Roaming again

I behaved according to my decision. I did not want to find an Owner. I remembered the book I read and I liked some years ago; The Story of O. You can find everything in SL, probably I can meet The-Story-of-O related places, too. I found some group and places. I joined a group and started to discover places. I mostly found shops offering elegant and sexy clothes as they were described in the book.

It was nice but not very exciting. So, after a time, I gave up exploring these places.



I met my former owner, Bela. He invited me and wanted to introduce me to her new slave. He said that his new slave wants total control and lifetime slavery. I am always skeptic to hear of such persons. I know that it is very exciting to be such slave ... in our fantasies. But, in life, even in second life it is not easy. At least, it would not be easy for me.

I do not understand Bela. He mentioned that he had had two or three such slaves. And all of them disappeared. Maybe it was not easy for them, too? But he is a good person and believes in people and he become disappointed.

His new slave did not come. He agreed that time with her and he saw that she was online this day, but that is all. She did not leave even a single IM. It is exemplary behavior of a slave who demands permanent and strict control is not it?

I got a group message from O BDSM School. They sent the schedule of classes for this week. I like almost all of classes. I decided not to try to sell myself but to participate in these classes. I want to be the best slave in SL. Of course, if anybody wants me to serve...



It did not happen anything peculiar to me this day. I was roaming. I win nice outfit in lucky chair. This dress is for everyday usage. I like it.



I was alone in the morning. There were no Owners online. I was waiting for some hour and then I sent an IM to my Mistress and said thank for buying me. I served for about 4 and a half hour.
I missed many auctions this week, many possibilities to be dominated. Now, I am free again and I can find new Owners. At least, I have to try it.

SL had hard day, many of features did not work. I was unable to teleport, so I decided to walk around the SL. It is an interesting experiment. I suggest you to try it. Many of land owners close their parcels. You cannot go in. Why do they do that? I have no idea. Many times I had to fly around a parcel if I would have liked to continue my tour. But the worst happened to me in one land. I got warning to get out from the land or I would be banned. I had 30 second, 20 seconds, 10 seconds. I did not know where to go, where the border of the land was. At the end it tried to ban me, unsuccessfully. Yes, the teleporting system was down.

I took a snapshot of this well guarded parcel. Look at this poor design and the empty garden. Is it worth defending so much?

I was walking along the beach and I got an IM. Do you remember my first American Owner? It was he who sent me an IM. He wanted to use me! I felt so happy. I quickly changed my outfit to wear the lingerie he likes.

He showed me his castle and then I had to dance for him. I did my best. He became horny and ordered me to give him pleasure with my mouth. I liked it and I think that he enjoyed it, too. Then I was fuck intensively. He cum, then he allowed me to cum, too. We finished it in the hot tube on the top of his castle.

Yes, you are right. I do not want just sex. But it was so exciting to obey, to give him pleasure.
Then, I went to a beach and swam in the sea on the beautiful beach.


The End of Servitude

Today was the last day of my servitude. I did not meet my Owners.

I got photos of vendors in which my pictures are placed. Let me show you them. Are not they pretty? You can find this mall in the Bondage Playground, on the third floor.

Do you remember the cage with a keyboard? It closes automatically if you went in and you have to guess out the code to open the door. I decided to try it. In fact it is interesting and exciting for me. Everybody can see me in the cage and I feel helpless in the cage. This time I got very easy code: 2223. It does not matter! I tried it again. But the new code was very easy again: 2234. It seems nobody would like to capture me, even the cage.

At the evening, my period of servitude finished. I did not know what to do. Shall I send an IM to my Mistress? I decided not to do anything and wait for tomorrow. Maybe tomorrow morning my Master would like to use me?


BDSM Classes

I did not serve this day.
I was roaming in the streets of SL when I got a group message. The message was sent by The O BDSM School. They have free lessons about BDSM (second) lifestyle. I did not participate on their lessons as I did not know when my Owners would call me to serve.

I decided to go to the class and in case of necessity I would leave it. It was a great class. Our teacher explain the main aspects of SL servitude including good behavior of slaves and possible dangerous.
She mostly talked about the permanent slavery, but I enjoyed it very much. She mentioned the trial period of slavery. I remembered it, because Bela also offers trial week to her willing to be slaves.
It was great class and free. I recommend everybody to participate on these classes.


Ball Gag

I was alone whole day. I am under servitude, so I do not intend to find other Owners. However, I aspire to serve and to be controlled.

I found a gag store with a free demo gag. This gag can be used till November 11. I am not sure that anybody will use it on me.


