Sex Slave

I was standing at the Bondage Ranch when I received an IM. I guy wanted me to be his slave. He asked me about my limits and needs, before telling me about his desire. He wanted me to play with myself in RL, too. It was not an unusual request and I admit that in most of cases I became very excited in RL. So, it was not a unique desire, but nobody lied emphasis on it. I agreed with the conditions that I must be alone.

I was owned again. I was happy. In additional, my new Owner seemed to be a kind person. He asked me to show a good BDSM place. I was not familiar with his dreams, so I decided to go to “Heaven & Hell”. Do you remember I mentioned this place earlier in this blog. It has many chambers for satisfaction different needs.

We he arrived, I tell him about the place and about the chambers and my Owner decided to go to the Bondage Dungeon. He bound me naked on the cross in front of the room and started to play with me. He did not hurt me he just mollycoddled me. I had to wear my excite body parts and he made me cum soon. Then he shouted at me, as he had not allowed me to cum. Yes, I did not pay attention to my xcite status.

My Owner punished me in a very pleasant way. He bound me tight and start to play with my pussy until I cum.

Sometimes, he allowed me to give him oral pleasure, but, manifestly, he did not enjoy it. He ordered me to show a place where we could make love. I like H&H, as there is such section there, too. He was using me and then he ordered me to put on everyday clothes.

We went to his favorite place, where we were dancing before sleeping.

My new Owner used me as a sex slave. I was satisfied in my body more than in my mind, however, I enjoyed it. His rules are related to my sexual actions. I am allowed to do everything except having sex with other without his permission.



I was visiting popular BDSM places and nobody recognized me. I was walking in the fields of Bondage Ranch. This place is always full. It is sometimes impossible to come here because it is full. So, the place is full but only few people talks. I sometimes heard conversation in some other than English (and Russian and Hungarian) language. I did not understand anything. Usually people stood there silently, maybe they IMed each other.



Classes at Bondage Playground are not rigid. You can say if you have something to tell or if you want to share something. We were talking about roles and responsibilities in BDSM. It is nice theme, is not it?

We discussed what it meant to be a good Dominant. I realized that I differed from the most of the slaves participating in the class. I am not better or worse. I am just different. Most of us, students, searched for a permanent Owner. The desires are different in long term relationship. I can handle everything for a week, at least, I think so at this moment. I know that I will be free after a week. The situation is different in permanent relationship. The slave must handle her Owner's caprice all the time. It is essential for a permanent slave to find a kind and beloved Owner.

From the other hand, I am lucky because I had have only good and better Owners, not counting the ones who did not used me.

The teacher mentioned the slave etiquette, in other words the rules for the slave. I know that both dominant and submissive must follow some rules as Dominants must pay attention to submissive's limits. But the etiquette does not contain slave's limits. Yes, it is created in accordance with the slave's limits.

I like rules. They can help me when I am confused. They can help me to serve better my Owner. Of course, the rules remind me that I am a slave. Following my Owner's rules makes me excited as I like control. We were discussing about the slave etiquette. A Mistress student did not like this rules. I marveled. I supposed that Dominants also like these rules. I supposed that they like to control their subs or slaves.

It was the second class kept in Bondage Playground. I liked both. I hope they will continue teaching.

Poor Slave Girl

I woke up under the stairway. Sir Bela was not in the house, but he left me a message. The message contained orders for me. I had to go to the corner between the wall and the cage. I went there quickly and continued reading the message. I had to stay until my Owner would come online. Sir Bela did not want me to feel lonely. So, I had to write IMs to him about how lucky I was to serve for him. He ordered me to continue sending messages in every minute until he would come home.

I was a bit frightened not knowing how long I would stay facing to the wall and how many sentences I had to write. I did not know how he recognized my present but he came online in about ten minutes.

I greeted him on my knees bowing my head in front of him. He walked around me without a word. I was wondering if I was mistaken. He suddenly ordered me to go in a cage, in a query cage. I hate this cage. It says sentences and I must repeat them. In case of any fault, the cage punishes me. The cage can make me add numbers and if the result is incorrect then I can wait for my punishment. I was sure that I was mistaken. However, I did not know the reason.

Sir Bela closed the door of the cage and the cage gave me mathematical tasks. I had to add number. How much I liked it! I was busy with math exercises when my Owner ordered me to play with myself with emotes. He set the timer to ten minutes and went away. I was kneeling in the cage and made math exercises during the masturbation. Try it, it is funny. I avoided punishment for about two minutes, when Sir Bela IMed me. He asked question about my feelings. I answered slowly as I had to continue playing with my pussy and add numbers at the same time. He became angry. I knew I was slow. I tried to answer Sir Bela with the highest priority. Of course, I got penalty. I sometimes dropped a look at the timer of the cage. It showed twenty seven minutes.

My Owner returned and opened the door of the cage. I spent there ten minutes, no more. I was ashamed. I did not trust in him. I was bad slave. I dropped on my knees and begged for mercy. Sir Bela forgave me, but he had to punish me. I took off my skirt and he bound me to the cross. I received ten strokes on my bottom. I cried in pain but I was thankful for my Owner.

