and he opened my cuffs. I put on my clothes and went home to sleep.


Lucky Chairs

My Owner was not online. I already had forgotten this feeling. I mean to be owned and not used.

I received two boats from my friend. I decided to try them. During awaiting, I went to the ocean and put the boats. None of them worked. Of course, it could be my fault. It was the first time, I had tried to sail and drive boat.

Suddenly the silk group revived. I started to receive IMs with winning letters. Soon, I saw my lucky letter, and then again. I won two silks, today.

One of Arta's friends met me. We were talking about the difficulties of SL life. *smiles


Small Room

My new Owner was online. He IMed me when I woke up immediately. He called me to his location. I arrived and I looked around. We were in the small room. I guessed that we were in the sky; I could see the top of the clouds from the balcony.

The room was not a BDSM dungeon. It rather looked like an escorts' chamber. There were club chairs around the table. A bit far from it, a lap dance armchair stood in the corner. I saw a huge, but simple bad at the wall and a rug for relax. I explored only one BDSM like furniture in the center of the room.

I changed my settings allowing my Owner to check my location on the map. I also asked about rules to keep. My Owner did not say any rules, so I had big freedom.

I still wore my everyday clothes and no collar. My Owner ordered me to stand up on the table and to dance. I danced for him and I try to be very sexy. I had to undress while I was dancing. My Owner called my attention to take off my shoes. My fate seems to be barefooted. *smiles

I supposed that my Owner liked my dance, as I was dancing for about half hour. My Owner stood up and walked behind me. I started to turn toward him, when his voice stopped me. I had to lower on all fours. He was playing with me inserting his fingers into my tight butt. It hurt much. He tried to cause only little pain, but this hole of mine was almost virgin.

Then he sat down in the lap dance chair. I ran to him and continued dancing. My full breasts almost touched his face when I leaned. He immediately ordered me to serve orally. I tried to do my best; the rough rug hurt my knees much.

I could not finish because he took me to the device standing in the middle of the room and bound me into it. Then he walked behind me. I tried to look at his action, but the cuffs limited my movement. Suddenly, I felt burning pain on my bottom. A cane cut my skin. I was moaning under the strikes. My eyes were filled with tears.

My Owner looked at me and brought out a whip. He did not want to cause me much pain. The whip indeed hurt less. My naked butt was dancing under the kisses of the whip. I still felt the burning pain, when he went into my body. I was waving and swirling to enhance his joy. Soon, I could hear that he reached the peak.

He unbound me and we were sitting for a while on the rug silently. Then my Owner left me alone in the small chamber.

Do you remember the lovely girl I mentioned some days ago? She IMed me again and we talked. I was happy to talk with her. We have so much in common. I hope we will get to know each other better.



I started to visit old BDSM places. Many of them were changed very much.

I received an IM from the CARP group. The informed members about the starting soon class named BDSM role-play. I was glad. I thought that it was for me. I used to visit classes and I knew that role-play classes at CARP were very good and useful.

At this time, the teacher was not the clever woman. A man talked about BDSM relationship and types from point of view the Maze. The class lasted more than an hour. After it, I went to sleep.

Maybe, it is the time to start seeking Owners. I wanted to serve; I felt it. I knew that I had to return and look forward, in the future.

Nice House

I met Sir Sleight. He showed me his house. It was under construction, but, it was wonderful.

I enjoyed talking with him. He remained the kind person, as I had met him some months ago.

Later, I was hunting for silks. Unfortunately, I did not win any.



I received an invitation to join a group called Help for Free Gorean Silk. Members of this group notify each other of the winner letters of lucky chairs and their location. I was waiting for IM with my name but I did not receive any. I also received a note card with the locations of the silk related lucky chairs. I was visiting every locations and I won. *smiles

Later, Arta became online. We met and talked. She was all right, but she had a lot of work to do. I was happy to meet and talked to her.


When I had been Arta's slave, I had received an LM to a beach with possibility of surfing. She had gone there without me and I had not asked her about it.