Other Auction

I did not serve this day. I am so desperate.

I visited an auction in a new auction hall. It was very interesting. I was only an observer, but I enjoyed it very much. The auction was organized at 11:00 AM SLT, which is the best time for European slaves and future Owners.

Slaves were divided into three categories. Category 1 means that a girl will serve for a day. In Category 2, the servitude lasts for three days. Slaves wanting to serve for a whole week belong to Category 3. There were many slaves in all categories. And the buyers... I saw a pretty crowd standing in front of the stage. The lower price was 300 L. But many girls were sold for more than 1000 L. I tried to find connection between the length of servitude or the behavior of the slave and the price, but I did not find any. A lovely girl with a week of servitude was sold for 300 L. And the other slave offering a day of service was sold for 2200 L. Does anybody understand it?

I met my friend, Rhonda, too. We had a nice conversation as always, but then she had to go. I reminded alone with my decreasing every day hopes.


The Model

This day started well. I did not mention that my former owner, Bela, had three Malls where he offered his nice and freaky shirts. He decided to add some new shirts to his collection and offered me to be a model with other girl. I agreed but said that if my Owners would call me, then I would have to go. I got on his unusual shirts and stood in front of his mobile photo labor. I did not have much to do, I was just standing in various poses and waiting for his command to change my pose. It lasted about thirty minutes and I have to say that I enjoyed it very much. I do not know how I look like in photos. He will give me later some shoots and then I will show you them. At this time, I did not know that it was the most exciting event this day.

My Mistress was online for about an hour but I did not get her call. It was exciting to wait not knowing if I would be called. However it would be sooo good to serve.

Bela did not have Mall in BDSM related place. I was visiting BDSM clubs to help him to find a Mall. I found only one for an acceptable price. What I discovered is that there are many slave auctions in SL! Hope is not lost for me to be a slave! It is worth mentioning that slave auctions do not offer permanent slaves. The length of servitude varies from one day to one year. They must have a reason why they do not offer permanent slaves. Bela had two so called permanent slaves, but both have been offline for a month or more. I suppose that to serve all the time is very hard and in dreams of slaves it differs from reality. To be under permanent control, to obey without break is not easy. I was denied many times because of not wanting to be a life time slave. However, I am honest at least. I will never run away and hide from my Owner. As an example, I would like to point to Bela's rule. He offers a week trial period before accepting permanent slaves. Dear future owners, please, go over it once more.

What can I say to close this article? I want to serve!


Missed Servitude

My Master said me yesterday that we rarely would meet because of living in different time zones. He also said that my Mistress often would use me.

Accordingly, I was waiting for my Mistress' call. I felt excited not knowing when she would be online and when she would call for me to serve.

My Master likes to dance, so, decided to find formal clothes. I was roaming among different elegant clubs hoping to find free dresses. I have a dozen of elegant dresses, now.

I became even more excited when I noticed that my Mistress was logged in. In about half hour she sent me an IM and asked about my activity. We were talking via IMs, but she did not required my service. She told that I would be used not every day. I really felt like a slave who was used when her Owner would have liked to.

I was talking with my friend, Rhonda. She had just finished her servitude and she was happy as usually.

I got an IM from a Japanese guy. Talking with him was a challenge. He speaks English not too good. He said only words, one after another and I tried to guess what he wanted. Rhonda helped me to understand these sets of words. We discussed if I served for him. She explained that it was even more exciting not knowing exactly what my Owner demanded. I agreed with her and tried to discuss the details of my servitude with the Japanese guy. He did not know what BDSM meant. After a long conversation I got to know that he wanted only an escort to have vanilla sex.

In summary, I had an interesting day, but without servitude.


Exploring and Serving

I am a slave till the end of this week. I asked if I had to send IM to my Owners if I see them online. My Mistress said not to send IM, but wait for their call.

I should not have waited for long time. My Master called me to his apartment and introduced me to his other slave. She is also pretty but my Mistress is much prettier. My Master is a very kind person, we had a nice conversation after which he sent me away and went to have fun with his slave.

I was exploring a bit and I decided to change my animation HUD. I heard that there are free animation HUD not containing animations. I have some pretty animations, so, I want to find a free HUD and place them into it. During my search my Master became online and visited me. He offered me to buy an animation if I found a proper one. I was baffled. Of course, I would have wanted new animation, however it is so difficult for me to ask money. My Master left me alone and said that he would use me later.

I found a HUD and put some animations into it. What do you think if they are nice?

