Bed Series

I never like to escape. I hate it. I try to do my best and every time I escape, I feel that I failed. The reason of escape is not so important.

I was walking alone, when one of my old friend IMed me. We were talking a bit, and then she called me to join her. I was happy, but soon I realized that she wanted to use me as a tool against her Mistress.

There were dark moments in our relationship, but I try to forget them. I try to remember only nice time we spent. In fact, I liked her. I could not imagine that she could use me such way. It really hurt. I had to escape again, but this time, I had to escape from friendship.

Harem on the Ball IV

My Owner called me to serve. I arrived and he started to talk about my breasts size again. He wanted me to change my shape. It was bad to hear it. First, it meant that he did not like me. Second, he did not read my limits.

I never wanted to read all my profile. My profile is detailed and maybe it is too big. Of course, a good Master read slave’s profile and only bad masters do not read limits of their slaves. I warned him about my limits very carefully. He did not listen to me. He ordered me to stand in appearance pose. Then he wanted me to change my shape. I told him that my shape is not modifiable. He did not know what it meant, however his avatar was older mine.

I warned him again about breaking my limit. This time I expressed myself very clearly. He told he was not interested in my limits. According his opinion, slaves had to obey every time and limits were not interesting.

It was the time, when I had to stop him. I escaped from him. His name is baron Turbo.

So, if you need such master, you can find him. Or if you are clever enough, you can avoid him.


Harem on the Ball III

My Owner did not call me; however, he was online. Maybe he spent time with other slave of his. I do not know.

I was alone and I upgraded my collars. I have many collars. Recently, I use open collars, as they became very popular. They are free. I recommend checking them. :)

Harem on the Ball II

I greeted my Owner. He did not call me, so I walked freely in SL. I like Deetelaz clothes. It was long time when I had visited this shop last time. I decided to go there. I found some very good new clothes. They are very beautiful but very expensive.

The shop owner had changed the structure of the shop. I walked around and in the dark, hidden end of a corridor, I found old clothes. Their price was descended! Wow! Now, I have some awesome clothes from Deetalez.


Harem on the Ball

Recently, I often visit Bondage Ranch. I do not spend much time here. I look around and wait for somebody to talk to me. I am very shy, so, I cannot start a conversation. Usually, nobody talk to me and I leave after some minutes of waiting.

Today, I got an IM. I was very happy I thought I found an Owner. He took me to his house.
There, he told me some sentences about of my required behavior. I allowed him to check my position on the map. I set him as the Owner on my collar and tokon slave HUD. He wanted me to use RLV. Of course, I agreed.

He wanted me to serve him with my mouth. I dropped on my knees and I did my best. It was so good for me. He said he enjoyed, too.

When I finished, he told me to join his group of slaves. I joined. The size of the group was surprise for me. He had many slaves about twenty or more. He also said that I had to greet him every day and then wait for his call. He said I had to be standby, but, he would not use me every day. I nodded.

Before going to sleep, he told me that my tits were too small. Well, I do not know. I have normal breasts. Do not you think so? I never wanted to be just a carrier of breasts unbelievable large, supernatural size.


The Dancer

This day, my Owner took me to dance, again. In the club, he told me that he liked to have fun; he wanted to explore interesting places. He preferred a girlfriend, not a slave. I was thankful for his honesty. He is indeed a good person. But, as you know, I want to be dominated. So, he set me free.



I was walking through BDSM related places. The aim was to find interesting places; I did not want to find an Owner. However, I got an IM. I am always happy when somebody want to talk to me. :)
After two sentences, I agreed to be his slave. We talked about the rules very little as he said that he was not an experienced Dom. I do not know why but his lack of experience made me excited.

He wanted to take me to a club to dance. Of course, I agreed. What else could a slave do?

We were dancing and then he allowed me to go to sleep.


Slavery of a Mistress

On my last days, Arta had mentioned me about Russian peoples, who had rented parcels on her island and who had been BDSM fans. Some months later, when we met, she talked of them again. She started to talk about them fairly soon, after a dozen polite sentences. She wanted to show me the place of their Russian friends. I agreed and we went there.

I arrived and we stood in front of a prison. Before the prison, a woman was standing. Arta greeted her very politely. She did not answer. We were waiting for her answer some minutes; then we left for a castle built on the beach. The castle was furnished in BDSM style. Arta showed me around. It was nice, but nothing special.

We finished our tour, when a woman, who had not answered at the prison, came in. Arta greeted her, again. She was speaking in Russian with a translator. We were talking in Russian and then we with Arta left the castle. Later, I learned that Arta was a slave and the women we met was her Mistress.



After long break, I returned to SL and my submissive fate. I will not be online every day in the near future. Maybe later, I will. Who knows? I search for an Owner; I want to be slave. However, I do not search for long-term relationship.

I did not do anything but chatted on my first day. My old friends, my former Owners found me. I felt good warmness on my soul. It was so great to have such friends.


Medical Scene

I woke up in the kennel. I greeted my Owner and I was waiting for him patiently.

When he arrived and ordered me to crawl out of the cage, I dropped on my knees and caressed him. I observed that he prefer to be caressed to foot kiss. I looked at his face hidden and I knew that I was right when I realized his smiling.

He ordered me to stand up. I still wore the pajamas. He asked me how I had slept and then he told me that I was smelly and messy. I was ashamed.

He took me to an ugly building and leaded me not allowing looking around. I realized where I was only inside the building. It was a special hospital to examine and torture woman. I do not remember what happened exactly. I had to take shower; then we went into other room. There, I went off in a swoon from the panic.

When I opened my eyes, we were at home. My Owner kept my head and allowed me to sleep outside of the kennel.


Off line

I know that my blog is in ruins, now. When I returned, I got notification in both of my galleries. Flickr had made my account restricted and Google deleted many of my pictures. The reason was the same: adult pictures.

I do not want to fight and I also do not want to ask interesting question. You know my opinion and I do not want to argue with people, who count war less dangerous than uncovered, drawn female breasts.

Now, on Flickr, you can see only pictures, in which I am dressed from my everyday life. To see other of my photos, you have to log in and set the proper search filters. In fact, I reached the 200 pictures limit on this site, so there were no you capture on it.

The other gallery remained untouched, after deleting many of my pictures. I am searching for a web site, where I can upload captures of my submissive life.

I am not sure, if we like the galleries. If so, then please, be patient until I find the proper website.


Pony Girl

My Owner had good news for me. He did not have a house, and it seemed to be important for him to keep me in a specific location. Fortunately, Arta offered one of her kennels for us. When we met, my Owner showed me this kennel immediately.

I still like to be a pony girl. My Owner had used me as a pony, and probably, he liked it because he wanted me to pull a pony cart again. He gave me some minutes to prepare myself and select the proper outfit. I put on a harness, a bit gag and even I pushed a pony tail into my butt. The handle of the tail was rather thick, so pushing it into my bottom was very painful. I was not sure if my Owner would like it.

I was ready and my Owner called me. I arrived at Alikat, near the carts. My Owner chose the most colorful one and I had to strap myself in. I pulled the cart under the control of my Owner. It was not very tough, not counting the tail, which tortured me on my every step.

My Owner guided me around the entire Alikat territory. I remembered the place, where we had fallen into a trap last time. But, I pulled the cart quietly, and it seemed that we would not meet any trap. I was mistaken.

Suddenly, I flew into air and then under the ground level. I tried not to move. SL did not care of my action. It leaded me and the cart in every direction including the sky and the hell under us. I am still not sure if there was a special trap there or just crossing four sims caused the problem. I would like to believe that it was a trap. SL viewer with great age verification must work without such errors, must not it?

So, we gave up the further pony playing and we returned home. There I was allowed to pull on nice pajamas, and I had to go into my kennel. My Onwer closer the door and left me alone.


New Old Owner

It was the time to check the new search engine of SL containing age verification, which made our world better. *smiles

Recently, I became interested in humiliation. I decided to search for places related to humiliation. The first location I found was a not too big room full with people. I arrived and looked around. It seemed nobody cares of me. After some steps, I made I received IMs from two people. One of them was shy; we greeted each other and finished the conversation. The other guy was cool. But after talking in IM for some minutes, we said goodbye to each other.

My next stop was other interesting places. It was equipped with exciting BDSM devices. But, it was completely empty.

I just wanted to go further, when I received an IM from my old friend, Rhonda. Do you remember her? We had not met for a while. Now, she returned to SL, like me. She had a new Mistress and she really enjoyed to serve her. Unfortunately, she had only few minutes, so we could not meet. It was so good to talk with her, again. I hope we will meet soon.

An old Hungarian friend of mine IMed me. He had been my Owner. He was the one, who had sent me away before finishing my servitude. According his sentences, I felt that he wanted me to be his slave again. After a minute of hesitation, I thought 'Why not?'.