After the punishment, he closed me to the cage, again. He chose another cage, at this time and I was very thankful for his choice. I was in a dark for three minutes. The door was opened and I said thank again.

Then, he ordered me to change my clothes to a slave rug. I trembled. I was not sure if he forgave me. Sir Bela knew me and understood my feelings. He calmed me down. I started to dance for me in a rag. I felt humiliated.

I received an IM via the Bondage Playground channel. They notified all members about the start of the BDSM class. Sir Bela must have received this IM, too. Because, he ordered me to go to learn. He knew that I liked such classes. I was really ashamed, how I could not trust in him.

I kissed his legs before go to the Bondage Playground.


Dressed in Gown

Sir Bela IMed me and asked if I was free. He wanted to use me. I agreed and I was very horny when I arrived to his home. I had to wear a beautiful and transparent gown and red straps under it. I was familiar with his dreams and I was sure that I would walk in the streets of SL, soon.

I was amused when he ordered me to go in the cage. The cage is built of bricks and it offers many possibilities to control the captive. Sir Bela closed me and I was told to kneel down. He left me alone for ten minutes, but I must have moved in every minute otherwise the cage punished me. I could not see anything so I had no idea if my Owner was in the room.

When the doors of the cage opened, Sir Bela was waiting for me. He bound me to the wall facing to it. Then he started to ask question about my submissiveness. The questions were very personal to Nia and they were very humiliating at the same time. I could not see him, I heard only questions and answered whispering.

After the interrogation, I was dancing for him. I grabbed the metal pole in front of his throne and danced with emotions. I wanted him to be so excited as I was.

He did not let me dance for a long time. He sent me to the Bondage Playground, to his mall. I had no idea what would happen. I went upstairs and saw virtual myself kneeling at the entrance. Nobody was around. I did not know what Sir Bela wanted to do with me here. I was standing at the entrance and I was afraid to move. But, I tried to find something what can be used for BDSM purpose. I realized that my Owner was approaching. I became rather excited and I still was wondering what we would do here. He ordered me to jump on the advertisement box in the middle of the mall. I had to kneel. Sir Bela left me alone kneeling on the box. I was ordered to greet everybody walking around. I felt so humiliated. I wished not to meet anybody. I do not remember how long I was on the box, but when I received the teleport, I took a deep breath.

I found myself in my Owner's home. I saw a flogger in Sir Bela's hand. He bound me to the cross and I got whipped. I had to count each strike and say thanks to him. Sir Bela ensured me that it was not a punishment; I was whipped just for his fun.

After the whipping, Sir Bela sent me to Blaze. People always walk in this popular shop. When I arrived, a salesgirl greeted me. I felt myself naked in my transparent gown. I informed my Owner where I was and what I did. I had to stay on all fours and crawl on the pathway in front of the shop. He ruled my movement from the distance and leaded me to a small square on the pathway. I had to kneel and take off my clothes. I was kneeling facing to the shop. I could see people moving in the shop. I knew they could realize me easily.

In about five minutes, Sir Bela gave me permission to move back. Of course, I had to crawl naked toward the entrance of the shop. I felt my heart beating in my throat. I was very afraid of meeting somebody. I reached the stairway and I could hear people talking in the shop. Sir Bela let me stay on all fours and naked for about five minutes and only after it he called me to return to his home.

My Owner was satisfied with me and I was allowed to go to sleep. I had to go under the stairway.


Changing IMs

I received an IM from a girl. She greeted me as a slave. I was all in a flurry and I answered quickly. She was offline. I was a bit disappointed. It would have been so good to serve again. This woman IMed me again about a half an hour later. I greeted her again and I did not receive any answer.

I took my usual tour among the popular BDSM places, but nobody was interested in me.



It was Sunday and nobody owned me. I do not like to search for an owner at weekends. It is not difficult to find an owner who is in very different time zone. Many people do not read my profile and I also forget to ask about time zones. On working days, I usually meet people living in the same time zone.

So, I was walking in shops. I like to do it. Creators are so skillful. It is interesting to browse among their new works.

Sir Nabru IMed me. I felt happy. I always like to talk to him and I like to serve him. He is such Master who really cares after her slaves. He helped me much and I would like to give him back his kindness. Besides it, I love to serve him. Unfortunately, we are in the different time zones and we can meet in weekends if he has time and I am not owned.

So, Sir Nabru IMed me. I started to change my hair. He asked me to wear lingerie. I obeyed, but when I wanted to put on my collar then it replaced my baby doll. I was seeking other collar. I put on quickly and I got the same result.

Sir Nabru told me not to fight with collar and sent me teleport. We were at the top of his house. We danced and we talked. I enjoyed it so much.


Short Time Servitude

I was walking in different BDSM related places. I started my tour in Bondage Ranch. The ranch was almost full as usually. I was walking among the people and I suddenly received an IM. The message came from a man. I was turning around seeking him. He wore jeans and shirt.

We were talking a bit and I found him cute. He honestly said that he wanted to have sex only, not more. I refused his offer. However, I had a feeling or a thought that I had to give him my body, like a present for his fairness.