Later, my Master sent me a tp. He took me to dance first. I felt safety in his arms dancing on the cool music. After dance, he used my body and I can tell you that there were no untouched parts on my body. He was so kind to allow me to cum. He was waiting for while I calmed down, then he ordered me to serve him orally. He reached orgasm and it was so wonderful. I love to serve, but I love even more if I know that my Owner enjoys using me. It makes me so horny! And what could be better evidence than reaching an orgasm?

To close this evening my Master took me to dance to a very elegant place. I enjoyed the first day of my servitude very much!


On the Auction

I was very excited, today was the day of the auction. I hoped to be sold today. I got an IM from the auctioneer in 30 minutes before the beginning of the auction. The auctioneer, who is one of the most beautiful women I have ever met, delineated the rules. Then she ordered me to go to the cage. I was very nervous and she tried to calm me down.

At the planned beginning there were only two people. The auctioneer did everything to invite crowd. Thanks to her effort a small group of possible buyers appeared in the hall. One girl reading group messages decided to sell herself and joined me in other cage.

I heard my name and jumped out of the cage. My price was 100L for a week of servitude. I was standing in the stage waiting for bids, naked, exposing her for a crowed. And nobody placed bid on me!

The price for me was so low, I did not understand what was happening. Maybe my answers disappointed buyers. I told the may servitude would last for 10 hours. 10 hours seem to be not much. One week of service time sounds better. However, in most of cases, 10 hours are not a little time. If you are online 2 hours a day then it means 5 days of servitude! And of course i do not intend to count hours of my service strict. But bids were not placed.

I felt so despaired when the auctioneer ordered me to go back to the cage and called the other girl. Her situation was not easier than mine. Thanks to efforts of the auctioneer she was sold for 75L. 75L for a week! I know prices in SL and I can say that there is not much things what you can buy for 75L. Average clothes cost more that 200L!

The auctioneer sent me an IM and offered to be her slave for a week. I gladly agreed. My heart started smiling again.

My new owner went away and I heard some displeased voices from the crowd. Some of them were disgusted at the auctioneer's leaving so earlier. It was strange. The auction was over, this fact was announced and there were no more slavegirls to buy. I heard that the auctioneer probably would take me to serve her. Yes, she did it. But they all had a chance to buy me.

My new Mistress invited me to a pleasant house. The walls were built from reed, I saw pictures of my Mistress on the wall and a man in one of the rooms. My Mistress introduced me to this man. He was her friend and her Master. I was so excited, I was just standing and listening to their conversation and I had absolutely no idea what to do and how to behave.

My owners took me to a public sex place where I had to have sex with my Master in front of Mistress' eyes. It was very difficult to obey among so many people hungry for sex. I obediently lied down and spread my legs wide and in a moment later I was fucked by a stranger. It was why my Owners decided to go to the other place. I served there orally and I was fuck in my all wholes. I am not fun of vanilla sex, but I enjoyed it. It was very exciting to serve and to be used.

When my Master had to leave we went to a club for what my Mistress worked as a dancer. I was dancing there almost naked, in a harness to the end of this day.

I am owned and I was serving. It is so exciting. I am lucky to have such owners. They not only use me, but I feel that they care for me, too.



I did not do much during this day. I hoped that I would be sold in the auction, tomorrow. There was no point to search for a Master for this evening.

I was roaming among hair shops and I found something interesting. What do you think of this hairstyle?

I became a hairstyle specialist. If you want a pretty and free hairstyle then do not hesitate, IM me. I wish I could be a slave specialist, too. Maybe, tomorrow, after the auction, I will made first steps on this path.


My Destiny

I feel disappointed, but on the whole, I should be pleased.
I was excited going in line. I thought that I would serve my owner. Probably, you remember, that this day should be the beginning of my three days servitude. I was searching for my Owner, but he did not appear. I was waiting for him for about 2 hours. It was strange as he was usually online at this time.

While I was waiting I decided to fill in the slavery information note in the Auction Hall. I went there, bought the note and filled it in. When I finished I tried to find out to whom I should send it. It seemed to be a hard task, and as I got an invitation from Rhonda, I closed the note and visited her.

She was sunbathing in a beach. I just arrived, I got an IM from the owner of the Auction Hall. He said that I was a spy and I was removed from the Auction Hall groups. We had long conversation. I did not understand why I should have been a spy.

The Auction Hall owner sent me a tp and we made clear to situation. He is very kind people and I can understand his problem. It is not easy to organize auction and fighting with the competitors who apply all methods in this war.