He sent me teleport. I arrived to the place, where my first service to him had started, to Siggy Waterworks. It is a PG place, and we never made BDSM RP there. But, it is the best beach theme place in RL. Check it, if you do not believe me!

I offered to use Tokon system instead of RLV tools; he agreed. I changed my cuffs and collars and set him as my Owner. Then he took me to dance, right there, on the beach. Nobody was around; we were alone under the bright sky.

After dance, my Owner took me to the pools, where we pushed me into one of them. His action was sudden. I just felt that the cold water caressed my body. Then we swam. He spattered me. I did not know how to react. I was afraid to spatter him back, so I stood it smiling.

After swimming, I was allowed to sleep on the beach.



I had to look over my inventory. I forgot what clothes and jewels I had. It was interesting to wear my old clothes.



I was trying hair I picked up in Hair Fair 2009. It was worth visiting. I found many nice free hairs and I got demos. I promised myself to buy them if I would have some money.

I always had long hair. But, I found a very lovely short hairstyle. So, now you can meet me with unusual appearance.


Hair Fair II

The exhibition was so large; a single day was not enough to look at everything. So, I continued my tour. I found some nice hairs for free or for one linden.


Hair Fair I

Hair Fair 2009 opened. I went there to have fun on the exhibition. Moving there was as difficult as I had been a year ago.

Last year, I had been afraid to miss some malls, as I had not figured out the structure of the exhibition. Now, it was easy to visit all malls; I simply had to follow the path built among the buildings.


Return to Earth

In the evening, I logged in and I knew that I could not be a kajira any longer. Maybe, sometimes, I will... I was very afraid to tell it to my Mistress. But she was broad-minded and she accepted my decision.

One of my former Owners called me to visit him in a club. He was the DJ this evening. I changed my outfit. I put on jeans and blouse. I went to the club. It was interesting to dance with other people and chat freely.

Some minutes later, Nero became online. We met in Arta's house. Old remembrance touched my mind, when I met Arta, Nero and the Owner, who was DJ. We had nice conversation about the changes in SL. It was very interesting to learn how their life had changed while I had been away.

Return to Gor?

I mentioned of the disabled check box in my previous post. Now, I know the solution. Do you remember Nero, who was my Master? He gave me an LM to check my age verification. Traveling to this LM the viewer automatically makes the necessary settings. Now, I am adult verified. I hope that the world became better. :)

I went to my Gorean city and continued searching for my Mistress' house. She was one of the best Mistresses, I had ever met. She taught me well and patiently.

Now, I had bad feelings. I was not sure if I could stay in Gorean World. Something has changed in my mind. I was not sure if I wanted to continue my kajira servitude.

In the end, I found the house and walked in. Everything seemed familiar to me. I felt that I did not want to continue. I just did not want to slight my Mistress, who had been very good to me.



I was away from SL for almost three months because of RL problem. I hope that the problems are solved or are going to be solved soon.

Before joining the SL, I checked if there was new viewer to download. I found one and installed on my notebook. I am always afraid to install a new viewer; so was I at this time. But, everything went all right as usually did.

I logged in the SL and looked around in my friend list. Nobody was online. I decided that it was the time to visit the old places. I prefer search engine instead of landmarks. So, I opened the search window. What do you think I beheld on it? It was a new check box labeled adult. This check box was disabled on my viewer. OK, let us try the search, I thought.

I wanted something adult theme to try the new check box. For example the world “war”. I got a result list. The next word I tried was ”slave”. I did not receive a result list; a warning message appeared instead. I tried the word “sex”, too. I got the result list. I gave up experimentation.

I had heard of the age verification. So, I opened my browser and do the verification process. I got verified in about ten seconds. It is very quick, is not it.

I returned to my viewer. The adult check box remained disabled. I relogged. Nothing changed. I had two interesting LMs, so I did not want to play with new age checking functions.

The firs LM leaded me to an open collar place. I heard of the open collar project, but I had not had any experience with it. The heart of the project was a mall, where I could get pretty collars free. The only condition to get them was to join their group. I had some really nice collars. I had to ask a manual for them.

The second LM was a landmark of exhibition “Hair Fair 2009”. Wow! I have to go there. The regions were full, so it was not easy to get there. I spend only few time there, and I found some nice hairstyles.

I was still in silks, barefooted as a kajira. I went back to the city, where I lived. The city was empty. It was not easy to find the house, where my Mistress worked. I was walking in the streets of the city searching for the house, when I realized that Sir Sleight became online. We talked a bit and he sent me a teleport.

I arrived and looked at the nice place he was building. Others of my friends arrived. We were talking in IMs. I hoped that nobody would have angry because I stayed with Sir Sleight, after some minutes of conversation, I had to leave SL.



I was sleeping uneasily. In my dream, I saw a light descending on my body. Then, there were dark emptiness around me.

When I woke up and looked at the sky, I knew that I returned to Earth. I was not sure, but I felt that Priest Kings would not return me to Gor in the near future. At this time, I did not know that while I was sleeping, three months elapsed.


My Mistress leaded me into a medical room. There were many unknown for me bottles of salve and liquid in the selves. My Mistress started to work with these medicines and she sometimes threw away a cloth. I was kneeling in front of a table. I hesitated. I wanted to go to pick them up, but I was afraid to move without her order.

She felt my hesitation and ordered me to pick the clothes up and put them on the self. I obeyed.

Later, we went to the tavern of the city. I was very excited, as I knew that I would meet other citizens. I knew much of Gor, but I had forgotten much since I had lived among Tuchuks. We entered the tavern. It was a large room divided into some parts. I saw small tables, nicely created chairs and pillows next to each chair.

At the entrance, we met a woman dressed in a beautiful free woman clothes. She did not wear a veil similar to my Mistress. She and my Mistress started a conversation. They did not listen to me at all. They talked, as I would have been a subject like a table. I heard their conversation, but I did not understand much, as they talked about the everyday life of the city and I was still new here and I was not familiar with the places, the events and the people they mentioned.

A lovely slave girl joined us. She was my Mistress' Free Companion's slave. She knew the tavern well; it was clear for me, as I observed her behavior.

The ladies went to the table at the end of the tavern. I supposed this far place was reserved for free woman. My Mistress told my slave sister to serve something to drink. I was listening to her every motion. The girl was very good at serving and I wanted to learn.

When my sister served the paga, my Mistress leaned and whispers a question into my ears. She asked if I could try to serve a drink for them. I was very afraid, but I told 'Yes, Mistress' with bowed head. I knew that my Mistress did not want to hurt me; she wanted me to learn and the quickest way of learning is practice.

She smiled and ordered me to bring a paga for the other free woman. I moved toward the part of the tavern, where glasses and drinks were held. I was trying to move very lovely without any disturbing noise. I held the paga high above my head. My eyes were looking at the floor; I was very afraid to look at my Mistress. I felt that my sister was better me and I knew that I had to learn much. But, I did it. I served a paga without any mistakes. I was proud.

Soon, my Mistress told me to go to sleep.



I woke up in a room. I lifted my head languidly. The room was clean, red curtains hang from the ceiling. Suddenly, a woman smiled at me. According to her outfit, she was a Free Woman. She wore something like a bikini in Earth. I knew that none of the slaves were allowed to have such clothes. I wanted to jump off the bad seeking the way to escape. She pulled me back softly telling some balmy words.

She healed my tortured body and soon I felt better. I learned that she belonged to the cast of Phisicans and lived with a scriber as his Free Companion. We were talking for a while and when she got to know that I was not owned, she offered to be her personal slave. She was very kind and I felt deep in my mind that she must have been a good person. I was sure she would have protected me in this cruel world. However, I was not a skilled slave. I had worked in a Tuchuck's camp. I knew how to bake bread and how to cut logs. I was even able to sew. But, I did not know how to serve such noble woman and how to dance for her enjoyment.

She accepted me such and I decided that I would learn quickly. She told that they had a kajira, who was well skilled and who would help me. It calmed me down and I accepted to be her slave. She told me that we were in the estate, which is close to the city called Piedmont. She also told me her name, Akasha.

She showed me round in the estate. It was wonderful. She was very open to me and she showed me the best places. I bet many of them are ones of the nicest places of SL.

I met my Master. He was tall, strong man wearing leather outfit with scribes and swords. It seemed that his life was full of danger besides the science. He accepted me as a family slave and he offered his protection. I was very glad to find such people.

My Mistress told me that I would receive his collar in a small ceremony. They planned to make my collaring ceremony in the city. I was excited, but I was afraid as I knew that I would dance before citizens. I hoped that my sister would help and teach me of the Gorean dance.

Oh, I almost forget. There were no cages and chains in the island. My Owners did not want to force collar me; they need love from my heart not only a piece of meat. I have to learn quickly to deserve their kindness.