I decided to visit this beach. Oh, I enjoyed it very much. I received a free surfboard and wet suit. The waves were high. They seemed enormous. It was not very difficult to ride the waves. I admit that first tries of mine were not the best. I sometimes flew through the waves. I soon surfed and I enjoyed it very much.

After the surfing, I visited the second area there, where I rode on bicycle. It was not very special. It can be tried once, but the one will not return to ride again.

I was skiing. I mean I tried it. I was not very skillful. I met the first problem when I wanted to wear the skis. The hill was very scarp. I decided not to break all my bones and I went away from the island.

I recommend you to look around on this island and enjoy the sport on the beach and on the snowy peak.

I had time to browse all hairstyles from the Hair Fair exhibition. I found some very interesting ones.


Free Girl

First, I would like to thank for your support, comments and IMs. Thank you! You helped me very much!

I was free again. I felt empty.

I have not mentioned that one of me former Owners made me on offer on the day of my release. I missed three days. I was unable to return to SL. This Owner was offline. Maybe he gave up waiting for me.

So, I did not know what to do. It is interesting because during my slavery, I would have wanted many interesting places. Now, I did not remember any of them. I knew that there was a lot of work to do. I forgot how to use collar animations and gestures. When I opened my inventory to choose the outfit for today, I realized that I did not remember what clothes I had.

So, I was busy with choosing clothes, when my friend IMed me and invited me to join her. She became a sailing fun. We met at a yacht club, where she kept her boat. The boat was very lovely. On its dark body, red roses were on flame.

I enjoyed sailing. I mean I enjoyed talking with her. My mind still hurt, so I was unable to pay as much attention to the sailing, as I had to. I was not alone.

One of Arta's friends IMed me and we talked a bit. I calmed down. I knew that I could return.
I loved to serve Arta, as she was a wonderful Mistress. But, I mad a mistake. I was mistaken, when I agreed to be a slave of one Owner for so long.

Maybe, one week of slavery is not enough. Maybe, it is true. But, I do not want to be a permanent slave, again. I returned to my basic principles with a small modification. I would like to serve one Owner for a week or two. It seemed to be a good start of my journey.



My Mistress released me. She still thought that I was a liar. I knew that it would be very difficult to serve an Owner when we lacked of confidence.

I had spent much time with my Mistress. It was very strange to walk alone in the streets of SL. It was very strange to wear shoes and to walk without cuffs and collar.

I am sorry, my friends, I have some days to relay and think over my feelings. Please, forgive me if I will away for some days.



Do you remember the pole in the spiders' dungeon? My Mistress had ordered me to get to know where the creator's shop had located. I received the LM from the creator. So, our first way with my Mistress leaded to this shop. She went around and she was not content at all.

She had been always checking me. I had had a feeling that she had not trusted in me at all. I had felt so every time when I had shown her the places I had found. So, I knew the feeling of distrust well.

This time she was very distrustful. She asked me why this shop was so small. She asked me why the owner of the shop was not the same with the creator of the pole. Her questions suggested that I specially wanted to mislead her. I did not understand her. In the end, she did not buy the pole. She said that there were problems with the animations. She had never bought anything I had shown her and she did not buy now, too.

Then, we went to Sir Bela's new shop. At the entrance, two virtual girls stood, my friend and I. She went to the shop and she asked why my friend resembled me so much. I did not understand. There were three models in the vendors. In fact, I did not know about whom she spoke.

I did not think if my friend resembled me. I told it to her. She became angry. She asked if I said that she was a liar. I knew that I had mistaken. I had to agree with her, so I agreed quickly. Then she ordered me to tell how I resembled the other model. I could not tell anything. I thought that she wanted to confuse me, as she had done it sometimes. But, she continued asking me.

When I understood that she was serious; I tried to explain my point. I tried to explain that there was nothing in common with her, except that we talked when I had been online and she had helped me much.