I wanted to help him and I offered not to take money at all if I would be bought. I only need 100 L to pay it back to Bela. The owner gave me 100 L to give back my duty and started to organize auction for me.

I have not mentioned my problem, yet. I am online according to European time zones. It does not seem to be a big problem, does it? But, most of auctions are organized for American people. To be sold for Europeans is not so easy. I know that the owner did everything to help me and I am thankful for it.

I do not understand the BDSM community in SL. Hearing group channels you can meet many offers from slaves and usually nobody answers. However, in the auctions you can hardly find slaves. Can anybody explain it?

When we finished our conversation with the owner, I asked Rhonda to meet me. She was still happy. She got a piercering from her Mistresses. It looks so good! Her lips are closed with small pretty padlocks. She was so proud to show it to me. We had an interesting conversation as usually. But she had to go. So, I remained alone and I could explore SL still as a free woman.

And my Owner became online! I sent him an IM and asked if he wanted to use me. I was so excited while I was waiting for the answer! He was busy. He was building his new BDSM related club. I felt desperate. He offered me a job in his club. I felt desperate even more. I do not want money, I want to serve!

Last thing I would like to say to you is that I will be auctioned at 9 AM SLT, on Saturday. Look at my naked body and if you like what you see, then please, come and buy me. I will be very obedient as your slave. I promise.


Waiting for Thursday

I did not plan to do anything peculiar. I knew that my further Owner would wait for my servitude, at least I hoped.

Do you remember the girl with who I was caged with some days before? Her name is Rhonda. She had gone an interview to be a slavegirl. I saw she was online, so I sent an IM to her. She was serving and promised to call me later.

I was trying to communicate with a Spanish speaking girl when I got Rhonda's IM. We decided to meet. She showed me the place where she was collared. It is a nice dungeon with different devices and a huge dog. Yes, a dog. Rhonda demonstrate me what this dog can do. It licked her nipples, her pussy and became horny. As the dog became hornier its cock became larger. You could not imagine how huge cock it has! At the end Rhonda kissed the dog's large purple cock and we continued our conversation.

She has a Mistress who has an other slavegirl, too. This slave is Rhonda's good friend, so, she is happy to serve together. I envied Rhonda. She was very happy as she told me about her experience.

Then I took her to Bela's torture chamber and showed her a cage. I was not sure if I can control the cage, but it worked well according to my commands. Rhonda tried the possibilities of the cage and agreed that this cage is a real punishment tool.

We had a nice conversation and we taught each other about using slave tools especially the collar. I did not mention that we had the same collar. I think it was useful, i learned much. I am a member of many slave or slavery related groups. Why does nobody talk about such things in these channels? It would be useful for all slaves and for all Masters, Mistresses. If the slave has enough knowledge then she can serve better. Is it right? Most of group owners or moderators are always crying if somebody starts to chat in their channel. Maybe it is the cause? Moderators, owners, please let us discuss such subject on your channels. You will see it worth.


Canceled Auction

I was all in a flutter. It was an auction day. Or not? It is very difficult question. There are no schedules placed in the auction hall. There is no information. I had asked about the date of the next auction yesterday. I did it today, too. Nobody knew. One of the organizers of the auction, instead of answering me, strafed me because of using the group channel!! I am confused. I have no idea why the group channel exists if it is forbidden to ask questions related to auction. Why is it easier to bawl me out than help me? Do not forget the membership is paid. If i would be sold I will get only 30 percent of money! Remaining amount shared between the Auction hall and the auctioneer.

But I went forward. Before auction I visited Alady shop to buy a new shape. Bela, my best friend and former Owner, offered me to buy a shape. Alady has the best shapes in SL and they had a special offer. If I buy one shape then I got 2 more shapes as a gift.

Dear Readers, let me introduce the new Nia.

Having new shape I went to the Auction Hall and I started to ask questions as I described earlier. The auction was canceled. I am not sure about the date of the next auction. There are auctions at 7 PM, but it is too late for me. I am in European time zone.

Fortunately, I got IMs from two possible Owners. Both sought permanent slave. Bad news for me! But, in the end one of the persons IMed me, agreed to have me for 3 days. I asked 300L, it is the amount of money I wanted to give back to Bela. He did not demand money back. It is my idea, He is so good and I do not want to prey on his kindness.

So, at the end, I agreed with one man to be his slave for three days. He wants me to start my servitude on Thursday. Probably, he wants me to serve with days off. I would be happier to serve continuously. I would feel helpless more such way. But, I am happy and thankful him for accepting me as a slave.