It seems that people seek permanently slaves or sluts. Nobody wants to take me for a week. In fact, the week length of servitude is not a low. I would serve for less period of time if my Owner tell me the required time of my servitude in advance. Also, I would accept a servitude lasting more than a week. I would be satisfied with two days length servitude and I could serve to two weeks.

So, I went to House of V. Probably, you remember that I had been there many time with Sir Nabru. Now, the club was almost empty. Escort girls were dancing on the stage. Nobody showed interest in me, so I decided to go further.

Next stop was Bondage Playground. I just arrived and received an IM immediately. A beautiful girl IMed me. She did not waste the time with conversation. She asked for ownership over my collar at once. She ordered me to wear a gag and kneel down. She left for finding a place to play with me. I was kneeling while I was waiting her call. I knelt at the entrance to the Bondage Playground. Many people looked at me silently. I had familiar feeling. I was examined by people when I was lying restrained some days ago.

I received a tp and a moment later, I found myself in a dark room furnished with bondage devices. I was still kneeling in front of my Owner, while she called another slave girl. The other slave, my sister, arrived. She was also a nice looking girl wearing casual clothes. Mistress ordered her to change her clothes, to wear something slutty. Then she had to stand in the corner facing to the wall.

I was wondering how long Mistress wanted me to serve. But, I was too excited to ask it. I wanted to serve very much.

Mistress leaded me to the wall and I was ordered to take off my bra. I knelt before my Mistress and heard her command to my sister. She had to come to me and breath on my nipples. She was very beautiful and I felt as her hot breathing stroked my nipples. I looked down at her and I saw as her lips almost touched my sensitive nipples.

My nipples became hard. Mistress was pleasant. My sister was told to go back in the corner. Mistress attached a leash to my collar. Then she leaded me across in the room. I was following her crawling. We were moving in the room. My Mistress was leading for about ten minutes.

Then I had to kneel with wide spread legs. My Owner ordered me to take off my thong. I obeyed and felt the warm wind blew between my legs touching my wet pussy. Mistress called my sister who had to kneel before me and smell my pussy. I looked at my sister's head and felt her breathing on my thighs.

Mistress bound me to a bench. My body was stretched. Owner and my sister went to the other corner of the room. I could not see them. I tried to move and lift my head, but cuffs hold my body hard.

Mistress untied me and I had to follow her. My sister was bond to the wall. She bent over; her legs were fixed to the wall and the cuffs her wrist was tied to the wall high above her head. It was my turn to smell her pussy. I knelt down and leaned. Her pussy was wet and its smell carried excitement. Mistress ordered me to move my head closer. My nose almost touched her lips. I breathed deep some times.

My Mistress allowed me to stand up and put on my clothes. She told me to do it slowly. Then she sent me away.


Almost Owned

When I awoke, a message waited for me. Yesterday, somebody read my profile but before he finished it I had logged off.

My heart started to beat loudly. Somebody showed interest in me. I was excited and I hoped I would be serving soon. I answered my possible Owner and we started to talk. He wanted to know the reason of the limited time of my servitude. I would like to discover my submissive soul. I would like to find my hidden limits. He was interested in my RR viewer. I was happy to hear it. I enjoyed the restrained life.

But, my possible Owner did not want to take me for a week. He said that knowing the end of the servitude disturbed him. So, I remained unowned.

The length of the servitude I offer makes difficult to find an Owner. Once, we were talking about it with Rhonda. She said it would have been better to hide it. I do not want to hide it. I do not want to harm anybody when I run away as many slaves do. Maybe I live in a perfect world in my dream. What do you think if I am wrong?


Real Poses

I put on my sexy clothes and prepared myself to go to find an Owner. I was visiting popular BDSM places. I was walking among people. Some of them were obviously slaves. Some of them were Owners, I suppose. There were people looking neutral at the first sight.

Sometimes they spoke; sometimes they were silent. Nobody accosted me.

I was in nice a club. There were small rooms with bondage devices on the second floor. All devices were design according to RL bondage picture. I liked them.

I will continue searching tomorrow.



I received an RR gag ball. Thank you, Sir Bela! Now, I have all wearable RR tools: collar, blindfold, gag ball, handcuffs, leg cuffs, metal belt and of course an RR viewer. But, I am not owned.

Before continuing to visit BDSM related place, I decided to have fun. I checked classes and I found a bed building class. I went there and I participated on the worst class of my life. The teacher was good, but the bed was not nice at all.

Then I was roaming among shops. I realized that I did not go to search for an Owner. I was thinking of it. I did not know what to do. I was hesitating to go popular BDSM places. I was afraid of failure. I was afraid of the unknown future. I did not know what happened to me. It was so strange. The way I had chosen seemed to be dark and dangerous.

I decided to relax this day. I will walk on path of slaves tomorrow.


Running Away

I wanted to upgrade my RR tools. I remembered there were updating tools at Marine's Shop. Update took some time as I had three different RR tools: the collar, had cuffs and leg cuffs. I had very old version, so I had to update them in two steps.

While I was busy with update, a pretty girl stood by me and asked if I wanted to play with her. I usually do not play, but at this time, I decided to take part in game. All my girlfriends were away. Gen has not been online since she tied me to the post at Marine's shop. I do not know where Rhonda is. I have not met my girlfriend from Russia for some weeks. I thought that maybe we would be friends.