My Mistress did not believe me. I was a liar again; however, I felt innocent. Her questions attacked me from every direction and I, the slave, was not able to protect myself. I went off in a swoon.



My Mistress was sleeping. I had asked permission to look through hairstyles I had gathered in the hair exhibition. Time was flying. I found some nice ones, but I did not take a note of them, as I wanted to see as much hairstyles as I could.

My Mistress woke up; I quickly put on the hair she liked and greeted her. She ordered me to show some hairstyles I liked. I obeyed; she liked none of them.



My Mistress asked me about the servitude yesterday. I told her everything and I mentioned that I had been frightened a bit. She wanted an explanation. I admitted that I had been always nervous meeting a new owner.

My Mistress asked if I feared of her. Her voice was toneless. It was not a question but a statement. Her face showed me that she was waiting for my answer. Sometimes, my Mistress had given me a start, but this was not the same. She was not content with my answer. She said that it would have been better to fear of her. I did not understand how she meant it.

My Mistress told me that we would go somewhere and I had to change my clothes to a latex suite. She sent me a teleport. When I arrived and looked around, I found myself in a familiar place. When I had started my servitude, my Mistress often had taken me here to serve strangers orally in a cage. At that time, I had been allowed to stand. Recently, my Mistress preferred me to kneel. So, I knelt. I knelt in a thick spider web. I felt the disgusting touch of the web on my naked legs. I begged for standing up. I did not want to feel this soft thing on my body. As an answer to my begging, my Mistress asked me if I feared of spiders. At this moment, I felt something crawling on my back. I started throwing myself around hysterically. I did not stand up, but I lost the control over myself for a moment. I heard the voice of my Mistress. I was allowed to stand up. I jumped at once. My uncovered feet trampled on the web. I was trembling. My Mistress jerked me by the leash and ordered me to turn around. She lifted my hair and assured me that there was no spider on my body.

She asked me if I feared of her. I went in terror of her. She frightened me. But, it was not enough. She leaned and lifted a spider. It was a coin size, black one with long legs. She lifted it and held it before my face. I moved my head away. She pulled me back by my leash. My breath changed. It became short. I felt my face burning and I felt cold around my body. I grasped for air with tightly opened mouth.

Suddenly, my Mistress shouted in surprise and showed toward my feet, “Look, there is a spider”. I moved my head slowly. But, I could see nothing but the darkness. The darkness surrounded me; I could hear noises from the far distant. I woke up from the light strikes on my face. I did not understand anything. I did not even know where I was.

My Mistress got a small box and put the spider in. Then she cowered and made the chain between my ankle cuffs longer. She told me that it was a joke; there were no spiders on me. I was streaming with perspiration. She leaded me quickly through the stoned floor covered with webs.

We arrived to the huge room. Probably, you are familiar with this place, if you read my previous articles. On the ground floor, there were cages. Girls sold themselves in the cages and before them. I had been closed in a cage and I had been ordered to give pleasure everybody. I supposed that my Mistress wanted to force me to have sex with strangers again.

Before descending to the ground floor, we stooped before the vendors. She pointed at the vendor advertising an ugly tattoo. It was a huge scorpion covered almost the whole upper body of the model. She asked if I liked it. I trembled and I was afraid of answering. It was disgusting. She brought out the box containing the spider. I quickly agreed in fear. I knew I had no choice; I had always to agree. She asked my opinion of having some humiliating words on me instead of the scorpion. I lowered my head. I did not understand why she wanted these things to me. I did not understand why she wanted me to fear. She lifted my chin saying that it was just a question.

We reached the ground floor. My mistress showed me a girl, who had the barbaric bitch hairstyle. The one, she had wanted me some days ago. She asked how I liked it. It was hard to answer.

The girl stood up and I had to go to kneel to her place. I was still confused. I was unable to think. A man stood before me and grabbed my head. I started sucking slowly. He did not like it and went away. My Mistress ordered me to contact the creator of the pole, in front of which I had knelt. She was not online, so, I sent her IM with a question.