I took a picture of me in an empty Auction Hall and went to explore SL. My favorite place, Bondage Playground is almost ready. I visited it. Wow, it looks indeed cool!

Before going to sleep I decided to cage myself and try to find out the code of the door as I did it yesterday. As a fairwell i share a picture with you, in which I am closed and trying to find out the code to open the door.



I was excited thinking of the auction tomorrow. I decided to not serve today but trying my collar and prepare myself to be better slave if somebody would buy me on the auction.

So, I was exploring and found an interesting place. I have heard about it earlier, but I have never been here. Of course, there was some problem, the money. Because to enter to this place you must be a member and membership is paid. It costs 25L. Fortunately, I have some money I borrowed to join the auction group.

I entered and walk around. There are many cages, cages are everywhere. I tried many of them. Some of them close automatically if somebody enters and have time limit before open the door again. There is a tricky cage there. I was walking and blaming around and suddenly there was a cage around me. It was a hidden one which informed me to be ready and move at once if the cage would disappear.

But my favorite is a cage with keyboard. It also closes automatically if the victim enters but there is no timer. You have to guess out the code which opens the door. You can try three times then the keyboard locks for a certain amount of time. This time can be decreased if the victim is in busy mode and the victim sits in the cage and if the glass of the cage set to opaque. It was fun, i recommend you to try it.

Then I went to the Bondage Playground to continue my training with the collar. I met a gentleman who wanted to help me and showed the Underground Dungeon. He was so kind, so, I did not tell him that I was familiar with this place. He showed me and left me. Hmm...

I went to one of the cage and somebody closed me there for a minute. It was a lovely girl wearing cuffs. After the timer opened the door, I went to the other cage and I was caged again. But that time the door was closed by an other woman. As I got to know later, she was a Mistress of Bondage Playground. I heard as my friend, the girl in cuffs, was arguing with her about the opening the cage.
The Mistress set us free and left to have fun with others.

My new friend suggested to go to a cage together to attract the attentions of others. She was bound in the cage and I was kneeling before her. The Mistress closed the cage again, at this time for half hour. We made little show in the cage, I make the bound slave girl cum. I think we both enjoyed it. It was the first time I had had sex with a woman. I hope I would be better other time.

I was so excited when I went to bed. Tomorrow I will be sold. At least I hope so. Let me show you a picture of myself, maybe you decide to buy me if you have a look at me here. :)


Spare Slave

I woke up and realized that my Owner from the USA is online. Because of the time zones we can only meet on weekends. It is always hard to send me an IM and offer my service. I feel excitement. From other hand it is uncomfortable, what is if the Owner is busy? I do not want to compel him to use me. I do not want to disturb.

I IMed him and he did not want to use me. He said he was busy. I was disappointed a bit and I was excited, felt like a real slave, who is used if the Owner wants.

I was exploring SL and I found a new skin. It looks prettier, does not it?

I got an answer from the shop owner. She said that I had to change my height. I did not like this answer. Why I should change myself because of her fault. If I wanted I would be not able to do that. My shape cannot be modified. I checked the price of the collar. Its price is 800L! She did not want to help me at all! I have to warn everybody not to buy 'M&S Multi-gem ULTRA Collar'. Maybe it looks pretty, but it does not work correctly and the shop owner wants to get money, she does not want to earn it!

I visited the Auction Hall and drops to kneel on the stage. When will I be sold here?


Serving Again

I have a problem with my collar. When I kneel down, I am kneeling above the ground. I hate it. This collar was a gift and it does not work properly. But this collar has other disadvantage, too. I cannot wear some silk and the collar at the same time. Silks covering my breasts disappeared when I put on the collar. The same happened to my lingerie I got today. I can wear a baby doll or a collar but not both.

Do you remember Bela? He was my first Owner. We meet again and we spent wonderful time together, almost three hours. At this time he was very strict especially from point of view keeping his rules. During servitude I had to behave in accordance with his rules. There are only a few and they are simple. But, it is difficult to keep that when you are excited during servitude.

I was at fault and I received punishment almost immediately. I was punished the same way I described earlier. I hated it and enjoyed it!

Bela gives me a new collar and a sexy latex outfit and a leather harness. He showed me the shop where he bought an old collar and showed me how to find the owner. It was not easy! I send an IM and I am waiting for an answer or help of the shop owner.