The girls wore cuffs and I did not know how we would play. She took me to her house; at least she said this was her land. She wanted me to wear gag ball. I do not have RR gag ball, so I offered her other types. After I became gag balled, she bound me with my RR cuffs. Then she did not say anything but she disappeared and a moment later, I received tp from her.

I had no choice I followed her. She was looking around in a shop, then she disappeared again and I got her tp, again. We visited three shops such way, without a word.

At last, she took me back to her home. She started to force me to be her standalone slave. I refused, but she did not give up. We were talking about my permanent slavery for ten or more minutes. I offered her a week of my servitude. She did not want it; she wanted me to be a permanent slave.

I was very polite during our conversation, as I hate to refuse. But, I felt very uncomfortable. She forced me she forced my mind. At the end, I was unable to hear her and I asked her to untie me. You know it is not easy to reset RR tools. She refused to free me. I tried to explain that I was serious and it was not a game any more. She refused to untie me.

She said that I could go only in case if I find her a slave instead of me. It was so uncomfortable or frightening. When my mind started to break, I decided to free myself. I reseted my ball gag as ball gag was not an RR tool I could do it. Then I did not know why she untied me and I could teleport away.

This day was a nightmare for me.


House of V

Sir Nabru IMed me. We started to talk. I was excited as I had a secret desire to serve him. When he asked me if I was free, I felt my heart beating in my throat.

I asked two minutes to prepare myself. Sir Nabru likes short hairstyles and he gave me lingerie and silks mentioning that he would use me wearing one of them. I keep these clothes separately in my inventory but it took some time to change my outfit.

I arrived in silks and metal collar to Sir Nabru's home. I lowered to my kneels and greeted him. He allowed me to rise and asked me to indicate that I was his girl. I was ashamed. I forgot to activate his group.

He took me to his dungeon before going to dance. We were in a cold room furnished with torture devices. I shivered as I looked at the massive stonewalls. Sir Nabru ordered me to go to the device standing in the corner and bound me to this device by my wrists.

He stroked my breasts through the flimsy silk. I hanged by my wrists and felt as the chains cut my body. I felt his touch on my breasts and I forget of the cutting pain in my hands. Sir Nabru pulled out my top and started to play with my naked breasts gently. My nipples became hard feeling his body heat on my soft silk in the cold room.

I was grasping for air and Sir Nabru touches my wet pussy. I spread my legs to provide better access to my sensitive part and I forgot about the pain caused by the chains at all. He played with me about a minute and then untied me. I stood trembling in front of him.

I thought we would go to dance on the top of his house as we had done it before. But, Sir Nabru had other plan. He sent me to the House of V half-naked with uncovered breasts. I had to stand in the middle of the club and repeat, “i am waiting here to dance with the wonderful Master Nabru”. I obeyed.

The club at House of V was full as usually. I went through the open door and trembled. I felt that everybody looked at me. One escort girl was dancing on the stage. She greeted me. I blushed and whispers “Hi everybody”. I knew that everybody had fun there and probably nobody paid attention to me except the escort who did her job. But I felt myself in the middle of the attention of the crowd.

I stood in the center of the club and reported Sir Nabru that I had arrived. After it, I said the sentence I had to repeat. I wait for two or three seconds and then I repeated my sentence in public chat. I was repeating it and I was waiting for Sir Nabru's arrival. It was so humiliating. I cannot describe. Of course, some people from the crowd answered me derisively. I blushed but I continued repeat my sentence.

Then Sir Nabru introduced me to guests of the club and we started to dance. I felt safe in his arms. Now, I understand how alone I felt without him. I wondered that we could spend only few time together because of the different time zones yet he knew my need maybe better than I did.

We were talking during the dance and I offered Sir Nabru to show the space station. We went there and I showed the familiar places him. I had a strange feeling walking on the rigid corridors of the station again.

It was perfect afternoon for me. I was restrained last week, but now I indeed felt like a slave.

Ancient Worlds

I did not want to search for an Owner today. On weekends, many people live in SL, some of them will not be online during the week. I did not want to be thrown away again.

I like ancient Greek history so I decided to find such places in SL. I did not find any, but I found two sims which are worth introducing to you.

The first one is Samarkand: A Silk Road City Of Dreams and War. The city is still under construction, perhaps it was the reason why I did not meet anybody there. Mysterious world of east reminds me of exotic atmosphere of harems and strong men. However, it is not a BDSM sim.

Reading the rules, I got to know that it is not recommended to walk naked on the streets of the city. Punishing the disobedient harem girl must be done inside your house.

I was walking in the city wearing silks and veil with the observer title above my head. I liked it. The builder of the city did great work. I decided to return later and observe the city life.

The other location was ROMA (SPQR) - The Ancient Roman Themed Sim. I arrived and looked around in a small room before entering the city. There was interesting reading about the city and I also got free toga. I looked strange for the first sight but later, I started to like it.

The first room I entered from the main square was pottery workshop. In fact, this was a camp site where you could receive a nice crock if you was sitting for five minutes. I sat down on the potter's wheel. I enjoyed it very much and earned two different crocks.