Return to Gor

I arrived home in sunny afternoon. I opened the door and entered. Cold air caressed my body; the sharp light blinded my eyes.

The next moment I remembered was that I was lying in the field. I felt tired. Something stroked my skin. I did not know what it was as my eyes were closed. I wanted to open it, but I felt so tired. Warm wind ran through my body and stroke happened again to my entire body. I felt it even on my pussy, as I was naked. I jerked and forced myself to open my eyes.

I did it and breath became frozen in my body. I realized that I was lying in the grass. The grass stroked me under control of soft blowing wind. However, it was not important. What make me frightened was the sun. It was bigger and more reddish than it looked liked on Earth. I learned that it was not Earth. It was the other planet, from which I escaped. I was on Gor again.

I stood up quickly and looked around. Then I crouched again. I crouched not because I was almost naked, wearing only some pieces of silks. I crouched because I did not want anybody to behold me.

I was afraid to meet wagon people. Maybe they had hunting for me. In their eyes, I was only a slave, a useless slave, who escaped and therefore must have been punished.

I did not know what to do. I was hiding among the trees in the wilderness. I slept only few times and my dream was not quiet. I was afraid of meeting larns or other predators. Finally, I reached a road. It was wide, so I knew that it leaded to a city. I hesitated. I had to eat something; I knew.

I left for the city beside the stoned road, in the scrub. It was difficult to go on feet; I mostly crawled under stinger bushes. Suddenly, sunshine lit my body. I lifted my head and realized that I left the scrub and reached a lake. I was very thirsty and I crawled toward the lake gathering my all remained force. I saw an island in the middle of the lake and I went off in a swoon.


Return of the Kajira

I received an offer to be a kajira. I was unsure, but I felt growing excitement. I was thinking for about half minute and deep in my mind, I knew that I would agree.

I learned that a pair living in Free Companionship searched for a second slave. The man is a scribe; the free woman is a physician. The woman offered me a tour in the city. Yes, it is a city, not a camp.

The woman showed me around in the city. The city was fairly big and had all necessary building in it.

It was so unusual, so strange to be among Goreans again. I agreed to be a kajira for two weeks. Then we will see, what the future brings.



Do you remember Cruel Friend? I met him today and we were talking until we went to sleep.


Clothing Fair II

I spent this evening with Arta, who was trying clothes got on the Clothing Fair.

Some outfits looked nice and others looked awful. I also had dozen outfits; but, I did not want to look at them at this moment. Maybe later.


Clothing Fair I

A group message notified my about the fashion related event called Clothing Fair 2009. It said that the event would finish soon. I had some hours to go there and look around.

Of course, I went there, without delay. I arrived and a messages waited for me informing that the region would be restarted in a minute. I had a dozen LMs to the Clothing Fair. I went further. I got the same message in the new sim, too.

I was afraid that It was too late to visit the exhibition. But the third sim, where I arrived seemed to be quiet. I sent IMs to my friends informing them about the great possibility of finding some very cool clothes.

I was walking among the shops and soon I realized that the main theme was piracy. Gifts were offered in treasure-boxes. Generally, I could not see anything special. But, hunting for gifts always make me excited. I gathered many gifts. It was fun, not counting some shop owners, who wanted to make some money in a very special and far not honest way.

I got free a gift for 40 L. But the king of delusion is the Owner of the shop called SNOC. They offered free gift for 100 L. Of course, he or she hid it among the real free items.

The exhibition was good; unfortunately, I had only very limited time to look around.



Arta, Nero and I were talking about age checking. They told me that Linden was working on the new age verification system.

Personally, I think it is a bit funny and people, who are against the legal sexual activity, are very prude. Of course, I hate every form of child pornography. However, it is not the best way to find with it.

OK, I can send the copy of my passport or driving license. But, some children can steal and copy mother's passport, cannot they? So, Linden fights windmills. Better solution would be to prevent making child avatarts.

I do not know how it will work. Probably, Linden will figure it out well.


Hungarian Guy

I was alone and I did not know what to do. I was not sure if I wanted to find an Owner. I still wanted to try the banishment project. I was afraid of going there. I did not know why I just had some strange feelings. From the other hand, I did not want to seek Owners until I did not participate in the banishment project. I made a very lazy decision. I decided to go shopping and think of the choices later. I remembered that Analog Dog had shown some pretty hairstyles on Hair Fair 2008 some months ago. It was the time to go there and look around.

When I arrived to Analog Dog, I beheld a wonderful demo hairstyle on a girl. It was love for the first sight. Soon, I had two new hairstyles. Do you like them?

While I was searching for the proper vendors, I received an IM from a guy. He had found me earlier and had offered to be his slave. I had been owned that time, so we had agreed that I notified him when I was free. I had been IMed him later, but he had refused me saying that we had had different imaginations about BDSM. So, he IMed me. He wanted to talk with me not via IM but face to face.

We met and talked. I had to admit that we saw the world from different points of view. He was a nice guy. I wish him to find the proper slave.


BDSM places

My Owner was not online. I decided to go to discover BDSM places.

First, I used the new search engine and soon, I found the place called BDSM Hotel Extreme. It sounded interesting, did not it. I cannot tell you anything about this hotel, as when I wanted to retrieve the landmark, SL sent me a very strange message: “We're sorry: This item's privacy settings prevent us from showing you any further details about it.”.

Can you explain me, why somebody put his location into the search engine and limit the information about it at the same time? I have no idea.

BDSM Hotel... It sounded good. Fortunately, I found another BDSM Hotel called BDSM Hotel California. It looked nice with many devices. So, it is worth visiting.


Swamp Hotel

My Owner was not online. I decided to go to discover new places.

I found a very interesting place; it was some king of role playing location. I went to discover it. I descended in a whole stepping in a spiral staircase. Probably I mad a wrong step and I soon fell in a trap. I stood up and realized a green fog before me. A zombie walked out from the fog. Two other zombies followed his fellow. I tried to run away, but I did not know how to escape from the trap. The zombies approached. Finally, I won. I am sorry I do not describe how I overcame them. I let you enjoy searching the solution. It is very easy. After the battle, I found the way out. It was also interesting.

Then I walked around this place. Oh, It was very interesting. I promised to return here when I would have enough time. I suggest you to visit this place, again.



My Owner was waiting for me, when I logged in. I greeted her and waited for her action.

After about five minutes of waiting, she leaded me in a house. She told me that this house belonged to her friends. The house was a bit empty. Only some furniture stood in the large room. My Owner went to the sofa and sat down. I followed her and stopped before her. She looked at me. I smiled at her silently. She offered me to sit down. I accepted her offer and I sat down. I had a strange feeling; I would have prefer to kneel.

She did not tell me anything. We were sitting there silently for about twenty minutes. Then she told me that I would learn patience today. I accepted it.

We spent this day silently.


New Owner

I met one of my previous Owners, the one who had sent me away. We had talked since he had dismissed me. We had talked about my bad behavior only a bit and we had tried to remain friends.

This time, he invited me to meet at the beach, where I had started to serve him. Our conversation went slowly.

Suddenly, I received an IM. A woman asked me to be her slave. Her style of speech was unusual. This unique style lifted my level of excitement. I remembered when a Japanese guy had wanted me to be his slave. He had not spoken English, which had frightened me until one of my friends had shown that language barrier could be interesting from point of view of the slave.

This woman spoke English well; however she talked about herself in third person, like some Gorean slaves. The difference in her speech was that she addressed herself as 'Miss'.

We decided to meet and I had to leave my former Owner alone on the beach. He was very liberal and allowed me to go.

Miss was a petite girl, who stood in strange position. Reading her profile, I learned that I had to address her Miss. I asked about further the rules. I got to know that I had to greet her when I realized that she was online. She did not tell me how to behave in her absence, as she obeyed to be online when I would be here.

She told me to wear an XCite collar. We had a small conversation and we went to sleep.



I went to discover BDSM places. In fact, I would have liked to know how BDSM places had been changed. I was browsing among BDSM locations and I found a new one. I did not remember its name. :(

This place covered two sims. The first one did not impact me much for the first sight. A bit later, I beheld its unique maze. Imagine a labyrinth with glass walls. It was a challenge to go through it.

The other sim looked mysteriously. Wizards lived there. Wizards, who liked BDSM...

I entered the sim and I received a warning message about the hidden traps. I took a small tour and I can confirm the truth about the traps.



Today, I went to a slave auction. No, I did not put myself for sale. I was just curious about the auctions. Two of my friends joined me; they had never been on such auctions.

Two girls were on the stage in front of the crowed. The girls were pretty; however one of them remained silent. The auctioneer was one of the worst I had ever seen. We did not enjoy this auction.


I missed SL for a while and it was pretty surprise for me to receive IM from Nero. We met and talked about the changes.



We met with Nero to celebrate. We had nice evening together.