This is a picture of my new collar. This one is better, it allows me to wear clothes and collar at the same time. I can operate this collar easier, if I do not remember a command then I can use menu.

Servitude in the Morning

When I woke up in SL I hoped stealthily that I would meet my owner. My dream became true. I felt my heart biting in my throat when I sent an IM offering my servitude. He accepted me and I got an IM soon.

First, I had to change my outfit and wear silks. I have only freebie silks and I was afraid that my Owner would be disappointed. I think he was, but he was so kind not mentioning it to me. He examined my body while i was hanging in a pole then he took me to his favorite place. There were many people there and it was the first time I have served in public place. It was not easy. I felt exciting because I was a slave, but I was humiliated to serve in front of the others. I tried to ignore all and look only my Owner's need. It helped a bit. But, I was so exciting that I did not do my best. I hope that my owner is not disappointed in me.

I was dancing for my Owner and then I was lying in his arms.

He decided to use my body and took me to a silent place. He bound me and fucked me hard. I really enjoyed it.

Before leaving, he bought me sexy lingerie and asked me for changing my hairstyles. Here is a picture of a new Nia.



I was roaming among BDSM places in search of servitude. I did not reach success. I visited Slave Auction Hall again wondering how I can feel standing naked in front of people wanting to buy me. It is so exciting!

I was thinking about my needs. I do not want to be an escort, I want to be a slave, to be dominated, to serve somebody, to fulfill desire of my Owner. However, is it possible in an hour? How can I feel control in such a short period of time? If I want to be a good slave, then I must know my Owner and behave according his dreams. Is not the same what a good escort do? The only difference is that I do not require money for my service.

These thoughts made me feel uncomfortable. It is not about that I do not like escort. They do their job and they try to fell happy and fulfill their need like me. But, I would like to know that I am a slave not an escort. There is an other difference the time of servitude. Usually, escort serves no more than an hour.

I decided to change my mind. I want to serve at least 3 days. It must be enough to serve my Owner well and to feel the control and restrictions.


Way to the Auction

I was in search of servitude almost whole day. I like Bondage Playground and usually I offer my servitude there sitting in a display ball or dancing in a glass ball. Nobody wanted me. Do you know that Bondage Playground is moving into the other location? Maybe it is why I am alone here.

I was hesitating to search for other BDSM related place. It is so hard to find somebody who wants to use me as a slave. In most public places people seek romance and search for a girlfriend, not a slave.

I mentioned my former owner and friend Bela. It was he who helped me. He offered me 100L, it is the amount I need to join a Slave Auction group. I got this money and I decided to give it back as soon as I would be sold. He is so kind! He did not have time to deal with me, but he gave me a new hairstyle. It is pretty, is not it?

I joined the auction group and went to visit the place where I will be sold. It is an exciting but not too big building. There is a large stage, probably, for slaves who are under auction.

Other slaves wait for to be sold sit under the stage in a common cage. It is so exciting! I hope I will be sold as soon as possible.


Difficulties and Auctions

After getting enough items from lucky chairs, I had a strong feeling to serve. Unfortunately, there was some problem in SL, I was unable to go to my favorite place, Bondage Playground. There was nothing to do but to find other places. You can find many BDSM related places in SL. Some of them are clubs. It is impossible to find a Master or a Mistress in clubs. People go there to have fun with club dancers. Nobody paid attention to me.

I try free dungeons. Yes, it was a better choice. Better? It is not the same word. Maybe word “other” describes my thoughts well. I got offers from three or four people. But they all wanted a sex only. I was called honey, sweety and even dear. Nice greetings to a slave, is not it? One of them even sent me poems. It is so uncomfortable to refuse them politely not causing harm. I hate these conversations. Even worse if somebody continues sending IMs (for about 30 minutes) and offers everything: to dominate me, not knowing how, to offer taking me to a beautiful island for a romance, and so on.

I joined interesting and exciting groups. Three of the offers slave auctions. I was thinking happy maybe I found the solution, maybe I can serve?

First auction group belongs to a BDSM club and their main task is to organize club events.

The second one I visited is a real slave auction group. But, I am too young to participate in auctions. According to their rules I must have at least one month SL experience. The other problem is that auctions organized for US citizens only. Auctions start at 4:00 PM. In most of European countries it is 2:00AM. If auctions lasts only one hour, and then probably my new owner wants to try me then I cannot sleep at all. I felt pain in my soul but I had to find an other auction.

The third auction group offers auction for EU and US time, too. I joined the group created for slaves, but it is not enough. I must join the main group, too. And here, I met the new barrier. To join this group I have to pay 100L! I have no money at all!

