My Master untied my leash and sat down in his throne holding it in his hand. I knelt at his feet and looked up at him. I love to kneel before his throne; grass stroke my naked legs silky. Holding my head down, I dropped hidden gazes at my Master while we were talking. I felt my Master’s eyes on me and the pain caused by kneeling made me wet.

I realized that my breath got faster and I blushed as the eagerness started overwhelmed my pride. Fortunately, my Master decided to take me somewhere and he went there first. So, I got some time to calm down.

I teleported to my Master. We were in a puritan dungeon. The walls were made of current plates. Current plates covered the floor, as well. We stood in a device constructed from a huge tub and a large wheel. My Master tied me to the wheel; I was standing in the tub, which was filled with ice water. The water was so cold that I felt like a fire biting my legs. I was afraid. I knew that the wheel would turn soon, and I imagined my head under the cold water.
I did not have much time to think. The wheel made a motion and I saw the approaching to my face water. I lifted my head as much as I could in order to delay the moment when the icy water would kiss me. I knew I could not avoid it and some second later the water reached my face. I have only time to take a deep breath and closed my mouth tight before I felt the cold water surrounded my head.

My Master was kind to me and he did not stop the wheel, so my head lifted from the water soon. The wheel turned twice, the chilling water kissed my face twice. Then m Master untied me and held me in his arms until my body got warm.

My Master decided that a whip could take the chill off my body faster. He tied me to a pole and spanked me hard. Yes, I felt fire in my ass very soon. *smiles

After the spanking, we went to RLV Bondage Playground, where I was chained to a cross in the cold winter wind. My Master was gazing my while I was moving on the cross to find the less painful position. I knew that he enjoyed my suffering and this thought made me very happy. I was not whipped on the cross this time. Instead, my Master allowed me to go to my cage to sleep.



When I woke up, I was alone in my Master’s yard. The cage was open, so I stepped out of it. I was walking around the cage; my leash was short and it was attached to the door of the cage. I could not walk far.

It did not happen much to me this day. Before, I went to bed, my Master arrived. I was happy to talk with him.



My Master left me a message, which said when he would be online. I was so excited hoping that he would use me today.

When I wake up in the SL world, my Owner was waiting for me. I ran to him and he caressed me. His strong arms held tight my fragile body and I was, I felt so lucky. We were just standing for some minutes and talking. He told me that he was planning to build a castle. Wow! My Master is skillful enough to build a huge building a castle!

My Master attached a leash to my collar and told that we would visit one of his friends, who had a castle. I became very excited. I love to be leaded by leash; especially if other people can see me collared and leashed. I love to feel that I am not a free person. If others notice my slave status, then I feel indeed horny.

We arrived; nobody waited for us. I quickly looked around. The castle was not very big but I liked its interior. Actually, I did not have much time to stare at the walls and the furniture as my Owner quickly teleported me to the basement. There was an interesting structure created of small tubes almost in the middle of the cellar. My Master tied me to this structure. He looked at me, then he decided to untie me as he did not like the possibilities offered by the pipe structure. He told me to go to a cross. I stood with face to the cross and lifted my arms helping my Owner to bind them to it. When my wrists were secured, I spread my legs; my Master attached them a chain.

I tried my chains and over my shoulder looked back at my Master smiling, however, I knew what would happen to my fragile body. I was not surprised at all realizing that my Master held a small but heavy looked whip in his hand.

My Master told me that my butt would be whipped and I had to count each stroke. I was so exciting that I was not able to count properly. I counted “nine” after “seven”. I begged for pardon. My Owner was very kind and forgave me, but he started my whipping from the beginning. When he finished my ass was burning and I was sure that color of my skin on my round butt is deep red.

I knelt in front of my Master, who brought out his penis. I looked at it and I felt proud. I knew that my suffering made his cock so large. My Master started to pee without a word. I knew what he wanted and placed me face in the golden beam. I heard my Master’s pleased sigh. So, I parted my lips and allowed the pee to pour into my mouth. My Master ordered me to swallow it and then I had to explain the taste of his pee. It was warm and a bit bitter, but I loved to swallow it.

Then he took me to the place named “Public disgrace”. We went to a park, where my Master floored me, and started to fuck me. He pushes my face into the dust of the park. I was very wet not only because I was whipped, leashed, peed. I knew that my Master coveted my body. It made me wet. He allowed me to cum. He did not finish inside me. Instead, he stood up and poured his semen on my body.

Then he bound me to a bondage device and ordered me to change my name to PROPERTY OF RAMBO. With capital letters… I felt myself as an object. It was so good that I am unable to explain it to you. This is the feeling that only a slave can feel when her Master marks her. I knew that it would be clear to everybody that I am only a slave, only a property.


Collar Updated

I wake up before my cell, unleashed. I did not know what had happened to my leash. My Owner was not online. So, I decided to update my collars.

When I finished, I still had some time. I decided to go shopping. I found two new hairstyles. They mesmerized me, the week slave. So, I had to buy them. Am I pretty?