I was preparing to participate in the banishment project. The banishment project is based on the novel Eudeamon by Evil Dolly. This is a special jail, where victims or prisoners are closed into a special suit instead of cells. The suit controls their all actions and punishes them in case of necessity. This is the project I wanted to participate. However joining the project is not so easy. The captive has to read the novel. This prerequisite is check before you get your isolation suit. I do not want to qualify the book. Get it and read it, if you are interested. All in all, I still had some pages to read.

Nero called me to join at his home. I had a landmark and I supposed that this LM would bring me near his home. I knew that he had changed the location of his house a bit. So, I arrived and I returned home almost in the same time. I did not understand what happened. I tried it again. At this time, I got a message from a security orb. It gave me 10 seconds to leave. I hate it. But, there was nothing to do; I tried to leave the territory. But, where to go? Where is the border of the forbidden parcel? Such unsocial idiots should have placed signs around his land labeled for example the next way “I hate people. Do not come to me. I love myself and I am alone”. Seeing such signs I would have been able to leave the parcel. But, there were no signs. So, I chose a direction and tried to escape.

Suddenly, red lines stopped me. It seemed his neighbor hated visitors, too. The security orb sent me home again.

It was the time to ask a teleport from Nero. He was with Arta and they listened to my newest adventure. Then, we guessed why people protected so hard in a free world like SL. We did not know the answer. Maybe, somebody knows the dark secret. If you know, please, disclose it with us.


Old Times

When I arrived to SL, one of my former Owners IMed me. He was my penultimate Owner, with who I had spent two months. Let me tell his name. His name is Nero.

So, Nero, who is one of my closest friends wanted to meet me. I sent him teleport. He arrived and we were talking for about an hour in the middle of a shop.


Dismissed Slave

I woke up in the common cell in Arta's cellar. I was cold; as I had slept without a blanket. Only the straw had warmed my body during this night. Fortunately, Arta's cellar was very clean, so insects had not disturbed me this night.

I greeted my Owner in IM. I stood up and made some exercises to feel better. In some minutes, my Owner greeted me in IM. I looked around and guessed if I was alone in the cell. I heard no voices. Nobody walked around and nobody slept in other cells.

I walked in the cell and remembered the time, when I was the only resident of this cellar. Now, I had time to examine everything, what was visible from the big cell. I had been here with my previous Master, too. However, he had not given me much time to look around well. When he had left me alone, I had been locked in one of the smaller cells. I remembered this time and memory made me feel well.

Steps approached and I heard the sound of the opening cellar door. In a moment later, I could see my owner. He opened the door of my cell and entered. I greeted him again. He told me that I had slept badly. I did not know how to answer.

He ordered me to clean up the straw. I obeyed and gathered straw as quick I as could. He was not satisfied with the result. I was hunting for every straw. I picked them up and placed on the stack of straw, which was the bed of the resident of the cell. While I was gathering the straws, my Owner left me. When I was ready, I shouted for him, according to his command.

He returned and he was not satisfied again. I begged for mercy. I could not see a single straw on the floor of the cell. He told me that there is any by the plate. I crouched and I made as I gather the straw. I picked up them and I crawled to the bed.

Suddenly, I knelt in Gorean position. Then I lay on the ground. I did not understand what happened. I supposed that it was made by my RR cuffs, but I could not role played it out, otherwise that I became sick.

My Owner called me lazy and recalcitrant. Then he sent me away. It was the first time that I was dismissed. There was nothing to do. I went away. I felt terrible. I went to Sir Bela and I slept in his dungeon. My dream was heavy as I had to realize that I made a mistake again, at this time a fatal mistake.


Arta's Cellar

My Owner did not have time to be with me. According to his order, I had to stay on the beach. It was the time to look around better. The beach was small and it was not nice. Deck-chairs were placed around without any taste. I would have suggested working on it a bit more.

My Owner called me. When I opened my eyes, I realized that we were at CARP. My Owner asked if I knew this place and I told him everything what I knew about CARP. He decided to leave as we had very limited time.

We went to Arta's house, where I asked for permission to change my silks. I received the permission and I felt myself more beautiful soon. My Owner closed me to the common cell and allowed me to sleep.


Broken Shopping

I was waiting for my Owner on the beach. He arrived and told me to show him interesting places. I knew so little about him. I did not know what he liked and what he disliked. From the other hand, I was not familiar with new places of SL. I had spent so much time as a slave.

I supposed that he liked the sport as every man did. I offered him to go to surf. He agreed. I found the proper place and we went there. We were on a special island called Weather Channel Isle. There was a possibility to choose one of the three types of sport, bicycling, surfing and skiing.

He selected the skiing, so we went up to the hill. It was getting colder and I was cold barefooted, wearing the green silks. My Owner realized my shaking body and he allowed me to put on some warmer clothes. Soon we reach the cabin, where we got free skis. Skiing was difficult for the first time. But when we tried second time, I indeed enjoyed it. Unfortunately, my Owner did not like it.

So, we went to surf. We got free water clothes and surf board and ran to the sea. Oh, it was so interesting. You must try it.

I received a landmark of a shop, where animations could be bought for one linden only. I told about it to my Owner. He was interested in and we went to the shop. I found the vendors quickly. I showed him the men's pose stand and I asked for permission to look at and buy animations for me. My Owner allowed me. I was so happy. The animations were nice and I bought some of them. Suddenly, my Owner came to me. I had to break of trying poses. It was so hard for me. I was a customer. It was true that I did not have much money. But the poses were very cheap. I did not remember when I had been a customer last time. I hoped that I would return after my servitude.

My Owner took me to the beach, where I gave him a massage before going to sleep.

The Pony Model

My Owner was offline. I was walking on the beach, when Sir Bela IMed me. He offered to finish the sample portfolio. Portfolio made by him usually contains a photo of the model in sporty wear. He offered me a sport I was good at, the pony cart pulling. *smiles

We went to Alikat and made some photos. I will show them as soon as they will be ready.


Pony Play II

My Owner wanted me to be a pony again. He wanted to participate on a promenade again. At this time, I was very careful when we crossed sim borders.

After the pony play, when I got tired very much, my Owner took me to a beach. It was not as beautiful as Waterworks were, but it was mature beach, so we had more freedom.

I had to go on the lake and wash my body. My Owner attached a leash to my collar. I wore RR ankle cuffs and my Owner forced me to kneel down. I still hated such game. I was so happy to obey, but such RR tools took one of the most important things from me, the feeling of humiliation. On the other hand, there was no rational explanation why I knelt down. So, I decided that I was sick and I could not control my body.

My Owner did not listen to my illness. He yanked me out of the water, across the beach. I thought that I would die in minutes. Finally, my Owner detached the leash and examined my blooding neck, where the collar hurt my sensitive skin. My illness flew away and I was able to move again.

My Owner gave me silks and I had to put them on. I obeyed, but few days ago, when I had been cleaning my inventory, I had dropped the same silks away. I was afraid to suggest my Owner to allow me to wear other more beautiful silks.


This morning, I was alone. I was visiting some shops. There were so many changes.

I talked with Sir Bela, but my portfolio was not ready. He said that something was still missing, but he did not know what.


Pony Play I

My Owner took me to dance. He was very handsome and I enjoyed the music and his company.

During the dance, we were talking of different non BDSM themes. I asked about the Hungarian community. It was gross mistake. My Owner wanted to go and show one of the Hungarian places.

He ignored my shaking body and my pale face. He took me there. Fortunately, we did not meet anybody. So, at this time, nobody called me sick person.

My Owner ordered me to suggest a place for play. I asked about the pony play. I liked to be a pony and I had not pulled a cart for some months. My Owner was not familiar with this type of BDSM play, but I supposed he liked it. *smiles

We were at Alikat, which had been changed much and had become bigger. Now, Alikat consisted of some sims.

My Owner wanted me to pull the card all over the Alikat. Everything went good, but when we returned and we crossed the sim, I lost the control over the cart. We fell into a small, but very deep lake at the border of the sims.

My owner dressed me down.


Trial Day

So, our trial day started.

My temporary Owner took me to a strange place. It was a room above a BDSM club, some kind of small free BDSM dungeon.

There, I was dancing for him. My dance was some kind of unusual strip tease. I took off a piece of my clothes, when my Owner ordered to do so.

Then he bound me to a BDSM device and had my body wild. The trial day ended and we decided to stay together for the next week.



While I was serving as Arta's slave, I often met a Hungarian guy. Sometimes, I had a feeling that he enjoyed seeing me as a slave. I had that feeling none the less he refused BDSM.

Today, I was alone and we talked in IMs. In the end, we decided to meet as friends. He showed me his favorite place. This place was built from various movie scenes.

Then, we went to Waterworks and talked on the beach. At the end of the day, we decided to try out Master – slave relationship for a week with a trial day.



Sir Bela asked me to help him. He opened his photo studio and he wanted to make a sample portfolio of my photos.