The city is huge. It consists of three sims: the ancient Rome, the ruins, and the resident subdivision. You can find here everything what you could imagine of the life in ancient Rome from the bath to the racecourse. The buildings are not only beautiful but there are interesting built in ideas. For example, I got towel in the bath.

I recommend you to visit the ancient Rome and do not be afraid of the guards. They will not hurt you.


Untrained Kajira

I received an IM from a Gorean Master. He wanted me to be his kajira for a week. I was very exciting. At the end, I can go to a Gorean city and serve as a kajira. Is it indeed true?

I had silk and collar. What else does a kajira need? I had to change my hair. Gorean slaves' hair is long and loose. I like long hair, but I usually wear it in ponytail. I was looking through my inventory and I found this hairstyle. Do I look pretty?

I was ready so I IMed the Gorean Master. I told him that I did not have any experience. He said that I could learn but he lost his interest at all and he did not call me. It seems I still have to wait for visiting a Gorean city.

Later, I received a message from the Bondage Playground group. They announced a BDSM class. I decided to go, as there was much to learn about slavery or submission. The theme of the class was safety in BDSM relationship in the SL world.

We, students, were waiting for the beginning of the class with interest. Safety in SL? Hmm... What could it be? Some of us left the school hearing the subject of the class. They were mistaken. It was worth staying.

I did not suppose how lucky I was lucky with my Owner. They listened to my need and respected my limits. Yes, some Owners did not use me and made me wait for nothing. But nobody hurt my soul.

It was frightening to hear that almost every sub cried at least once because of their Owner's treatment. I remembered two bitches about who I wrote in this blog. I imagined them as my Mistresses. It made me shiver.

The class was good and useful. However, nobody told the story of her nightmare. It would have been interesting to hear and useful, too.


Free and Free Latex

It was my first free day. What do you think my first thought was? Yes, I wanted to serve.

I asked your opinion about the way of finding owner. The result was interesting. I supposed that you would send me to the auction. Instead of it, most of you want me to find an Owner outside the auction. It would be the easier way for me and you know, I feel fair against the auction. From the other hand, some of the owners who got me free did not use me. I suppose if anybody pays money for me then he or she will use me.

However, I will try to find an Owner according to your suggestion. I am thankful for Sir Nabru who offered his help. I will go in search for an Owner tomorrow. Today, I had another plan.

Miss Gen asked me to wear latex and as I could see, many people wore. I have only two latex suits and they are not the best ones. I thought it could find latex clothes easily. I was not right. Many shop owners put the word “latex” in the description of their shop. If you believe it, then you will waste your time. It is just a not very honest trick to involve customers. I was visiting many such shops.

At the end, I found a good shop offering latex suites. I had to mention that I did not want to buy anything, as I did not have money. My not very honest trick was to find free samples. So, I was in SL's Latex Megastore at Kayliwulf Kingdom's Fetish Planet. They had nice latex clothes with fantasy for unbelievable high prices. However, if you are rich and you like latex then it is worth visiting this shop.

Now, I have some latex suits and I am ready to serve my next Owner.


Last Day Restrained

It was the last day of this restrained period of my life and it was the hardest day. The shop was almost empty. Earlier, I could see people walking here. This day, I was happy if I could see anybody.

I did not know what happened to Gen. I sometimes had a feeling that she was waiting for my escape to punish me. I sent IMs to her. First, I begged for release, then I informed her the additional two days of my slavery. Last of my IMs contained a warning that my servitude would be over in two days. I did not receive any answer. In fact, she was not online since she tied me to the shop. I hope she is all right.

I was crawling, it was one of the few actions I could do. Of course, there was a limitation. I was able to crawl no more than five meter from the pose to which I was bound. I crawled very slowly. Crawling the allowed five meter took about one and a half minute.

I received a gift for Valentine's Day. It is a relatively new and controversial celebration in my country. Some people like it others hate it. So, I received a gift, but I was unable to open it. I had to wait.

I decided to the end of my usual servitude period. If Gen did not return then I would have to free myself. I wanted her to return so much.

As time flew, I became excited and nervous. I wanted the freedom. I wanted to walk. I wanted to talk to others. I wanted to change my clothes. I wanted to walk around on the streets of SL. I wanted it all and I wanted more and more.

I looked only the watch. How much time did I have to spend here hogtied. Each minute seemed to be a day for me. At the end, the time of my escape had come. I was hogtied and restrained for twelve hours and fifty seven minutes. Now, I could log out and log in with the SL viewer.

I returned to SL and I was able to detach cuffs and collar. Dozen of warning messages were sent to Gen. I was able to move and talk and listen. I was in a new world. I felt the freedom physically. I cannot explain how I felt. I did not know what to do first. I did not know where to start. I wanted to enjoy the freedom, right now, without delay.

I opened the gift box I had received. It contained two beautiful gowns. Then I was roaming and talking to others. I enjoyed the freedom. I did it for about ten minutes before I felt asleep.


Loosing A Friend

I was rejected a personal group of one of my friends, two days ago. I felt desperate. I could not talk and I could not hear. I was unable to ask why he ejected me. I decided it was just a mistake. I assure myself that he just deleted the group.