There is nothing to do, I will wait and serve only on weekends.
Roaming among BDSM place I found an interesting shop and an exciting device. It is a modified darts target board having the bound slave in the middle. I tried it and I would like to share a photo of me bound to the board with you.

Lucky Chair

Yesterday, I mentioned that I had not received the free hairstyles from Diversity Hair. I sent the voucher again and in two minutes I received the selected hair. It looks very nice on me! I am so happy!

I got some clothes and LMs from one of my girlfriends. I would like to explain here something. I am straight, but of course I accept Mistresses, too. It is interesting how I can serve a woman not feeling sexual emotions. It does not sound good, does it? It is difficult to explain. I have never had sex with women and I have never dreamed of it. However, as a slavegirl, I will serve if it is required and of course, I will do my best.

I got a very lovely silk. Let me share a picture of it with you.

Roaming in the streets of SL, I saw strange furniture so called lucky chairs. These chairs offer you a gift if the letter indicated on them matches to the first letter of your name. To make this game interesting the chairs change their letters in a certain amount of time. I did not try it before, I was busy with finding clothes and of course the possibility of servitude.

The LM I get leaded me to an interesting place. The name of this place is Lucky Chair Station. In the middle of this region there is a huge board. The board contains buttons labeled with letters. You can find your letter and pushing the button you can go to the lucky chair having your lucky letter and get the prize. I tried it. Wow! I enjoyed it. You can imagine the feeling of hunting. Probably, women, who like shopping, feel the same. Now, I have wonderful clothes, shoes and jewels. It is worth trying lucky chairs!


Vanilla sex

I mentioned earlier that Gurlywood issues a voucher for newbies. I got the hair i selected within some hours. I like it, I can offer everybody to visit this shop!

I found an other voucher, too, issued by Diversity Hair. I visited this shop and I selected a hairstyle. I send a voucher two days ago and I still do not have an answer. I know that it is free and what do I want not paying money. However, if you do not want to give a gift then why do you offer it? Maybe it is one method to invite people to the shop? Maybe, but if it is then you must seriously think of fairness of shop owner.

I went to the Bondage Playground and offered my services there. I was sitting in a display ball and I was dancing in the hanging glass cage. Nobody wanted me. I felt so desperate.

Suddenly, I got an IM. Somebody wanted me to use. He asked about my needs and I answered politely. He said me to wait for 2 minutes before sending a tp. I agreed and becomes excited. I was waiting for about ten minutes, I decided that it is part of the game. I was wrong, but how wrong!

When I got tp I arrived a public sex place. I was looking around there were no BDSM equipments there. He called me honey and sweety and asked (not ordered) me to suck him. I like it and I am proud of my oral service. I did not get any feedback. Then the sweety (it is me) was asked to bands down for having a sex from behind. I did it still without feedback when SL sent a warning message about restarting the region. I warned him, that we had only 2 minutes.... one minute... No reactions.

I did not want to be kicked out, it is why I teleported. When he logged in again we had a conversation. He did not even know what BDSM meant. It is OK. Most of people do not like it.
But I do. It is the reason I am here.


New Owner

I was searching for slave uniform or a clothes for servitude. I am not sure what should I wear as a slave. I have some silks and some of them look nice on me. But, I am still not sure if silks is the best slave uniform. I wanted to find leather strap which does not cover my breasts. I found beautiful leather outfits, but all of them were offered for high price.

I was talking with my former Owner, Bela. He is allowed me to use the collar he gave me with others, too. He is so kind. I am very thankful. Here is a picture of my collar.

I have not mentioned, yet that I got an IM in which a great person invited me to be his slave. I was excited, my heart beat in my throat. It is what I have been waiting for. However, I had bad feelings, because I do not want to be a permanent slave, and I was afraid that the author of the IM wanted it.
He was offline, I answered him describing my doubt.

I was hunting for a slave uniform when he IMed me. It was too late for me, but I started to talk with him. At the end he said that he wanted to look at me before going to sleep. I agreed and felt so excited. My breathing became quick. I accepted the tp and I could see the man who wanted me to serve.

He was very kind, I think I will enjoy our common adventure. But, because there is always a “but”, he is from the USA. It will not be easy to meet him. Time zones are not one of my favorites!
He has other slaves, too. It would be a really nice experience to serve with other slaves. He invited me to his group and ask to wear a group title when I serve him.