I had been his model, when he had run his jewelry shop. So, I could imagine what modeling works meant. However, this time, everything was a bit different. He spent more time on my poses.

I enjoyed being a model again very much.


Inventory II

I finished cleaning up my inventory and I promised never being untidy.


Inventory I

I continued working on my inventory. I could see the end of my work.


Hunting For Gifts

I started to continue sorting my clothes, when I received an IM from Arta. She offered me to go with her to hunt for Valentine's Day gifts. I hesitated. Of course, I wanted to go. I wanted to spend some time with Arta and I liked shopping. I admit that this way of shopping is very unusual maybe strange. I was very poor, so this was the only way to get new clothes.

From the other side, I had many clothes in my inventory. I should have placed in order my inventory. In the end, of course, I went for hunting.

I found gift lingerie in one of Arta's favorite shops. I turned to call Arta to come to me, when I beheld a wonderful gown. It was offered for half price. It was love at the first sight. I showed it to Arta. She liked it, too.

I decided to check its price. I wanted to have it. The price was too high for me; three lindens were absent. Arta realized how much I wanted it and she gave me money to buy it. I tried the gown at once and I felt like the Queen of Valentine's day.

Soon, Arta's girlfriend joined us and we continued hunting. She was kind and interesting girl. We talked much during our hunting. I hoped that we would meet in the future.


I was free again.

I was working on my directory sorting my clothes.


Last Day

I opened my eyes and I looked at my Owner. He was working hard on a small box. When he realized that I was awaking, he made some final steps on the box and gave it to me.

It was a special HUD, a pair of HUDs, one for the slave and the other for her Owner. HUD was designed to send safeword signals from the slave to her Master. It was very easy to use. I was happy because of the gift, but, from the other hand I felt sad.

I was staring at my Owner; I was not able to talk much. I knew that it was our last day. My Owner had told me that he did not want to torture or humiliate me. Our last day was the day of farewell.

He invited me to dance to a very beautiful place and I was dancing in his arms and enjoyed the closeness of his strong body. He was talking and I was listening to him. I could not talk much. One period of my life ended and it made me sad. He was good Owner and the great person. I was happy to be his slave. He did not torture me much; he did not punish me. However, I felt that he was the Master. I knew that I had to be happy because I had the gift to serve such Master. However, I could not be laugh. The dark shadow of farewell covered my mind.

We were dancing. It was so good to be with him. But, I was not a slave now. He had ordered me to take off my cuffs and the collar, before arriving to the dancing saloon. He carried of me to the last moment; I felt safe with him.

At the end of the evening, we kissed last time and we said goodbye to each other, Master to slave, slave to Master. We said goodbye, but we greeted each other immediately, like friend greeted a friend.


Farewell Gift

I woke up in the cold and small cell. I heard voices, so I opened my eyes. I stepped to the door and looked around. I could not see anybody around. I just heard voices. I knew that my Owner was not here.

Somebody came out of the front building. It was the Hungarian friend. We started to talk and a moment later Arta also joined our company. I felt a bit uncomfortably. I felt that my companions wanted to continue building of the prison. I had a feeling that I disturbed them. I could not leave the cell. My Owner ha closed me and he would not be happy to see me walking around. My collar was attached to the metal ring fixed in the wall of the cell. So, I was even unable to come out.

My Owner arrived soon and he released me. I was ordered to come out of the cage. I still wore the prisoner's uniform. My Owner told me to change my outfit. He wanted me to wear clothes similar to Arts's outfit. She wore silver shorts and a silver bra. I did not like this outfit. She looked like a girl on the beach. I was searching among my clothes and I found leather shorts and small leather top.

While I was changing my outfit, Arta and my Owner were talking. I was hearing the conversation, according to which, I supposed that Arta would come with us. My servitude approached to its end; it was our penultimate day. I did not want her to come with us. I do not know why. I did not fear of the competition, of course. However, I was jealous, I suppose. It was some kind of strange feeling, which was not one of my favorite feelings. I was thankful because my Owner decided to be only with me.

We went to a shop and we looked around. I behold nice clothes for men. Most of them was designed with fantasy, but tailored awfully. My Owner allowed me to walk freely, but, in some minutes, he started to lead me toward the clothes for women. Some of the clothes were really nice, but my style was different.

My Owner told me that he want to buy a farewell gift. It was so strange to hear, a farewell gift. I enjoyed being with him and I hoped we would remain friends. But the phrase, farewell gift, hit my heart.

I received a beautiful lingerie set. It looked very nice on me.

Then, we went to home and I was allowed to sleep on the beach, in the arms of my Owner.


Hare and Hounds

I woke up in the cell. My Owner arrived in some minutes later. He opened the door and locked my ankle cuffs together with a very short chain. Then, he grabbed my hands hard and my wrist cuffs were attached each to other in a second.

He ordered me to follow him. We went to the half ready prison. The prison was empty; I looked around and I did not see anything new. I did not know anything about the will of my Master. We were standing in the court in front of the main building. Suddenly, one of my Hungarian friends arrived. He was the one, who had met me many times while I had been Arta's slave.

My Owner lifter his hand, so I could see the weapon in it. I remembered this weapon. It was not the lethal one. It fired a net, which could cover the victim. It was the same weapon, from which I had escaped on the island some weeks ago.

My Owner gave a weapon to the Hungarian friend and explained the rules, which were very simple. I had to run and they chased for me. I got five seconds advantage. My legs and arms were secured, so the small advantage did not really help me. I stepped quickly, but my steps were small. I did not even notice the hunter, whose net covered my body.

Then the men decided to free my legs and the interesting part of the cruel sport started. I was not familiar with the plan of the half ready prison. However, after some minutes, my orientation became better.

I did my best and they had to work hard to chase me. I found hideaways. Of course, when they got me, they blocked the entrances of the hideaways. The hunt lasted for about an hour. My Owner did not look tired, but his friend asked for some minutes of break.

My Owner leaded me to the neighbor parcel. It was not easy to realize where we arrived. We stood in the middle of field of the joust. There were no hideaways around not counting the flags, waving in the different ends of the field.

I ran and jumped, turned and stopped. But, of course, I was caught. Some minutes later, the Hungarian friends joined us. I was caught and caught. However, I enjoyed this game very much.

When hunters decided to finish the game, my Owner took me to the half ready prison and closed me to a cell. There was only one cell behind the front building. In fact, I slept in the open area.


BDSM Class

I woke up in the prison bellow Arta's house. I was alone in the cell for a while. Arta and one of his Hungarian friends descended to the cellar to me. We were talking a bit until my Owner arrived.

He untied me from the wall and we went to a BDSM class. The class was rather average, maybe a bit boring.

After the class we returned to Nero's house, where he closed me in a concrete cell.



My Owner lead me to Arta's house. When we arrived I got to know that he lent me to Arta for this day.

In the living room, Arta and his Hungarian friend waited for me. My Owner talked to him and then left us.

Arta's first command was to kiss her feet. I obeyed smiling; I remembered that kissing her feet was her favorite. I was ordered to kiss her friend's feet, too.

I am sorry, I cannot tell what happened then. It is a secret.

I can only tell that I slept in the common cell in her cellar.



I met my Owner in a medieval styled room at H&H. He caged me in the cage hanging high above the ground. I was standing in the cage until my Owner finished some of his other activities.

Then he tied me to the cross and strokes my body until I reached the orgasm.

Later, we were talking about the future, when my servitude would end. I told that I planned to participate of a Banishment project.

You soon will know more of the Banishment project. *smiles

RR Tools

My Owner told me that he would lend me to somebody. I had various feelings. I found this plan exciting. To be lent or treated like an object are the forms of humiliation I like. However, I knew that my servitude would end soon and I did not want to miss a day.

Later, my Owner was trying RR tools on me. It was interesting.



I woke up earlier than my Owner. While he was sleeping I was talking with the Hungarian friend of Arta.

My Owner woke up and took me immediately to H&H. It seems he got a like this place. We went straight to the Gorean room, where I was bound to different poles and devices. I supposed my Owner loved to look at me bound and naked.


This morning, I was alone. I had some time and I started to clean up my inventory.


Birthday Present

We were trying how my Owner could take off my clothes with help of RR tools. It required some time. But, in the end, my Owner was able to undress me.

I had just put on some clothes, when one of his friends arrived. I was standing silently while they were talking.

Then we went to Arta. She became two years old and I was allowed to give her a birthday present. I had bought a collar for her, an xCite collar. *smiles

It was strange to meet her, as a slave of other person. Our conversation started hard, but then we found the common voice.

Before going to sleep, we went to a shop, offering painting in BDSM style. The paintings were very interesting and pretty. However, I was very tired, so my Owner allowed me to go home to sleep.



