Pony Girl

My Owner had good news for me. He did not have a house, and it seemed to be important for him to keep me in a specific location. Fortunately, Arta offered one of her kennels for us. When we met, my Owner showed me this kennel immediately.

I still like to be a pony girl. My Owner had used me as a pony, and probably, he liked it because he wanted me to pull a pony cart again. He gave me some minutes to prepare myself and select the proper outfit. I put on a harness, a bit gag and even I pushed a pony tail into my butt. The handle of the tail was rather thick, so pushing it into my bottom was very painful. I was not sure if my Owner would like it.

I was ready and my Owner called me. I arrived at Alikat, near the carts. My Owner chose the most colorful one and I had to strap myself in. I pulled the cart under the control of my Owner. It was not very tough, not counting the tail, which tortured me on my every step.

My Owner guided me around the entire Alikat territory. I remembered the place, where we had fallen into a trap last time. But, I pulled the cart quietly, and it seemed that we would not meet any trap. I was mistaken.

Suddenly, I flew into air and then under the ground level. I tried not to move. SL did not care of my action. It leaded me and the cart in every direction including the sky and the hell under us. I am still not sure if there was a special trap there or just crossing four sims caused the problem. I would like to believe that it was a trap. SL viewer with great age verification must work without such errors, must not it?

So, we gave up the further pony playing and we returned home. There I was allowed to pull on nice pajamas, and I had to go into my kennel. My Onwer closer the door and left me alone.


New Old Owner

It was the time to check the new search engine of SL containing age verification, which made our world better. *smiles

Recently, I became interested in humiliation. I decided to search for places related to humiliation. The first location I found was a not too big room full with people. I arrived and looked around. It seemed nobody cares of me. After some steps, I made I received IMs from two people. One of them was shy; we greeted each other and finished the conversation. The other guy was cool. But after talking in IM for some minutes, we said goodbye to each other.

My next stop was other interesting places. It was equipped with exciting BDSM devices. But, it was completely empty.

I just wanted to go further, when I received an IM from my old friend, Rhonda. Do you remember her? We had not met for a while. Now, she returned to SL, like me. She had a new Mistress and she really enjoyed to serve her. Unfortunately, she had only few minutes, so we could not meet. It was so good to talk with her, again. I hope we will meet soon.

An old Hungarian friend of mine IMed me. He had been my Owner. He was the one, who had sent me away before finishing my servitude. According his sentences, I felt that he wanted me to be his slave again. After a minute of hesitation, I thought 'Why not?'.

He sent me teleport. I arrived to the place, where my first service to him had started, to Siggy Waterworks. It is a PG place, and we never made BDSM RP there. But, it is the best beach theme place in RL. Check it, if you do not believe me!

I offered to use Tokon system instead of RLV tools; he agreed. I changed my cuffs and collars and set him as my Owner. Then he took me to dance, right there, on the beach. Nobody was around; we were alone under the bright sky.

After dance, my Owner took me to the pools, where we pushed me into one of them. His action was sudden. I just felt that the cold water caressed my body. Then we swam. He spattered me. I did not know how to react. I was afraid to spatter him back, so I stood it smiling.

After swimming, I was allowed to sleep on the beach.



I had to look over my inventory. I forgot what clothes and jewels I had. It was interesting to wear my old clothes.



I was trying hair I picked up in Hair Fair 2009. It was worth visiting. I found many nice free hairs and I got demos. I promised myself to buy them if I would have some money.

I always had long hair. But, I found a very lovely short hairstyle. So, now you can meet me with unusual appearance.


Hair Fair II

The exhibition was so large; a single day was not enough to look at everything. So, I continued my tour. I found some nice hairs for free or for one linden.


Hair Fair I

Hair Fair 2009 opened. I went there to have fun on the exhibition. Moving there was as difficult as I had been a year ago.

Last year, I had been afraid to miss some malls, as I had not figured out the structure of the exhibition. Now, it was easy to visit all malls; I simply had to follow the path built among the buildings.


Return to Earth

In the evening, I logged in and I knew that I could not be a kajira any longer. Maybe, sometimes, I will... I was very afraid to tell it to my Mistress. But she was broad-minded and she accepted my decision.

One of my former Owners called me to visit him in a club. He was the DJ this evening. I changed my outfit. I put on jeans and blouse. I went to the club. It was interesting to dance with other people and chat freely.

Some minutes later, Nero became online. We met in Arta's house. Old remembrance touched my mind, when I met Arta, Nero and the Owner, who was DJ. We had nice conversation about the changes in SL. It was very interesting to learn how their life had changed while I had been away.

Return to Gor?

I mentioned of the disabled check box in my previous post. Now, I know the solution. Do you remember Nero, who was my Master? He gave me an LM to check my age verification. Traveling to this LM the viewer automatically makes the necessary settings. Now, I am adult verified. I hope that the world became better. :)

I went to my Gorean city and continued searching for my Mistress' house. She was one of the best Mistresses, I had ever met. She taught me well and patiently.

Now, I had bad feelings. I was not sure if I could stay in Gorean World. Something has changed in my mind. I was not sure if I wanted to continue my kajira servitude.

In the end, I found the house and walked in. Everything seemed familiar to me. I felt that I did not want to continue. I just did not want to slight my Mistress, who had been very good to me.



I was away from SL for almost three months because of RL problem. I hope that the problems are solved or are going to be solved soon.

Before joining the SL, I checked if there was new viewer to download. I found one and installed on my notebook. I am always afraid to install a new viewer; so was I at this time. But, everything went all right as usually did.

I logged in the SL and looked around in my friend list. Nobody was online. I decided that it was the time to visit the old places. I prefer search engine instead of landmarks. So, I opened the search window. What do you think I beheld on it? It was a new check box labeled adult. This check box was disabled on my viewer. OK, let us try the search, I thought.

I wanted something adult theme to try the new check box. For example the world “war”. I got a result list. The next word I tried was ”slave”. I did not receive a result list; a warning message appeared instead. I tried the word “sex”, too. I got the result list. I gave up experimentation.

I had heard of the age verification. So, I opened my browser and do the verification process. I got verified in about ten seconds. It is very quick, is not it.

I returned to my viewer. The adult check box remained disabled. I relogged. Nothing changed. I had two interesting LMs, so I did not want to play with new age checking functions.

The firs LM leaded me to an open collar place. I heard of the open collar project, but I had not had any experience with it. The heart of the project was a mall, where I could get pretty collars free. The only condition to get them was to join their group. I had some really nice collars. I had to ask a manual for them.

The second LM was a landmark of exhibition “Hair Fair 2009”. Wow! I have to go there. The regions were full, so it was not easy to get there. I spend only few time there, and I found some nice hairstyles.

I was still in silks, barefooted as a kajira. I went back to the city, where I lived. The city was empty. It was not easy to find the house, where my Mistress worked. I was walking in the streets of the city searching for the house, when I realized that Sir Sleight became online. We talked a bit and he sent me a teleport.

I arrived and looked at the nice place he was building. Others of my friends arrived. We were talking in IMs. I hoped that nobody would have angry because I stayed with Sir Sleight, after some minutes of conversation, I had to leave SL.