We talked for about 5 minutes and I think that he is a very good person and a very good Master. Probably, we can meet on weekends. I hope that we will enjoy it.


First servitude – Part II

I got my first collar from Sir Bela. It is made of metal but I can change its texture. We were walking in public places, among people. My Owner lead me with a leash attached to my collar.

It was so exciting! He sometimes ordered me to show my breast or pussy right there among walking people. I had to take off my pants or bra and follow him. I felt everybody's eyes on me!

We started at Heaven & Hell which was a BDSM place, but then we had a walk in shops, parks, too. He sat on the chair in one Cafe and I had to kneel in front of her. It was so humiliating. And then I thought that he was unable to increase my humiliation then he ordered me to beg for an oral sex with him. Can you imagine it?

At the end he allowed me to go and we agreed to meet again. I really enjoyed my servitude and I hope he did it, too.

When we said good bye I took of the collar and put on a free one. I have only free items and some paid what I got as a gift, but I can tell you that there is a big difference between collars.

In the evening (according my local time) I met a Mistress at Bondage Playground. She first caged me, then she ordered me to go to an other place because of lag. I had to choose the place. I am not familiar with BDSM places, so I chose the Torture Dungeon at Heaven and Hell.

She decided to take me to the Prison in the same sim. She did not do anything with me but leading by my collar. She ordered me to get shackles and gave me an LM to a place where I could get it. Then she left me.
I went to this place and I was searching for shackles, but I did not reach success.


First servitude– Part I

I was roaming in SL searching for exciting places and interesting people. Once, I got an IM from a very kind gentleman in the Bondage Playground. He asked me to be his slave. He search for permanent slaves and as you know permanent slavery is not what i really want, but at the end we agreed. I would serve him for 6 hours.

At this time, I did not know how lucky I was to meet Sir Bela. Bela is the name of the gentleman who hired me.

How can i describe my first servitude with words? It is very difficult, almost impossible. I was whipped, caged, humiliated without break. It was so exciting!

But let me say how it started. I was taken to a private dungeon which was small but well equipped. My owner sat down and tell me the rules while i was dancing for him. The rules looked like simple, but later I realized that it was not so easy to keep them. The toughest rule prohibited me to speak. I can answer the questions but if I wanted to say anything then I had to ask permission. We had ceremony of meeting describing how to greet my Owner, and of course, I had to call him Sir. If I opened my mouth I always had to add “Sir”.

If I was at fault (it happened many times) then I had to go into a cage to receive a punishment. My Owner closed me and left for 10 minutes. During my punishment I had to repeat rules or calculate different math operations. It was so realistic! I really felt to be punished.


Forming myself

I was searching for free items. There are many shops offering free clothes, and accessories. I could easily buy for me clothes and shoes. Changing my appearance is an another question. As I discovered my skin (makeup) and my shape form my appearance. I saw beautiful shapes and skins but they all were paid ones. I spent much time with search of these items. At the end I got my shape as a gift from a kind woman and I found places offering free skins.

However, look out if you go shopping to a free place. Some shop owners want to play the fool with you and offer paid items as free. If you are careless then they take your money.
Nia has dark hair, I prefer black. It was really hard to find an appropriate hair. I was roaming among hair salons in search of free hair and finally i found one. The dark package contains four different dark colors and they all look so wonderful.

I also found a voucher in one of the freebie places. This voucher allows me to get one hairstyle for free from the hair salon called Gurlywood. You must visit Gurlywood. There are so many different hairstyles. Unfortunately, I could not try them before ordering with my voucher, because a demo hairstyle is paid. And I am a poor slave girl without money.

At the end of the day, I had nice makeup, shape, hair and some sexy clothes. I felt I was ready to serve.


Nia's Birth

I have submissive feelings and i decided to discover my submissive side. It is why i created my avatar, Nia Preez.
Nia Preez as a freely usably slave does not have any money. Nia uses free items at this moment, however she would be happy to wear more sophisticated objects. :)

Usually, i am available from 11:00 AM to 02:AM SLT. When I am online, everybody can use me as a slave. Of course, if I am under servitude to a person, I will not leave until we finish, so please, do not ask me to do that.

I live only in Second Life and I will ignore Real Life related questions and orders.

I do not search for long term relationship and love. I am happy to serve and examine my submissive mind. Please, do not fall in love with me and do not ask me to be a permanent slave. It is not necessary because you can take me every time if I am free.
I can serve you some hours, but if we agreed I am ready to be your slave for a week.

I have only a few limits. No age play and RL questions. It is not much, please, respect it.