In the morning, my Owner wanted me to change my hairstyle. I knew that he liked brown hair, so my new hair had brown color. I was so happy when I realized that my Owner liked it.

We went to the photo contest, as we did not know what had happened to Sir Bela's picture. The contest was stopped and we did not find any other information.

My Owner walked around the place at the contest. There were nice paintings on the walls in the near buildings. So, we were walking, when my Owner beheld a horse. He grabbed me and took straight to the horse. He forced me down at the feet of the horse. Its odor filled in my nose. I had to indulge the horse with my kisses. I felt its odor even more, when my lips reached it.

The next odor was to make the horse pleasure with my mouth. Its cock was very huge; it stretched my house wide. I moved my head and tried to breath small.

Later, my Owner took me home and he allowed me to wash out the horse's odor from my body. When I felt clean, we went to sleep to the hanging bed on the beach.



My Owner leaded me out of the room. We were walking silently. I was afraid to ask about his plan.

However, it was not necessity to ask. He stopped and turned to me. He told me that we would go to H-Art. H-Art is a Hungarian place, where I had spent some time as Arta's slave. The people there had been nice. But, I still remembered clearly, what had happened to me, when I last met Hungarian people. I did not want anybody to call me sick person again, especially, if I did not do nothing wrong.

Fortunately, my Owner seeing my shaking body changed his mind. Instead of the H-Art, we visited malls at the O BDSM School. Near the mall, there was a huge building; we went into it. Along the walls, cages stood. I had to go in one of the cages. When I stepped through the entrance, the door of the cage closed. According to cage settings, only the members of the special group were allowed to open the cage. I spent much time caged until my Owner found somebody, who had the necessary permission to open the door.

This night, we slept at my Owner's home.


Japanese Room

I woke up in the hotel. My Owner looked at me, when I opened my eyes. I stood up quickly and leaned before him.

After the greeting ceremony, I had to massage my Owner's shoulder. I felt her muscular body and I became excited. My breath became short before I could do anything against it. When I realized that my excitement can be seen so clearly, I tried to control myself and I hoped that my Owner did not realize it.

When he did not want to receive more massage, he attached a leash to my collar and leaded me out of the room. I did not know where we were going to. We passed the old hotel and approached the Japanese park. No people walked in the park.

My Owner walked to the room furnished in Japanese style and closed he door behind me. He ordered me to undress and continue the massage. I massaged him very carefully and my hands walked on his body fanning the flames. He grabbed my body and pulled me on him. I accepted his phallus with happy smile on my face. Moans of joy left my lips.

My Owner ordered me not to have orgasm. He wanted all of my attention. He was so handsome and touch of his body increased my desire. I fought against my instinct biting my lips hard. I tried to listen to only his needs. I was sure he enjoyed my body very much today.

This night, I slept in the hotel on the floor.


O BDSM School

My Owner left me before the prison. He told me to wait for his call. While I was waiting, a Hungarian friend came to me. We were talking until I received the teleport.

My Owner called me to O BDSM School. He wanted us to participate on a BDSM class. Unfortunately, there was not any class, today.

My Owner locked my cuffs to each other behind my back and attached a leash to my collar. Such way, he leaded me in the main building of the school. Last time, I had been here, I had not gone in this building. It looked nice. Two greeters stood in the middle of the main room. My Owner talked with then. When we learned that, my Owner asked the greeters to show us around. The male greeter guided us. We went through the rooms of the building, walking around the beautiful pool.

Then we took a look at the wonderful Japanese garden called Tomako. At the end of the garden stood a building built in Japanese style. We went in one of the rooms of this building.

Then our guide showed a hotel. Its style differed very much. The garden was beautiful, but the hotel looked poorly. It was very interesting also, but its style reflected the style of cheap hotels. At the end of the tour, we went in one of the rooms of the apartment house, where my Owner decided to sleep. He did not allow me to join him in the bed. I had to sleep on the floor. I did not know if it was a punishment. I was wondering on it until I felt asleep.

Private Prison

I recovered consciousness. I did not feet that my Owner in the vicinity. I was alone. It was no wonder as I had spent much time unconscious.

I wanted to be pretty when I would meet my Owner. My girlfriend sent me a message informing me that there were free and discount hairstyles at Laqroki. I went there and I get them all. I selected the best brown hairstyle.

Then Sir Bela called me. He had a photo studio and he wanted to make some photos. We had just started, when my Owner became online. I left Sir Bela and I went to my Owner's home.

I was so happy to meet him again! I turned my head showing my new hairdo and looked at his face carefully. I realized that he did not like my new hairstyle, so I made two braids as quickly as I could.

We went to Zita's prison. It was almost ready. I could go in the prison and examine it from inside. I am sorry I do not describe what I saw. If you are interested in, then you must go there. ;)


Passed Out

After we woke up, we were walking on the beach. I had never seen this part of Heaven & Hell. It was beautiful!

My Owner took me to the underground dungeon, where I had to undress. He was examining bondage devices and selected one, which resembled me on a washing machine.

I had to climb in. It was tight and cold. I was unable to move my body. The metal cut in my silky skin.

My Owner was playing with my pussy until I became wet. Then he made a love with me. I could move only my head and unfortunately, I hit my head into a sharp metal corner of the box. I passed out.



It was a nightmare to sleep in the medical room. In the morning, I woke up from a dreamless sleep. I felt dirty. Fear shakes my body not giving a minute break. My Owner realized my state and took me away.

We went to the hill at Heaven & Hell. The sun shone brightly, but it took some minutes until the sunshine warmed up my body and soul.

My Owner ordered me to write a poem about the slavery. I am not a poet and I had not written poems since my childhood. I collected all my force and I tried to switch off the surrounding environment. I concentrated to only my task.

He liked my poem and then he told me his. I thought his was better then mine. Then my Owner told me to write a poem in English. Oh, it was really a challenge. I am too shy to share my poem with you. So, please, forgive me for keeping it in my mind.

The third task was to write a poem in Russian. It was as easy, or as difficult, as in Hungarian. I stared at my Owner's face and I supposed he liked the poems.

Then we walked down from the hill to the port. A pirate ship was docked to the port. We went to a board and took a small tour on the ship. My Owner found a cubicle and decided to stay on the ship this night.


Medical Scene

I woke up alone in the cell. My Owner was away. I examined the cell and its door. Probably, I was noisy, because, I got visitors, soon.

Arta came to my cell with his Hungarian friend. I knew him well; he was the person, who had often visited us while I had been serving Arta.

We were talking about the usual life, when Arta wanted to show me the prisoner. My Owner had ordered me to stay in the cell. So, it was out of question to leave it. Arta did not give up and she opened the door. I felt bad. I did not know if the door was locked. I knew only that I would not leave the cell.

Fortunately, my Owner arrived and he took me to Heaven & Hell. We were in the medical section. I hated it. I felt very uncomfortable. I was afraid even of touching anything. I felt toothache, immediately. My breath became heavy.

My Owner ordered me to sit down in an examination table. I obeyed. The examination table kept my legs high and apart from each other. Its rigid leatherette burned my naked skin.

My Owner started to play with my pussy. I did not become wet. I felt so nervously. My Owner continued playing with my pussy touching it with a cold metal tool. I closed my eyes and grapped the metal part of the examination table until I heard my Owner's voice. He told me that I would sleep on the examination table.


We continued learning the usage of ZPToy. Today, we tried a very interesting feature, the forced teleport. Probably, it is not very easy to set the forced teleport up. It required about ten minutes.

I loved the forced teleport. I usually do not like actions far from reality, such as forced kneel without chains and so on. But, the forced teleport was very exciting. It was some kind of mix of BDSM and sci-fi. I felt like a slave in the future.

In the end, my Owner locked me in my cell and left me alone. I decided to sleep a bit in the concrete bad.



My Owner arrived and took me to the Zita's prison. The prison was under construction. I could see the half ready walls and the ground where the floor was absent.

A lonely concrete cell stood before the prison. My Owner leaded me straight to it and ordered me to go in. This cell was smaller then the one I had just left. There was a concrete bed fixed to the rear wall. I could stand up and made a single step to reach the door of the cell.

My Owner left me alone; he went to talk with the commander of the prison. I climbed on my bed and I listened to the conversation hard. They were too far from me, so I could hear only the commander's voice. I supposed that the subject of the conversation was if my cell could be left in front of the half ready prison.

My Owner returned and when he ordered me to come out of the cell, I knew the answer. The cell must have been moved. It did not take much time, while my Owner relocated the cell in his house. The cell stood in a lonely corner of the house, as it would have been its part.

My Owner did not lock me in it any more today. He started to set up ZPToys instead.

I mentioned ZPToys earlier in the blog. It is some kind of restrictive tools like RR tools, but it is equipped with web interface.

I enjoyed the set up process. ZPToys contained many spy functions. It reported when I walk, sit or stood. It also had speech control functionality. I like some kind of speech control, except the limitation on emote.