We went home, soon. My Mistress put the box with the spider to the cupboard in the bedroom. I started trembling. I did not want to sleep in one room with the spider. I asked her to allowing me to sleep in the cellar. She found out my feelings and took away the box.

I was not sleeping well. I did not understand anything. I did not understand why my Mistress had changed so much and so quickly.



My Mistress was working, when I woke up. She had me up. My Mistress was talking with two persons. One of them was familiar. I had never seen the other guy. In fact, he was not a guy, but a fox. Yes, I think he was a fox, wearing suit.

My Mistress bound my ankle cuff to the floor and ordered me to dance. I obeyed. I like all forms of dancing. I enjoy dancing for the audience and I love to dance with a partner as well. At that time, I was dancing alone; the others sat down at the table and they were looking at me. The most interesting part of SL dance is emoting. I always emote. It is very exciting to have somebody, who listens to your dance and who reacts. I was lucky; my audience indeed enjoyed my dance. I wore only silks and jewels. It seems they liked when the flying silks stroked my waving hips.

I realized that my Mistress did not talk to me much. When the fox left, my Mistress stepped to me. Somebody entered the room we were; he was the Cruel Friend. My Mistress unlocked my chains and she ordered me to follow the Cruel Friend and to obey him. He would take care of me while my Mistress was working. Voice of my Mistress was colorless and it seemed to be discontent. I did not know what I did wrong. Maybe she behaved so because I had told my opinion of the Goth hair? I was afraid to ask it.

I was very excited. She loaned me. It makes me horny. I did not know the Cruel Friend. We had met earlier and talked. He sometimes had been cruel and he sometimes had been good to me. I liked him; I guess. I was exciting because I knew that I would go to the unknown world of unknown Owner.

Something disturbed me. My Mistress had not been saying me anything except cold short commands. I was wondering if she was cross with me. I asked for permission to ask a question. She seemed to be discontent with me. It is true that her voice did not reflect any emotions. Her answer was short and expressed fuming, “What do you want, Nia?”. I would have liked to know how long I would serve the Cruel Friend. My Mistress told me that I would get to know in time.

She ordered me to lock my handcuffs behind my back. I leaned, as I was trying to lock the cuffs. My heart was beating loudly.

The Cruel Friend attached a leash to my handcuffs and told me to follow him. We went to curtain built at the peak. I was grasping for air, as we went up on the hillside quickly and the leash was very short. The Cruel Friend called a special lift, which took us into the meadow in the sky. There, he pulled me hard and attached my leash to a ring flying in the air.

I went near the ring and turned back to him. We were waiting silently. I became very excited and I was afraid very much. I was unable to lift my head and look at his face. He realized my state of mind and asked me of my feelings. I felt excitement and fear.

He forced me into mouselook. I had been in mouselook earlier, but only for ten or fifteen minutes, no more. It was bad in mouselook. Fortunately, he did not order me to move, because I was always confused when I had to move in mouselook.

He ordered me to address him as Master while we would be together. So, my Master, the Cruel Frined, did not kill me. *smiles

He was kind to me; however, I felt that he was superior. My Master ordered me to stand in place and to follow him with my eyes and head. Then I had to look straight ahead. I felt, as he was playing with my cuffs. I stood frozen in mouselook; I did not know what he did behind my back.

Later, I had to dance for him. I danced him and looked at his reaction. I think he liked my dance. After the dance, he jerked me to lift. We descended from the sky to the peak of the hill, where my Mistress waited for us.

They were talking of me. I was proud hearing that the Cruel Friend was content with my servitude.

Before sleeping, my Mistress ordered me to kiss her feet. I love to kiss her feet, but, then I was confused. I thought that she would not want to hug me. She had alwyas hugged me before sleeping. I was mistaken; she hugged me after the foot kiss. I calmed down.

Knowing that my Mistress was not cross with me, I slept well, after an exciting day.