But, I could not find him on my friend list, today. He deleted me from his friend list. I realized that he did not want to be my friend any longer.

My heart is breaking. I am thankful him for the time we spent together. I respect him so I accept his decision and I never will bother him in the future.

Alone In My Mind

Marine's shop was almost empty. There is usually a crowd here, but today I met only few people. I could only see people. I blamed at their clothes, shoes and hairstyles. It was the only thing I was allowed to do.

Some people coming to this shop wore latex. I could see various latex suits. Some of them were very interesting and nice. But, many visitors wore simple latex clothes like mine.

It was the sixth day I did not talk to anyone except Lia. Once, I sent a note card to Sir Sleight, too. But, he was angry with me because of breaking my silence so we did not talk more.

I cannot explain how I feel. I cannot shove off from the shop more then five meter. I could move very slowly. These pictures show the border of my restrained word. Can you see how small this word is?

People sometimes came to me and they stood in front of me. I knew that they talked but I had no idea if they talked to me. Few of them touched my cuffs and went away. I felt so alone. I was very happy for Lia's note card. Perhaps, you cannot imagine how happy I was for talking with her. Thank you very much, Lia! Talking seemed to be small thing in my previous life. I did not know how much it meant for me.

Let me show you an example what I can here using RR viewer and being restrained:

Police legirons 1.13 (RA) whispers: ...
Sugar XXXX: ...
Susy XXXX: ...
Police handcuffs 1.11 (RW) whispers: ...
Sugar gives Susy a big hug.
Sugar XXXX: ...
Sugar XXXX: ...
Susy XXXX: ...

It is not much, is not it?


Still Restrained II

I was still alone. I was blaming at the people walking around me. They were talking. They were free. I could not hear a single voice. I felt alone. I was envy them.

Some days ago, I thought that a good slave did not need RR viewer. My opinion has changed. You can indeed feel helpless using RR viewer. It would be easier if I could hear people around. I wondered if I could handle such restraint without RR viewer. Maybe I will try it, once.

It was the last day of my servitude. I offered a week of slavery for Miss Gen, as I did it usually. I decided to add two more days. I decided not because of my restraint. I did not like it. However, I felt better than just waiting for an Owner not using me. In fact, I did not know if I found exciting lying hogtied and restrained. I was not online on Friday and on Saturday. It was the reason. From the other hand, I wanted to know what else Gen would do with me. Maybe she will be online tomorrow.


Still Restrained

It was the fourth day of my restrained life. I was still lying helpless and hogtied. Miss Gen did not come to me.

Something strange happened to me. I hated to lie here bound to the shop. I was bored and excited at the same time. I started to feel the latex squeezed my body. I started to feel pain in my legs and arms as the cuffs kept me in uncomfortable position.

People came to the shop and talk with each other. I did not know about what they were speaking. I just knew that they enjoyed the game. I was lying bound. They were talking. Some of them started to play with each other. I did not know if they paid attention to me. Someone sometimes stopped in front of my hogtied body. I could not be sure he or she looked at me. I felt alone, helpless. I spent almost eight hours cut off from the world.



I woke up alone hogtied. It is very hard to be restrained by RR viewer. People were walking around me. Some of them stood in front of me and spoke. I did not know what or to whom. I realized only their speech.

I was wearing black latex suite. I am indifferent to latex. I prefer to wear leather harness during my servitude. Or I like to be naked. Wearing nothing but cuffs and collar is degrading. Nakedness reflects the complete slavery. But, at this time, I was happy wearing latex. I imagined myself naked bound among people. I would have been ashamed.

A very beautiful woman stopped in front of me. She told something. Did she speak to me? Did she speak to somebody else? I was hesitating. I did not know what to do. She looked at me, I supposed. I was waiting. I did not know what to do.

She offered to me a note card. I did not know what to do. Was I allowed to accept it? Miss Gen was familiar with this way of communication. We had talked such way during her restraint. She had known that I could receive notes. I accepted it. The name of this lovely girl was Lia.

We were talking changing notes. I was very happy. I did not feel so alone. She was very kind. Lia knew more about my cuffs than I did. She told me that I could escape from my cuffs. I had to struggle.

My cuffs allow me three kind of motion: tug, squirm and struggle. If I do them in the right order then I can escape. The sequence leading to freedom consists of twenty four to thirty two motions. Is it impossible? Maybe. Yes, it is. However, as Lia said, struggling helped me to wait and probably people around would enjoy my attempt.

I was hogtied for six hours and thirty seven minutes when I felt asleep.


Still Hogtied

I woke up hogtied and bound to the shop where Miss Gen had left me. Miss Gen did not appear today. I was at this shop earlier. I had thought it was just a little shop. I was wrong. This shop seemed to be very popular. There were at least three persons there all the time.

I was alone. I had time to analyze how RR viewer worked. I saw people walking around me I realize they were speaking. However, I did not know if they spoke to me or not. I saw that somebody spoke around me, but RR viewer hid the text from me.

A man stood in front of me and said something. I wondered if he spoke to me. A woman stood near him. She stepped towards me. I tried to emote. RR viewer let me to do it, but it cut the half of my emote sentence. It seemed I had only limited emote possibilities.