It also could check if I was away. The method of checking was not new. My ZPToy implant forced me to make some simple math calculations.

Time was flying, and my Owner decided to continue learning of ZPToy tomorrow.


My Owner called me to Arta's prison. We were alone among the dark walls.

We were standing in the middle of the private prison, before the doors of the cells and we were talking. I like to talk with my Owner. He is clever and his points of view are very interesting for me.

After the conversation, I had to put on my latex prisoner's suit. It was very strange for me. My usual style of differs from the black and white striped prisoner's uniform. But, the latex stuck on my body tightly and it made me very sexy. At least, I hoped so...

When I was ready, I had to crawl in my cell. The door was closed behind me so quickly that I was even unable to turn back. I heard my Owner's moving away steps. I remained alone in the narrow cell.


Day Off II

Today, I had a day off, again.

I had learned that my Owner had liked the brown hair with braids. I prefer to have black hair and I mostly have black hairstyles. Therefore, I went to search for the proper hairstyle. In the end, I found a nice hair in Gurlywood.

Then, I visited O BDSM School. They had moved to a new location. Their land was huge and they had built many buildings. It was so interesting. I took a tour in a dungeon style building. This building was separated by small rooms. Each room contained different bondage devices, but they were not specialized on the different style of BDSM. The territory of the school was enormous, so I was not able to look at each of its corners.


Day Off

My Owner gave me a day off. I went to Laqroki, as one of my friends informed me about the free skin and shape there. I picked it up, and then I beheld a very lovely skin. I bought a demo. It looked perfect on me.

Then I was walking among shops, as I wanted to buy a nice pair of shoes for my Owner. I found some nice ones. However, most of them were not transferable and my money was not enough to buy others. It became too late and I decided to continue searching tomorrow.


Restricted Land

I woke up outside of my Owner's house. I felt cold and the wet grass stroked my feet. I did not know where I was. My eyes were still covered by the scarf. My arms were chained behind my back; my ankle cuffs were attached to each other.

I realized where I was when my Owner told it to me. He did not know what had happened to me and he tried to lead me into the house giving commands. It took some time while we realized that his flat-mate restricted access to their parcel.

She had said about the restriction, yesterday. I did not mention it in the previous post. I do not understand people limiting access to their parcel. I am sure that they have some social problem. Most of people in the SL are kind; I met only some griefers. Therefore, I have no idea why such restriction is good, especially, in an island. I like walking and staring at the beautiful buildings built by other citizens. I never wanted to go in any house without invitation. Also, when I was in the house of one of my Owners, nobody disturbed us.

I am not a real estate specialist, but I suppose that most of people rent land in islands because they want pretty neighbors and freedom. I remember when I helped building a house in the mainland, it was very disturbing when I was unable to fly around the house to check if it looks good.

OK, I am always crying, am not I? It is the time to continue the story.

So, my Owner somehow gave me access to his house. He wanted to direct me with commands. I could see only shadows, contours of the buildings. I enjoyed this game. It was exciting to go and turn and go again not seeing anything. So, it was really a lovely game even if I was unable to go into the house. When my Owner took off my blindfold, I stood in the corner bordered by the stairs and the wall.

Then my Owner invited me to the house and we started to prepare ourselves to go to dance. While I was searching for the proper clothes, other people stood around the parcel. They were unable to come in. My Owner had to change some settings to allow them access.

When he finished, we had only few time for the dance. Therefore, my Owner decided to go to a quiet place, where we had very lovely conversation. I gave a goodnight kiss to my Owner's neck before sleeping. He did not seem angry with me because of this kiss.



My Owner decided that my new outfit resembled him on a Domina outfit. I took of my gloves and pants. Then I turned around before him. I was almost naked. He liked the way I changed my clothes.

He took me a very quiet place and there he ordered me to put my blindfold on. I obeyed. I was unable to see through the scarf. I could see only shadows. My Owner ordered me to turn right and left. It was difficult to obey as I did not know where I faced to. He controlled me very well and I was sure I would survive even being blindfolded if he would care of me so good.

We tried the teleport. I did not know where we went and where we arrived. I cold not see the building. ((RR viewer covered the name of the places.))

I was listening hard and I tried to collect information of the surrounding world with my ears. But, my Owner put earplugs into my ears. After it, I could not differ voices. I heard everything from far distance.

I received command and I added the usual phrase 'Master' in my answer. Somebody chided me because I answered a Lady not a man. I could not see anything in the lowering sun. It was difficult to realize even shadows around me.

I felt helpless. This helpless made me very excited. My heart was beating in my throat. The latex top I wore was stretched by my waving breasts. I felt as a public slave, as a toy, who must have obeyed whoever ordered.

Soon, we left alone with my Master, who removed my ear plugs. I could differentiate voices again. But, I heard only my Owner. I did not know who had stood near me some minutes ago.

My Owner teleported me. I still did not know where I arrived to. Then, I heard a woman's voice. It was my Master's flat-mate. I could see only her shadow. I was ordered to go to her and greet her humbly. Then I had to return back to my Owner. It was not easy but very exciting.

I went to bed with blindfold on my eyes. I felt asleep soon after such an exciting day.


Medieval Punishments

My Owner and I woke up in Smallville. We were walking among houses on the village. My Owner stopped by a net hanging from a special wooden pole. He ordered me to climb in. It was difficult to obey, as the net waved every time I moved. I was not skillful, so I fell in the net. My face was at the bottom of the, legs were high above me. My feet hitched in the net. I was unable to move.

My Owner left me there, hanging. I tried to lift my head to see anything around, but the net limited my motion strictly. Soon, I felt as the blood flowed into my head. The rough ropes of the net cut my full breasts. I felt dizzy in some minutes.

Fortunately, my Owner returned and brought me off the grid. Then he suggested taking a tour outside the village. There were two different places in the vicinity of the village. One of them was Black Monastery; the second one was the house of daemons. We went to the house of daemons. There were four rooms on the ground floor. My Owner entered into the first one. I followed him. We could see medieval torture devices around. My Owner chose the first device and bound me there. My body was jerked as much as it was possible. My arms and legs were locked together, so I had to lift my body high. My Owner was looking at me and then he poked my stomach. It was not painful but it made me feel very uncomfortable. He told me that he wanted to sit on me. I was not sure if I could hold his body. Fortunately, he decided not to sit on my stomach. He unbound me instead.

The main part of the next device was a rod with a metal head. The metal head was as large. Its size was the same as the size of my upper arm. The purpose of the rod was clear for me. It must have been inserted into my pussy. I was sure that it would kill me. I told it to my Owner. He was looking at the rod for a long time. I had a feeling that he was looking at my trembling body from the corner of his eyes instead of the rod. At the end he stepped away.

The third device that he chose was not deadly one, but it looked very dangerous. He grabbed my body and bound on it. My body was stretched. I felt sharp and enormous pain in my thighs and in my pussy. Large needles of the device broke my skin and flesh making way deep in my body. I felt other pain at the same time. My Owner tightened the ropes keeping my body. I felt as my body would be broken into two parts. Warm blood flew from my pussy, across my back.

My Owner stopped my torture and dressed my wounds. It helped a bit, but I was still unable to close my legs. My Owner went out of the house. I followed him. I walked strangely because of the wounds.

We went to a shop. I received five minutes to look around. There were nice latex outfits in the shop; most of them were designed for the Domina Ladies. My Owner bought me one lovely outfit. This outfit was variable. This is the outfit chosen by my Owner.

After shopping, we returned to my Owner's house and I was allowed to sleep in my Owner's arms.


Return to Smallville

My Owner took me back to Smillville. At the entrance, we met the dancing girls again. They still danced with the same way and I still considered their dance bizarre. My Owner was talking with one of the girls. She was very lovely and kind. It is worth visiting this place.

Then we went further to Smallville. My Owner closed me in the cage and bound me to various racks. He was searching for the rack satisfying his need well. In the end, he hung me up. He bound my hands to a wooden rack; my legs were free.

Then he started to play with me. He touched my nipples, pussy very often. He did not torture me. He sometimes spanked my butt. His aim was to lead me to the orgasm. He reached this aim. *smiles

Then we ran to the house with bath, where I washed my Owner's muscular body. The hot water made us sleepy. So, after a light supper, we went to the bed.

Hair Saloon II

We continued our tour in the hair saloon. My Owner wanted me to try some hairstyles and I realized that there were some nice ones among the offered hairstyles.

Then we have nice conversation with my Owner.


Hair Saloon

I mentioned this hair saloon to my Owner. He was interested in, so we went there. It was one of my best shopping. We did not buy anything, but we laughed a lot.