RP Sim

My Mistress wanted us to go to Aglarond. We arrived and I examined the RP rules, again, before entering the sim. The teleport stations were huge crystals. For the first sight, it was difficult to find them, but later everything went all right.

So, we teleported from the entrance. I looked around. We were in the middle of the gigantic room. Stairs leaded up and down. I would have chosen the way toward the sky, but, my Mistress selected other direction. Oh, I did not mention, we were in a mall.

My Mistress was watching every shop. She must have liked shopping. She showed interest to all products here. She sometimes asked me a question and went forward. I tried to answer while I was following her. My answers were delayed.

We were searching for the exit to the RP area. I suggested going to the higher floor. It was not a good idea. I knew it when I beheld the crystal in the center of the room, under the stairs. I was not able to warn my Mistress, who went fast to the higher level.

When I could reach her, I told about my mistake. She was not angry with me at all. She walked along the vendors of the shop then we descended to the ground floor.

We entered the main area. Fey avatars quivered their wings at the legs of the high trees. They were talking and they did not look at us. My Mistress wore a role play uniform, maybe ranger's clothes. I was almost naked wearing silks. My Mistress did not lead my by my leash; she even ordered me to stand up. We were exploring the sim and we did not participate in role play. The sim is very beautiful. You must go there, if you have not visited it, yet.

Then we meet my Mistress' fiend. You could meet him in my blog; I called him Cruel Friend. He was with a girl. I greeted them. They had a conversation with my Mistress. Suddenly, my Mistress told that she wanted to take me to a certain place before sleeping. She disappeared.

Some minutes later, she sent me a teleport. She called me to a hair shop. It was huge and dark, similar to the hairs they sold. It was a Goth place, I supposed. Goth is not my style at all. We were walking in the shop and, suddenly, my Mistress bought a demo. The hair she got was strange for me. She looked like a barbarian witch. She ordered me to buy a demo. My face became pale. I put on the hair and I almost fell. How do you think I look like?

My Mistress realized that I did not like this hair. She told me to go to home. At home, she allowed me to change the demo hair. I calmed down slowly. She mentioned that she did not want me to wear a hair I did not like. I was happy that she did not want me to have this hairstyle.

I was wondering. Maybe, I should really ask for permission to try demo hairs. Maybe, she would allow me to change my hairstyle.


Hair Fair IV

My Mistress was busy and she gave me a free day. She gave me a goodnight hug, before going to work.

Nobody of my friends was online. It seems to be my fate...

So, I was free. I decided to go to Hair Fair, again. I had different feelings. From one hand, the exhibition was interesting for me. From the other hand, I knew that probably I would not change my hair style. In the end, my curiosity won.

It was very difficult to find shops I had not visited, yet. If you were in the exhibition, then you know about what I am talking. The territory of the exhibition is huge; it consists of four sims. The sims are symmetrical. You cannot see any signs; only the name of the sim can help you in orientation. I was flying along the shops until I found the new one.

I buy some demos and had fun. I gathered free items. Now, I have many gifts from the exhibition. I should ask my Mistress for permission to try them. I do not remember how much time I spent there. I think I was in every mall of the exhibition. I really enjoyed it. I do not know who the organizers. They did great joy and their aim was noble. I was not allowed to buy hair. I bought many “free” gifts and demos for 1 L. I know this is nothing, but I would like to know that I could help them.

While I was in Hair Fair, Sir Bela became online. We talked a bit and he invited me and showed me around in his new shop. The shop is fairly interesting, especially the cellar level. A host with my picture still stood at the entrance. But, I beheld the other hostess, standing at the other side. I have to admit she looked better me. The shop contained not only vendors, but huge photos of my friend, who became the main model of Belas shops.

I know it was my decision to give up modeling and to be only a slave. Yes, it was my decision. But, my mind was sad for some long seconds.

Then I went to the Blaze. Once, it had been my favorite shop. I walked around and then I returned home to sleep.