I had said that I could receive and send IM to my friends. I could not. I could receive IMs when I was offline, but when I was online and RR viewer could control me then it forbade conversation even with my friend.

I was lying bound to the shop. SL viewer allows me to stand up from any device to which I am bound. I must just click on the “stand up” button. I do not have such button using RR viewer. I was really bound and helpless. I could move, I mean, I could crawl as I was bound. I was able to crawl in five meters then my leash stopped me. Crawling five meters demanded almost a minutes. Yes, it is difficult to move if you are bound.

I received a shape from one of my friends. It was boxed and I wanted to open it. I was unable to do it. I could not build anything. RR viewer prevented it.

I could read group IMs freely. I do not know if I can send IM on group channel. I will try it next time.

I spent about four hours hogtied without Miss Gen. I hope she will untie me soon.


Miss Gen

I saw Gen was online. I checked her profile and I realized that she did not have a Mistress. Her profile did not mention it. I sent her an IM and she answered. She had the same problem; her mistress had not been online for two weeks.

We talked and she mentioned that she could teach me to be a slave. I agreed. She wanted me to use the RR viewer. Hmm... You know my opinion about the RR viewer. I was hesitating. At the end, I decided to try it.

Gen wore latex suit opened at her nipples and pussy. She liked latex wear. She changed her garments. She put on formal clothes and Miss Gen was born. She ordered me to undress and wear the set of cuffs she gave me some weeks ago.

Then I had to wear latex. I had some latex suits and I chose the black wan covering my entire body. I was standing in heavy metal cuffs.

She teleported and called me. I found myself in front of the small shop at “Marine and Alyssa”. I had to touch a box in front of the shop and she gave me a link to download the RR viewer. It was easy to install. I unzipped the downloaded file and copied it into my “Second Life” directory. I had to click on the copied file and the viewer was started. I did not realize the different between viewers. Gen asked me to give her my collar. She put into it some kind of script. She gave me a gag, too.

Soon, I was gagged wearing the collar. She tried settings. As I realized she could cut off me from the surrounding world.

Miss Gen could control my speech, my IMs, almost everything. She was busy to find the necessary setting for almost twenty minutes. When she finished, I could receive IMs from my friends, but I could not answer. I could not receive IMs from the others. I could not answer IMs. I could not hear public chat and I could not speak. Please, forgive me if I do not answer you. It is because of my restriction.

Miss Gen bound me to the shop hogtied. Then she said she would leave and I would have to stay there. She left and I stay there hogtied for an hour before I felt asleep.

Yes, she left me alone. I was alone as I was earlier. But, I cannot describe the difference. People walks around me, they looked at my bound helpless body. I felt like a real slave.


My Owner was not online, today. I decided to escape. Perhaps, he did not want me. I did not know the reason. My limit was broken. I escaped. I became free. But, I did not remain free more that twenty minutes.


Empty Life II

I did not serve today.

I was bored a bit. I mentioned my Owner had switched on the bell of my collar and it jingled when i walked. I admit it is humiliating and I would find it exciting if I served. But, I am always alone. I do not want to go to non-BDSM places, not because of the humiliation. I just do not want to disturb anybody. If you ever heard the sound of a slave bell, then you understand me.

It is very difficult to find a real Master. Many want-to-be masters like the idea to have a slave. I met such masters. They usually used me for a day or maybe two days. Then they threw me away, they did not even say me that I was free. I do not know why they acted so. Informing others about the end of the relationship is a requirement in a vanilla life. When you submit yourself somebody, you trust in him more. You let him to rule your (second) life. You give everything for him and if you find the wrong person, you receive nothing, even a simple sentence “Go away” or “I do not want you more”.

I tried to describe all relevant information about me in my profile. I mentioned the length of my offered servitude. I also showed when I was online. I have only few limits. One of them says that I wanted to be used. Standing alone, not used is my limit. If an Owner breaks it then how could I be sure that my Owner will not force me to do age play?

You know my hidden fear of auctions. I sometimes think that I must be sold only in auctions. The reason is not earning money. I have everything I wanted. I sometimes work as a model, so the money does not play role in this thought. However, I suppose if somebody pay for me then he or she will use me.

Sorry for my crying. I have such thoughts on my mind and maybe some of you will find it interesting. I will try to be happier tomorrow.


Empty Life

I did not serve today.

Sir Bela asked me to be his model again. But, this time, he took unusual photos. I wore some kind of maps instead of clothes. I used to enjoy being a model. Now, I was indifferent to it. I did not feel so because of Bela. He is always kind to me. I just wanted to be a slave, but i could not.


Jingle Bells

I did not serve today. My Owner attached a bell to my collar. It makes loud sound when I am walking. I usually in SL with speakers off, but when I recognized when my Owner switched the bell on and I wanted to hear its sound. It is awful! From one hand, I am excited that this sound marks me as a slave. From other hand, I am sorry of others who must hear this loud ring. I was alone, without my owner; however he prohibited me to go to some places where I did not want to disturb. He controlled me from the distance...

I visited a class. The theme of the class was “Getting His Attention”. Do not think it was about flirting. We discussed how to please our Owner better, how to keep his attention on us, slaves. It was fairly interesting conversation.