In the morning, while my Owner was sleeping, I went to pick up a free Alady skin. I have Alady shape and I like it. I remembered the Alady skins; they differed from my taste. However, my friend, who had sent the LM, said that this skin is pretty nice. I do not know, as I was not able to wear it. The strict look and the hard restriction of my RR tools did not allow me it.

I also receive an LM to a hairdresser saloon. The hairdresser saloon made unusual hairstyles. You can get here the hair of French Ladies from the middle age, hairstyles of Princess Leila and more.


Public Prison

I woke up in the corner of my cell. It was cold. I knew that I had to stand up and walk to warm up my body.

I stood up and then I realized a message, which was sent to me. My Owner had written the message; it said that somebody would come for me and I would have to obey any person who would show me the key of my Owner.

I continued my two step length walking. One step and I turned. One more step and I turned back. Nobody came to me. I was restricted by my RR viewer. I tried to hear the motion of people. But, I could not hear anything. Then suddenly, the door was opened. Somebody opened the door and opened the lock of my chain. It was the keyholder. I could not see her, as the door of the cell was very short. I could see only a hand opening my chain.

She ordered me to crawl out of the cell. When I was out, I looked at her from the corner of my eyes. She was pretty and very elegant. Her skin shone, I was almost sure that her job was dangerous. She gave me short command, mostly a word.

We went to a prison, to a common prison. She explained me that we would take a tour in the new parts of the prison. She showed me around. The tour was interesting; however, I was afraid during the tour. I scanned the surrounding environment seeking guard, who would take me. The guards did not come.

At the end of the tour, when we were before the prison, I beheld my Owner coming to us. I was so happy to see him.


Private Prison

I woke up in my Owner's house. It was something strange. I looked around and the house was empty. In fact, my Owner had not furnished the house, yet. The only furniture was the cross and the box, where I slept. But, I could not see the cross and the box.

My Owner told me that we would move. From certain point of view, I always had easy job. I never cared of the economy of the SL, as I was only a slave. I knew I would serve my Owner anywhere, where he would take me.

We walked out of the house; we went on the next parcel. There we started to talk. Suddenly, a man approached on a cart. I was not a slave cart, but the real one pulled by one dark force. The rider stopped at us. He was one of the friends of my Owner. I learned that he was a vampire and the Lord of Nazgul in the sim called The Lord of the Rings. I had not heard of this sim. Maybe, I can visit it once. Then Arta joined us and we continued the conversation.

In some minutes, my Owner said that we had to go. He went away and sent me teleport. I followed her straight to Arta's house. He ordered me to follow him and he descended into the prison level. I followed her and when I stepped off the ladder, my feet did not find the ground and I fell into the sewer. He closed the sewer door immediately.

I was standing in the cold water trembling. My clothes became wet, heavy and very cold. I lifted my head and I could see only his feet.

I went through the imprisonment process. My Owner closed me into the stocks and he took a photo of me in this position. I remembered that I had some prisoner's outfits. I found only a related latex outfit. I asked for permission to show it for my Owner. I did not know if he liked it. According to my opinion, I was very sexy even in black and white striped outfit. My Owner ordered me to change back my old clothes.

While I was changing my clothes, I took a look at the cells. I do not remember how many cells were in the cellar. But, I remember exactly that there were only two free cells. Picture of imprisoned girls hung above the other cells. My Owner leaded me to the first cell, as it was free and told me to go in.

I obeyed and went in. I had no time to turn around in the narrow cells when I heard click of the metal and the sound of closing door. I turned quickly. I realized that my Owner attached the chain coming from my collar to a metal ring blazing at the door. The door was closed. I was prisoner.

Like the partridge, my first action was to look around. The walls were made of stones; they were cold and bold. The door seemed even stronger. My cell was small, but I was unable to walk to the wall in front of the door; the chain limited my motion strictly.

My Owner said me goodbye and left me alone. I felt as the heavy walls pushed me. It was cold and frightening. There was no bed in the cell. I was walking before the closed door. On step on the right and one step on left... It was all I could do. Time passed slowly. I hoped that my Owner would return for me and took me to his home, ... hopelessly. I sat down pushing my clothes under my butt to protect me from the cold floor. I placed my head on the wooden door. I caressed myself tight. I did not realize when I felt asleep.


Day Off

My Owner was busy today. He gave me a day off. He allowed me to take off my cuffs and wear clothes. He even allowed me to choose my hairstyle. Of course, I wore the outfit he had bought me.

I met some of my friends. I visited Sir Sleight and we had very nice conversation, as usually.

Then I met a Hungarian friend, who had been frequent visitor in Arta's house.

At the end of the day, I returned to my Owner's home.



Today, we continued shopping with my Owner. I received a beautiful outfit. I am lovely, am not I? My Owner also bought a cool outfit. I love him new clothes. He looks very handsome. He also has new shirt, which looks nice together with her jeans.

I received an IM from Sir Bela. He had applied for a photo contest. I asked my Owner to allow me to go there and vote for his picture. He was very kind, because he not only allowed me to go but he came with to vote, too.

Here is the picture. I think he really caught one of the nicest moments of slavery.

If you have some free time, please, go there and vote for his picture. The contest is at Tastefully Erotic Gallery .



I woke up on the beach. My Owner was awake. After our greeting ceremony, he decided to swim in the sea. He ordered me to prepare towels. When he came out of the sea, he went straight to the pool and washed out the salt water from his body.

He finished and I ran to him. I started to mop up his muscular body with the soft towel. He wore only swimming trunks. I knelt down and continued on his feet. He looked at me and told me to take off his trunks.

I dried his bottom and then his phallus. Obviously, he enjoyed it, as he started to grow. I threw away the towel and instead it, I used my silky hair. His erection became even larger. My fingers felt his hardness through my hair.

He looked at me and I knew that he wish me. I did not have to wait much for his order. I played on his erection with my tongue. I licked around; my tongue ran along his phallus. When I heard his enjoyment, I parted my lips and leaded him into my mouth. I worked on him gently until he reached orgasm. He told me to clean him and I gathered his semen into my mouth with my quick tongue.

He seemed to be satisfied. I was glad and my gladness increased when he invited me in the sea. The water was warm; it refreshed me up very well. I swam to him and he stroked me under the water. We washed out our body in the pool and I got the towel again. He told me smiling that I had to dry it quickly at this time. I was allowed to get dressed. He told me to choose elegant clothes. I hesitated. I was not sure if he wanted me to wear a gown. In the end, I selected an outfit with skirt and I saw on his face that my choice was good.

I heard approaching footsteps from my backs. It was my former Mistress. She talked with my Owner for a while.

When they finished, he turned to me and told me to take him to my favorite shop. The recent shop I liked very much contained some male outfits, too. However, I was not sure that he would like the style of clothes offered by the shop. He told me that he wanted to buy a gift for me. Such offers always made me feel peculiar. Of course, I like gifts. I was very exciting when I opened my Christmas gifts. I like shopping too, but I mostly stare at the vendors as I do not own much money. I do not want to complain; I have everything what I need and I am here not because of earning money. But I like to receive gifts. *smiles

From the other hand, I did not want him to waste his money. He cared of me and he gave me what my submissive mind would have liked to receive. I was very thankful him for being my Owner.

At the end we went to my favorite shop. I think my Owner liked its style. We were walking a bit and then my Owner allowed me to go to sleep. I was tired; it seemed that swimming took much force from my body.


On the Cross

I woke up on the cross. My hands and legs were secured. I was unable to do anything.

RR tools guarded my body. I could not stand up and I was unable to use maps. I was even unable to move my head.

The cross was in the house, not far from the opened door. I knew that anybody can behold my naked and chained body through the door. Anybody could step to me and use me. The table fixed to the cross above my head said that I was a pleasure slave. It also bespoke my name.

I tried to be motionless to hear if somebody was walking around the house. I could not hear any voice but the waves touching the beach; I was alone.

I was tired. I felt pain in my shoulder. My hands had been tied above my body for a day. I tiptoed and moved my arms. It was better for a small moment but then the pain attacked me with new force. I was lonely and my body was suffering. However, I knew that my Owner thought of me and of my suffering. I knew that he must have been glad in this moment. It gave me force to handle the torture.

I bit my lips trying not to listen to my suffering body. I closed my eyes and I imagined that I was swimming in the sea and the warm water touches me softly. I heard steps at the entrance. I opened my eyes quickly. I could not move my head. It was so bad.

My Owner came to me. My heart started to beat quicker. He walked around me and enjoyed the view of my chained to the cross body. He stroked me softly and unbound me.

He took me to the pool and pushed me into the water. The water refreshed me immediately. He jumped into the pool. He continued to stroke me and I smiled in gladness. He helped me to look at the new text on my cuffs. It said 'First Girl'.

I thought that my Owner had other slaves until he explained its meaning. I was on the first place in his heart. It was so good to hear his words. The remembrance of the torture flew away.

We sleep on the beach this night. I slept well in his strong arms.