I mentioned that I was ordered to change my profile. It says “I serve and obey only Dominus ..., until....2/8/2008”. One of them participants of the class read my profile and asked “why until?”. I explained him the reason. He was very provocative when he answered. Later, I realized that he wanted me as a permanent slave. I do not think this is the best way to get a permanent slave. I suppose that permanent slavery is something nice and long, full of positive emotions from both sides. Proving to the possible permanent slave that she is useless and stupid is a strange beginning of a long lasting relationship.

I mentioned that my bell prohibited going other than BDSM places. I thought it was the time to look around in BDSM shops and to get to know the latest fashion of dominants and slaves. I was walking for about an hour and I decided that there were four or five big creators and they ruled the market. Later, I realized that a small creator also existed and they had nice collections.

In one shop, I met a guy. He offered friendship and followed me naked without a single world. He was following until I teleported to the other shop.

I met other guy who stood in front of me. He said that ff I wanted to be his slave that I had to IM him and left me alone. I stood confused. Then I IMed him, I wanted to offer my servitude for a week and discuss it. He said he had no time and I could talk to him if I would be his slave.

I just remembered that my profile was not my usual one. It did not contain anything about my week length servitude. Hmm... it is interesting, is not it?



Today was the wedding of Sarena and Sir Sleight. I am lucky because I have such friends like them.
I wish you joy all the happiness today and always!

Owned Again

In my country, there is a tradition to give a present for a just married couple. I did not know what to give them. I had tried to ask Sir Sleight, but he did not say any useful word. Recently, I visit builder classes. Building can be useful if I serve and my Owner ordered me to help. And... I enjoy it. It is very interesting to see how a useful object comes into existence from cubes and spheres. I created some cushions as a present for his castle.

I am far from an experienced or talented builder, so I would like to give them something nice and useful. In fact, I was searching for a gift for more than a week, but I did not find anything what I liked. Fortunately, I met Sarena. She was cute as always. We have never met, but I liked her. Sir Sleight will be in safe hands. She helped me and told what they would need. I do not disclose what the present is. Ask Sarena, if you want to know.

I realized that it would be a class about sword building. Many of my friends would be happy to have a sword. I went to learn. I was waiting for the start of the class. It was late. Some minutes later, we got a message the class was canceled.

I received an IM from a man. He read my profile and asked me to be his slave. I agreed and started to leave the school. My future Owner called me back via IM. He was also on this class. It is funny. I was searching for an Owner in various BDSM related places and I found my Owner in the Academy of Second Learning.

He ordered me to kneel before him. The class was not empty, when I knelt down facing to the crowd. He asked me some question about my limits and needs. He also wanted me to change my profile. He was the second of my Owners who asked it. I like humiliation and I was fairly excited.

Dominus, my Owner, then told me about his style. He prefers conservative style and he asked me to wear some business outfit.

I have many clothes but I do not have such garments. When I am not a slave, I like to wear causal clothes, jeans and shirt or blouse. I have groves in case if my Owner wishes to take me to dance. I received and bought harnesses and lingerie for servitude. I even have a French maid outfit, but I never thought of business clothes.

I thought that casual clothes would be fine and I asked my Owner about it. He wanted to look through my wardrobe. We were still in the academy. I like humiliation, so I like to be naked in public places, if it is ordered. But, we were in a PG place. You know the strict rule; no nudity in PG area. If you have a gun, then you can use it in PG places, but no nudity. It is not funny.

Sir Dominus sent me to find a private place where I could show him my clothes. I did not know such places. I was thinking hard and I found the solution. It was so easy. We can go to the Blaze. Blaze has private rooms. Yes, these rooms were built not for BDSM couples, but I thought that my Owner wanted to see only my clothes.

I sent a teleport for Sir Dominus. He arrived and he did not like this place. He sent me to search for a new place. I was really in trouble. I had no idea where to go. I search for a rarely visited BDSM places. After some minutes of search, my Owner called me back to the private room, in Blaze. I showed him two gowns. He selected the second one.

I had to kneel before him and take off his phallus. He gave me detailed instructions how to do it. I felt he liked my servitude and I made him excited. I was working on his erection for about fifteen minutes. Sir Dominus did not want to cum, now.

He ordered me to undress everything except a blouse and shoes. I stood on all fours with my buttocks lifting high. I had to fondling myself; my Owner looked at me drinking wine. Once, he put a glass of wine in front of me. I had to drink it with my tongue not breaking off stroking my clit. I continued loving myself until I reached orgasm.

Before he sent me to sleep, I showed Sir Dominus one more gown. He liked it very much, so I would wear it until our next date. He also attached a ring to my collar. So, listen to the jingle and you will see me.



I continue searching for BDSM places. I still hoped that I could find an Owner somewhere. I found an interesting place; its name was Bukkake. I had to admit I did not know the meaning of this word.
I liked Bukkake. It has a main room and some small rooms. You can go to the garden equipped with BDSM devices. In the middle of the garden, you can find a small house, if you wish more privacy. However, it is difficult to talk about privacy in a public place.

I did not find an Owner. Everybody has a pair and nobody paid attention to me.